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12-21 7pm Bobby & Kristian: on Saints-Buccaneers

Dec 22, 2016|

Bobby & Kristian preview this weekend's Saints-Bucs matchup with Rick Stroud of the Tampa Times.

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Yes indeed. By the way out a text line and 8787030. To 49 I think San RD brought Bobby and iPad. He was last year right arm perhaps for your birthday. That was. That was Christmas. Yes CR yet I have which he has made it a point to show me that he can in donated I think T Bob downloaded a bunch of and I islands and we'll I guess our courses and yet so he's doing out there and our trips our escapade up there to Al West Virginia Bobby it was a very much she's in that I can only Lila the only noise towards the fans and only can. Cover arm. Them broadening horizons and sports absolutely Renee Powell and hardcore sports. Call from president. Rick Stroud covering the Buccaneers took him eight times. Will join as at 721 in the meantime though I talk about before the atop the hour it's trio wide receivers the Saints got right now. 81 off I think is performing above expectations when you consider that how it goes so. Going into training camp there was a thought that he needed to add a veteran presence there. Well they did we cut him yet in Newman meaning that the competition shake down these three team on top of Michael Thomas who was Steve Brady cooks. Are put up some numbers that that that really could be eye catching in particular from Michael Thomas is a rookie. Well and to show you. That litany McConnell then to work out and we O'Connell Willie speed take that next step. In obviously branding coaching continued progress we did Novo Michael Thomas. You know we made a play a strong play and I think we were second choice. Would Anquan Boldin. Number I quotable decide to go to lines. Now and again and we knew we were in play. For Anquan Boldin. And I gain what was the team. The receive that we could in the evenings he had his and we tried him and no he wasn't as good as what we had. So they let him go during training camp. When you look prince what Michael Thomas while I like his attitude. His effort. I thought him and bond bill from the get go of the game was not too big form negatively at Ohio State. And you can see the big stage then be ready they were ready to take that next step. We do look at Michael Thomas is the Cardinals. And scoring a touchdown he now has eight for the season. Akers ourselves for the season that ties a franchise rookie record that he shares. Marcus Cole for the 2006 on pace to all work this dog that's the open book don't waste all the way yet done a stalwart back in 2000 in Tucson I think you'll wind up. Bring it and now look. The Saints rookie franchise mortuaries that. I don't know if they'll catch Reggie. Reggie Bush had eighty receptions. Then and he's at 76. It could have been but I don't know I drew spreads it around you be real close but I think he can cage the yardage Mora and obviously Agassi beat the cards are more. Calls that a thousand. 38 yards he's at 883. So right and a 900. So I could see that happening but. You know when you bring of their trio receivers. And where Rihanna as a trio as far as yardage in opportunity we have to be in. In great company. The thing trio receivers have a chance to become just the fifteen. The NFL history three wide receivers. To tally. A hundred yards or more. The last team to accomplished that feat at these pro receivers we heard that we just talked about Bolden. That was Arizona Cardinals back in 2008. When their Larry FitzGerald who's still going approval and he's that there received this year Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston. Now a lot of cooks as they're ready reach the more he's in 2000 producing chart definite big game against the Cardinals. They had a career high 186 yard game winner when they we've always said he gives tragedy is get behind in. You know I catch him and you see that definitely. Against the Cardinals defense and how they played him in how he burned its old coverage within and have the right ankle now Willie's need. Is that 792. So basically Michael Thomas is right on the 900. And Snead is right and 800. So it's gonna be tough to have all three ambled. A thousand yards on those mean he was right and a thousand last year so might be the same always right below it it doesn't quite get tidbit. Know the trio of receivers have been unbelievable. And that's one reason why Drew Brees continued to have success and why right now we are the noble and passing attack. In the National Football League. Rick Stroud coming up after this time out here on W we will anathema daka. Consent for Saints and Bucs round two. Saturday Christmas 325 to golf right here on saint radio albums to break down the Buccaneers a Rick Stroud covering. The bucks for the intimate times and also host on 620. WD a he in Tampa Raquel are. Absolutely great looked thanks for join us and the game I almost feel like. They deem it while I was only two weeks ago he almost like he was a month ago does that does that make sense. You know it's funny. I think we talk to Sean Payton undercut it all that's at the same thing I mean I think it's good. You know going in and not by accident that took all these changed you know player on the road and got him early on Monday and what we know what is with the course seat gain and so. They are not familiar with each other but that's that's the nature and so on and they. You know you move from week to week the Bucs had a big game so rank in and out so much in that so it does feel longer than. There what it will be which is thirteen there's. Now Wrigley you look at that Dallas game and considering. You on a national stage in his significant. Prime time and and what you have played far and in. You know trying to win NFC self what was it take overall with the state maybe two big nemesis like the defense. Was ready to play a bit. We all know their plus three right now on the terrible margin the Saints a minus four I still take the approach comes Saturday. And in Vegas has Saints at three point favorite thing to plus one great chance to win. And their minus one Tampa Bay probably squeezed at for the first time since 2007. Yeah in I think news about the turnovers. Particularly in game mean to spark the chamber well and that you know that quite an out. The state certainly to bury. Well James miss that amount and some games like that now middle lamp cup I think you know mental approach music away but really. You know I got an arm. I'm one interception. And but the early in the game to keep them touched them all and you know on 91. First track and you know because of that you know they've been ignored him and see you know at the goal line and crew they came on got great rhythm. In the third quarter actually took the lead so I think they walked from there like you know we we went into a really tough environment against team that really needed to win and in the best record in the NFL Al Maroney. Actually mistake straight. They had a chance to win it you know. Now rigged as far as the fan base and in obviously. Whenever you in the hunt and ended a year to be a playoff team probable what is expectation like K. We know that is is no reason why in in in holding a coach Doug cutters beat that a Parcells seemed we should be in the playoffs. Well I at. You know look or they came from you know there were 350. All seem met two really bad night on beat France Mike Smith can turn around. All right they struggled on offense you know even. I saw him hit the world just putting reps in Portland. I'm sort of struggled on the on the side of the ball a little bit when you get easier you know they were 66 last year a lot of our sport there are reasons that ought gender. The middle linebacker whose Oakland Ers are suspension Beattie spent this year. I think you know what they really wanted to misdirection and you know there are any somehow not a lot of help me at Dallas beat Detroit on Monday night in the box where now they are in the playoff win or lose the game. And the Bucs went out there the south champions so. You know could be. Are here with two games left against division opponent and that you beat. I'd be awfully hard this week goes to change but I think they they feel good about where's that gone and you end up losing Guerrero. And they can't fix the Topper shopper. Rick how would you describe the fan base. With the bucks right now because it is a position that the haven't found their team and quite a while. Yeah you know I think you're excited you know if they manage to get last week with nine wins are having a chance of winning it in. I I I expected to you know to be tree roots and because. As much as anything in you know in Norman guys that are certainly experienced both are reasonably good. On this team has not in the post seasons in on Gordon was coached there and the year before his last year which was 2007. Haven't won a one out in since the super or mean that you're. An area that the Oilers star to the box come back out then. And and I think the poll he's in this for the fans are the only game on at that time mark that today and you know with still a chance to win the NFC south and the whole big game are all different. So circumstances so they're very about it right now. Rick Stroud covering the Buccaneers that intimate times post on that sixth when he WD AE in Tampa and now Rick. Q are you a prediction on Chris was even. Well I was you know I had in order mystery to straight. I'm intercepting Greece three times and my a touchdown pass that happened or in one previous games so. I think that you know it's it's going to be more like the same game I think to be high scoring game. I really don't think either team is gonna have a huge advantage defensively. Maybe our actual bit but you know. And look back I really I don't have a great feel for the site but that that the Cowboys went by about the mark eight bit. I I'm kind of lean towards the box a little bit just because of what's at stake. And the fact that you know they're they've they've they've beat him one time which has mr. meaning me but I think it's going to be really entertaining game one's gonna come down there. Rick thanks a bunch I appreciate my Christmas to you feminine. You. Our patron areas to job Rick covered the Buccaneers the Tampa Bay times and also host on W six are divvied DEA he in Tampa six point. Then he trying to predict Saints came these days they use them you can't. Well yeah but that same like Vegas. Like every week either has them and I and other Saints are nine hit point underdog team that they've favored by two with the Rio are. And a dog to the right leg of the oval type game and also. Political it and when Alston and alienate that's kind of what it is Greg in the world's most going on your on WW well. There. At all. That he thought he cool. Arm Ike that you want to. Do and what you are right hand. Well. The only really there. Is all. Really third. Yeah. You know we. I think later Greg I think cleaners stealing money. You know a dialogue I mean I thought he has 45 catches right now. I thought he'd be around seventy catches and he's had those drops so now and I've been disappointed in him. Oh. Greg you mean hell stand in. I'm here now or anything else that. On that that one out on pebble and at you know like you walk away with. You know they're good but so they. I could per game legal and you know are we want to we're you're. You know the ball well it the way we victory you all. Laughing I think what I think what wrinkle is well on mile and it was what Rick was saying is that. You know you that you can count on the Buccaneers cannot count on three interceptions from Drew Brees again this this week in the three interceptions how many points is that turn into. Fourteen. Right right to me because that. Just look at their track record drew. Vs ten movie he's had four. I have a 44. Quarter game winning drives. So that. I mean yeah I mean and that thing could happen again and again back to back when you look at the lines. And then we've been in that area and Brees like it Milliken Adam but I am amazed column on that in owning an actively better. Offensively in a Bobby V it's producing anything trying to gain approach. And force field goals. I if you can force field goals that I don't care who you play in you have to like your percentages considering. Offers his core unit second scoring offense only behind Atlanta 29 point two gain. No I have. I like to approach about divas even if they are not where I think they need to be. Individually where they can get but if you could force field goals and that's winning global. Your record of safety in the game and typically yeah in those games right right goes to show you how how crazy that I don't know what we're wearing in his very strange and typically if you block a punt. A blocked field goal or quarter safety like those are the two of the bigger. Three of the bigger plays that shift momentum of games. The national bully just at any level of dvds that you your chances of winning I know if you block apart and return for touchdown I think. I think you'd chance of winning that game goes into like the 90%. Wow well didn't you know I Chris didn't went a look at this is kind of comical because it did come about. In that last ten of the game you know we struggled indicate return game being one of four last guess whose last Tampa Bay. Dominique because I wouldn't have yard line. Okay it then all of a sudden we get a safety. What did he do the shank it and get the ball on the fifty are on even though we got off to slow start. Well it was there but it take it for us to get that momentum and go ahead images and taking advantage. He had some breaks and a ball yet losing sixteen to eleven back in week fourteen phone lines are open at 504. 2601870. Text 87 meets anybody have a nationally and honest we have so our people on line. At W Miller Kumble Christmas movie. Best describes how you feel about between sixteen Saints is at home alone. How the grinch stole Christmas Scrooge to which is kind of a double entendre there. It's wonderful life miracle on 34 street or die hard and which one who would you pick finally picked one of those. I would say probably. Die hard because. You wanna win and you wanna be relevant. And and going at 500. United badminton are good now you know ages cannon. It can't it's IU. Thought the schedule play out. Yeah I'd say that that's the thing you know you want to be wrong but I'll I'll look at the NFC AFC west in the schedule is going back to April. Paula I think this evening outing of the this is good and as close to do anything and we have gotten better. And that's why more expectations obviously midshipmen are we could do better in his 79 and it was really eight Nate. Nine and seven. The best and and now was not the case 97 used to have a chance to be made it. If I am writing any guys that nothing I'm proud of I just thought that's where the team was that. But I and I think we'd be in FC west C wouldn't but the Cardinals have had their problems and intimacy like the Bengals in the AFC. I think what's frustrating to the fans. Is because for a stretch there they felt like in deservedly so. The eighty year was the saints' year. Now it's always now now I added thing I going to this year noted on about first stretch idea for snow and I 10110 yes I hit it was eight. Any year they league that you go to win the Super Bowl and they now let's now let's. Now is. I'll there's always next year. Right by being next year. It is the year that is is playoffs nervous because you came Soviet. C'mon. Four 500 team. I mean if that's what he had done this the national football league's NFL ages the last. Now I think Christie you know Bonnie gate there was hope. When Shawn Payne came back to 2013 would we do level at five playoffs yeah 11 wrote all of us only well you know maybe he can then all of us in 2014. And work out. No right now where we're at. Know is that you know hope it's like I don't know all picked over the Saints. You know I don't know I'm going to gain that chair and I and I try to take that approach it. And you and you did you bring it out like 2008 season and that kind of I know my agility than I am gonna 2009 I think it gave it to be better in true being held SE one last hurrah. And that you look where he's at what his contract hours Sean Payton is that and how long he's lasted year. Ninety right now and you gonna remember this conversation. That. I still think beyond the C 2018 beyond. That it Sean Payton like Andy Reid Nephilim Dublin to Kansas City where Shawn Payne goes next he's gonna win. I'm downtown. I want to win here. But he kinky being 500 now and then and drew I think drew is gonna have a chance to get that thing it's suitable I don't know booby to Saints uniform. But I still think that. He's not the quarterback for the saint 2018 and he'll contribute somewhere and look at leverage right now Tony Romo has what is Tony Romo won is it all wool would you put him on the brothels or or even with the Texans are. You know you can always give a handful of examples. As Forbes's supporting cast and and I still think drew the way to protect quarterbacks now. I said he's a young 37. Was shouldn't actually be a young 38 new because I get hurt he be like a young 39. And and not like your normal old school forty year old quarterback. Now do you think that these reports that were seemingly getting year in year out drowning Sean Payton in the latest from CBS and fox. The Saints might be will in the shop Sean Payton I ask from you think that it than it has lays in particular to Los Angeles. I my said that when Jeff Fisher in part because against supply and demand. And flash. And Hollywood. Would at a Hollywood in the states often cut line. More and have the time they've been noble you know being how they want causes they wanna see points. They'd read his C game party party won and loss and has been at thirteenth and and so that's why. I'm that they show on things doing anything but his agent come. That's an age his job to do woods as the Klein and always trying to stay one step ahead. Now I would disagree with is that and and because he has and the contract. That you got it now like although he's among them cheap no you that it it's on the farm you got to treat him like the top players that would be the case. But I still don't think the it's all about timing. Object part of the issue and get that far NAFTA. Next year and the saint Thomas to steel roll but you know winning anything. And that's honored at time and this ties to opening. That it would take alive. But now like this one last run commodity indeed it is in better. Regis still playing at a high level and then next season. And and I'll tell you the price has gone this length. If they don't win next year. In his whole home another 500 year. 2018 is going to be that and you be challenge old adult is always sold out you know season ticket holders and all announcing enough it's enough. But that and I think this thing to be challenged. As far as we wanna see a playoff team. Going through 2018 season. That's why it means. Next year will be a lot of pressure on their feet up at a par scores from an organization standpoint. Give the fans who where you are well the united dogged. So blog talking about playoffs eating the found a defensive coordinator and his style I think's alive I'm yes I'd I'd like in his style I think that he's done. Is his minute high level. And I think it will continue to get better. Put it as a bottom line is I think of the Saints would bar Dennis Allen as a bit with the coordinator. And he unity was supported job with some of the team. And I think he's again. Pat and new world to score on pat you on WW well. Pat broke out. You wood's right. I doubt it but there are talking about. And I went everything you know and they believe that. You know when it on the board Japan. It promote them and fumbled. You know. Right right rib but they admitted that that's like I'm sure a number of teams and you know win or we look at four or five plays. Now we do is as the would have could have should thing though that we we very. Christian thing about that. But what are we right now what is right six and me or Casey you know thing we could be of the ball 95 year blocks your blocked a field goal attempt away from being 77. And then we'll lose the but but then you're two point conversion away at it and that's what pat was saying you look at these you bring a ball these plays but it just seems like. The good teams. Are like the Patriots you know you can make your own luck of times and and bye bye week has been snake bit but I'll tell you is that we not that far off of being 985 team at this point. He's a vocal that nick in Memphis Tennessee was going on your on WW. Hey guys thanks for taking my call. Just wanted to say you think about Sean Payton. Bobbie I have to respectfully disagree with you about Peyton about him leaving and having success and my argument to that would be I think Drew Brees we all know altering quarterback and I don't think Sean Payton. Full ever coached another quarterback of his caliber. And you're saying that your and they were on we haven't made the playoffs. I'm more and I'm out made the argument I really think that Drew Brees has age on pay and not the other way around. And well I think OK nick good that you may get some good points in the cemetery in and I would say a point that you also could say about drew Marreese. Is that we Sean Payton was suspended now with his offense Sean Payton wasn't around and I still think they were number victory. Overall offense and of course Carmichael and Drew Brees it is though coach patent office but I I'm telling you because he's been that consistent as far as having no more often does it what owners a look at far shall pay Indy there. He would think also. And I think this that he can convince. Thank Rocky that I can develop Jerry golf. It could be a top. Pro Bowl I don't know Matsui bowl winning quarterback but a winner potential pro bowler the same thing if that press package is that success. You know inning initial sharp pain. They keep things to get to Tony Romo he can have success. With Tony Romo at quarterback which you take on that. I. That's been very clear look. He and if memory serves me correctly when he. Arrived in the world of Sean Payton the first quarterback he'd try to target was was Dallas he'd try to get it Romo Tony Romo took on the on the Saints and it didn't happen so. And that dimension. What they I would say about Jarrett all I know for certain is Saints are on record as many such is that they did their homework a lot of homework on Jared golf and a pre scouting. Process in fact I think Sean Payton was at Jerry golf pro day. For now once in so that shows you that they were explored the possibility of could we could you don't you don't. You don't do your homework on that player. If you're picking at fifteen knowing that he's going Warner to. Yet to be didn't Beagle and I am I will the trade up for this player. To that. And it and he got to see he could Nazi. Excellent Payton can have. Success Amaro assembly because. Beat army air now that day and honest I United States and they can have success because he's done it over a decade now I'm not as of late. He's been a 500 as a never had a team like three and thirteen. Birdies at teams that won twelve. Eleven games. And Indies and and and so to say that he would have success that's. I mean I don't know it's and you think you've been because you act like you almost his head at one. Successful season the 31 this who global. But he's well he's had I have them has been double digit winning season. No Bobby I understand what you're saying and I'm just saying for the fact that. Drew Brees all string quarterback and not many coaches. Are gonna have an opportunity to coach with altering quarterback. In this maybe has one rod went back caliber quarterback so. It's going to be ordered duplicate that success with a tear gulf. Meaner may be seen. And in big. Yet hall of Famer listed that is that you may great point in and that's why being Drew Brees compliments on page on paint compliments Drew Brees on those Drew Brees is a pretty good quarterback probable I'd San Diego. But Sean Payton took him in the Adam hall of Famer I think Nate Sean Payton like to coach a player like Matthew Stafford. Sean May not think nick and I think he is human and do this I think Shawn Green thinks and I tend to agree with him. But he can make Matthew Stafford and the hall of Famer Eddie feeling major golf and I don't want to call Alabama big time player yet that that have certain guys right now. The problem is snake the Saints don't have any quarterback that now but a future. Beyond Drew Brees as far as come on that you would put you did you quarterback on the practice squad and you thought you Adam. He's a phone call Mickey's Bobby they are crushing Derrick in forty Colombia this is sports talk here on WWL. I'd tech's 87878 from 1680 forces body at this review comments about Peyton case in point he drafted. Several quarterbacks here and none of them have panned out why is. Why isn't he a wise and the hit that he development and allies in the developing them. Well for the idol the first leg gripping golf agrees that it never won you went Pristina the mistake Peyton with his attitude is overrated. He has it is definitely excellent patent. The first. He did not draft several quarterback to. Sean Canfield in the seventh round and a laughing organ state and then yeah. They originally Gary grace in their round pick out of Colorado SOU with a seven run you know anything count that their run Agassi as he made on Isiah was not assured him he'll. It's a camp Phil was hey we it was a priority free agent undrafted free agents so let's go and secure so we know we have a chance take a look at them. Look. Now that now did that this man BJ Ryan group and now he's not answer either ride Rivers third string intend to be. Eighties I was in Jamison Winston is the first guy with the thing gotta be North Carolina State Glendon Glenn yet so yes so that's. Not now. You could say it also we got to Texas Drew Brees would have been great with San Diego. Miami just as well went out Sean Payton. They let go Drew Brees. Because Philip Rivers Philip Rivers is being greatness and he hasn't won anything having Drew Brees and having greatest and the eagle and not win anything do you think. Drew Brees that are brought the charges this doable. Summits and objectively know OK I'm along part of Miami Dolphins now so it's accommodation him as Sean Payton. So when you break that down school continue. See here. There's there's a call against graduate level winner Bobby two of the point two wanted to make we say this things would win two games robberies right so that's what. With Peyton as a coach. To also you'd think it's a while to think that paid me the Rams. Game like a job interview no I think we try to stick it. Greg Williams and and used in that isn't a job in them. So the end so that's just a few takes that we get. But. If you look at. Sean Payton. And if he was coach and a talent like Philip Rivers. Food I. Put it is OK. It Rivers. With this thing Drew Brees stays it's Andy I think Philip Rivers Michelob in and the chance to witness who you know. Sandy has been battling through necessarily with mrs. Sosa. Tough policies have to its all about I pathetic and it's our hypotheticals and no one is thin with the bottom line is that. You have Sean Payton and Drew Brees here for at least another year that's I think you have your for at least another matter what happens Saturday or whatever happens New Year's Day. The last two games tonight. I wrap this thing up let's see we had made deuce on obviously earlier regroup your preview you can also if you miss part of the show you want to listen to it again just. Check out our podcast and RWB well dot com click on shows in schedules. The right down to Bobby and geeks name. You put any hour any is slated Evey are you go back to rewind and go back and listen to any part of the show you want also one thing Saints quarterback Drew Brees QB QB at 640. Marmara have that right up for you on line and in a few moments at WL dot com Rick Stroud joining us earlier this hour covering the a Buccaneers for Tampa. For the day at a time 620 WDA in Tampa as well and 3.5 kick off on Saturday Christmas Eve. The Saints and the Buccaneers body there and beat and Deke Bellavia NFL analyst might it to be but like I'm gonna kick off at 1:30 am alive. There there are live from gate C and and game time is it 325 with the voices c.'s Jim Henderson color analyst Deuce McAllister. Well Chris you know I've been have a profit. Went tide is now this is a good Danks. Party won 23 who decided to leg Cameron break go to Tampa Bay. Big mistake. Graduated tight end issues and what Cameron break at Vrabel was on practice squad the week and a half and weeks. From Harvard you know he knows this pleases you or that boy he's been big time the James Winston. If you look Mike Abbott and hand has been the go to receivers. A Fijian is incident of. Sometimes it just happens you miss on if you beat campuses often as the Saints had here recently Mormon aren't master control Steven Geller problems put together the show. Sever via I'm out Bobby do you think men want to weight ratio. That.