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1-4 6:35pm Bobby & Deke with Michael Thomas

Jan 5, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk with Saints rookie sensation Michael Thomas about his first year in the NFL.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A draft pick that turned out to be a great day for the black and go to a rookie sensation now joining us finished at this first year Blanco saint receiver Michael Thomas and Michael is a with a TVP award this is remote about these GO. He's out of town by April formal awarded it recognizes the player whose on field performance most sees the value. There contract and you can go online and vote is no dot com Michael joins us now Michael biggest in my thoughts time and I know much rather be. And for a playoff team this weekend but your thoughts on your rookie season how he did in you know war. Are all of that. Utterly. You know I've gone Bible book he con. It. Are in. Their art beauty Obama. In the military and apply. Now Mike I what I appreciate. That the humble approach that you the team. He just leg actions do the talking and having a lot of fans appreciate that. I mean I itself right there in 92 catches. 1000 lunge at 37 yards nine touchdowns. Hold the franchise's single season rookie records in all three receiving categories. There when you look at NFL history. And we've heard this receiver. The reception total bad being 92 that ranks second all time in the NFL record books among rookies. Alive and two on Bolden. So I think you heard him so big everything that maybe you know that kind of impact rookie year and it. Our own either side. Yeah. Oh. You know not a these are definitely an old model and see what you know I did it. One game one we try to you know and my game. Big picnic at night trio are connected and now about. It and now. You know that position he's in on. Mama that. Mark here. And them out there that just a testament to put. Now Michael. Told the defense that good and nation about how is that. And then meeting room when you look and I say this and I think I'm being objective. That the Saints have the best trio of receivers are just look at the production. We all know how yellow column that one another and also worked it would Drew Brees but I'd just talk about the relationship you have would Brandon cooks who Willie Snead and here you Randy was able to get over a thousand yards and Willie was knocking on the door. About 900 so. I just talk about that the team camaraderie I haven't a wide receiver meeting Roman and how you have to be and so was considering going country audio contributions. Yeah I know. You're out of it out while each. You know luckily got it better keep it together on what about the round. Not that it didn't bring any cold and it ultimately. Ended. Shortly. I'll let all the time that it great that we. He ought to go out there and you know and all our collection you know the truth he can. And crack at that picture into your game. Has not lived a definite about anything didn't. Talk. You know I'll all the equipment. Now Michael no from the college background and his that I thought from day one. Along what you meant by bill bid to gain denied saint too big feel as rookies that being in the NFL considering you played at Ohio State and always on the big stage and what what was the main transit main difference sort of biggest challenge. I would say going from a team like Ohio State to play in the NF LQ what was the hardest thing and it. You know you got to keep getting better is it the competition at quarterback you gonna get Chargers bring dead. Arm. I would say it on the ball and I applaud. Their name. I'm a budget that they get oh I'm the country they don't know correct it it that block it. You know I viewed that game. React it was that I could go that Eric has America. Look and try to eliminate there and it. I would liken it to so we could break it down. To. Busy with saint rookie receiver Michael on the revenue rookie season with a great game against the Falcons. Michael is up for busy with pat value of formal although already recognizes that it was on their performance most succeed by contract. You can vote for Michael among several other plays in there it's on line. Easy O dot com's Mays TVT now to the middle of January January 16. Michael now I'd just a few days off of exit meetings we don't coach paid the night talked to jrue. You'll you'll land you take our time all Michael do you continue to work out what what do you do during the did an awesome. Are. That when he Italy currently currently that they. You can give back to back orchid a just lag it and he couldn't. Keep that in it right that. Now Michael tell the fans how isn't and that meeting room listening or watching the film. And now marketing and goes there nice runner Tim Hightower. And you have a significant block as a wide receiver how pumped up this the meeting room get and then obviously coaches in how demanding the to me that completes the receivers to also built to run blog at a higher level. Arm. It's definitely. And on the court. Coaches and coaching. One guy that. Exactly like well and it could not it. Don't think I gave product placement out. And it's. The mega deals I don't know governor that it is worth it. Kolb. Ultimately you know. I'm not that locker. Yeah. I hear that. Sail well anchored and needed help me get better on. And Daubach like doubled and look at it and I don't it. Saints rookie receiver Michael Thomas again he's up of the is just time by April formal or you can vote for Michael it is O dot com slaves TVP. Michael thank you so much for the time how can pack in the fans found you on Twitter or social media. Matt Light and can't come on Mike thank you so much of the time hope you get some time to visit which if Sam before you get back to work. Thank you I'm Michael.