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1-3 5:40pm Bobby with Drew Brees: QB To QB

Jan 3, 2017|

Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees about the 2016 Saints season and looking ahead to next year.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right come on back to argue calls based on now for QB to QB would you conversation we Drew Brees to barge by the goal auto. Little cause auto insurance. Drew thank you for joining us a tough on Sunday in in the season and seven and nine Andrew Beckett tailed by you know what you spoke after the game mean to the media. Team is I was the first trade your first trade because you'd much rather be doing his QB to QB to date drew talk about how you know. Hopefully next year yeah you buys got a week to heal because one of the top two seeds or you prepare for another ballclub in. That frustration is something that. Unfortunately. You'll be able to China and get off few cheers to you step back on the field in that will be a sometime next season. Yeah obviously that support. Our court to see like hall is over north. Right through it yet so while I would put. It out we wish we certainly feel like. We have the capability of a disappointment feasible it's not the point. Optimist that I have a he's our future here on. Coaches. A two run on the cup final. Readers have been the support. Of the year later your game air it cost. The complexion. That. And ordered. You know some of those great except you know just like. Seven to about. Social out all owe it to all. Rattle off they're Guerrero at the playoffs chip so that hole. Time here at like. A. Now I drew looking at the Atlantic game and how it and fold that boy did they came out smoking in blitzkrieg go four play 68 yards and you're down seven to zero yell started the game three now. That all of us and you get long sustained drive fifteen plays the assembly four yards but got to settle for a field goal to make it seven to three and instead of you know 7 December as we never know little momentum how it goes back and forth but. What is your take now do you think that will be addressed maybe in the off season. I think we've talked about has before oh what is a catch. To me it looked like he caught the ball two feet. Within the touchdown the leaner but it was overruled Doug is the laws can control the ball does that move. Listen it's. I really really can't tell you scoundrel of green. I think it's suffered. Note that the you know it it's over it partner way I see eight of you know obviously I'll be able to feel that you would like yet this year or he down. Well. Yeah I noticed is as likely sideline. Coaches they look like they'll get good. Return back to return so. I have no idea or bomb. Yet I think their fans are frustrated also because you know I even though the united overrule that says they call that a touchdown and it's amazing that. Now drew look at that. You know how the game is and obviously not going to saint swimming prince's 35. Point to Atlanta had those animals given up in the Sean Payton era and a half. Oh what did you tell as being one of the leaders on the team obviously in the offense. But also a team leader what did you tell the office to what did Sean Payton held the team. At that embarrassed in first had that first half where all of a sudden you turn things around in the second half and it and you write down your competing. It was a stunning magic potion have to know what happened. Nothing. Of that notion that you. Guys look at each other and say that. That there's a part. There's no deficit ever. You know it was in Atlanta played as well they popped quicker player I think on both sides of the ball and that first corner and the score. But I think we knew. That we can be more efficient. You know I that purse structure. Out orders. There's some more points we could have had it read outs in the nicest thing about cool that we get the opportunity. We don't score what quarter you know well. There was so blatant like we had a chance. They're good football team the only. Recede but I could certainly do not count as or worse. Situation yet it and it's. Now Joseph how frustrating it is when that like boy he's staying healthy. You know clicking offensively that it is a team game over the it is special teams in the is alive bring that up. That here seven and nine and basically. He righted 500 not an indictment of the lord of playoffs and in. You look at achievements and the hard Rebecca and that is. And his only the second time this happen in NFL history. You have a 5000 yard pass that 2000 yard receivers that thousand yard rusher. And and you compare that is Bubba other NFL team that achieved it was the Broncos in 2013. And we all know what they did you know we with the new greatest show on turf back in 2011. In Indy surpassed this so but look at the success they had as a team. Very similar production and highest level. That that has to be frustrating that you fruits are you labor is things like that should definitely be double digit wins are playoff caliber. Yeah it and you. Cut it short note story by what we went back and today. I. Or. Results are well it if you are good or regret or score. And workers pension and those are well. Work improve when. Recruitment or overtake leadership or not we mercker of the open being special and so more. Idol season or. You put a lot of focus. Predators there so I can. Hurt other. Players about it but still just. Built and accomplished. We're gonna keep guys healthy you know back in next year Josh yo. They're. Drawn back. So he ordered key forging ahead. You know this game evils that we all you can call. It didn't occur don't feel like. Who wants. He'll. Kind of the direction of so where were were headed. How people are truck and boat so. Until we can that really deal. With. That what is with the control. QB to QB always conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees drew a Guillen. A lot going on a lot of success in the community I was to give him back quick you Brees foundation and now. I drew would last that time we talk Q was about joining in with a walk on. Entrepreneurship so to speak in now being in with some Dunkin' Donuts tell us about his dream drew in that he had no loudly as we talked to you a big donut guy. Well. Odyssey is element is in the name and that's what. To. Some of the best coffee you experience and actually there's a lot of course sandwiches. He's the right coffee. They're frozen drinks. Movies so that's surprising him. I think old all America I think that's what. Well the last Toby you're not at the record I have. A strong relationships that are actual spread it around. A local time and been very successful on that opened the door traditional. We've gotten itself these are all. Great local French art beat new stores or limps on resource that we got the right most of Louisiana. Wurtman roared out of fuel. And the Duke and north ran across all the regional. And I agree. A program like that too. Much the special. It's it's a great small businesses create jobs. I. In fact Gordon out just as the top and try out. And out. From. All the free coffee Friday coming. Caught. And during what particular. Purchase necessary distorting pretty well. You aren't sure. Who would like but just. You'll. Now drew look at it the 2017. Season obviously. Life when you nine at well in the post season to the next season come around and talk about the optimism that you have. As a Robinson's unit can only control what you control. And and I guess that could make even feel a few years younger. When you look at the first time a trio Iverson was in franchise history. Each had nearly seventy grab that missing the season and L young. You look at Willie Snead branding coach Mike with Thomas that as a rookie that speaks for itself what would you comment on that and also. K and you convince Zach treatment Jahri Evans the comeback considering. How solid they were on the right side. That's when we got it goes to only their production or. To prevail. One thing. Want who movies well. Coached they. A couple games organization. They've. They see all the great things. That foundation has been with the organization. And the standard. Well every walk. A lot worse problem is now Georgia. It's because the guys like oak note. Critical. I think you're not them but there are. They're. There. And watch them more. Apparent. So. To their bodies. And so for the but yeah. I want. 00 the old. Are they for. Drew if fouling out against Uga dresses before and he said hey look at it. I don't know anything up on and taken it is that it did his usual round of the last night on the coach's show. We talked to coach paid by BA assuming that to what you at all which aids as a look I got a four year contract on our. I'm I'm giving back to work I'm doing the things don't always do basic coach Payton put to rest in near the speculation and so forth. Joseph does that is that somebody you you kind of know if it happens are you know you get a situation we just try to address it move on. It seemed like more so around here in New Orleans to know the place as late in. I mean does that does that get to be aggravate me at times and they have their address on the yearly Manila's ballots are well. Well want world. This immediate you know no offense but. That's what it. Who goes where. It. Out there. I mean there's no respect secession ball a little which. And Lee are here you know. I don't he thinks that he'll or a virtual all about. Because they're excited that. Close and we got the right records ago you know do. They and I'll look at and this is the track Greg has an opinion. That'd six point eight coach's legacy seven coaches every year change NFL team. I mean it is just the nature of the beast that is ill come up again next year amoeba that SA to part of or not hopefully not but that that that's his NFL. Yeah. If it's. A good. It's it's rare. You find that he. He's real cultural organization. Top to bottom I think. In any industry but especially. It felt just as so. Certainly challenges. And other top opponent ownership. I coached just the Oilers. You mark of nations. And an arm quick work all of football. He taught in clear. There's. A couple of I think they'll be the first on target like a world. This is a great environment and recovered. And the succeed Johnson. I don't know that into what other veteran. Maybe. Journeyman. Forethought that went to I would what they can about what it's. You mature in basic on right now. QB to QB he's brought to by the goal Arnold locals auto insurance drew thank you so much for the time we'll talk next week as we move into the divisional round of the postseason. Are having cleared drew yet.