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1/4/17 Scoot 1pm-Battle over Obamacare

Jan 4, 2017|

The battle over Obamacare is reaching a new level as Republicans in the new Congress work toward fulfilling their promise to voters to repeal Obamacare. Vice President Mike Pence was at Capitol Hill this morning meeting with Republicans on a strategy to repeal Obamacare. President Obama was also at the Capitol today meeting with Democrats over their strategy to save Obamacare, which is a major part of the President’s legacy. Has Obamacare had a positive or a negative impact on your life?

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You have heard the forecast is gonna get called and it's gonna get even colder and you hear about this slight possibility of a wintry mix. Sleet and snow in the general area maybe not New Orleans specifically but in this general area. It took could happen late Friday night early Saturday morning but it's not gonna last of course when everything like that ever happens here soon. It's just a big treat and neck and quite a thrill. But it's going to be chilling effect high on Fridays only going to be 48. With a 60% chance of rain and wind it is gonna feel brutally cold. On Friday but you know I love this one mean especially this time of year it's it's January the fourth. Bring it on lump. There is a plan. To distributes. Free marijuana joints. Inauguration day in Washington DC. We'll talk about that a little bit later in the show they're gonna give out free samples is just going to turn non pot smokers into pot smokers. Now they're doing this in an area where is legal to do it in Washington DC. Attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions from Alabama said trump administration will enforce federal laws on marijuana even in states where pot. Is now legal. Do you agree with that we'll get into that a little bit later this afternoon. Bill and Hillary will attend the inauguration O'Donnell trump January the twenty plus George W. Bush and Laura Bush. Will also attend even though they openly refuse to support from during the campaign. Should Americans be a little bit more like the clintons. And bushes. And if you were invited to attend inauguration for president. Would you accept the invitation even if you didn't vote for that president. Especially after what I just told you about passing out free joints in Washington DC. Also an update on what we talked about yesterday are reports that at Talladega College marching band would perform at the inauguration trump. May not be accurate I think because of this backlash. It appears to be perhaps a change in the decision so we're not sure whether the band is gonna march at this point an actor Charlie Sheen is defending his tweet. Where he asks god to kill Donald Trott. After Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds tonight. Charlie Sheen sent out a tweet a lot of people have criticized this tweet senator tweet that essentially said. I'm god truck next please truck next please. He repeated that a few times. Now he's defending it in a rather bizarre ways we'll talk about that a little bit later I skewed in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture we chirping in the afternoon. It's a new year and I wanna remind you that every afternoon we've got something new on our show. And if you're new to the show we do welcome you this is different from some talk shows that you may have listened to. I will admit that I not hard right I'm not hard left. I guess of a radical moderate because I have definite opinions about about things I try to be fair. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to be offensive to to some people. And did the music that we play going in and out of breaks is our proper music and it so often plays a significant role. In terms of what we're talking about or what's on the pop culture calendars so if you are new to our show we welcome you to our show in the afternoon here in 2017. So the battle over obamacare is reaching a new level. Republicans in congress are now working toward fulfilling their promise to voters to repeal obamacare. Vice president elect. Mike Pence is on Capitol Hill this morning meeting with Republicans on a strategy to repeal obamacare here's part of what Mike Pence said. The first order of business is to keep our promise to repeal obamacare and replace it. With the kind of Health Care Reform that lower the cost of health insurance without growing size of government. And President Obama went to Capitol Hill today as well they didn't as far as I know they didn't run into each other. Parts on the out people went in and and President Obama is trying to defended his legacy obamacare. He didn't say much but he shouted this out when reporters asked him how Republicans should handle obamacare look out for the Mercury. OK look out for the American people. So this is something that has been coming to a head for a long time now it's a very very controversial topic I get it. What bothers me most about the you know obamacare debate. Has always been the fact. That there are some positive things about it. And some people benefit. There's some people who voted for Donald Trump. Has benefited from obamacare. But there are many who are paying a price. And many are gonna pay an even bigger price when the premiums go up. The problem is there's good and bad about obamacare. The Affordable Care Act. But because of divided politics. That we have today. Neither side it seems like wants to really recognize. The good or the bad about obamacare. And it's either all good or all bad. Now Republicans. In in 2014. There was this general promise to repeal obamacare. They didn't. And that was of part of the backlash that led to Donald Trump beating all of the Republican candidates. Republicans and people in America many people were just disenchanted with the fact that there was this general promise to repeal obamacare and it didn't happen. And with all of this talk now about. Repealing obamacare. Didn't president elect trump say that he wants to keep some aspects of the plan and not repeal it until there is a plan to replace it. There's just so much political rhetoric caught up in all of this. That it's almost impossible to have a conversation about it. That is sad because people have have made up their minds about it and they don't care what information comes out they're just dead set or neither being for or against it. If you're against Obama care. Can you find anything good about it. Like maybe. I use use because of preexisting conditions you're you're still gonna be covered. Maybe your child can stay on your plan until he or she is Tony six. Maybe you could agree that women shouldn't pay more. There shouldn't be some kind of a penalty for being a woman. So what I'd like to know is whether you own a business but do you work for small company a big corporation. Or you're paying for your own health care coverage. Have you been affected by obamacare. Has it been positive. Or negative. And that's a pretty gentle people give us your opinion by going to our website WW dot com. And if you are join us with a comment this afternoon our numbers 260. When he seventy area code 5042601. A seventy. Tex Amber's age 77. Here's a Texas says why can't we be like Canada free healthcare. There are a lot of reasons behind that. I think I guess the main reason is American greet. The main reason is. How the pharmaceuticals in the medical industry benefit. On it's it's it's a mess. And we made the mess. You and me in the country related Nicky not UND specifically but you know what I'm saying we needed a mess. American made this mess. But I'd like to know. If you voted for trumped. Is there anything good about Obama can beat you benefit from Obama got me I know a few people. Who vote for Donald Trump. The they benefited from Obama to. Can we hear about the premiums going up dramatically. Do you think up obamacare should be repealed even if the Republicans don't have anything to replace it. I think this debate also reminds us. That the world isn't always fair. The world's not fair to everybody. I used to live in an apartment building in downtown New Orleans and I paid a lot of money and rent. There were people who paid. A fraction. Of what I paid her rent. Because they were subsidized by the government to live in that building. Is that fair. We use the same entrance and exit saying elevators. Gonna be living next door Simonyi was paying a fraction. A virus. A fraction. Is that fair. There are a lot of buildings downtown. That net income adjusted gripped. If you make a certain amount of money you get. To pay less rent is that fair. Not really. So there's a lot in life that isn't fair but I'd like to know specifically how Obama care. Impacted due positive for negative. And do you think that that that the real problem is that nobody really wants to to admit to or not nobody but so many people don't want to admit that there's some good things about it. And on the other side they don't want I would bet there's some bad things about it. Here's our number 2601870. Area code 5042601. A seventy text 87870. Happy birthday today to Michael Stipe lead singer of RTM 57 years old today I'm skewed in the afternoon. This is not the end of the world as we know it. And we'll be back on WL. On there's a lot of fighting the power on Capitol Hill right now Republicans and Democrats. Vice president elect Mike Pence was there. President Obama was there and all of this is the battle coming to a head over obamacare. Has obamacare had a positive or negative impact on your life that's a party general opinion poll right now 39%. Say that is had a positive impact 61% say a negative impact give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com so how has Obama care in actually yours have been positive as have been negative. And isn't this another example that life isn't fair. Mean there are a lot of things in life that really aren't fair. Here's a Texas says I work for small business and therefore purchased my own health insurance I was unable to get insurance before. The Affordable Care Act however my premium. Is increasing. Seventy dollars a month now. And it will be a struggle to pay I wish. We could have a public option. Here is another. Tax today it says. It says stuff I have my own business. And Obama care was a godsend. Medical insurance went from unaffordable to affordable. And the coverage improved give us it was a Texas 2601 I'm sorry 87070. Get your text at our number is 260 points up from DC Tom welcome to the show. Thank you. Oh obamacare. Has won already. Even if they hear appeal or repeal. Did to Republicans would never be talking about how can be so is that it's Republicans come with a better system Corey. But we've got talent here at least and for people to say they have been expected constantly by. They don't understand the fact that. You kids stayed on his on your policy to these 26. No preexisting conditions even if you don't have Obama even. Employer based stuff. Insurance that that didn't happen before when my oldest kid at a college. We have a letter from the entrance coming the day eager injury he was off policy. Now. You know I just I think it I think we've we've won. You know and I hope the Republicans make it better you know. I don't understand what you're saying Tom but it shouldn't be about winning and losing it really should be about what's best for the American people and the political battle lines have been so definitely drawn to it seems like it's really more about. Politics and it is about really doing what's best for us. Yet I don't think what that's for us out here I mean I am absolutely no country has absolutely I mean I'm amazed. I'm kind of embarrassed. That we can't do what other countries can. I encrypt. John I appreciate the call from moderately this year on WW a good afternoon. Actually I have it and I. I'll click on you know all well. Well job market out of the lot ot. A year at the bowl. That we are able you actually get cup being Obama care. I had it Cobo Kubel hit a bit more. And at that out how. However one out at 800 dollars in non. And I thought we could not scared Maine not the issue and pocket and that was wrong. On and Dan I'm not it would not mean share. Know leading these injured or not we pay 800. We ever eat. And he might buy it there for us we had the app that way all our Paribas. By Anwar's. Would not treat it is so hot air partly better and it. He covered everything that was not true either. Like the other part. I am able yet another shot we were grateful that I. And Lee we got not quit act ill we had to back out. Are on the Mac app that out. That back on people now app. But because the our content level we. So that's another example of how the world just not fair. While I mean what it did where we Wear all white and we're happy about that. But then there's some of the things that they don't value. You know it's wonderful and Doug how people I don't say that because people it does give people insurance and like the other partner that is called that. Children who stay on at 28 Cheryl let. They can stay on and then art and great means but it either car that I that he wasn't true. They are here on. Your your write about it in there you know again this has become a political ping pong ball in the political ping pong game and it really shouldn't be that appreciate the call. Here's a Texas and says scoop my premium goes up every year and I'm not on obamacare. I mean SS true. I don't know about you buy it life never worked for a company where suddenly they announced our premiums are going down. I mean on before obamacare. Health insurance kept going. And up and up. It does seem like obamacare is just skyrocketing Houston Texas says it is an affordable now my policy increased a 134%. Well there's a problem with that obviously. Since they're debating this on Capitol Hill and since this is now coming to a head with this this fresh new congress led by Republicans. How has obamacare impacted you guys have been positive. Has it been negative. Numbers 260178. Make a final four to 60 when he simply text numbers 877 from oracle mark welcome to the show. Cuba you mentioned that your air that we can't do what other country who would you explain your encouragement. Well I'm embarrassed that it did that America can't come up with a plan to provide health insurance for everybody liked us so many other industrialized nations half. Okay. Now get it on and mark at Tampa that. We're out here. Or somebody there or you know the workers ain't (%expletive) for them back. You'll pretty strict and all of you make talk radio. Outcome object that the bench or all people out here and that equally. Ya and Marquette is certainly a problem ministers are probably in Canada as well because they pay more income tax. That we take in and taxes are higher you know if you buy a magazine or anything it's. Went price in the US has similar pricing in Canada so. I understand that but it just seems to me that the American greed has gotten in the way of this country doing a better job of providing healthcare for everybody. And and obviously there are some people who still would not get it but we should do a better job. And and not diss of victims of the pharmaceuticals and all of those who are benefiting because of the system being the way it is. Well everybody that I have felt scared you know a lot of people good. Well that's that that's that's right an enemy it's the same theory of Oskar insurers having everybody was supposed to get car insurance because that was gonna lower the burden of on those who. Were paying the most part I appreciate the call Abby this is a complicated issue it's it's it's true. But there are people who don't wanna pay. And yet if something happens to whom they're gonna go to university that the medical do medical center. So one way or another you are depending on the government arching. If you're on health stay with a signed scoot in the afternoon and we'll be back after this WWL news update with Jim has no. It was on this date January the fourth 1936. Billboard Magazine introduced the first ever pop music charts. It ranked the number one through 100 records based on national sales. And this is currently the number one song on a hot 100 and billboard. On a pop charts its warning went pilots by heated as. And coming up the next are a commodity at a news with the number one country so on because billboard now does. Number one country hits number one alternative it's a growing chance his. Obvious was the day that in 1936 to billboard started the whole top 100 count down and this is it number one song and America. Where I say. I said I was like Tony when he that is. Well I know I know at least one audience maybe that's why I thought about that John quickest correcting me as he didn't vying. Tony when pilots are actually sometimes I actually think about when I'm gonna say next while I'm saying something and so it doesn't always turn out so good. I here's an update on our party general opinion poll. Has obamacare had a positive or negative impact on your life. 36% say positive 64% say negative. If she opinion by going to our web site tentative throughout dot com from Saint Bernard Bobby welcome to the show. That this is it timely topic when it came out with a case like what it is it gave restriction. That covered by insurance. Days because as certain that there. I want a lot of good or excellent cooperative there and it's not saying at ago. It does hit it out. Look bad to Canada check it and saying it about twenty dollars. Hey it's dedication. Polite. Well there had been there had been sunny instances recently where we've we've discovered that the pharmaceutical companies many of them are absolutely ripping people off season when it comes to life and death. Medication. And drugs and it's it's it's sad. But it's it's you know it it it feeds into the whole American. Green system that we have and it's it's. It's unfortunate and I just I think since we can do so many things that if we put politics aside. Which were not going to do. A better job of providing healthcare for for people in this country. High level might say yeah there. What. She years of them it he. Is played in the game some. And either the age. He has his okay but it is. This is. Actually it is. I. Now ago my skin cancer. Go to the at least fight somewhat and called civil war yet but it is. Mister -- Hope for the local. The each airport. You know there's so many people who can afford today and there are people who can't afford it but it's still not fair because it did. The prices going up so much volume drag herself with your family appreciate the call. From Lee Kirk here on WWL. Well. Poster speaker. You know I'm just wondered. Fire everybody says we have a program. Are another. El Al pitchers are old dropped Obama. Black and we go back there before. You know that's a good question I think that there are some things that have parents have taken place because of obamacare that. Does it make that quite so easy anymore. And then there are a lot of people that don't wanna go back to pre existing conditions being an issue women paying more just because of their gender. And to people being kicked off the healthcare coverage. And when they're eighteen or whatever the article off tedious so there are some positive things about Obama cares as Donald Trump has said he wants to keep. And and I I respect Donald trough for at at least acknowledging there are some positive things about it. The problem is is that neither side. This battle wants to admit that there's either some good or some bad about obamacare. Well I just thank the government should be involved in health care other. A lot there you're development at the pharmaceutical companies have gone crazy. You know I have Arctic air pocket that he disease. And I had it medications Opel from. BJ. I get it from you take cheaper than it is here. That I it makes sense to me. Now it shouldn't be that way and and I guess the reason it's that way is because again of the part that Greek place in the American system. Well I'm sure obamacare. And let up against the I just got out there and act old law that. Erica appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your comment how has Obama care impacted Q this is the big topic of discussion on Capitol Hill we're talking about it this afternoon. And there are people you may be among them who voted for Donald Trump. There are conservative Republicans. There are conservative Republicans in red states around this country. Did voter for Donald Trump. It has benefited from obamacare. So Republicans are in kind of a precarious situation when they start talking about. Just repealing obamacare. I mean that's a great. It's a great job in line for campaign. But is it really that practical to do it immediately and that's not what trump said he wanted to do. If you wanna join us 260187. Text 870 a seven habit to abort your calls here just a moment also vice presidential elect Mike Pence. Why is sob with reporters on Capitol Hill today. And there will talk about two or some of what he had to say also the president didn't say much but we've got what he said when he was asked about how Republicans. Should handle obamacare. All of that. It's next on WL. On our pop culture calendar it was on this date January 4 back in 2004 that Ray Davies lead singer of the kinks. We shot in the leg here in New Orleans. Ray Davies took off ran after two men who stole his girlfriend's purse. While they were on the streets of New Orleans he was taken to the medical center his injuries were not serious cities. OK and I give the guy credit for going after but look what happened to. From a town clay here and a VW on good afternoon. Yeah about Greg Davis I think that's due to an an englishman and an American and our guns and our country's eyes to chase somebody in the. I you know that's probably saved if they did he didn't even think about it. And I think that's on my team can go on. But you know regarding obamacare. To misnomer to call it Health Care Reform all the business insurance reform. Yeah that's a that's that's that's fair. And you know until we address the underlying issue. You know like. But it aging demographic. Vivid and have to do some kind of triage and rationing like other countries to don't want to touch that. You know and that this is the only country people forget that you can actually it's to a position or healthcare institution and get a monetary settlement. And that has been part of the escalating prices for everything. Well give give it their estimates. From ten to 18%. Well the cost of healthcare. Is either. This insurance premiums war. Quote defensive medicine a doctor told me he wants a lot of tests. And he makes no personal gain decent it to another. Institution. He's in private practice and to and to to hospital but it's no personal gain from have them run every test again. Just to cover himself in my ability touching note they don't need. But yet to cover himself reliability. And that patient in the insurance companies have to pay can be. Senate that it tenets of the cost of everything to write me sometimes doctors make mistakes and they should be sued but many times patients are looking for a quick buck. Right that's like Great Britain. About six years ago they only had about four medical liability like lawsuits because all you can do is get some doctors censored. Or did is you know license revoked for a while you can't get a monetary settlement not for other so few topic it's a coincidence. And you know until people and the thing is that the tort lobbyists those strong. That'll will never had any kind of tort reform here. And then if you took their estimates and if you took all the money that's spent on insurance premiums. From the hospitals. Rehab hospitals and positions. That money alone would take care of the antigen. It doesn't surprise me it's it's appalling when you think about how. Frivolous lawsuits have contributed to his or cost of car insurance costs of health insurance and bring the cost of so many things and it really is this. Mentality on and it transcends socio economic boundaries it's this mentality of people thinking that they're entitled to something that they've really are entitled to grow. A local hospital here someone was mugged in the parking lot they get at 600000 dollars a settlement. I you know optional gonna pass on to the patient. And they should not settled because it wasn't the hospital's fault it and me know what does it. I don't know what the specifics are but in a lot of cases that would not be the fault of of the hospital but yet again and you. You look for the day but they are are there are lawyers that that advertised. They don't really care as much about a small accident as they care about a big accident and they go out of their way to promote this idea that. If you're in a big wreck and call us if there's a company name on the truck call us because we're gonna be too big money. There tort lawyers. That have moles that were in the rec room a hospital. They confide something to sit. On that would document amendment they're people. You know I've mentioned this before the other thing that bothers me about some not all on the year attorneys TV commercials. You know there's something about truth in advertising that really started a long time ago infected he started after a show name listed of the pantyhose commercial Joseph name has appeared in penniless and commercial. And the of the new rule wise that if you didn't use the product in the way that it was intended to be used then you YouTube can't use it in a commercial. So another was it was about being truthful in June Amos doesn't Wear pantyhose to withdraw for him to Wear penniless and commercial. But if you look at these people who were so excited about getting a check the people who received 600000 dollars don't necessarily look like those people in the commercial. Yeah I've never seen anybody on one of those tort attorney commercials weather and a wheelchair. There and the neck race they've looked perfectly healthy debate the implication is you don't have to be perk to get a settlement that's implications. Clay that's another topic for another show I appreciate the call if your whole state witness if you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. And a text number is 87870. This is a really cool new song it's one of the top songs in the country right now on the other country chart it's Kenny Chesney and pink. Setting the world on fire. Want to hear this I'm Stu we'll be right back on WWL. Sad day in our pop culture calendar it was on this stage genuine of forest in 1986. And Irish singer songwriter and bassist. Phil why not of thin Lizzy. Died of heart attack and pneumonia after being in a coma for eight days following a drug overdose. I'm scared in the afternoon this is where politics and pop culture meet your opinions reported back to your calls and your tax. Here's part of what vice president elect Mike Pence said with reporters meeting with house representatives today on Capitol Hill about getting rid of obamacare. Volunteers worked a hardship on American families American businesses. And in a in a very simple. Conclusion the American people have. Have sent new leadership here because Obama care has failed. Yeah and and Americus in new leadership in 2014. On the assumption that obamacare would be repealed and it wasn't. Now with Republicans in control of both houses of congress and as soon the White House there will be a lot of pressure Republicans. To do something and to do the right thing President Obama was also on Capitol Hill today. A meeting with Democrats. Telling them not to rescue the Republicans. By helping them out. With revising obamacare. The president didn't say much but he was asked by reporters how Republicans should handle obamacare here's what the president said look out for the Mercury and that was just about it. The same thing is it their all of this is really are tied up too much in politics. And I don't know what it's gonna take to operate out of that product we're not even close to breaking out of that from Baton Rouge John you're on WW well. Yeah that's good afternoon. I think it is very bad situation for the country. Apparently the Republicans wouldn't take healthcare where millions of people as they kept repeating the promise of they repealed and replaced. When they could say the things that weren't working well the law easily that they use to do that. And so now. They're gonna apparently wreak a lot of traffic unnecessarily. On a lot of people who need help I'm I've been rejected by our insurance companies will crawl Humana. That I had back problems I was in the state high risk insurance pool I never had a surgery that we're that serious but they still reject it. The state insurance pools to people can't get insurance otherwise. I call the state more money. Thanks to Obama care policy. A regular insurance policy. I do not going to be taken away at some point. But obamacare was addressing the fundamental problem the Republicans king cancer which is how do the people who are not rich. Did insurance and health care if it's not profitable short. I'm obamacare assistant to spur of the call. And increased number of people of insurance to Wear more affordable insurance company covered slopes for the reject them or drop them but it won't. And that's what we're going back to apparently system where. People can be dropped look at all the things people like Auburn hair you know not even that your readers and traditions and all of that all all Monty. He's not gonna raise taxes. How are you going to say keep those things I can't answer back. John I appreciate the call and and what you do is you just are once again explain the complexity of of of this issue. Again it has become a political issue and it's sad because it's not a bounce our elected officials doing what's best for us. They're not doing what's best for you and me they're doing what's best to protect their party's name an image. The Republican image that democratic image. They're fighting both sides are fighting to protect that. And if both sides would be willing to admit what is good what is bad we worked together you and I would be a lot better off. So let's all realizes this debate goes on that's the bottom line. I'm scooter in the afternoon and we'll be back on WWL.