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Think Tank 1010am Do you trust the government of the media

Jan 3, 2017|

Do you trust the government of the media to tell you the truth?  (government, media, none of the above)A major newspaper and government agencies reported that Russians had infiltrated a U.S. utility. It turned out not to be true.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back and they I'm in new years Qiyue. Hopefully going to be a whole lot better year than the ones last year. Com twelve noon we're Bergen about some prediction. Some futurists. People dead flat look into the future. And determine what might happen. And doing some reading over and over and over again. It is an escalation. In technology. Two world we virtually. World. Without war. And I know that sounds impossible. But pero or so many things all Redding. On the draw important. That we hard bargain between the 31. Boarding. Trucks. That drive themselves. And so much cards it would totally independent blood. Have mechanisms. That take away our control. Whether abuse being control whether being making sure we. Stay in the lane remember that make sure we scored and programs. More and more technology. But overall tone seems to be some technology out there a lot to check out there. Don't get to take away a lot of jobs when one thinks we're gonna bring you talk about. Emmitt and pardon me. Today is a day without gas which is unique to secure 187. A problem we have a number of subjects tried to give details but towards. Bring anything New Year's her hundred recovering from years couldn't get birdie on. But we're going back to work with him and maybe your world were. In some form or fashion. I'm Rick report to. A coverage of man by the name Cortland slim. Second richest man in the world. Richards and Warren up. In Mexico. Arab huge conglomerate primer early media companies. And what he's done is going to need to read a word point. In his company. And he thinks ducks the way we should go worldwide. He's said that quote. Elderly people. Are retiring to early. At 65. Rich and marched for sure and pensions. Too much pressure on them. To be able to have the finances. To continue without war. So we have ideas with three they were point. Word of the younger people. Come in for four days. And Lauren. From the older people. And the older people when there were off and on to that they get that second. They want to they learn and the trade. If they want to begin at about reputation. And he's aborted each probing and his company. It's all these young people. That we had to. That came by and drops. And there're certainly qualify. College degrees. It worked hard to get a chance. And there's not too many openings out there and his feeling it hurts. If we don't go to. We're gonna go to world without work. Because sooner or later. Technology. Takes over almost. Every. Did did show a couple of months ago there's some bingo. Ted dot column. You have Ted talks. If you have dancing nude Bjorn take a look at. It so. The brightest. Most creative. The best innovators. The best business people artists to. Dwight Howard may be from all over the world one billion. Started this platform. Where these people could talk about what they're doing in lifting moment. Now it's brutal of the world. More to Bill Gates. About a year ago. Talking about the use. Nuclear devices. That true bill that true. Player in the ground. That do the same thing as nuclear power applicants. The only differences. The weights. On those little smaller your roots. Ends up being fuel. Board units. So you don't have the U. Reading your activity ways that you have to worry that victory over the nuclear power plants. That that's what kind of the name on platform. Amaro learned by about watching that. Word to whom individual. A mother to apart. Hedge fund managers. Very rich birds success. One of them labeled his talks. If we don't change and Marty that by week. As the 1%. To use. Of the world of this country. The most. Well. The title who's talked and we don't change they won't calm borrowers with pitchforks. Imported goods saying is the inequality. Gap. It was getting to be so big. That true or later it doesn't trust. Anger of the coal miners. There's you workers. Were instrumental in putting Donald Trump in the White House. Eventually. It gets through the lower middle collapse. And then the middle middle class apps in the in the upper middle class X. Among that Joker. If revolution. So we idea of technology would no word week. Or the read they weren't. As cement. Becomes less. So. Becomes less does count. You can no longer look at it and go well battle in the war. The way technology is going to day. It's growing acts but actually. It's no longer ditched you. Have been dumpster revolution. Or primitive. Britain reminder of the weakens that team. And I said you don't have what did in I don't understand the math Matt arts. But there's one example from you. That explains beyond a shadow would. Keep in mind the year. Primitive port aboard huge. Keep in mind to pre industrial revolution port. Keep in mind you and real lynch. In the primitive so I. Think of that. As a power. Would one. Quarter highs. And win the pre industrial revolution Kimmel. All the president we have about twenty. And we said we you know we're gonna. Get a good broad high incidents. Then soak up all the oxygen terrible position upon. I do little league world. In bin in does route. Revolution comes about. And it's half. Half the battle. Water. And whoa. I got to take care of that tomorrow. In yet up tomorrow and that's the whole park. Vents X but in true road. Urged imposed. To become poor. Or become says he'd he'd become sixteen. And breathed and horrible acts. Two reasons at a point. Where it goes like raising. They call two's are general and he says and don't discount. Every thought the good news here but this may beat. Very much what that means you're bringing them it's all we ran for. Years eggs or 187. All right herds or Perot and jaguar. WW joke in new poll we wrote in every hour. Trusts. The government. Or the media. To tell you the truth. It. The government's actions and music as the need some percent. Know him of and and just think about what that me. And will it change would trump. Look. The first two to a bet I didn't vote trump. I don't think much of MB scares me. I have concerns about his intelligence level but. He is doing things different. And reading your article absolutely media. Mean it was just horrified. Daddy's texting. And he's not doing news come its use. Optimists of funeral in the world that technology. If if you go to the media you know what's gonna happen when. You did see in the evening and Donald Trump. It's can be nagged at. Every Huffington Post emerged from being active. If bureau. Drudge Report and bright Bart. And recovered Donald Trump it's going to be positive. So why go to him at all. My only concern is present. And an important characters. Commenting. About. World affairs. It's be. On one side he's said he's not then stop it. On the other side some of these people on to drew says of course yeah. That is where it goes straight to be humor in public. What are you doing good idea about. Air and let me give you an idea why the people hold the media and the government. In such little more. December 30. Over the holidays and so bloom home for. I told us on the program Washington poached. Headline. Russian hackers. Penetrated. US electricity. Ripped. Root utilities and for more. Of that business while we have been warned about. It if they can affect our grid. Nuclear power appliance. Satellites. You may limit. Those could be huge problem. M and Barbara before persons to its. Code. Associated with the Russian hacking operation they even named it risen leads up. Our president Obama's administration. Has been detected within this utility. They were wrong saved penetration of the nation's electrical grid. It is significant. No kidding. Roberts and potentially serene. Vulnerability. Different eruptions can be disastrous. The function of any kind of technical service you can think. From communications. Hospital. Some error. And it goes on its operation. May have been designed to destroy up to over these relations. Or is it tests by the Russians and seat aboard the big good. Portion. In codes on this day. This week officials. Problem. Department of Homeland Security. At dia. Officers Director of National Intelligence. Even. Again name good to have dubbed the Packers code. Is released out. And reviewed with the executives. And sixteen different sectors in nationwide. Including financial. Utility. Transportation. Now we've got. He's senior demonstrated. A show. Saying that these office there is said Dennis. Does it mean in the official. Let's fast forward. To do to them. Don't think I have been here and they're yesterday. On. December 31. A bright board. Washington Post big news. Russian liberal more or planned how. Sprague and it appears a paper published the shocking story. But for actually getting in the quote from the power company in Vermont. I'm the whole thing was wildly. Cent rate. Utility named question releases statement. Clarified bird discard this so called rouge Russian code. Turned out there was no penetration. Into with the electricity. Went. As one guy with the an email now. And then from today's. Washington Post Atlantans. Russian government hackers. Appear. To have target liberal mark till Tuesday. Say people close to begin goes against. Society singular issue say people close to being in that stick each. We have a startling news headlines. Days later. A report that its way. Days later. The instantly watching them pollutes the published. An incorrect news. Says it's. Is it appear as we were wrong. And we asked. When we ask you. Predator board Deborah peel open. Putting trusts the government and media tell the truth. None of the book of 85%. So they but I am charged sixty plus percent. Come right back what do you think there's eggs are one that he sat. And and I think I've gotten noble reason why is so. Goldman trucks and media other than those of view and who throats liberals you liberals and for its conservative. Conservative. Personal to see him BC news over the weekend. I think it was. And the reported over my goodness. House GOP. Has subsided to rule them and he'd be a big it's blue. Congress. Now that's a chore to only seems like they definitely wait for trump and all those. So I read do it in a number of vote conservative liberal publications says the users what god actually. House Republicans. Or putting. Independent ethics board under warm makers control. An odd dual room where they were. It was or is board of civilian control. In there and change that and new breed true cup cents each. House Republicans moving to illuminate the independence of the authors of congressional. Efforts. The Chamber's not important. Ethics board and it's it is. Walsh editor in kind of a conservative publication. Would place you office under the over drugs something called the wall knickers room now at X committee. And the office of congressional ethics is an independent and to serve to exit chambers independent ethics watchdog. I've reviewing allegations against house members and staff. Currently. Government by and good person border cry good citizens. Who drove worked for the government so Tuesday. The liberal board reports that it's been done wayward our faults. The conservative. Like Wall Street Journal said no. It's been taken out can be a us citizen control. But this is the part that caught my attention. I don't think humor is going to auction on know that not coming to. The lawmakers say they bring them they did it. They press from themselves under review by the authors of congressional ethics. Criticized the off as for being too aggressive. Those who were cleared. Said it was unfair that the existence. Of investigations. Became public. And bad reputations. Could be tarnished. Even when suspicions were impounded. I think about. How does the media. Karma. Would block the U was sued to muse and speak. How does the media. Come aboard on the visual. Lawmaker. Government. Represented him. If it's not being leaked. By that goes organization. Justice Department. Local police state police who were ever made being. Whenever you see that does the information Jordan woods and what an unofficial sources. Did you get that because. In Washington. They consider the and again. The existence of the investigation. To become public. In port which reputations. When the accusations. Were and so long. Only. Daily but some mace from. Government more imports from and agencies. Leaked information to the media. Purple war. Boone pro Arab TV can't. That have not been convicted. Not been twice been to try. Could their reputations. Tarnished. Good does suspicions. And up and down. But Andy Cuomo lawyers for and say. That's waters says submit news. And it's the best in the world. So why wouldn't congress. Deep down at that. What they did they Serbia ethics committee would be able to direct the office to us out. Any of its investigations. And a possible warm and permit column. The measure would reduce how much information would be made public. About the investigations. The office wouldn't be able to publicly. Release any of it's far and left off abroad. By the ethics committee. It wouldn't even be allowed. Two employee. Probe spokes person. And may be altars at this. Would not be able to consider anonymous allegations. Didn't slow him addicts. There's you're equality devise. Not just in money. One of them. Much good costs. Word troll. It's the system. And it's best in the world. And the people. The put together a bull Waltz. That become the best in the world. So it and yet it's not fair. When you hear. You just go out. Just the way it is. Are you worried that as the is inequality. Rules. You could get caught up in the very thing congress. Sends isn't fair. Using 01 need settling. Yeah. Introducing. Had lyme via web site. Republican slime or push through this and tool Obama's policy news. Wall Street Journal today. Republicans take control praising movie. In turtle tension it's. The GOP you will hold White House and congress but Donald Trump. Party leaders don't always agree on what should be done. Throw around. When we went to give its march or what did you preached liberal. When he brilliant. And so did. Obama do traditional Republican ideas. And everything are ridge says that incredible tension between trump. And quote his people. Give me an example. Trial called for both tax cuts. And beauty package of infrastructures spending. And and remember congressional budget hawks. Dole warned governments its spending. I mean that that is one of leagues. A Dutch boom. That supports. Conservative beliefs. During his campaign trumps at his guns and about a trillion dollars worth don't you infrastructure. Construction. On. He's Jolie get rid relies on private funding but a lot of that seems to be told roll roots. A lot of events seems to be if that's pried it it's gonna have to have some way or you. Two pretty boring when you use it. So when you go to sleep or the name going to be totally. Government implement. Number of the industry. Experts about what and these compliments. Say that these these one trillion box. It prudently foreign. With the public or aura of the private money. Of the problems and all week short. Now. Congressional Republicans. Say they agree on. Broad scoop poop is Jews should check luggage repealing the affordable care Iraq. And I've ever done from its ability to functions again dog does well in short dismantling. But got a little groups. News you gotta help Republican right now. To say that the overhaul. Of obamacare. We'll take at least two year. When Guillen can you imagine. The people that voted for trump. In particular. To get rid of a bomb Karen look. I didn't go for trial but I have done. Multiplicity. Of shows over the years. Doctors. Industries specializes in insurance experts but several obamacare is more right than wrong. But the Republicans don't have these central player it. That they all agreed. So the concede could take within two years. Got an idea. Big thick report. Tracked to remove the wall them all this. What crumpled doing his birds Sandra day. Undoubtedly. Jews and whose budget is occasion that obamacare. But would that takes through years. Are you gonna do. And one potential risk for Republicans. Is that said the gridlock. YouTube you've got. Senators already saying. What they're seeing the house. Manager they'd totally agree with the it. They don't know that Google's infrastructure spending of that moment that would add to this deficit. So if you do if you get gridlock. Or you gimmick in dog with the president. Like the way deaths present. The obscure by best sports. It goes what is old executive directions. And number. You can today. I'm scared to immigration you name it. There's something called freedom caucus. About. There in and portly hopes Republicans. That won't fight him to film eagle on that. Because it's. Tribe of by the Obama. Vehemently disagree. And dog ears Roberson and Mike Moore who was trumps that to be budget director. Big fiscal conservative. And as the past. He's tried to block budget gimmicks. By a Republican lawmakers. Hoping to boost Millwood terror re spending. Simply because. An increase. The deficit. Soared from. Dublin said you can do with the increase in military spending. His olden. Budget director. Made by them. And a I got details could be wrong. And be able to put trump Palin. And gave them a majority in the house. Gave them a majority in the San. Diego what is when he had one in and Republican governors. Should be able to sit and wait for two years. More evidence. Of movement. In the direction. They voted pork. What do you think you're married to secure 170. Are you and glitzy Texas ago. What people and even professors. In college event shall don't understand. Is that we bring back a lot of jobs we greatly increased tax bodies of people in the ointment. Bring bunch more corporate taxes lower rate is better than zero. So forth and so I agree totally agree. B deal only time I get concerned to give an example wind and trump. Went to what was that carrier. And said you're gonna move that was 212300. Jobs Al. I want should stay here years in Asia multi million dollar tax break news that your. Will separate hundred jobs saved the roads boo yeah. And the question becomes tuneful. What do we pay two would track him back. Member of the the movie and his three year. We kept paying to keep him here to where we couldn't reported. End. Again would technology. Movie and so perhaps. Part of we train people are doomed. The manufacturers. And come back need that same mileage of driven votes. What do you think you release Carmen objects. Jews in general when they severing it. Yeah.