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12-27-16 Scoot 2pm- Obama says he could have won a 3rd term.

Dec 30, 2016|

Bob Mitchell in for Scoot - President Obama says if he could have run for a 3rd term he would have beaten Trump. What do you think?

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Oh. Well it does me Bob Mitchell the real Robert filling in port loot in the afternoon shall very very happy to be here we're going to wrap up some of the things that we talked about well last word and get up on. Some text messages carpal hunters still open if you want a Johnston and on and a couple of phone calls as we wrap this up at 260. Wallets of it talking about. The woman in new roads and if you haven't heard about that. It happened a few days ago. On May be in the mobile. The Christmas stories and not everybody heard about it. I discovered at yesterday just shook my head about. 36 year old woman who was rushed to pour abandoning her newborn and Wal-Mart trash can. And then. They found out that she had been previously charged with negligent homicide in connection with the death of a three year old. She was employed Baton Rouge daycare center. When they left a toddler in a van for six hours in July of 2009. And it it really makes me want every time we hear these stories. About some child gets left and car. You know it's always well Hugo. You know what the parents are going through you know what the people were going through because rarely rarely rarely ever. Do they ever taken convict the person of deliberately doing. She got ten miles an hour. Of community service. And it it makes you wonder if navy there was absolute. Beyond that shuttle without penalty if you do this you're going to be convicted of this are you going to be charged of this navy it it might Walsh published them. Anyway she she has been arrested. 04 attempted second degree murder for abandoning her new born in the Wal-Mart bed room. And now we'll have that back NC where the justice system take one needed crop these text messages. Bob. Either it's mental health all she isn't on. This woman should be charged with attempted first degree number mental illness the day. It should be doesn't want children. She shouldn't do certain things done rate okay Stephen Picayune she should be sterilized in prison. Here is an honorable public giving a third chance why giver of third at one to abuse and neglect and on the show. Here one that says I think anyone willing to intentionally harmed children should have their reproductive. Organs removed at that that he. A pretty tough. Let's leave. If you can kill an innocent child you should never be for well the child. Is alive and doing well at this point. Interest thing. President Obama. Has suggested. In an exit interview with the former top advisor they do this of the president or leaving the White House that had he been able to wrong. He could've won a third term. In the White House. Can you imagine how that election will play and all that hot all the politics played golf with Obama and trump going head to head. Describing his confidence and an America that is tolerant. And full of energy Obama's I'm confident in this vision because I'm confident that if I had run again. And I and articulate and I think equitable mobile as the majority of American people to rally behind. And that brings us to our baggage ebony pretty tracked more opinion poll question. In an alternate universe. Maybe bush say in Mosul oral world in an alternate universe. In which President Obama could run for a third term and he ran against Donald Trump who. Do you think would've won the election who would you have cast your vote full. President Obama or Donald drop. You think the Donald will still one or anything President Obama would have won a third term and probably 26 year old 170. You can text me at age 7870. And we're also gonna blend in with this because all of it at all column head to the same direction. Concerning the future. Are you more or less positive this year than you were last year. Only 18%. Of Americans said things to the country got better in points sixteen in the north of this poll and only sixteen. And Iceland do you think things for better or worst of the country. And only 18%. Of Americans said things for the country got better in points sixteen. The US elections lead America's published a popped on news of approval last year. 63%. Right mass shootings and bombings in Orlando Florida and in Belgium Turkey Pakistan and branch as partially import them. But 55%. Here's where it comes as compared. To play 61. Year later. 55%. Believe things will be better for them in the coming year. At the white an improvement. So do you look at the future. Underage trump presidency as hoped because remember not long ago. I'll win the election of Donald Trump bushel Obama for ladies that many Americans now know. What it's like not to have hope so if you look to the future how much hope. Do you have you can call me at 504260. Point 78. The opinion poll question in an alternate universe in which President Obama would run for a third term and he ran against Donald Trump who'll woodland let's go to Mike. Mike how are you. Hello mr. Bob miracle as much dignity. And you are right if if President Obama go to run for a third term. Would Donald Trump stole one. Do you believe so I think debt problem the majority of America. Has changed and devastation. At all on what we get from last eight years. At a much and that job's going to be that battery to like about the understandably. Arctic Americans should should chill out. And the others that are involved and it goes all classes and ball all the places they're. This standard quell what it's like mr. balls. I believe that Donald trumped will. Idea it. Is America. Because owe a lot a lot of Hillary was was I don't apply and with Obama and a lot of really was trying to. Continued the Obama policies of the Obama legacy. So I'd just I'd just don't know the total trees that much. And accepting their order very much and it altered the way that I started. Let's look cause of the negativity. Came which are with space email sent also vulnerable that was you know part Luka are. And a slight a lot of things in May and about it about four I didn't do it together where our. It all bumped up about a week ago she personally Michelle Obama Chappelle Oprah. And should just of the United States has lost hope now that Donald Trump has become president. As you look for the future do you have more hope they wish time. Then and moral issue than you have let's a couple of years ago. Quayle yeah and it certainly as a write in but it is out there I think jobs regarding gambit. Good chance we can do something let's our country procedural problem or something dark. Off I just funded our interest in what withdraw. I served this yesterday and I'm gonna repeated again today. Whether you voted for trump or whether voted for Hillary. You have to admit that all the stuff that's going on right now just like during the the primary. I watched more TV I watch more debates on a Bob watch more political things during the primary. The united ever watched in Mali and Carla I'm more release people work I really don't get that into politics usually. I wait until it's no one god against Nolan guy and then then I'd try to blow. Figure out which don't want but this Dimon right now there's just so much going on. He does he does make Washington interest in. I agree with the idea these side to him as well much during your goal and that the worst and then followed. And I paid political. In this laws and I was privileged. Yeah a cute and it. Is still if you can all I think it's going to be better. Unlike you I don't know what's gonna happen I have no idea where this country's north. I have been very very concerned about the future of our country I think it's most political correctness and things like that has gone crazy you'd never know what you can say and and and what you can't say you're number what's gonna offend which not going to then. And and now we have someone who says you know. I kind of agree with you funnel funnel like all of foolishness but we're gonna have to wait and see all all all I can tell at this point. Bob operation iron right now greater than it is. Namely you I'm hoping Ryan that this country is going to improve to 601878. Do you have hope for the future and in an alternate universe. Which President Obama could've run for a third term against Donald Trump. Who do you think would have 12601. Late seventy. Texts me at 87870. Coming right back on WW well. Blood WW. Call vital port 6017. And I'm filling in bush go to in the afternoon. Today on sports talk to Bobby Hebert. And the big chief Deke Bellavia. Will win over the falcons and an eight Nate season sued the saints fans. Heading into next season how to this year to move up to your expectation that a seventy it would go around the league. And the awful followed by about Johnny Joseph show at 8 PM all the homeless saints and L issue. WW obligates ebony pretty jaguar opinion poll question. In an alternate universe in which President Obama could've run for a third term and he ran against dollar for who would've won. WW dot com's as somebody Barbara since late from 25% say. Obama here's one President Obama with a blown out Donald Trump. Of course we know he would not of one Louisiana. Give me the great southern states but the majority of the Americans would. Have voted and here's a good while and this gives you something about honey you know but Obama would've won the first ultimately were if the previous president. And Roland for a third term and of course there was little. W let's go to a Michael Michael thank you so much for calling WWL how are you tonight. I'm doing fine. So who weren't who would've won if if Obama to run for a third term. Well and I agree with that early detection at that I mean I'm pretty sure he wouldn't carried out let. He probably would carry the majority stake. You think you know one buyer might landslide. No not truck but don't think it would have been over a lack bolstered in. What it was. Mean why don't why do you think that. Because a lot of people say. The country pretty bad at all but I mean unemployment pretty low. We're not any award rate notes. That people will get people blocked per country. And of course Obama Obama would not have had. All of the look the legal stuff that Hillary Clinton is going through. Well that but that's true also a little work everywhere anywhere a little bit legal history. We've been working and that now live. I'm I'm talking about the old email. Although all the networks that we yet. There are you know in the end solution that does know that would be electric and that probably. Like. Michael. Pillow. All right well and I guess Michael had to run let's go to a little birdies and I'm Bernie Sanders and Bernice. Oh hello Bernie how are you. I'm fine. You have a good weekend at birdies and a all right I'm gonna give you one more shot. Hello demise let's go to Mike in the Madison bill Mike how are you by. Well I'm a I'm fine amendment a good day today what about you. So alive well because they're termed not yet. And Obama came in eight years ago with the Mets to change. And if you look at what the dust settle it he was not there but a lack oh lead is ideally well it is there. And he was well spoke in what he wasn't very active with any marketplace. Alike you know edited the to keep Gillard is why can't he died. Are they have or copper market you'd think dog in bolt. Now he says he could've won a third term water and wa. If you know how it that way and keep what's so adamantly against Hillary if you know where he would Hillary will go on the. All right but it's true if you had removed the the email controversy that that Hillary had. Please accusations about the about the Clinton filed as you know there was there was a lot of that as a that there were people. Who were weren't convinced that Hillary broke the law now. Obama would have done had that baggage with him so do you think that would have helped him anything may be with that he would have been able B Donald Trump for a another term. I don't believe they went trampling on it escalated. Bilk the people wanted. Now you're struck the right you know. 00 and the show itself hopefully he can join forces. You people compromise. He would oh. How ever. Were. Primary or general trip. You change your on Albert. Doubt it go and so it's a company guided the debate odd years. And to take just that we you know we haven't been out. But it is 21. Year but they enter that eight we keep catering. Through the leader and leader of the race to. Oh at the US is basically in the world hurt in my. Sixty. Picked that Hugo. And in via but he you owe it. Can't report the market it or. You know all of the other crap like that in your throat. And they don't have jobs that they're. Mike do you have a do you have more hope for the future today than you did let's say a year ago. Sure. Because the courtroom. Yeah sure I. Leonid you know be hit it out. Your vote more people will be opening you'll walk there's. I have I have I have more hope for the future today. Tonight did a year ago I also have a a lot of concern for the future and I hope Donald Trump is gonna take in line at some blood absurd. You know I mentioned a couple of times today. That my granddaughter is in the hospital and I'm going to have. At the end of the day hopefully a great grandson I Warren I worry about what kind of country. He's going to inherit forty years from or really worry about it. What that there aren't valid concern but if you look at it what progress. Yeah I'll go administration. Made whip on. You're a couple. This city. And it's stroll. It's been hopeful. And draw a line that. Yeah it department should go to war. In the and it. That topic out the budget bill and our. That or truck or seven. While law have a vote in trying to. Support thirteen million U. So you don't think to draw the walls a burned and a built. To be built you know that Mexico's gonna pay for. Aren't though. Great get away. All right night. We'll. 504260170. President Obama. Suggested. In an exit interview with a former top advisor that he had been able to run he could've blown a third term. In the White House do you agree with the president if the Barack Obama would have been able to run for a third term what did he have depleted Donald Trump to six year old late seventy. We'll take a break when news break and come right back of their old girl's. 6018787. Examining. And carbon dated somebody for a jaguar pretty simple question and an alternate universe in which President Obama could run for a third term. And he ran against dollar for school. One of one you can call me at 2601 point seven you can text me at 878 somebody you can go online at WWL dot com. And just to clear things up. Got a couple of text messages. Using me of beating up on president Barack Obama. This was his suggestion okay. In an interview. All presidents to exit interviews. In the exit interview with the former top advisor. The president said that he go to beaten Donald Trump if he'd. Have the ability to run for a third term so that's why we're talking about let's go to Robert in Hammond Robert thank you for calling WW well. In the year I'd like Obama. And Joseph Biden want to thank. Would be. Our doctor. Out there in the grant it candidate. Democrat would beat down on. Hillary Clinton weird yeah at street here by. There's. And now they're being in it you know Obama what. It. Wednesday in the in the we wrote an. Art director and then go out. In order or oracle to change you know you could have a but on them out on while the dictator but the point world. Yeah it would get out. When you win. An hour right now we have been a collector to a good content good. You know everybody would reap what we bought. It. But I'll meet all of corporate what we're. They would get more grit that you. Because all the activity that game. Oh. Yet so many of the polls show that extra money people in the country the majority of the people of country we're looking portrayed in wanted someone. Non political was part of a politics as usual wanted some country. So argued you don't think. Trump would have been able to beat Obama it was running for a third term. No no no no entry entry cannot thank Michael email Trenton. 22 are you like Germany. Jeremy apocalyptic country and then in the corporate Markel book what happened nick and certain 28. Mean it's. Two. Toward greater public good start and that happen I mean you know one. Being pregnant not yet because. Well. You look at blame yeah that could run this country. Hopped out in which she couldn't get the ball. And a lot of it was a banker. Not incompetent that I don't like welcome workable and their roster not. All right I appreciate your call and Robert now. While when we come back we will continue to ask you about our public our opinion poll caution our biggest opening for a drag our opinion poll question. If he would run for a third term a President Obama said an interview that he thought he. And of whipped Donald Trump do you agree with that and wait and if you haven't heard about the already on TV. I think they have redone. Charles like the odd couple I think there's slow -- the one that a bit redundant CBS. This is unbelievable CBS. Is going to reboot one of television's most iconic companies that is the holding order. Oh man that's I don't know about redoing the honeymooners. And there in the very early stages of rebooting several classics that comes as a miniseries including all in the family. The jumpers and Maude. And good time I'll tell you more about that we come back from the break but when it comes to passing shall collective. Is there any that you would like to see make it come back some classic show that you used to love watching may be watched it for years and years do you like this to make a comeback war. She of the great ones. Just be left alone I think things like that on aimlessly leave it alone. I do like college took I Love Lucy and Dick Van Dyke of cholera. But I think the classics leaves some leads the world but what do you think garlic Andy. Great O classic TV show that you used to watch all the time that you liked the see them out. Re re bottle and have him come back or she would leave the classics alone. 2601. Late seventy text me at age 7870. And did you have a favorite honeymooners episode and Bob vigilant for scrutiny afternoon on WW well. Telling me hey. 870. And it's made the real Robert Mitchell filling in sports note in the afternoon and I will have the privilege of being here all week with you guys. CBS I mean they're going straight to the moon. They want to reboot. The honeymoon that let me tell you probably Polly wanna take in dues double issue that would rebooting the honeymooners is just to have stopped the series against what new actors and stuff like that. I don't think I'll like that. But here's what is really really interest. Listen to this. In the very early stage in the rebooting several classics that comes as miniseries. Here's how they're gonna do that we're talking about all in the family. The Jefferson's. Mall of the a good time to we have drawn upon some excerpts of of some least seems to have to play Emporia the idea currently being discussed. Would be what what have new actors. Recreate. The classic episodes of the shall work in from the original. Scripts. Why not just show the original episodes. Now about what would you loved watch a miniseries digital media six weeks in a row all of the original all in the family. Apple sold for one day at a time or Jefferson. Or good times so that their their thought is. To take new actors take all the way jewels appealed the original dialogue and and redo that does that sound like a group and identity you. I don't know what classic would classic show would you like to see make a comeback. And would you rather would you rather this idea where they. Of re shoot the whole show same exact script. New actors or just bring back the originals and should Shlomo Lee's classic shows just be left alone. Odd odd bill like the idea of a re doing some of these classic show on an elderly. They redo mug eyebrow about it and seen one up so that felt like I guess I'm old school like the old stuff so let's go to I think it is probably a day. Pillow in Slidell. And I get the name my hobby I. At. The right. So what what do you think about bringing that some lethal as it comes. Are gone I'm gonna which you or are they old classic you know at. That we did all right we're and it stretches because it's not good for better or show. Not bad about it but it is is. In practice all you know it did not get the same deal and when a classic like you when you watch every aren't you you go remember why. Still it sure that they do that it did not. Well both if they've bring back of the Jefferson or mall after all the planned or the good times and what they are talking about doing is bringing it back in May be six episode miniseries. But they wanna take new actors. Well a new actor playing George Jefferson and and and they want to use the original scripts I don't like that idea at all. Right yeah yeah oh yeah I'm with John that they will keep in which in the way and it speaks that we remember that occurred. Noticed the same group we'd love. I mean do it on the lots of you know. Well you know I'm I'm I'm looking at double a show of their considering all the family but Jefferson's laud the good times one day at a time. I think it would be a brilliant idea just to go ahead and replay of the original episodes in primetime. Rather than bring new actors in new actresses that if given the same script. And I don't I do not like what they bring back a new show with new actors and go an entirely different direction I don't like that girl. Yet even here yet like it. The community the my coworker and it is stray. Can. On the you know but there are people used the show. One look at it if they say it's trash that gives you and I department if you not to watch it. What you what you favored does that on the vault on. All of all of not all that out but 11. Like to come out or are in the you're an adult on the qualities that. There really is yardage lesson on the issue. When it comes when it comes to Bill Cosby. In all he obviously is in a lot of trouble. It appears as though he did a lot of bad things but you cannot take away from the fact that he was a very very funny men and at a very very good show and I know people don't scream on at all Carla. Kate text messages about that but you eat you have to separate poll them. Right right yeah. But I would like TO come back here is there any air lead out. To continue to watch you know. All right how via. They are. All right thank you like thank you so much a right. Bible four to six year old Waleed seventy we will take a brave talk about that I'm Jim what they would sit on and do you like the idea. A bringing back on the weasels that com's changing the actors and it'll started all over again and more of the classics just be left alone. I'm Bob Mitchell and for its food in the afternoon on WW well. 7870. And welcome back to the show welcome back to us dude in the afternoon we're talking about the idea of that CBS says and of course. Several networks have done that or they bring back the classic should redo them but now we're talking about going Ollie back two shows like the honeymooners. All of the and we Jefferson's Maude and good times and with some lilies they wanna do it in a miniseries. Where they're gonna bring back all in the family. And used the original scripts. That's something I've I've I would like to see and here's attachments you Bob to be think about a lot of the dialogue and some of these shows would not be a lull today they would not be. Political politically correct so will the networks have the guts. If they do these shows actually used the originals groups like they claim they're doing William Johnson's role. Political correctness to the win let's go to a 11 power via. Taiwan what about you as your your your favorite all time classic a TV. Sitcom how I heard. And would you would you like to see it redone. Culture I believe. Should be well. There's no reason to go there's no way that they can legally and ring. And Archie. Go and all through what you can do spectrum now used the way our world is true. Well here here's what the networks have talked about it talking about. Using new actors to recreate. I'm reading it right the way it's written recreate the classic episodes publisher old. Working from or regional. Script now I'm I'm. Reading in between the lines are working from Oracle's to have probably does not mean. Reading all the originals of I don't think they'd have the guts to do that but it sure would be great. Now. That we know. That they could actually. Do. What was actually on. What. Oh. Union. Beat all re action on these. What. It is now. So you you're in favor of leaving the classics loan. Here are all right well. Why don't. In order. I'm with you but thank you shall duplicate in Hammond power you. Today. A warrior. All right so what is your all time favorite art some of the all time favorite. TV and Jamison and when it hasn't been on long haul long good relations. Are you in favor of Bob bringing back the classics no. We'll just leave Little League in the weather yard. All right thank you Kate appreciate your phone and we're gonna go to Dan in Gulfport to empower you. Opulent. It is our. You then particularly. Was this talk about. Good relationship spoke about. And visit certain. You know problem. It called appliances speakers their questions so. Which argued that. That's like saint while China approved for. Development which is probably. Well you know I I wouldn't call the odd couple plastic and I used to enjoy. The odd couple arrested and brought that back on TV and I have not and will not watch one episode but the concept. Of what they are talking about. I just don't know whether it's forward to talking about. Re doing in the original episodes but it was for using the Scripps of these episodes with the new actors and I just don't deal that's going to work. The other is that quality. Education. Talent of those particular actors that. That make those sitcoms so great patches script order or give out there you can't do you choose you can get it and. Of course the of course the younger original version. Wouldn't have never seen deal when shall only be a us old guys who was there today. You know you mentioned that the world is I remember win that's on the low. About the song my blue heaven my and my mother told me if I can not leave this ruling that classic. Beautiful song and in our I had never heard before I thought that's version of it was right so that the league that the New York on kids' list while watching. Won't even remember reveals that. That's true true. That I don't care. You won't change at all you know all the that whole picture also thought. All right and I appreciate it okay. All right Bob the Jefferson and ultimately were very edgy enough politically correct even put their time. A little think they would today leave the classics alone there are only two and remakes because they were way back win. And they have no imagination to come up with anything now. So would classic show would you like to see make it come back war. Sure of the great ones beat. Left alone. You think ticket play idols classics. Today in primetime. Well of people going absolutely crazy all right here is a a quick text message before the the news. Bob they need to bring back Sanford and so now that walls a classic. All right we'll come back with a aboard your phone calls after the promptly hour. On a WWL to a call during the news you can do so in Georgia to ready to go after the top Leo or five old war. 260187.