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Scoot Show 2pm Securing Bourbon Street

Jan 3, 2017|

NOPD Chief, Michael Harrison. Bourbon Street – New Year’s Eve – there were no high-profile incidents. Were you downtown for New Year’s Eve? Did you feel safe? What are the pros and cons of blocking all streets that cross Bourbon Street during events?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is so great to be back with you in this new year of 2017. I wanna thank kabob Mitchell for sitting in while I was gone had a great time in my son Sean. And his wife Lauren who were in town from a Portland or again her mom was in town as well and it was just it was a it was a great time engine had a chance to disturb step away from the show but I missed you and I'm really going to be back. CNN host Don lemon got drunk during CNN's coverage of New Year's Eve in New Orleans. Some liked it some were critical. I posted a video of this part of this his performance. On FaceBook on a scooter on the air. Over the weekend and it got a lot of hits. We talk about that in the next hour did you see Don lemon live on CNN or did you see the video Don lemon and as host Brooke Baldwin. I think he ended up getting is he get his ear pierced like on television because they were telling him to get a get an ear pierced our our debt. Get attached to. Any he was kind of he was kind of drunk but somebody Pearce is here live on the air. New Year's Eve at midnight. Hours on her history. And I love that experience. I have often. Judged. Crowds in the French Quarter. And to me every crowd has an attitude it's a collective. Attitude. And there have been times when I started going to the quarter. And decided I don't know I don't feel right is something about describe that doesn't feel right I'm not going it. And I left. I felt really safe new years eve. From the very beginning of going to divert restraint I get a life feed on my my FaceBook page scoot on the year. And you can go down and NC part of that if you want to what was their life for the countdown. One of the things the city of New Orleans did along with NO PD ways block all of the the side streets that cross Bergen street so it truly was a pedestrian mall. I wanna talk to you know PD chief Michael Harrison chief welcome to the show. You. Is. Is clear wisdom in doing that could this be something that's gonna be done again because I felt like he was really successful. Think here in this is going to be down again and so we you know in in discussions with now mayor along what we can do. To secure the ministry of acute front court secure city in their own bowling client to. Make it more secure but we ought to art but blocking off. All of the street to make it a pedestrian. Mall only are we use. Plant that war criminal element to them more permanent. But yet you're going to the world there. Thought putrid majors you've been very competent. Also there were a lot of flood lights out and it's the first time that I'd seen the floodlights on the other side of canal on the CBD side of canal in. Black or close to where I live to cry on the west and even down toward pointers they had a big flood lights out. That has got to also be a good idea. And so we. Real operational winnable war in the past couple weeks Homeland Security gave to. We want every. Street and that we rented insecurity is probably 2030. More of the greedy. And out critical that we can. And it really different look at the screen. Hopefully it'll canal street people felt a lot better. Until yeah going to feed in the future well. Cheever and I was like on Bourbon Street tyranny of the FaceBook feed one of the comments that I made was. You know these lights are really good especially in the first block suburban because. That's an area that doesn't have the concentration of business that the other blocks have we seen some things happen in that first block of suburban street in the past. Bad people don't like well lit areas they they seek the darkness and so. Just by eight shedding light that nothing's gonna be a 100% guarantee. But just by shedding light on some of these sort or areas. That's gonna keep some bad people away. And Michael. And in addition of these fictional because the 100 law already here from visualizing their businesses. Repeal the paid for the city. Install it to be heard from in the bogey and even more you know. Coming up what look what we do we mutual thing. What we're really adequately mutual legal you'll police and troopers. And for the first round you crow on the panel previously lead in full practical view was long gone and so. We ought to prevent. Like you mean in. Germany and in me and so we needed to prevent that but they actually proper response should we need to. I'll put it certainly has made a lot of people. A great. Com and will be able to prevent any major. And the lining it in camera bill all the way. Yeah chief Harrison also noticed a dead end and PD officers and and state police were very thirty vigilance on. Sometimes the appears somewhat distracted but I I noticed that they were very very vigilant on the crowd. When I walked up and down government street New Year's Eve. That that. The point where I mean their point about plane we wanna make sure we're not just there. Waiting to respond but that would be meaningful if we're peaking now people who you legally here. Looking to do one of actual people who would really very. Pro active approach I'll be going back to the state police as well. And because all point me in the one people who live and work here and the people who visit. If they haven't won a great experience when they when they reforms but it would revert. Right chief when you say you're looking you're looking for people who are carrying illegally what what what exactly are you looking for. Well you know police. Our main and that skill shall open. With training with the experience and people who are who sharing model that ultimately then import the party and we'll have a different law a different. Spain and Italy with training and as we begin to recognize that included in give reasonable suspicion procurement check. Find out if there he's legally in which is carrying them in the current field. I'm insult you know people all of them don't that the war could do weapon. But that the criminal certainly can't walk round with open air but he applicants who have been well we're looking forward really good. Are in the world making it number on Bourbon Street in the current war but the net is clear. Personally never played. October and gone will be enjoying. It. And have a good time the bill to do not make. Anything legal we did not want you going on. The first quarter and an illegally in. Don't. Iranian looking for the and that one way to make an actual people buried by picking people on the street. My chief are you gonna do this on the same strategy with the blocking the cross streets for the NBA all star game. We want to do this bull market and be all and for future to come to the and right now we control with the plan for a more formal structures. To be able to do it will be an opinion in the future you know it was like now we're going to be the outcome especially. Yeah right at the beginning of canal street to town Durban there was a a huge. That the dump truck that might have belonged to sanitation or reverse some. On department of the city of New Orleans blocking that are blocking that entrance and an analyst sized trees or police fans are pickup trucks or other other vehicles and blocking it. I just I felt extremely safe new years eve at a time when. This country doesn't always feel safe in large crowds and at a time when there was a lot of talk about what if what if what if how I felt extremely safe and I couldn't help but think that blocking this cross streets was part of it DD get much backlash from business owners and hotels. Ultimately everyone with a cooperative. And supportive of every measure we took and it cooperative. The call of making it even safer in the future. But no backlash citizen and it was all right more fortunate. And went out there and make sure you know well well isn't just congregate. The group that is complementing. And security. And the guy with the tactical gear on the truck blocking the street. You know walking in the bunker the visitors. During the election and so all of the period and I'm pretty here that you say you go play I think many different. Yeah and I'm very quick to try to read the crowd and and I as a president a police chief I'm sure you can sense the ambience of a crowd there at you know crowds have attitude to mean a lot of different people in the crowd a crowd has an attitude. And I felt really good about the crowd out there you see it. They'd do inaudible on Decatur and street. And I and so crowd really relaxed kind of letting them handling it. And I. It felt really comfortable and we got it compliments on the increased prevalence. But also on the basically took it straight all of the things we need to make them feel. Is there any possibility that this would happen on. A regular basis every weekend and not just during special events. Well at will capacity equals. And mental role and weakened figure out how to do this without diminishing police response. Anywhere though all are diminishing police services anymore. We can certainly try to do it more frequently before right now we certainly focused on especially. My chief here's I gotta get to break here Belichick over here's a Texan wanna share with you. Please tell the chiefs that I think he's one of the best cheese that we've ever had as I do for his service. You know you took over really tough situation and an overall I think he's done a good job and I think you know PDs headed in the right direction. Thank you and thank you for you caller on night work blessed and happy new year. All right happy new year. Police chief Michael Harrison live on Debbie WL. If you enjoyed it with a comment I'd I'd I'd love to hear from you if you were on Bourbon Street or if you were down. Around Jackson square and Decatur street for the dropping of the ball the countdown on New Year's Eve. How did you feel. Our numbers 260187. In every coach 5042601. A seventy. Text numbers a 77 he hears a song from that the clash and I think it's important that we just remind people that if you fight the law. Quite often. The law's gonna win. We'll be right back on WL. You know I have to admit I was I was impressed it it makes for. If you think about the news the the nature of human beings it would make better talk radio if I came on the air said. And I was out there on Bourbon Street it's sucked it was awful it was terrible the police were not doing their jobs I can't believe they blocked the streets it didn't help at all. That would be lighting up the phones. But that wouldn't be honest. So should I do that just a light of the phones. Should talk show host should people in the media do that just to get your attention. Or should we strive to be honest with what we see. Even if it doesn't attract the same attention. Well this is one of the things I'd love about the show. I'm gonna be honest you might disagree with and that's okay. But I'm not gonna come on here and just say something around you. Believing there's playthings. That rile you up. And it's funny things that I see and it's. It's just instant. Is your reaction. But I think it's interesting that when something is good and this just the nature of the media but I'm not gonna be afraid to do this on the show. And I hope you find a home with us every afternoon from one to four. Here in WW well whether it's 1053 FM 870 AM attempt to google.com. And I do welcome those of you who are listening around the country. I like New Year's Eve on Bourbon Street for this reason I did to the jacks buried many years and was here for the third to count on drop. But a couple of years back I did something and I wanted to do it again this year and also that life on FaceBook. I went to the suburban street during the countdown to midnight. Because what I noticed a couple of years back when I did this. And it happened again this year. About. About five minutes to midnight. Nobody's signaling to the crowd. But that the pace of the crowd moving open jumper every street. Slows down. With no cue from anybody it just slows down people are looking at their watches their phones are checking the time. And about five minutes to deny the whole crowd kind of slows down. And then about three minutes to midnight. It stops. Nobody tells the crowd to stop. But these people altogether most of the strangers some people or in groups and some people with somebody they know. This collective group of people. Sense. What is coming the beginning of a new year. And they stop. And at some point. Somebody starts the 109876. Countdown. To New Year's Day. And nobody props it. But the whole crowd the people on the balconies. And the people down below the street where I want. Count down to the new year. And you see people hugging and you're seeing and wishing each other happy new year where I'd like about that is so it's it's not a party and you're not surrounded by people you know. You're surrounded by strangers there's something nice about knowing that this is something that we celebrate together. This is something that we share. And it's something that we share as human beings all over this planet. It's done in China. Japan. Australia. Germany. Russia. The United States it doesn't matter what the government is. The marking of a new year is. A celebration around the world it is. Saying good bye to an all year and hopefully a fresh new start with a fresh new attitude and we all of fresh new start now it's up to you to keep it fresh meat eater you do get the calendar starting afresh new year might you have to. Do the things that they get a fresh new year if you really wanted to be a pressure and just changing the calendar does it make it but just of a fresh new year you've got to do some work on that as well. But it is a new beginning and I just I love being and I I enjoyed being on FaceBook life. On Debian on Joseph saw actually on my FaceBook page scoop on the year. But I do things on Debian we've already was well. And it's still mired my FaceBook page if you wanna him to get a glimpse of that but it really wasn't I just a very very interesting experience and I just I I love being a part of that. If you wanna join us with a comment we downtown for New Year's Eve. Did you feel safe. Did you walk from. Canal street of that gym area all the way to the Jack or Gary Jackson square. This was the first year for ABC's rocket Crist Asif. How mr. Clark. Ryan Seacrest was in New York but this was the first year that they had anchors in New Orleans also CNN. I did to their broadcast here as well. CNN was hosted by a Kathy Griffin and all so Anderson Cooper in New York but they had Brooke Baldwin and Don lemon here. And Don lemon got a little tipsy. Already catcher. But I thought it was really kind of funny. And I've really got a lot of hits on that soon enough FaceBook is as well. If you were there did you feel safe. If you wanna join us with comment our numbers 2601870. And do you deal like this idea what what's wrong with blocking all of the side streets like like they were blocked for New Year's Eve. What's wrong with blocking all of the side streets across perfect. Short every corner there were no cars. There was no traffic. Trying to get a crow it would derby history was truly a pedestrian mall. DC any flaws in that. Police chief Harrison just told us that they were getting rave reviews for the distances. And from everybody. What's wrong with blocking the side streets. If it may have been partly the weather although there were areas suburban street. That we're just describe her as if the weather would have been perfect ending the weather was not nearly nearly as bad as predicted. So there were a lot of people out from under using. And you might have been around Jackson square Decatur street united and under restriction. If you were they or did you sense. The safety that I sensed. And did you see anything that was. Threatening deal. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach final four to 601 a seventy and are taxed as a 77. Here's a Texas says Escude I was at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando Florida we had a blast. We put the Heisman Trophy player to shame I couldn't wait to come back home. And listen to your show I've I've I appreciate that yes LSU did a phenomenal job it was great to see the tigers have played that way. Not so good to see the saints play the way they played Sunday. In the final game regular season game at Georgia Dome against the falcons and it's just if your saints fan it's it's it's hard to admit what we have to admit. The falcons are really could this year. Here's another Texas says sensationalism. Is not news news is factual. We have very little today thanks for your open mindedness that is from John again if you wanna join us in the comic this afternoon to 601870. In a text from receipts have decent meet we'll be right back after this every WL news update with Jimmy and so. That's the bad news good news is it's a Tuesday already so that we get is almost here. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll do you agree with blocking all streets across Bergen street to make it more of a pedestrian mall. 85%. Say yes. And 15% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com I felt safer got a text here are suggesting that the recent I felt safer this weekend New Year's Eve. Was because he wasn't after an event like the viking classic. Which is somebody trying to bring up race which I'm not an entertainer not gonna do that. But I like to point out that there are people who think that with everything is raised it and everything everything is race some people. Industry is really saying it because most of us aren't like that. And yes like haters to get most of the attention. The incident that happened after the bayou classic. On a weekend. Had nothing to do with. The game. So what's your point. The terrorist attacks in Germany. And Paris. Niece France with trucks. I didn't have anything to do with race. So whenever there's a large crowd. In 2016 out 2017. There's reason to be concerned. And it would be again it would be great talk radio to be complaining about the city and bashing the city I don't agree reliving the city does. But in this case I agree with a city I agree with the flood lights out. I agree with seeing some officers in tactical gear which was a first. I a agree with blocking the side streets I felt safe new years eve were you there Biggio are numbers 2601870. Every coach 504260. When he said he taxi 7070. From Metairie Ryan welcome to the show. And it. Yes. A first caller that and just comment I'll give them all. If you. Wanted to just aren't to that is the police are going to block streets where. Vehicles were about maybe getting some of the vehicles like billboards signs off. And then the police can use those and possibly use that advertising. Opportunity. And you got to block street. Brian it's I think it's a very feasible idea. I I mean they're used for kind of they're using advances there at the beginning of our street and canal there was a being. I'd dump truck but on the other. A side streets they were smaller vehicles and there's a reason why they couldn't do that and and selling advertising to. Make up for any and it costs. Right. On top deal on equipment. Equipment where. I can't obsolete and followers are like. Where is somebody fell on it and use that tool. Police station. And an arsenic and uses monitoring. Street. What I'd use a vehicle that would soar as a multi purpose vehicle that can accomplish more people. And I column. Would basically be. Column. Profit center or NO PD or christianity. To offset some of those call. Well you have now put the idea out there and I know that there are all discussing how it worked this past weekend and what to do about it to make it better in the future right appreciate the suggestion. For Hammond branch here on Devi WL. Get. Pollution policy money without locking up our street okay. I was there and bet that this past year August but the Elvis week it and feel streeters that many cars out Leo. Parker street. They bought that ball in the charge can dollar. Just to get on the street now. Do you get on. But it was it like ten dollar and it was the very secure area. You know there was you know. About the person and the amount of people are triggering it and I think it. You know make some money. And I agree with you it's an interesting idea we have we have talked about down on the show some of the things that are done on Beale street and in Memphis. Lot of differences between B street and suburban street but there are some similarities in terms of just the dynamics. And you know it's just it's it's interesting to figure out what people with malicious intent. Don't like. They don't like lights. They're not gonna pay ten some will mean nothing is 100%. Guaranteed to be safe. But I thought blocking the side streets was a really good idea they're gonna do it for morning draw. They're gonna do it for the NBA all star game is coming up I believe in in February. And this is a step in the right direction. Nothing is going to make it 100%. Safe and dead people are still gonna get into the series. But bad people have this instinct. To stay out of liked. To stay out of areas where they can be exposed. In general this is it a general. Statement. But I think a little various were. Very very beneficial if your hole stay witness if you wanna join us for the comment I'd love to talk to you if you were on Bourbon Street New Year's Eve. Or at Jackson square or the dropping of the Fort Lee on Decatur street did you feel safe. 2601 a seventy every code 5042601. A seventy text embers a 7070. We're gonna dedicate this song. Two meg and Kelly. Meg and Kelly leaving Fox News going to NBC news not a big surprise. Are you glad she's gone or are you sorry she's gone does this make Fox News better does it make Fox News worse. I'm stewed in the afternoon ledger witness this is where politics and pop culture Beecher opinions and be back on that we have Euro. But pop culture calendar to resign is Dade January 3 2004. Britney Spears. Married childhood friend Jason Alexander. In a spur of the moment wedding in Las Vegas. Their marriage lasted 55 hours. Before they had to Knowles. I quite often use this in. Defending. The right that he should have to get married in my opinion. Because they were people who said gays getting married makes a travesty of marriage. No heterosexuals have been a travesty of marriage long before homosexuals have the opportunity. To make a travesty of marriage and Britney Spears and Jason Alexander were classic example of that. I'm screwed in the afternoon and from Slidell Charles welcome to the show. You're. Or. Force Protection security. Juniors. Or the Force Protection and people that are upset about. The option in oh I'll bet you your at all. I. That level charm and well actually it's all. If we're area where we're at level. We don't know what we call it right now there. We won't be prepared for that and not and the fate. Wars that is. Not Jewish state reactionary. Or. You know Charles and the question would always be will it is an anticipation of their being any trouble why not be proactive and just present that is that. That position and that image before anything happens. That stretch like that what they you know. And that way it should be always. Boring. Superior numbers and superior are our. Sheen pre set. And it bat like takes place and France Germany and stroke like this for. It shows you know I think one of the things that there should be talked about is that that that criminals and people with malicious intent. They they've they've really seek places where they think they're not gonna get caught one of the reasons I believe the crime was taken off the New Orleans. Is because I know it's down and in some areas but. But bet people have become so brazen because they're not afraid of the police are not afraid of getting caught but if you do have a pop up a positive stance and I don't have any problem with the tactical gear some people call the military state called what you want. But he seems to be a effective because there are people who. Don't wanna encounter that. That's correct it the question to the people at all or via military state court or military's. Out. They're streak they're. What it sure they'll. Here. Are some very and people so. I don't want. Somebody that is trying and edit equipment to. In track right. I agree Rivera Charles I appreciate the call here's a Texas says I just returned from Las Vegas Las Vegas Strip. It's a close down and all the access streets are blocked as well they have over 300000 people. They come to the strip. For New Year's it can be done. Here's another text I can understand your living downtown part is it really worth it to subject yourself to a greater chance of an attack. I left New Orleans five years ago and moved to Folsom for peace and quiet. I can visit downtown New Orleans anytime I like but I do not have to live in fear. What I understand that and if that's the way you feel when you you should leave the city. If it makes you happy to live somewhere else and he should live where you're happy I'm happy living downtown. I don't live in fear. I live in a state of caution. I'm very cautious on more cautious than ever before. There are things that I used to do that I don't do. I've I've mentioned this before. Before Christmas. I remember one year a couple of years ago. After a midnight mass at immaculate conception. I want to be a lobby at the Roosevelt which was beautifully decorated and then decided take a walk to the French Quarter. And nobody was out. I want to French Cora walked down Decatur on cafe du monde was close to being nobody was out it was kind of forget that night. And I it was very very peaceful I've really enjoyed it. I wouldn't do that now. Because things have changed. So I don't live in fear. But I am very cautious and in the same way that you love the peace and quiet I I love. I love living in the city and you know that's why he. We have the freedom to live where we wanna live if you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601. A seventy. Text Amber's age 7870. Happy birthday today to musician from Daft Punk Thomas bank altered he says 42 years alternate. So coming up for the next hour we'll talk about CNN host Don lemon getting drunk during CNN's coverage of New Year's Eve in New Orleans did you see it. Have you seen the video I posted it on my FaceBook page stewed on the air did get a lot of attention. Tolerate some of the comments. They went along was that. I got a text here that says. I remember night court judge actor Terry Anderson got drunk. While on TV during morning draw on Comedy Central. I think maybe 2007. Whole areas. Did Don lemon do himself any favors by getting drunk on TV I will talk about that we all also we've got some great moments in the next hour. For Mariah Carey when the sound got all screwed up and she's blaming ABC. Will be back on WL. And on a pop culture calendar for today January the third on this day in 1987. Aretha Franklin was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. She was the first woman to be honored. No. Woman. Of any other race mated before her. You know there there are moments when the world is more fair. Then some people would have you believe it doesn't mean that there is not a lot of injustice in the world but. The fact that Aretha Franklin was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. As the first woman ever to be honored. I think is a testament to. The color blind nature. It's. Music it's not always that way but sometimes it actually is that way. I look don't laugh. I promised the American laugh. Running back. Now with the Buffalo Bills. Reggie Bush. Made NFL history. Don't laugh. He was the first NFL player. To ever. Finish the season. Minus three yards. And a touchdown. On twelve carries. Come I told. You Demi don't even smile like that the issue you're you're happy the bridge. Army and the guy this been like for the card dashing I mean should we have a little more sympathy for Reggie Bush. I think there was interest. I'm scared of the afternoon glad you're with us tonight you gonna join us with a comment about any we talk about turn numbers 2601878. Area code 504260187. In a text. Is 87870. The Rose Bowl yesterday was one of the most exciting football games I've ever seen at one when it was a team that I had no per personally to stand USC and Penn State. I mean if it's the saints' game and wish you were tooling or somebody you love well those are exciting games in nursing a one. But for not having interest in in in who wins the game. That was one hell of a game. And Penn State down Penn State comes back in USC comes back. I think it was the highest scoring bowl game in the history of polls USC in the Rose Bowl 52 to 49. And it got two words for Sam Arnold. Sam Arnold. A redshirt freshman. Freshman quarterback number fourteen with USC. Is the most unbelievable freshman quarterback. I've ever seen a football. There has got to be teams right now calculating when he reaches his junior year. When. They're going to try to get him. And I'm sure their teams right now. Maneuvering to put themselves in a position to give up what they have to give up or have a terrible season a year before so they get the first draft pick because it. Sam Donaldson young quarterback number fourteen for USC. He's going to mean much coveted recruit. When he comes out also want to talk about Sean Payton continues you've got the latest on our website at WW dot com I don't know what comment to make because. Everybody's denying everything so until there's news to talk about down I don't know that there's a lot to talk about however the guys with on sports so we'll get into that. A little bit later we'll be right back inevitably you'll.