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12-22-16 Scoot 3pm-Did Drew Brees get snubbed by Pro Bowl?

Dec 30, 2016|

Saints receiver Brandin Cooks says “It’s just ridiculous!” that Drew Brees is being snubbed by the Pro Bowl. Is he right? Should Drew Brees be in the Pro Bowl?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What did you witness on this I guess some people would call this a very dreary afternoon kind of foggy and misty out there and it's not cold it's not hard. You know but don't let men don't like this whether gates are down in their their days like this for weeks at a time in places like Portland and in Seattle and an in London and you know those people enjoyed their lives and they really enjoy when the sun comes on the sun's gonna come back out again. So enjoy what you enjoy being who you are just enjoy being. Where you are and who you are in and what you're doing right now in and just or don't want the weather if you down because you know it's gonna change. Saints receiver Brandon Cox says it's just ridiculous. Drew Brees is being snubbed. By the pro ball. Is he right. She Drew Brees being approval this year. Are there other quarterbacks. That are better than Drew Brees. Right down this year. Or she Drew Brees BS and try to answer this not as a saints fan but as a fan of the NFL. That's our party general people give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com if you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon about that or anything we shark yeah we're talking about. Our numbers 2601878. Every coach 5042601870. Text numbers 87870. I'm the guy who who writes on an article for foxnews.com Todd starts. He is on he's a contributor to Fox News. Who always looks for. The war on Christmas the war on christianity. And he's got an article now about to residents. An affordable housing project in Florida. Being upset because they were forced to remove the nativity scenes and other religious symbols from the common areas the public areas of the complex. And there are isolated cases like this every year in fact you know I can't help but notice that the war on Christmas has kind of gone away. I did hear a lot about that this year. And Bill O'Reilly and Fox News some say he invented the war Christmas I don't think he did because. As as we talked about on the show it goes back to the John Birch Society in the 1950s. When there was this a fear that there was going to be is a Communist UN influence and we broke no longer be allowed to. And celebrate edited the christianity. Celebration of Christmas so this goes back to war Christmas goes back along with. But I'm I think Bill O'Reilly really did it as a publicity stunt. And it really worked a lot to me it worked to get ratings during the the Obama administration. But it's interesting that it's it's it's kind of died down because. There was never really a war on Christmas. Some people want to define it that way Britain nobody ever took Christmas away from you. Nobody ever stopped you from celebrating Christmas the way you want to. And and to build on this hysteria war on Christmas and and and people react to that oh my god where do. But yet they go about their lives and they still celebrate every aspect of Christmas they wanna celebrate. Now I have ambivalent feelings about this because I do understand about. Separation of church and state and I understand about. The that the public property being neutral. Religiously neutral. But I also think that during Christmas. Those who oppose christianity or don't. Believe in christianity. I mean you can't let it go. I mean you can't like okay well it's not my deal but you know if they wanna put that a big deal. And and that of course. We give us the right to put up what they wanna put up but you know the the the argument always comes back to if you allow christianity and public property. Then you allow other things like satanic worshippers to put things up on public property and this is definite this has been a challenger to throughout this country over the years. So I mean I'm okay I I I guess I realize that the residents are upset but I'm OK with. The removal of the Christian. Celebration stuff state. That it Tiffany seen any other religious symbols from the public common area of the comp I'm OK with that. But that doesn't affect my. My excitement about Christmas it doesn't except as this it doesn't affect my belief in what I believe in this time of year just affect me one bit. Doesn't affect what I put up in my home it doesn't affect what I pay attention to and I I walk around the city and canal streets all decorated up the hotel lobbies are decorated up downtown. It's a beautiful time of year downtown New Orleans. If you enjoy this for the comment on numbers 2601. A seventy area code final four to 60187. Or text numbers 877. Here is a Texas says the approval is ridiculous it should be canceled. I agree. I had I I had to wash the Pro Bowl in probably twenty years. It's stupid. I mean not relieving plane. It's just a big it's it's an NFL. Vacation for the players who don't get to go. Here is attacks time nice words today scoot to keep them come and now I'll I'll try that let don't don't tell everybody that we're talking about my stuff on the show because that nobody's gonna wanna. Here is gonna wanna listen. Here is another text that says so just because you disagree with someone's opinion doesn't mean you need to hate or berate them I disagree. We scoop sometimes but still listen. And want to show social manners. Have fussy to disappear nowadays. How we act and speak make a difference. To those around you. It also affects those. Around you. Good kids cute are they ever appreciate that very much a tremendous field Hank who welcome to the show Merry Christmas. Hello thank. Paris has a realist contact effect if you wanna join us on numbers 2601 it's happening text numbers 87870. Her name is Tammy Strickland. She is staff from Eagle Lake. And this is in Florida. She's 38 years old. She faces 166. Felony counts and 28 misdemeanor charges. Dale has been set for heard a 180000. Dollars. Because she was stealing from Toys for Tots. She has been labeled by authorities the queen of the creatures. She was part of the Toys for Tots program. And she was keeping the toys to give to her clients. Any tax preparation business. Now if you think about the meaning behind Toys for Tots. If you steal from that. That's even worse than stealing other things. I mean stealing is stealing. But if there is. Judgment. Of us and our behavior. You steal something like that. And their special judgment for you. Every year WL. I can't comment. They. Were. It. Still money came out here and boot. You pay between. Hey Larry regular. Activity and you wait. Too legit straight. Nobody's telling you can't say this. We. Now what what who told you that I mean I didn't say that on the show. I think they are a declaration on public. Property. Where you just want a good argument which. I don't necessarily but to listen putting something on public property it supports specific religion is a lot different in the telling you cancer Christmas. Nobody said. And well I don't understand it I agree you you donors in the wall I mean according to the law it's it's a vicarious. Support of a religion and you may disagree with it but. You know the law in in many cases is applied in very black and white terms I don't always like that. It. And I'm I'm OK with an idol isn't mean I have to like it but I understand. The on the law that says in no way will the state. From motor related if you allow Christian symbol that you also would have to under our constitution allow somebody put a satanic statue on public property. It. Okay well you know we disagree in that. Would. Mean I'd rather not have anything Upton have this attend expansion and additional. Mean technically. They are. And we are strongly but this weekend of freedom we wouldn't use. It. Well I guess it didn't. I get that but I also understand that the freedoms that we have in this country was fought for. It in in a way that makes it totally equal for everybody who shared the same things at a Tutu to share the same. I guess. The same lack of government enforcement or support of of or over religion. I mean I get a I'm OK with that I'm. Because it doesn't take anything away from me. There are nativity scenes all over. There are Christmas lights and crosses in baby Jesus is all over the place. They don't have to be in public property it doesn't take anything away from. If you wanna join us and numbers 260 when he seven texting 7070 here's part of just a crazy Christmas song to assist the night Santa went crazy by we don't Yanukovich was and this going to the break and we'll play another part of his song coming out of the break it's it's kind of crazy. Now there's every song and I Sanong. Hackneyed and going crazy it's so weird Al yank him next time student in the afternoon here's a quick update on our attorney general opinion poll. A saints receiver Brandon Kirk says it's just ridiculous that Drew Brees is not in the Pro Bowl do you agree. 62%. Say yes they agree 30% say no they don't give us your opinion are going to our website every WL dot com. You know we've been talking on the show this afternoon about. This being such a happy joyous time of year but but not for everybody. And and there will always be people listening to me every year but just among us every year who. Or having a tough time. And I want to also recognize. Those people and we've been talking about things that we. Have have done and and and waste to be optimistic if you're having a down time. And here's a text you know I don't to. I don't ever really try to change the world community or talk to host it believe it's it's their job to change the way to think. To change the world that's and ongoing in the within ninety. And goalie or change your world and you know I'm not finding a cure for cancer I'm not saving anybody's life I'm very realistic about what I do. But this text makes me very proud. What I do. Skews thanks for your positive thoughts about hard times during the season. It's a bad time for me this year and your words meant a lot to me Merry Christmas. Well that means a lot to me because. If I can make one person just feel a little better then I've done my job from Shawmut deal a year on that VW well. Grant. You know and two thirds musical or Leo can really appreciate the way you handle. You should dollars went to say that. Christmas thing I want to chime in yeah. On we are always in the world information bill would enhance. One's story that is the most extreme craziest story of her. That in no way it can invalidate any. Recent apartment complex. Where bill. You can put Christmas trees in your home I have no record. Anyway move on that. Go to my other kind of hit me with a Christmas thing should. He'd basically that from Fox News the reason. Is that an equally the about the Christmas such during Thanksgiving. Let's get it and we argue believe me. I was like. Why don't you tell me. Our personal story of one you'll we're told you couldn't. And there was no. Not as there is a second Christmas and the fact of the matter is. Anybody and just separation of church and state now these compensation and go. Whose responsibility. Which you wanted to be to teach your kid anything about your relationship with Christmas I would like it to be mine. Go to such a thing you can do it sucks it right Mexican. Experts agree yeah well. It's just you mean like. I don't know man I am. And getting older and older and sitting. Younger oxygen and I was a lot to me it was humbling. But the day with people in their forties and out. Colin and what Kipling. As it does not make sense to me. Well no there there there are a lot of networks out there there were a lot of what brought your brain dearly for it I you know I I I love the fact that you you're rational and you've got common sense and I really appreciate you being part of our audience that I'm a director because. Elect and you know what it comes to something like and this is a different topic but when it comes to something like same sex marriage. OK if you want the government to stop that you have no idea the power you're giving the government. You might disagree with what goes on you might think that the government should should put. Religious symbol sup on on public property but if you allow that than you are opening the door for a lot of things to happen that you don't really wanna happen. In all of that just goes to saint things looked. Okay nobody everybody could experience maybe in any war on in the media income people that it's and and you know we don't like that all got to Trojan horse man so that the law. You can't. Good to know what other things come along. You know I mean. You're mine his kid want the school and he was upset that one of the teacher at a presidential Barton and I'm thinking of they typical. Google. And people have beat him and I mean at some point. You've got today. I'm not gonna change the entire world to do me. I'm gonna try my best to do you can handle it and force and that means comfort for Google apparently at my life together and understand. Mahan for the rest of the day would like these people call and tell me your personal. Experience with being hurt. Delhi I I got it right I've done that and I get the same answer your dad gave you there's really there's no answer because that nothing's been taken away from them McGinty of I wanna start. Why I want to identify and I think and so level we have seen the change in the country we've seen you know that's just the weight goes between things that don't make us happy but at the end of the day. Using or from Ford about one public place not want to put it out just what. Maybe after a chemical of another religion and have some other thing and it is one of maybe it's that simple and not be using that that. Yeah your argument to show. And it's not an attack on christianity as much as it is an attack on putting religious symbols up on the public property of this public housing project I got to get news. About the money I appreciate companies cute really do you saw. Happy holidays Negroponte quanta and all of. A Merry Christmas to you to Billy. I if you Arnold stay with us we'll get back to more vehicles are just a moment when we come back I'm gonna I got a song from kiss. And we're going to answer the question because there seems to be some question about this is Q is going to perform and Donald Trump's inauguration. I you'll hear from Gene Simmons and his wife Shannon tweet coming up here's our news update with Don James. I Gene Simmons is very much like I am very much like many view our Gene Simmons is. In some ways a very conservative but when it comes to social issues he's very liberal. And thank Gene Simmons voted for Barack Obama and our said he regretted voting for. Obama who has been very disappointed the Obama administration I don't know who we voted for is this past election. But Gene Simmons has been one of those Hollywood stars are one of those rock stars. That has Saturday had definitely. Some conservative leanings. So the question is is kids going to perform acts Donald Trump's inauguration in January the twentieth. Here's Gene Simmons when his wife Shannon Tweed Simmons and with Sophie tweed Simmons. There are coming out of a restaurant or are building and the paparazzi were there reporters were there and so here's what they were asked. Junior the rock and roll Donald Trump will you play at the inauguration. Oh yeah I hope I had putted Manolo that they did you go home then get them back together. Okay what can you guys they know Regina I feel like you wanna say yes. I think you never know. I don't think it over to him on these. Rudely you have to start will you be playing in tiger. We're going to be during your. They may never. They live down the closer you let them go. What about what. It behind them accident. During his say his wife Shannon Tweed who by the way it was a Playboy playmate and an Ira I've I've hired. I got a good look at her before she's him as even America. Anyway basically she's releases. Its. Let's be honest. She designed she speaking for. She's speaking for a Gene Simmons and he says no he's not playing the inauguration now what about the Beach Boys aren't here's some breaking news. The Beach Boys. Have been asked. And they have not said no yet. So possibility the Beach Boys will be performing. On its session that I should share in tweet if I said Sharon tweet I I meant I at a Texas has its Shannon Tweed. If I made that mistake I meant and gentry. From non Memphis Sam here on WWL hey Sam. I don't good. But I can't loan your pretty fair minded and she called Craig like that in. The real story in the state. Our. They thought that. Line at Michael. Young and out. In deficit and raising is like you know white daddy doesn't have a plane. I as a player right. Are they get green rant they can't borrow it. But Sam you know I know people I know somebody. In particular I'm not gonna mention their name because their prime and a business owner in New Orleans and I know somebody was a millionaire and they actually sometimes fly southwest to Las Vegas. It. Users were. Robbed while trying to let the one record. I think I exam but I did you know IH I checked it out and as far as like did tell the true but you know I'm I'm open to the possibility that it's fake because of that reason. But yet there seems to be a lot of the support that it is actually actually true. Can. You know if if you if you if you had the money would you flight I mean my god what a commercials this is for jetBlue right. I mean. But what being I wanna pay out board if we don't know but it. And he'd get it strike you that the you know we did what. Only candy artery where they are not an ultimate election. We're getting Democrat against anybody out there in that at that these. You bet you didn't hear. About my name. And diarrhea as damages it bothers me when that went politicians or use god as an endorsement as if I don't necessary gave them permission to say look I'm I'm did Jesus Canada and I'm I'm I'm the moral one and you the other the other candidate my opposition is not the moral one when. So often those who cling to be the moral ones prove to spite their own behavior that they're not the moral ones. And I'll leave the native spoke. You make somebody like bill marketed them well every command and amp up their get one but the kicker Andrew good Christian leaders. San appreciate the call Merry Christmas in Memphis. My and you know I I should once in awhile welcome those of you who are listening around the country and we do have people in other cities of this because of streaming technologies names of people who are all over listening in. I appreciate those of you who would leave New Orleans and still listen to the show and I appreciate those of you who went on the show in another city. Glad to win this fight. It was on this day history was made on this day in. In 1990. Pearl Jam perform for the very first time under the name of smoky Blalock. They would be opening act for Alice in Chains in Seattle. And boy it didn't take them long to hit big perform for the first time in 1990 and that whole grunge thing was reaching a peak by 93. I'm skewed sample be back on WL. This was almost a very sad day and our pop culture calendar to resolve on this day December 22 1987. Nikki six of Motley crow. What's pronounced dead on arrival in an ambulance at the hospital. His heart has stopped beating for two minutes. Nikki six was given to shot of adrenaline in his chest he was revived. Fellow band members were told that he was dead. Before he was revised so they went through this moment in time when they thought Nikki six. Which dead so again this was almost a sad day in a pop culture calendar I'd James welcome to the show. It's good I do and happy holidays do it in Italy that includes Merry Christmas happy Chanukah happy Ramadan. And most importantly happy winter solstice. Yeah which by the way is the real meaning. All of the cease. Stoop so quickly gonna ask a question off topic just admit you. Sort of if you heard about this year on top of a lot of things to provide this guy went to the state legislature up in the composure Shreveport area. It's calling for a boycott of all US businesses either owned. By Muslims or who employ Muslims. Yeah and and Greg the idea it is great Russell talk about doctors have target. But you know but Utley is a severe prepay about that book. Here's a guy who's just trying to relate to that part of the state and not everybody in that part of the state is is. And it's. Well they're they're not they're not as. Cosmopolitan as soon as many of us are. And you know when you state legislators often say people who are running for the state legislature people who introduced bills. It's always funny in the spring to talk about state legislators here and around the country because. They get involved in doing some really really stupid inane things because there are they just state senators and they then make a big deal out of nothing. In the trolling for votes to duke concerning putting up religious symbols on public facility yeah. First of all those of public facilities state they belongs to every body every citizen or resident of that government and had just. For a few activists. And and you know a lot of people on the right loved to talk about all of the government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers well. If they put up a pressure other Christian symbol they are picking winners minute in if they did not I would say the unity church of Satan. And or Islamic. People or the true it's. To put up one of their religious symbols and they denied that they're picking losers. And the government should not be in the business of picking winners and loses if you can open it up to one basis. You got it in my opinion open it up to all the. What do you do I mean if you understand the law if you understand the constitution of the law is applied the law is not emotional. The law is factual and it is based on interpretation of of different. Different things in our society at the constitution so you know you get a James I appreciate the call and I'm happy holidays Merry Christmas so whatever applies to you. Here's an interesting techs do do you dress up for Christmas how about a red shirt it's going to be a hot one. Why dress up for Chris now I don't really dress you know address but I don't from its present for Christmas. Interesting tax. By the way I haven't mentioned yet today that this is a sad day at a pop culture count to Paris on December 22 back in 2002 was the day that former clash singer and guitar player. Joseph astronomer. I'd died of a suspected heart attack. At the age of fifty and the clashes London calling album was voted the best album of the 1980s by Rolling Stone magazine. They were indeed innovative will be right back on every hero. I have just learned that three spokesperson Elton John has said no to performing at Donald Trump's inauguration. And there seems to be his whole idea that they're having a hard time finding stars I mean I'm sure there are a lot of stars it would look to perform at the inauguration. We'll talk about debt so we get closer to the inauguration here's a Texas says they paste it back in 1977. December 22 there was the day the grain elevator exploded in west we go. My dad my uncle and three friends were killed can't forget. I'm sorry for your loss and obviously this is a day to remember that had to be a really tough Christmas losing your. Losing your dad you rock won three friends a couple of days before Christmas it has to be tough like I do remember. That explosion on sort firms are for your loss. Here is I text that says it's. Scoot you know the only reason 8000 people listen to you is because 700. 7999. Of them are waiting for sports stock. You know that's fine as far as I'm concerned because you know it's really cold that they would do they would listen. For all this if they're actually have more than that an American get an element. It's interesting it's a people were servicing a 1 o'clock waiting for sports talk loved me that's fine. Yeah I loved it I mean my god somebody like this think that actually bothers me. Mean I've been in this business a long time music radio talk radio you think that hurts my feelings. It's if it's. You got to do a little better than that I coming up next it's sports talk it's Thursday sports talk live from voters on veterans highway in Metairie. And assays players show at 6 o'clock so. I joined the ability and or maybe Kristi characters and it's going to be in there today I'm that your DK is isn't it enough anyway it's going to be a fun show. And the scenery at hooters is always a lot of fun. You know we've been talking about two if pocket trumpet being town harassed by a passenger on a jetBlue flight. And I've I've got to gotten a number of text from people who are surprised that of one of the Trump's would actually. Flying coach or budget airlines like jetBlue I honestly have never flown jetBlue I've always wanted to. I heard about the blue Eminem's I don't know that they still do that are now I heard that they they do things like and it looks like a cool. By Jim I think the easier of the beer bust but here's a text. There appears to be photographic proof that it is if vodka. Furthermore do you think it shows that they might be a bit conservative. Even with millions. On. Can one be frugal enough to not spend. Money. On fuel of a large plane to carry a few. I'm like I said I mean I know people who. Know people have a lot of money and sometimes they fly budget airlines. One thing Diane Newman our executive producer Todd Manassas our associate producer and John wick our studio producer. We'll be back tomorrow afternoon but if you're leaving for the holidays on every Christmas happy Chanukah at declines but we will be back tomorrow afternoon 1 o'clock. Bloody New Orleans.