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1-6 5am Dave, Winter weather and king cake coming

Jan 6, 2017|

WWL's Dave Cohen talks about the nasty weather on the way, the first day of Kong cake and a double dose of What is Wrong with People!?!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David Blake now more or WWL first news with Dave column on WWL. AMI Baumann dot com eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the sixth. Of the January 2017. While mutt she EG I ask yeah welcome to the first. I had a over the years. While we yeah. And I figured sands role. I hope. Feels good to finally make it defied. And get the first week in the air or thereabouts. Get the fire word for the place gag at the fire would act you know extra blankets out. Paramount theatre. I can't K if you break your New Year's resolutions. And love the one woman those German arms I don't wanna. Go under sugar shock it's a way to do it. Ready I'm ready grocers. Nine in twos and its wealth. It. And on the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me twelve drummers drumming and now I just want the king yet equities are like no drummers here. What was that twelve Yang and the twelve yet when the twelve all on an arm armament that. Yet here we are twelve. King Tuesday the first day of the official Mardi Gras season. And the offers data officially starting king have you had any king K now. Since last Ashland and help our blocks right on by him now focus obviously they are already in the store I took a look. I peaked a little but and that was it on just marked on barb and await my son one of the king case. Tuesday. There aren't that now. Let's look at a snappy you know. Which nobody can take till Friday. Twelfth night that's when you start eating talking. And there's some great ones out there all melodic. Now and I have to create rules have to make. Self imposed limits man for those have you been listening to for the last seventeen years just like a month. You probably know that I several. And I will eat normally. Filled king. From now until last Wednesday because people are going to banking export but you gonna send this thing. There's going to be king cake it is going to be king cake places you'd. And if I were to eat all of the king cake made available to me. I would double in size yes him too huge. You'd be huge. Yes and so my rule is that in the last it's got filling in preferably queens he's built that's where I'm gone. Matty if it's playing. Now I'm not get that night and a half and it just might Wear yeah. It's not that I hate points he's now I use not a hate hatred it is you'll pass yet it is lapses some now. Keep myself from eating all making me now with your cream she jewels strawberry oral does I've had a good cinnamon thing with the cream cheese I'd acts as he's just playing or a year. Ago. And so does Texas and its needs him while harmless. It was a dozen. Man well from now I guess it was. I'm the twelve yet the cars on the twelfth day you've got to love this stuff I've Eleanor. Yeah you know what though I don't know Clayton lessened it's twelve. At all this Christmas season and this may be the first year I didn't years. You know I economist and two on the secular. And usually s.'s bottom out. I don't know why. Should play it in about gonna. Be fun. At least the last hours. Haven't talked Molly might have that was I think they're picking one at the mile kicking gate you know there are some say Avery king's X. Sabre and then meet inside of them although you'll. Immediately. Movies. That how about a booed again. I'm gonna have to ship some out to I know my daughter for one's immune. Out of state way out of stated she's just time for some actions. New Orleans action it'll become an I person king a saying it. They've built you order for on line and then asking its. Two year France and I'm gave coated the early edition of Debbie WL offers says man it's getting nasty out there already temperatures falling rain is arriving. We're gonna take your forecast coming up after this decline that is so ugly it's going to be on this. Ride aid and academy every day. At Franklin told us earlier in the week that today it. Suddenly you know Opel omens. Narco war. Your forecast well it's going to be kind of raw nasty day gotten worse as the day goes. Winter weather advisory in effect for the North Shore as we head into the afternoon and evening mainly because the rainfall double seat today could change over to some wintry mix. Sleet maybe a little bit a light snow. No accumulation is expected. Today though temperatures are gonna stay in the forties all afternoon by tonight. A light freeze on the North Shore South Shore temperatures will stay in the lower thirties probably just above freezing. Sunday or Saturday afternoon high of 42 degrees and as we head of the Sunday morning temperatures in the twenties on both sides of the lake. A hard freeze on the North Shore temperatures Sunday afternoon around 46. From the pinpoint forecast senator I'm WW LTV meteorologist Chris Franklin. And down here now it's not too bad yet but you can see what's comment a little fog. Fifty degrees under cloudy skies at the airport in Canada now. Light rain and 49 at the National Weather Service office in slide down but you don't have to go far right of the central Louisiana. The Alexandria area right now it's cloudy 38 degrees and a wind chill of thirty degrees. Just about three hours from here so that's what's coming our way and myth hand it'll be downright frigid. Saturday night and into Sunday. Sports time now on WWL we got play. Offs this weekend in the NFL on the say it's a dozen house clean and budget coaches show the door. Steve Geller we're gonna open a door for you in sports on this Friday. Thanks good morning everyone black Monday and that falling on a Thursday for the saints who let go five assisting coaches who worked on defense and special teams. WW most Deuce McAllister says that head coach Sean Payton will likely have. In person leading all of this is the working and would be comfortable with an individual who. He's so are these are all on her New York yeah did get what you want we should be. While the pelicans are needed better shooting as they lost 99 to 94 to the Atlanta Hawks in this movie king senator. The Pelz made just 37%. Of their attempts as they fell to fourteen and 23 on the year. The world is on the road for their next five contests which begins tomorrow night in Boston. Driven Thibodeau had fourteen points and five assists Eric Thomas had his fifth double double of the season and you know beat Lamar 66 to 62 in overtime. The private user Mamie perfect three you know in Southland Conference play. The NFL has suspended Dallas defensive end Randy Gregory for at least a year following another violation of the league's substance abuse policy. Gregory already served four and ten game suspensions this season. And is now in eligible for the playoffs the 24 year old former Nebraska standout so this second round of the 2015 draft over all the fuel concerns that included a positive test for marijuana at the NFL Columbine. Former LSU head coach less miles met with the university of Minnesota about the golden gophers coaching vacancy. Miles was fired mid season in Baton Rouge after two and two start he won national championship and two SEC titles in twelve years with the tigers. And United States has won the world junior championship for the first time in four years Detroit Terry scored the lone goal and the firebrand she's got to give the US 854 victory over Canada. Today half formed WWL expands in the pro would Deuce McAllister Tia Bobby Hebert and Kristian garic they'll talk about the big shakeup that saints camp and preview the NFL wildcard match ups. Let's get a breakdown of the national championship game between Alabama and Clemson and I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at school. Guys like three days gone Steve Geller with you on your radio I think what's most telling about the saints are hearing five assistant coaches and a couple of have been with Sean Payton for a long time. Is that it looks like John Payton ain't going nowhere because if they're bring in a new head coach in their trading Sean Payton is there again British on patent. It would be let them make these personnel. No it would just gotten rid of basically cleaned the entire house instead of Sean Payton beat doing some early spring cleaning. Com I know a lot of folks were may be surprised by some of the the fires like a joke bit by. Armed with all the problems on the defensive side of the football. This was can be a long time coming and also on special teams obvious that the pay they have struggled before this season in the return game not being able to get. I can't remember last time we had a punt or kick return for a touchdown and then with the kicking woes this year really sealed our Greg. Maine state. I'd so at least five heads of already rolled over there and there may be more to come before the saints. Get down the aligning of their coaching staff. Getting ready for next season this sol while the rest of the NFL has focused on the play offs. I'd time for some predict Sean are you ready all right it I'd Saturday's games. Oakland Houston Houston is a three and a half point favorite in this. Yeah I think they Houston Texans will win this game at home to battled back up quarterbacks right now. But I do think the Texans have the better defense which will prevail Seattle. Went from four point favorite to an eight point may. Over the last couple of days over Detroit yeah the Seahawks do not lose in century link field they have never lost the playoff game Detroit has never wanna game at all and that's medium I got Seattle moving on I don't what the favorites. In Saturday's game coming up in 25 minutes we'll get him back in here to look at the Miami Pittsburgh game in the giants Green Bay games on Sunday thank you Steve descent went on alas and the saints returned a punt for a touchdown call a listener claims it was in 2011. When Sproles ran one back against the Packers that's at least according to a Texas it 7870 town up that's accurate but sounds good man now it's been a long time been a long time since we've seen. Wintry precipitation around here about you don't have to wait much longer to see it. Another cold day today with high temperatures staying in the forties much colder than yesterday. Breezy as well with showers off and on but some of those showers could change over to kind of a wintry mix a little bit of sleet and snow mixed in. Mainly by this afternoon and evening temperatures overnight with most of this clearing out. In the twenties on the North Shore upper twenties a light freeze their South Shore temperatures lower to mid thirties. 42 degrees our high Al Sadr with strong north wind will make it feel more like the twenties. And we will drop into the twenties north in south to start the day on Sunday. Are high on Sunday only 46. For the pinpoint forecast senator I'm Debbie Debbie LTV meteorologist Chris Franklin. I'd that nasty weather is common but it's not quite to the metro area and it's cloudy and 48 at the airport and tanner. It is cloudy and 47 at the National Weather Service office in slide down but just over and reserve we have heavy rain with winds gusting over twenty. Miles an hour and that temperatures already down into the mid forties and you don't have to go far go to central Louisiana. And temperatures are already in the thirties feeling like the twenties I'm legacy as famous as the king cake yet. We grieve the news here on WW also protects me from Little Rock, Arkansas. Said it's snowing and 26 up there. Oh so they had folks who want a cease now that's reaching go and take it looked at it buys. And now being the winner he makes we're gonna get. Over the next 24 hours or so I don't know I wanna be on the roads between here. And reconcile its twelfth night yeah his eyes that means today is the twelfth day of Christmas I its long. I. I'm Ali let them and then Hillary entering to win all eight bio Mamas. And now. Mask yeah. Going on. Through a lot I'm not a fan again we branch brits the. Yeah. A year ago so now you have all that stuff. Because I am very glad you did not because today is the twelfth day of Christmas now congratulations. I'm getting all of that and having it in your Christmas. Stocking and a lot of fitness venture were big fast class congratulations. And happy twelfth yes and he and it's a predictions from. Our prediction on you looked at the NFL playoffs this week. I really haven't Houston's. Three and a half point favorite over Oakland tomorrow. Moon in the AFC wild card game like. I like I like the raiders raiders to beat. Yeah he Texans aren't and settle a lot of settler and a right Seattle was it was a four point favorite but is now an eight and a half points Everest on beat Detroit in Seattle. Like Detroit okay. It's Seattle. Ever lost a playoff game and I'll ever in the history of forever. And there are eight at that point man why don't the both underdogs on Saturday night Sunday. Pittsburgh it's a ten. Point favorite over Miami now about a like to Steelers. And I angry today. Is a five point favorite to beat the New York. Yeah green bank. Yeah so 200 doctors favorites yeah. Sounds good to me and now you're right all the playoff stuff going on the cold air. That's going to be could reach him. Are opening this weekend we get some movies but I'm amount availability take on rogue one Star Wars story which remains number one of the box office. Taking in nearly fifteen million more dollars still haven't seen it but I as well. Sing it. Took in 43 million dollars last week and followed passengers from one and why him as the current top spot. That's what's going on currently. At the box office but there are some new movies either brand new. Or going into wide release in this kind of weird time of year because a lot of the movies that come out right now. Like they're they're playing elsewhere. But they're just coming to theaters near us. Can you got you so it's kind of weird weekend at the box office but the new entries are underworld. Blog wars the vampire death dealer so lean played by Kate and cells back to fight to the end. The eternal war between. I can plan and the vampire action. And that a monster calls is going to be now it theaters about a boy seeking the help of retreat monster to cope with his. Single moms. Terminal home outlooks look a good one yep I don't know if either of those have a chance the only one they're giving it chance is the story of the black women who worked at NASA. During the space race now who tried again. Who who do it successfully get John plan. Into orbit whose story is though never. Told before in this has an all star cast. And does some pretty impressive. Reviews all right so what is thank. Come Monday will be number one at the box. What's in the title on that last when you were bestowing on. Him dodged that anyway I Deon figures. Yeah okay I you know I've seen some clips on it looks amazing yet be Henson Octavia. What's what's Octavia. Octavia. But anyway I'm gone with rogue on that thing broke still still got a bit of a watch confident the of the monsters finger tree. You know. I Davis an answer to now Mon game merry go. CU thanks. At number one on Monday will be hidden figures. Now know is going to be Rome wrote one robes and canyon designs and number one I'm that is your prediction on for the weekend box office. Meanwhile want. Wrong with people all Margaret and I you're gonna have to forgive me if you're eating breakfast this one I mean your first king K to be thinking ticket Null at. And forgive me if you are and I am warning you now as the little. Authorities say a Texas man. Did cocaine. In an affair and an effort to not haven't found by authorities. While is being taken to jail. Let me guess he didn't swallow it needed not. He put it in his roles of belly fat total and I. An Austin, Texas police officer pulled over the suspect. After he says he saw the 48 year old on a stop sign and crosses solid white line on the road. He was arrested after failing a field sobriety test and refused to take a blood alcohol test. In an affidavit police say this squad car's camera recorded him. Trying to conceal cocaine. Under his comic. But underwent. Yeah. Apparently it clearly didn't work him and I don't damage Evan and open there in the Matt roles at the Alley I just wonder. Says went wild when they did check someone in that prison when they bring you there and they do years sellers. Do today. Look in the roles of elite is that part of standard. Search personality I'm not sure but it if you got a rolls there you they'd probably take a peek at well that is one job I will never ever have. Asks Barack. I can think of other areas that I would not want a ticket to give it took it. And in 2000 king case I'm bombarded where it's twelve tonight it's king's day stay for king gate. And joy in the meantime we better find out what does nasty weather's doing. But you're not it's called resides what the weather will be Chris Frankel and mr. meteorologist here from the pinpoint forecast center Everett Debbie WL TV. Happy Friday so there it was my king cake today and I yet and adds yet. We'll I did she eaten at some a few days ago. It's like had a test it had to make sure this season was gonna be good. Reason yeah that it was it was for the people it's what would you look at. You had to judge the quality of the king case that prior to king's I honestly not at any king cake. Since. Ash Wednesday. Prior to actually look at it I guess Fat Tuesday it was the last in my acting. And I am looking forward to getting them today but it will only eat it. If it is filled with cream cheese or some other delectable. They'll. Because is not a lot of playing a viking cakes knob. But I don't wanna weigh 400 pounds. By the time Mardi Gras is over so if I eat. All of late king cake that's made available to me I will gain weight to lightweight so I have to draw a line in the sand and they only if it's billed. There's an gentlemen and then you hide things in your fat girls it why couldn't fight that tank and it absolutely right now now did not yet. But it a goal indeed to try for a I I am looking at your pinpoint doppler radar and it is showing in this nasty wintry mix. Really isn't that far away from us right now no toward Alexandria. And in him in Mississippi and central Louisiana they're already start deceit. The temperatures plummet in this nasty weather. Up there wind is that the Afghans here and how close does that get to the new announcement. Metro area will just have a cold rain through the day today kind of off and on showers that won't be a steady rain you'll get some breaks in their fear of things to do outside. But on the North Shore and this is mainly Washington pair of northern Cantwell. We have the chance to see some of that rain changeover to a sleet or even a little bit of a snow flurry mix by this afternoon and evening. If you're more south of by twelve saint Tammany parish are closer to the Lakefront along the North Shore. It might be a little bit of sleet mixed in with some rain so will be nasty all over but if you want to see rain as snow. You gotta go a little bit farther north mccombs southwest Mississippi has the better chance to see some. At current data that no guarantees to build and drive up the ball loose arm and a couple of Bahrain neat if you're looking for a winter wonderland in vote goes I don't think Agassi you'll maybe a few flakes here and there. And he said Jeff lakes and Bogle Lusa. Well it you know it it'll flights coming from the sky ride ride ride so that's that's kind of where the line will be is up there are few once you have the chance to seasons now. That three ought to be but no guarantees it'll even be there. And majors beat this week in frozen rain in and just nastiness nasty old yes and it's got to really be pretty ugly everywhere all weekend in terms of once we get through the rain and the temperatures fall even further well you know what will enjoy sunshine Saturday and Sunday but the temperatures are going to be. Bone chilling with a low forties tomorrow afternoon but with a strong wind out of the north. You'll feel like the twenties all that tomorrow feeling morrow during the day all day and then tomorrow night into Sunday morning. Both sides like trees yes both sides of the lake we're looking at low twenties on the North Shore Sunday morning to that's hard freeze South Shore temperatures. Upper twenties and low thirties so below freezing there will seal light freeze on the South Shore Sunday morning at some plants and pats on both sides of the lake got to wrap the pipes on the north heights on the North Shore for tomorrow night Sunday Sunday morning. Time mes mr. meteorologist Chris Franklin why. Wrong with people. You and ask him a question for well well over a decade here in this early edition and we've never figured it out but. And another guy now explains to us exactly why we have to keep asking. In Elmira, New York the owner of a weekly upstate New York newspaper says a man bought. Hundreds of copies of the newspaper recently. He had been arrested for drunk driving. And apparently Joseph helmet on that if he bought all of the newspapers. No one would find out about his DW I arrest or zias mug shots and it didn't work he bought. Close to a thousand papers from the newsstand in about 25 each from his neighbor has 121000 circulation. And he didn't see that one and it's got a website. Where they put his picture and as an arrest information anyway so there's no way gets up the heads with. You weren't expecting a mental giant to the forget this one out. I know I'll buy all the new I don't know what I'm gonna drunk driver writes. Yeah she council's message was laughed at his number by the Associated Press but he called back to explain his actions. So he had an opportunity this himself now you said historian he does and he. You fail but he lands right there and he will. People file I would go to way to go into your first king cake. Of out of it doesn't feel like second you'd cheated but thank you for testing it for us at the palace with excellent okay good to know we have. Right guys to look forward to on the right and I think front exactly right Chris thank you so much have a great weekend YouTube. WW LTV meteorologist Chris Frankel Steve Geller is here with my E. A. SPORTS is the. Thank you Dave good morning everyone big changes already this new year for the sake to a part of wade with five assistant coaches including Joseph bit. The voice of the saints Jim Henderson was a little surprised at being sick provided him since it was the team's assistant head coach who arrived in new world. Which shall Peyton all the way back in 2006. This had to be very hard Ochoa is this was the guy and it truly was his right hand man and had been so from the very beginning. The Atlanta Hawks extended their win streak to five in a row after ground in the pelicans in this movie kicks in on 99 denied equal work. A rally Anthony Davis made just seven of his forty shots from the field. While the entire pills team was an abysmal 37%. From the floor and ruins has now lost their last two contests to begin a five game road trip tomorrow and forced him. You know privateers approved a 380 in conference play by taking down Lamar 66 to 62 and overtime for David Thibodeau had fourteen points and five assists what Eric Thomas recorded its fifth double double of the season. Saturday's wild card weekend in the NFL starts at 3 o'clock on WW well we'll begin today in the AFC which used to host the Oakland. After backing who who's the Detroit Lions will try and pull out of when it's yeah adult. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson may politician is braced he's been wearing since suffering and CL spree back in week three but that's about. On some bruises along the way but I feel really good at to a defect you know and in any planning to may not make for assurance I still feel really fast and all that if you asked me several weeks ago. You know I did I was moving my fastest but totally different. Seattle owns a 48 and thirteen home record including the playoffs since Pete Carroll abroad as head coach at 2010. Well that's my house is reportedly in the running for the open Minnesota job performance Alicia Ku coach. To the Twin Cities yesterday to meet with school officials miles was fired back at September after the bye Bengals started two and two following a loss to Auburn. He finished with a 114 wins or losses in twelve seasons in Baton Rouge. Detroit Terry scored below gold the firebrand she's got to give United States. Five to four victory over Canada and its first world junior hockey championship title since 2013. They have blog WW well explain to the pro Duce McAllister he Bobby Hebert and Kristian garic they'll talk about the big shake up patsy camp and preview the NFL wildcard matchup let's get a break down the national championship game between Alabama and Clemson. I'm Steve Geller and that is your early morning good sport I've had to force. X in front of sixty on Steve Geller with the on this guy today Hastings happy Friday to you and yours thank you David if you in May and passed it this dry and you feel a fantastic about the moves the saints are making do you think that this was. Time and are you. Optimistic. That by firing a bunch of assistant coaches on the defensive and special teams. Portions of the game. The that's going to make this a better saints team in 2017. What we saw the team bring in a special teams assistant. Earlier this season when they were having troubles and after that. Armed they did not miss any field goal so that was a big positive and we've seen. Our issues of getting to the quarterback. Opt for linebacker plays so the defensive line coach now gone linebackers coach the assistant linebackers coach also moving on. I'd actual patent will probably console would that defensive coordinator Dennis Allen I'm bringing in some new pieces and I think this can only benefit the team because we've seen abysmal defensive play the past three seasons. Hopefully can it go and get a whole lot worse you're here excited at least they're doing something. To trying to improve that on the coaching side. The football I'd earlier you predicted that the favorites would win Saturday's. Off games Indiana values that both. I Houston and Seattle would be victorious. Over Oakland and Detroit. Now Sunday's games we need your prediction on the Pittsburgh Steelers are ten and a half point favorites over the Miami Dolphins. Yeah I'm not given Miami and each year to this one they'll have their quarterback right Tammy Helm Matt Morris in there and from beat Pittsburg Steelers I think they're going to challenge. Doing the patriots to go to the Super Bowl all right and meanwhile the other. Wild card game in the NFC is. The giants and the Packers Green Bay five point favorite you know this is my only upset alert the week and I think the New York jars led by Eli Manning can go in there. Take the victory from the Green Bay Packers I just think there's something about this giants team come playoff time that makes it special. I don't know the weather's going to be like dollars in single digits the cool cool cool cool. Still while we're dealing with the thirties and wind chills in the twenties here worry about it maybe some snow up north yet they're going to be playing possibly in snow wind. Temperatures feeling like below zero. As the Packers host the giants that's the apps days and I thank Steve aren't happy Friday go get you some Kate K can be warm out there.

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