WWL>Topics>>14/17 Scoot 3pm- Free weed on Inauguration Day...what?

14/17 Scoot 3pm- Free weed on Inauguration Day...what?

Jan 4, 2017|

There is a plan to distribute free marijuana joints on Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C. Recreational use of pot is not legal in the District of Columbia. Will free samples turn non-pot smokers into pot smokers?

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And if you are just joining us this afternoon we welcome you two are showing this or Wednesday January the fourth you have heard in the forecast they winter weather is coming it's gonna get called. And then it's gonna get even colder and there's a possibility of some kind of wintering mix probably not in New Orleans but may be in this general area. A wintry mix on Friday night into Saturday morning but then all of its gonna move out. It's going to be very chilly in fact I think the high Saturday is expected to be 45 decrease. Now I know that there are a lot of people who don't like to call whether I think Eric Paulsen channel four Eyewitness News in the morning and does not like the cold weather. I thought this weather especially this time of year. When you think about how much we suffer with the heat how much we are punished. We with the heat every. Every summer mean I I relish this moment I mean I'd I'd I'd love logical yeah I have lived in places where there's colder weather and it never bothered me and I I I do enjoy it. And I hope it even if you don't like it I hope that you don't let it if you can't just you know stay inside. Stay bundled up. But you know there are those people who work outside. And if you're one of those people who works outside or you work in a situation where you can't control the environment and god bless you. Because many of us are in a warm environments. And it's easy for us when he gets cold but we always have to remember those people who are working in this or again working in a situation where they can't control. The the the the climate. And so it's either really hot and they can't beat air conditioning which reportedly called. And they can't give Mormon so I've got to respect from those people there's a plan to distribute free marijuana joints inauguration day at the trump inauguration. In Washington DC on January 20 I tell you about that in just a moment. But before you get to that. I wanna I wanna talk about just very briefly about a Texan I got in and somebody's been sending me some Texans have been texting this this person back. And it's all about a comment that I made last hour there was a guy called the show I think his name was Matt and he was really really frustrated with the Chicago. And he was frustrated with my opinion. Anyways. Actually criticizing. How I do talk radio. And I said well does anybody force you to listen to their show. And this is this as personal attacks and I can't believe that you would say something like that on the air. And it's not that I'm. Race that are or are all it's. It's just a factor it's a fact of life. I want every single person alive listening to the show. Every book I want every single person who's alive to listen to this show. But that's not realistic. In the same way that you have a business. If you listen to what. Some customers said. It would ruin your business. And you have to be bold enough to realize when the customers are right and when the customers not right. And sometimes you just have to say this is the way we do our business. If I changed. Every time somebody suggested that I changed their show we be changing every. Two minutes. Every single show every day. I do the show. The best I can. I can't be phony I can't be fake I do to show the way I think it should be done but again I wanna go back to the idea that I would love every single person alive to be listening to the show. I'm not cocky. But I mean honestly if if this is not for youth then. You don't have to listen now if you don't like my opinions if you disagree with people you can call open and and that's fine and we can we can discuss that. But there are people who like. Get so animate. About the disagreement of something that I sent the way I handled the show. Now if I tried to make everybody happy I would make nobody happy. If you tried to reach the lowest common denominator with anything that you do. In life. You will be sold bland. But she won't make anybody happy. If you do or join us with comment about anything to talk about gonna get into this a plan to distribute free marijuana joints on inauguration day. Our numbers 260187. In Teri cut 5042601870. At a Texas a 77 also if you just joined us in the first hour we were talking about the big battle that is heating up on Capitol Hill over obamacare. And and he had this to say. To reporters about the Republicans and obamacare. It will be important that we be careful as we do that. That we do that in a way that doesn't work hardship. On American families who gained insurance. Through this program. Doesn't work hardship on our economy yet and they're talking about repealing it now remember it. I could be wrong but I fought Donald Trump said he did not want to totally do away with the obamacare. That there were some things that we're good about it. He did not want to just do away with it unless there was a plan to replace it. So you know Republicans are the tough situations a lot of pressure on Republicans because they now control both houses of congress and as of January 20. They will control the White House as well. And so. To those who have been given much. Much is going to be required. And so for all the excuses that have been made about why they didn't repeal obamacare. After the date the general collective promise to repeal obamacare in the mid term elections and in fourteen. They're really there there will be excuses believe me. But there really should be no excuse and again the thing that really bothers me most is to both sides don't work together. Because somehow that shows a weakened. It doesn't matter what the relationship news. If you're not willing to compromise. There's no relationship. Winters with your partner your spouse. Your company. Or between the president congress and the American people. President Obama did not say much but he did have this to say to reporters when he was. At cap on Capitol Hill today. While walking one of the halls he was asked how should Republicans handle obamacare. Look out for your perfect okay and that was that was about it a before we get into this this topic about the free choice I want to mention something that. It came out of the end of December. Charlie if this a stretch you the same way it strikes me. The CEO of Boeing. Has promised Donald Trump to build to Air Force One jets. For under four billion dollars. Now you remember the president elect said. The price is too big for two new Air Force One place. So he was Gunner work on canceling the contract. Well Boeing now says we'll know what will we can do it for less. Is this not a perfect example. Of how. Business. Looks for opportunities to rip off the government. If Boeing could do it for less why didn't they give the government the lowest possible price. Or why it was an eight bit out of me is suddenly they can do it for for less. Boy was building a brand new 747. To be Air Force One for future presidents. And essentially. President elect Donald Trump said hey you know what we're gonna cancel your because over four billion dollars. So now they say that unity to. For under four billion dollars. He seems to me that if they could've done it for that why did they do it for that in the first place. Another example of how. Business. And individuals are looking for opportunities to rip off the government I'm not a fan of the government. But if if we continue to ripple effect that this is why would this is why we're in debt it's all about American Greek. OK so there's a plan to distribute free marijuana cigarettes. Joyce. Inauguration day of Washington DC. DC Canada's coalition. Is planning to hand out thousands of joints of marijuana on inauguration day free. Now this is an area of Washington DC where. It's legal. To have two ounces or less. Of marijuana. Is legal to grow it's legal to give it away but it's not legal to sell it. The group is planning to start to hand out the joints at 8 o'clock in the morning January 20 on the west side of DuPont Circle. In DC. And this is where rectory Camaro wanna is legal. Dan. The marchers are going to walk to the National Mall. Where the protests will be get. And what they're protesting is that it's time to legalize. Marijuana. The man who is nominated to be attorney general senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Said not too long ago that the truck administration will enforce federal laws on marijuana even in states where marijuana is now legal. Do you agree with that. Tony there is this this conflict. Some states have approved the recreational use of pot. The District of Columbia has proved recreational use of pot. Federal law say that marijuana is a schedule one drug and it's illegal. Should the truck administration enforce federal laws on marijuana even in states where pot is now legal. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon our numbers 260187. Every coach 504260187. Tex Amber's age 7870 and do you think these free samples are gonna turn non pot smokers in the pot smokers. I'm scoot and we'll be back. Well you know there's one guy you're singing about what he knows about John and Julie Nelson along with Merle Haggard. It's all going to talk. The DC Canada's coalition is planning a protest they're planning to hand out thousands of free marijuana joints on inauguration day January 20 starting at 8 o'clock in the morning. On the west side of DuPont Circle in the nation's capital. Where marijuana for recreational use is legal. Now one of the protest is attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions of Alabama who said the truck administration will enforce federal laws on marijuana even in states where pot is now. Legal. Do you agree with that. 7% say no. 30% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. From Metairie nick welcome to the show. He's cute law unless they're big trend this year she's. A reported that the comment in America radio back up because like the that you. So I have been. Smoking marijuana I've read a while although in my spotlight graduated with honors at the degree to college and I'll work agree you never. I don't know of anybody I don't have any product never been to court but make it change that now a lot of its schedule one drug. It cigarette and I would cigarette been deleting killers. Why do you why do you know I can't understand why the government still has marijuana listed as a schedule one drug which puts it on par with heroin so basically the government is saying that heroin and marijuana or. Equally as bad for. They can completely ridiculous. And I hope the trump administration. Doesn't go through it a potent. And hopefully we can not to be happy. Nick I appreciate the call. Here's a Texas as how to like put in a request for a food truck permit in DC. They're my decent people with the munchies. And its excess with the thousands of joints beat more than two ounces of pot that's a really good point. So I guess I'll have to distributed among the members of the DC Canada's coalition so nobody no one person has over two ounces of pot on him. But this group is planning to hand out starting at 8 o'clock in the morning. I need handouts. Thousands of joints. Free. Now they are warning people that if you do this on on government property. Used stand the risk. Of being arrested. But they're saying that's all part of that's all part of the protest. Here's a Texas says free joints that's the only way they can get a crowd for the inauguration I love this audience. If you want to join us with your comment our numbers 2601870. Very code 5042601878. 87870. From Lafayette William welcome to the show. Our. Long time long time listener because. There is ratio I went it went in my tent. There used to be two cents but because inflation I guess now it's ten cents worth. You know. It. Of the Colorado. Making. Billion billion dollars. But it was telling. I don't understand it trumpet financials financially. Bottom equipped guy I don't know why I think that the idea of the country to benefit Mort I now. Well there's still seems to be some concern about what the impact will be of legalizing marijuana and there are studies out today show event for example. On there's no there's essentially no increase in teenagers smoking pot in Colorado. But there has been a slight increase in teenagers smoking pot in Washington and a state where recreational pot has been legalized so. In other people who still make make this argument that what we we don't know how bad it is for you. But you know as long as liquor is it isn't legal sort as alcohol is legal I don't understand. The other diseases the rationale behind keeping taught illegal. And I don't understand how cocaine is schedule three drug the yet marijuana as a schedule one that that it. It is comprehensive. Now I'm I wasn't aware of that but I know that marijuana and and and Harold you know this really goes back to the very beginning. Of America's irrational attitude toward pot. I say all of this William I don't smoke pot. If it was legal I I don't think I would I did in the past. In the sixties I'm not sixties in his seventies and an eighty's you know I had my moments of a smoking pot sometimes regularly. Mean what do you think the shows that I did in the morning for safari on radio no actually it was and has. But I I admit that I did smoke pot in the past but I I don't now but I just think it's it's a waste of time and energy to go through this a process of of busting people for for something like marijuana. Right and you occupying many people's time and go. Taxpaying citizens and police officer then. Law officials say it is all around just wait wait the money for error wait wait the time decades smoking pot in. William I appreciate the call going to one of our listeners and I'm glad you're dead in addition to the show. Item here's a text that says schedule one because of politics. Paper and cotton lobbies pressured the government to make camp. And marijuana illegal so they could control the markets. Because yes on him can be used to make clubs. Now. I don't know if I'm supposed to say that is. Then go to any. Downtown and I saw a lot. During a New Year's holiday weekend. They have these vans and trucks. That are selling. Marijuana. Soccer's. Now. If I'm not mistake it. There might be hampered. In the soccer's. But there's not the active ingredient in marijuana. In the soccer's. So. The only hiding your actually gonna get off the soccer is from the sugar or psychologically. So. If you buy that soccer. Who's a soccer. I'm screwed in the afternoon we're coming right back in more of your comments after this heavy W elders update with Chris Miller. What are the top songs in the country is a cover of the queen classic bohemian rhapsody. This is on the charge right now one of the top songs in the country this is panic at the Disco. I mean like you know. Nobody be sorted archery. But I think this young man does a really good job and Brendan here Italy's singer repetitive Tedisco is phenomenal I heard him do this it conserving Weezer. A champion square over the summer and thought man where to these guys get to eat go to do bohemian rhapsody but they did they did a pretty good job. Here's an update on our party Joba opinion poll attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions of Alabama said that the drug administration will enforce federal laws on marijuana. Even in states where pot is now legal. Do you agree 77%. Say no 23% say yes. This is why this group of the DC canvas coalition is handing out free marijuana cigarettes. On inauguration day went trump is inaugurated January 20. They want to protest Jeff Sessions. Who. At one point it may have been in the spring. But I don't know see it if anything it says it has changed. He said the top administration is is going to enforce the federal laws. On marijuana. Which means. The states that have approved the recreational use of marijuana. Anybody who does it in those states would get busted. Do you agree with then. Got a text you'd assess trump would win over a lot of people if he would just smoke one on the twentieth. I don't think anybody should smoke pot to impress anybody and I don't think truck to try to win people over to. Inside vice by smoking pot. Here is Texas says oh this is about the the suckers that marijuana suckers that are sold around. Yeah I got to Texas and this is nothing you know I know it's nothing that we talked about this before I just saw it most recently. In the in the French Quarter for. The new you receive a celebration. Low doses of TH C which is the active ingredient in pot in the soccer's extremely low levels of TC in camp not the same. As marijuana. So yeah I mean it's it's essentially not really. It's not been much to you you're not gonna get a strong bonds often but they you know they do. Seemed to be selling there Shearer and they've you know they've got some really nice vehicles. So hole obviously it seems as if they're making enough money to pay for those those vehicles. Also I mentioned. Just this was even going to be a topic but I'm getting some text about it. The the CEO of Boeing. Has now vowed to build to Air Force One Stoops 740 sevens for the president. Atrophy to president under budget. The budget was four billion dollars. And truck said as too much money. He's canceling the contracts. Have been going comes back as well no well wait a minute wait and it will lower the price. If going to do it for less. Shouldn't they have done it for less. From the beginning. And I think this is just another classic example of how. There are businesses. That really do try to rip off steam the American people. And the American government. Davie are never WL. Yes you just mentioned. Somewhere and we're gonna recommend that Adam. Our company's Honda. And forced the federal law report. That's what debts were Ted Jeff Sessions who has been nominated the attorney general has said. What happened in jail because did that federal law is it it's not. Approved an in state law may be that it OK so what what happened I don't know. I mean real I really don't know I mean there's still federal law on the books that marijuana is illegal even in the states well its illegal. It's illegal according to federal law and the states are part of the United States so the argument could be made that even in states where marijuana has been. Legalized for recreational use. It's still illegal on base on federal law but I I don't know I don't know what's gonna happen. So now be ministry. Sent an. That the broad. Is there they're not doing. So there may take a look back at not being in. Courts federally. Eric Holder. Who was attorney general with a Barack Obama here Eric Holder said that when these states started doing their state. The federal government quid. Essentially look the other way and that they would not enforce the laws that's why what Jeff Sessions said. Has a lot of people alarmed. If indeed he becomes attorney general and tropic illustration does make some kind of a move to enforce the federal laws on pot. Okay toward them. Find out what you know and meet and now we have our two opposing. Law. What we will know we we always did collect on the you know an attorney general in the Obama administration essentially say overlook the other way we're going if if a state wants to recruit approve recreational use where to look the other way. I going back to I think it was last April Jeff Sessions said during the campaign. As if he's part of a top administration the trop administration would enforce the federal laws so we have to see what's gonna happen. Appreciate the call here's a text ESCO we have talked before but because I'm a police officer cannot go on the air so please please mention this. Of all the years eighteen to be precise. On being a police officer I've never seen anyone man or woman smoker joint. And go home. And getting to a domestic situation. Or beat or kill his or her family. And I've seen a guy. Go get a six pack of beer a fifth of alcohol and go home and assault his family. And that's factual. That's the same thing for driving also marijuana should be legal cigarettes and alcohol. Are worse. And I got a text here that says that Boeing situation is the biggest reason I supported prop hopefully trop will cut back on wasteful spending. And get us how to do that. Tell you this the next four years. We're gonna have a lot to talk about it every afternoon here from one to four. And having to be well this is where politics and pop culture nature taking its. All right so we've played bohemian rhapsody by Connecticut Disco here's the original queen. I'm scoot. And will be back on WL. But pop culture calendar it was on this date January 4 2001 Vanilla Ice spent the night in jail. In Broward County Fort Lauderdale. He allegedly ripped some of his wife's hair out of her head. And allies told police that he pulled some of his wife's hair. To prevent her for jumping out of the truck's window. I mean what you gotta have some sympathy for that moment she's in a truck with an allies she's trying to get out you can't blame her for that. Any deep pulls her hair he was released on a 3500 dollars a bale. Again to a more few text here in just a moment from Metairie Jay welcome to W you about. Beijing. You know yes. Yeah. You know I'm good. And I want. Okay. Around Obama yeah it's up in the air you know what some peek at what you call oh. It's sort of like you are a big. They've made it Democrats all. Not the American people. Let him know good. She able to do and what dom don't own development. Up poor region near the it would mean. To. And I I agree with that velocity JF sometimes we don't know what the reason is until some time and I suspect you're right there's a reason. Error. And it shook up in. And in which it. I. And people's. Equipment and beat the seniors yeah I think me and it. In the tree. Yet and these. He tried Dubya quote well you try to put him at. Night but what. And because of you at all. We have I'm Collison. And that would. Sure. Which means. The true. Danger a year they're expressing her you're expressing some of that yourself when you say you want to Democrats you. To do with the republic is no way Jerry. All right I appreciate the support. Of OJ if you want you during or if you want. Not specifically. If you don't call and project. Jay if you don't remember I mean I know and tell me that again I'm I'm I'm I'm trying to make a comment you're talking sought and I didn't learn how just sent to. Productive thing to put that into. He's done a and who. Are you. Certain you. You mean some serious issues the country you don't look at me look into did not. Jerry it'll what is it if I wanted to go if you aren't jaded you know. Or defense or are you OJ you don't allow me to talk back. I I I know I appreciate the call. Thanks to listing I mean. I got to move on I gotta get to a break but what. If GA is saying. He's tired of the hate. But what he wants the Democrats to do with the same thing the Republicans. Did in. Not even considering the other side. And isn't that just another form of hate. It's it's not hate to. And this is the hypocrisy. I deal with every single day a national. And it's just it's it's. It's amazing to me. Because the Democrats right now we're talking about blocking nominations. They're talking about blocking nominations even though they they don't. No I guess they know who the people are but they don't know everything about them did so in other words the Democrats are critical of the Republicans because the Republicans didn't want to approve the Supreme Court. Our nominee. From Obama. They just went to block it well now the Democrats talk about blocking these nominees what the hell's the difference. I'm sure we'll be right back. Under visual. Arias seasons change sometimes within the same season it's like summer spring time and instantly gets to be winner again cold weather is on the way. I'm gonna love every minute of it except that walked in I have between a station my apartment I have to admit that there are times where it does get a little cold for that walk. From uptown L when I got time for our real quick comment. Could. Have been reached on Albanian majority in and so important will be cheaper yeah. Well. Award four. If there's and so. That the inauguration. And it was people that you spoke pocket did you beat. You don't think anybody's gonna show. I. Which is right precaution politicians. To talk about. Now when I bought. A guitar apology the people loyal law. People. And just that we don't just smoked pot yeah. This is not something the Obama and the other is the future trop administration is doing this is a group odd DC Canada's coalition this has nothing to do with trump. They are doing is to get and they're not doing this for two they're doing this as a protest to Jeff Sessions who is nominated the attorney general. It would upset the people out. Politician blah. And it's spelled that you. Wouldn't it. Well you know maybe that's the best justification for getting stoned. No and I appreciate the call I I love this audience I mean I love spending every afternoon with you and there will be so much to talk about over the next four years we'll talk more about this in the future bytes you know let's remember that a lot of people elected Donald Trump. We're not beholden to the conservative right. And if Donald Trump. Falls in line with conservatives on Capitol Hill. He will probably be a one term president. So if he doesn't wanna be one term president Donald Trump is going to be more independent. And follow along with the hardcore conservative Republicans. And he's already shown signs of disagreeing with that part party line. Again a lot to talk about over the next four years mature way to sort of like a program director Diane Newman. Associate producer Todd and assists and our studio producer John wicket and most of all. I thank you for being part of issue when you call text or just listen. You are part of the show every afternoon I'm scoots bloody New Orleans.