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1-4 6pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on the NFL playoffs + Saints WR Michael Thomas

Jan 5, 2017|

Deuce gives Bobby & Deke his opinion on this weekend's playoff matchups, and Saints receiver Michael Thomas talks about his fantastic rookie season.

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And good evening and welcome to our number three or sports Sox 739. We will be getting used it for LSU find tiger basket about the Tigers taking on a Missouri is seen in your mom Nazi and sportsmanship oil one in conference play not expected to do much of anything's Fuzzy is he sees concerned with the SEC play. And that would have that for you 730 and tan and and AT&T appear on WW as always on numbers in order to 60 point 78. You can text a city seventy eights and operating jaguar opinion poll was on line and their VW had to come at what point. During the saints' season in 2016 did you good to use the black and go when am I to play out the Jets ever talked to him in training camp. Pre season at the the first four games the Saints won in three at the eight game threw for four. All you never gave up you can cares to vote online at WWL. Dot com with Bobby induced to start things all of deuce. All games can be heard right here are NFL games all season long with through the super bow here on WW air raider almost who will go over to one and we style Saturday deuce in Houston for the second straight year the Texans will host a playoff game and they will host a team from the AFC west. Last year they drew a team Hamill wins and am in Kansas City got pummeled this year they drop another team that has more wins in the am twelve info Oakland is on the road. At the Houston Texans deuce. Your take on this a battle of two teams that really don't expect to get much out of their quarterbacks affect epic if you look at it from Coach Del Rio standpoint coach O'Brien. Their game plan quarterback wise deuce is just don't go out there and lose the game for. Well one point it was a battle to backup quarterback should know you and that announced that it is not going to be in place the return back to Brock awful our who has been playing. Horrendous to me but it just games in the playoffs. So he can redeem himself. With excellent play in the playoffs mean the problem is he's playing against clean immaculate defense Oakland that can be you know outstanding it developing more of that bracket there was. Understand and know that articles often as he would he has to be if we get rid of the football if not. That Raiders these you know Irving and and Mac will either laugh you know wood pitched in four for Oakland though. You know. But they go to rookie you know in. I don't wanna say that this state has to be four comical but. Man. Mean just to have the opportunity EZ he had to be excited about it that you know just think about it he was in the playoffs. Last year against Alabama yeah obviously so. He could handle that. He he he could have you know it's a bigger stage but he's. Should be able to. You know distribute the football game because you can give it to Crabtree you unity is if you can get it to the plate Lakers. Ball Mark Cooper only seen the enemy in this let those guys play. I mean bottom amidst the defeat. How they try to protect him with you know that the that the total game plan. Will they open it up. You know maybe because Houston statistically. Finished with a no more deep in the NF bill but obviously. Bigoted active as much spot slumming. To do crowning. Has finally crumble for him and you know he's he's playing like the number one overall pick in the it's going to be a heck of a matchup that matchup you know but. I would probably have to go with the home team an assist because our. There at home I mean it's not built on me because I don't like quarterbacks. I think both these chances if he had to do you take Alou and think Houston has a little bit battered defense book I think the home and probably win and that ball. I do is now we look at the nightcap coming up on Saturday here our final game a while call week in. It's the Detroit Lions they were either gonna be the fourth seed or the six seed they wanna be losing to the Packers. And now they go on the road at the Seattle Seahawks or the Seahawks with 71 at home this season dude deuce and ironically the game they lost at home. To Arizona cost him from being the number two seed. So Seattle is at home against a Detroit lines in a battle of all quarterbacks Ted or not on the bad sad these two very good quarterbacks. I feel than any other place you'd go would be Troy demanding it is taught to play up in Seattle you know particularly in the playoffs. I'll want it partly to get through to you know it's gonna be night so that the weather's gonna play some type back to work with the wind is is Ohio whether it's raining. You know and Stafford has not been is that he's he's ignited a quarterback when he's playing in the Bellman when he's playing outside. You can just. That that offsets. They don't like to run the ball they they are home. I can't think of his neighbor they've they've found a back that they do like to give it to but you know that that that's tough matchup for me and then until. You knew that they wanted to beat Green Bay despair Condit to Toronto boy. Have two goal on the road you know for the first playoff game but man calm back there that that was tough what form so you you have the likes Seattle in that game. Particularly at all. All right though it's the first two games who's gone with the home team Houston and Seattle by Mina will break out how to some beat writers cinco and is. Of those networks tomorrow on the program of the Dixon gained Duce is a date with tickets I'm out will come back every Mets game in which Miami blew Pittsburgh out. Actually at the game Pittsburgh failed to four and five that will be the last time the Steelers lost. And they fail and they went on and won seven straight games to get to an evident by and that's why they're hosting the team in six Miami Dolphins. And no one that closes out the week in a very go win the fifth seed New York Giants at fourth seeded. Green Bay will be due to take on those matchups. Getting top pros take Bobby induce a big going to be at its sports talk on on the Saints and the Tigers WW yeah. Getting deuces take all on the NFL out due out in deuce. The Pittsburgh Steelers won't roll right along here at this season they came out of the gates. I basically with a good month for one but when the Miami Dolphins played the and they put it on it would start the first of four straight losses. For the Steelers as some close losses to uncle Juan would have been robbed but against the Patriots. But the Miami Dolphins beat him pretty soundly thirtieth the AT and Miami. And now Miami goes to Pittsburg and of you know you kind of hope but if your outdoor team is based in South Florida. It's gonna give it some how whether. It's going to be in the forties here dues that you know it's going to be cold up in Pittsburgh Sunday afternoon the Miami Dolphins at the Pittsburgh Steve. Big they won't be a star. You know it. What you have casual now. I mean so yeah as a quarterback and you know about the city he had taken careful of because I think he's done a pretty good job you do. Yeah I mean it's so easy he gives the Steelers didn't get the Landry. George. If it is not pregame with 200 yards Asia knows it to a woman means so he's. You know he's and in any game the two parties are so. Up front they've they've been outstanding you know last year were Achilles feels or from Miami it was an offer to mark. And you know this year they've done really a better job protecting the quarterback announcement they can run the football. You know what would always scares you when you play in them as I would put their defense different. With Cameron Wake him and who. I would put that front. Probably if not the cup from. Their top three. I mean because when. You won it when and competent to what possible played he walks played. He would do you know and so Z is really. Don't seem weight may happen by. I just think Meehan will be able to distribute the football too much and you know you'd you'd you'd you'd talk about probably. I'm not look on the top power backs. But someone called probably the best overall bad you know as far as being able to do everything kicks the ball run the ball inside out that goal there late you know bill you know was with him. He's got to have a big game yet it really did you but you've got to have a big game. Against the Dolphins in I just think Pittsburgh will be too much will. I the Pittsburgh Steelers and Steelers ran in the he would move on to take on candidacy in the though the remade its game three wood automatically go to to the Steelers are seated there. And the induced and you look at if from a standpoint top to bottom may be the most evenly Mets game of the week in. In New York Giants the five C at the fourth seed Green Bay Packers in the off it's been pretty solid all season long pretty consistent. They won't want to it and lost three. To start the season too and even add to that they play pretty sound consistent ball the rest of way where green made the deuce was four and six they went on a six game win streak. To go to in and six and win a naught and they host the Giants on silent. Which quarterback has the ball and that's basically what's looking at in this game I mean. We would would we would look familiar with the Giants because obviously played with them you know they invested over a hundred million almost 200 million dollars in their defense and you know they've got outstanding production from their defense. You know probably the disappointing from from. You know he hadn't been as sharp as he normally is that I mean he normally does that that like build off for you know when he gets in the playoffs so. He's obviously always dangerous in the playoffs and I mean we talk about and Rogers. Romo. Probably about the Monaco six weeks ago. Everybody talked about how he would sell off and now he's not the same he's seeing goals you know he's not the same quarterback and now Miami's. Favorite word is what relax. And he's he's he's he's he's relaxed everybody and he's got them. Back in the playoffs and what what's so amazing news they have no name receivers after that Jordy Nelson and you know. There it is obviously. Randall. Has been a guy that's been there but he's been hurt nobody they have a lot of no name receivers that step up and say look. You know on the Knicks great. Receiver coming out of Green Bay. They've got a receiver. Aaron Montgomery played at right that you know and he wears like number 86 radiator out and at tailback at the ultimate tale that number out there but it means. He was the right back at effort you know he was before McCaffery but I mean it's just amazing what my card in his crew has been able to do. You know when that was what was when he locked in lately you know they lost parts in there and and they fairway it looked that would have factored you know. It's just been amazing what they've been able to do in the end you know you get Clay Matthews would be able come in and opal Byrd Al he's been banged up and heard so. If there's one rule change and have a shot at winning I mean a legitimate shot. It's the job you know you really have to like possible winning quarterbacks all. Which one has the ball land I mean but the fact had a goal would be prayers with Beijing. It would probably be with a time. Now what do you do for a real idea run when you look in next year's in the makeup and obviously. Two names that are intriguing. Considering you brought him on board big and I investment. And then obviously you look at their cavs figured at all cousin the play and you look at the guys I'm talking about Jerry is burden the now Ellerbe look. I think Jared is near twelve million cap number next season. And I being in my opinion that they trying worked so that I would him. Where you know the and we adjust his contract obviously at a lower number. So we because I think they like to when he was playing. What wit with Dennis Allen system that also Ellerbe. To me at the right pie price even though. He's always had you had to say health concerns. That being overwhelming concern. And I still think need to address the linebacker what is your take the seventeenth season would ger is burdened and Allen. Well I think you'll bowl fullback. Mean I think you know. Hit it in and they don't you know and it's really not even cap number would who would we Jeter's is going to be out you know I think that they try to construct their salary where they can give. Probably some upfront money you know and get that base lol or. But would sometimes extension you know and it's really lord that they've given up close to earn some of those. That that money bags via incentives. You can tales just with the draft on bail. And I'd say he was being put on notice but they were kind of preparing themselves you know you bring in here compared to count preparing themselves to put themselves in the position where hey look we've got to go after the bit of our program. That can help us you know. They're probably move we'll wait another move away if something happens and they can't agree there nothing to do you can be a little more aggressive you know whether it in the free agent market order drafts you know the kind of protect themselves but I mean that's what they're gonna do that situation and it did it is to. Similar situation when you look at him and arm back expect them you know that they've got on my. They've they've got on my. Like a brick at a news that Timmy is the fun and he's not the answer I mean he's not a leader like Jonathan Vilma I don't know maybe he lacks some confidence now but. I mean. He might be a first round bus when all's said and that. Well I mean. Even. Bobby is definitely this year you know. Injury hurt banged up what. You would be gambling panel think they're gonna put themselves out to like there about Matt signing a veteran Mike you know by and that maybe drafting. If if if it in the right situation a veteran mark you know they have that they they just wouldn't do. You know because you know what this injury whether it's through you know lack of being you know being able to pick up their system it would be exposing themselves when they have too much riding on next year to not go in there with some type of veteran guys. Craig you and complex. Abilities that look you know we can't our gap that he can he can do it. Being critical five day and another out we we backer. I mean because for the most part they were playing with a reprieve linebackers. The last report game you know that they'll actually playing. Not just. Well that adjective I mean but you know there that that's just. Eat yet he can't he can't do and they and so. They have got to get more bodies and their role and guys that can actually come out and contribute. I mean because of that probably to help. Your actual defense that's gonna help your special teams as well. And so now you don't oh on bill playing twenty to thirty plays on special teams occasionally have anybody you know you know. You can you can kind of afraid and so now he's yet to chew up turn it that will be. To learn it decent in the will be effective and they don't have some of the best use it to and it this year. Deuce McAllister deuce thank you so much that time we'll talk to you all for a regular right Debbie did and whose time is 633 time the first news we'll go to Chris in the. And welcome mat 730 tonight LSU find tiger basket by the Tigers take in all and moser always sending new Debbie Debbie Kodak kind members in this Steve Scully says. Millions of Americans and most good health care plans with obamacare President Obama. Obviously preserving that I have continuing coverage and develop. Any developments in the story also has gas prices at the pump in three years for 2017. That's the prediction on how why. And we take a look at those snow in Louisiana could it be possibly a where this is projected to be very cold in their damper on Friday may be some air that will get sit with some sleep impasse with some free agent Ross of the possibly possibly may be some snow. And Drew Brees exclusively QB QB tells us why he's so optimistic the Saints could return. To the post season 2017. And we taken aback at the Saints a slow start. Electable when street keep the Saints home game in the post season all of that is up online at WWL. Dot com it's while call weaken as we can't Saturday Oakland is at Houston a few in the Oakland. Is that the Houston Texans just raise it to Texans pregame at 3 o'clock kick off at 320 found in followed by that is a Detroit landed the Seattle Seahawks. Out of Pacific northwest in Sunday. The Miami Dolphins visit kinds here to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers games 1130 kick off with a shade afternoon. And then their evening game that brings down while colleague in the New York football adjust to the Green Bay Packers. That is Sunday evening it's all the games here on the home of the NFL football while call we can. WWL. Him and then and dot com case again in while call tweaking on the ice and cold cold wind. Well begin again and I'm not too intrigued with that racecars Texas game niner game. And we talked about this yesterday. That because who's playing quarterback. Then Vegas what have the Saints favored against them would simply because that's who they think you Drew Brees and and I don't know Golan content cook and and basically a version on there with the Raiders not only. Because of an NFL playoffs where as the starting quarterback with England in the playoffs and what's on the line. They let us follow they got what they paid him and now he has an opportunity started the first fourteen games venues being Sunday December 18 had been. Tom savage he's in he's in the concussion. Photo article also and then. They look at his numbers well he threw with 3000 yards with fifteen touchdowns and sixteen picks this time I'll lobbying yet. All's clue. New school any school. As a quarterback he never wanted to throw more interceptions than touchdown yeah in the humanity ended teams are torn through whatever you do you may see chick Soviet Union didn't he that pay the WW. A draft pick that turned out to be a great day for the blanket go to a rookie sensation now joining us finish at this first year Blanco saint receiver Michael Thomas and Michael is a with a TVP award and this is remote about these GO. He's kind of topped by April formal awarded it recognizes the player whose on field performance most sees the value. There contract and you go online info is your dot com Michael joins us now Michael thank you so much of the time and I know you'd much rather be. And for a playoff team this weekend but your thoughts on your rookie season how did it in you know war. Our yeah definitely. Connolly did you know I would buy my book he'd com. And I are in the art beauty all. In the military and apply. Now my I what I appreciate. That the humble approach that you the team. He just leg actions do the talking and having a lot of fans appreciate that I mean I itself right there in 92 catches. 1001 to 37 yards nine touchdowns. Holed out the franchise's single season rookie records in all three receiving categories. There when you look at NFL history. And I know you've heard it this receiver. The reception total that being 92 that ranks second all time an NFL record books among rookies. Alive Anquan Boldin. So I think you heard him so big everything that maybe you know this kind of impact rookie year and it. All I'd be lying. You know. Out. You know not he started he and you. Know I did it. One game one we try to look at it and I gave it. He couldn't go at night trio Clark connected to him now out. Here. Yeah and down and you know it aka the machine he's been around. More about it. Aren't here. And them up it just a testament to put out. Now Michael. Talked to fans are good and nation about how is that. And then meeting room when you look and I say this that and now I think I'm being objective. That the Saints have the best trio of receivers are just look at the production. We all know how yellow column at one another and also worked who would Drew Brees but I'd just talk about the relationship you have would Brandon cooks who Willie Snead and here you Randy was able to get over a thousand yards and Willie was knocking on the door. About 900 so. I just talk about that then the team garage area haven't a wide receiver meeting Roman and how you have to be and so was considering going country audio contributions. Yeah I got. Out of it out while each. You know about it a little bit better keep it together on what about the I'm not does that lead clinical and it opportunity. And shortly and copilot and although under. Great athletes in. He ought to chip it. You know and all our our collection period. Or he can crack it and the championship game. They've gotten them to death and now that he didn't. Shock. You know how are beat they me. Now Michael no from the college background and is what I thought from day one. Along what you meant by bill bid to gain denied seem to be feel as rookies that being in the NFL considering you played at Ohio State and always on the big stage and what what was the main transit aren't any different sort of biggest challenge. I would say going from a team like Ohio State to play in the NFL. Or what was the hardest thing and it. You know you got to keep getting better is it the competition at quarterback you're going to get Chargers bring dead. All of it. I would love it and while I applaud their name. On the budget day but it just oh god it's so much they don't know cracked it it that block a little. Don't actually do big game. Reacted. Could go to react and America but he's trying to eliminate there and I'll be like you I didn't wait it out there could be. Busy with saint rookie receiver Michael on the revenue rookie season with a great game against the Falcons. Michael is up for busy with that value of formal although already recognizes me who's on their performance most succeed by contract. You can vote for Michael among several other plays in there it's on line. Spiezio dot com's Mays TVT now to the middle of January January 16. Michael now I'd just a few days off of exit meetings we don't coach paid the night talked to jrue. You're your plans you take notes I am I'm Michael do you continue to work out what would you do during the day and all seem. Our little wood that went to Italy currently urban. As we get back caloric intake. Lacked a little bit and he can. He get the right thing that don't want. Now Michael tell the fans how isn't and that meeting room listening or watching the film. And a marketing and goes and a nice runner Tim Hightower. And you have a significant block and as a wide receiver how pumped up this the meeting room get. And then obviously coaches in how demanding the. It definitely they in. On the court. Coaches in the country one guy that. Exactly like well it could not eight. Does a guy is product placement out. It's. I think it feels good and I. Governors that it is worth it. And ultimately you know. I'd opt out of that locker room. Yeah. I hear that fail so anchored needed help you get better on. And it Daubach like doubled and look at it and I could do it. Saints rookie receiver Michael Thomas again he's up of the is just time by April formal or you can vote for Michael it is O dot com's latest TVP. Michael thank you so much for the time how can have and the fans found you on Twitter or social media. And kick off my Mike thank you so much at a time hope you get some time to visit would defend before you get back to work. I'm Michael Michael Thomas there is so they get out against that a good anything goes on both of Michael Cain who immediate and these CO VI ZIO. Dot com slash TVP. And if you wanna follow Michael want to wouldn't. It can't guard mind paying guard mire like that we certainly don't want it to be goes you know so when I go to go I'm not Cain gave it right. Not liking the right from the movie and I won't think I could have I didn't from individual standpoint a better clothes that the this season. Double digit receptions and receptions a hundred. 56 yards over fifty yards and reason is that was was that because him and I was just pointing us in the first half we didn't recognize that the president. Our dues about a oh they've found some. And they went to Woody went to a in Bahrain it was it was successful and drew going a Michelman secondhand. Well and and you know who do it on again in the AC memorable Trufant was hurt you and cornerback. And got all over saudis they were pregnant on comments yet and I Ellis misses could be a ways from here on the mound obvious enough on deuces yet days they were picking on you encounter with the budget was competing and what did he do the reliability audience and knowing incidents you could open a New England back and forth but. You concede a game plan and at the we they would that's and again in the playoffs. So it jailing countless to be special. Yes they can be thrown at him he make you play well as taking a few big plays that's you get paid racism by lightning green that he goes into him. Yeah I would even Dez Bryant are the Dallas whoever's going to be then I'm telling you. Jail account that a pack line. Andy I know he's playing a lot of commas like his passion emotion he is competing get by without adding an eagle laughed him in. Has got to try to make place and spoke with the pack and on about it lay it would have been an appraiser and pain but he got a bracket look this Ottawa. Do think there are learning everything you can text as they seventy. It's him yeah about it but again you know another solid rookie class and it's almost like. In next year what would the rookie impact that these guys made new faces. And I I just think when you look at he would. If you and another pass rusher like we talked about it guys. You you basically you're bringing another point to. Did you already got that you saw what eight sacks is first year in cook. What you want to win whispered right well well the today. Now sitting KM blood with the injuries where everything's right saying that our I think I would think he would he would. He would've taken a step forward he was that type of player yet I mean yet this year and he was forced fumbles that he is here forced four fumbles and rookie year. I haven't Armstead back all of that but you know I guess a number of teams that they stressed that 1000 cars by. And you initially mentioned it the draft class. I got hit again on this draft class you gotta do you have to and just the grove in some areas and this past season I'll I'll rent defense. I'll run defense no the abandon and all areas last year. And now we still struggling. Deacon we didn't let us against the pass. But I'll rusty Vince and our middle of the pack went from twelve to fourteen because Atlantic fastest. But total David's instead of being in 3127. So I mean is still nothing to write home about. Because dig it is what it is when you say well. Obviously it would better I do his thing because I saw run deep it's getting better. Then that that's a good steppingstone going to next year and now okay and you disrupt opposing quarter rank get a pass for us to help the past if 260 warnings and you could Texas athletes in the heats in the it to the phones we go here in New Orleans for Troy Troy thank you for calling WW and. It'd be you know Kitna can't go ability against right. All excited of course about the same can be said. I guess it's a question or debate as Allen. What you guys feel like if culpable that we. Have been there are about these cynical on it let me be critical of them back basically. Well especially if you look against Atlanta. Again it's all right I don't know the Saints ever got what blight that in his season especially. When needed being maybe a Lannan did that much in Atlanta has turned a corner. We gave up the 83 pointed to games against the Falcons in. And now that that's totally unacceptable and I could say draw what's also unacceptable. It just scoring defense points allow and that's another area of got to bring a B even though. You know I think our run defense you know that is definitely gotten the better we Shelvin Rankin and apparently in all the middle. As outscored individual wanted for last eskimo. One of four lap and last in points allowed you capable will what does that if you if you wanna far alas our last bottom at a packed in points allowed. It did the offense is clicking what does that mean a majority at times you shootout type games. UN will lose one in his day around 500. Your record here again I would certainly it would need to guard the it's a person that the eagle on the guy. In the army we need mine at the. Well all day is try. I can say. That would better personnel. I I think Dennis Allen puts the players in position to succeed now. That the players they have developed. You know. To fulfill their assignment. And look look at the Raiders game even though he you make a play in. You can put it is it like for instance you can be in position. And have the right defense all to make a tackle. And inane but you gotta make that tackle. Are all bonnet that beaver and his terrible while the coach put it in position to make a play so I put it on a visit guys talked about this. We put it kind of more on the players. They would Dennis Allen now the reason why I say that. Not compared to. Previously would Rob Ryan. Rob Ryan's a lot of passion the players like him but that way too many men Obama's. Like way way too many like. Not organized enough. Like like. Too many men on the feel are busted assignments like not a result no were in man. Menu you really did see that would Dennis Allen way it. Like for every one middle buzzer said this yesterday. Would Dennis Allen you have two handfuls of rob Rhein. So got to know and you might say well I'd want Rob Ryan Hardenne is sound knowledge somebody Els and you know B well we had to go to break big a bag of you have a name because. On those right now I think being in a row Dennis Allen next year all right George thank you for the column James and who'd a freak who come back to you this is ports are gonna 739 going to LSU basketball here on WW.