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1-5 6pm Bobby & Deke: on the firings of Saints coaches

Jan 6, 2017|

Bobby & Deke take calls on the firings of Saints coaches today and get Deuce's take.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to sports talk. Our number three on news this hour. Saints are part ways with five coaches. Linebackers coach Joseph bit evened the Blanco to BO Johnson special teams coordinator Greg McMahon. Special teams assistant. Staying Kwan and I'm back as assistant James went up already jaguar thing impose a bit WW dot com we are asking you jumping has gotten rid of five coaches today. Does this make you more optimistic about next season you can vote online at WW mail. Dot com back to the oh phone ago we start off with. Pete it's can't yes the clicking and on land creaking and thank you for Colin WW. I think. It. Excellent move by coach no doubt you speak now. And then he needed that that's kinda worked out. But all coaches should be just like remember a couple years goals and MITRE did our captains. What the Knicks. I think street bush La although guys where you get around draft choices. Well I don't you turn out to be excellently. And I came on the coast that year I think he went to the cold sort of barriers there's all that support here mountain few years ago. Well the depth in the example all howl. Or coached should of built ball. I know Jeff Newton from your ball bounces. Yeah I went to Northwestern College together I was there other freshman he loses senior. Yeah you've been doing it means visit the hall of fame. Finally some back and had taken. All of court I'm looking fortunately Branyan. As coaches. And out now I can as far as suited bring in you know obviously we get a bunch of tapes and you know he's still have house Marty was that you will always called on the quarterback and a defense like. Jonathan Vilma are like a Ray Lewis. Our Mike Singletary because Mike Singletary has scaled the walls floors that coach. Well what about those personalities. And getting in the linebacker room and maybe get an in the plea for thing for him. I. And appears more probable on the right I have right not the view of what should write all. Week. Yeah exactly. Knowing interview government that is when I mean Michael John found out quickly can't thank you for the cup. I'm very own deuce McAlister joins us now deuce coach John Payton parting ways with five coaches. Jeff I can do Hewitt take. You know. Move. Or pars and just. Your readers. Know you'd or. It's still that. You'd tour tops and carry. All. For. Coach. 04. Strokes. At all. And Stokes stores. It's about. Watch. Squat where it does move so. More. Oh so. True. Or or or. And. Now you know deuce these that many. Coach in mind that you like to see here. You know as far as you know them in line and O'Brien you know giving groom and hand. And he's worked to the line outside linebackers he's a big goal and house are. All right the bigger splash in bring in outside give it to like two linemen who. Probably. Tour. You know cobble could coach mentioned. And there's one spiel and work on drugs and able. So what then he built our local will be out which B you know so to be able to talk to smoke it. I think that's one thing that they want to. So. You know it it's a CD. Produced. Honesty it too well he had ability. He worked with those guys previously. Before he left in the beat before he left and change you know on the field and there. But it coach over and calm. The Raiders sold you know he's familiar with those coaches Bert you know it just felt like against change needed to be days and so. We start looking at the market. Thinkers and good good I would be surprised that it looked. You know stupid to college for maybe not an integrator. And at war two of those positions well. One thing. To be able to go spend money only coached that will be trot. Oh and he did make Olmert that he arc will enter two to bring into play here sure you do that it would be willing to bringing and coached well. Now deuce. Tell if you agree that this I think. They coached me trusses he tries Dennis Allen as much that. He's gonna lead almost Dennis Allen. I think gimbal will be part of the interview process and who he's for sure come through with as far as. It's almost his job to bring in those guys as much as he Michelin pains in good. It does mean that as a coach in action but you know beat Egypt hopes honors. Oh right. So. The working in the Cotton Bowl. With individual. Piece so. A percentage ops and so well. He's your yeah did get Liu war. Deuce McAllister deuce thank you so much for you would take and now we're company again tomorrow fans and throw. Originally just got to give you take on the Saints the firing five coaches will come back. It to mall calls nuances parting ways with five coaches including assistant coach Joseph rid. This is give you optimism we more optimistic about the team moving forward its operating jaguar opinion poll you can vote online at WW Kodak car. Saints parting ways of five coaches commission take it to 601 lights and he could take this dates and needs and again Bob for the second damned if you must. Some vandals. The Saints at Tiger Stadium. About an hour and did some damage Z didn't win a tour of the fields they did send them to the football for your roster recordable in my bonnet cities as idea issue. And I think maintenance and in some stuff can be fixed in the grass is but you know he is the is is are you getting it to missive via the of the things they need to do they need to get those guys when they assign them. And then put them back into Tigers stadium. On the field became rubbing his pain they got a go to the south I can do you know no labor I don't know I don't know and make them they got to get to naught in in bigoted and not in they can go out free. But you've had Jamar Adams out there are straight why. Kendall back way and got jaw. I'll I'll all of the all of being that quick you know Taylor paid gas that you can't what you won't have you wanted to had a grand. You get dirty guys you can either and tipped all the greatest auto world aids is the door to them like that that's. I think. Howling you know politically correct person coming he showed no respect Tiger Stadium and be up in no way and a no stadium. Yeah I don't even though no like big time imprisonment and I'm like dad I'll just do it almost too. Met him go out there they wanted to at what a ball as well and do the bubbly like assembling badly you Megan did unity service in July and August. You put a show in there and in. I read see him go to go to them go to Jamal. And I think we'd already seen it and yeah that now being. Look at that. Politics are we getting in. This is against encouraging. You know to let the fun and highly developed as a linebacker. And this one Dexter 3842 and he says that's not the game can joining him at arrowhead. That's thinking years and they came back strong in the third and he says that on Anthony will be fine. I don't another one as the finance and Amy benefited from and you coach. For two years on the Haslem. Jon Stinchcomb only appeared to be a busted on the patent. Into the Pro Bowl player. Took him it is not their present and take thing about it is out on the hot how. How much they know how spot on the all if you go back to that. When all it took place in Payton's got here remember now the Saints were 82 and at that point and it was all points or who would they pick because Brady was not there. We be Mayo Williams. The other linebacker Bobby and he came out keeping his name is Casey right now real high profile my back look at aunt and D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Those with a top picks of the day and neck area and the Saints had a decision to make because they didn't know he stands comical work out on nine. And this is a new staff and the Indy wasn't Peyton and I aren't that was hasn't got a Hokies saying he won't work about it I don't know we gotta hold if you were gonna go lord and he he made the pro and Aaron in the hope he as a well going to understand where he's glad to be. We see it. Yeah he's going to get out of India does. The and he did about it and even greater the greater. But those with a dads and that person made it takes you exactly right know any turnaround had a great career. Back to the phones we go Berwick for Aaron Aaron good evening thank you for calling WW era. The problem crap that tactic. The next two years to do to. Address the issue and how bad it. At. That spot that the you. Want to make. Good. It only got all. Like it's been. If you think economic. Outplayed on both to drink. This and then. No I don't I don't know if feature is now Alabama LIQ does the future is now the speaker at a future will we witness in the NFC sound not is another. 77 of Florida's a good fixes rhino and something that I think is telling look at how the vision that being the NFC south. We are by far the worst when it comes to the line backing corps. We need is done lime bagged and he goes on to say Kwon Alexander. You know and beyond Jones beyond Jones the Falcons and Alexander the Buccaneers and a closed it can help develop talent if we can improve in that unit. Things will turn around that makes a lot of sense because you look at rookie playing Carolina and you look at the Falcons. I'm Aggie core. The you'll get a Tampa Bay. Sneezed and in my from Nebraska the stud outside linebacker within the B Dovonte day yes yes I mean. They know that right there we are forward banana as far as Lima and Courtney NFC south and now we turn I grew brown yet it could be the difference winning the NFC south and and turning things around quickly the next season. All right this go to Tony Tony thank you for calling WWL. I don't know if Beckham makes him good says Tony Kolb I we were here and echo would be cute through breezes into your phone. It going to be just brings it thank you for calling WW it. I'll. Go there. Being in. And earned all year. I've really. Eat the well you're. Are there. Day. Or. Bert Berry. And but. There are. With the law on man last year here. It's obvious that I realize that. A lot ago. What you thought about. I'll. Forward. Because you're in mind. Out here that will be net at. The. I being adding like deuce said is smaller now he has the head coach what his goal is good and be who Dennis Allen wants right. Because Dennis Allen is like they had coaches to defense you know people. Now coach veins I know you we wouldn't not getting in the path as far as the talent and I think as a lot of input. I think even born Mickey Lewis with the draft a right of there would Jeff Ireland Vikings got every player. So yes it is the trust the scouting department. But as far as where did these days though you might as and a salad and our position coach and David. Like with the Hallie a Dillon. Are some who want answers but as far as it is not enough hours in the data have been influenced. With the defense and offense and lets it being I'll tell you as great as Bill Belichick is. The league he's got now he knows office you know his expertise is the right and end but he has there so I they truly. Dennis Allen and Sean Payton I trust him now to be part of the process. But it is who Dennis Allen is little one is that the line linebackers coach you know it and I think and as far as special teams big guiding Garrity hired them cabbie surprise of camp and a day. Is not that it's special teams coach. Opt out about it I was think an eighteen hole. That was a top five land back in a year in the hall candidate topics that you were available for his Saints they were going to have to quarterback or Joan went there but he was. Way humans bush AJ hawk and D'Brickashaw Ferguson knows the four picks and wanna say somewhere around there a he tightened it burned us the San Cisco. I'll Vernon Vernon Davis was up there and who knows that there but those that go to the peaks and the Saints were at all they were talking to Williams containing bush albeit. We m.'s call. And did for purposes and a lot of dog leg ankle I didn't take AJ hawk knowing there is on their team with an apparent as the heat. He went through he's cover and he's in the media now. Covering college football in the plan well you. I think has seen them account powered. What are those shows being interviewed. When I was a part time at may be one of the first. First by one of the worst first round quarterback group this Joan. Meant Lannan. And Jacob. Those are the top three quarterbacks taken in Andre in and DJ colors still around the knowing that the around in big dog does he keep playing in the heat you feel real somebody's being negative to him if nobody I lost his job he'd been integrating him nobody else that you want to win them somewhere else all of this and I commissioner via. All right come to bat Rondell. A CBS news update on the national news seen push you a call again case you have not heard the New Orleans Saints have. Released a fire five coaches including three top assistants. Defensive. The linebackers coach and assistant head coach Joseph bit. Also. Special teams coordinator Greg main man. And defensive line coach BO Johnson to have assistants do a couple of those positions may go as well stand climbed in James Willis. Getting your take is they give you optimism or you more optimistic moving forward. About the Saints now at these changes its up ready jaguar ping of ball we invite you to vote online at WW Rio. Dot com the first up a CBS news update from the Columbia broadcasting system. And welcome back. Meeting or take it to Saint Paul ways with five coaches. Including Joseph Vick. Assistant head coach Bill Johnson defensive line coach and special teams courted a great meg Maine give us your take it to 60 points and the Texas. In the standings and yes the four Rivera Paul line because I think you know decisions are made that what you think what is the because I think it's mutual bar. A was these changes this is from 1495 was these changes made strictly. Buy hey coach on pay Nolan did someone high era along with Peyton I think it was a conversation and Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton's head. On he has so I think it is. Like now the worst on Peyton. Had a conversation he looms so they now and you in house what was gonna happen. And now what was the globe. I agree I agree with that to mean. Then that that's a situation where is. It can mean things like that and not done without being a token coming out I'm like you got I think that obviously coach Payton in coach. Look over the course of time there's a certain time when you hear coaches say what is the one evaluation period starts but again you've got to remember David taken notes all season long. So whatever afoul in everybody's got a foul you got to plow like out of foul they going to fold so when I was in your body were from the entire season. If you get to a week's sixteen to seventeen or probably fourteenth they're probably much you won't be able to do the end. Did you know to pretty much swayed. They'll hold mindset a so far in space when you look on track record in the issue. Some that's saying it was a foregone conclusion but I think they pretty much had no idea before being in this is what happens now it's the same thing. Coaches hate coaches go first in in other coaches I think Redskins Garrett it'd even to coordinated they too by the so you start to see changes a couple of days at the black Monday night as our Redskins finished the board there was kind of piles of -- kind of them and had to make a change yes and they had to make changes so would be always ended two out of that money citizens of did you use about one thing I did take place. It's as far as acting now coaches coordinators and assistants retained. Nugget today it is thirty tennis has bits and needs to clean house as Sean Payton and far Hamels will anyhow. And and imitate what Sean Payton the Woody has four years of in his contract four years of that in the next year. If date as it did don't win anything if they still 500 and office is Roland solo like he's Roland. Well into Woody's over a decade could be one of the hottest coach he does every year six and many coaches get fired. So they could be the same predicament next year. If he doesn't win we have to go courts have Morales. I think this to a New Orleans that that it is playoffs or bust and has the win make chairman as far as I'll now. Missed a bit of fire Sean Payton Manning have yet to criminals coaches' contracts are guaranteed. 26 so when he said the you can Texas dates in the eights and back the phone to gopac commenced around dale Rondell thank you for calling WW yeah. The target that. Iran about the the it appeared to you know. Altering history it would you music ended. Right. Right yet yet they had a Beagle sign did you do your job. And then Bill Belichick remarked that there reduces abandonment they would do it but all. I think there are. To them via mobile candidates and that the courts and a lot to mark would defense in the land but nothing beyond. Well Rondell we do is back then because I think who day nation of fans respect Jonathan Vilma not even though he once again in the coaching team might mean. I don't know where you know. Think they'll be productive but certainly. Now. What when Nomo all I know we shall treat you know in the big mistake on real. And when it comes of the line you know Bjorn is in the right in the Al in animals in the that's it two ways to promote a couple of weeks ago in the Euro eager. Now. Now where we Jimmy situation it was him remarking. Most remote anymore I thought it. All of the holding about when he took the body we wanted to get to tell zone. A year ago shelters and made normal and you'll run our own bought bank. Honored that fire and the men and it was so pretty good bureau quote book you know after a great job. Well already if he wins adding that will be the case but you gotta win the UKB 500 there Iran now yeah I think a lot of fans that you approach. They were one now you have to like that far. And you had to be reenergize. Uterine and your route. But a lot of man to like Reseda emotions from Sean Payton. Nairobi tutored every game be my guess burnout but it. They seated for the Rams gave me. And and I think Rondell liked what he saw there both of them but I I think a lot of fans to see more of that Sean Payton. Throwing a lot of emotion and passion. And now being fired up and on and over did that you play great Williams every week. Back to the phones ago let's go to DW in the IDW thank you Colin the BW yeah. Had to begin by saying I got a question at all that the opposite of that and get a quick and have been here and eleven cares about. But it is that the football things they they have the country we have a lot but what it all is that double B Patriot just 46 aboard there. Because as part of the collective bargaining agreement and Mike who's active are not active yet to meet. In innings like departing new design of players on the active roster they need to add about. I would say a handful of players. Because. Love another I know that about and understand that it didn't have beat the tree 10 ball goes up. Because that well that. And and it's immediate Indy is 52 grabbing and number should be fifty or sixty. But the owners they look at that all that's more caused the suspension but for the fans Sega. What will was a there was the fans with the best putters and I feel all units all of the in his special teams. So you can't tell you and have a better team. With 5860 players vs 53. Thank you RID Dem. Thank you so much for the call back to the phone ago Hammett foot Tony Tony thank you for calling. Thank you and Utley if McCurry he's so there is much when I woke up yesterday morning. Society keen to. New. Pittsburgh Steelers are they do one being a grill Cutler panicked Koppen. I received a very beautiful. Are they away from singing and you and Louis Armstrong Owens after art thank you so very much. I have the birdie every herded down. Yeah that grounder. And just in case you are out Grimm and some pitch. If it kind of this week ago probably the premium around twelve noon and all of the golf unions I. Go you know like to Steelers. Operate now we're oh I got you know it's it while they come through. Him but seriously argue about it like you very much all right Tony I. Thank you so much for the call. Back to the phones we go by the minutes goes to who again we Garrett Anthony in the nine war anti thank you for calling WW Rio. I. The question. Every. And I'll add that. Amount operational in. Two problems in the mr. bench and get it. Right now. It would. We're just talking only about. What we. Give. Them. Top gear and history. You. And we. Shall we want. Him now. Every week and he we. And street and people. Would we can you read into this. We need to rush into deep. And. Well yeah and that you have at the strong point where coach Payton being in all of its of coach he tends. To wanna get all of its of play make his verses of the bits of playmaker has been last year's draft. Not they did that was a big piece in a plaza Sheldon rings in the middle considering you played have this season had four sacks. No immediate. I think that was legit first round pick. Now this year. I would say you gotta disrupt opposing quarterbacks that you need an edge rusher whether it's in create ZR draft you gotta have some money out visiting camp Jordan. And like once you do your job out there and do during. I probably should probably you'd get on to respect you and and we've done it for years we need should we. Need to create. I know I listened that that's been the Achilles heel. Why he's got to do is look at opposing quarterback rating. Against the Saints it big is comical. It's a joke like that of opposing quarterback rating is like. It's a hundred plus yeah I mean no I guess at how many times you've seen opposing quarterbacks like naked. I don't know played street corners are good play the next day. They don't look rattled them and I think you build a sandwich and I gave him mussina at the end so I had to be hell I'll that is good enough. I'm really need one we get all the sublime in the latter rounds we've proven that would Carl Nicks. Zach street now we got a hand on him maybe get the defense been better bottom line and Timmy get nap linebacker. And Davidson and even before to second there I think right now because I think our secondary. Went all the depth we have now and all the experience and I think BK compete. Bet that if we gauges. Wreck Havoc on the opposing quarterback did and actually be better and that's QB to keep in eight seasons dinners francs a Powell Powell bidding and thank you for Colin WW yeah. There are I don't know that the team. Are they happy about what you're. If they wanna make it as well practical speedy Eagles get Michael errors and I know you don't get the bet that was appropriate Villa alone in Iraq but. A lot I've Heyward he's a lot of passion and he's. A one to say this season at these that the Vikings. The you know when you know we is that that the head coach. Would Sam its his goal via the world and and then all of a sudden. That being worked out. And but I wanna see big Leslie Frazer I think he win a wooden as the phrase with the Vikings and I think they did my exhibited that. Did he keep them he was he's these days these jobs is a season there was a defense assistant with the Hokies that you win within so when Leslie don't raise are Yankee win coach Fraser wing went to Baltimore yes thank the gods green and so yeah so. Hey why not bring up an interview. I. I don't know Davis Allen's relationship but Mike Singletary but. I know he's very emotional and he got a lot of skins on the wall bald as a player. And then and I think for me emotional standpoint. He was and also from a mental standpoint he was the quarterback. And a Buddy Ryan bears' defense very emotional standpoint I you get those linebackers jacked up. We're. Okay politics so much for the Kyle we appreciate all right take Breivik come back we have and the CEO and danced to hand. Tied in Metairie and Jermaine in Gretna the Saints are parting ways with. Five coaches three heads of departments that being ahead of the lamb backers Joseph via. They had of these its mind defensive line coach bill Johnson and special teams coordinator. Greg inning man on allowing a couple of assistants assistant linebackers coach James Willis and assistant special teams coach Stan Quan at all out. Are you more optimistic about the Saints moving forward into next season it's operated jaguar being your boat we invite you to vote online at WW dot com. And welcome back the New Orleans Saints have part ways with five coaches including. Defensive. I'm back as coach assistant coach Joseph bit defensive line coach bill Johnson and special teams coordinator. That being great in man my back as assistant James Willis and also. Special teams assistant Stan Klein the Saints we know will take an eleventh in the 2017 NFL draft and the history at number eleven in black and gold. Yet they got nobody to state dinner I like this bodes ill. You do it in Saints history and the Paul Smith who works there to station witness in with the saint. He would line me would this number we've had eleven panic three times in Saints history and visit the these players. Russell earned Slavin. Show on 98 Alex mold. Does the and not stayed eleven pit. Are you saying it's that you believe in history repeat is that a little bit negative mode judo or obviously three strikes your out like that you're in much acknowledged as much as sort of the nation's youth out in the nation on it. And you miss on sound out of that and you know it would be that's an issue. Of the todays year when we sit them by the defense like no other team. We should be of her on. We've run Alou and stop them but did you get street income doing I would Jenkins and love big enough and as a I'm mourning the team might have to move up or move back I don't know what's in eleven pigment a look at. Russ or slavish on nine and Alex mold and then in the aura about you trying to kick a Bonner. Davidson and tackle I don't know what's on night was he was an argument sublime mean not known cornerback Alex well the know whoever he was guarding you picked on. Well in the words of the great you'll Brenner and then ten commandments when he plays fair so it'd be written so it'd be gone cage again and then put the whammy and the Sonoma and then you know we you'll move up on the movement we get some days are we gonna target guy we're gonna go well we just got to get out of them and he would. I come back are you got busted out of a pelicans update tonight it taken on the Atlanta Hawks at smooth seeking Senna. And did you view from Vegas this is sports Auckland WW.