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Think Tank 1210pm Trump and his Tweeting

Jan 4, 2017|

President elect Trump says he will continue to tweet once he is in the oval office.  Good idea or bad idea? This hours guest: Dr. Ryan Teten - Associate Professor and Department Head /Political Science Department-University of Louisiana/Lafayette. He specializes in campaignes, elections, the presidency and congress

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Dave going in for Garland Robinette Manning a think tank on this wonderful Wednesday where we get some sunshine here in downtown New Orleans and other a lot of clouds out there but the sun is shining now. And that is a good thing even though it's kinda chilly out there. And getting to colder every day now into the weekend. Really interested to see what happens Friday night. Into Saturday morning talking with WW LTV chief meteorologist parlor Redondo during my. Regularly appointed shift at 5 o'clock this morning from five and 6 AM. And he said depending on the timing of the cold blast that arrives and when the rain ends. We can definitely see some frozen precipitation on both the North Shore and the South Shore. Friday night in the Saturday morning he could be easily eight. It could be frozen rain. And there's a chance to can be a few snow flurries as well. Don't expect a blanket of white stuff everywhere but we could do a little frozen precipitation we'll get a better idea as we get closer to Friday. On the timing of that cold there verses that rain and if we will actually see any. Flurries snow sleet or something else. This hour in the think tanks. We're thinking about president elect Barack while president elect Donald Trump and his tweets. Historically. Presidents of the United States. Have used. He legislative affairs director. Dead it's their job to move some members of congress. In the direction the president or president elect in this case. One of them moved to influence that. To. Cut deals with that. That to trade favors with them to convince them why they should see things from the president's point of view to gather votes. They whipped them. In two. The position where they want them but president elect Donald Trump appears ready to use that legislative whip like none other. Twitter. In a 140 characters or less he has already shown the power that he wields when he puts out. I tweet. And how it has changed lawmakers' positions. Major global companies positions. And others. Just from his tweets. Now let's take a look at this and what this means going forward from Amanda says he's gonna continue to use Twitter. As the president of the United States we welcome in doctor Ryan Deaton associate professor. And department head of political science at the university of Louisiana Lafayette doc didn't thanks for joining us. It's threatening they're happy new year haven't had chance stocky yet this year glad you can get on you as well here. And it's going to be one heck of an interesting year incidents in politics if anything like last year yeah absolutely. You know we just had the new congress warning and and we're about to have the new president sworn and and it comes at a time. A lot of political. Intrigued. With what's going to happen with the GOP controlled house and senate. With Donald Trump who this time ran and won as a Republican in the White House. And wielding his powerful. Twitter account what do you make of the fact that he was able to convince congress to change direction. On ethics yesterday and her tweet he was able to. Pressure the Ford Motor Co. to keep hundreds of jobs in the US instead of me of moving him to Mexico with a tweet. And that was just yesterday and so many other things he's done with the Twitter. Yeah well you heard became president have at least an eagle were weapons or disposal. Technologically. Be able marshaled that you know Barack Obama was being utilized her the Internet he started an entire web site. Well we can't wait. Which tried cheaper public executive orders that he basically at the congressman's. You mired in in in practicality so Oki and you bring them. It would just it would it wasn't around at that point so that a president would use Twitter amber problem utilized it not surprising that. He would keep in utilizing it kind of in. Still. Or not have someone on his staff he'd eat when it Twitter person. Or possibly problematic. It's and the saint and the thing that he tweeting during the campaign. Much much more impact edit president. A United States and we are you know like Boca in congress in international relations her or threatening companies. Via Twitter. That if you lead you know you're gonna species sanctions and the thing so. He will use it like president reported used to but it looks like. Yet he continues the trend. It'll be used to to a to influence policy. Yeah I think the last thing you want at this point. Is now to be the target of a trump tweet and I whether hero lawmaker whether you're a business individual. Whether you're an international leader because. Apparently that's the way he is going to try to influence you and it's a very public way it's a very out there. Every one knows how he feels about you kind of way. Yes and you know right now he can do it and I think he leaves on it you'll election it eaten at the general population behind him network are and it. He starts to think it page then it's gonna matter what he tweets he's in the start to look ridiculous for her threatening. People with no kind of anti bar and is is enforcement of these. I messages he's sending out so you gotta be careful that you know that is positioned to changing very directly. And a lot of different things that he talked about during the campaign and if you lose that it will those elected Q that's Wii to be nothing more than what you set for her there's. Not surprisingly. The minority is coming out and being critical of his use of Twitter. Senator Chuck Schumer of the minority whip says America cannot afford any Twitter presidency. Well you know you had a it's a democratic senator from California adapt during her a debate so I don't think anybody. Coming. You know it they would say it may it Hillary Clinton came and tweeting me it's that should absolutely. Three used what are so this is just kind of chaps from the Dan that the Republicans are facing a completely revoke trot out since and into presidency a unified government similar to what Barack Obama added and we know what happened when he came in. Obamacare railroad through and so. It's kind of a fear that oh my gosh we're gonna get forgotten eventually take shots were chapter available on Twitter seems to be a very well. Cha. So do you think they governing. With a 140 characters or life S is going to be a powerful tool and is a good tool for the president to use the when he is president the president elect to use when he becomes president or do you think it's more dangerous than it is positive for. I think it's. The two public. In a lot of regard there's danger with. And your wedding here in each. She too much to the political process something watcher up there they should keep a promise he made during the campaign. And somebody wants that politics is a lot like sausage or boot camp you're here at this it's everybody who has end result the ability that's made and it starts. Q would you go that American public his entire and and then you'll have that much power it sweet and given that the tweet. I mean it if we determined it quarter is useless and that's what it doesn't matter what it is it's not going to be meeting. The equipment on Erica. It's he has I think eighteen and a half million followers on Twitter. Yeah our country or grind that's where I was gonna with that that it is just a small slice of the pie when you get down to it. But yet you don't have to be one of his followers though to see what he tweets. Well but let me. It gives I know a lot of that mean if it's that seed in an auction and egg in NBC to be at Eritrea stop talking about what you tweeting then it would make a difference in the world but look it's it was created such. Importance during the campaign itself wouldn't fire up at the candidates are when you talk about you know. Such an app you want and what have you on that as just continue to assume we've got to blame here as. Innings in a damn you Michael we give importance that things that don't necessarily are important and can Twitter maybe similar to that. We're talking with professor Ryan T know about. The tweeting trump. The president who says he will continue to send out tweets as president of the United States and whether that's good or bad or. Maybe it's neither may be just an evolution of our politics. And as active teens at the beginning just another tool available to him. The past presidents did not have when they were coming. Intel office when we get back I wanna ask you doctor team about a year. Assertion that we're gonna have a unified government. Do we see it crack in the unity yesterday. With congress. The Republicans in congress. Apparently taken off in a direction that the president wasn't aware they were going or that he didn't approve of and what does that show us for the future legislatively. The power that Donald Trump will have a president to get his agenda through congress ever congress get its agenda. Signed by the president will talk about that after this and continue the discussion about. The trump tweets here on WWL get a call 5042601878. Text a sedate 787. Twelve Tony Clark thanks for listening it's the think tank here on WWL I'm Dave Cowan. Politicians on both sides are scared to death of Donald Trump says one text messages dates 7870. He has no problem calling them out when he feels there not doing their job. And we'll do it on Twitter so the entire world will see. Another person Texas today 7870 says why are these politicians against some tweeting. Are they afraid that people see their dirty little dealings. And reverend says I absolutely love that Donald Trump tweet what's on his mind it's on filtered it cannot be twisted or taken out of context. By the liberal media. Our guest is doctor Ryan Teague and doctor what do you think about these folks who are in love with Donald Trump's tweets. Expecting. It it's okay to follow it presidential tweet that and that there's a difference between what someone says when they're trying to run for president and watch some great tweets. And water they are president of the United States that the rhetoric is so much more important as president of the United States that excellent and comment or green and tweet. It is. Targeting maybe national security here in Russia are talking even about a company that make you re locating it at a pale Brett. On these things carry so much more way that I -- impact the economy to drop by the time they can impact actually spear upper. On that he's just playing around or well being tongue in cheek Wiki list during the campaign spent so I think that. That's why many presidents epic professional staff. Yeah. Well handled those banks occurred you know I heard. These are being wrecked by the rest of the world so. Term do you think Donald Trump. We do you think that the president elect will move in that direction when he is out there. I don't think you well because our purpose outcrop. And I mean like expect you to help elect it is then and that our network and to be president of the united. You know he also has it and he's not reading. By the wayward act and locker or were not under current law and I'm not in a repeal Obama here you know in the past couple months. You're completely moderated in turn a lot of the start with you interpret during the campaign. And that's why I said earlier that the blackout Olympic sport the page you know there's you know we don't really need to what was it really Uga will. Except during the all except locker except that the law expert next chance that your that your rally and then I'll pick an argument you're better than. Little wonder there are people elected importer and curt notes you know they're kind of caught in talker Melanie really very. A on the opening day of congress Donald Trump demonstrated the power of his Twitter account. And and the cloud of the populist credentials. With just a couple of tweets the president elect helped achieve would GOP leaders could not. Successfully pressuring house Republicans to reverse course. On a plan to essentially scuttle in independent congressional ethics board. Why was it that the GOP and the president elect couldn't stop this from happening until. Donald Trump sent out this week. And what does that tell us about the unity that we keep hearing about. Amongst the president and the Republican lawmakers. Well an adult there's unity. And I think they're trying to figure. Out a sprint but we do with Republican Party is changing of the guard. The old school way of doing things are pretty. That occurred later during the politician at an early run for president and Bork and it was very brokered. And you can return to cover pro or at all and cry hamburger. You came out on it didn't it didn't change in the end he became president. Until you can back kind of that kind of credibility. Then. Gimmick and power of the popular are you when he says okay Republicans need to change that. Now they're looking mingling and call caps key key has the American people behind him we'd probably do need change that and again. That is right now looking at him coming and it's being a very popular president with the page will see how long. Congress saying congressional leaders decide that but. Mean that's the thing that Obama and that's why obamacare right into the back of the sport but this is it's fantastic mr. Obama and that's exactly what he did he came in with credit the hope change that got people behind me and it here legislator in Euro in the for two years has represented that. You don't make the president man. Credit if they come down on you that your deep deep trouble so. I think that is one of the things are looking at chip. While he talked. You keep talking. Doctor Seton I think we have communications problem there. Either. You keep talking about the risk of losing the support of the base that has given him the power to do some of these things. Historically. Do you see presidents who lose that support early on and if so or if not do you expect Donald Trump to lose that support if he's an actor. They'd lose support every single time except. Basically the next election that we have in years. Will not the end and reps members also ordered thirty cyber but it's not going to be an election about how they view. It's going to be election about app trump dust and but that you can't go the president out in camp reach single mid term election the president party has lost members. Now beat except for one and that was after 9/11 2002 torque which actually purple in the Turkey in people. 'cause of the issue of 9/11 so. You can present it ever live up to that prompts as personally. He DQ and do it and so you're going to you by the very nature of people are critical dot he's too much in ticket out of print it so you. Look at that house representatives and say well which changed that Democrats. So I mean there's there's the danger that scrutiny by the base is that these promises are not caps and kept quickly. Then I think that people who are very disenchanted with the process and to look at what's on the beach. I was a lot of people think he has a drain the swamp just based on his. Selections for his cabinet has a lot of people who obviously feel betrayed because he did not pursue an effort to block Hillary Clinton out for her alleged violations. The law that he at least alive. And now in the what does that leave of his major promises well build a wall canny build a wall and two years and an if he doesn't. Do you think that he definitely loses that bases almost every president before has in the first two years in office. I mean can start it started I think you're fine but they're steps again you've had this huge anger from the American population that. And needed change that politicians who works that are dragging it into a rut that everything was that more. It was looking worse that it can't and that's and so Donald Trump seem to be the outsider candidate who didn't take any guff from anybody. Would turn things are out and you know I'm I'm not gonna let Wall Street run well your cabinet is made up at least recorders of Merck billionaires street at this point you know we turning things around what's going on the American public. If they start looking at that's been going about the skill. Hell of a lot like a reaping the week after the past hundred years and that's when you have the danger of losing support in the house. Doctor dean thank you so much for your insight your historical perspective and for help on us think about this here and the think tank happy new year great doc and he. Doctor Ryan team ULL political science professor here on WW route your calls and text messages coming up after this on WWL. Do you think that president elect trump. Will lose the support of the base as all but one president have done in the first two years in office. Let's talk about that after that one person Texas today 7870 thing Donald Trump's tweets reflect a change in our society not just the presidency. Another says. That while I do believe that trump needs to think more before he tweets. I don't feel like it's wrong for him to tweet while he's in office at least he's staying in touch with the people who put him in office. Another person to access Donald Trump as a maverick and mavericks are a danger. Trump supporters trust he will do what's good for our country says one other person. Texting has an 87070. And another says trump is not a diplomat. Diplomacy waters down the message and allows politicians to say nothing. Trump lacks diplomacy political correctness and that is what is appealing. About Donald Trump and why he was elected president. Of the United States 260187. To call us now if you wanna say something about Donald Trump and his tactics and his tweets which he says he will continue. After becoming president no doubt they've been effective. His tweets have made companies make. Hundreds of millions of dollars and decisions he is tweets have gotten politicians to completely change course his tweets are very. Powerful. Are they dangerous. In came new governor and a 140 characters. Or last per message is the old way of doing things the right way where is this the new and better. Way of doing things I've found it very interesting conversation with doctor team. That every president of the United States with the exception. Of George Bush after an analyst. All of the other president of the United States after two years in office have seen their base of support. Rank. And have seen in the public turn on them in the mid term elections. By giving the other party. More votes than the sitting president's part. And not one person. Texted me very very convinced that won't happen with Donald Trump that he's going to maintain. His base of support even though Nolan the president it's with the exception of right after 9/11. Have done. Do you really believe. That he will be able live up to the rhetoric and the promises he made during the campaign when no other president's ever been able to do that. You know Barack Obama supporters. Judged him very quickly after the first couple of years as really disappointing. Because he rode in on a wave of change he was gonna change things in Washington DC he was gonna make things different. And by and large that did not happen yes he did get his signature legislation pushed through he. The affordable health care act passed. Blunt. He disappointed so much of his base beyond that Donald Trump rode in on a wave of promises. That many. Think he's already either fudging on stepping back from or not presenting evidence that he will fulfill. Drain the swamp. I want to know from trump supporters. Do you feel like he has started to drain the swamp. As he promised to do so to take the politicians out of politics. To surround himself. With people in the Washington DC who are like him an outsider who will do things differently. Now he's explained this several times. That he had to pick some insiders some people from inside the beltway people who were in politics or all or war on Wall Street prior. Because those are the only choices he had. But as he fulfilling the promise to drain the swamp or not. And what about. His promise to lock Hillary Clinton out. He's not even pursuing a special prosecutor to do that as referred to Hillary Clinton as a good a nice person. Post election you just accept that is election time politicking in rhetoric and that's okay that he said that but now he's not doing it. And what about the wall it all started. With the wall didn't it isn't that the reason Donald Trump captured. The momentum that he did early in the primaries because he promised to build a fall. Between the United States and Mexico and keep illegal immigrants. Out. He's already said well I may not be a wall everywhere some places that might be offense. Took a while it's still accomplishes the same goal right. But if he does not build that well. Do you think he's gonna maintain the same pace of support he has now. What are other promises you hope that he keeps our other positions. You hope that he maintains. Presidents historically say a lot of things to get elected. And then either because they can't they don't want to. Where they face too much opposition. Can't follow through on the promises you think Donald Trump well let's think about it here on WW. 1240 five's good afternoon gave noted for Garland Robinette hey it's Wednesday MED chance to hang out with T Bob Hebert on FaceBook where you can ask him. Any thing talks saints Alice you pelicans anything sports Allan anything at all. Make your day with T about today at 2 o'clock to four ask me anything on FaceBook. It's WWL radio is our handle on FaceBook. Since what is trump the norm someone text mediate 7870. Is the exception to the rules and will maintain his base. That in response to doctor Ryan Deaton pointing out. That with only one exception in US history. Every president. Has lost the support of their base their first two years in office now says please give the guy a chance. Thing anyone's nine giving him a chance to pointing out what history has done. It's just pointing out that well it's difficult to do. Trump is gonna make the presidency weak again there's another text message today 77 he was so many tweets or letters tweet shall be ineffective. Because familiarity breeds contempt well I'm looking at his Twitter account right now. He sent out 34228. Weeks so far it's been four hours since he last tweeted. His last week that Republicans must be careful in that the dam's own in the failed obamacare disaster. With its pork coverage and massive premium increases. Poses I think trump will go to the people when the Republicans. Don't listen. And it says it is important to realize that a reality TV personality was elected. He comes from an environment. Where being dramatic and causing conflict is more important than solving problems in a logical manner. Mark thanks for calling 2601870. Here on WWL happy new year. They have excellent we think about trump eats. But in Toledo mean you know he was a topic. I felt that the easily everywhere. He will be and I you'd think he'd take these apparently something like I'm getting ready to attack. Russian six hours and physically so I think our party on it all people let you. What it says things like. It outcome was spent too much money released yet we need like Martin project at all. Yet you know god there are those that are in and concern including doctor tee and that when he becomes president. That it's important to have. Somebody's. Review what you're saying before it's that pump. I think was it right well to it at that. But is that I really important as the manager can't. Donald Trump was obviously intelligent man elected president of the United States and largely by his older land he'd hire people to teach him how to campaign. Heeded his way and he one. Put it at that rate call if he's not the president yet let's wait and see what happens point the president. It's like Ed as the coach LSU and he was my choice. But he's the coach this is not exactly partisan like defeat pleasant but he's the president. President seems to come in with a lot support and it's something happened that. Determines how the whole. For eight years ago would boys came in he had 111. Obama campaign had the clash. Of Wall Street though that things. That a good. Dictate how he's gonna behave we haven't seen what's gonna happen yet the bush coming to life trot out the and it's really not going to be by it is going and it's not going to be because it week. By. You know let's just hope for the best while that the is it January before. He told you talked about draining the swap I think that it looks different to a lot of people know what people expect. I would say that when people Republicans yesterday to back off. On getting rid of this epic. Commission that that's a lot of draining the swap. Draining the swamp does not necessarily behaving badly. It. Behaving accordingly. And that's what we've had too much of. Mark I appreciate the caller appreciate your sharing your thoughts here and every WL Ronald thanks for calling your on WW. All right would you. Share. Eat at each. Always good. And like. You are. By. Well yeah it is. All. Of you so security. It. It's a sale. And people like. It. We're at. Powell. Quote out. And our crew in the 08. And a low there. You're out oh there are. Send out to jobs and a tweet to North Korea. I. Our. Our sure you're. Ma. Ronald we appreciate the call final four to 601870. Very interesting the result of our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion parole. President elect Tom says he will continue to tweet once he is in the Oval Office good idea or bad idea. Historically in these polls we've seen a lot of support for all things trump. In this one. 86%. Think the president of the United States tweeting is a bad idea. While we're in a commercial break Donald Trump tweeted. Jacqui I was on shows album sales have skyrocketed. After announcing her inauguration performance some people just don't understand though movement. Donald Trump of promoting himself and that week and actually that was a tweet that was complimentary. As someone who has agreed to play at his inauguration when so many performers. Are not going to perform a coming up by the securities gonna talk about that Talladega marching band. May not be performing it trumps inauguration after all the battle over obamacare heating up on Capitol Hill wants of obamacare has helped or hurt you. And it. Skewed and we'll also talk about actor Charlie Sheen. Asking god to take trump home. Text messages coming in at 87870. Ones as well. The man to wheat just because he has president doesn't mean he gives up his rights another person taxed people playing trumpet. Has gotten this far because he's stupid I think not someone else says those guys definitely going to lead us into war. Another text message an eighth avenue gate Sony says traps tweets are harm are not harmless. His tweets have impacted the stock market. I think he knew his tweets we're gonna impact the stock market think you did that emperor. Another presence as all of these presidents. Fell short of their promises because they were on the inside. Trump is an outsider. And not a fraud. Or will see over the next two years if Donald Trump can be only the second president in US history. Do not lose. Support from his base. Over the first two years in office historically. The pattern is well established and very clear that candidates make promises. That they either won't deliver on. Or key to LeBron. For whatever reason whether it's because it's not possible. Because there's too much deposition. Because they realize once they get in office and their told the true nature of things what the consequences would be. But whatever the reasons. Candidates end up disappointing. The electorate went to actually take office. Almost every single time the only president in US history that did not lose. He bases of support from their base with George Bush after 9/11. And I don't think that anything to do with what he had done based on promises prior to the campaign. So we'll see Donald Trump has done a lot of things no one has ever done before. And he's already showing he's going do you govern in ways no one has ever govern before but will he. Satisfy the people who put him in office and keep them happy only time will now have a great content. Tea at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning.