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Jan 3, 2017|

Is it fair to criticize President-elect Trump for ditching the press to play golf?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome George showing this Tuesday afternoon I'm scoot so glad to be back with you it was great to spend time with my son and his cell wife who who were in town. One thing Bob Mitchell for during the show in my absence last are weaker so. Burger in street New Year's Eve. Iverson here. And I felt unusually. Safe. There were no high profile incidents as far as I know. We use air did you feel safe. Well we're talking about that'll be later also lawyer and a PD chief Michael Harrison will join us on live on the air. Just after after 2 o'clock we'll talk about downtown and and and some of the some of the strategy that we issues including blocking all the cross streets. 22 Bergen street so it really was truly a pedestrian mall. And I I I generally get a sense for the different crowds there's so there's a collective on the accounts about any crowd in the French Quarter. And from the very beginning. Just entering Barbour street of one hour block of herb street to a New Year's Eve I thought you know I really feel good I feel like here it doesn't mean something can't happen. But I really feel very good about. The crowd and I know what was it just because of the cross streets being blocked. But this is being planned I believe for other events as well so we'll talk about debt. With the police chief a little bit later CNN host Don lemon got drunk during CNN's coverage of New Year's Eve in New Orleans. Somewhat it is summer critical we'll talk about that I I posted a video. On my FaceBook page scoot on the air. And it got a lot of hits. And does somebody somebody said the era of PC. Is history. It's over. Somebody else said while it's let's make life more real and accepted with open arts so did you see Don lemon live on CNN. Or did you see the video of Don lemon with host Brooke Baldwin on CNN I mean the guy was was kind of drunk. And it was really very entertaining. Why is that so entertaining. We'll get into that a little bit later. Before we get into our first topic at this hour I want to bring you up to date on some breaking news. Megyn Kelly leaving fox going to NBC. Yeah you don't learn how to face it she's gone going to NBC I'm not really surprised. It's seem like during the campaign there were some things and Megyn Kelly did they were were subtle. But I kind of get the feeling that she wasn't enchanted with a with Fox News and she would be leaving I'm not exactly sure what she's gonna be doing an NBC but will be talking about that. In the future I'm screwed in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture of each Europeans here interpreter Hiro. Very much a witness so here we are at the beginning of a new year 2017. Many of the things that we would like to leave behind in 2016. Are already following us into the new year. The marching band of Alabama's oldest private black liberal arts university. It's gonna perform at the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20. The Talladega College marching tornado band. As accepted the invitation to perform in the truck inauguration. Not surprising. A lot of people are being very critical of this. Why is it right. Or why is it wrong. For Talladega is marching band to perform in the truck inauguration. And do you think that's a good idea that's a pretty general opinion poll that you can give a sure opinion by going to our web site WW dot com but voice is a good thing. Why is it a bad thing. If you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon numbers 2601878. Every coach 5042601870. Text numbers 877. Also this hour we'll talk about Donald Trump being criticized for ditching the press to go play golf on a holiday weekend before even becomes president of the United States. Do you think that criticism is fair. Truck goes to play golf judicious depressed. Why does the press have to be. Honest and I don't think the criticism is fair. And I'm not saying this to support Donald Trump. But I not going to be afraid to be honest about something just because some people will think I'm supporting Donald Trump I would say the exact same thing regardless of who's president of the United States. Is it fair to criticize president elect trump for ditching the press. To play golf. Or is this a big deal in the press because depresses ego is affected. Did they wanna be included in everything. And I understand that. But I also think the criticism this is is very unfair. When I also find interest saying is that there will be people. Who will. Support Donald Trump playing golf. Under almost any circumstances they'll defend it. But those very people we're critical of president Barack Obama of playing golf at different times. I think they're sometimes when presidents should not. Play gulf. Even if they're still in touch with. Every situation. But I think there are times when the optics of it doesn't look good and they simply should not. The playing golf or if they do. Make sure the press. Doesn't say it because it did it's not a good image to the American people if there's something serious going on. And a president is is playing golf. And I think that goes for every president regardless of the the party affiliation. So if I mean is is this a big deal. Donald Trump ditches the press why is that not okay. MI I missing something here. If you wanna join us for the comment our numbers 2601. Insanity. Every coach 5042601. Point 78 7870. And also the marching band from Alabama's oldest private black liberal arts college Talladega. Has accepted an invitation to perform in the truck inauguration January 20. Not surprisingly again there's been some criticism of this is the criticism fair. And also we talk about the inauguration there's been a lot of talk about a lot of a list performers as they're described as. Turning down invitations to perform at the inauguration. And a member of the Mormon temple not require has resigned. That famous group. Over the group's decision to perform at the inauguration of president elect Donald Trump January torn. Jane Chamberlain. Posted her resignation letter on FaceBook last Thursday. And she said that. The choir will appear to be endorsing. Tyranny and fascists have. And she felt betrayed betrayed. Because requires decision. To perform. If you would like to join us with your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Very code 5042601870. In our Texas a 77. Here's a textile welcome back cure orange analogy you posted on FaceBook was spot on thanks let's talk show on taking that's from Andrew Amanda feel. Yeah you know we conduct our Sean paid into this today I mean I know a lot of people talking about it but. You know hey Sean Payton can so easily deny any thing I think that there is a probably a possibility. That he may not be the coach of the saints in this upcoming. 2017 season. Buy it right now there's so much speculation but if you do when a comment on that feel free to do that. And yeah I posted a number of thought things on FaceBook over the other holiday weekend. And I'm gonna share some of those with you it just a few minutes I'll tell you how to find those who win you over you wanna get too I Janice joint every WL good afternoon. You made my day. And make you do if they cut and make your week. I had not heard that Megyn Kelly. I have grown a liberal. But that I didn't know he would really gonna leave her boxing champ. Do you think it's a good move her. I hope so. But quite frankly it's an excellent move for leave the cadet at camp and Obama and I used to think like that. Also you're happy that she's leaving. Yeah I think to. I think she's probably she's not a conservative she's got a notion just strikes me. I don't know if you. Don't always come April. Because you can lie you can deal liberalization and not be Sony. Then no but sometimes she respect and chaotic conservative like in double. I don't know I think it up and you can't I can't really can't follow you know I kind of wish they'd replace the you can laugh when I tell you. It was really don't like texting Haiti and then me and. And I'm on the I'm not a fan of Jewish and now. But it at that time is that might replace him with just he bought this. Now with regard to women and a I found Italian professional I didn't find and became instantly and they have my strong it was no doubt about it as he would definitely. It's even if you're in the city. I would not have cared if they got and he had piercing tattoos. Went into a stupor at a trauma that could be an intentional business. But he is highest. In the snow you receive it's New Year's seed its New Year's Eve in New Orleans in the guy gets a little drunken here. I didn't I didn't see exactly what happened if you've got drunk and stoned right now. I got a request and I got a request on my FaceBook page that to get drunk on the Arabic as ago let I think it would be funny deceased who dropped so I mean I got a request for that. I don't think that's gonna happen. Bites off I thought it was phony wind a wind. Don lemon horse kind of intoxicated if if Ryan Seacrest got intoxicated on New Year's Eve. You know that is it is it's funny I'm not encouraging drinking but isn't that kind of funny. This song was released on this day January 3 1983. And this is one of the early videos I remember from MTV. Degree can band jeopardy I'm skewed in the afternoon glad to be back with you and we will be right back on W elm. You know the that the really bad weather there was predicted New Year's Eve was not as bad as they predicted in fact I kept waiting for to get worse and worse and it didn't and I went out earlier in the evening and do something live on FaceBook and then went back at midnight. On every street and there was a brief shower but it really wasn't that bad I mean I saw some. Women who were. Soaking wet and Sosa Manny were soaking wet in mascara was running on the men and the women as well sell me it was it was it was quite a scene a talk about that a little bit later but. Yeah that there's something really special if you've never done it there really is something very special about being on Bourbon Street. At midnight because the crowd. Slows down and stops and there's this general recognition of the beginning of the new year with a lot of strangers so. Will love we'll talk about it. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll this hour do you think it's a good thing for the Talladega College marching band to perform during the trop inauguration. 83%. Say yes. 70% say no. And you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com are also talking about Donald Trump being criticized for ditching the press to play golf over the holiday weekend. Is a criticism fair a from the West Bank Bobby welcome to the show. Wish her happy news or seeking thank you. I think the criticism toward the president electors don't want it on yet and had been on. Inaugurated yet that that'll come later this month obviously. But down he has the right position on off. The press always on non holiday weekend. Two while you do it chooses endeavor whether people scrambling. All profit function what he wants to walk play ball well taken I'll. A ball game he's gone out the press is gonna happen ample time. Which the president elect. To Guam satisfied. There it just. And I I think it's I think it's important point and Bobby's dad did the wave the depresses is reacting to this point addition to happen this is wrong. That criticism I think is evidence of the that the press is ego being Peru's because they weren't involved in effect I don't think they need to be involved. In every little thing the president does like playing golf. He bought it if god forbid if something happened. We would know about it and the press would know about it immediately. But do they have to be they are all the time and I'm not saying this to support trump but saying this 'cause I think that was the way it should be. And the is not. The present at the moment you know president Obama's goal total law. Are on to a point here at work when I'm president elect a trial takes to open source Sean Payton just quick comment. Aren't all like to see him come back one more year argument on the play at all well screw these. He brought a Super Bowl is on that we had three consecutive losing seasons are given one more year and down. Hopefully we can now and to play next season welcome back. I'd Tommy thanks appreciate the call if you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon here's the number. It hasn't changed to 60 point 78 area code 5042601. A seventy. And a text number is 87870. So yeah I just on our Sean Payton you know I put this on FaceBook over the weekend to I don't understand why suddenly one more year. I mean the last couple of years every year was gonna change. I don't see that much difference with this year. Seven and 93 years in a row although it was 21 more year. Is one more year gonna really make a difference I mean it it it it might that would not be in my opinion that would not be the recent keep Sean Payton because of the promise of things suddenly changing because. I don't know that that's gonna happen because we'd been told that the last three seasons. This is it this is this is deterrent is just look what's happening look at the players were getting look at the pieces of deposit were putting together. And again 37 in nine seasons in a row and you all know what one more year. Mean it is his four years like the magic number again I don't know if Sean Payton Stacy says he sent a great coach. Much I would to. I would stick with what I said all along and that is that it appears as stiff. Sean Payton is stagnant but the sites and I don't like that I don't like saying that. But it appears as if something is is stagnant so if he can change that and get back to being the way he was great. If he can't then it maybe it's time for change. If you gonna join us 260187. He text a 7870 let's go to river region tenure under BW well. Aides who welcome back and show you. It up and let them view and technical thought but many many he has and it's not your agent's going to be the entire media's so maybe you can and for what can. Gotta respect Europe and Willie do okay. Why does the media. Focus on the complain nerves and the crib with sides. And I'll give an example that Mormon Tabernacle Choir is made up of hundreds of people. One person objectives. They get the headlines. Duty on the war on applause at the same outlines. Now. It's it's human nature it's it's the way we are mean we re acts more too negative news then we react to positive news. If you had a bad experience at a restaurant chances are you'll tell more people. That if everything went like he was supposed to go the same reason that people slowdown to look into an accident on the side of the road. You know what it's like. Well OK Ann and I but it I think some of that is is true when it comes to the negativity of the news it's it's a shame. You know people talk about this often. By its people blamed the media for negative news but it's people who react more to negative news than positive. Well let me play in the Vietnamese popular with that real quick and I don't want to put more time to vote for the majority of popular as Korea which are now topic I was assailed. And negativism as no in the any Tom Corson got negative is for an occupation went about wearable. And I'm sorry that well but the public could sell his state they live on sensationalism. Which is normally to a negative. Standpoint which is to immediately human is ridiculous. Well but he is human nature to him but I don't I don't like it but it's it's human. A Sarwan. We're not taught by our parents and old teachers and all. Now W I I think it's it's it's it's human nature guys as far as so somebody who is on handling employees yet you've got negative employees in and they're not going to be positive. Get rid of them but that doesn't. Want to take a lot it would give it would. Big news in emanate during. I I I understand that but I also think we need to recognize it it's again it's it's human nature to focus on. Something that is Nicholas isn't. Media pop it's that can be a year reflects. The good prospect in the U reflects millions. Well it they fertilize it and Norman in Europe. And like that that one person out of Bob Roberts you've got two or three people criticize that trumped what about the 220 million that the he beat its pocket and it has. And at the same was true at the same was true when it went. Well the sick that with a six figures to abort what about all the negative people in the negative comments about Barack Obama. They went about it what about the millions of people who supported him right here in this area and every. And the YouTube YouTube support mop whether Barack Obama trop. Don't know what it is it's the negatives of eats and company people criticize the pain want to play Ayman. Given that it. Maybe. You know I I don't know I mean I've got a got a couple of stories in front and even uttered I don't know what to Linda and Paul listened to. The point is it Tim that the that. Whether you like this or not it's it's human nature. And in negative news will always speed ticker news and positive knew well how okay will you you have that you have that right Tim as an American I mean. You have that right. But if you turn off the negative news you're not going to be watching any news at all which can also be your choice. I'm stood in the afternoon if your policy withers if you wanna join us 2601878607870. And your center revealed his update with Japan's. It's a Tuesday afternoon for those of you who had yesterday off it's a short week feel to come Monday that it is Tuesday already which isn't good news. Urban street New Year's Eve downtown New Year's Eve it was it was crazy and as far as I know there were no high profile incidents. I felt safe I was there earlier in the evening and again at midnight. And I feel very safe the city of New Orleans and NO PD has some new rules in effect we'll talk to police chief of Michael Harrison about that coming up. In the next hour we're talking about Donald from being criticized for ditching the press to go play golf over holiday weekend and he hasn't even taken office yet and I say this and I know a lot of people agree Hyannis duties just supporting trump no I'm not. If you listen they show. You will hear high degree of consistency. And it may seem like inconsistency because I'm not all right I'm not all left. But I want you to get excited about the show in this new year 2017. Because the times in America or change. And I don't know how quickly it's gonna happen. But eventually there's gonna be more respect for the majority of us who are moderates. The majority of us who are not far right or far left that is the majority of America. So why should a radio show reflect that majority. W Google's been here for a long time I've been here for a long time. I want you to get excited about all of this like it's brand new. It is the beginning of the new year. I don't try being criticized I think that's unfair and I would say that regardless of who's present. Also we're talking about the other marching band front Talladega Alabama oldest private black liberal arts university. These are going to perform ants trumps inauguration January 20 and there's criticism of that. Are pretty jetBlue opinion poll asked the question do you think that's a good thing. 80% say yes and 20% say no you can give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com from Covington John welcome to the show happy new year. I'm happy new year pretty group. Let them with the inauguration. I think they they just. You know it patent the be all the have an elaborate and stuff you know every armed service that we. Has banned let them reformed highlight them but the Marines and reformed the marine choir. You know. I don't have the list and finally John that there will be a lot of those bands that a lot of high school bands and military richness of the a lot of those kinds of bans so performing. What you know there's no you know why wire celebrity more important in the that they inauguration. Let the people who has raised there and and volunteered to serve the country give them highlights it's a political that he has the commander in chief. Those are the people should be highlight. You know who cares that Mariah Carrey with our our our bad it's going to nor are who have or are you. We're gonna talk about that little bit later. We I've got I've got some of the I've got some of the I've got some of the cuts from Mariah Carey are not ABC's rock and New Year's eves and we're gonna expose that a little bit later in the show. Yes and you know one other thing I want they are concerned that trap or. The that mail truck that morning could not have been practicing Kaplan thank you student. All right John. WL. Helen Kim. HM I'm. I'm really wanted to comment about shall pay the outcome. I think that article in the paper that's what they're so. About you know quote in an extremely successful Croat shin wa wa and how he is the winningest coach in saints history. And under. Story about. They employing him and what they'd been published. What is your by your record but they did give his total. During I think and you and most people might not want to do this to give back the Super Bowl a year in which I believe you won fourteen games during the regular season. He is eight sub. Are 500 coach. And I think it's time to get rid of him and I think that the world and to. Crow franchise. Are really suffering from the bench and ownership. Because. He's not involved on her. And Mickey Loomis I think it done a very poor job with the same two hours. Perhaps. All that argument that an argument could certainly be made Kevin and and I don't care what somebody's done in the past I go to saints games and people pay money to go to saints' games not with the expectation. That bullet as a matter because of what Sean Payton do when Drew Brees did. They go to the saints games with the expectation that the team is going to try to win. And there have been so many times over the last three seasons and it's 79. When it appeared as if the saints were not even really into it. And that opportunities are inexcusable. Yeah I agree let me get you know trip over to the potent stuff for second yup. Because that they stopped work on that same lack of an active owner who come in the offseason they signed option. Antegents. Two very lucrative contract. And. I watched it hardly ever place burned and he didn't play last night. And tell them god outrebounded. Quite severely by Ike cavalier and cavaliers did play they're being. And account and keep telling small and I give the coach. Credit we're not sure it's a calming to I think what would beat them fracture from them. The play these ice and heat sign that the such long term contract that is going what the smaller lineup because. That's what a lot of NBA team do and he cut bait and Aaron and I just like he is fairly athletic but EE I actually. All of archer and a tiebreaker Kevin but the point you're making is that to you don't think Benson is an active enough an active enough owner. And I'm I'm I'm sure at this point to Tom Benson wood Brothers things stay the same thing changed. And they're they're doesn't seem to be enough pressure demanding that there be change among. The saints and and and the pelicans as well I mean there's a there's an acceptance of what has happened then and acceptance of what's going on now. But you know I don't know what to say about Sean Payton I don't know whether he's gonna stay or go and it's it's far too soon to say whether or not is gonna stay ago I stood in the afternoon and we'll be right back on WL. Growth of pro emeritus so opening theme premise. On Tuesday January 3 1989. The Arsenio Hall Show made its premiere on Fox News not announced are not boxers on the fox entertainment network. Arsenio hall's show started to go down. After the LA writes. Arsenio Hall became. More political. The show became. More serious. And it's interesting that a show can go from being. Serious. To being not so serious easier than you can go from being. Not serious to serious. I mean there can be shows like The Daily Show there can be a lot of shows where there's political. Comedy. Where there's politics and and comedy but Arsenio Hall got really really serious and I'm not saying that his cause was not worth that I'm just making the observation that that's one of the things that. Party show to an end that the ratings started to fall. Are considerably. When Arsenio Hall got very serious after the LA riots. I scoot in the afternoon if you would join us for the comic this afternoon on numbers 2601878. Text 877. A lot of things we wanted to leave behind in 2016 Dutch many have already filed this into the new year 2017. The marching band from Talladega Talladega College marching tornado band has accepted an invitation to perform in the truck inauguration. And a lot of people are criticizing this also a member of the Mormon temple not require which are caller pointed out earlier is massive. But a member Jan Chamberlain out put her resignation letter on FaceBook last Thursday. She said that the choir appearing at the inauguration is endorsing tyranny and fascism. She feels betrayed. The or church or fired Jesus Christ of latter day saints spokesman Eric Hawkins told the Salt Lake City Tribune newspaper. That's the inaugural performance is voluntary. So she could have volunteered not to perform and still been part of the epic the choir. Our concern said last week that this is traditional odd thing that they do. And it isn't implied that his support of party affiliations or politics. But it's a demonstration of our support for freedom civility. Andy peaceful transition of power and that's the same thing that I would say about the Talladega pan. I understand that people are set and that on paper it it doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense for disband to be performing. The we're talking about to something that we often talk about which is the celebration of the transfer of power. And there was a time. Eight years ago there was a time. Four years ago when a lot of Americans were not happy that Barack Obama became president. But on this show. And a lot of people said look it's okay that you don't like who the president is. But he at least respect the office of the presidency. And I'm consistent I'll say the same thing about about Donald Trump. I don't like everything that Donald Trump has said I don't like everything that he's doing. But he's not even president yet and if there's need to criticize we will criticized but I do think as I said earlier this it's it's unfair. To be critical of trump for going to play golf and ditching the press my god if I were in that position I would ditch suppressed all the time. You can't do that all the time when something important but certainly playing golf when you're still just the president elect. And you wanna get a what you wanted to suppress to go I don't think there's anything and it was anything wrong with that. Here's a Texas says so what part or sending a hauled down was what he had Lewis Jericho on on the show. That's the moment too that his downfall took well. You know you could argue that but he had Lewis for our car owners are not mistaking mr. Khan on. About the time that he was getting serious source this entire. This attire I Trent diversity awed getting series but again it's. You know it's interesting that a show can go from being very political adding humor but you can't go from humorous to being totally serious and and political. If you do the audience is not going to adopted that as well if you do what rejoice in the comic this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601. A seventy Tex Amber's age 78 separate. I was on Burma street New Year's Eve and it was. When I expected may be the crowd was a little lighter because of the though the weather. But it was still packed. It was a very interesting experience I felt very safe what about these new rules put into effect but the city and NO PD. We'll talk about that coming up in the next hour with NO PD chief Michael Harrison and we'll be back under review well. Here's a Texas says so Escude can you explain how it doesn't make sense for a band to play it's an honor plain and simple it's not political what the heck this is getting old. And the text or wants to know who is or who is complaining. There's an article in the New York Daily News says quoting a member of the Talladega class of 1974 surely Ferrell from Fairfield Alabama. And she says. We are being horrified to hear the of the invitation. I don't want my alma mater to give the appearance of supporting him meaning trump. Ignore decline or whatever please don't send our band. In now out in. I named to do that. And another person comments after how black people were treated truck rallies. You're going to shock energized down Pennsylvania Avenue for what. What they did as a slap in the face to other black universities. And so there are those who are totally disagree with Talladega bands performance. In the inauguration. And there will be more controversies like this I personally think it's a good thing. At some point we all need to recognize the difference between. The person who is in the office. And the fact we have a peaceful transfer of power. Some argue that maybe it hasn't been that peaceful but when you think about how. Some. Some people were ousted from power in other countries yes it is very very peaceful. So some people are are recognizing this as its inauguration. It's not just the inauguration of Donald Trump. You have your opinion I in my opinion everybody's are entitled to their opinions. On New Year's Eve at midnight I was on her history. And I felt totally safe. There were some new things the city of New Orleans and NO PD did. Are those things can be done again. Could they become permanent we'll talk about that within a PD chief Michael Harrison coming up I'm Stu graduate assume we'll be back on WWL.