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12-22-16 Scoot 1pm- Freedom of speech on planes.

Dec 30, 2016|

Ivanka Trump was berated by a passenger on a JetBlue flight who shouted, “Your father is ruining the country.” And “why is she on our flight? She should be flying private.” JetBlue kicked the passenger off the flight and then he screamed, “You’re kicking me off for expressing my opinion?” Did JetBlue violate the passenger’s freedom of speech by kicking him off the flight?

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It's Thursday December 23 we are getting very very close to Christmas Day very close to Hanukkah and Kwanzaa is coming up next Monday and look at this day it's rain many if you might describe this day is really dreary. It's not cold it's not hi team near you and I are gonna have to get together and make the most of this. There are a lot of people off I was watching some of the traffic early this morning and I was into it here and every WL. And it just seemed like there was not a lot of traffic for much of the morning which is an indication that a lot of people are taking off. And a lot of people are just on different schedules and has restarted to talk about yesterday. When you get into this different traffic pattern when you're outside of your morning rush hour afternoon rush hour traditional traffic or what you do during the day. When there are a lot of people on the road who are moving in different directions and they're not used to going in these directors around stores in and running errands and doing thanks for the holidays. Keep in mind it's very easy for people to get into accidents. And this time of year as it is any time of year but especially this time of the year and everybody's. Kind of chaotic and and driving around. Sometimes it's easier to get into an accident this time viewers are just be very very cautious you don't want to add an accident or all that paperwork and stuff. And god forbid injuries. To Europe holiday stress. Christmas and the holiday season it's a fun time it's a great time it's a joyous time. But not for every. Christmas time and a holiday season can be a difficult time for people. Some people it's difficult. Every year. And for some people it's just difficult this year or. Last year and this year. The point is it soccer always be like this. Don't assume that every Christmas will be like this but it as much as we talk about the fun and a joyous nature of this holiday season. I also recognize that I know that there are a lot of few. Who are suffering. A lot of you who were having a really tough time center mentally getting through this holiday season it it's it's happened to me. Mean I mean a great mood this year I didn't agree with the last couple of years but there have been some tough Christmas is for me to get through. Even when they were people who looked at me and thought I was really really happy. I was struggling inside. If you've gone through a tough Christmas. Are you going to a tough Christmas now. What is it that helps you get through it. What do you think about. What you CD yourself. What did you do to get through that tough time. And by talking about this. For those of us who had been to the tough times and are on the other side of those tough times now. I think it helps give inspiration to people who are going through those tough times that okay you know this is a tough year for unity. But he doesn't have to always be likeness. And as time goes on and usually. Things get better so what we'll talk about that this afternoon also I'm Brandon cooks are six receiver. Says it's just ridiculous that Drew Brees is being snubbed from the pro ball. Is he right. Should Drew Brees being in the probable. Or other every other quarterbacks at this point. Better than Drew Brees. Maybe not statistically but in terms of running a team it's a question. Also noted that a little bit later also residents of an affordable housing complex in Florida are very upset because they were forced to remove the nativity scene. And all other religious symbols from the common ground public areas of the complex. Should there be exceptions for rules when it comes to religious symbols. During the Christmas season. We'll talk about that as well. First up on our show this afternoon if market trump first of all this a couple of things about the story to find really really fascinating. If I could trump was raided. By a passenger on jetBlue. Who shouted your father is ruining the country. And why she on our flight she should be flying private. JetBlue keep the passenger off the flight. And any screamed you're kicking me off for expressing my opinion. The first thing that comes to my my ideas. If market trumpeter kids are flying coach jetBlue. I mean where's daddy is playing. I mean he's got to have more than one or I'm sure they could charter one idea I mean I thought it was really interesting that you've market trumpeter kids are flying. Coach. On jetBlue. But here's the real question did jetBlue violate the passengers freedom of speech. By taking him off the flight. If you wanna join us in the comic this afternoon on numbers 260170. Area code 5042601878. 7870. And for those of you who have a very difficult time. Separating. Politics from your gut reaction to things. This really should not be about politics. Because if you don't like trump and if you're really upset with the outcome of this election. Dan. It could have been Hillary Clinton. Who was being criticized on a flight. So in this case somebody's bashing. Donald Trump's. Daughter. Somebody could be doing this to. Chelsea Clinton had she wants to this really is I don't think this is about politics. I think this is about the bigger question. If you do something like this on a flight and you get kicked off the flight. Is your freedom of speech being violated. Do you have a right to tell this woman. Your father's ruining the country. And why are you are flight shouldn't you be flying price it. And then you get kicked off and the guy says you kicking me off for expressing my opinion. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601. A seventy text numbers 87070. And this is a pretty general opinion poll I did jetBlue violate the passengers freedom of speech by ticking him off a plane for yelling things Eddie barker trump. Who was also passenger. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL Telecom from the West Bank David welcome to our show. I don't they. And didn't think he could control shelter me. On the flight I don't tell me tell you guards of you know. Ya it's not about freedom of speech is about in that particular environment you have to show that you can control yourself because. You know once you get in the year you're locked in to this cylinder with these other people don't usually somewhere around 30000 feet. And you know you have to show signs that your. Gonna behave. Yeah IQ on stable you don't belong in the you know obviously you wa and if you read some attacks he went there were bad intentions. He chased it down to get there you reach some tweets and Barre there it is irritating him all the bodies that beam and it's a very social and make the most. David I appreciate the color you have a very Christmas and a nice weekend here's a taxi was causing a disturbance scrutinize I agree with that. Here is a text oh my god I knowing Doctor Who won't buy an item at the grocery store unless he has a coupon for it. I secondly you must be kidding it's called disturbing the peace I guess you've never heard of that. I don't know why you're attacking meal that is because I I agree that this is a case of disturbing the peace. Here is another Texas says are jetBlue was right. Not the place how rude. And I agree with that. You take out your frustrations to trumpet president. On his daughter who arguably helped him become president of the United States. Ibaka played a very pivotal role that her husband Richard Kerschner. And they're gonna ultimately be part of the administration. But you see this person in public. I guess you can express an opinion to people that you see in public however. Two showed displays of aggression. On a flight now I think jetBlue did the right thing to kick the person off the flight. You've got a right to express your opinion you don't have a right to cause trouble. Did jetBlue do the right thing. A ticket this guy off or did jetBlue violate the passengers freedom of speech when he was telling it like a trump your father's -- the country why you on this flight. You should be flying private. Our numbers 2601. A seventy area code 504260. Morning Stephanie. Text embers a serious every I'm skewed in the afternoon. And here's one of the Christmas classics. And we'll be right back on WL. And welcome back to our show it's a Thursday. Christmas Chanukah week I guess which is sometimes just say merry Chanukah because that should work for this this weekend. Student yesterday glacier where it is like I don't agree accounted dreary day it. It might be stressed out holidays next we're gonna talk about those tough christmases that Somalis have been through. And the best thing to do to get through that. And it might help you if you're going through a tough time because I do what I recognize those who were having a difficult time or maybe had a difficult time in the past. So by talking about it we help those who were having a tough time now. We'll get into that in the next hour but other than that let's let's just let's do the best we can to really be on a day like today I mean we have a choice we can either way this day. Guinness down. As it's Palestinians it's much to do look at the weather or you can Disco had you know worked. Is December 22 it's Thursday Christmas is coming Pollack is coming. Let's just let's just have as much fun as a candidate the weather doesn't have to be perfect. For us to enjoy life. If you just joined us we're talking about if market trump she was only jetBlue flight yeah you know like coach engine blew their kids surprise. I she boys she was raided by a passenger. Who say your father's ruining the country. And what are you doing on on this flight you should be on. A private jet. Which I think is a legitimate question but no reason to to rate her. And then when he was kicked off the flight you said you're kicking me off for expressing my opinion. Here's a pretty jacked up and you told they jetBlue violate the passengers freedom of speech by kicking him off the plane for yelling things at him bunker trump who was also passenger. 21% say yes. 79%. Saying no give your opinion by going to our web site. If you well dot com more via text or coming up from Saint Bernard Bob welcome to the show. Suit. And it the storm and lecture. Well I mean I'm I'm confident with my source and I I checked I checked snoops and they don't have anything on it. But you know it could be at this point I'm assuming that it's it's true based on what I've I've determined to be legitimate part. He could always be thing. You know we've obvious not and reasonable if somebody were active soy. Mean this is the people feel. You know I understand that the main thing is that I mean you know actually as a president elect's you know all right you think this year against Secret Service where. Okay. On our commercial jetliner apparent. Well I don't thank you if you have. I don't know about that at this point may be when he is. Maybe after artery through she would get them on I'm not sure about it but I would think she would have some protection. But even if she had Secret Service shortly. Okay. Which he got going on is the only. Are just talk. About. Why did you get what she did it teach you. And I got. Com. And now. Ties. Good for you. Merry Christmas so I with this I don't really I don't know but even secret services they still have an opportunity to two mile some of them and maybe that's what happened in this case. I'll continue to looked at it as I was skeptical of it as soon as I heard it it would likely to check into as far as I know it's legitimate by. A plane. Happened this very thousand. I don't think you look at any. Situation lights. Okay. You know I can't agree. So but it it. Seminars were. YouTube operation to call here's a Texas says the Secret Service was with her I would assume that there would be Secret Service ever I don't know if that would be like right on top of her. And and just because secret services they are doesn't mean that somebody can't beret terror. I mean the Secret Service is not going to stop you for saying something to. A person that year protect him. So I mean this is kind of a no brainer it's it's kind of an easy. Thing to talk about because I don't think there's a lot of controversy here. Flying on a plane is a privilege it's a unique situation. And because of the nature of that situation being locked in this metal cylinder. With all these people. At one point 3035000. Feet. There are certain requirements. And if you don't meet those requirements in some of those requirements are as simple as your behavior. If you don't meet those requirements then. You're not going to be able to fly it's it's that simple. And an irate passenger. Even if you even if you agree with what the passengers said. Even if you agree to the passenger was right in saying your father is ruining the country. Even if you agree with that. Can't we agreed that that's not the right thing to do in that situation. If you would like to join us with your comment on numbers 2601878. Area code 5042601. Ace every text numbers 878 separate. Also there isn't another story in the news and I'm maybe you've seen this because this I YouTube video has been all over the news. There were a couple of guys kicked off a Delta Airlines flight from. Heathrow to New York. And they claim they were kicked off the flight because they were speaking Eric. The guy said he was speaking Arabic to his mother on the phone on the plane and so they kicked him. This guy Adam surely is. One of those YouTube stars who gets a lot of attention. And over one point seven million shares. Are showing up for this particular. Video that he that he posted. There's another story. They're passengers saying this guy way is running around the plane. Disrupting. The plane. And it wasn't just speaking Arabic he was causing all kinds of problems. And then when they kick him off then he starts doing the video. And makes it seem like he's being kicked off the plane just for speaking Arabic. And this is a tactic that people's views. And how much is talking about people who speak Arabic. This is a tactic that people use they get to reprimand for something. And they try to reduce it to something really simple when it's really not as simple as they are trying to make you think it is. Again if you wanna join us on numbers 2601878. Text 87870. And here is Texas says so. It was called assault it's called assault not freedom of speech if if he were yelling at her and gave the impression a possible harm. I totally I totally agree with that. Also there's a story out. That. A group of artists. Have gotten together and they're asking you vodka trump to take down. Their pieces of art there artwork. From her walls. Stuff that either gave her or she balked at asking her to take it. I'm skewed in the afternoon we're coming right back but more your comments among economists this news update. I'm gonna play another. Rendition of a song. Always freaked me out when I was a little kid around christmastime. This was stunned by John Miller campaign will be back after this step to W welders update with Jim hand so. And talked about this yesterday afternoon. And last year as a kid disarm freak me out because I'm thinking. Santa Claus is making out with mom. Once they're gonna think. Are they gonna get a divorce. This guy is knack in this guy is trying to enact on my mom I mean that's what the whole song is all about this is John militants version of it. Look amateurish oh yeah I know it's gonna jury out there kind of foggy but I tell I hope that doesn't affect your your mood today because you know we have the power within us to be in a good move regardless of what the weather's like. If anybody does find out that this story about a bunker trump flying jetBlue is. Is a fake news please let me know I mean I did a little checking before when the air and now I was given the impression that this really did have really did happen. By its if somebody finds out conclusively that it didn't happen I'm certainly open to that and also we're talking about this this guy who's a YouTube star and socialite. And he apparently was disruptive on a delta flight on. And flight to New York out of Heathrow from Heathrow airport in London to New York. And then he is kicked off the flight and it starts as YouTube video saying that he's kicked off the flight for speaking Arabic to his mother. Which sounds like a very unreasonable recent kick somebody off a flight. And so apparently there's more to the story then. He's telling. Because he wants this to be this sensational thing because this is what he does with his. YouTube. Account and when this hits again two more here on text here in just a moment miles here and every WL. But it it was. IE. You know everybody's making this thing Ibaka and yet that everything you got it happens like. They hit maker might mean it. A key target LQB a lot of crap like OK yeah. How much is that caught opposed by some tickets supply and aren't yet the company UK is not that big deal you yet. It signature. Issue I mean that you're. You bet your money Ellie in what. Paper or pop art our ticket beauty badly as opposed to boycott thousand apartment yet. Force 5000 no it would be a lot more than that. I mean you think apple. And it brought it to other guy. For everything you do a little investigating and that guy doesn't operate debate is that not the first. Right. And you know it it's one of the things where you say it then you know its shares in. A born out and he does you know eat yet have a name up there are all packed in the coming. About it. Ethel it is like you know he said difficult thing up yet that opening statement he did it. Kicked off. But he does want to make it look like he was out being out. Yes and people reward the behavior by. I going to his side his son FaceBook page and I all the clicks actually he'd financially beneficial moment. I. Don't. I'm Eamon you know you've. Got up your ears open. Miles I appreciate the call Merry Christmas and from Maria wrote Bruce here into the W well. Table Arnold school at Bruce. Taylor look at that Smart thing men are noble try but. That would be stupid that the truck called and it's been even even you know it's just our pockets who don't like men. You know that nobody want appeal flight which somebody that pack increase because. Good of a dead man you know not days to get on netbook at the crane the old people down. We have it's it's not what you and I think about Richard Marx who was and eighties pop star Grammy Award winning singer Richard Marx and his wife. Daisy Fuentes stuff from MTV they were a flight to flight back from the of the Far East. And they help subdue a guy and help and he actually helped tie him to his seat on this this flight because. He wasn't paying a deep well he was not paying attention to the people who were trying to get him under control and they didn't know how to use the taser gun so. Richard Marx helped out with that so yeah I mean I agree with news. Absolutely you you don't you don't let the normal like man I mean. I mean it's tell it whether clippers it's tough enough to fly with people who marched to. It's even offered a flat with people who are stupid. But at this decade he you don't you don't normally we don't do and it's it's yet but being. Yep thereby app the feel like come. At the threat on plane especially want them. While it on the ground I expect that I expect the people that work with the plane. That beat it beat people off the off plane but it won't win Edmonton if the sort now you know. Bruce how how would you feel a fifth or somebody on a flight international flights coming from London to New York for speaking Arabic would would that cause issues to be alarmed. Well it. Well our guest now is probably would mean look out look on to. A flight from Germany and in the end from a wrecked in different places like that but. I think at that time when it did that 2002 in 2011 and others went in I guess what the ant bed but. But now you're at it if you you'd is that I mean the problem there will be there. Navigated his spot talk in Arabic in that if you are kept to the right poll I would probably would have a problem with it. If you thought. Making it made that at some debt that you you know at home couldn't. Since early in your ear right and a I think that's the bigger question if if we find ourselves instinctively reacting to somebody speaking Arabic maybe we should stop and say well wait a minute really shouldn't be passing this misjudgment if we hear this. I mean some languages you know French. Flows. I German president always flow Japanese doesn't always filming of the Japanese time highs punish you it's like a media anybody. Yeah. Right right right right. I mean. Matt. Title he would tree behind. The least little thing that happened out in me and I just. I just did try to enjoy life and in in India keep animal movement. Hybrids Mary Christmas and if you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 260 point 78. Every coach final four to 601 A semi tech's number is 8787. Yeah I mean have you ever noticed that you like Japanese I mean I love Japanese culture infatuated with a sometimes. There language sounds a little harsh. They don't like apple but it was on. Paula said was I don't speak Japanese very well but I mean it sounds pretty rough to a net new light on OK okay. I give up my suits I don't help by the way happy birthday today to our guitarist Rick Nielsen. For Cheap Trick sixty years old today he was the guy yours when a cap. And Novi and Robin Zander was the one who won behavior will be right back under review well. And today is a sad day on our pop culture calendar because it was on this day just two years ago December 22 2014. The legendary Joe Cocker died from lung cancer Crawford Colorado. At the age of seventy. Joe Cocker always when he he sang always seem to have some kind of I don't know maybe he was like. Backed out. You know maybe he was just likes he restraining. Anyway a very very interesting character and of course CO went on to do. With a little help from my friends so you are so beautifully song and he also did this song I guess it was with Jennifer Warren to sum up where we belong. I think it was with a Jennifer Lawrence I'm still we are talking up this afternoon about this story to pocket trump. I was flying jetBlue with her kids Jarno shocker and a some guy was separating her and I've got a text that tells me that her his her know his lover. Says that they were. Pursuing her throughout the airport come on it was a setup get the facts straight. What set up I don't I don't know if I understand. What the senate would be. It is very reasonable to believe that people would bear rates. Anybody in front but there has been that sentiment following the election that's that part of it is very very believable. And if this did indeed happen look this guy shouldn't fly I've. If you've got a comment or numbers 2601870. Erykah 5042601870. Taxi 7870. Here's a Texas says like a seizure well I wasn't gonna actually phrase it that way with Joe Cocker by. I do remember the time to the warehouse where he threw up on stage. And he was so drunk backstage when Arab states threw up on stage did not miss a beat continue to song Sarah your on Demi WL. I'd say. I. Passion. And at. That. Yeah yeah. Should. It. Well yeah. Illness or of course she has a right to do that but it's just a little unusual that somebody with as much money as of vodka would be flying coach although I have to tell you am I gonna mention names but I know. I know I I know very successful business people in New Orleans who can't quite often fly like coach. Or. Chip works and that by ethnic. It's just just not something that you wouldn't expect so. You know it's your deposed champion at the trucks. And generally. If it. Chick yeah. Bennett. Sarah. Merry Christmas happy new year. Am I appreciate you listening. From New Orleans Michael Euro on VW well. I don't you premier retired airline captain on. Might work where it was. To the good people here play. Havoc on the ground and a lot of assists to help me. In the air and air marshals not much in the cockpit and that my first. Obligation to secure the good people so it was going to be upset cause a disturbance. Don't have taken off the airplane it would literally for hours concern there was more than just screaming going on. A growing and the airplane quote is like Canada via the takeaways. And and it's really not about politics Michael hasn't. No it's my obligation was to get people say we're on the jet to where they were first well some Maryland or upper class. And that's that we handled it was nature of that there next week. And get things back just to Portland eleventh I'm crazy. Trying to police work object or in flight passengers pulled away. 34 apparently broke loose apparently landed. It's pronounced him dead in the jet way and mom try to keep your line in the judge in light of the people in your life like. OK I bit with the with the way the the plane is is flying through the air and and there would be. I guess some kind of a pressure on the outside the plane what would it even be possible to open the emergency exit while your flight at 30000 feet. No absolutely and actually pressure inside here. Once you put the power for take off a pressure situation. Point 125 PSI pressure. In the door in place or taxing it yet in open. All the airplanes that we could not open but you know I don't know that they are scared to death. Yeah of course and they all got shutout before an analyst Michael what equipment did you fly. Boeing 737. Ma. I'm just an effect too you know I salute and number sixteen and it literally have a chance to have the money your chance to continue flying much beyond twenty hours but I missed. So infatuated with the waistline it. And an airlines immunize and what disappeared on him on my view with some funny enough congress and I'm okay. Okay when they're gonna rotate to knows this is he won this is to speed where they're just they're getting ready to commit to take off and NT two is when they lift off the ground and I'm just so infatuated with all of that. And one quick question. When do you when you when you climb out. Sometimes when icy plains on taking off from we Armstrong international airport I see a higher rate of climb sometimes and other times. As air traffic control determined that receive determined by the winter. Now after a while to typically rotate. You know climb up and he wrote it off the ground and four miles an hour. Yeah accelerated to work and technical lapse you know you're playing so to speak. Too intent and cost 3000 beat 3000 U accelerated toward routine. You are my two word but do not until 101000. But I hear they're about right of your rate of descent is determined by the pilot. Yeah. It's get by the pilot but that it's a result of that the weather. In the airplane going along like yours will appeal and passengers. You might get. Or 5000 feet per minute and you can like you and you can go ahead if you're real lightweight you'd like it it was a 7000 feet per minute. And you can relate to this there are very long runways and in Denver man which is a mile high and in the area in the atmosphere. And I remember on really hot summer days when they Ares chest relief in there's nothing they're playing is loaded. And that sucker almost rolls out to the on the front range of Fort Lewis off the ground. Well the big problem areas the air's not as six over here which you know back at the jet engine can't accelerate to a rapidly you're battling in the ground at the same speed pretty much. It just take you longer to achieve that speed that's right need more runway by what they call high against the object airport. Michael enjoyed talking about to us. I appreciate the call if you're on hold say lettuce are coming right back with the more your comments this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions and it's our Christmas week holiday week. Person is and Honecker follow on the same day which is this coming Sunday. And we're talking about the holidays and we'll be right back on WL. Hey you know what a Christmas celebration news different things to different people. I can just smell that kitchen McCain you do if you want to know that house could you just smell that kitchen. As run DMC. I'm scope ledger where the sun is set Thursday afternoon. Tomorrow is the day before Christmas Eve and it is the beginning of Christmas weekend. I traffickers serie is is crazy around some of the mall right now and there are different traffic patterns set today because a lot of people take this week off and a lot of kids are on a school so people take off to leave their kids and it's just. I guess will relate to the the Jewish people are getting ready to to celebrate Chanukah I today is rather pressure can. Are from Biloxi Brian your on every WL. And he I would like comment about out of pocket trots charm situation you know industry that she was gone. Airline. You know the thing in our party I'll comedy we see in back and it traveling with her children according to the story. And that man was definitely note gentlemen. You know make any derogatory comment. Two car. About mark potter and about the children in a joke and are all out there. Your second and pactel. Our children and that clearly broke down and so the story surely now. Right pre speech when he Iraq thing. I'm and well being and not hurt. You know on our aircraft in our power band on the line and and that the Narnia back guy. I would only on top the only girl well. He might not even set a dead nicely. Are you might not even have senate that nicely. Shot. Why I don't think you bring up a great point you know if somebody like you Fokker trump is is with her kids. I think she's all sides. I think you leave the politics aside because this is a woman in her private life and and you know you could argue that she's in publications a public figure you have a right to say what you wanna say to our. I think it ethically somebody when they're with their kids like that I think gets off sides. Well yeah you know regardless of what your wife. Our norm out there are your daughter are anybody for that matter. You know Eric. He called fidelity and manner than back but that out the window now. And so many if you're not if you're pounding you're gonna mind your manner. Are you get your way. Brian and I appreciate the dog got to get your news breaks here I get to mark your tech here's an interesting Texas astute I'm a pastor. I was held by TSA because I greeted a fellow pastor who is from my Iraq in Arabic I was held for three hours by TSA. Is that right or wrong. If market trump apparently berated by a passenger on a flight when jetBlue we'll talk about this will be come back into the interview room.