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1-9 5am Dave, Money Grab or Safety Enhancement?

Jan 9, 2017|

New Orleans starts rolling out 55 new cameras today to catch people speeding and running red lights... including 10 that move around. Also, the Smart Phone turns 10 years old today. And two stories from the What is Wrong with People!?!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's the early edition of WWL for prisoners it's January it's the ninth its 2017. Is some. Mon today. And yeah. Get up. Bob I don't care for cold. I don't care if news he admitted to the first week of the year in your exhausted. I don't care what you had gone on over the weekend. Get up and get a bit sales at a moment. Get him but out of bed come guy. You can. Who's called this. She's. That it might get out of bed and fall last couple more I honestly in this snuggle up list warm place. It's not nice non animal organ of the climate and hear about little over an hour and I'm still following this seems like a I really do well on them all the isn't quite. Moving yet yeah rose and John frozen everything of my statement tomorrow will be in the seventies I could. There's your golf doubling our temperature from yesterday get forty yesterday. Woke up in the twenties. So we're getting warm on up happy Earth Day today. To the iPhone. Does it early ten. Years ago we have now had one. Decade of Smart though. In some ways it feels like we've always had them in other ways it feels like ten years these things have been around ten year by the end of this year. Experts estimate. That 13. Of every one on the op plan. While I was Smart and yes. That is probably more than anything else ever I don't think a third of people in the world have a point. No I don't think a third of people on the world. TV so I don't think a third of people the world have a bed. I mean that they're gonna have that down phones and it's mar of 13 of everybody on the face of the planet. On not based cell phone but ace Martin yeah well. That is amazing. In so many ways and and what's really funny how these things now. After about six months. Gear found a man crowd knew when and updated is is usually. Updated yeah time. They've got a perfect thing going we got to get not run. You want and are now well as an element lag and I just got the seven I just got the five as it has got that but this one Daria. And you better get there because it's better are masters it's smarter it's whatever her pictures of those whoever they are better it's that whatever. And whatever that whatever it is you're gonna want that whatever because they've conveyed Q did you need it just it in some ways. I don't know it was like yesterday and then at ten years and it's and it's funny to think about the evolution of those phones use hat. I am a first bag. Aria you know that because of hard work. You know we've always had to have the best communications devices because it's what we do. And says oh I wanna be bulky bag found and then became flip phones that look more like Star Trek devices. And then we had the raisers in the slider kind of phones and then came the Smart. And there are a few little other. Declines in between. By it's amazing now in just ten years. Smartphone as of the first iPhone. Was nothing compared to what they can Nan are. Job Aaron it is I'm curious to just walk him around observing people. And most of them do have there knows him in the following the now as you walk around but there's just so many different kinds in everybody I well you doubted it seems to be there. So called top global line borrowed some money competitors and Google seemed to have everything Google just came out its own Smart. Found to compete with the knife drawer and really compete with the Samsung which the other big player area there's so many others accused again nahyan essentially give them almost for free religious point. A Smartphone. But if you want the newest bay at bats those like 7800. Dollars Gloria people think nothing. About spending that kind of money on new Smart found. You ticket may not be quite that much but it's pretty pricey if you get a red light or speeding camera ticket. And now the city not only adding dozens of new cameras 55 new cameras starting to be rolled out today. But for the first time the city of New Orleans is going to be using mobile red light in speeding cameras. Where they're gonna setup and areas where outlaw thing where they've never before. And they're gonna look around every today or sure yeah it's like oh I know that they don't have one here I can just go arms are not gotcha. Coming out I have no problem with the red light part of the red light speeding cameras. As long as they don't manipulate the yellow bugs I don't cheat. Guys show anchor yeah you're gonna do legitimate right some places they cheat in short video like that pisses me. But if it's just if they just catch a red light runners and they don't sheet I'm OK with that. The speeding cameras I have a problem with especially the mobile ones that they move around. You know especially at like you know. 4 in the morning when you're on big wide open road where there's no other drivers anywhere around and you might have a tendency not noticed ago and a little faster than you should. And you can't connect ticking in the mail are you are when you really want posing any hazard danger at any. I'll like that's funny how the deeper the city gets in budget would lose. The more speeding and red lake camp her rollout but it's not a money grab. All involved. Thank you lose you grab some more news broke that at about fifteen minutes WW. Take a look at your forecast after the attacks made it 7878. Get a problem at the new red light speeding cameras with the existing onto the mobile ones. And give us. About a third of everyone on the flat by the end of the year or a present texas' Dave I have no problem with the red light speeding cameras in the schools zones and I don't either during school zone hours that problem is they stayed there after the school's own hours like the sun. Can now between Carrollton NC park avenue. That's a wide road bonds of brash new smooth asphalt than. Everything's fine in it would during non school hours and on weekends and at nights. You know you may go a little more than the posted speed limit and that even realize it and then the big threat to keep them. A big that forecast Korea that it thought after the bitter cold weather this weekend with the cloudy skies today will be milder with a high round sixty. It's cold tonight with lows with the lake front fifty degrees in south lake went 55 but by daybreak on Tuesday will be up to the mid upper fifties. An edit it Tuesday afternoon to partly cloudy breezy and mild they would high around 72 and more on returns on Wednesday that's been issue for the rest of the week. With park party's guy that's like teetering at 20% in highs in the mid seventies. For the pinpoint forecast center on WW LTV biologist date announced. Always feels very cold out there right now partly cloudy 39 at the airport in Kenner Eastwood to date making it feel like 33 degrees with the wind shell. It's actually 32 in Slidell under clear skies and where that wind chill feels like 26. Waking up on the North Shore. Steve Geller. Waking up with WWL sports history. Thank you gave good morning everybody the NFL's wild card weekend concluded with the Steelers and Packers moving onto divisional round Pittsburg pummeled Miami thirty to twelve. As lady on bell rushed for a 137. Yards and two scores the Steelers advance to play act Kansas City. Meanwhile over in Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers continued to display why he might be the most dangerous man in the league while time's ticking down on the clock it's. It's definitely important to note to my knowledge we did the 42 with a giant shotgun snap the Rogers includes no one's not moved up. In spite of all things good and at the end zone that's a jump. It's a neat. Yeah it's good. Rogers launch that bowl 42 yards and Randall Cobb caught a one of his three scores in the packers' 38 to thirteen victory over the giants. The Dallas Cowboys now get the host red hot Rodgers and Green Day. Politically the browns have hired Greg Williams as their defensive coordinator following a one and fifteen season. He was the safety coordinator when they won the Super Bowl back in 2009. But was suspended for the entire 2012 season for his role in the teen's alleged pay for play scandal. Williams spent the last three seasons with the rams. We'll be Alabama Crimson Tide are going for back to back national championship tonight when they take on Clemson. It's a rematch of last year's title game but tigers quarterback destroy all Watson feels much better prepare for the Alabama this time around. Last Suze is trying to you know new first I know see the the high for the game in you know I'd be really was good this year everyone's comic comic keeping it simple and I treat them like another game. Kickoff comes at 7 o'clock in Tampa's Raymond James Stadium. The pelicans are still looking to ring in the new year with a win the birds are a win three in the month of January and hopefully game two of the five game road trip tonight in New York vs the mixed. But Julian men's basketball team remains winless in conference play as they dropped their fifth straight game losing eighty to 59 to Memphis. And Sonny dykes is that his football coach cal he was there for four seasons with warm bowl appearance after leaving Louisiana Tech to take over the program which when he thirteen. Today apple on WWL is a second guess showed Bobby Hebert and Mike to tell you live from the silver slipper casino. Get a breakdown of the NFL's wild card weekend plus a preview of the national championship game between Alabama and Clemson. Then at seven talk you shoot hoops on the Johnny Jones show. I'm Steve Geller which early morning look at. I Tony or Dave currency go with yet on your raid DOO and I coming up and about 25 minutes I'll get your prediction on for tonight's national championship. Game. In college football right now on dual quick gut checked. On the divisional round the NFL playoffs that are coming up this week canned who EO we will like in most. As we head into the divisional. And it's really hard to go against the New England Patriots after they've looked like they've been a dominant force all year long. Tom Brady missing the first four games of the year inmates still able to just push through its. And it seems like the old that the philosophy of next man up really is the case with the patriots it's a little about system with them and not gut check is doing odd look and get over Houston absolutely I gut check Atlanta and Seattle. Tough game for Atlanta because the Seahawks are a team that's starting to get back the run game. I am not a big believer in the falcons not just because their rival of the saints. But numb to the questions with their defense they do you have the offense I think to obviously put up the points but I just think Seattle's going to be too much to handle one and done for the falcons a legacy you'll those of the Saturday games on Sunday we got Steelers in sheep's. Yet right now the Pittsburgh Steelers are brought I believe they've won their seventh straight game Kansas City. I'll will be a tough out though in and their home stadium I know. The chiefs are definitely always. Are tough and arrowhead I am gonna have to go. With Pittsburgh Steelers even though big and it doesn't make your bank job now just a few gut check and what your gut tell you about Green Bay and Dallas. Our mom love in the Green Bay Packers epic against them the that Eli Manning would be able to overcome at. Yeah Aaron Rodgers is red hot right now looking like a man on a mission and I just think. They won't be able to core I you know over in Texas Tech yeah absolutely I allow those young guys that experience is gonna catch up. Now our guys. Those the gut checks from Steve Geller will get his prediction bonds coming up at the end of the week feels like freezing on the South Shore it is freezing north of the leg but warm ups coming. Today every partly cloudy and mild there with a high around sixty degrees now for tonight partly cloudy not quite as cold. Closed north of like around fifty degrees and south like my 55 but the temperature to rise to the mid upper 50s by morning. Heading into Tuesday partly cloudy breezy and mild day with a high around 72 at Wednesday's start topless and dense fog and partly to mostly cloudy and mild the slight chance for rain a 20%. In high in the mid seventies. For the pinpoint forecast center I'm WW LT senior biologist Dave announced bomb. That's the early edition of WWL for listeners it's January it's the ninth it's 27 to change its mind very. Halo straight motivation quite get your butt out of bed. Heading to pay the bills. You can hit the mountain. A guest to get up to make some money with it I'm pleased to just make to use a slope like your way to Wharton. I hate to speak to him I hate. And I get it I know what the man's a day long you don't speed don't run red lights and I can get a ticket and he's right in most cases he's right. I've only ever gotten one. Red letter speeding can I heard you. Got to. The one I got was. I'm on pointers which I come from the superdome to our office every morning on point history and I actually do set my cruise control. On borders so that I know I am not going too fast because I know there at like three camera yelling and you did you still wanna give bottom between where I get off the interstate BN in the superdome and be put before I get here. To our office is a few blocks from the river. But 1 morning there are there some. People. Walking in the middle of the street. Elmo's like zombies. I mean they were just they made me very uncomfortable and nervous. And so I did not wait for the red all other Jersey because I was not let these. Zombie looking good crazy people walk up to my car ad for something in the morning in the dark and the camera got me on to the and I didn't fight betting contest says faith. But that's only ticket I've ever gotten because I know where all these cameras car. At least that I normally travel. Now other input mobile cameras total of ten guys today your life more or you're not gonna no rule it is gonna put whoever they want. Without warning home. Cameron you know is going to be and I know it's easy to say which is don't speed. I don't run Ratliff generally. But. What present Texas and it's 7810 races I will be voting out any politician. City Council member of who wants those. Cameras just a money outright and other persons does have a output and all those cameras high crime areas of the city instead. I know I know why not because it won't generate any money but it sure looks that money is more important in the peep. Safety. Yet this campus and you can't deny. There's no way. That they're putting about going to go at waited to make our cities' way to slow people that there is driving too fast there is running too many red lights were eight. Safe and up our city. No they want the damn money sure there was a market the worse. The budget situation gets the more cameras there rock. It's. It is what it is just can't flights when you can't you can light areas and screaming you know separate your ticket. Wrong with people all along the artist MS Olson tools from his work place in West Virginia he Orton auto repair shop. And anyone to sell. Actually called. His boss. It's right it's on the stone tools. Watts is that his daughter Wallace wade immediately young hung up after realize too we called but it was too late. He hit a the US SX. Up well. With all the ops guys fired back with felonies. Charges conspiracy. I'm I'm presuming he needed means now now is dialed tomorrow. And setting an arrest report. The owner of the repair shop in Miller's bill West Virginia told deputies that one of his employees recently called him about. Tools he was so it didn't explain how we accidentally call. The boss yeah but apparently analyst of people who economic interest in buying stolen tools from the players. And one of them the president from them he stole. Her own you know way and it's right there yeah the what wrong with people filed for not been any goes. So today is the day. According to one of cheaters web side it's a website that is designed you know how those people who want a cheat on their spouse's views. Says that today the second Monday of the year. Is the most common today for people to start an extramarital affair. Doesn't mean that most of us are gonna do it it doesn't mean it is going to be millions of people today now having their first affair. But it doesn't mean today is the busiest day of the year on their website history hands out format that lets. The second Monday after Christmas book I've had enough. Holidays were hell yeah I can't stand her family I can't stand it is. It is Pakistan eased its ways it or not. Non int. He gaming crappy gifts or nothing for Christmas whatever it is the push them over the yet for some reason. The second Monday in house it's not so here's what I think we can take away from the now is the time not to cheat but now as the time to recommit yours. To a healthy strong relationship with your army today is the date to say. Take our today's today is I'm gonna do something nice for him for an old centuries. Days days that I can it's in moan and complain about every little thing on road or recommit I'm gonna look at the bright side and always try to be. Positive and happy and not let the little nagging stuff ruin us so that's just my two. Yeah I understand but remember we had the story I believe it was on names of the divot. Over the holidays or something like an average of four fights a day. For a lot of couples during the month of December. And then January that's why it's the biggest monthly hours ago if you're fighting through December and you're giving up. In January. While instead of giving up in January or cheating in January. Which is January to recommit do something nice for your mate today for no special reason hand. When you think you're when you're about to say something mean. Or something that's gonna get your blood craft zip. Stop take a breath don't say it. Don't say it. Swallow it and forget it and don't like come back up you know three hours later in just. You know letter to say something you you shouldn't say out but you just have to say it anyway don't do it this. That's my advice. I get a they made twenty years and some of sudden I don't everything right around. Thank you David knocked in about fifteen minutes the first. But feels cold as guys on the south sure right now with the wind chills and it is called the guys in my twenties at the lake. But just wait mr. meteorologist Dave knows about it here live direct from the pin point forecasts and its allies. We've bottomed out and now we're gonna ride that weather rollercoaster back into the warm weather. As you've got to writes I finally I take a week often just turn our. Attention we and a winter lasted for three days. Friday Saturday and Sunday only now we soon. With spray. Yes and a graduate course this week and a lot of who has a lot of experience. But the tan admitted he covered about the matters when he gets down mid twenties. In the city got a couple but it is roll the dice with Emma gone back out mom nine gonna mess baton. Well. Hopefully they'll read you know hopefully maybe not it's but they'll have a shot at a because that's Glasgow morning. I know yet is definitely the coldest morning out there and by no means is you're as cold as we were over the weekend with lower twenties north late in the twenties and sell short. Right now we're sitting at temperatures around 39 again at 32 Slidell saving image area so. Live there were free is nice is he actually just the freezing temperatures not mean that cold. But really what's gonna happen is a warm up quickly today winds start coming out of south east later. And that attracts sixty days after. A day close to what was supposed to be this time the average highs sixty to tomorrow and then that night actually temperature will rise on fall down to around the lower 50s by 10 o'clock in the rise to the mid to upper fifties when you wake up on Tuesday morning and keep rising to seven eat it too. On Tuesday night's where it's 26 and is when it feels like and slide out right now when you wake up tomorrow morning you know. Actually beat you feel about and twice that in the easily easily yeah. And will continue staying mild because then going to choose and it blows up be around 59 north 62 cell shore a it is ridiculous and then 76 on Wednesday now. We aren't. How fought issues again but we had a couple weeks ago starting on Wednesday and every morning all the way through the weekend that's don't predict that harm date we have Aaron and as a chance just like we had a couple weeks ago some of the fall could linger a few well into the afternoon hours for some places so. We have to watch that if we warm and muggy weather highs to be around 76 to seven EU Wednesday through the weekend those sixty's almost. Arafat's couple after yesterday. Where we barely got out of the thirties for most of the day. Will be part near eighty by this coming week. The house. So you know to hold on out there you know definitely warming. Back across the area doesn't look like much in the way of rain either only about a 20% chance Wednesday through Saturday. And that is from radio and sprinkler to richer than ever report you don't like the weather does waited up to a pretty quickly around here. Wrong with people. The story out of Pennsylvania where a woman was fleeing the cops and drove into the river to avoid arrest. Com okay it gets even weirder. She nor officers continued drinking beer and she floated down the river in her vehicle topped Sochi fleece the jobs. She got to bolt launch drove off the boat launched into the water. And new to try to stop her for running a stop sign but apparently she thought it was going to be worse than Agassi was drinking already catching atmosphere in the car. Anyway she hit the gas build and barreled into the Susquehanna River. And then just sat there and drink their Beers or car floated down the river until fire department boat. Problem back to shore the that the well all I'm surprised there were more ice and snow apparently there are big blocks is OR and uses in that regard. Eyes it's lowliest of marriage drinking beer belly and never went all the way on their. Not scatter and but to their hospital to be the value in the fifth. A short yet. Does float down it forever American Robert. Thank it and I have gone wrong with the ball on present X rated 7870 says plant lives matter murder. Right and cover my plane at the couple may have rights are of the persons as we should declare this recommit Monday I'm with you on that. Sports I'm now is Steve. Thanks Dave good morning everyone both games were blew out yesterday to wrap up the NFL's wild card weekend. Pittsburg and whip Miami thirty to twelve to reach the AFC divisional round against Kansas City. Antonio Brown had five receptions for 124 yards most of it coming on touchdown grabs of fifty and 62 yards in the first quarter. Exhibit Roethlisberger seems publicity most of the better toppled a pretty excludes. 3530. About the quantity. I really think they're any sort of the end zone but now. In the day's second match up it was all Green Bay as Aaron Rodgers threw for 362 yards and four touchdowns in the packers' 38 at thirteen romp over the giants. It was the pax seven straight victory and they'll now get ready to play at Dallas. The Cleveland Browns have hired Greg Williams to be their new defensive coordinator saints fans know the man wealthy helped the black Inglewood a Super Bowl back in 2009. Williams was suspended for the entire 2012 season for his role in bounty gate. He was the coordinator with the rams for the past three seasons. Well the end of the college football season it's your Clemson and Alabama meet the national championship game tonight for a second straight year. Tide head coach and exceeding her arm back to back titles in his sixth overall title and he knows that the sixth ranked tigers are going to make things difficult. I think this is one of the top programs in the country and certainly is reflected by the success they've had on the field and that's no surprise to me that they are where they are relative to last year's team and measures to. It's a 7 PM kick off in Tampa Florida Republicans look to bust out their three game losing slogan may face the knicks and Madison Square Garden tonight at 630. New York is also struggling as they've lost seven of their last eight contests. But doing men's basketball team dropped their fifth straight contests falling eight to 59 to Memphis the green wave remain winless in conference play a win three. And sunny duds I is out act catalyst head coach. He held the job for four seasons with warm bowl appearance after recent leaving Louisiana Tech into what he thirteen the golden bears were five and seven this season. They have four on WWL it's the second get a show of Bobbie bear markets OJ live from the silver slipper casino. Get a break out of the FL's wild card week I'm plus eight preview of the national championship game between Alabama and Clemson. Bennett seven talk LSU hoops on the Johnny Jones show I'm Steve Geller which early morning look. At sports Alabama as a six and a half point favorite over Clemson. In tonight's national championship game in college football actually a little surprised it's only six and while I think the fact that the Clemson Tigers kinda amazing showing against the Ohio State Buckeyes helps him there. And last year's game. Was a slugfest that went back and forth that Alabama came out on top and it was a five point bit him a victory. So I can understand maybe while they think it's going to be inclusive. Then maybe most our I'd you I'd I'd project Alabama have a double digit win tonight though. On the defense for them it's just been absolutely phenomenal this season from meet the tigers. Shall watch and quarterback. Really has to be perfect tonight for Clinton to have any chance and that's just not gonna happen against him as suffocating. And I think this is really one of the best damn teams ever I mean and it's hard to save it. It's going to be a close game but we Chelsea you're predicting a double digit victory I an argument that apparently knocked in about fifteen minutes for news first sports as you do you do sports on WWI folks five mobile red light and speeding cameras at the streets of New Orleans today. And they'll be another fifty of them between now and April so. Piece of favor be alert be aware slowdown. And make you not speeding because there could be cameras just about anywhere now. Across the city of new war and please. Today one cheating website. Says it's the most common day for people to begin an extramarital affair I say instead today's the day to recommit to your lover to your spouse to your mate. Do some soup is today.

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