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Think Tank 1110am Happy New Year

Dec 30, 2016|

New Year's Day Traditions: Is there a traditional or unusual meal you serve on New Year's Day?   Watch as the fleur de lis counts down 2016 and welcomes in the new year--all part of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest as their first-ever Central Time Zone countdown! This hours guest: Debbie Bresler - Coordinator for "NOLA New Year's Eve"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And walking into our number two of these Friday think tank on this on New Year's Adam and someone not just Texans said dom I think he is at a missile areas modify steel. It would be stealing in this totally on copy written materials wide open for use actually the time new use EU was coined by now Foreman tool ones ultimate jade that. And I just kind of took it one furtherance admiral vehemently new Christmas atom. A seven New Year's. Day before New Year's even according to the Bible story. And this is not politically that is every one of those animals created first and then so is Adam eve in the prop Warren and the day it nowadays anyway enough of that. I would talk in New Year's resolutions which are human New Year's conditions. Football you'd viewed part of the New Year's weekend bowl games goal or a playoff games implications on some of the NFL games. And of course new year traditions. You know meals a Black Eyed Peas cabbage root team it was a wild game because it's normally you've got some by now one of the seasons have been opened for quite a few months and people getting out and doing a lot of fishing India running in dock running now. And a on the whales to get tomorrow morning will be due on the outdoor show. On thirteen 53 WL rather and a need to go to donate seventy in your body and he national park much fission on the talk football. LSU pregame begins at 5 AM because of the early 10 AM. Nick. Well also I had a caller only wanted to know law. Why call the broadcast studio in the woods Hubert skip the tools you would have to be. My favorite saint is the patron saint of hunters. And it's a fascinating story of how he became Canon saint. And what he represents to honors in fact. Wrote a prayer. Seeking a sing you his blessing for Honda's four safety and also would be. You know respectful of the game. And actually had Randy Tammany egos of merry renowned wildlife artists a dual portrait of EU but we put the press and again and among web site. In the entire story which I think is fascinating but don't nearly enough time to ten Eagles if you want to read it. Go to my web page about the health there was guide dot com and look for the story about. Saint Hubert in the blogging rituals deal. Let's go to billion Mississippi's don't hold why he wants to talk about the saints and Knowles saint nick nick statement. I don't Billick. OK Billy. Not on the battle to return. To include period burger. I expect or dubbed rubio jones'. Toward. It's. Cute obligated don't slow at. All. Stable. To do this could play. You know I think Nick Saban could help him but I don't believe Nick Saban is professional football matier if you remember when he left only issue. He went to Miami. And man he just did not get along with the NFL players he is a control freak and and when you start. You know coaching players who are earning more than you in. You know feel like they have more celebrity in a more important in you and they've got their priorities ahead yours it's tough and I don't think he could he could face that I think that's why does less so quick in. Went back to college football not anyone be successful. But I just his personality would be able panel of professional coaching. And that's true but I thought Boca. Our. Now. One of the best of the best you also. Alabama and then not play analyst you've. I got out book relish. They don't know noted that stated all mobile as Ers are distant. In debt that will. Always stay it is. Yeah I'm with him I don't understand people who don't you know because it is. Yet there arrivals will we play each other but when they play outside the conference all forms because apparently SEC does depend on the whole value in the conference and every team in. That's her as saying it was two Riddick and etc. It has seen discussed this down is when rocket took. Absolutely absolutely nobody has a tougher schedule than an SEC team because they got to play the other Assisi teams. Ultra. Well it all. Literature. Yeah will soon be on to Alabama to one or year and grow. You about it. I'd Billy thanks and arrow movement happy new unity. Friday apparently we have verified to a news. Element that Jack month dissent is the news head of the Louisiana wildlife and fisheries he was appointed secretary it's called secretary but it. It's not really what you would traditionally think is a secretary's job it is the actual head to highest position in the department. Jack Monty said who was a alligator farm from Acadia and has been selected as the governor Jon Dolan was choice to run. The department of wildlife and fisheries Charles loss on resigns effective tomorrow. And interesting. Resignation letter he wrote I haven't published on my website in in this. He blames a lot of people. But no blame on himself and I think there's certainly should have been some blame placed on his actions and and maybe. It is much is his actions the way he went about it the justice. Very poorly received anyway you can read for yourself and see which you think I did some more Madonna Madonna hard LSU fan. But when an SEC teams and ball game we should all pull for a conference Aussie good luck to all SEC teams even Alabama. Roll tide roll tide coming out of the purple Eagles like India and a lot of Alabama people people with no issues against. Lol. Here's another one Don one players on prime time TN NS NF MS NN MNM and have Monday Night Football. I always look who played for oil issue in the in the SEC. At deficient now obviously means as he pulls for that team and I know exactly do the same thing if there's. Former LSU players on the teams emblem in the other team doesn't have any both of them and stay. Somebody wants to know about the Trout by Google Talk a lot more about the Trout bite tomorrow but let me tell you if you missed out on but it has been fantastic. For the past several weeks a lot of us think has to do with the water temperature early and drop that could change we had a front come through. That'll coal assault with suspected demy to build an off day and it's going to be a rainy windy weekend but there's a lot of trot out there in the trotted in. Done very well I'd Nazi here's some resolutions. For a America. If America. Promoted. Then I'm not sure what that means it didn't come out. And then here's one says they have a stranger resolution to finished designing real Iron Man suit and make your resolution. UNESCO to call on one talk to Greg in Slidell. You make. And I'm doing and I appreciate it in my car and you'll. Knowledgeable. Of the murder of doctor Mary Sherman had replaced like your three years ago and argued. You attended several asked one. Do they are compared baker opportunity here on. And it should question it's that you can help out this. Our rate normally issued a manipulation back into the required in the wall complete department. And and got access to go to him to the murder follow doctor archer and these are. Our aunt and bought it follow. Picking brought to document that showed that a lot of evidence from net. Art it was actually now from what wars. Hurricane Katrina from the base and a PD. Are apple they reviewed the evidence should and blow it in what they and I see them deplorable. Department they would. A lot make it look at any evidence and I deduct that would be on. Well on a murder that took place 53 zones in the they've basically. That it that it still evident in the case like like is still an open cage and it would be review evidence in. Although it let them review the entire police poly. And all police report in. And Ali interviews with suspects and the page. It was it was funny at camp that document that that. These I am or salvage from the blood of our picture and then they don't have. The men a new request. And I didn't do well and it was an. So you say you you filed a flowing. I. Don't know like dole who is conducting the investigation. Is yeah. And the whole page election Obama division of NO PD so. Event having a beer can give you an application. It'll actually be it would go get beat the evidence of that case. Well I must say can provide then proof that there is an ongoing investigation in the cases considered open and this is privileged information. I don't see any reason to turn you down today and if you are let's follow up on let me know what the FOIA request as well I thank you appreciated I would be right back after this time out Gillis into the Friday tank on WW. And welcome back into the think tank now we're talking new years received new year's day of the week and traditions about what you cooked cabbage and Black Eyed Peas do you do that deal by sports or personal file XT you go to they. Fireworks display be by the fireworks do you not like fireworks right now 64%. Of the people responding to a pretty opinion poll question about file works on no fireworks. Saying no fireworks 36%. Go for the fireworks about Q you can go on a web page WW about comic cast you vote. Also takes text messages and 8787. You're talking about resolutions. I do you have a New Year's resolution. Should America have a specific resolution. In on the president elect McDonnell from Shula resolution she'd think he should make and also on masking. If you have a suggestion ago resolution that I should make. And and on open myself up to the that the Tex tonight as the keyboard peppers on now and but I've got one in mine thank him pretty well goal that could be a could be my mind could be changed. Here's one that says Donald resolutions and what time of the kids well probably got one. And don't need a resolution to make that commitment believe me I think I the test of my commitment came up. You before last. And an opportunity to goal on the five day. All expense paid hunting trip out of the country. And turned it down because I had already committed. To attend. An event she invited me to which was a special. Persons spaghetti dinner and elementary school. So I think that kind of tested me on that and nothing came through now and so on no way I am on that but if you do have a suggestion 87870. Let's see we got some other attacks coming Aussie it's not Bobby and Deke. Duel in the pre game show it's Bob and he. I'm T Bob's got a better shot at it meant Ambien ready at 5 AM and ethnic hatred and Bob used to do that very early show with Christian right they didn't. A show called double coverage and that was on three WO thirteenth if the early morning and so he gimmick it. He should be I'd. Here's one that said. Nick Saban passed on Drew Brees the as a legacy have a shot human Miami. I it is a question John witnesses yes he did when all that was probably not a good decision on statements. I'm here we go about it and he Drew Brees was not an ease the it wasn't a slam dunk it I mean you know the guy at the time look like he was used up the and injuries in men liquidity to be it was a surprise. Drastic trade wouldn't you wanna call for a I'd is another one why does Louisiana punish residents if they old taxes if you owe taxes you can't deny running a fishing license of guesswork out finish. Mississippi. Well I guess you can do that put you on remember several years ago the legislature with the blessing of the voters of this state decided that if someone has taxes in arrears or they actually do not pay their child support. They can be denied the privilege of running a fishing against the logic being. Well you know illegal enjoy yourself have a good tumbling officially should be working to pay your taxes of these trials so I don't know that but I against Mississippi doesn't. I really care. I'd policy resolution send all from Steelers to Russia. What. The fear is what. Like the final. People think feared Donald Trump your biggest fear of what he's gonna do gonna ruin the country and taken maybe. Some people say nuclear wars. The old see all of these threats have him in the office room maybe than there. It is another text on the fireworks issue like professional file ports drunks and kids with fireworks. Enemy. Mine is one. The Rommel BC's this equipment. Out of food. That's a tall order but does that thing is. Become a beast itself. The number of people that come on them and I'll do my part op provides. Some of the fixes for baton and try to do our best to make sure we have plenty of food program that we've run out yet some of the boosts do. But we usually have some the mantle last the whole. Event. I'd. Is one that says to my resolution should be to treat myself to a nice aged day and and another says. On an ass from Obama resolution that is one foreign not to meddle in the government ones out of office. If you've got a resolution that you'd think that America should do one Donald Trump media anyone else yourself what do what is it. And also how long have you kept your resolution like 50%. The majority only win among the so. 25%. Went off a year or longer when he Thompson. Made it past that month to a year and and any Dyson and only lasted a week and I'm sure this on the don't make it that long anyway. Bible 14601. A seven is out telephone number I tech's board is open and 877. Also the sub. Concept. Solemn SEC teams when men not playing L issue. Do you pull for an SEC team. Continue pulled for an Alabama and old NL issue on diametrically opposed to big rivals. As a lot of rivalries without throughout the SEC may be the worst is Auburn and Alabama. But he went and I planned them do you feel like that maybe you should pull for the SEC team I think you should it just brings up the entire SEC. I'm I've just been handed does some more information on that appointment we talked about a moment ago the secretary of Louisiana wildlife and fisheries debt month to set. It would set and a statement he is a friend in a troll wheezing nanny and as a businessman he understands the complex nature of running and organizations such as wildlife and fisheries. As as an alligator former in Acadia and he shares my belief that nothing. Should get in the way of Louisiana remaining a sportsman's paradise momma said a 69 years old. He represents district 42 in the state house which includes Acadia. And Lafayette parish and he's been a fierce ally of Edwards in the house. He will officially take over on January 16 Patrick banks the assistant secretary. Will serve as it into Rome until then. And wanna thank newsman Downey brings men update I'm a little more will be back to talk more about that. Football fireworks in the fog the New Year's Eve celebration it's going to be big time he would Debbie Breslin. In new laws will be back right after the news. I welcome back into the think tank and now we're talking about me and get into the heroes in zero easily to you when you look back in. Whom would be considered a hero for the year 2016 who would be considered a zero. And now from New Orleans couple weeks again and the United States and toward the world really who you consider use zeroes in heroes. Also talked a little bit about fireworks like them love them aid them 79%. Say they do not include fireworks and celebration. When he 1% say they do. What do you say cast that vote at WW dot com. Also take a lot of text messages on resolutions. But my should be what Americans should be what you're should be. On this one's from Justin he says spending time what my granddaughter is more important anything else. Resolution for me would be to remain missing hubris of the Clinton the 170. On a Sami over and along but if I am in bomb stellar 127 year is just in the that's I'm sure I'll be. I'm here is so one from Boston body of a regular season joined the show his resolution be more positive. Have a better self the stream seen as self esteem of himself. Thanks emigrate safe weekend as Boston Bob in the normal self improvement in your resolution Bob that's a good month. Another Owen says I pull for any team. That plays Alabama know like Atlantis to me why wouldn't be in scientists don't see it and Iowa I don't mind Poland for a team. Like Alabama given that record I here's one that's on getting back to. We had a comment the said Nick Saban a passed up Drew Brees when he was the coach in Miami now this one says that the Miami management. Passed on Brees. And that saved and one degrees. Supposedly. Supposedly. Saban said he may still be in the NFL if Miami would have let him get trees. I don't know I don't think an argument over Drew Brees was would cause Nick Saban walked pro football I think it was more. Personality conflicts his style of coaching it's college ball whereas they give him the ball only brawn not so in the is a resolution come and in that says I will not hunt or fish. From 123116. At 6 PM to 1117. At 6 AM that you pretty safe and keep an. Com and this question where does the new secretary stand on snap limits. That's a good question and I have no idea. I don't know the man I don't know anything about his philosophy. But we will find out. And you know on the outdoor show that I do from seven to nine on three W every Saturday morning except it will not be done tomorrow will be doing five to seven on that station. Well the first Saturday of every month the the head of the wildlife and fisheries comes on the program with its service we provide to them. To keep sportsmen and sports women aware of what goes on at the monthly commission meetings given that there on Thursdays at 10 AM I can't make the most people can't. So we recap the highlights. And I've had secretary Robert borrow on I've had Charles Wall song came on when he first took office. Om and we will last missed a month descent make the same offer and our first show that we get him on when he takes on official office which maybe it will probably fall on the first says the month of may be before that. But as soon as he's available will give him on for an interview. And you'll be welcomed the text Neiman call in and will asking what is philosophy on a number of issues regarding wildlife and fisheries. It is in and that certainly is one of the big ones and system loss on that make any bones about where he stood on the reds snapping. He said he was forced state and regional management of the reds snapped taking away from the feds that. He insisted that it would not be cost efficient and then when the evidence was proven that would be he pretty much simply in denial. I would gonna take a break here we come back we going to be Jumbo Leo really love Debbie breast. She is to coordinate a fun Nolan new years he was some exciting news about putting New Orleans on the map on New Year's Eve celebration back with that. After this time around listening to the Friday think tank on WW. I welcome back into the think tank kids in New Year's Adam and the day before New Year's Eve which is the day before New Year's. And we're talking all things New Year's resolutions. Fireworks even fishing and hunting that's a big on New Year's celebration. And joining us to talk about a big event going to be here and wallets. Debbie Brussels and has that name sounds familiar she's sort of all the fireworks lady peace it was very instrumental in promoting the go forth on the river. And she will forever be remembered as the lady who win the red fish cup came to Louisiana she passed out those bad luck bananas to each one of the contest. But it was thought that counted Debbie. I you do. And was. Demi tell us about this first of all Crescent City countdown club who Uga. We are non profit that he has been working together and officially almost twenty years down the bike David spear which strongly that man right there. And that he isn't that neat to have a wonderful traditional fireworks celebration about the New Year's and what to July. And after Katrina we officially formed as a nonprofit. But we get to take resources it needed to be given it by the city money for other things that we normally. Came together at the Crescent City county club so that we can continue to produce the traditional. Deep thigh. Festivities in the quarter. And so the Nolan New Year's Eve this year is going to be very special. Actually it's a collaboration petitioned. It's a collaboration at the asylum in group there's so much going on in of course. Dick Clark is rocking the celebration which is a three year contract with the city to come into work. As a central time zone drop which was never cancel after the ball dropped Sydney market. They're coming into possibly doing a package and talking about the world through out this is great outreach for our city and again. We think Debbie Allen magic who you know from eighteen years at an intent to where. Today we are excited and grateful. People don't realize we start over every year raising the money position of the it's all coming from 25 different sponsors and if we start out. And do it again we're dedicated to the city. While from a tourism aspect he could not purchase the kind of publicity that this is you'll receive and welcome back to us economically but for the folks here. Is free to attend tellem win vacancy at what their BC. Will stop at midnight fireworks and what you're going to be which you can come on down to this city. Come early deals that chip doubles and aspect to newness of traded to thirty. They are kind of things happening could go to that suitable to check that out on our web site. On the but didn't so come on come he'd get himself park Apatow that there and so to be at which would be wonderful. And media and into the city leading up to the evening Debbie lie. I'd music on the ship crippled state starting at 9 o'clock. And that's going to be an end to. At midnight count deal with the politically which isn't new pageant politically. Is going to drop in the and the spectacular fireworks which caught the symphony in the sky it's going to be over the Mississippi River and it's going to be extraordinary. Well the flow of the lead drop that even tops the possible that they Campbell in Mississippi. That's what we figured that the politically as a symbol of our city especially after Katrina we referred to as a badge of courage I think without adopted it and it's it's wonderful it's going to be exciting and it is where you can be seen from the east or west bank of the Mississippi River. From Britain probably a crescent park at French market. Said the budget going to be probably parked right parallel there. Two by the cathedral would be ever and it's going to be a beautiful beautiful show and something this year. But he has an app that you could go to Crescent City count down dot com and stay in the que Le code. And you'll be able have been music to court to go along but the why it works. Is really something new differences here that's exciting. Well Debbie if there is a problem with the weather is there a backup plan we'll go rain or shine or is there a place where they can find out you know get some updates if that's necessary. I think that noon partly would be calling you guys went. I think they tune in to two of the match you know. But right now I can get it and people on the bribes in some inspiration to fireworks they're covered this queens issued very clearly they're phenomenal. By would not go would be if there's like. And that would be it determination that we would make it purple globe with the city. You know I don't like you know would now be hopeful that we're gonna get that little wind that we need for the additional bowl festivities and the violent can be. Fine we're gonna stay positive but checking with you guys who makes that shot at the up. Very good you know Demi I think you'll find this interesting but we're doing a pretty opinion poll question right now asking about fireworks and no fireworks. And for various reasons 80% of people responding single file work because of expense and probably don't know but that's a perfect way. To enjoy fireworks celebration without any danger hasn't our expense. The witnesses are brought on a patent on tourism marketing corporation initial global broker company's French Quarter festival convention and visitors bureau. And when he responds to come together so we're not taking money from other places. Let the professionals do it it's safer that way and you're getting this sea shells that you would not be able to keep it an extraordinary shells. And the nautical shells the kind of bounce up the water there's so many things you get the theater professional show and get to come down and celebrate. The new year style. Commute into. So the details in the music lineup Allstate Sugar Bowl dot org at the best place to find. You can go to Crescent City count down dot com and I'll take you to perceptible web site. It goes out stage at about dot org for the festivities there. But I am on the web site like Crescent City count that I which has everything in Q are eager to get that particular code you can get that music can. It will be bananas him. Very good I think he'll learn a lesson. We always applies on. Am happy to use ninety Indy wrestler with the Crescent City countdown club the file Oxley the in the also haven't known as eminently. We'll be right back after this again at some time calls in the text messages and 8787504261. Late seventy. Coming up after the top of the house afternoon Mike. Yeah football as a big part of the New Year's celebration. Will be back and all of that right now. I walked back into our New Year's. EE money's Adam whichever you choose to call the program we talked a lot of football talk and fireworks and just about anything you like also food is a big on new traditional meal that you prepared so a lot of people go with the black cat he's in the gap which got to have that for the good luck with the year coming in also for money. I hear some text messages coming in no one says and and we we talked about the country could make a resolution America what would America's resolution be his woman says. It would be a blessing if somehow the country can make a resolution for us to stay in united again. And stop all of this foolishness resorting to violence so quickly and yeah now. Unfortunately. You know I live in a real world and I don't know if that's possible but what do. What do wish come true that would be in resolution I'd is another and good morning guys just pulled bowed out of BSM that's built mob Britain's number arena. And not tough day in the Biloxi marsh your friends from team last call via a straight pride. Yeah would think with that front coming through in the wind has been blown yet it's going to be going to be tough for most errors that name's Susan stuff calms battled it. If you don't mind the wet stuff the reign of the wind stops. The Trout bite should resume but anyway it's good news for the duck on the line have agreed on yesterday while the unit martian on that front came through. We would that we actually watched the front witnessed that the wind was blowing one direction clouds game blue fog out old few drops of rain and for you know what the temperature dropped 67 degrees win out the other direction ducks went crazy touchdown on nov. Debbie WL television also on my website we do the fishing game report. If you happen to miss the 6 o'clock on Thursday evening sports broadcast that comes back on about. 515 on Friday morning's. And you concede Obama web page at in the Al it was god that. I got a comment on the Nick Saban none Drew Brees RHS might retaliate his opinion is trying to. He if anybody knows he knows what went down that but. This one says Don I agree when you. A 100% Nick Saban could not deal with these NFL prima Donna's. It was the same thing when Steve Spurrier went to the Washington Redskins for refugees. Now the text says Miami it was rightfully scared of breezes injury. New wall and took the chance that wasn't an argument he left handed compliments to breeze I eat. If I had a quarterback like breeze I might have stayed in the NFL's all. On or off it was Miami's decision whether it is sabres decision. About breeze at Miami but I know a lot of teams passed up on him he was not looking real good. And that text is actually write new laws took a chance on human boy wonder one long shot he turned out to be. But whether that hand in the influence. On whether Saban stay it is an NFL coach a return to the coaching ranks of college. I don't believe that he would I don't think there was anything was gimmicky techniques they've been. In professional foot talk a lot of bodies talk a lot about many things. He's kind of a guy of few words and but he does know his football was no doubt about it. I'd here's another one now about America resolving says we should keep on noses out of other countries' business. And take care of asking you about resolutions if will we think you're should be the country's. Donald Trump the new. President elect that'll be coming in. His someone who is resolving to give up health food. Probably a lot of people don't just the opposite given up junk food and open for health food. Another one now wants to it and yeah opiate addiction for good well good luck on that I'll OP could certainly do. I get some more comments in two on the new commission of the wildlife and fisheries not commission but the secretary which is the head position. That was announced the news broke this afternoon. Secretary John Kimmel sol was forced out really by the administration he hand delivered. An immediate resignation notice effective tomorrow to governor Jon bill and woods this position is. Now elective is appointed to serve at the pleasure of the governor of obviously government Edwards. Having heard enough complaints made the move in has now replaced him with a retired chief of the Lafayette fire department. He's also served in Louisiana House of Representatives he was serving his third time army was originally elected in 2007. He obviously knows a lot about the alligator industry is the owner of jocks crop in form pride processes. Don't know much else about team. His name is Jack month to set. He's going to be 69 years Ole. He comes from district 42 which includes Acadia and Lafayette paris' that is a very. Difficult job ahead of the department of wildlife and fisheries you have to. Know a lot about the science the management you have to understand. On the users who use that the hundreds of fishermen themselves and you also have to be pretty much a political analyst deal with a because a lot of the regulations and laws regarding wildlife and fisheries management of our resources ends up in the legislature and knowing your way around errors. Certainly a benefit so will try to get him on the outdoor show and get an interview with him as soon as we can. Final warm body and what his intentions on what he seizes some of the challenges I gotta tell you I've been covering. That department of wildlife and fisheries from a media standpoint from all over thirty years. And I have never witnessed the morale. In the chaos in that agency as I have in the past. The year or six months and that needs to turnaround I'd come and back after the mid day news will be talking to Mike detail yet you know WW all and a felon college analyst. Take a look back at the 2016 season for LA issue. I get a perspective from Mike on what they'll do in the Citrus Bowl against Louisville also talked about this op SEC brotherhood type of thing should fans pull for. Other SEC team in woman not playing their home team and also gave his take on what happened when none Nick Saban went to Miami and why he ended up where he has packed with a all of that coming up and after the news.