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Payton: My plan is to stay with the Saints in 2017 and beyond

Jan 3, 2017|

Saints Head Coach Sean Payton joins Bobby and Deke on the Saints Coaches Show

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Saints coach John Peyton don't do it now put me Anthony Hewitt that we noted that it's come that time where you addressed the team usually has them exit meetings in Indy. I'll pack up and head out to you guys regroup and get read people offseason work and OT eight. We're coached third straight years 79 and you're one that says your record says what you are. But does this seem to be your Theo coach Dick you know because of the draft classes poverty some injuries that this team is its a different 79 RO how. What's it say it makes me ask you but is this team do you feel it's in. Better a closer to where you want to be even though the record it's the thing. Look I think in comparison to a year ago to India in its when you don't turn. On the schedule players this morning. No Putin we outline the start of the season felt. Normally in the time especially for working a fast starters. It is something that's essential that you wouldn't say it's vital that that you don't have one. In yet. You know whether that's 211313. You know. We lost a home opener. And in the cup game against Oakland and then lost to new York and in following. All we get home to Atlanta so immediately again we put ourselves in the hole well. After that. We proceeded to win. Three the next five but we weren't able to. Generally at the eighteen point in this post seasons. Had had strained small runs of 34 wins in a row were you that we have to. You know with the a win for instance San Diego and Carolina in on the analogue in Kansas city's. The other thing that was noticeable. In and I think the players see this is. Man in seven games decided. By. Eight points to last or in these close games we played second to be scored in the most amount of one possession. Seeing some old ones quirky. And we won as we ones could you need to be in most games so. Welcome concur with some of the young players them Kurt with the recent draft and in incurred with some some of the guys that that we found throughout of course the season that maybe played more. Snaps than we anticipated. But it could be important offseason trucks. As there is that we had in the process and an important off season as we have in the free agency McGrath. To. To take the necessary steps because furcal but that law. You're playing a team like Atlanta and you recognize it is this is where the division leaders that. And you know last night we struggled. I would say mightily in in just keeping pace. And settle for field goals early on. I don't I don't think they punted until. Second half of that game and it almost felt like the 2011. Team that we played Atlanta in towards the end of the year only look around. It. Now coach they'd go what did I I don't know what you tell the players that have time they'll look at the first five plays. They're averaging basically point nine yards and played in the first quarter over. I mean it's like I believe both like blitzkrieg and then. You know they have 323 yards and a half time they get a touchdown the first five drives. 35 points the most given in your era the thing coach who would that you motivated. How did you motivate because I think what. The team came out the play in the second half he just too far behind but. Everyone's shocked nobody is professional about. That businessmen coming out the second half because. I think what it truly was a tale of two that. Well I think there's to pull them in their two things taking place at halftime there's the logistic. Logistics so quickly looking at. From a scheme standpoint hey this is what we get miserable we need to do and and secondly. Its the hitter going here. You know I don't I don't I think ever wanna vote felt like with my. I know that's not our best for half of football and we're playing good team. So I don't wanna take anything away from how Atlanta's plain and yet man. We can't make it. Easy on them and we can't we can't go out there missed tackles are well covered war. And don't settle for field goals and and and in hoped to win a game like this so. You would really became more one series at a time. Distrust in the process and and trust in your technique and doing your job and him and let's see with a second that takes is put. Before you start worrying about where that scores that you don't worry about the immediate series did you know we knew also start the second half they were gonna happen football. Now you know which may look at that when you considered NFL in the league. That you all involved and at the turn over every year six point eight coaches. A year change jobs that he can basically say seven coaches give or take 67 or eight it just always comes about. And I'll look it who has kids in the walls sports approval when he coaches. I'll just looking at different scenarios like Brian Billick what he did it with the Ravens. Seventh season then he went through wolf then they've made it canes Jon Gruden a good friend of yours after the Super Bowl victory yet that season. That'll look good Shanahan Tom Coughlin. Now coach Coughlin. It was back to back like Shanahan 9798. And then they gave them tenth season problem was forced defense. Is there a window. And that you could say where. With that I Dockett still coach a perfect example look at all the time and the reunion with the Eagles look we'd do with the Chiefs never won its admirable. With the Eagles but they got there and he still highly successful coach I think. Coaches at the highest level like quarterbacks apply at the man is only so many of them. As those they plan that would an agent they word about okay. Is Sean Payton can be Al coach of the question that can't you see that you have no interest coaching any other team in this thing to 2017. Yeah and put an absolutely and Bobby that taught me you today you know what happened it is in in its today but it's part of the way are being covered in and I understand that and I appreciated. In yet during the course of the season. You know these these things come out on on Sunday conveniently which in the morning at your game. And all the sudden there are things that your trying to make sure don't distract your team in hand. They come from various outlets and I'm not criticizing I'm just saying in. When they happen no. He'd become. Challenging to say that your gonna respond retire and they come out because. And we saw this happening a year ago and I understand the nature. Of them doing their jobs. But who we are all about at least this week. We start on obviously didn't prepare for free agency. And that's what I'm due in. And so it's just our it's hard to constantly in an hour that the two immediate earlier today you know our players. Start Vietnam that question I thought I handled it well. You know put a name on a source. I've put a name source. And then we'll get to the bottom of the order these your way to ask questions. But yeah my plan is is definitely to be back here and you've got former Warriors contract year and our plan on Cameron. All right and I Saints coach Sean Payton would take a break come back ball with Saints coach Sean Payton. On the Falcons and moving forward to a 2017. Season it's a coach's show we will continue on a New Orleans Saints radio network. If it was Saints coach Sean Payton at the Flacco wrap up a 79 season 3830 to follow the Atlanta Falcons. Coach Peyton that you hear a lot and I think you posted gentle about it AFC teams that now look at for. Hey coach in the National Football League were to me rook to about seven now six. And you'll hear some toward the year that Bears reports I don't know how to look that ballot the reports on the same an common theme is it that well. Maybe toward the in when the team felt they want bought the play L so things got bad that that the coach calls the team and team did play. You'd never hear that about your team did you won the very few thoughts are and down the straights and I go back to coach usein making it through saint it. Rebuke the locker room here with a certain type of player. If it works hand in hand coached and they look you've got to have some tough times. You got to fight through a cause although it's been in the yes they were the perfect example you'd you'd down that he scored 35 points of the first set that you come out you know and out Prius secondhand. And you made its trap well they didn't think but the sat at the team to create this deal play call or are you able to maintain and move full. But I I think there's a few things to your question and I think this one when we start an offseason. In preparation for the next year. You'll understand that there's going to be adversity. In every season and you can decline in a lot of different ways but there's the stretch of games where either you lose tough games maybe we're here to come back. And I didn't think it starts with what you're looking forward regard to a player in the ingredients and the makeup of the team as you put together your roster. And you lean on that. Not during the time when you're having success you lean on him when you're when you're hit with those. Tough losses or your it would that stretched. Settle ultimately come with most teams and might be in in one game might be a series of beans if it can bury or in our case obviously. You know in this season and doesn't know what you want out here down to the end you're playing games. That. Technically don't matter in regards to the playoff standings. In yet. They still matter in regards to everything else that's important which is obviously your team improving and a chance to. So it is important goal on the road against their zone play well it's important. To get a win vs Tampa Bay and it's important. True to play your division rival like Atlanta and and play better than we did last night in yet. But because all during that time there's players players there's every one in about ways as to. They are improvement. And and it matters. With regard the following scene you know for a lot of these guys who were all put reds remains on pace. And I think that. To divert. First part of your question it starts with you know who you're bringing the program. And I I think if you bring the right type of people and you mentioned a few of these players but there's been great leadership in this team this year. They respond in and they come to work and they understand. What their jobs are professional. Now you know coach they would outlook going forward and trying to understand the with the scheme and how that harness. The offered the today's football. And you look at that three safety hybrid look. And you know it might be second in nine no obvious path situation UT five the beat you bring in nickel but. Now look at three safety hybrid look going forward and the future at the beach it's his team. It that the how many teams that you looking at film around NFL. Is maybe going in that direction and Alex today. Well first things first if you call when it received if you look at ego less line. One less linebacker but he got to go to stop the run. There why bring that up that I just look at navy. The rushing attempts in the two games against the Falcons. That they maybe take advantage of that or to just individual player like if Freeman. All our Coleman and and their run production. That's forest and like we got gas and those two games against Atlanta against the run. Well I think couple things number one. We would we would definitely say Atlanta as a team we feel like it is. Run in the football very well here so you know it's a challenge going in with their backs. And then their ability to complement that you'll come awful play action I think part of us getting in the three safeties. Right after the bye it was really looking closely at our best our best players we felt based on some injuries and based on where we're. Now. Do I think the league is gotten smaller to some degree on defense yeah I think it has. Partly because the rule changes. In. That allow offenses to were encouraging offenses to throw the football more but it there's been a number of teams that we've seen out draft. Nady collar strong shape he's in all of a sudden showing up and playing. We sideline backer you know we played. Arizona and and that's a team that comes to mind and obviously your your seen even the smaller linebackers now because it's a space game. Getting on the field but. Back full circle now to Atlanta. Book it that the team that's that's won the division and clearly they are. Then you better be prepared to figure out how to stop the run. You're in and have a guys matchup outside because. Those backs are going anywhere for awhile. And now and the line is young Alex Mack was brought in a good addition I think they're playing better on the offensive line and I think they're playing veteran receiver corps. So the first thing you look at the off season is. You know you've got to catch a team that's when in your division. And and so that has to be part of what we consider as we move into this offseason. Don't pull. Now I've coached great look at it these two individuals and obviously. One being a veteran like being a rookie Allen get a comment on their season is Mark Ingram. Michael Thomas a look at Michael Thomas quite hit the lottery ninety catches. Over 11100 yards nine yards down the look at Mark Ingram. Over a thousand yards averaged 50. Point one yards a carry. We have a few that did do some days I haven't a thousand yard rusher in. And he broke I know what you think like chuck Muncie. He was narrative five point no yards and want to fit the attempt but. It just seems like increments really turn a corner you could theme may be because he's available because it is hale. But Michael Thomas to knee looks like peaking with never to make him as a rookie. Now I look but I think you bring up too. Two players who played outstanding this year mark at his best year I would say the same when you really look at. You're yards per attempt in and you also say. And he had some some long runs this season I think. You know guys up front there. I think we've made strides in the running game got continue to look and improving that. But he ran physical round with good pad level and no yards after contact were really. Then a product I am excited you know to see him. Have a season like there have been known works extremely hard that it came off an injury year ago. Mike thomas' news Paul football on him. You know as a as a rookie you really never know. Until the players you get the pads on and get involved in the pre season. All the so our plan and it never really seen too big for him you guys. They cover the team saw. You know his maturation happened very quickly in front of our eyes in the he's a big target Easter bowl he's he's also really tough to tackle after the catch and others that it yards after reaching the receptions in. You know let that looks and then he was one of a handful of guys this year they're rookies that it's stepped up and one Kurt what. Yet it's on how difficult it is that in that that you may be out of lose Lee is the right term at night but. When evaluating. Players and you see like Shelvin rank in that he's available on his contribution. You bring up Michael Thomas and then. You're at those meetings grew up with Jeff Ireland and making every one. And Andy deciding. You know it matters when you draft a player is what you got in baton at that in him. If they do you have a player like the finance committee whose active. As a rookie. With that you'd say well he took a step back this year from the exactly whose instincts you know run verses pass or you have to go you know cover players you got no utilities the NFL. How talented is that. And what they'd be going more poignant bout we evaluate a player that maybe you can do differently. To make sure that beyond top but things that it not only have a nose for the football. If eagle and after the even simpler but also that they can and know what they held the doom and and not be loss of mental standpoint. Well look I I think one of the things that you're always looking to do and I think. This is the area you're seeing a little bit more analytics. But you're you're looking at a higher percentage in the draft you know in in how do you increase the percentage in round one. And you do with round two I think I was taught. One of the most important element the vision for the player. And that he your draft and a player and you don't have a clear vision and your priority. By the eight ball so there has to be a business how those players going to be used. Both offensively defense leader in the kicking game and then secondly. The B that the vision that the that the prototype. What are the things he does well. And then. In a short period of time forget the combine testing we're gonna get all of those numbers. But both were all like they would all beleaguered golf trying to get to know these players. And really dig down and get an idea what makes them tick and because you're searching for the guys that ticked because I love football. You're not searching for the guys that it because there's post. War this is the next step your search and for the guys. That passionately. Lot to gain. And look it might mean they take few more reps you want to establish the difference between. A person that may work a little slower and a person that has trouble learning period. So all those things in how you got from those things are constantly being updated in in relief. You're spend. A lot of time looking at how to we improved that and that and outdated chips credits Jeff Ireland. I'd think you'd experience. Incumbent. Not to the Saints and in help them you're not only. Be evaluation process but part of it is no different than coaching the coaches use it to evaluate and evaluate. You know who's who's who's kidneys. Grades right you know a year later pattern we have these players rated. Why were we correct peer why won't we correct. And so I think your you have to be transparent within your organization on how do one. And pure and improved. All right that Saints coach Sean Payton coach Peyton thank you so much for the time what talk again throughout this all season could look you in the black and gold as you prepare to be evaluating kids that follow all the NF Theo offseason activities. Arbiter thank you got.