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1-5 5am Dave, Will it snow and changing retail landscape

Jan 5, 2017|

WWL's Dave Cohen talks about closures of Macy's, Sears and Kmart in the New Orleans area, the chance of snow Friday and check to see if "Fred" is asleep on the toilet.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm Chris Miller WW well first news here's Dave Cote on WW LAM at them and dot com eleven minutes after 5 AM it's early edition of WWL first news on this fifth of January 2007. Team. The day before Friday happy Friday. Have Friday eve Friday tonight we celebrate the dates on night. We celebrated twice here on the early edition. So northern Louisiana agree gusty some zone and allow maybe has a chants. I don't know if I'd get in the car drive 34 hours north. Just on the chance that he could snow there. It's it's amazing the fascination folks do that was snowed that when you just mentioned the possibility. Of worries. In the forecast so people overall who. It's been awhile since we've seen any of that. Since 2008. Was the last time we saw on the actual snowfall here. And here we are in 2007 teens it's an average of about once every twenty years that we actually cease now. And so it could happen there is that chance of flurries Friday night into Saturday. But it looks like their chances actually going down now and out. Will talk with meteorologist Chris Franklin coming up. In a few minutes here on WW well and see what he thinks the chances any frozen precipitation here are not tonight. But tomorrow night so. I guess it's because it's so rare that people are fascinated with a would you like it to snow here. Mineralized and we had frozen precipitation a few years ago we had an Internet to be ice storm. And you remember that word. Hundreds of car crashes in power outages and people could not go anywhere because the roads were so select we're now expecting that this weekend. But under saying when it does get frozen down here often bad things happen yet people always like to ocean with snow. Oh did release snow we have a nice of an adult years it is now time last climates note on the net I was kind of neat. Now buy into LC it's now. And I northern Louisiana tonight southern Louisiana tomorrow the chance of frozen precipitation. And then through the weekend and into Monday it looks like we can some frost around perhaps on both sides of the lake will keep and I am that. And try to get all of the details for you as the picture becomes more clear in the computer models in the meteorologists. Get a better handle on it. My daughter recently asked me to go take a trip to snow somewhere. But my wife knighted him does night care for freezing conditions does night care first and so we we did not do that. I'm a snow skier in joints and skiing as a young man but it just have not been in many years. Out to the slopes. Which he had ago at least. I guessed it Missouri define any news team. So it's it's a bit of height. To get. They might as well as a trip to. Colorado utes are vermonters some in actors yet men as well. And mr. driving but because the whole farm was. Stores closing I would not at all surprised. The announcement that Macy's is closing the store. In Canner in fact I was surprised at store's been open as long as it's banned. Especially since they opened another Macy's Africa training in matters to be quite honest I didn't even know that that's the growth he opened after Hurricane Katrina I thought they. Shut down there and only had the Metairie store than. These yams and got no surprise to me and Kmart in Elmore it is closing. That doesn't surprise me either confused seems to like kmart's been teetering on the brink for. Fifteen years and he really ever since Sears bought Kmart went Kaymer went into bankruptcy. That was one of the stories where I've only been there. I Raikkonen won and the number time I've ever been there but the last time I was there is like the only person there that didn't work there. So. Again not a big surprise. And I and the Sears in Oakland. I guess that doesn't really surprise me either I've been there in ages he'll go there all the but I have been there and it was never. A ghost you know that this seers and Metairie in the Sears add in the east are generally empty to. I just don't know who's shopping it's yours anymore and apparently the wanna know what is the ones getting the least. The number of shoppers or at least who always miracles like major force of retail in this country dance and a whole big skyscraper in Chicago and everything Janice seers tower. That anymore than an announced along with the Wiltshire. Senator or something that even at Sears is may Mueller now more united associated with it and a landscaper retail in general is changing. And big department stores like Macy's Sears and Kmart I wonder what the lifespan is on all the which online retailing. Growing year after year and discount retailers taking bigger and bigger pieces of the pie right that targets and wal marts of view. They don't seem to be hurting. Actually Nat and even like the dollar general's analyzing those things opening. All stores everywhere. Guy in places you never expect. And so I just wonder what the future of the big department stores it is at this point. Be cat is. It just doesn't seem like a lot of people are gone to the department stores but the malls on the them the malls have been struggling as well so. You know more things change the more things change so thank you Chris will talk to you and less than fifteen minutes more first news here on WWL. Am FM and dot com wanted to snow we gel like that's. Doesn't look like it's likely doesn't look like it's gonna happen down here this virus out but you want to. Tech community that needs them and your forecast. Mild but nice day today a high temperature for a 64 after a chilly start the morning but turning colder throughout the day on Friday. Temperatures will drop into the forties for the afternoon with a good chance of rain and even the potential of a little sleet oral light snow farther north. As we head into Friday afternoon and evening. We dry out for the weekend but cold morning temperatures Saturday and Sunday and highs only in the forties. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm WW LTV meteorologist Chris Franklin nine. Velocity of its nose in the northern portions of the state today and then see what happens here tomorrow right now mostly cloudy at the airport in tanner 48 degrees slide out clear and 42 degrees you Jane thanks for calling you want this note out there. Thought I'd like disputed you know pretty you know typical story about America. Art can commit thousands before Christmas Day. Off when up bought my home in RU book called. I am I remember that Christmas Day snow went canola. And there are a lot of certain at my house and our new chrome or part of the year at ten man. Now also put national recruitment stood at the good lord what it's. Your time. And did you line you wanna see that happen again. Yes sir it was what went on nose on a group more book. Well I don't think it likely but it could happen and we will wait and see if we get a few flurries tomorrow denied. Nasty dollars here and he's got a flurry of sports. On WW happy Friday eased the yes indeed that you gave good morning everybody it was a tale of two halves for LSU basketball who rallied back from 810 point deficit to win at Missouri 88 to 77 active top lately three ball left of the art it's relatively young he now is planning south. More guard Antonio Blake and he scored over twenty points for a third straight game ending the night with 24. To buy you bagels now and over. Overall record of nine in four and are what they want in conference play. While the number of bumbling unbeaten teams in division one men's basketball is down to two following butler's upset that the defending national champions top right Villanova was fourteen and oh on the season and riding a twenty game win streak until the bulldogs took him down 66 to 58. The eighteenth ranked bulldogs now it's stripped its sixth. Free throws straight in thirty threes in the last 33 seconds to finish a perfect fifteen for fifteen from the charity stripe. We'll saints have gone back up north has signed some talent we're talking to wake you up north to the Canadian Football League as defensive back for a high tower. At linebacker Adam big kill each have reportedly received. Three year future contracts. Hightower record for 848 tackles and two interceptions last season. While big kill tallied a 108 tackles with one sack in one interception and an 84 times CFL all star. The raiders have announced that rookie caught cook will be under center for Saturday's AFC wild card game at Houston the former Michigan State star will become the first quarterback to make his NFL start in eight playoff game. Cook was an active for the first fifteen games of the season and made its debut on Sunday after mammoth loin suffered a left shoulder injury. The pelicans they'll play at home tonight before hitting the road for five straight it's a battle of the birds with the Atlanta Hawks in town tip off in this movie king senators at 7 PM. And Farmers Insurance open says that Tiger Woods has committed to playing in the event at Torrey Pines later this month. It'll be its first official PGA tour event. Since he tied for tenth at the Wyndham championship and what are you fifteen. Woods has won eight times at Torrey Pines including his last major victory in the 2008 US open it. It's an Athlon sports talk with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia who's your pick to win the national championship. Alabama or cleanse him plus we'll get the view from Vegas for the best bets for the NFL's wild card weekend I'm Steve Geller with early morning look ads. 520 Ford they've gone Steve Geller with the on your radios. Watch in this Tiger Woods attempted comeback to me is painstakingly. Awful I don't like it I don't wanna see it. It is bothers me because I'm so afraid that it's it's gonna he's gonna fall so flat again in just wish he'd go and history books. And it's time. Yet you deathly concern with his history of back issues and all these attempts to make this come back. I don't know for really. Puts a damper on the things that he's done in the past but I don't see him ever reaching. Jack Nicholas Mick lewis' record. Major records as distinctive and gave him ever winning them. A major again. He might be able to get. One more you know by chance but I don't think that his body is able to withstand the rigors of now would be no. The PGA season. I'm I'm hoping that we see a return to greatness for tiger it just doesn't seem like. His body and the fact that all his past injuries will be able to. It's eight injuries and by the times and occasions that I have a hey. If he's got to try and hope he's really successful but I'm Christopher's is golf misses them for sure now whom. Golfers can fall off the radar completely since tiger disappeared from the US it's now. On this slim chance of flurries down here tomorrow night for me no before my little one I would say yes because he hasn't seen before you know you're not the only ones and that people it's estimated that and it's anyone's as I'd like it does now because my six year old Watson knows Bradley ego drive and I'd love to see her reaction but a lot of us that people are not in all interest and it on persons says. It's note on the North Shore and Albany in 2010 in February. Says wish we had snow two to three times a year would be nice. We can't go to Colorado. And the presence as last time it snowed. Seven years ago I got an inch on and are sure it was so much fun for thirty minutes until we lost power for two weeks no banks. I'm good. That along with the the roads afterward but ice on the highways analyst and not really a threat would this event we could just the few flurries. In this chances are slim but people get excited you forecasts. A very nice day today with partly to mostly cloudy skies but comfortable temperatures after a chilly start. Around 6440s. During the overnight hours will get into the low fifties early in the day Friday with temperatures dropping through the day. And a good chance of rain kind of a raw afternoon on Friday with the potential of maybe a little light snow sleet mixed in farther north. Friday afternoon and evening we dry out for Saturday and Sunday were plenty of sunshine but windy on Saturday with a high of only 42. It'll feel like the twenties from the pinpoint forecast center I'm double WL TV meteorologist Chris Franklin. 48 in tanner 42 inside out now one person says no snow too many bad drivers says no one can drive properly when it's dry. But ultimate X rated 78 and it is boring on this and about to stores closing Kmart and now modest years in Oakwood. And the Macy's in Canada one person Texas and 878 Denny's has the F lane mall I think will be bulldozed in the next few years. To make apartments and homes is too valuable property. Those are online shopping is ruining department stores and someone else's Dollar General as wal mart's number one competitor with the early edition of WWL first news it's January it's the fifth its 2007. Team. And it's the first Friday eve of the New Year's so Chris happy Friday to you and your ninety. Friday's an ace tonight who celebrated twice in the early edition giving its own EU it is flexing New Year's or Christmas. People are very emotional one way or another about the potential for a little bit of snow. Perhaps as far south as baton version may end of bill. Late tomorrow afternoon into the evening and we justice limb tiny little chance of it movement further south than there. One person tax rebates 78 Emmys has let it snow let it's no limits no yea. That the others says is a big you know on this you know when someone else's help you know spot and the US. To the snow hello well so some people want that others don't which you like to see it at least have a few calories down here. He interest instincts nauert. As long as kids he doesn't ice over any bridges or overpasses and it doesn't look like isn't my real deal with the real so merrier it's deep enough to shovel that has gone by the next day. So we shall see if we get just a few Fuller's the grounds very warm so even if there isn't anything. Frozen following chances are it would melt very quickly but. We'll check in with meteorologist Chris Frankel and try and give more on the timing and the chances coming up here on WW. Now get a very strange text message. And 87870. Actually came in about four hours ago. And I don't think that it was intended for a us. But we get these wrong number taxed with some relative frequency. And it kind of surprises me how many people access innate 7870. Which messages intended for someone mouth and restraint is just a six digit number seven digit number like in normal phone number. I don't know if it just the last number they texted so that's and it is now looking very closely at their phones or what but often we get things like making pickups and milk on your way home. And frequently out respond to them is no sorry I am got to work for the next few hours here at WW on the wrong number. And we get others you know strange and bed this one is got to be near the top of the strange text messages. And I'm gonna change the name to protect the potentially innocent in this and I just just because that'll impairs the party. So we're gonna say this text is about someone named. Fred a camp not really the name they use but it does go make sure Fred is not sleeping on the toilet. Oh. So around to where I am someone. Texted this messes. Two loss intending clearly for it to go to someone else because. Even the real name played no one works here that names I don't think there's any sleeping on the toilet here. I'm just wondering the back story on this text message go make sure Fred not sleeping. On the toilet. Susan. First I don't know why Fred would I'm wondering if Fred does this frequently and that what I wife who cares. Well may be so one bathroom residence. Everything had to go to the bathroom. They wanna make your friends that sleep in the middle of August president of the head on the toilet I think as the bigger yeah I guess if Fred falls asleep on the toilet could fall off the well and hurt himself. I mean you know that. And your legs are likely to fall asleep after a while longer now money is in jail and liked him lethal weapon to their high. Yeah avidly in real life arena by getting the planning gamers something an error or reading something on the Internet or in argues that they're too long. Generally speaking your legs are gonna go now to maybe they were just concerned that spreads like we're gonna go oh I'm so tempted to Texas person back. And find out what why what what's the back story on this and why did you have to text somebody as they go make sure Fred's not sleeping on the toilet. I think have maybe dozed dolphin once or twice. You know like in the bill that I get not to go to the bathroom. But I have never had a problem or known of anyone other problems sleeping on the never been that tired make your friends that's sleeping. Well thanks for the tax today it's 78 cent in the cash it was and the next. I'm not sure want to know the back left. To air its out wrong with people. A woman who repeatedly aired her frustration. At failing to win a jackpot. By making obscene and violent threats against Pennsylvania lottery headquarters. Faces 53 charges police announced yesterday. To wander shields in the 47 year old woman who police say made dozens of calls over the last eight months to the agency's offices outside Harrisburg. Pennsylvania. In the lower swatch car township. Quote from the calls and stuff I've listened to she's basically completely obsessed with the lottery. And the fact that she doesn't win upsets her very much said detective proper apple I. She would get really sexually explicit with her in soltys. Not only is she sending threatening messages because you're scratch offs are hit did before she's got a she got to make it filthy yes that's a. Man. I just pop out just she didn't hit a lot she really wants to win the lottery to a point where. She's fifty facing 53 counts now. Charges. At the moment doesn't understand how lotteries work and at the end of her threatening calls. Apparently she signed off with a lottery advance at advertisement catch phrase with two each one of these 53 calls keep on track. But it's a what if we all these harassing calls what happened Wednesday yet know the hits keep on scratched him that which. Could be obscene in it's a hall of bad. I I wonder if you meant that because. The rest of their message apparently was pretty obscene thank you Chris will to IKEA. In less than twenty minutes more persons here on WWL. I about them. And back up economic your friends that sleep tomorrow which occurs. And is time for a cool change it. Time for a change in our meteorologist. For the first time I'd like to welcome Chris Franklin. What are the early edition of WWL spurs and lakers just like Evian are at good morning thank you glad to have you here and you governor at a time when people like he's the paying attention. To what might happen meteorological. That's why they brought me and that's right this or not we got snow potential we could see some flurries. Correct Chris Franklin's our guy doing it needed him on the phone immediately hits it lower glad you're hear that and let's settle this once and draw. Do you think that any of southeast Louisiana will see any snow lower floors. I don't think we're gonna see a whole lot if we see anything you'd be late tomorrow Friday tomorrow afternoon evening. We could see if you maybe ice pellets sleet. A little bit of a flurry here or there. North of the lake and were talking north of the I ten I twelve court or the better chances gonna be more southwestern Mississippi so around the McComb area. You have the better potential and even then it's not a lot and we're not talking about a lot of accumulation. But anytime you even mentioned our I know people around here ago not either because they really really want it because they really really don't want. Right and unfortunately it's it's on a Friday. In if it was over the weekend probably going to be a big deal but it it could be a little bit of an issue for folks may be trying to head back home. Friday afternoon evening to the North Shore where you might have to contend with some of that. The big problem would be may be ice on the roads a consumer goods Lisa Friday night Saturday morning right so Friday night into Saturday morning we could see some icy conditions north tonight tonight twelfth right and we're not talking anything like that in the metro area that is not a concern about will see some rain tomorrow but no frozen stuff south totally all right so take us through it it's chilly this morning forties on both sides of the like it is it's a chilly start but will have a mild afternoon with temperatures in the sixties which is where we should be. And then by tonight really overnight is when temperatures will be in the fall will kind of fall through the day tomorrow staying in the forties with. Kind of a broad day breezy cloudy rainy cold is gone and nasty yet. Cold day is one of those days if you can and stay home maybe. You know. Doing it well many I'm not missing courage and able to widen their bosses instead they were six they don't have to drive through the wet. Cold rain does everything about lying but if you cough on the phone that just you know imply that corset. And and I haven't done it I didn't fail ladies and gentlemen that was solid net. I had a new guy in this that it does Andy and we keep getting colder through the weekend. Yeah will get colder temperatures on Saturday morning in the thirties were looking at a light freeze on the North Shore Saturday Saturday during the day forties but we've been. It will feel like the twenty's. Also Atlantic yeah we're talking much strong north wind. Sunday morning we could see it hard freeze on the North Shore and a light freeze south of lake so Sunday morning will be our coldest morning. Will start to rebound though by next week. Our right today go folks that coldest weather common for the weekend which is good kids can stay bundled upstate bottled up in and and you know may be put along on the fire turned the heater up and his. It's a lot module Latino on the call in sick over the weekend. Whitman when I might I'm working weekend morning so low light that I have to call the chief meteor on parlor down there Carla Del Rio Phillips and on this recording of our conversation just so he's got the evidence he might think if you use this in my trial. SRI today about the weather rollercoaster ride here take in the biggest dip we've seen in awhile with a teeny tiny chance them. Flurries. North north of the lake and the rest of us tomorrow just getting wet and cold and yucky and then. Frost over the weekend in part trees by Sunday morning on the North Shore. We like to have a little fun here on the early edition of WW offers us. And Chris did you see the video of this Kansas congressman being sworn in to office and his seventeen year old son. Was holding the Bible for his dad is be sworn in as a new congressman Assad and the sun deck. I don't know what that is I was all right and that the speaker of the house thought he was about to sneeze and and I think he realized something was going on and he pulled that kid's arm down. And with the having MMI daddy I. Yeah you're that out of my that's a touch here's the real problem is dabbing with a thing like a year ago. Everlasting Mardi Gras people dabbing everywhere and so this kids like a year behind the times dabbing on national television and nationally viral videos now and I was Morton. Struck by the fact that he kind of missed the boat on to having any stabbing a year too late kick and look like that we follow. I don't eat it we owe a debt being taught me that. I have been do we well is that US representative Roger Marshall pleaded he's grounded. You'd you'd hope so it was just trying to handle on. Revel in your holding a Bible and you got all the photographers there these are the official pictures as a speaker of the house right now XT right you know maybe having save that for later. They have debt your own time buddy. Thank speaker as thank you Rich Franklin Ivan direct from the pinpoint forecast matters man people attack estimated 7870 with all kinds of theories on this tax thank god earlier about to make sure Fred's not sleeping on the toilet I'll share those after sports Hera WW. Around about that for a lesions the. Her face you gave good morning everybody LSU basketball rallied back from a ten point deficit on the roads earn their first SEC victory of the season 88 to 77 Missouri. Attack the zone taking. Yourself useless and underneath absent and it rattled around Antonio Blake hit 34 from three point range finishing with 24 point Aaron and I and Jalen Patterson each had eleven points a piece. By you bagels are one and one in league play now and will next take on Mississippi State in the duke guard her grace and Allen returned from what became a one game suspension and deliver fifteen points and seven assists as the eighth ranked Blue Devils crushed Georgia Tech. 110 to 57. Allen was suspended indefinitely. On December 22 a day after he was caught tripping an opposing players for the third third time since January. The saints have scooped up some talent for the Canadian Football League again the team added linebacker Adam big kill and defensive back for high tower. Big heel was named the CFL's top defensive player in 2015. After racking up a 114 tackles with four sacks and one interception. The raiders have announced that rookie Carter coop will take the starting quarterback job for Saturday's AFC wild card game. Cook was in active for the first fifteen games animated NFL debut this past Sunday aftermath Magloire and suffered a left shoulder injury and a 24 to six loss at Denver. Yet to turn overs against the Broncos was fourteen of 2150. Yards including 830 yard TD pass to Maurice Cooper. And Republicans have won five of their last seven or in this case that it tonight host Atlanta hot hawks have won four in a row tide is at 7 PM meanwhile the pills Quincy Pondexter underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left being marking the guards. Third procedure on that knee in almost a year he hasn't played since the 24050 playoffs no timetable was given for the 28 year old return. Four on sports talk with Bobby Hebert and the Olivia who's your pick to win the national championship Alabama or clintons and and a view from Vegas for the best bets in the NFL's wild card weekend I'm Steve Geller with their early morning look at sport did you. Bad against against Alabama at this point. Eights and I just can't I don't think ever bet against them or knicks' David it just there they're dominance. Has he shown and it's pretty evident this might be one of the best college football teams. And they history is at the complete. This run this year on the defense. Is so impressive I think they score touchdowns just about every single game on the defensive side of the ball which makes it almost impossible. To do anything against his team. It's Vegas by the way has some extent it's up to seven point favorite for Alabama. Over Clemson. For the game coming that's Monday it right and they did have an impressive showing Clinton's in against Ohio State but I just. I didn't know Alabama exactly it and everyone likes the player Nick Saban Urban Meyer but. Yea you all right guys earlier I was telling Chris we got a wrong number text around 2 o'clock in the morning this morning. We we get these with some regularity prizes. But I too and it changed the name to protect. That potentially in a cent but all the text that was K go make your friends not sleeping on. Okay yeah as a I don't know what you it has been nothing short whenever well that's the text that. And now people are texting me like crazy with theories about why we got this wrong number taxed on birds as Fred might be a packed. Noses may be Fred as a cat analysis Fred might be ninety. And does his debut obviously never got drunk and passed on the toilet poses. Read it could be a kid that woke up in the middle of the night noses Fred was at work probably on the night ship somewhere. At work. And may be sleeping in a Porta potty so they wanna make trees okay does as Fred may work 124 hour production facility in May have a tendency to go to the bass coming go to sleep. Doses spread as a pet. Know that but it noses sleeping on the toilet at work is a good way to sneak in happened. Us toilet is never gonna nose says they call him the crap or snapper. Go back to the problem with using this pole at work I prefer being at home notes that it's a personal issue. The U Justin you avoid that at all I'd rather just do number one at work and number two a try to stay home nicest Presley Balata as slang for vomiting. All these theories on why fret myself over right shall continue to reduce the will continue more sports in about ten minutes yet WW Bob Mitchell's next for Tommy Bobby what to having is having dabbing you know seventeen year old congressman's son is grounded now for dabbing during a swearing in several people text and mean what is that. What the dance move recounted jerk your head down into your elbow it almost looks like you're sneezing. And apparently on people out there listening to know what's in the Texas and that's your dabbing lasted but don't do it last year's thing.

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