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1-4 5pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on the Saints' 2016 season and loss to Atlanta

Jan 4, 2017|

Deuce joins Bobby & Deke to offer his final take on the Saints' season-ending loss to Atlanta and the entire 2016 campaign.

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And good evening and welcome the sports out our number two gone to 730. LSU sports network. As a Tigers get set to take on Missouri in SEC play welcome operating jaguar opinion poll was available for your WW dot com. At what point in 2016 season did you good to you the Saints when not make the play cast your vote online at WW TO. Dot com coming up in Chicago sages who Michael Thomas will be with to give us his take on his rookie. Season and always on Wednesdays we do a review preview with saint commandments and the outstanding rush on the saint great Deuce McAllister. Just as always thank you to be as happy new year and do short take. On the same it's a season as we do a review preview as you look back on a deuce had about a couple a days three days kind of digest it take a look back. Your thoughts on the sixteenth season of the black and go just jump right in Jewish OT. Can argue. Much operator told you as well you just can't do you know you can. Daughter was over or when we loss to Tampa Bay you know that's what I knew that. Night talk about as Tampa the night you. Tampa. My career and you noticed any term that you need. And sixteen different things happen you know you can control. There. Look manage it that that that's almost like you know he could talk about. Look toward and trot out this is that this happened and it's a one and you know 200 isn't as so. When you lost the ability. To control your all is in the in you know that's when you knew it was an uphill battle and so it'll just go back. Can look at netted injuries review it and you know Jason and India yet. It'll really work and what would you account that you out of that that play off pitcher. You go back and you look at. The first game here. In August Oakland Raiders and whether it's still questionable passengers on ball well again so Roberts emerged as not (%expletive) machine in the original. Just a miscommunication. You know that there are eligible for just. That he description here at all in and it and it's because you're playing so many young different. I mean so Louis is. Has their alcohol. Obviously knew who we know the Giants getting your it was a game where it's. He looked at Portland the blocked field. You look at how will the defense played and you know what so again to two ago I mean. Whoever thought our. Would have. Deal and so. You take it is orbit for an. Armas who eagle you can look at their protection. We all know it happened. A game huge huge whether he goes out. This is move him over actions. You know and he's definitely now let's move this ball low trajectory. One. Keep it simple. Yet a block or you export so. It goes back and really looks. You know and stick to choke up. It'll you. Talk about. Some balance. Because we all too well ample. You can ill that'll and his temple. Don't you know. For the most part you get it makes it keeps you build. Angel. When he goes back. Allies. And looked to be true that we. Used to call. That. Upset since the news. Club's. Yeah big shoes you don't reminds oh where where I bid Detroit lines but we're than negative and there are a positive and the reason why I say that. If you look decided by one possession. We were in twelve games we've finished five and seven. When you did the game to decide about one position now the lines. In thirteen games it does decide about one possession there rating five and in the quail. Oh. Well for only until actually. 2000 on one they are right. Post. And back again more on that one and told. So perky competence. Is to go away too. And that where. In the end it's all. So. It all it's it's that's. This change. The premium. The course is those coach eight. He has been an adverse situations you know to Ecuador can. And at. The competition. You situation. We can beat me extra you know that the 20. Or else you'd see him. It strange to. Calm. Attorneys. You see or. It's just who he shortens he. All all all three victory after an interest. Now drew and drew deuce. Look at net what we achieved offensively and and the skill position guys and that to me it was unbelievable. When you look it would be accomplished in what's your opinion what you think they rank give this about right. You look at the office that a 5000 yard pass that thousand yard rusher. 2000 yard receivers the last and that haven't the Broncos dated Andy surpass. The 2011 saint well no all would but they did obviously. More in a playoff team but. We didn't even make the wells with a look at. The final leg rankings a look at nudges the NFC and NFL. And you look where Mark Ingram fell. He's rioted. 91011. Is that about right when you look at him as a top ten running back at him looking at the receivers. Both cook and Thomas. Would they were able to do. They like Sixers seven come along that numbers all the great receivers in the NFL. So would that being said you look at our receiving corps an inning and went running back. You know at the say that we have a top ten running back in and and and deadly top ten receivers. 00. When you look at two receivers honest about it. Yet to look at him collected me because even had to go work out of the wade did arms raised the ball well. If you don't get them collectively. Did you going to be cheating. Because. Is less under. A hundred yards and they'll. Broke from now as well that that that. You know I actually more even. More progress each and ability. To be. Now. 67. Year old or are in the states hill and played all sixteen games. Did not figure out ways to fight through that knee injury in actual injury in you know people this year. People can look to camp again. Or and there are a lot more than. Well the Chiefs game you fumble inside the ten does that well but you know. Well this. Is a good speaker. Is it will really drop off and feel Kane and in in in game you are. You know. Chase him a little older as far days so he needed that extra year sold so you know more. Mark could give 222. Errors you know and also a total years as hard as they were. It'll do them and made close to close what he did. Of course I mean so would mark. Figure out every game. Or you know the sport. You know then it's going to be the state and you know to actually. Because as you get older you you it's religious or should sir. But a balanced at all and now they have to elbows almost birdied post your. You know that that that that comes reads and that is it gonna come. All right would be there what are very Islanders Macau's it's on weekly read you previewed W got a question reduce all the cajun cannon to 601878. You can hit us aren't texted 87870. Air welcome back to sports stuff along with the Kasey Kahne and Bobby eight man and Deuce McAllister I'm Deke Bellavia well today as any edge and Amanda it was a very very. A successful in huge in part of helping the Saints and the superdome and so forth come to New Orleans. The economy was so later services he passed away a seven days Beckett the aged 82 he was hired by the great Dave Dixon Bobby induce and in the course. What would now be com what is known as the Mercedes-Benz superdome once the Louisiana Superdome so. A huge part of that we think back in Saints history. That know the ones that. No probably a little bit more and doing you know keep but which Saints if you know some more about. Mr. Connick but something may not remember his name as much because of Dave Dixon and other people but. He he was down there was a player huge part in the superdome and the Saints in two. Well the superdome definitely. It's still gonna be relevant I think over the next decade. I'd say around 2030 omelet and they're crystal ball say where it's a long time yeah in my and I'd be relevant. When you're trying to Cuba with the Jones and looking at the National Football League going forward and the thing about this and look at approximately. As far as distance from Atlanta to New Orleans. He thing Mercedes-Benz that's in stroke. Then there's the Mercedes-Benz superdome. In and you billion dollar plus stating their billing in Atlanta is America Mercedes been stadium. Right the bottom of have ever seen net and the better than naming her stag close and and and rival team did at the same stadium name is Mercedes-Benz. Eight and deuce who you think about the dome is is so iconic RC we know about football when you think about you go back. It's where you know sugary and Tomas Rivera to rant Ali. One of the heavyweight championship for a third and final time his career Bobby Knight won his final national championship there. Although a young coach by the name of thought. Harsh and mean this is Jim behind the lady came back and wanna win rookie of freshman by the name a Carmelo Anthony. Over Roy Williams whose last game coaching at Kansas before we went to North Carolina. All the great games and Michael Jordan we tell my box in baseball basketball football probably across the board an hour an arena in the way things are now deuce and you know with being used deem BO a lot closer in from the time they're resurrected too windy as get rid of I don't blow it up and build something new and more state of the art. The superdome was certainly always be thought of and go down as one of the greatest sports venues go. Well I mean when you look at some of the history and a whole lot. A lot has happened occurred he so boxing match it happened and rule. It one game check. You know some of the history of that and I'll. Some doubles that that that week ago has holes in. It's it soared you know four for a lot of different reasons. Every recruit. I agree either you know just to be able to keep. Charles is out technologies. It's steadily changing you know we give that decade. On uncles that's most directly but you know actual pointer that ago they were in the iconic building. Our Butler that we can count study where we can into super ball in Super Bowls or. He pitched abuse that comfortable. He was a secretary treasurer of the group and as each article receiving construction of the superdome passed away this past week you made there today. Mr. Billy Connick our thoughts and prayers go out to the comic fans. 26087. You can Texas and 87870. About it. Deuce now look at that. A veteran players and you couldn't. Elaborate on this I and you could mile bull was shot. Then about count all the years training get ready for football Connick unison Pelz and fifteen. I think a lot of players beating get the double digits here you'd feel excited about the time agree had a begat ten plus years. And look at right now where Jahri Evans is that. And actually it that you know what they go on and you will will they come back with a twelve NFL season and won last rob what is your take on that it is it is it. Well John I might say well I'll come back when you gotta pay me RO what is the approach you think. Which Jahri Evans and is actually going forward. That the plane exceed that this played a very high level. Look at it and it sorted that actually. I'm very close well flares. And and I would've told you. If you actually this question before the season and this was sick last war or even maybe he would about it and he could come back. Green because he was shall beat and he was able to rejuvenate themselves and you know get his knees back or get it right. Where he could do it and it. You know and an end for a job don't talk much RE. Indo Pak and British. Or for about two years. And people talk about his age. Although it blows into. You know it would. Age. It was. Right at it at deuce along those lines it was like an old 31 of the day and he was a young 32 because. All of us any as healthy again. Our. Warrior like 080. Kurt there. You know just because of years the it's going to be up to them I think that it will be eighteen shortly be regardless. I mean obviously both well pretty. But you know the point where. In jail and it in the Nokia eight. Cute Sheehan powers just because you know particularly. I mean. I'm sure the team will be able to work something now. He's been long as well. We can. Strike it it's we're both problem more where they play at a high level. And not have any injuries so I don't look they can do it through seventeenth. But I mean is shot and take here you know the practice schedule and you know I don't know what to do one will be course. Should enable to managed that he can change and you know we did in two. State so important for the complete year. All right much and always deuce in just a few moments the first folk also news WWR new system is approaching 532 it's time the first news we will go to Christmas. And welcome back to 60187 you can Texas at age 7870. To the phones are gonna take a call from James here in New Orleans James thank you for collender BW it. I got and that's what I meant on you know. Ago. I agree with Bob in the sense that you know I don't think he got Duke what occurred to let you know figure out the quote on quote up with a code that. I mean. If they got to do some before that. Yeah yeah yeah well that's I don't say that isn't behind the scenes. Can't you you know the thing that you put up or they make. You are right now. Though it in my. All the way in and put up and another stroke and seemed pleased Wright which which means that plate maybe at bat or you're you know. I don't know I know him a good thing. Upper upper friend of mine who are currently in the note talking about what they're in. You are in beach where Jeff Blair was which would you know which where the Landers chief. Not bad now well good because that would be attractive as far as approximate as people like eleven yards with that walking is. I don't know but that didn't you played in NFL how many are coming you know you're used to go to the old Cowboys Stadium and it went in in Irving. While ago but I waited his silverdome in Pontiac it was it was like. About like how man to villa's two yard South Florida silverdome and yeah. And you know as well or not do it Atlanta are out there. Oh. I never was able to do not James what what of this now. Mitch Landrieu I can remember I think he shall need is drawing one time to move on job was out of his way out there and they're Riverfront Stadium. Bad team comic dog Najaf I think we don't we I'll be more inclined to Ed James and gone out you know farther out with the ease. We beat up but we argue our percent that was the time. When they would talk about opting for the pretty Katrina book ordered bill got destroyed or. Whether the track that live up or drop too as well go out. All right mandatory now at the actors all react you because they were talking about eight and that they had calamity have to the traffic. Bob and develop now and then and then you talk about traffic coming you'd think that was not out people. You could barely get human stadium. You're put on and about that. Yeah they are no good dead day once ruling state I was Gilani it was gone now James I heard that. Really before you look at the deal we got it the say this we deal with the state 20/20 five is that. And I think we gonna get an and the suitable they NFL you know the new stadiums being built look at 20/20 324 I think Lugo get one. But after that I don't think we not gonna get a new stadium in an meaning another suitable until we've built and used to you know just aren't you know I would. Rihanna resentment because soccer and auto industry. I mean you know you can't you know you can't quit you can't put the oval at Lambeau. Field Chicago. Green that would you know not thought about history topping the coach stadium and that it refurbished them both out. And why are the one thing I would say it is two days out I was at and so to Theo brought not long after they completed. They were able to keep this aside on the front when he did lose all that or you know Boston did get pretty much with the way in Indian Lambeau Field dated as well. I think in the course and his edges hindsight I think everybody would willow four to stay where it is the thing is where do you play date year. When you turn to when you kind of blah blah -- dome for the following you bridges got another it's exchanged it says that there's a tract of land by the convention center now in and out now imitate big if to say. That's what you have to do it in and out and a futuristic. Stadium if feature is 68 when you have that. Retractable roof yet again as I have to unbelievable conditions that have fans what it's a nice fall day you open an up and you feel like you're playing outside. When is too. Are draining mentally and how good that I just needing it and by like river comment right there arch. No longer a nice river. Yet James are they over look ignorant you know Cincinnati's it is it's very it was a I would do it not front mean they they blew a bruise and in the course they got hands to Europe. Now let's see Danks came to the perfect call for the show could see you don't Wake Forest Doug don't. He has done Z now that's right got to that's how you guys knew he had the Johnny and eager Colin and at the end only and he has. It is vision yes because he did do you have a week we got to help it down to be we deal with is like we're all in a ballroom cornerback put on our jump in. My mama two on. And on and yet what. Is out this time it and you know I mean a lot it's point seven meaning you blink you're not going to be 21 yet you know you can't. Player. They're not by what I you know rigor. Not my I think you're you're right as far as at least promise and I have a plan in place and met with the example we went to the for the break he got dues back you know dues and we were he on so many things regardless if it's you know if it's on an idea keep the same you know to a theme it eventually but. Now NFL markets you gonna have to. Get up and you don't have to have a stadium is no doubt about destitute and now I even in the a's move up that there's certain things that Georgia Dome was toward employers will they blew it right there were probably I don't know it. You government want to play it to a two vote about coming in that was back in net a lot like the like super well. At least stable facility team and so. I can't I don't know the agreement that arc blank hated with the state. As far as that the city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia. I'm sure it was the same as the Tibetan and and and and you know. You have to understand that that that type of agreement on me because this year years ago owner in your own giving. A smaller percentage. Let's stay suite sales or. Concessions and parking there's a lot of different things in common place I mean insult some old owners. Wanted a bigger piece of the and so that's why they waited too. Building their roles stadium. And that having the quarter and Cole. One. They go roll everything that happened in that facility I mean because he's good about teenagers world order. Many big getting him on the ball. What did that sort of thing you mean though he he he goes boxes yet probable for I mean that. Mr. Benson that get a cut of that type of stuff when it comes to the to the super. And any note do you think some nose to reduce I mean these this thing is not on the would do what destruction is and how is that have been Houston but. I mean a right next there was the red lining in RG whatever it is now. They update based you've got to astrodome and at and I know I know full body was do you keep yeah but they were just team has to have rodeos and typically don't miss in the vote okay William is well we don't have an of fortune 500. We are so small put Tate is when you look at at a city. Does it like grant the tightest Ottawa and you stadium and we don't want a new stadium at taxpayer money. That's I don't know how they do we don't have we have energy of one file porch of vibrant you look at Minneapolis. Would Minneapolis have. I don't know why you gotta like sixteen or 23 in the end and metro area you look at Atlanta Houston Dallas that's why. I don't know that's not a good role in it teaches stadium and how we gonna pay that it. I don't. I think that you get that they don't have two words I'm and we're drought that's what drives people here so I mean. If it being creative. In that are in the market but Britain you know some type of extra. Draw large 222. You know the people that come and unfortunately that some something that you don't have. Look at the you know in the hate eat out a damp people way above way above logic that they can amass the builders and our stub it. EE could be a situation that wage raising by now I think a guy who was that a lot he coach and assume earlier Tom Flores. Color analyst with the Raiders he says I wish they had in New Orleans every year it could go from basically if you move them out of area. Because very few Indianapolis has got a lot but did like 40000 hotel rooms and two with an amount I have radius. Of the superdome so every event. From the Super Bowl every from the Super Bowl. Everything media wise is all right here in his area where we were in Miami in some it was in Fort Lauderdale Bobby. They had been media warm place in and they would bust those out to win the stadium was in ended the transportation was good evening but people won't be able to wall. Get off the exit out there they had certain rules Saints fan the call a day they would at a tailgate as much since Sosa would you talk about new stadium in different things. We are seeing now it is kind of one of those things but you say when Drew Brees in the it would really be. When it superdome of his night anymore baseball I mean we rest or not just football we had a top your list you know Chris Webber called a timeout or no timeouts let me. So many events happen in Madison Square Garden grade B Duke but they never have football I mean you the go across the board to superdome iconic. From baseball basketball football college sports dockets in him rattle off a hundred foot high school football members and I don't. It's unbelievable and it probably not now have not I've never easy quote in all of sports. Level at Texas says that they legalize marijuana here this have enough money to build the best of them and currently. But go to the public is wait do you see. Is going to be an NFL Disney World and loss and as well and I see Dag complex. That the building in Los and is better you know it's gonna be old Bulls a destination just to see even when you don't have a game. And NFL involved and yet that's what you got to almost get that you are just trying to be wanna come here. Have other NFL owners. Involved obviously this thing to Daniel on staying here and also not. All of England back to the taxpayers but I've NFL owners with the Saints owner involve getting a feature good standing here act today. Bag it takes about the man alive Agassi and now like Monday Night Football or music it dead dead dead it's that's allowed to the throwers and Al Michaels and I was doing things it. Chris when you think about the crime in this a beautiful stadium. Peavy drawn back canceled and all that made you know I don't know where I don't know I don't know what's happened movement forward. But the superdome right now is. To be the ideal thing would be if you get a new stadium. Where do you put the team in a year. EYE if you wanna put him back in the same place because I think you wanna put him back in the same place and yet that would be the best in there as you put him right back weird years. The way you played today a year already put it they can't I mean Tiger Stadium that was that is that they belong in the traveling all star Bryan and Dan Boigny about it wage up late. Whereas now that was a that was Clemson. Willie Carol Connolly out as Carolina does though playing ankle as always is not the North Carolina Panthers in Charlotte Panthers. Is the Carolina Panthers that was part of their market. But I actually played a game like Clemson and against Carolina and their first year while they would bill in this stated shall now. And I mean of the teams have done it. Was the university without training camp in South Carolina and wall here a few years ago university Minnesota house of likens on the game. When they couldn't play well well you know the globe reported news Katie was built that's word Vikings played at university of Minnesota but it was in the same. Cities and he had that look at the right so we don't we don't Andy I don't know. But with 40000 seats on coveted on the and yeah. But people want to be when they all know when you come on movement locations. The below decree to and the reason why do it all on this tangent again the before now we go along with dues is because. The gentleman that got grass the way yet mr. Conn really kind of paved the way and that's the reason why because he was he was a big part of Dave Dixon stance. And their bring in the dome resurrected they'll be at the dome here. Before you know it became one of the most iconic venues in all of sports and nodding exports and and you you don't know at things the consulate in their two as well on the league. We take a break and come baggage area in Los once gave his take us rededicate deuce is taking its wild card weekend is leaking to him in and see. Two in the AFC reduce his thoughts on the four wild card games and which of these. Wild card teams has the best chance on C one of the top two teams in the AFC that would be doing in Kansas City and in the NFC Dallas and it acts. Deuce McAllister is what this is Bobby Hebert ID Bellamy the sports talk on WW. And busy reduced stuff and excel and did deuces take on the NFL's post season while call weekend all four games to be here right here on W do a radio in the last. But Jerry Jarrett they give the call and WW ago. All of them we all week Ian La. Are small. Wondered in the B options out there. On no doubt certain NC. But I want to say considering what we exported or the year a bigger problem. We got a lot of issues to resolve. A war. You know man I mean seven in I consider more which the ball now or is she old. And it today spot it would be legal weight problem arming outrage. Took me. It's Super Bowl community call the he has in the war. Just like being raised it to the war oh meatball make construction. Matter of fact I'm dual work in the French or sport built. But. Even from New Orleans all the way chip Q will it took different cities throughout the you have. And especially in the week there. All that Bennett amateur sport what it. Suppan deal the same bill as I can distort managed. Being a mean. I know a lot of added to an actionable. Spotlight these big fancy ball let me get. These big NC state and spell guarantee championship. The cent adult when people come there come war and location where. I mean how well I would love sport to be more closely at all indeed get cute left out what you know what. Communities what meg just sucked into what makes new war. And then and now Jerry how about this you said your what your contract that are you an architect who would you see UConn thought. OK. Okay good we got it takes in this kind of makes since then I'm not Smart enough you might build an album. And it's from the 6005. Says on that and argued today that'd be nice to put it retractable roof. On the existed in the superdome yeah well what do you think. You know like he is that you need no words. Keeping the structure but you just may get it like we tracked all the way despises nice bald they've football analyst solvent and when his bag it and it still looked like the superdome. That's. A lot it would air area and so. You'd better go work at Miramar what are you learned at an angle work now it would thought would be. Well what you see Jerry Jones builds more by architect. Didn't need JJ thank you predict how. Go to geragos. Is there's too costly and it would work. All right coming back deuce gonna give his estate will take a look at all fall while Claude gains Saints great several of those teams in action problem that on the buy we do as well. Can do is take all wild car week in and his thoughts were to be rolled that one more time and Monday night's national championship game this is sports talk. Deuce Bobby IndyCar WW.