WWL>Topics>>12-30-16 Scoot 1pm- Do make New Year's resolutions?

12-30-16 Scoot 1pm- Do make New Year's resolutions?

Dec 30, 2016|

Bob Mitchell in for Scoot - Do you still make New Year's resolutions? Have you ever kept any?

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Well it does me Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for duke in the afternoon it'll coming up on our program between now and for clocked you make. New Year's resolutions. I gave up making news resolutions many many years ago. Which ones have you kept in the past and which ones to use dole struggle. And if you can make. A New Year's resolution for president elect trump. Or any other politician you choose the vector for if you can make a New Year's resolution the president elect from. What. Would it be. I think tablets mine would be. I'm going to think at least five minutes before I send out any tweets so what about you you can make it New Year's resolution for president electoral. What would it be. Plus did you shoot fireworks as a kid. Do you still shoot them now. As an adult do you shoot them with your kids. And did you. Growing up having a firework pranks. I mean. Bombing. And a deals with a close or yearly ritual roast goat as a kid did you shoot fireworks George get in trouble shooting fireworks. And and the 2 o'clock hour and talk about the Drew Brees in the states. Drew Brees says the saints need to make a statement in the season finale against the falcons. So if the saints come out eight Indy what kind of statement is that going to be and do you want the saints to win. The stop Atlanta's chance of getting by and the playoffs on the playback of the dirty birds. In these 3 o'clock hour if a school does not have a separate sports Super Bowl selections should they all be allowed on the same team one parent thinks so. And it's doing so his daughter can play on the boys' basketball team. At her school is that right. Or is this one of these cases where. You just always don't get what you want our number is 260187. We want to start out with New Year's resolutions. Maybe you can tell us a moment New Year's resolutions that have worked for you in the past and some that are not. And let's have some bond with if you could make a New Year's resolution for Donald Trump. Or any other politician. What would that New Year's resolution period you can call me at 26 year old woman it's evident now before we just started on the phone and via text messages I have a few things. Rahman scoots pop culture counter and a Beatles a lot of this during the week so a wanna make sure that. We keep the tradition out in eighteen all three on this day. Eighteen adultery on this day the united state. Takes possession. All of the Louisiana area from prince I didn't know that until I saw it circle group's calendar. In 1920s. Scaled back many many years Bo Diddley was born. And in 1972. On this day. President Richard Nixon halts bombing of north Vietnam. And announces peace talks that was very very historical thing. Six year old late seventy. And we're also going to be talking about Rondo at the end of the week's Google issued a call in on these subjects that we talked about during the week so. I'm going to give you some of the things we talked about during the week. And if you wanna pop in with your phone call or text massage may be could not get through. During the week here's your chance. We talked about this yesterday. Do you see anything wrong with encouraging your kids to hog or just. A relative there is a movement on right now. Saying it's not good to do that closure teacher children that they have no control over their own body. Do you see it ending rolled encouraging your kids to. Hug or just a relative. We also talked about the possibility of Hillary Clinton. Getting a pardon if offer from president Barack Obama at fewer Hillary Clinton. If the world offered to you would you accept a pardon from the president. When it comes to. New Year's resolutions. I made a list one on line and found a list of of the most common New Year's resolutions. And the ones that people have the hardest time keeping. Number one on the list as far as that people might have a hard time keeping. Is losing weight. Because at the end of the year is just not a time. Who make that because we spent a lot of time partying drinking having fun with the brands and ramblings. And brawl almost a half the people all over the world it's a time when they look back and try to evaluate what they've done. And if you look back and say I didn't do very good to losing weight. It's kind of hard you know after that after you at Christmas parties and New Year's parties to even think about losing weight and applies. So money people to to not keep this New Year's resolution. Another one that the people make and have a hard time keeping the exercise. And often worked it out as involved in the weight loss but. There are people don't actually need to lose weight but just need some physical exercise to get in shape the outcome. For most people pretty much the same according to some researchers most of the new Jim. Membership passes behind by February and people join a gym or spend the money until type of exercise machine and it just doesn't work out for them. Quit smoking that's another tough everybody knows there's absolutely nothing beneficial about smoking's harmful to your health. Nick UT deal you're close Melba and it's extremely annoying for all nonsmokers and last but not least. It is expensive so why. On earth to people continue to smoke fortunately none of them real laws all those drawbacks they want to quit smoking unfortunately only about. 10% of those who make the resolution to court the bad habit will keep it for about six months. Another loans quit drinking. How many times have you said this I'm never going to drink again. And that is what most people of suffering from blow but that's when when people have a bad hangover after a while part of when they usually make that. Let me check a couple of block text message real quick like I never make New Year's resolutions. If I want to resolve. Myself to change I don't wait until new years distort try and that's that's a good idea. Another one of mark cluster and that we are talking about this afternoon is if you can make a rose New Year's resolution for Donald Trump. Or any other politician what would that New Year's resolution and he. Here's one from Donald Trump. Donald Trump should resolve to get rid of the useless and wasteful Brady Law. All right number one resolution as to save America from trump turning that country over over durocher. All right here's one. I'm talking about fireworks also. And did you ever do. Any not too nice things with fireworks as a kid. Here's one we would earn money to build model airplanes. And it would blow mobile plus actress. We also had a bottle rocket wars and have been hit a ball rocketed postal mile leg and exploded a safe distance away. We don't do that anymore so what about you growing up. Did you do that Leo mr. Revis things with fireworks you can call me right now at 260187. You can text me at 87870. When though welcome back pointed to your phone calls. Would get to your text messages and I am more new years resolutions of people lake and just can't keep and we'll tell you why they can't keep them. 260170. Bob vigilant scrutiny afternoon on WWL. And I'm Bob Mitchell and ports dirt in the afternoon on the negates seventy WW while we're talking about the New Year's resolutions of RWW Oprah did you pour. Opinion poll question do you make New Year's resolutions you can go to WWL dot com. 70% say no. Only 30% say yes though. What if any New Year's resolutions that you made in the past that were actually successful you can actually. Stick to them and navy. On the new years old solutions you had one that didn't last point four hours. That's usually though one that let people break which we were talking earlier a bold drinking and and losing weight and certain not to eat sweets anymore. Both those things and rarely last more than than a few days. But Leo read some of via text messages we have now. A multiple talking this afternoon. About fireworks practical things you did as a kid with fireworks. But you'll look back on now is it was a relief stupid thing to do. And would not do it today 2601 late seventy you can text me at 87870. Here's one when I was young oh we had one like this just a few minutes ago. When I was Jong we have bottle rocket wars. And we will hold and shoot them and each other I don't recommend this. Want. New Year's resolution would you like to see Donald Trump and here's one New Year's resolution for trump. That professional counseling. Bob I'm not sure waiting five minutes would change anything about Donald Trump tweets I said what I'd like to see him make as a New Year's resolution. Is to at least think five minutes before he tweets or anything. Ever notice how we'd lose weight or New Year's resolutions. And it's the middle of pancakes season. All right let's go to. Josep. Joel's. Order modules around I just. And though what are you calling for what it's up. I'm sorry wrong I can't get every so often. I want this as far as these restless Serbs to count to prepare. Deep moral people that I was just don't you know I've talked. To do lecture thing is certainly to attack Hillary Clinton. And president of politicians stationed step probably doubtful it would mostly to people usually do you know Clinton. You wanted to be you wanna be con you wanted to do you use where I want to find other people. There are kids that are home. There are. Don't over at. Her as the citizens of the tense. He wants me that it's in terms act like it into the sand hills and you are now double that. Don't let Medicare don't cut Medicaid pretzels and the people who needs a security it's Medicare Medicaid and could not at all. Canada and globally it is you do exist tries to keep her up the wrong. Look at all that's a long New Year's resolution on around the country while voters. And Joseph when he rode up did you laurel Clark. It was a guitar or sort of like that you sold them. That I would love to just over two time than in years I have been to quite a bit. Which are charter in. My name I don't know. I'm Bob and Yoo hoo Joseph about opera Mitchell yeah. Yeah it charges of Jolo island eat did you make a New Year's resolution. Or I had several are like to do and perhaps there's an evening pensions and each has taken care of I have been so in Eliot less fan so that's why they enter in lot. Nazi UWK org you'll impart better year next year than. All right Joseph I appreciate you toning and so emotional to get back to some of these text messages are remembered since this Friday. And a school a lot of talk about anything that we talked about during the weeks ago. Feel raid to depict any of the subject if you. Need a refresher on who we talked about one of the things we talked about was this new Missouri law that starts January the urged. Where. If you or kid and you get into a fight or you get caught bullying then they can actually charge through with a felony. Which on some of these cases. You can go to jail for up to four years. So just look we need to help things be a little more actually put our schools we talked about that. When he talked about where you forced to hog or commercial world of when you were growing up and here's a text message on that one. This is Justin commenting on forcing kids to hog relatives my mother had an ongoing believed that we had to love art thousands and be one happy family. I told her life doesn't work that way. Between you in the all of 21000. I only liked one of them and as far as doing them extremists the streamers things with the fireworks. Blow up mailboxes with fireworks. Yeah iPod I did I did a little of that here's one as for as a New Year's resolution or Donald Trump. Donald Trump's New Year's resolution should be keep doing what you're doing show him. Want. Sure I'm working does. Show them what you do will work I think that's what the text messages trying to say now let's get back to the list of things that people draw. But just. Don't succeed. New Year's resolution get a new job. If you ask your friends of there happy with the job there will most likely tell you not really its range but the more jobs positions there are the harder it is deploying people. Who really enjoy their jobs the majority of people do not like what they do. Here's another one New Year's resolution a lot of people make this one here and on a debt. Paying off debt as a popular New Year's resolution but as many difficult. Vote and have that many have typical well. That many of difficulty accomplishing. My New Year's resolution is to pre read things a little bit more. Keeping this resolution often requires a major reduction of people's comfort and conventional battle which is something many people don't want to give up. Like going out to eat dinner. Collected in nice big they finish them. From the hard to get out of debt if you are always eating out. A save money. Improving finances is on almost like the same thing as as getting out of debt. If you save money. An opponent to your bills then you can get all of that. And here's one that a lot of people play here in New Orleans of very very difficult to do this eat healthy. Sometimes as those connected with weight loss resolution healthier eating is another praise worthy vol we often make. Keeping it to be particularly typical because many people have absolutely wrong. And unsuitable diet and eating habits. Another one get organize. Time management. And better organization is another important thing that many people was to improve and the New Year's league great way to say I'm going to give more organized. Man. Usually this. And goes through May be 34 months and that's when people go back to all of their old. 26 year old 187 you can text me at age 7870. Let's take on just like GI NG. Oh all recorded on local rock real Robert Mitchell and sore. So yeah. Does sound like he was unfortunate and cellphones down on some time get some times those. Resolutions were talking. I'm resolute in the 2007. He. Good number and install equipment. Curry nobody could be cool okay. Straight narrow. Let me. You have not been living in a's and animal life of that Tuesday in new well. I'm human I'm more it might. Need some I write my character defects and shortcomings in business and all my article few lies and a day like most editor of the audio BR Thomas not submit to. Basically you're just. What can be a better person. Absolutely about 9000 person. But it Jeanne grown up to Clinton's plan shall. Yes shorter right down there and rapids group would you use a few off for an. That's from mom veterans in the whole world. You know on no one L oak lawn George Jensen and program at third and Alan. Alan you know you'd notes there would they do lords are. Well just about any thing them in the eighties and so the kings and care and bombs and our cork who's in oak rockets and those bombs knocking a remarkable though the Balkans and stuff. And acute malls and leave them on the ground animal out duel one one. I'm. What I used. Do would I am eighty come on would be out there and Eastwood different. War on March and Roebuck and now. Art and shopping and Internet. Particular animated. Political most cities in the infuse money and pitch it let it go in the middle canal article. I walk where. All right Jeanne G I've I think that's mighty dangerous and I hope any kids listening today it will not even think about doing that. All right we have some phone lines open a dual tell us things that you use to do with fireworks as a kid that. Or probably you would not want kids to do that today. About your New Year's resolution anything we talked about this past week you can talk about this afternoon to secure a 170 touch via its 7870. It's a little after 13 is news time on WWL. They're welcome back the show. Bobbitt who fill in for food in the afternoon of course this is the New Year's Eve weekend coming up New Year's Day. Fireworks all night nasty here's the people in in my neighborhood. Right now do not shoot a whole bunch. Growing up as a kid in my neighborhood the next morning and it looked like a war zone and I did one a mention this though apart from the traditional bar works. And the a and the big ball they're gonna have been times where if you look to the sky you can see a blazing comet that. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory says that it may be visible to people as you bring in police seventeen on Saturday issue. Syria farewell to police sixteen. And at what they are described as a possibly style by looking up to flee the New Year's Eve. Comment. Comet on December the 31 puts it back tar balls go to jail after it was legal chip first of all do you make a new you resolution. Our deep yet occasionally like once a year. At what would troubles. Have you made that you've been able to keep. And which ones have you not been able to keep. Tacky mall like because I don't expect much. Give me an example of one that you've made and you've been able keep. Exercise. Regularly or semi regularly rather than not at all the exercises but it would. And do you accomplish it. Yeah job you know born and raised in New Orleans been bit fat. And then slim and now are quite healthy weight so I would say have been successful. Europe can doubt brought up as a kid did you do any things with fireworks that you should not have done and we wanna make sure that there any young people listening. We do not suggest that you take any of these ideas like. Here's a partners said that they would open up ball black cats. I'm not about was a pack of I think what really powerful while park rockets yeah. And they would owe them open them up and put them in the hand. And blow the Kansas City Hall by the hand would go opened the year so you should you should really should experiment with fireworks. I did ads that hit a lot of people. That's actually where I call because it I had a friend that a lot of beautiful animal. On new duties shooting fireworks will remind folks out there that dogs I don't know aboard that. Are important. They creek they get so. Confused. And start running. But my dog celibate and shakes and I can't go anywhere he received a because. EU you can't you can't protect them from the noise. So importantly if you turn the radio in there in an insulated world or something like that bush. Fireworks really really do you really do. They are they. I have I have two dogs one goals and be back closet and just. But laurels and through the close on the 401. Moments of in the on the content sleep and could careless about it. Well there and then there you go like I didn't even know just assume from my personal experience. But it was loud colored friend of mine that. Starting Q and fireworks on the beach. And his dog was tethered only. Started running and had got hit by a car so. It it's food for thought. In general Jeff you are right most parents do not like fireworks hello. You'll definitely panic they they don't know they can't understand what the budget and celebration program that's for sure. I Jeff thank you so much okay. All right now if if you have pets and your parents are like Jeffs and they panic with the fireworks what do you do to us help you pretzel do you. You put him in an area where where it stays all quiet. 2601870. Touched me and 87870. How many of you make New Year's resolutions and actually are able to keep them. Bible port 2601 if somebody Bob Mitchell and Bruce do in the afternoon on WW well. I'm back and back them back and back for student students do in the afternoon. 50426018. Senate do you make a New Year's resolutions and if you can make. A New Year's resolution for president Italy Donald Trump. What would that resolution. That he and if you wanna pick another politician app totally flat Friday. And a host dude allowed you don't call in and anything we've talked about during the week if you couldn't get in you controlled in the one of the things that and there are going to be with you a second. What are the things we start talking about yesterday and time ran out before it can really get into a and that is this this and two annual subject. About what happened to John Benoit now the brother of Jonbenet Ramsey. Who of course you know with the six year old beauty queen found dead in the basement over and the Colorado home in 1990. Six's suing. CBS. For 750. Million dollars because of their special the case of Jon Benet Ramsey case say he says. They ignored evidence to falsely point the finger at him and I remember. When he was on Dr. Phil at the total fool I'm not I'm not a doctor told. Panel blocked a bill to make Carla insinuated. That if it wasn't him and had to be Santa Claus and felt like that but anyway if you have any theories. On what do you think happened the job that you can talk about them also to 60187. Let's go to Derrick in coming in Derek thanks for calling in today. Do you make a New Year's resolution a William RUS resolution. Aren't immunological and attract currently in a note. That's that's artists especially growing up in the world that is so hard to do. At the top brilliant. You know try to do the Weight Watchers are not sure how. How long does it. Hard not long at all made acutely. I tell you what what I find amazing is all these weight loss commercials. On television that make it look so always and it's one. With Marie Osmond but I liked it just. You know Gibril paddled ahead of soap that when it's. You know you can lose thirteen dollars and thirty days nobody noticed though that I guess when you look at the by approach probably know leading for thirty days. Exactly at all fall crap mention at all math problem you just feet left or. You know I work out more you don't lose weight issue as a prop and that termination due. It's calories in and calories that's Akron right now you put out about what are our adventure. You know one dollar kit. You come from a shelf matter and I am not son and I were apparently. And at the news subdivision built and it was an October again come. Are worked up over and not the government can't on my apartment and it's not drop it. Outlook the way and then looked back in the middle of Arab letters. Budget I was into the outlet you development with the whole field on fire power buys a litany eight. Let let the whole thing on our did you ever at repairing and probably about. 23 we cut. Clean coal fire. Did you admit to. No you had to cops called on her. What was the penalty but he had to play. Do not and the elation. Cops told don't do it about five hours away thank god I mean I look I think that was about it or not harm. What. I admire you just ineptitude when I was about. I'm an eleven may be twelve years old we lived right next to this bar room. And they have a ton of fireworks. At the long side of the ball in the pulled Roma I didn't know that. And tell body muscle let's have some fun. They have certain windows were cry and so let's drop a silver keying. Inside the window and watch all the guys playing pool will come running out. Are we didn't know about all the boxes and box it's and I mean it's started and it blew. Half the wall all onto the sidewalk and street. And I did the only thing you can do in the case like that. Well. And say I have no idea that my dad came out the house is as upset with the boy next door and it shook the house so much. He fell out of the bed and he comes out and he says what in the world happened. I don't know dead sometime explosion at the bar room never ever did. That's up to. I. All right and at that's not a good example but thank you Derek appreciate your voting in okay. You to all right 5042601870. Want to part of the show would love to hear from him. Do you make New Year's resolutions or have you just given up on that when we come back give you a few more New Year's resolution of the people make. That they rarely rarely keep or very very hard to keep. Bob Mitchell in pursuit in the afternoon in the WWL AM implement dot com. When I cortex a 870. And a wanna remind yet. If you love holding. And you looked ushering. And don't miss Saturday morning it's a tradition here in the gulf all the outdoor Sheryl dawn to do a Don brings you. Live weather updates coming inclusion import guest and abuse post calls and comments promotes nor outdoorsman and women like you. And that's accountable and you want. The outdoor show tomorrow morning five till seven on three WL thirteen 50 AM and three WL protein fifty dot com. And that's due to be LSU game. A couple of more new years resolutions that the people late. And have a very very hard time keeping. One is travel how many times visa you know. This year under the troubled I'm gonna do dollar house I'm gonna see this country. Well some of the first things we tend to think governor a new year or the exotic destinations in portico which we would love to see. Unfortunately it usually happens. We need money. For that weight. Well money is not gonna have excellent piece and romantic things. And a lot of people start upgrade on that but not quite make it now I do have a a text votes which were they have a great idea. This person texted me no resolutions. Only challenges this year twenty dollars every Friday in the shoe box for my own Christmas bonus importing seventy. That's a good idea that here's one that I'm I'm I'm surprised. That some money people make it and actually keep it. Learning a new language. Learning a new language of a good idea and this resolution ranks among those that. Quite a high percentage of people actually keep especially if they choose a language. That is not to put called them for them to learn now we also ought to be on the show afternoon I'm gonna probably keep this going all afternoon to want to think about it. And that give me a call or send me a text message. In all a lot of talk about Donald Trump may need. Absolutely. Shoots from the hip and a lot of controversy about him sending out tweets and whenever he thinks about something. A lot of people including the which they would think a little bit before you sons of the message I hope. As president of the United States he continues to do that I think that's cool being able to. Communicate directly with the people. I just hope he thinks before he does things. Before he gets us in the trouble well I'll picky but if you couldn't make a New Year's resolution for Donald Trump. What of that New Year's resolution that something that you think that Donald Trump should make. Not something that he will lend somebody that you think he should make you can call me at 260187. You could touch me. And hate somebody it's up to. Here's one that probably is only come up and and in the last few years. Spend less time on FaceBook. I don't spend a lot of time on FaceBook. But I have family members of spend probably hours a day. And a lot of people even if they admit that they have this is an issue. It can be very difficult for them to reduce the time spent on the site familial and logging in a chicken different activities. Is one of the first things they do every morning and again up. You know it used to be you would open the morning newspaper now people grab a couple of cooperate go to the computer and check in on plays but now I go to my computer. But normally would do in the morning in a double double check my email. And then will actually what is going all on going on in the world and all ultra light CBS news NBC news. Of Fox News of the Drudge Report and those little things like check every morning I'd never read the newspaper anymore. I'm local angle dot com and on WW all of course dot com and that that's where like I get my news from a lot of people. They spoke to as part of their life to it is then hours or FaceBook everyday. Here's another one that it's hard to do spend less time watching TV. What happens as you get quote. On some of these programs and it and it's hard. To give up you know. That there are couple shows ago I'm apple we hope all that some things will now a National Geographic channel of the love got to watch. Some TV programs like scandal. I have to watch it. It's it's an addiction you know. I going to withdrawals. But can't watch musk and on having a hard time until it comes back I think in January if it comes by actual like I can't wait until then here's a good one. Lot of people make notes get rid of old polls. I've made that over and over again in the main problem here. Is that you find yourself emotionally attached to close. You know especially you know like old shirts and things I'd do them all the time in my life is clean your closet well all right the Lima New Year's resolution start going through it. They're sure to shove I haven't worn in five years. But I remember all wore a did this 10 well worn that short and a putt I just don't want to a pro life. OK New Year's resolution for Donald Trump. Donald Trump's New Year's resolution should be to get rid. To get a new rug. For his head I don't know of if if that is unfortunately I think that might be his Israel there. As far as fireworks in the sixties and seventies that kids would have fun of fallen in school by blowing up toilets in the bathroom usually cherry bombs. I remember that I don't know if it was fun because if you went to that school where. Some of these idiots dropped cherry bomb in the parlor and you had no place to go the rest of the day that was not a lot of fun. New Year's resolution read the Bible in one year very doable that sounds like a great New Year's resolution on a might join you about what. All right we'll take a break and come right back to you after the after the top the hour news on WW.