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Jan 9, 2017|

Are you willing to wait 2-4 years for Obamacare to be removed? This hours guest: Mike Tanner - Senior Fellow with the Cato Institute (with a particular emphasis on healthcare, social welfare, & Social Security policy

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And good morning Dave Conan for Garland Robinette on this magnificent Monday when though warmup begins winter while it lasted three days speak as. We're gonna keep climbing those temperatures are gonna get warmer and warmer all week will be. Burton near eighty degrees. By the time this weekend. I arrive so you of that to look sports you hear a think tank this morning you have some great stuff to think about to look forward to you and a weight to maybe four years for obamacare. To be removed. Some Republicans. On Capitol Hill are already moving to kill obamacare but others in the GOP even. Say it might take to. Or four years. To dismantle obamacare and replace it with something. Pals. Did trumps promised to kill obamacare in your mind include. A two year delay or four year delay would you be OK with that repeal. If there's nothing in place to replace obamacare or do you think. They congress should wait until the concrete plan on the table that they can put into place. Before. They start dismantling economic. Lots coming up next hour. Do you think that it's good business to replace people with automation or robots or removed jobs overseas. Our American jobs going overseas are being lost to automation are artificial intelligence some experts claim most American jobs are not going overseas. But instead being eliminated by robots. Artificial intelligence automation. So when president elect trump claims he is forcing companies keep jobs in America. It's almost the whole story and is there any way to stop companies from automating and replacing people. With machines. Then coming up in our third hour we're going to take a closer look. At the ongoing battle man now that is shaping up between Louisiana's attorney general. And leaders. Of the city of New Orleans. Over the best strategies. To fight crime who do you trust more to come up with a crime fighting plan. The attorney general of the state of Louisiana where the mayor and police chief of the city of New Orleans will take a look at that. Coming up in the 12 o'clock hour here and the think tank I'm so glad that you could join us today. To help us think about these important things you can text a sedate 7870. Or you can call us at 504. 260187. You'll also take a look at our big 870 ready jaguar opinion poll. Got that hosted for Ian WW WL dot com. And right now it is are you willing to wait two to four years for Obama care. To be removed let's throw that question right at our first guest of the showed today we say good morning. To Mike handers senior fellow with the Cato Institute. With a particular emphasis on health care social welfare and social security policy and Mike. So glad you could join us today and well. We saw a lot of back and forth on the future of obamacare. Just in the last week or so. Would you be OK if congress said hold up we cannot just right now. Repeal obamacare until we have something that we've researched. Planned and put into place to replace. While I think it's what the question of researching planning that is will. Correctly yard number of plans that Republicans have for out replace obamacare but they have not been able to get a political consensus. Agree on any specific plans so that's part of what's holding the mop. The other part is that dealing with the legislative rule. And don't forget the Democrat they'll have enough votes to mount a filibuster in the senate for the Republicans are having to use an obscure budget. Procedure called reconciliation. In order to do with the repeal. Which you can email. I'm so scared because the thing that it's not terribly obscured because the Democrats used it to get obamacare passed in the first place. Well that prize that step pavlik throws the problem is that you can't necessarily do the replay. Portion under reconciliation rules being pregnant you can't change insurance regulation. Peru reconciliation yet they'll can only do things that I have a budget impact. So that is a stumbling block it appears that. Another stumbling block is some disagreement within the Republican Party itself with we have these. Factions now that don't all appear to be on the same page with each other let alone with the president elect. But price is great it's significant problem in the fact that these bought Obama care as given people. Certain benefits that the expanded Medicaid for example there are people were receiving subsidies people. With preakness we need agents who have insurance. Those things calm with claws that are bad. But you can't or just repeal look bad clause. Without dealing with the ultimate bundle up until underlying issue and that. That's gonna make them unpopular choices. So where do you see this going what is your kind of crystal political ball tell us about how this process unfolds with now here we are just a couple of weeks before president elect Donald Trump becomes the president of the United States. Where do you see this process going in what is the future of obamacare. Well I think what we'll see. You know these to repeal. Come out fairly quickly and what it will do is news dot articulate immediately but included on that date probably. January 1 2019. Or something of that nature. At which point obamacare will go away and that will give Republicans the few months to come up Wednesday it was an alternative. But they can all agree on and then pat that now a reality to probably wait until two weeks before the I elected without that Buckley do it all on one but they don't read that out congress work but. But that the idea at least that that they would do is that it fund that paid the debt have a few days there are you want to to put something together. Do you think that the base that put Donald Trump in office would be satisfied. With a vote to repeal it not now but in two years who wins would that make. The base happy or would that create. And deep divisions in the base and create a distinct conditions Olmert looking at elections a couple of years from. I think as long as they get repeal with a date certain that that will satisfy most people had lines through reed obamacare repealed. And I think that that's what double people will be satisfied with these that'll pick a lot about in the in the week on top policy walks while the replacement right away. I'm not sure that that that that there is lead needed for the grassroots. Is it possible could congress. Possibly do you think they viable. Repeal and replace it quickly and not put this two year. Kind of grace period on when was it that we repealed it in two years. Well I think most people would like the evil thing done as soon as possible leak on the Republican side. The problem's going to be at it is going to be losers as well as winners in this. And the loser will certainly did appear on television and be getting a lot of attention and local political reasons I think they're gonna have to find a way to deal with those losers. To minimize the damage in order. To get screwed next election. What are those kind of big stumbling blocks what are the things where the Republicans. Cannot all get on the same page I know that Donald Trump has said that he wants to keep and the ability. Of children to stay on their parents' insurance until late twenties six and he wants to keep and the preexisting conditions. Clause that allows an individual to get insurance regardless of preexisting conditions. Are either of those stumbling blocks for agreement amongst Republicans and if not what are the stumbling. Yet heard the biggest stumbling block parties deal with people with pretty misty conditions if you include the Blake which currently now or insurance companies can not turn you down you have a pre existing condition. That is hugely expensive people with pre existing condition that basically all party that I mean they cost insurance company picked you to bottom money. And you have to offset those costs are getting young people sign up for your chart by people who want users there does not pay premiums. That's why the individual mandate was in the planned for what to try it forced the young healthy people under the system. The Republican debate repeal the individual mandate but keep the insurance requirement that you can't that you can wait did you get sick before you buy insurance. That the economy is adverse selection problem worse that that the people thought for sure to but be that people. And help the people would drop the plant completely get that and that's going to cause huge problems in the insurance market. Yeah and then on its face yet that is a huge feud from a good talent people who are going to suck the insurance companies. Dry because there are going to be the ones that are going to be costing thousands tens of thousands or hundreds of thousand dollars. To the insurance companies which you're not going to be giving them other people gorgeous can be paying in without taking anything out. Yeah how you reconcile that and how much is the insurance lobby playing a role. In what appears to be at least a pumping of the brakes on the trump promised to immediately. Get rid of Obama care. I think the insurance company particularly hot little while optical lobbies huge it very awful. And there are all weighing in on net. Objected that way they handled it you could do pool things of that nature it is crippled some Republican thinking things applaud you maintain continuous coverage you can't be turned down. But built and they're good technical that'll work the crowd to get everybody on the same page. Mike tanner senior fellow with the Cato Institute anything else that you would like to highlight in this discussion about the possibility could take two years or longer. To see Obama care. Dismantled despite the promises during the election. Was that they were gonna have to see whether or not Republicans can get any democratic buy in on any of these changes doubled what they're talking about doing. Are paying the Democrat Ted. Sort of law I'm willing to support things like. Getting rid the essential benefit package the people can buy insurance that has hired deductibles of more catastrophic type of care or things of that nature cheaper policies. That don't require a man for example by. With female birth control things like that. I don't think Mike has were Democrats support. Iowa we will see how many Republicans can get on the same page and then how many Democrats they can pull over to that page as well. Hi hey you know we kept hearing about the unified. Republican in congress. The unified Republican approach. Between. The white the White House the house servers and is in the senate. And the closer and closer we get the less it seems this is much unification is I think many people expected. We'll get Mike's thoughts on that coming up after this right here on WWL do we have a unified. Situation. Amongst Republicans in Washington. A growing number of senate. Republicans are resisting the idea of repealing obamacare without concrete replacement proposal. That's complicating GOP plans to move swiftly. To undo the health care law are big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll. Are you willing to wait to. To four years for Obama care to be removed you heard our guest Mike tanner from the Cato Institute. Telling us he expects at this point that there will be swift action to repeal obamacare. But only in words that they will vote to repeal it two years from now. Or maybe longer. Will that satisfy the Republican base are big at seventy ready jaguar opinion polls. I don't think it well if this is accurate 62%. Of those of you voting online at WWL dot com. Say you are not willing to wait two to four years for obamacare to be removed 38%. Say yes some interesting text messages sedate 7871. Person says I don't think trouble let it take two years do you think he has built his business. By having things take two years. I see him as they get it done now. Type of guy. But that's somebody else immediately texted if anyone thinks that anything in politics can happen overnight there are crazy. And more misled. Than ever. Another tax comes in. Republicans just need to repeal Obama care the government does not need to be in the healthcare business let the free enterprise system replace Obama. And then this a good point I think Dave you can't give people something. And then snatch it away and expect to have no consequences. And repercussions. And it all keeps coming back. To the same issue and one that if you listen to me from 5 AM to 6 AM every day you probably heard me harp on over the years. Every single time we have an election. Change. Is. If not the overriding theme. Damn near the overriding. Every time. We have a new president comment. They are elected on a platform of changing. The way things are done in Washington DC. Changing. The way government works or in this case government does not. Changing. Why government does for the people. Barack Obama was elected on a huge change black. Donald Trump has been elected. On a platform of change. But throughout history. Very few presidents have made substantive. Changes. To anything especially in the modern era. Of the Q party visceral gridlock system. A lot of people thought that brought about was gonna change so many things. And when you look back. Do you see any dramatic. Change in the way things are done in Washington. Now. With president elect trump about take office. I think a lot of the people are hoping. For change hoping that because he's not a politician because he's a businessman because he's an. Outsider coming in to drain the swamp that he's gonna change the way things are done. But change doesn't happen. Without. Lawmakers. And the more. We are seeing with the lawmakers are doing the last I think there's going to be this alleged unified. Bryant of Republicans. With the GOP in control of the house the GOP in control the senate and a Republican and Donald Trump in the White House. You really think that everyone's going to be on the same page and they're going to dramatically change anything. It's looking more and more. Like it won't be an immediate. Repeal obamacare that dubious low. Change. Over. Time. Danny thanks for calling your on WWL I just got a minute game before we go to the news so what is your point to make. Real quick as if we change bar yet we got to realize with the people expect in can be out and out of we batted in 34%. Deduction will look bomb exploded. Now the mark that way yet deliverable. If you don't do that. What usual all of were appeal it because. You problem. As you're saying if he repeals the affordable healthcare act which most feeble insisted not make healthcare affordable. That he asked to present an option that does make it affordable. Exactly and I'm talking 30% at least. Well see what I'm saying OK will you are you one of those who wants to see obamacare repealed no I'm retired. And with that the repeal argued that low rates with a preexisting condition so what you know and kind of be a problem. Now it seems to be a paradox that may be very difficult. If not impossible to fix how do you allows sick people to buy insurance for the first time in get treated. If you're at the same time not requiring everyone else to buy insurance and pay for it will continue the conversation after the news 2601870. Here on WW well. Dave Garnett for Garland Robinette good morning thanks for joining us here and WWL and being part of a think tank battle four to six 1870 have a line open for you right now if you wanted to jump in and share your thoughts on the fact that. Donald Trump. Won the election. With a lot of promises and one of them was to immediately. Dismantle. Obamacare. That was one that resonated very loudly with the Republican base and helped propel him to victory. But now we're hearing from Republicans. In congress. That it's not daddy's. That we can't simply. Repeal it without a plan on what to do so all of them. Bonds. In the belt. And all the expectation now is that weather may be a vote to immediately repeal it. It won't really be to repeal it'll be to say we are repealing obamacare in two years but. Obamacare is dismantled two years from. It's like the fine print. And if that is the case. And we have another situation. Where what the message was that resonated with the Republicans. Becomes. I'm not quite exactly what we said we'd do but it's heading in the right direction. What does that mean for the midterm elections. If using text messages at 87870. On what really is proving to be not only on Capitol Hill but I think also amongst our audience. The big question mark and high you do this Heidi get rid of obamacare. When it guaranteed. Every American the right to purchase insurance. Re guard us. Of their eggs preexisting health conditions and their current. Conditions one person says are you listening to what you're saying they texted me 7870. Health insurance should be available to all. Even the sick with preexisting conditions we should fall be able to get care when we need it. Another person says how is it fair that one. Should be able to buy insurance after they are sick. It's like saying you should build a buy it life insurance. After you'd time. And I think that's an interesting point. Is there any other insurance that you can buy after. You need it. If your house burns down you can't go by homeowners insurance. If your home life you can't go by flood insurance. If you die. I you can't go by life insurance. Its UK it. It hit a car crash you can't go by a comprehensive coverage. On your vehicle. And get your get a new car. And that's the problem. Is Obama care said. The insurance companies have to pay for your health even if you have. Conditions that require. Hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars worth of treatments and surgeries. You can get insurance. And pay the same thing. It's somebody who is healthy and never goes to the doctor eyes. And that as the insurance companies now so hoping. That obamacare. Is dismantled. They had to be so excited about that and soul. Donald Trump won the election and in his very first post election interview. Said delegate dismantle it but Wiki preexisting condition. Yeah organ dismantle but. We're elected stamp their parents' insurance of 26. Years all. Can you have it both ways and now do you start to see why. More and more Republicans on capitol Ellis thing we can't just that we can't just voted out. 2601878. Dave thanks for calling your and the think tank I don't. I look out at Bangkok. But most part are Smart people and I comply and a lot of people still part but Smart people realize it alters your finger in. And that orbits it stroll in and people stroke. In the first place what I hope without thought product that's constantly beat good become corporate body which. Everybody should should be able to access health care but by and what it really is poignant where he has been. Principle exports caused in the church and late. So what do you think that's a what do you think is the solution personal should you'd think pre existing conditions should not be an issue that. Once you're already sick even very very sick you should still be able to buy health insurance the same price somebody's help out. Now the only known ala they absolutely pretty significant passengers. As. Is that our commitments on it. He can't he can't pay Torre didn't do it that way. From a humanitarian level it sounds great from a weekend or are for all human beings it sounds like a grand idea but you bankrupt the system what good is it. Or make insurance expense. And that there are you know it's apparently cup and without insurance but it is there. If you compare it to auto insurer that somebody it's intense action if not then picked up a copy why should other people that drop wouldn't have paid a law. Support. And and that's the question and that's the issue day and we appreciate the call you make good sense because yes. You wouldn't let someone like that buy car insurance because of that war all paying higher rates to support there behavior. In this case is not behavior it's illness and maybe do behavior who knows why they're sick but. How can you say then again someone who's very very sick should be able to buy insurance the same rate that someone who's healthy buys it. He just just doesn't seem to work on its face Steve thanks for calling your on WW. Sega and some aspects the amount of waste and collapsed today that try and did mention. She'd been. Children. And stereo cards insurance sold it to 26. Even prior to winning a ballot. You know I was from child from the beginning. But is there any. And I know. Not so. I knew he and two. I mean. Yeah that you just knew that was rhetoric he was saying during the elect Arnold. It was I think will be decided. The access them but. And it's going to be checked. I don't think anybody could think that and. It took so long as he does in his first term you'd be happy when it. Altitude of four years no problem with it. Check it took to the and it's. And take apart. Steve we appreciate the call Margaret calls coming up at 5042601. Point 78 and text messages and 87870. Activists. I'm brigade seventy ready jaguar opinion poll are you willing to wait two to four years for obamacare to be removed. 69% of you voting at WW out accounts they know. 31% say yes. One person Texas and it's seven instances those in the audience that want to repeal obamacare will be the big losers. Notices the Republicans should already have plans the can be tweaked from when they started all of this when they put obamacare and apply. Buses don't already paid for people with preexisting condition when they go to the hospital and don't pay their bills. Bills that are paid me in the hospital charges more to cover the losses and that's a good point. And that's the flip side you're right. But it all comes down to this preexisting conditions it situation in. Does it matter I guess you're saying. Because if the hospital that charged more than the insurance companies that charge more than we have to pay what a lot of people attack and it's 78 that needs a all of this doesn't matter because. What you have insurance cannot cope pays deductibles and coinsurance going up so high. That's like insurance doesn't pay for anything anymore and it nearly at least one use it. Andre thanks for calling your end you're on WW. I'm bill and all. You're. Here. Economic that this thing of people took an action that is just like you say people shall that there are little if you're going to be it. Outspoken critic and I refused the care they don't have the security people. They didn't really care if it's not life threatening they have the right to do that they have to treat them at least stabilized and they're about to die. Org or deliver a baby and. That that that's when they sure were a bit of insurance they about that they in the crisis situations they assure open an important role. They gavel charger in the past several long everybody else who had insurance. Look better too. Pre camp there with the appropriate Jarrett and bill in Italy to win this crisis situation. We got it under the proud of them would immediately go oh so bad you go that there because nobody ever trip. They appreciate you. He's and let preexisting conditions and that's fine it's better than the alternative. We appreciate golf thanks Andrei Billy you're on WW. Good militants out. But all I am them. The affordable op plan is. Want to get recovered the panel but they're young point six years old he elects not to venture will rent should have that opportunity. But that's not who pays for the people though who sign up with a preexisting conditions who were draining the system. He that the young healthy people. Gras I understand but why should have a lot should get off. Then the second quarter. You'll weigh on May get more difficult it Yugoslav. Right if you give it a lot money. Or use some aren't let people make their war on one hand on the people trying to pay for the people what the creek has been good this. Billy makes some good points and I think it's becoming more and more evident. Why the Republicans are started as a slow your roll whole lobster roll out we can't just get rid of this right away. We got to think this through it because there's too many difficult conditions and situations to talk about. We give away some money coming up next here on WW. All right well let's look at more and more like it's going to take longer than first thought at least by the Republican base to get rid of obamacare and that's not going to make. A lot of people very happy or big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll are you willing to wait two to four years for obamacare to remove 67% of you. Are voting no Floyd thanks for calling you're on WWL. Second Michael you are out there in one McCall by Iraq where I am and still works well. I opt accidentally. It didn't do more now must not and that it won't like it here are back here. When will have been built 100. I won't lock called the book here. It meant his big. Semis back people I'm here. That's the you don't wanna pay for it to you wanna get rid of it Florida I appreciate it. When it comes down to an all politics are personal and most of them pass right through your bank account. Don't they we we appreciate the call final four to 601871. Present X rated 78 cents as insurance. Is by definition. Protection against an event that is not. Yet happened. Dispersant clearly does not support read including preexisting conditions but president elect trump does wanna keep the pre existing conditions covered in there and that is where the problem becomes in getting rid of it. Some south Texas City 7870 says. Don't change the planned just change the name. Instead of calling it obamacare. Just name it from there and Republicans will accept. While in theory I think you may be onto something funny I don't think that would indeed war I folks. Here's the dilemma and here's the problem. Is that. It does not look like there is the overwhelming unified. Republican support on Capitol Hill to get rid of obamacare. With the in the first days weeks or even months. After president. Electron becomes the president of the United States it may well take two years or four years although they could immediately vote. To repeal it. By putting a sunset on it in two years or four years. What will that do to trumps popularity of what will that due to his mandate his ability get everything else he wants through we'll have to wait and seed but. The closer we get to him taking office the last and last it looks like there is a unified. Republican approach to governing this nation as many anticipated hoped for and wanted. When they elected. The Republicans to the White House and made share. That we kept Republicans in congress opened here that it's time for the 1000. Dollar nationwide free money contest. The code word this hour. Is a wall. Taxed W a LL. To 72881. That's 72881. To score 1000. Dollars the easy way one test could show you the free money. Listen for the next code word before the top of the hour 2 PM. Good luck from Smart radio Entercom and all of us at WW well we never charged for tax. But individual plan text and data rates apply please don't text and drive.