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12-22-16 Scoot 2pm- Do you have the holiday blues?

Dec 30, 2016|

Christmas and the Holiday Season can be a difficult time for people. Did you ever go through a tough Christmas or Hanukkah? How did you get through it?

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Yeah I know it's misty it's it's kind of foggy it's not so what many people would consider to be a beautiful today although this weathered doesn't bother me and having into Seattle and Portland. This obviously doesn't bother me at all it it's an economy they're doesn't bother me here but. I'd never been to London that this is very much like the weather's in Edmonton and the UK this time of year. But don't let this get you down I mean it's going to be nice by the weekend and I know many if you would rather be really cold. But there are people who are coming here like my son and his wife Lauren coming in from Portland. And they are excited to get away from the cold weather it has been snowing in Portland it's been icy it's been really called. And they are looking forward to it being in the mid to upper seventies here. Those of us who live here you know we'd like the cold weather but there are people who are going to enjoy it. I I walked over to street journal last night briefly and there are some places that are actually closed. And her mystery boy's. Very very quiet even for a Wednesday night because so many people are traveling so many people are doing family things so many people are. Odd at home and they're not on out of town so it's just on the really interesting almost as kind of desolate time. It in nine in New Orleans compared to other times but boy it's gonna ramp up right after Christmas. Heading into a New Year's Eve weekend and I remember to eat two or three years ago it was the it was the year before I got to I jumped by downtown. Midnight mass. Immaculate conception downtown. And then a walk through the at the lobby the Roosevelt hotel. And I was alone and it was kind of fought the like it like it is now and and you could see the you know what the EU could see that don't delights and especially the first quarter lights were kind of shrouded in in fall like I mean it was really kind of cool it. But after a loss to the lobbies or the Roosevelt you must have been about. 130. And I decided that it was gonna walk to the French Quarter. Nobody would. Know. Nobody was even at cafe tomorrow. Nobody was I mean it was just like totally just. And I think back on doing that and I would never do that again. Because of the way things have changed. Not just because of what happened to me but because of the way things have changed I would never ever do that again. And isn't that a shame. Is it a shame that bay. Has made me feel like I can't just walk around. Are on Christmas Eve. I was alone and there was a lot of solitude. Do a lot time to reflect and it was just really cool walking and yeah it did to see suburban street like before. A storm is coming more on Christmas Eve to see that MT is is it's really a unique site. But I look back on that I would never ever do that again if you have just joined us this afternoon only bring you up to date on what we've been talking about. If you're talking about if I can trust there's a story out. As far as I know it's true. Could it be fake news well it could be put everything that seems to be fake news is not it's not fake news in there seems to be that Tennessee now to. Think that anything that seems incredible. Estate news and that's not always the case if this does prove to be taken as well then I'll certainly admit that. But there was a passenger who who paraded I've talked to trump. A bucket truck was with her kids. She was flying jetBlue. Flying coach jetBlue out of JFK. Swiss on this morning. And this man's screams out your father is ruining the country. And then he says. What is she. Why she on our flight. Why I should she be flying private and you would think that she would have used one effort has jets or that he he would have. Given them money to fly but the kids the grandkids that flight him in private jet but he you know achieved excellent she'd decided flight for whatever reason. I'm passenger said that she tried to ignore the guy. And distract her kids with a cholera. The airline removed the passenger. In our question last hour was did they violate his First Amendment price because the guy said your kicking me off for expressing my opinion. And it's not what he said it's about to apparently how he acted and where he said it. And you have a freedom to do certain things but sometimes. You're going to be. Dealing with the consequences of abusing that particular freedoms so I think it was appropriate to tick him off the flight. And as I said they're going into the news I really think that when somebody like that has their kids. Isn't that off the record. There's an off sides to. Attacks somebody like that with their their kids or did their kids aren't involved in this. She's on her own private time if she is part of the truck administration. And you wanna express an opinion about her that's different than when she's privately traveling for their kids that's. That's my view and I say that regardless of who you're for politically that should be something that generally understood. If you do wanna join us with comet this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Every cut 5042601. A symphony text 87870. Is it Texas says why on earth is he vodka flying commercial I should the Secret Service have been with our yes I believe the Secret Service was with her. But that didn't stop this guy. Because a Secret Service if you shot something out they're not gonna necessarily wrestle you to the ground the text goes on to say this doesn't seem very safe on many levels up toward judgment. Here's a check so it's okay for her dad to insults and a rate people in public. Again it's different you're you're traveling privately with your kids and year at the podium at a political rally. To me those two things are completely different and also we've talked about this on this story whiff a group of artists. In New York. Are asking if Arthur trump to take down their artwork. The message is dear America. Please give my art work off your walls artists backlash. They're embarrassed. That their paintings brought to her house. Well either they gate and tour. Or she bought him and I think she has every right to keep them up on the walls now because of their attitude she might want it taken down. Mean I've a couple of paintings in India and my apartment and if somebody told me because they didn't like what I did on the air they wanted to take him down. Putter I don't I don't know however we would react to that I mean if if they hated me so much are not sure that I would want their training in in my apartment. Liked. I like the paintings. Maybe I'd sell. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601878. Text is 87870. Peers are pretty general opinion poll this hour. Have you ever had. The holiday blues. Are you really holiday blues. We've got a lot to talk about this afternoon and I am just gonna make the show today and tomorrow very very relaxed we've got some music from our pop culture calendar. But we've got a lot of great Christmas music planned for today. Don't have more planned for tomorrow effect coming up at the beginning of the a 3 o'clock hour we're gonna play part of the song by weird Dahlia graphic. The nightstand or went crazy. We'll do part of it going into the break we'll do another part of it coming out of the break that sun and it is the beginning of the the 3 o'clock hour. But yeah if you if you wanna on give your comments or opinions or react to anything it did I'm talking about her to callers are saying that. A Texas saying please feel free used a jump in this is not going to be showed today or tomorrow where we just the specifically. Hammer a particular topic we've discussed a lot of stuff talk about the one of the things that I didn't wanna cover today. Is that since this is open this is a joyous time of year and a lot of people or really. Happy an op and celebrating and me I'm in a great mood at the last couple of Christmas is for me have been really great but it hasn't always been that way. And so I know that there are people right now where this is a tough time. They're going to a difficult time. And if you talk about how you got through a tough time. Christmas. In a lot of different reasons for us to be so sentimental that this is a difficult time of year. If you talk about how you got through that tough time. I think he'll actually help people who are going through a tough time. If you wanna join us with your story. What helped Jews who really. Difficult time. Because. Christmas Chanukah holiday season can really Tug at your heart. Not every year but some years so as much fun and as happy as many of us Sar and other people who are down. So. What helped you get through that tough time. When we come back I'll tell you about him like Christmas Eve the first Christmas Eve that I I've celebrated when I had just come back to New Orleans with nothing. I'm scoot our numbers 2601 A Saudi text they 7070 and we'll be back. You know some years that's a lot easier than other years. And you know and I had a few down Christmas is this was one of the songs that just really Tug of lighthearted brought. Brought tears to my eyes after a move back to New Orleans following the breakup of a sixteen year relationship. I've had nothing and literally started over and John I have very vivid memories of wanting to avoid anything and everything related to Christmas. I could afford to buy anybody anything I didn't want perceive anything I just wanted to be away from all of it. My sister worked for Southwest Airlines at the time so I had a free voucher from her for Southwest Airlines and a voucher for hotel room. In Las Vegas. At 630 Christmas Eve. I was on a flight to Las Vegas. On not a gambler. Not a big drinker. But I love having that escape to Las Vegas. A looked around the flight and you know that some people would seem to be sharing the the Christmas Eve moment but. Just a few passengers and many of the passengers. Were A shouldn't I noticed that and they were just people who just it looked like they were not even celebrating Christmas and they were on their way to. To Las Vegas. And Christmas Eve I just I guess I kind of felt like just being alone now. I went to new indictments. Could even afford it can't get there are so walked along weighted to a Catholic Church what to midnight mass which by the way it was it was quite an experience. I mean a priest came out and essentially did like five minutes standup routine before man started. And I couldn't help but notice that in the collection plate they were champs. There were like. Chips from the casinos in the in the collection plate so it was just really kind of a very interesting experience. I mean I loved it. And basically 243 hours later I was back in New Orleans. But it was a great escape and I know that everybody can't can't have that kind of escape I was fortunate to have a sister network for herself less at the time and had that opportunity to. Essentially just a totally escape Christmas. But what helped you get through a tough Christmas are numbers 2601. A seventy. Area code 5042601870. Text numbers 877. And while I physically got away that and the main challenge is to mentally. Escape whatever it is that your pitcher going through and I guess the good news for those if you who might be having a tough time this year or sometime in the future. And if you've had in the past you know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm the good news is. You usually get through. And in an every Christmas is not going to be like this. So there is there is hope and borders that word again that has so often comes up this this time of year. And I remember that hope being instilled in me as a as a little kid hoping that Santa would bring me what I wanted for Christmas. Sometimes he did. Sometimes he didn't. But every year I had hope. And to this day even throughout the year I think back on that conditioning of having that hope. Hoping for things and sometimes it it all worked out sometimes it it didn't. But I still hoping you know it's it's something that is talked about a lot now we talked about it earlier this week with. With people who have no hope in fact Michelle Obama. Your First Lady was talking about if you don't have hope you have nothing and I agree with that Sam here and a VW good afternoon. Able. To use them. Pocket trumpet and early passenger. On. Airplane coming I elected with. A double standard. On. In two. There are all important you know there are people speaking Arabic. Yeah the guy who received the YouTube so we we did talk about that earlier Tellme tell me or you think it's a double standard. And yeah. I mean we don't have somebody like the patent when he used that they're comfortable with. We look at the courtroom which in. Well that's not really happens to him. According to a wicked look this guy Adam surely is actually is is a YouTube star he swore out a lot of followers and so he. Make some money on the clicks that he gets on on YouTube any. Annual world over one point seven million shares of the guy generates money from doing bizarre things on on YouTube. Now what went passengers are saying is that he was acting up we're going around the plane acting up. And then when they decided to kick him off the flight. Then he started this video claiming that he was being kicked off the flight for speaking Arabic to his mother. Winning an actual in reality they were more details to within that. Are sort of yeah and you know and and earlier I was talking to 22 listener and if if you were sitting next to somebody on a flight this was from London to New York. And I mean you know you might think twice about somebody speaking Arabic on a flight from London to New York rather than oh a flight from New Orleans to Dallas. Oracle but if if it if it makes you uncomfortable then maybe we have to ask ourselves why weren't comfortable because it's a legitimate. Language and maybe we shouldn't be so uncomfortable just because somebody's speaking Erica and me we shouldn't always be superiors. You wanna bet on the play they're picked in lower than what. A rumor relative of smoke and aerobic to each other and you know nobody ever you know certain spots. You know like. When I always right did you said that you don't feel like you get to strange looks. Don't know I mean. Of people I've never had problems with people you know speaking Arabic on airplanes so it doesn't comment on the Zoran. Tomorrow for that. Apparently there was more to and that but he took advantage of this to to get all this publicity on our own interest YouTube academic. Don't. Yeah you know it. Is he cute thing I mean that makes more sense. That somebody. In our that you. Captain. You know I'm not keeping them off or to return passengers on human you know. You know. Don't know to be honest with our hero there are a lot of people who would know Arabic if they heard it. ER yet there are a semi appreciate the dogleg to witness if you wanna join us with your thoughts or comments are numbers 260187. And kind of relax show is. Final two days if a Christmas week here and if you just wanna jump in and give us your comments about any of this effort talking about we got a lot to cover. Our numbers 260 when he seventy tech state 77 yard scoot in the afternoon. A glacier with us. And here's our deputy builders update with Don names. Today we wish her happy birthday to young American trader who did this Cyrus naked form she started three years old. And the trainer is one of the many many young stars. Who doesn't have wide at one point was considered to be a perfect body for a rock star. And man I have seen a lot of that in rock I've seen a lot of that in the media in general so the times they are changing. I'm stewed in the afternoon here's a text that says. Says the prankster wasn't kicked off for speaking Arabic. They were on Raleigh and yelling stop pedaling fake news. I'm gonna ask this person who sent this text please listen to the show. And stop assuming that something is fake news when it's not not peddling fake news here that's exactly what I sent. I said that the guy. Was not just speaking Arabic T he was commenting and doing things but before he got to that point. The guys. You too shy Easter I mean he's he's getting at ease doing things he's setting up things to get attention on YouTube. Here is attacks that says scoot went to the bunny ranch for Christmas. Really. Well I'm not gonna go into any details about the bunny ranch if you know what that is seen in Nevada you know what that is if you don't know you don't need to know but I can't imagine somebody deciding that they are gonna. Celebrate Christmas that way but hey I mean if that what's that's what make you happy I guess it's okay. Here is text of what the trop never insulted anyone's damn we're still talking about if market trump. Apparently being am harassed by a guy who sent her father shorting the country and the guy was kicked off a flight that she was on on on jetBlue. Operative and Tim your under the WL. Page do it right there on Merry Christmas merry time. Just sort of took a true. Quote says couldn't act. So what you've been talking about my Honda and gentler than. Dylan it's a long time ago he's. The luge not busy gamble on his busy. Oh yeah and number two. This is from actually the beginning in the eighteenth century Allison dale. I've got there risen over and then a clean bill of modern version man is separate things. Something like someone to love and something to fall to. Change that is simply an individual should have something to look forward to which invariably means that either something to like and or someone to law. Yeah I I agree Tim and you know there are those times when when people go through a Christmas time of the holiday season would without somebody to love and sometimes that's new in their lies after I appreciate the call. And I and I know I know that can be tough but. You know you never know where life is going to legion you never know what's next. And then I have to live by that I live by that that time premise in my life. And there are times that I was on top of their times I was pushed down with with with nothing. But when I had a lot. I I tried not to be too excited about it. When I had nothing I certainly. Didn't want to believe it would always be that way nobody can take faith from. You don't life and people can take a lot of stuff from you but nobody can take faith away from you can always believe in yourself you can always believe that it's it's it's gonna get better. And so if you are going through a tough time that's that's a good suggestion just. Think about what's to come and think about the unexpected things that happen in life and that things that you don't plan. There are unexpected. That really lead to too great things. You never know as as as down as you might be this Christmas or any other Christmas. You never know. Who you're gonna meet while you're going through this downtime or what's gonna happen the statistic keep the faith a from gentility tong here on Debbie WL. Merry Christmas once against two times Q what has Donald Trump to attempt to bring America together since election. I don't think anything yet but he's not president yet or I hope does something. The victory rallies to support is gloating at midnight tweets like the teenage girl loading. What to do just that the sick at the Secret Service didn't do anything. I don't think you realize that the person. Who was saying when he was saying was within his rights record in the First Amendment and I applaud as a stretcher and I want something to look Arnold taught me. That you can command respect. Which you can get them that respect because respect has to be burned. And 54% of this country does not does not respect notre isn't common applaud him as president and commander and chief. To earn that respect thank you sir. I I agree Tom and as far as the Secret Service is concerned the Secret Service can recognize your right to freedom of speech. It's not at the Secret Service it's up to the airline to determine whether or not you should be flying on a flight from Florida coach here under the WL. I don't good. I think it is. Got a great. Where you can talk about that some may think about it. Yes. In after the oil under court is true memories is quiet in Egypt got on the airplane. In some guy charge for payment and her and Eleanor. He thinks her husband saw option he's grown Garland sang and she urged not to be on explain why should eat. On that plane. He mine actors get kicked off the plane might be now so now on. Yeah me you know you take those chances not that that's the right way for somebody to. To retaliate or are handled the situation for you write an O ring I think you bring up a really interesting analogy I mean. Drew Brees has a really bad game he's traveling but his wife and kids. Is that we you wanna shout out and rate him for having a bad game no because somebody like Drew Brees or of market trump are with their kids they're not. They're not doing what they do for a living and I think that should be considered off limits. Are great only. I only disrespectful and he should have been. Well we we know that there's. There's no lack of disrespect in the world today because it's everywhere. Coach appreciate the comment like toasting in Florida if you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Every coach final four to 601 A sanity. Tex or were they 7878. There's a text back at Christmas of 8889. We had a big snowfall in the area. I would is I we're his early on my UPS score in my UPS career. It was on Christmas Eve. The day began with. With. With freezing. Freezing rain followed by snow. Although it's beautiful to see it made driving very treacherous since it was Christmas Eve. There was no such thing as calling it quits are going back in early. And I made my last delivery that night at 8 o'clock it was a small house and a poor family when that door opens. A little boy ran to the door and said mommy I told you they would come. Pat made the whole day worthwhile. Loves a story. This is look you promised in the miracles and Ike coming up on this break on a pop culture calendar. On this day a song became a big kids. Ash and I mean I think was released anyway it caused a big controversy will play that coming up on every WL. It was on this day December 22 this song in 1984. This song became number one it stayed number one for six consecutive weeks of the US singles chart. Like a version produced by Nile Rodgers. On sheet once again rejected. By the rock and roll hall of fame. There were some family organizations. That tried to have this song band. Because they believe that this song promoted premarital sex. But come on that's funny I mean that's really funny. I mean anybody that thought that in 1984 thinks that today I should be ashamed of themselves. May not I would I would hope that for Christmas you would be blessed with rational common sense so you would really understand the real problem Sar. A song like a virgin is going to promote premarital sex you know what if you if your kids. Have premarital sex. And you blame it on a song. You are not accepting responsibility for the parent you are or or not. And what kids are gonna do that anyway it might not even be a reflection on what kind of parent you mark. But this idea of always blaming something else is absurd. And there are a lot of people who criticized society for always playing the blame game and yet without even realizing it they play the blame game. And once again therein lies another example of the hypocrisy which we so often talk about on the show. Like a virgin. The song. Is going to. Make young people have premarital sex. I mean that is just laughable. A from the CBD. Is it marked. And I'm good. Mark how I guess I unit was distillate imports are you doing. It's mark. Dole in the apple had pot could he just bought that word out. You know. Apparently good guys like Donald Trump. So what does that do tae Bo Donald Trump's daughter with a two children. At all that was ball. And I don't think that the people who've. Wanna trade bullying and really understand the way it bullying looks good that got me kind of basis. If get to weigh what to. And people don't call it ma which apparently. Got Greek lot of people. But don't call what is that was totally rude and inappropriate. That was not been more on the ball. So I've gotten out of sympathy Greg. I totally agree with you thought he was kicked off the flight. Here's an update on our attorney general opinion poll have you ever had the holiday blues. 26% saying no. 74% say yes I can relate to the 74%. Things are good down and really happy and I hope yours well and if you are going through a down time remember it's not always gonna be this like here's a text that I really don't understand. If any passenger is on Raleigh and screaming and another passenger. They usually taken off the plane. This liberal BS is getting sickening. What is the story have to do a liberal B yes. You know there are people who were like. Don't like parrots. And they're they're they're distracted they're not really thinking and as soon as they hear something they Disco. Liberal media. Liberal BS. Whitman I'm really thinking about the story. These are people who are driving cars they're there with us on the road. There with us in stores. It's a scary to me. They don't think. They're people who go you know. The same thing a disservice or all of it. Our day you know the conservative right wing. Before you blame something wondering you just take a little time to figure out what really is to blame this story about Yvonne Cattrall. Has nothing to do with liberal BS. Derrius liberal BS in the world but it doesn't apply in this case I'd love an explanation that Judy here under the WL. I. You were talking about it. Yeah I'll get it up last year November I was back. There and you know it Graham was eight or everything. Anywhere and I think. But it year eye surgery yet. Out at. You know grateful for that if you're healthy and well and be opposite ability. Apple went up that you know why. They're a bit epic. On site you're right about that I history inspiration duty. At very very. You know. I'm happy here yet. You know I went at it but I did you know we got through left ear and out we're out here I'll. I'm blushing right you do well. Merry Christmas Judy if you wanna join us numbers 260 when he seven eTech Summers it 7870. My here's a Texas says hormones promote premarital sex. That's true. It's not. Madonna's like a virgin it's hormones it's the natural. The natural maturation. Of the homo sapiens creature male or female. But yet. You know somebody goes wrong with kids and parents from all different walks of life far so quick to wanna blame anything and everything other than. Themselves. I'm astute. We'll be right back whatever you'll. Is Candice going to perform and Donald Trump's inauguration. Well we've got the answer for now coming up in the next hour. Also I don't know about you but I'm really looking forward to the saints Tampa Bay game Saturday christened Asif I'm looking forward to the saints playing that particular team at this point. In their request to. Winner at all. I'm looking forward to scam and with the way that Tampa Bay Bucs have played the saints in the way deceased things every box. In Tampa Bay I'm looking forward to this rematch in a Saturday Christmas Eve I don't ever remember going to a game like Christmas Eve but I I think it's gonna be fun but. I'm sure there will be a few empty seats. Here is a text that says I'm holiday blues or any peak for me. And and know that you're not alone. You know in in doing a show we talk about holidays and everything it's festive and joyous with the holidays. There are people who can't relate to that because. The holiday blues or to pay for that. And I just want you to know that you're not alone. Everybody's. Not joyous and happy and hopefully he will begin her recent. Here's a text that attempts to explain what he meant. When he said to stop the liberal BS. When I mean Skoda is most liberals are arguing. That. That was that person's first amendment rights on the airplane. Can you imagine if they conservative was on the plane that Chelsea Clinton did the same thing that would be front page news everywhere for a week. Is is different set of rules well you don't know that I mean I know the media leans on left. We certainly know that it. To say that most. Liberal Woodward you get that information. That would mean over 50% the liberals are simply arguing this man had a right a First Amendment right to do that I haven't heard that on the show. I don't ask people what they are but we have a lot. Of liberals a lot of conservatives listen to the show which is one of the reasons why I think. It's fun because quite often there's are class of that is it's clash of political ideology here. And it makes the show exciting every afternoon. But it to suggest that most of that that's what you want a belief. That's not based on fact or statistics. Are scoot in the afternoon we will be back and every of you'll.