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12/28/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio - Clairvoyant Gourmet - contacting the deceased through the power of food.

Dec 28, 2016|

12/28/2016 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Janie Boisclaire, the Clairvoyant Gourmet, discusses how food connections help her contact passed loved ones. Janie offers readings to callers and more.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This episode of beyond reality radio was recorded December 28 2016. All also. Already Jason GB welcomed everybody we got a great show today and ready to ready and raring to go here. Yes absolutely we immigration tonight we're talking with Aaron Cheney my square at least she's a clear fully and as of now I'd gourmet and a talks about China grows and how their energy and how to feed them and also she communicates. With the other side and sort of a different way than we're used to it's it's different way incentives to. Exactly remember this the first from back in my meat to it is she she actually. Communicates. With the departed loved ones through food messages basically and she gets recipes and my my biggest question for her is going to be to your clients come to you because they want like grandma's you know cookie recipe that they lost. Or they is it more of a wages to communicate with a loved one in there is what's more important communication of the recipe itself. Plano some some psychics or Claire points out there in the communicated. And they connected to buy them from the spirit. Looking for them to bring information to the loved ones so I am wondering does this happen to ward to just people contact Terence say. Hey you know what services are a recipe I am looking to remember and can you contact my loved one bigger than its source the spears saying she put too much oregano in the sauce and a woman has a much oregano. Well there's a big difference to also with the with the way things are cook these days as as a guy who was I was a chef firfer. Quite a few years. When I was younger. You know then there and there's this big change now from when it's due it's a pinch to a measuring cup and and all of these things add up. So while I know I know how my grandmother used to cook it was a pension in fact when she would try to share something she would say well this much salt and she'd take her finger and kind of make a line on her finger and would be that much of her finger was somewhat solid as it was very strange but it worked really well for her. And I'm sure that's how her mother taught Herbert today in today's day and age where everything is instant thrown in the microwave we don't think like that anymore. That's and analysts it's amazing when you when you look at it and Cilic bracket at the different. The foods of the stuff that you remember eating when your kids I think that that plays a big factor in this too that we need to talk to her about. Why why the connection with true now I know when you sit around the table it's extremely it's immoral. A gathering place tree you're connected to set a sitting Hollinger reading a book or something like that when you're at the table at its its formal unity connecting with your family. There and a yet there really is no bomb other place. That people should share experiences in and make connections especially families and around dinner table eminence that's definitely true or any of the F Thanksgiving you you guys things like you'll look at Christmas everybody has Christmas dinner and and all these big dinners were the whole family gets together you might all be in different rooms. Throughout the day doing your own thing but. That one time of the day even in my house it's just a one time that nobody eats and a different room nobody we all eat together as Sam what. And that's the way it is so it's and his staff played a big connections Arab. Yet and it makes all the difference I can understand why that would be so important to especially when you're looking to reconnect with a loved one whose past and you can understand why. That would be the case so. Jane he's gonna tell us all about how that works I think she's gonna end up taking some mud some calls to a shall do some readings for people on air so people should be prepared for that get ready to phone and if they want to turn resource Amelio looking to remember from Craig Craig Craig great Christie's you know Gregory right I don't know I don't have. I don't have to go back that far because I might my grandmother on my mom's side. Was you know came here right after World War II as an Italian immigrant. Didn't speak really a word of English open to the day she died and was an amazing cook now the problem is. If she were to give those recipes through Jeannie should probably do an Italian. He PF did the language barrier because I knew a little bit of Italian growing up but it kind of lost Olsen solos migrant birds so semi not helpful to try it. Yeah and all in my in my grandparents' there'll German and sent some some wondered where Ted meals over there on Monday we don't want to get prefer to forget those. I don't know during knows there. Ali my kids are depreciate. Yet but some strange goods but. Out anyway so welcome everybody will want to remind you that you website in the chat room or home same place is beyond reality radio dot com join the chat room. If you haven't had a chance to join it it's really a lot of fun there's a lot of great. Incite people bill offer comments questions Jason tonight. Monitor the chat room we're not always able to keep up with it as a move pretty quickly but we try to answer questions if we see in scroll through. Capsule anyway and we do we do we connect with everybody at some point there might not be their first week here their second Louis we always guy somehow connected to everybody but I'm. Also tomorrow we've got a great show we've got Ronnie Dawson Jim it and he was an oil field worker who had and this amazing UFO alien in town are. Can north central Texas in 2010 and it still continues on now. In a little confused about a story can wait till he's on who can really tell us I thought there was an abduction involved or might not be I know that he fired high powered laser Eddie UFO. To somehow. Do that in their play and you need the federal forestry and orange prison federal prison for that but down. I'm he did this to try to understand how the UFO worked house propulsion system worked again he's gonna say explain this but a few days after he did this. The extraterrestrials. Retaliated by invading his home in Texas so. That's Katrina isn't sorted retaliate a whole different life. And shrewd intrusive put at a press of abundant departments take care that it would then be exact. What's the next week come next week I have I'm doing an appearance at the CES. Around in Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in TV's gonna go with me. And we're gonna do some interviews several they're well while I'm doing my presentations to armed armed their for a force thermal imaging there's going to be some cool people out there we're gonna get a chance to talk to its new and fun lover even contact Marie one of the guys are there have been talking to me he owns this him a big Texaco after a company that does all these these heavy duty drones. And he's our thermal addition that he wants me take a look at and possibly intestinal form some I'm super site and you know thermal imaging products account to weigh up. It's amazing now out of blast it over and over come home. If anybody hasn't heard of this CES the Consumer Electronics Show this is like the big show the Vegas hosts every year and it's a place that all the electronics company. Debut all the latest tech gear only does the new TVs and new video game systems the new computer systems everything Mosley at last year they showed they have this 72 inch TV that they could roll out. Final tally for Alex it was death and with a high Def TV. And they rolled it up enrolled in battle. It was like hunting and that's discs incredible you know you're here I'm sure you're like me twenty years ago we were you know much in TVs in these big boxy things that you couldn't you know if he had a big one to three people to move around the room there. And mean it that it's Emma told you back then that they be making a television you can hang on the wall you go again that's that's. A Star Trek talk that's not happening. Chernobyl where you can roll out who exactly do you ram that aggressive but you know it's it's amazing how benefit if you're in Vegas may issue head on over and check it out. Comes ahead of me albeit Fuller Booth number it's crap stable you know. That's our public hypocrisy with you adapter Democrats didn't clear summit come home pour you know I can tell you like crap so weakly Croats before together. It's a blackjack together we play blackjack now have their men and crafts and got. Black jacket and black checked I like to play rule that I play because. Hey you know me in my mathematics it's in the numbers drawn to my head and it's like a star mailed Perry often do this a standard 66%. Chance and and I usually walk out of there pretty good. Yeah I LA planned relate to and you know one of the things is great about Vegas and united spending casinos all of this country but Vegas at least they've got some of that. The cut off the strip casinos re going to play hard dollar bets and plays a game they don't really know very well I mean may have quarter at least they used to have quarter or you know craps tables and only complaint from reporters but done now at least that we need to learn the game before you lose all your money. Seth and so one thing I think like. For him Mohegan Sun and foxwoods appear now Connecticut and turning stone purely and that they've lost I mean. I used to enjoy going there it's always the what would go on played penny slots pink sheets she can't she still can machine go that's one dollar bill. If she can be there for hours and I don't know I doubt hit the after the roulette table or blackjack you know find one that. Does anywhere from a dollar five dollar enhanced. And now you go there and it's you know one in Tony Allen is only 25 bucks an exclusively element forward on them and this is I won't play it that's ridiculous I don't. I don't mind losing a couple of dollars here and there and in winning a pat but. We start playing at twenty bucks a hand at forty bucks and hand. Yeah that you lose money faster. Who's in a realtor yet. I see you know people throw a hundred dollar bill up there and in the into three hands they're done any dissent while that was in a five minutes and nothing. Yeah exactly I mean geez have you given him more. It hurts me more intelligent to go catch a movie graphs and energies and because now he's still got eaten pizza place or it's a legitimate costs story and I just say the casinos not get a copy go to dinner for a hundred bucks mile. To civil suit your although all the way around well another and the sad thing did. Happened earlier today of course we lost Carrie Fisher yesterday and though that was sad enough I'm Carrie Fisher and everybody knows responses later. But today Debbie Reynolds Terence Fisher's mother passed away. She ended up what having them in most believe we have we don't know yet but it looks like chip stroke you know. And she was she was with her son at the time of this happened and the united yet Todd Fisher house and now this she'd made it to the hospital for hours later it appears she lost her life. And I know a lot of people out there are saying that. Yeah it's H tied or broken current story possible and also issues issues 84 years old and the fact of losing a child. That that rate there's devastating enough so now I can imagine my underwear and terrorist taking on her emotionally. Just dealing with them and wells with her son planning out the funeral services and penalties transistors it. There's you know a stress involved and in and then until you've been there I mean even losing a parent. You feel the stress but I can't imagine it's anywhere near the strip should feel if you lose a child. In one of your children just not something that she's supposed to see ever happen in your life and it's I mean I can't imagine the tragedy so distressed. That anybody goes through under those those circumstances let alone an 84 year old woman who apparently had some heart issues. You know you just can't you know it's it's almost. It's almost. Nine and even how to put it I mean it's something that you would almost expect. To be a danger of happening and it did happen in this case and we all heard the stories of of couples who. You know elderly couples who won dies and then the other one guys you know women and day here sent an inning and then they they they determined as in a broken heart but. There really is a physical thing that happens to your body when you're undergoing that stress and it takes a told. It tears you apart and today and that she was having problems breathing and things like that before they have a Russia to the hospital since then. Some sense in which she survived by your granddaughter and Billy lord who's carried fish 24 year old daughter as well as her son Todd Fischer com. And definitely our our hearts cult of the Fisher and lowered family well you just typical time. And just last night we're talking about what you know 2016 is done to the ranks of people that we hold dear and down it's been an incredibly devastating to to those. In that list of people you sorted read. And that's I I am a big fan Turner Classic Movies to channel you know there's all the old movies and they do this year and saying where you know they they kind of do. A tribute to those we lost who have been you know have been in the film industry and it was there any need days to do that attributed they're gonna have to redo them reverting complain that they're gonna mean. Debbie Reynolds is a big deal Turkish is a big deal. They're Reynolds is and Tony Tony movies heavily Debbie Reynolds was I mean she she was sensitive and just seeing the rain and she was in you know the unsinkable Molly Brown mean some really big Hollywood productions from you while Oscar for a pitcher yes. You know so you know that's that's a major loss to Hollywood engine. Also on will and grace and Hannah in the past as well so I'm not too long adults from those who don't recognize or from any of those movies. Him so well Lou as you say JR hurts growth to those families some X no terrible tragedy tragedy to lose. One member and then another the next day just can't imagine long. I know we just recently also also lost jobs are more but somebody and had posted that I am I was an awareness that her brother died at Lincoln day or two after her. So right now it's just it's it's sad it really is. Well to change the subject just a little bit here you we've talked about this particular. This this is new story but it's it's it's kind of more than that. We've actually had guests on that relate to this particular story but scientists are continuing to be baffled. By satellite observations that reveal a gigantic. Anomaly buried beneath the polar ice cap in an art. Yeah and they see an object through this imaging because of some type of side grab and it gravitational study they can tell there's something there it's a 151. Miles wide the subject that's under group that's under the the ice cap. Middle and middle figure to rock or anything well some people think you mean they can't tell obviously to some people think that it's a giant asteroid that hit the Earth's they may have been responsible for the Permian Trai Essex extinction which killed on 96% of the Earth's creatures. You know many many hundreds of millions of years ago. But other people think this may have something to do with age. A gigantic nine Nazi beast that was built. Four extra pressure will crest more than Nazis were huge on ongoing through there are trying trying to look for the opening for a hollow earth and extra pressure else. And that's the other thing the hollow earth series they think there might be some connection there. There are a lot of of speculation going on on and on YouTube in the Internet and people are talking about this pretty seriously but this. That the scientists at this point are going with this this asteroid. Theory saying that looks like there's a 300 mile wide crater that was created by whatever the subject was there is when it appears. While while it being sincere. How how deeply they say realistic saying. They don't say how deep it is but they say it's a 151 miles wide the object excel itself and it's in a 300 mile wide crater. There. Our panel peca this and movies are normal but a war of the worlds severity under the ground. Yeah nor even though with the illegal alien movie right now the thing that's what it was the finger at this stage of their children buried much resolve. On a different note did you have ice hockey was in the chat room I don't feel on the path to Tesla. So I mean me in the amazing file hockey for AG how everyone. Was in the charmer order. And so hopefully still there but then he sent a voicemail. And I'm time American player but it was the most random you were telling me this skinny and you play I mean I did I don't match. I didn't really even download office at a bottom. But in it was just going on with his ideas you know what was going on in what's gonna happen in 2017. And and all these things and it was weird to he'd say something any pause fully Ted. Sorenson was waiting for a response but it's going. So I I didn't understand any of it I'm I'm sitting there listening and he's talking about some people are gonna have. A good 2017 some people are gonna have a bad 2017 when you get into an argument that I guess that's something about sickness some people are going to win the lottery in 2070. But would they would say that's probably accurate sees he also did has did send some people are gonna survive because some people are going to. Pass away in 2000 David is said to give us some people are gonna paso into houses seventeen to some people are not density it's a pretty good bet I think is so I mean hockey if you're listening that was that was an amazing prediction for 2017 I think right now I can say you've already got. He's read on top of you we should as slick Eddie reach out to psyches heaving an amount tomorrow night's talk about the state. I think economy great secret way to and the weak resistance it was a via Prague expressly kick it into and New Year's this year. Nevada like like we're saying level for a runoff or attend a so next week I'll be out at the CES in Vegas gym he'll be with me so it's really going to be a week. Best of shows just. Sorry about it and you know we got to do you know we do have to do and ends we have to do it occasionally but we learned get some great material to bring back. With those people get some goodies maybe some people get this stuff to try out drones or whatever it be fun we couldn't that would be fun and dangerous since it would be both. Valuable will be decked out of their life and shows the week after and you know you know did do the best of stuff is good because not everybody's heard all of our guests and we always picker. To jump into chat and and at least you know more to those night to have Vegas stamps or that's true of course we're all in a weird having the show airs at 9 o'clock. It's at a midnight. Half for us while we will be so long to wanna know what time it is over there. Students league knows we generally do I mean you don't do in the via the appearance and than doing it in the end the after parties. Unloaded for a good. So just a few minutes we're gonna have Geneva square on the clairvoyant like I am fighting to clairvoyant gourmet. And tomorrow we've got Ronnie Dawson would take down our number it's 8446877669. And 844687. 7669. Because we will be taking your calls at some point four. Yeah and you know shall do readings or group or are not readings I guess but Sheila shall connect with loved one son if she can mean doesn't he snacks and get recipes or that she congress yes she's gonna do little if you heard about. This syndrome. That if you bump your head to the right way are you getting to the right way you actually think cured ghost rethink your dad. Oh yeah. Just recently there was a horrific motorcycle accident and a gentleman by the name of Warren McKinley a 35 years old. Came out of this accident any thought he was that he was completely convinced he had gone to heaven he believed he was a his body. On taxi hadn't Condo when he was marooned on earth as a walk walking corpse Willits cold cold tarred syndrome. And through it while I'm but angles there was a cent from like that that. But it was our medical condition and nobody hitting head he had this is about you know you have it's a pretty traumatic head injury. He this particular gentleman had a broken back and pelvis and a serious. Brain injury which caused this coach cards and Germany fought for eighteen months he was a walking corpse and he thought he was dead and he went to psychiatrist and he just couldn't. Become convinced that he was actually still alive until they diagnose this problem and actually before talking to him yeah. Yeah did you do this does other things to actually other symptoms can be it makes you convinced that your loved ones have been replaced by impostors. Cool and don't interest ordinary and it can also convince you that the people you meet. During the course you'd say that everyone is actually the same person you think you continually meeting the same person. The whole thing about your family and on your loved ones being replaced by impostors if you had any bit of aggression that can be very dangerous situation yeah it could be it could be so it's called co tarred syndrome. And it's a real saying and if people really go through it so you know might explain some things. Kind of creepy and weird so hurry or gonna take a break only come back we're gonna be joined by the clairvoyant. Gorman a US and Jason G. And gang scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Gary Condit dot com. That's scary time. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare com include celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget everyone is welcome. Visit the website silicon dot com dad's spirit con dot com. RR RO Paul O'Neill went Bruins have a great night to end is getting ready to talk a little bit about food some food near food. The lesson food now to mirror thanks not just for the food from the other side in the whole conference as a priest from him this and his release of hazardous. And yes so this should be annexing topic I'm never covered the paranormal from this the only. I've dealt with cases were people claim that the smell that for Reich's different foods different Arab perfumes and things like that which makes them remember a family member. And sees him and number a certain time something of that nature but I never actually dealt with clairvoyant or psychic term medium. That actually gets recipes. And thinking and is able to connect and so this this is new to me. It's a completes completely new territory so let's bring her guest and it's Cheney both Claire genie is the clear point gourmet Janie welcome to beyond reality radio is so great to have you on the shelf. Thank you Jeff and what a pleasure to indicate. Well thanks for coming on the says this is an inching topic Jimmie and I've been talking about this and just I think we're having a hard time wrapping her arm perhaps around. So you're gonna have to explain how it works but let's start right at the very beginning how did you figure out this is what you can do. Well I've been I was born there and and numbers for me an era so it aims trails. It was a natural progression actually. Brown a young age three for five years. And ability that. My other Brothers and sisters and and from there later in my years getting in two teens and early twenties I started really making a connection as she does value of being able to connect to the other side people. And how I could help them. By communicating to their loved ones well one I started to do that more often as a realists tell people. And then realized that every time I was connecting as someone on the at a solid. They would automatically go to any event that happened in that person's life which. And the event nine times at a ten had something to do with food so they would see you know remembered Jimmy's birthday party remember that. Take that we baked and remembers somebody at the table and or. Whatever it is circumstantial as that kept bringing students were seen. And it kept showing me that. Food was so surrounded by loving memories that people what Iran. Asked. That it became more and more clear to me the value. Of food in our memory bank. Olin a real and it really is as funny before we brought you on Jim and I were talking about this in the first half hour of the show and I grown up I mean it was it's. He if you sit back and you think about it a lot of them the best memories in because when. During the day during the night people in different rooms are doing different things reading a book don't pay you whatever may be star that one time every day. You meet at the dinner table and most families in my family that's a that's a big thing nobody nobody and I mean everybody eats at the dinner table during that. And so of course it's at one time that year. You really be connecting with everybody talking talking about the daisy experiences whatever Tom. People were telling about their problems. But also beyond that I mean you're also looking at Thanksgiving. Christmas all these these big holiday tree Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner. And again the whole thing extremely getting together and and connecting and socializing and just you know taught dale problems you know giving him by all these and all these things so really comes in a place that's the most important part of the day. Absolutely and I think what it doesn't think why spirit. Or angels or whatever you callers on the other side I think why they can through. For me through food is because it softens the person who's. Connecting to them as and when you get that warm and Fuzzy memory you remember. That higher. Whatever it is that you loved about that every number pastor and he's passed. It really brings Jesus warm Fuzzy place it let's your guard down so that you're able to listen to the other. Information. Or guidance that they have for you because you established that. Remembrance. Which brings you to a trust place. So I think that they bring each of that food sound so early for me and my readings in my activity. Seek yet people that are here on earth to Al. Yeah I do remember that wow that was a great moment. And you know what else do you have to say to tell me what else that I atlas and she that you have to say that so I think it softens. People's. Me either fear or let their guards down and and that's what scared she's tub in the warm loving foods you. And I can understand especially listen clairvoyance psychics mediums let's be honest they're dime a dozen there'll directly and you let alone. They need you when you go there you're most people are ready standoffish because they feel spur home so much scamming and speaking insulted that they're when they're on edge trying to see if this person is going to be able to get something without. Getting without them giving anything away so that's that's a big cola playwright there so. When you bring up the food aspect I'm sure that that that lowers their guards are not sitting there thinking that you know here you're gaining all this other information. But it's all. But it's just so is that why you decided to recover the food type area or visit us army that that was it was it was where in New York. And Europe mean abilities life. Well kind of both I am not only that that that's a relished or in part for me. Am I of five cents that are pretty star and most are going to have one team and just FYI. Every single human brain is capable of doing you're angry I'll have that ability. It's as some people have connected to us that have not understand. Make that shifts some don't. At well at different levels and are in a work how we operate our. So everybody's got different abilities in the grounds some stronger than others. But for me I think it was just the real. Rude awakening if you will that. Easiest way to get cute to remember a person quickly and happy memory. Is going into that food door. So I literally apps and am chattering or when I'm getting jittery literally say angels or wherever I am. And give guidance to this person. And Ambac are really happy member. Something that will bring them right to you quickly. So that they understand that they are speaking with. And so I think that that by doing that for me it brings the students first but I also see value in doing that way. Because they see fit in nicely people's expressions change instantly. When they go to that memory error that Sammy memory. And another thing that does happen often. As you mentioned how you guys that are on the table and eat you know it's thinner and the Asian and that's due. Often I get. Family members that'll come through and try to inspired that inching their loved ones that aren't doing match. And bring back the value. Of food and sitting on the table in their life. And I think it's a very important time it's it's at one time everybody meets in everybody's at that same place. And the year old girl pretty much facing each other there are off to your side or straight ahead of you depending on where your table. So I think ethnic it's it's something that a lot of the newer generation and so forth is really overlooking. When I was just such an important family time. I had a grandmother counter recently for her granddaughter and she sent her along the lines. Even though you're in a drive through world eating your children. Are in that food home and feed them at the table. That's why he choose to eat as thin in refugees to go out and routes and quick on a run. At least it with family when you're eating wherever that EB. And I agree a 100% we do that also Morales and were now coming back from wrestling or basketball or based. Utterly kids are playing. And they wanna stop sub player or something like that. Will grab crying there's we're not gonna eat them in the car we would head home Wheaton again so that the table and and today it's where we are always at its main thing or altogether. Yes totally totally psyched experience try to bring patents or younger generation's. Art. Our younger ones didn't get that experience and there's a ballot that messed up. Are you. Well. Cheney does this information come to you when you're making contact. By default in other words do do do do loved ones on the other side. Come do you specifically would this information or is it because you've asked fort specifically. Well both because I don't always ask for a lot of times. Funny thing people is it me I don't want actually reading I just wanna connect to my grandmother or my you know my left. And so I don't you know I don't specifically out. In this person is looking for a rest appeared as persons and this secret ingredient arch whatever and I'll just say it that I mean Youkilis person each. How. And they'll come through trade and games on it sends a. But we do get other information smoltz not just food. Other apps are absolutely yeah I do readings across the court I worked with at least art and helped. Am I missing children as I am. Gun readings with around. People who have come managerial who wanted to connect to those that armed on the it. A crushed again at 11 and the other. Just had to be where I play like TP in the shade world and I think cooking should I was born on my passions as well. So it it goes hand in hand with what I enjoy. Just so all the listeners understand now when you when you connect. With spirit when you when you meet somebody and they want you to connect with the spirit. On the other side and you do can do connect our you can do you then bring them bring in recipes that they they might remember. Now from when there were kids so they understand that the person that you are communicating with is this deceased loved one or they are are the people asking you for certain recipes. Both recently I had in and call me. He was having some health challenges. And he says can you connect to my mom. She passed away 35 years ago and she is she in now and feel better. And she came through saying I am. To put pomegranate and his life to eat more pomegranate. And what his answer was right away it was like oh my god elapsed time and my. Mom kitchen table and then right after that you know she. Few days later she passed away. So. Yeah the bombs bringing in a food element to tell hitless in. Cash and which also brought him back to that memory books I was sitting by a mom last I have. Done. Neat car we're talking with say Cheney both Claire Jenny is also the author of a book called I'm living with angels which will get into in just a couple minutes. We have to go to break but when we come back I wanna get into this discussion Jeanie about shock prism what they mean how wider so important. And I think you talk about how you can actually feed them. Two to live better and to live speed a little better so we'll get into that when we come back. It's beyond reality radio would Jason JP. We should wishes come true. Now they can we still wish it HD. I was in the ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground when I had my wishy HD along for the ride. They'd buy Pampers. And now I'm getting scrubbed they kiwi seen HD content. Who wish to teach you use the latest in new technology to harness the power of that in the real points and grant your wish not just did normal be put in the latest high quality beach jeans. I needed money and fast. I just use my what's today's game. Seven days thanks in Africa thank you wish city state. The crap go week HD guaranteed to grant your wish in stunning HD. The Greco we should HD is not guaranteed grant any wish I. I are talking we've sent Cheney both Claire and bring her back in just a moment she is the clairvoyant gourmet check. In the phone numbers. 844687766000008446877669. Garrity give us a call him any questions for gaining about two of our favorite things ghosts and food and food now I don't know what once more important food derogatory I can survive. Camp a couple of minutes ago as any we've actually got a listener call on and go right to the phone lines here let's let's bring in Susan from Kansas Susan welcome to be on reality radio. I protect my call to Susan welcome should. I'm Susan. I I was just wondering if I could get a little breeding. Mike had several of my camping group members passed away. And after Egypt India like up at the patients from him all that from my father. And this thing that I want and how. It is cute with that mother. And Tokyo home. Okay. Well I definitely Geddes with more than his batteries with an entire class of people. There's a lot of family up there definitely get back. At an athlete at the methods that it is very okay act as soon as. He crossed as soon as he closed his eyes and he crossed. All of the payments sickness went away was he ill when he. Yeah act is it definitely get that he he had. A lot of chest pain hard time breathing any that. Stuff going on Islamic like Adam. Intestinal. Everything was at a crazy on on America. And as soon as he. Closed his eyes literally. All of the pain left his body and that means no longer was dealing with any of that. And I am definitely getting that he he even got a dog they're now at there's only dog that. Am. I right. But lots and I will generate an. Our I know he weapon. Early attached to any kind of. Had been all this you know it BE. Another relatives pat like it could be like that the mother the grandmother. Because it's definitely something and it generational line. On his downside at Emory. But it definitely get that I literally seven people around them. And they're being. That generation beforehand and the one before that so that would be his mother and ran. I don't. Yeah all in and out and he does want to let you know that he is weak you regularly and that's frequent you. He does add tap you on the top of your head on the last night. He touches your head and you reach out there and you scratch sometimes. You don't recognize that it's a and so he's making you are aware that the what do you know notice when you feel that the next time but that's him giving you a sensation Gerri my. He's. I don't. Thank you are yet thanks Susan thank you thank you so much for the call we appreciate you calling in from Kansas. And I would go more Cisco before we continue talking by shoppers is go to Joseph in Florida Joseph you're on beyond reality radio up into the program. I doubt it hello I'm just said he loved a woman and a soaring nine years you. Are kind of in the so in Annan Kenosha helping me and immoral orders and one. It is well know. If everything's all right thank you. Okay can you tell me who it is it a what what's your relationship is you've got several ones are apt way ears. They pretty significant other we weren't married. Not a right we were together for twenty years. Okay it definitely have hurt your arm. And she does help you yes in the many many grade and she shows that she quit. She puts people and circumstances in front of you. In order to help you get two different stages in your line up helps you with healing. I feel like she definitely. Gives you healing energy to. Help you get through some body issues that you got happening. Annan it. Yeah yeah operation here a couple of years ago. Yeah that definitely get that she's spent a support system or you. And then I alpha get La. Really strong. In that she love you dearly dearly dearly errors they real action that you that you. Am and there are silly issue she still wants to express TU. How much love she will always appeal for you and spread TU energetically. Associates she would definitely wants to make you aware that. Changed her she loves you as much has she ever had. Intense to donate to pray for her every day. She hears you know and I definitely get that sheets it definitely is a big smile. And she wrestles chase. And it's the series he says she says talk to me. Often because she hears every seniors. She's still feels like Italy connected TU and still around. Energetically regularly. She was in a hospice program there maybe you know we didn't have. Euphoric. Cheapest way but it just. That the power which he did. I was sent home. I'm exhausted. Sleep eat. And they heard her call out. And it will be up a little bit. And now and I think it's a moment cheat sheet and I. Yeah and also I'm getting that she's really happy that you were not there at that moment. Because she didn't want to experience that. So she lasted a decade away from you because she she's showing me that you go through bouts of guilt from not being there at home with her as she lets take that a lot of weight from new. And if you they need beautiful memories that you have occurred replaced. Things like seeing virtually our last breath she's really grateful that you were not there for that. Around and she's watching don't understand how much how how happy she is you weren't bare. Joseph thanks so much for your call thank you I'm very much on. Aegean that's more that's got to be real way for somebody out on their shoulders were from the minute if if they are there the minute that the person place or last breath and a lot of people want to be there. But yeah it's a tough situation and I've been in that situation. And that I'm something you never forget and its heavy weight that really pitches and it stays with you. It is and you know a lot of times they'll come through and say please replace that last memory you have with me with some thing. And that's far more beautiful that we experienced an ally because they don't want us to have our last memory being. You know a horrific moment such as dying for cancer or innocence and significantly serious illnesses. They prefer that we have the memories these great kitchen parties are. Their family love. Remembering them that way as opposed to their laps brat. Yeah we're talking with Dick Cheney both Claire and we're gonna take more phone calls it's a 446877669. When we get that we will start that discussion about shock for his junior promised. Right now you're listening to beyond reality radio. With Jason and TV don't go away we've got a lot more. Jason on TV Johnson or telephone number Z 446877669. And our guest tonight. Is Cheney but Claire the clairvoyant bore me. Which is just a wild subject we've been talking about Alan and client and we know we're gonna start trying to get into her book here and your book I'm living with angels skin you gives little little intro to that. Sure sure am you know like they are talking about earlier we're at. Lee hit her with her granddaughter trying to express hurt the value of current and having dinner together with the hammering. A lot of times they'll look at. I get really great life lessons that are not only for me a person that's getting their reading and everybody I know around. So excited to deal is that a lot of the life lessons learned from across number we're not my family members. App into. That other people could have access to them so I basically tell a lot of different. Readings don't give the details to keep everybody's cars. They do get a life lessons that are associated with the reading Ers dot. So I'll give a brief overview of what they're reading why and what what it was out and then let I got as a released on message. That came along with it that's universal message so I have about. It is LE 88 year and I stories in the air frown everything from. Children reaching out to parents that died in childbirth. So they never got to meet their parent. Two people who have. Murderers who killed somebody and that Ers they chill through its. Major amount of forgiveness for that person found some really one extreme to the other even. Ghost clearing. I am location that I went to you and released and ghostly trapped in the building. And the lessons that I got from that sampling as they crossed. So there's a real interesting things a lot of stories and mayor. Asked about. Why they come through with certain food items verses. At any event or party. So Chris from one extreme to the other but I felt like there were sound like lessons that I am doing every every completely different. There's a lot of value in sharing as being not just having them. Or myself or for individual at any rate. So that I thought everything like angels. Definitely neat concept now I know you talk about chuck resident. And how different types of food can of course enhance them. Now as again now as a guy who is involved in martial arts for. Like 23 years in my life from. You studio lot with wished she because they dealt with a Chinese style martial arts and the big stars cheat in the east to talk about. Prior to tournaments or prior to two matches and so forth. To eat certain foods because it enhances empower your cheek tissue more awareness and make you more alert and all these other things and so. What what kind of foods are we talking and how did they enhance the shocker. What you're right in your right exactly and that Stanley what happened conversation. Add for those who don't know shocker is our ears inside the body set it. Nature. Energy systems they start at the top your head they rolled out there your body to get yours I. And what we've learned scientifically over the years that each of those energy systems are connected. He specific emotions that you experience. As well as at a specific body systems. So if you eat certain foods. You can help what's happening in those certain body systems. Am at at and they're color coded it checked out to be really in just as it. For example your crown shock Ehrlich is set up your pet. Out that is associated with eating all white news and so if you eat white foods is and I crap shocked Brett. Instance he'll do things like help spinal cord or brain stem or. Regulate your sleet or your biological. Cycles or it'll even out to connect better. To your spirituality and I understand your intuition stronger. And things like that so if you've followed the colors of the shot. And and there are specific colors that don't change. You've followed the food guide that goes along with that color and I get my website or or. Example. Your heart shocker screen. Most people think your heart shoppers read your heart shocker is green what that. Works it is your feelings of love but also your ability to heal. Your heart your lungs your time is granted those functions. But if you eat green foods. Things like. You eat your broccoli year and creating that apple or asparagus or anything that screen. You helped to clear the energy in that heart shocked. So if you're going through pain I'm losing a loved one for example. Or physical pain from a surgery and security eat greens things. To go with that green harsh opera. You would help to fuel the energy system in that zone. And help it to heal not only the emotion. That's attached to crash opera. But the physical systems that are attached as well. So these are real it's a really cool system of eating to change the energy in your body. What we've learned is that what you're energy in your systems are clogged as they say or not functioning full throttle. You can have things happen like disease commence your body or sick or just not not be well. Whether mentally or physically so it's so edit extra added weight to straighten out that are going on your body. By providing the right kind of nutrition. It's not a healthy diet that they it's more of a color coordinated. So it's you know you can eat at potato chips because dictatorships deputy. Ers are white. It's not about don't eat. Eggs that are bad for you it's about eating it right collars that beat those energy systems in your body. OK let's go to other phone lines we have so you OSHA from Louisiana on the line welcome to the program notion. Here every year yes. Yes I would like if you can't through my own maternal grandmother. Okay it's or something specific you run at. Sees. I don't know are no look I don't know are both. If you really knew she would know me. The only do you have a question are you looking for a specific question you'll get for an answer to our. We've. An example of course American action news I don't know armor abilities and interests. How we want to thank you know armed. While I mean monitored ticker second Jeannie just explain how it works you know what what what to people tend to look for a what do you what type advances are they tend to get. Thumb when you make these connections. Well a lot of people I just know that they are there surround them and I. Am. I am and most of the time when people like connect to the other side it's really or. Guidance. What's happening in their life here on earth because grandparents tend to have a lot of wisdom. Grandparents will come through with guidance as a things that are going on your what I get from your grandmother is something to do with UN war. And I'm definitely getting that there is a shift in job activity for you. Out and she certainly got really strongly sums it you're changing jobs or job or you got a job up. Or ten becoming arm and she is why you bring you know awareness to that. Around to let you know that she is aware of it and then that is something to look forward to. So a lot of times they'll come through with. Things to make you aware an order for you to put yourself on the track. Or. Reshape the direction of where you're going in your lines. And over and a lot of times that's why people aren't connect to their loved ones for tight ends. Am I and I and another side they'll say oh is the ingredient. Great rest. That east bay. Crops this year aren't ads and reach out. So sometimes people want to know what is it that they used to may or. Where did that he used to what was their favorite in there are questions that they don't know about them. That they'd been curious about sends a person. Asked in JD it's okay to be skeptical I mean this is something that people are trying to have trouble really grasping but thank you for the call usual let's go to Nancy in New Hampshire Nancy is a question for his well welcome to show Nancy. Nancy. Excitement they could hear you. It will never thinking about it and that. You don't hear that sound like Ireland and go on Google. It walks like a dramatic creativity. Problems that were problems with lying. Relationship marriage. Our market is and popular Mac feature are there any Angel watching you know leaner and you know I could look forward to. Yes and I and a cat right away and get your secret shopper if you want to look that up it's SER. A L your state shocked. Is blocked and what that does is. Are you know. Say that again and it gets that. It right they grow. There are with you there are. Kurt Hahn you have a Aaron I guess that it's blocked that went a lot sharper is blocked it I creativity. It throws your insisted on your metabolism ops which also changes. Your brain pattern and so. It me feel like everything has been wrong on on. A as a result of having that shocker. Needing clearing. That shocker happens to be orange says something that you and GT well. Get back on the right track energetically. Would be achieved through a lot of Orange food in your diet aren't terrorists are shallow pork. Sweet potatoes or anything that's orange on the other side of that. Definitely feel that you dead in a pattern. It's more like it depression and woe is me saying. Feeling sorry for yourself. Because one thing happened after another after another you compiled them altogether. And it would help you greatly to get a little bit of clarity in the beautiful things that Hopkins in your life. That you. Not paying attention to over the last few years is it definitely feel like your head is and in that little sinking hole all of this stuff that's bad. And you're not pay attention to stuff that's good. Shift your brain pattern bring you energy and your body and attract beautiful things back into your life. Yeah my list lately. It says you're kind of let go and. Look at it side. That's a chance to do thanks for the call Nancy thanks for much Cheney wants what is the difference between. A five C healer and a 95 C healer. Well. Earlier we are talking about how everybody has the ability she can act one way or another. Not everyone recognizes. What happens for me is I have five different senses. That are all lit up on high alert if she will and an average clear plan will have. The ability CU get extra sensory impressions. I see a mental image. Or. You have a vision in your mind's eyes if you well for me my ability to see. I actually see photographs and pictures. That those who have crossed are shown me so I can describe Q well there's six people sitting around that table having. Actually that is. You know there's three layers there's a raspberry in the chatter had it. White and raspberry at our Ichi. I get that taste. I hit a vision of exactly what it is. I can clearly hear. What everyone is saying to me like I can clearly hear them speaking just like you're speaking. Out and then I get sensations and my body right or caller that. Called it an act and I could feel that the person who crashed. Had issues and their chest in their digestion. Am so a fight he is just five different. Players act Claire buoyant clear audience cleared her students. Audience and Claris sent. Out. Those are all. Variety of different. Avenues that my brain. To connect to the other side and get clear messages. Most clairvoyance have water Q I am lucky enough to have alive and actually at six. Okay imperial in let's go back to the phones we've got to town to see this is tawdry effort Audrey from Topeka Kansas. Buckman of program Marjorie. Character you play. Utter I'm only interested in the shot current. And I it's at my lower whose tasks my mind quite a bit lately. So when you get more information on that. I can't actually she's coming right through instantly planning out your throat shot. You're you're sharp crack have to deal wit your local or hurts your respiratory system. About your tongue your esophagus and those types that they you Bayreuth. But also. It's all about communication. And I am definitely feeling like there's something that you need to be communicating to someone that you're holding back. And so your church shocker is about communication that's only. What you say to people. What it's like you don't fate of people out what you should let gala. This is definitely kept nature is saying. Getting off your chest there's something that you needed to get off your chest to somebody around. And she's bringing awareness to the throat shocker because that's what that shot at. That is wrapped around. It would do you well. You really. From your body. Thought that you have that happen that I feel like hats at. Wanna hurt every stealing. But the reality is they will benefit from what it is that you need to. And see you edit links. As he's definitely coming through that and she has been trying to. Messages I feel like she's been your guardian for for why she's been looking at me for quite awhile. And she tries to do. Keep your body healthy. I feel like she definitely has the hand and supporting. European system and supporting York. Energy system and the only thing she's putting out for you activities so attainment is the throat shock. And help electric. Just saying if you go in then a woman wouldn't. Strong word here. Talladega. Let it out that she got right there on that threat. Thanks thanks for the call Audrey I don't see we've got a lot of people lined up so stay one more call here before we and we have to go to break this is Diana from New Jersey Diana welcome to beyond reality radio. Should. My question what music. And wanted to know if my loved one had any like extra little expansion or. I have to think it'll any clear are. Sorry what some code to be illegal. Future I what are life would be it would give real. Pat and I actually am getting some advice for you there patent. Getting free to assess. The things that you've done in the past and I am literally seeing play. City manager and right on a piece of paper. All of the things that you have done in the past that you absolutely. And that things that you that you didn't care for. Because there's something in that assessment that is gonna trigger for you. The direction that makes you happy. And I'm definitely getting to go that direction that makes you happy and if you wanna do an in depth reading at. There's definite I can definitely help the realm. Because a lot of times they'll walk. And exercise with. Appoint you write in that direction show you not only. What the direction is how to get yourself there. So feel free to reach out my web site. That they're going or may. But I definitely get that at any evaluation. We are used that will wake you up. To the things that have. Excited you the most in your life and point you in the direction of where you should be I'll. Thanks very well thanks for the call Diana. So I hired and we're gonna take a quick break so you can actually read power your shot Rivera PGA to stuff. Itself. And that is we have pretty pretty busy phone as people wanna talk to yourself. Our were anti quick break and we come back more we Cheney and Jason JB. Hey gang it's JP from beyond reality radio reminding you that taps her magazine is the official publication of the tax organization. That's right. If you're interested. When you need to subscribe to taps her majesty. Now it's your chance to do it at a special rate and the best news is that taps apparel magazine has been completely redesigned. And re launch to serve you better. That's right go to the website keeps tabs Tara Mac dot com that's tap experiment dot com. Click on the subscribe now button and turn the promo code beyond at check out and save even more on your subscription. It's captain paramedic team where every issue was filled with the latest information regarding the kernel community whether it's TV. Weather radio or whether it's happening in your neighborhood it. Error magazine again go to the website tab Tara Mac dot com. That's caps paramedics got there can't use promo code beyond just say. I'll rodeo Cheney's energy here guest tonight is Janie go Claire the clairvoyant gourmet and the website to Jeanine I eat Koppel actually right dissent just one. Well it's is same line up points Kelly okay can I on Julie Janie book Claire dot com. Yes and aren't clear or may not come up and down. We have a couple minutes before we have to go to a another break but I ask you a little bit more about the journey of the lightning you talk about helping clients. With the journeyman lineman what does that mean. Well enlightening them from people on the other side as to I just like what this girl just called in about. Looking forward what direction highest recipient in my life where experts speak going. Sometimes people ask what's my purpose here I recently did a reading with a 24 year old girl at right suicide reports last month she was really suffering over the holidays from las that she had over the year. And out she wanted to know what's my purpose in life why my ear. And connecting to her relatives on the other side. Walking murders thru a journey of what her purpose is here at life and what she's here to do and why she why that's important. Why her existence on this earth is important. Was enough to enlighten her as to know what her purpose is where she should be heading ends and her value. And so enlightening people could be a lot of different things this lady she are all your I want to check out. And what we're done with giving that information she said I just feel it just a ever you land which spurs the otter. I am so there are some beautiful things that come from being enlightened as to what churn its post would be. Pianist and meet you feel just incredible and so I'd be a blow somebody who's at that point. I have to tell you I had three. Three people under the age of 25 in a week's time. That works suicidal. And that's exactly what they wanted to known it was three feet Els from three different parts of the world are all experiencing the same. At Christmas time it's a little tough for people. And so yeah it is a beautiful thing you shift people and give them an understanding from their loved ones from the other side. Cars so we need to take to break the only come back tomorrow with a genie you listen Jason GBM biamby. Beyond reality reduce your effectiveness. Non reality radio chastened GPS telephone numbers are 8446877669. We've got some great shows coming up in the future tomorrow night's going to be good when. Yeah our enemy talking with Ronnie Dawson he's an oil field worker that had an amazing new awful feeling in town are and non north sensor central Texas. In 2010. And still continues to the president Tim and I guess at one point he aimed high powered laser. At this thing and didn't like every and they retaliated yet they didn't they didn't appreciate the immunized at the end they came to say hello to him. You know you don't go poke in the line with a stick that's all I gotta say so we'll see you know what what they didn't he but he with the coming in who's. Who's poking her I'm busting people at aliens who pointed out our plan I mean c'mon that's a good point no amount. All right let's go bring our guess spec in return Mangini both Claire the clairvoyant gourmet and Jennie again thanks for joining us and it's been a great conversation we have. And about ten minutes or so left with few we do have a few phone caller so let's go right to the phones. This is Vince a good friend of the shows from Missouri Vince welcomes the shop. Yeah bring agents. Or some war I'm not sure. It's worth everything since the summer yeah everything it's it's pretty hard million dollar. So it's it's Jimmy's means somebody text does not have that only maybe paper that I agree I agree Vinson and you have 200. You know you can lose a banger thank you whatever and if you lose a bomb you know it certainly isn't brother. This have been here all of this has been the longest month of my free yeah. Oh my god you're you're Jeter and see so it's okay now I'm just not good yeah anyway yeah sent. Just just equipped. Could download. Erie. Yeah. Regis. Yeah is yes you know well. I mean it won't force her views that fit. Do Lou we all need to help this will help okay. I lost my mother you know Israel off my brother shot to death somewhat Smart dawson's murder. Then it wouldn't dream world I lost my little brother my daughter. My little brother nick name. And you spoke a while ago blew my mind. Oh smokers and light and outlawed but not much going crazy. And best. So I mean. And I feel I feel a presence about me about what you feel when you hear my voice and what do you see her what do you think. And do our guardian angels are doing or not. Let me tell it's happened as strongly. And that's my freaking out a little bit but I get arch Angel Michael. As your Angel who is a warrior. As a spirit goats. And I get that he surrounds you and protects you know at dec. And being removed from the earth are definitely getting that the things that have happened around you will be happening to you. And that you organ when you perhaps it's going to be a natural. And I am he's coming to to tell you this because it definitely. A year in new. What that has gone on all around and what's gonna happen with me. This guardian Angel happens to be if you were to seen him an image she shows me I see them like. With any big shield like OMD she'll. And he shielding EU with this so you are between this shield at his body and he's got you covered each. And he's coming true it's just really wanting to let you know that you are safe. Keep getting the word safe you are very shapes. You have specific purpose artists arts and it's not your time and you're not going anywhere. Soon. And that. He's good consensus he didn't edit. One. Very add in. More ways pat. So rarely act partly at getting you here in. San. And now just another thing and I am getting just as a little something to reveal that she's with the way that those others have cashed. Everybody has their own specific destiny slashed journey that we're you're on our. And there's a reason why each person in your life has passed the way they house. It was part of their journey there was. Ma'am lessons for them in that. I. For you to find some comfort in knowing they have all lived there destiny. They have actually all passed in the way they were supposed to. And so. You find some comfort in knowing. That they reached their destination for their human rights. I think it caught yet thanks for the call vents were gonna move quickly to Chris in amateur Chris is calling from actually the pressure on beyond reality radio. Good will from the show. Ed you questioned a Beijing occurred on output. Janie. In that they can right. I object model was required to say about what you all do enough where herbal thing oh sure those were dealt. Smartphones. That is cynical over the. Well actually next weekend I'm at this CES in Las Vegas where thermal imaging has having me come down because. I worked in pretty pretty hand in hand with clear while the more designing their flir one. And for the iPhone and for the android. So I in time we are field testing it and sending them feedback of their making changes and so forth. Tom Tom Gordon because we're using era show goes on as part of me in the coming out and being sold. So I have always had a great relationship with where they use a lot of their products and we've had the most respect for each other so they want me to come out and and be the guest speaker at their Booth through deceit yes so yes our delta. Race outlets are ones that don't. While there are these two Chris Hughes there she can't you always that question Porter was. Yeah. I try to get it they should all grow up over the Christmas. Break out if it does that you were talking about. AB but don't we use that make. Way alters slots were cheap way. What. What strip is it. I'm definitely get your uncle and you make a lot of things she was actually a pretty good. Am. I get that there's a chocolate. Exit chocolate. It's like it wrapped Reggie Brown he used a bank us east of me. Type of regret quitting nannies quite proud of them is there's certain something you're looking for specific dessert. Oh I remember at the right you all of we're. Apple squares it's definitely in Apple's. I can definitely get that recipe because he's sharing it to me right now. Literally it where it's am down on the bottom go on the top. Like an apple that was his secret was grainy Apple's. And like a cup after shaker and a wrap up a letter. But I can get all the details for that he runner reach out RL. Talent. Show. I am absolutely and he's quite he's quite thrilled that you're even asking you guys. So that's the beautiful thing he's being happy to pass that entire rest. Thanks for the call Chris we got to move quickly on this is Jennifer in Massachusetts Jennifer welcomed the show. Hi guys I was ill. Due to. I the question I was working just what every Arum won't feel you can think on in and thinking of starting my own business. Literally it is dog or cat. And I don't know what to do the. Dog or cat that that's your choice I can't yeah. And a I was really getting horses for you at what it is getting oral currently on the green in world war yeah. It's based users are going dogs cancer such little. And now the bar the bush. Between god and catch that definitely get caps trio. I think all our act get that you ever stronger. Your your energy field is closer in relationship to that of an act energy deal. So ya to communicate with them really well they are well the day spree of our era like the cat whisperer basically. So definitely I would lean towards catch that you're choosing between as you. I also am I definitely see that you have me. Released on feature and in that animal rally going on your own in that direction. So definitely getting. Green flags all the way for pursuing that. Aren't. Senator I. Actually. Our listeners thank so much thank you Jim hunter will distribute one more in years it's Jeremy from Pennsylvania Jeremy welcome to the program. Jeremy. Home yet can't bomb and held the ball well. What did it op. But it but the question. It doesn't about it played. Well three years ago. At what angle we do okay I'll. AP. Anything that he did what they did they anybody with a lot. By thirteen and sometimes they'll let it be more we're being oriented to bite on it. To lead the way oriented this network Stanley oriented Stanley and it okay. Am definitely I I feel like she had a picture back. But it. Acts east at this point he's definitely has a peaceful feeling you know. Hour and he'd like to share a lot aren't as. To let everybody know that everything's good. That he. He has some tourists and some tasks. That he does as an Angel that he's. Quite proud. Andy's going to share that with you and letting you know that he is working. He works with teenaged boys. So I feel like you may have had some. Trouble in his life for people around him that word. Where it you know in trouble. Because he's lines where refute that. He is now working do you help people get through tough times in his seventeen to 21 year old age bracket and meant. Any cell that energetically by changing their minds their attitudes. Like that. In in west to share that you also. Did he have children. Yeah. Do you have children Jeremy. Yet it is there's children he shows me children. And he wants them to know that he's there with them Dalian like he shows me that. He shows me that he's with them. Where they sleep where they lived in that area and he comes through and talks to them. It their dreams. When they think that they've talked to dad. In their dreams they actually have he's wanting them to be aware of. Cheney aide to cut you off on that we're gonna bring you back just a moment let what you let people know where they can get your book it's beyond reality radio Jason. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scare economy works you owe it to yourself to check out the details notice Derek Carr and dot com that's Garrick con. Dot com sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com that spirit con dot com and. ROI RL and ran and we can't can't can't our guests tonight Justin and Cheney both players the clairvoyant gourmet. And we don't normally do this but we've had some he's been waiting on hold for very very long time and I don't want to two and the show without giving Chris from buffalo chance to talk with Jeanine as well. Chris you appear on the show welcome to be unreal to radio. Chris. Try it thank you for taking my telephone call. Since. Okay. I have and should remain from a bank if the relative slightly. Attempt frequency. And I was wondering whom age bracket it means. And see. How quick my oldest daughter help. OK I am your relatives are coming through actually have to bring you messages. And and part of that is to bring awareness you. And I actually getting a flag on you or help stronger than on your daughter's. And I feel like you're going through a lot of stress. A lot of stress on your body. And so that they're coming through you to bring a where an issue. Beat being on top of your house. And it and what I am getting for you literally is the solar Lexus which is the yellow zone that Fedor at your stomach. And that handles things like your intestines. Your latter years upper spine. At bats. I don't know if you're having like that suggestion issues I feel like I think it's happening there or about to happen there. And it's not. OK so getting. Definitely start putting some yellow food into your diet. Whether it's pineapples are core Harvard and has her or yellow peppers that. And then did jobs to your daughter real quick. I feel like she could definitely benefit. Frowned at the rude shock era which is the red stuff. Reproductive. Kidney. But also strengthening your ability to trust and you'll see York. Feel like there's an issue there that is throwing her well off balance. But it's very collectible. That if you want to check out the website you can get some real hill Ayers how to help yourself at those realms. Or feel free to reach out to me. England so much you hit the nail on the head. And panic international issues. And stressed that land my daughter's eight. Problems. They can be you can you can repair and mend some of these things through eating for your shoppers are definitely look at. That's definitely something that'll help you are. Thanks for the call Chris we appreciate you listening in buffalo. So Janie and working people get a hold a you've you've mentioned web site a few times we do it again work is that where they can get a hold the book and where else can they get a hold of the book. Yet they can grab it but right now it's just on the web sites clear or out. Oh there which they'll be OISELAIR. And they can book readings there but sessions. If they're looking for spiritual guidance or howdy yeah touched. And I understand how to unlock their ability to connect. And can coaching council on that as well there's a hole what's on. YouTube. So just hop on a website lists ram there's recipes there. I do have a cookbook coming out in the spring which is recipes and channeled from the other side. That'll be a fun thing to cap on as well. Outlets awesome who great thank you very much for coming announcement in the time and hopefully we'll talk to again at. And has been a blast that you and your people democratic. Did you say great Jenny again it's Janie go Claire. The clairvoyant gourmet can find drum line her book is called I'm living with angels he should definitely check it out Jake. Got a great program lineup for tomorrow night. Yeah actually gotten like some recipe for ghost putting some coast putting newest planning goes putting. Cement he relates he can't see my sleep he he does believe it's no calorie that's an extra point and Dallas that's an idea tomorrow night hate. We're going to be talking with that Ronnie Dawson he's an oil field worker who had an amazing UFO alien encounter in north central Texas in 2010. And is continuing to the present. Sony's argument he seemed high powered laser arm assuming we're talking. Just normally. Star point urged him via I don't and annoyed him also was a weapon grade ten and I wouldn't I wouldn't say good defense and he's got that the group would probably Mauritius and aliens and did you did you did a pitcher throws the scroll through chance. The of of Ronnie says some of the images he caught. How warm was what was. We'll almost look at some sort of thermal image now Tom and they attributed to a boy at a picture after norm shall we can giant any type creature showed praying mantis kind of thing yeah exactly. And so be interesting to see how he captured those images if they are in fact things that he captured but I think they work. Least that's what somebody said in chat. So on this great discussion in a wee weed we'd like to have the UFO guests on particularly people pay a personal experiences so contact one way or another sound will be good one. That likely sets so tomorrow is Dhahran and Dawson on and then next week will be a week full him four days of the best study shows. Come may be in semis and prerecorded shows we've done. But just because we will be in net loss Vegas so if anybody's around Las Vegas may she come to the CES a Consumer Electronics Show. I'll be there in GA he'll be there and Ella Mae will also be interviewing some people there and saving them for. Future future shows that we do but so a lot of great things Bloomberg has said and they'll be good shows so maybe some of the best shows we've done. Yeah I loved it in me you know we have a lot of great interviews particularly stuff that we we did before going syndicated in August we had some really cool guests on that we didn't get to share on the syndicated program. And we use those for these best best of shows and some of the good stuff like. You know we we we had the the bell which discussion we had done our first discussion with Chris court Tino was was pre syndication and in things like that some great stuff out there. Capsule and and mentally and throw the grand one and there oh yeah he really was our first person we talked to wanna I wanna first night we went nationally Sinatra. He came on data show that we have Steve on the Wii TJ on the end. Yes so definitely some of the good chosen and because there's all these weird thoughts author of the grand night or Katie each other and you know he left the show deserves some problems on man everybody saw he left the show because she was Evan. It just the time away from the family in and other issues that he needed her results are crystal talk for more time. Mean good parents are immigrants are great guys still involved and everything on you know still interest in the paranormal talks makes appearances and there's a great guest to kick the show off within August it was awesome. Relentless but again a big shout as go to Janie humble clear clairvoyant gourmet. For coming on talking to us about. Shot grows and energy and just it's a first for me Jim and taking readings from the others are taking recipes from the other side that's a sin should be a really strange cookbook that she's got. Comedy it's a sit with the title the cut but is it gonna be recipes from the dead or is it did she give you title I don't have taught us so buzzards Arab SI it like a space from the days. That's protect gun which she releases the book is that could just it just it just so unique that we're gonna talk about. Dan if you haven't yet light like the FaceBook page or if you're out there and image she had over him like the FaceBook pages FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. We share a lot of information Marron also in the next couple months I'll be able to share some other. Content and information mode ghost hunters and know what we're going to be doing and so for assuming she'll like that FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio page. Everybody have a great night thanks for tuning in again thanks to our guest and a look at chill Mara and. Yeah ingredients produced by its in its. Johnson and. Sorry I don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page are just alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow upon where you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email too slick Eddie. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.