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Think Tank 1210pm crime in New Orleans

Jan 9, 2017|

Is crime in New Orleans so out of control that re-enforcements need to be sent in? This hours guest Michael Harrison - NOPD Chief Jeff Landry - Louisiana Attorney General

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And good afternoon Dave Carroll and in a think tank for Garland Robinette on this marvelous Monday where we're gonna get serious now and talk about. Crime in the city of New Orleans is crime in New Orleans so a lot of control. That reinforcements. Need to be deployed. New Orleans crime models are so high according to attorney general Jeff Landry that he says he had to send in reinforcements. And oh PDT Michael Harrison says. Does nothing more than politics so who's right VAG. Or the chief. And where do you feel safe and unsafe in the city of New Orleans let's climb inside the think tank. And think about this one. Is New Orleans. More dangerous then Chicago. Which has long been held as the most dangerous city. In the nation do you feel safe. In New Orleans. Here to help us think about this sort of start off with new Orleans police chief the superintendent of the world's police department Michael Harrison if you thanks for joining us. That morning thank you prepare them. This seems to be occupying a whole lot of your time lately and I hate to keep kind of coming back to it. But I feel like we really need to make sure all voices are heard loud and clear. Because the rhetoric. Sometimes. Out. Yells I guess or out blasts the truth so I guess what I wanna try to find out if I can is what the truth. About what is going on with the efforts to fight crime in the city is it working. And as the attorney general helping or hurting those efforts let's start with. Right now. How is the effort going how would you assess the overall effort to fight crime in new war. So legal moral leper in in my opinion. Is along well we have a police appointment that. Making. National attention we have on world changing police reform. We all being looked at the leader in policing in number. By a number of experts from around the country. And so while we law. Nearly 400 police officers admit women of this week become more every day. Job in. You get to report you feel reporting that all the time. How would make him gateway in apprehending criminals. Not very far to determine how much I'm actually prevent it because equitable. And possible. To know because they never report it. What we reduce robbery this year but double digits on nearly 12%. And bishop in which always make note that there is no relation. Between the murder rate and the crime. And there is no relation between them. Impact of them police officers that that there read different things that people always have to remember. You're lying you're saying no matter how much you readers reduce overall crime and nowhere how many cops you put on the street. You don't think that will directly impact the murder. There's no scientific or relations between. Certainly more cop doing the number. Right kind of that old girl cry. When it comes to them only. Home that something that should be looked at differently because. Ultimately. And police officers in the number the only one. And so as long as possible you will come with these. Let me get it that it was. Not Heatley from now we just. The one answer I'll put them over the four years we'll bring gain related. Should. Now. But the other dynamic that attributed the increase in election. It was because in the the issue of other attributes that a tribute. But certainly that number now that help deter crime of opportunity. Tampa. And that happened. Because there's no police round up these though on that opportunity property crime. And we were part of that every single day the bigger issue. Certainly we need help and we hope that you always see me bring him auditors that help different things it is. Not if it but it could be in that you are coordinated way these conflicts. But that agencies understand what is it would. And told them it is in me equal. Pumping and we have. So. And that took a calming and that there operating safely. Operating by bet practices which would teaching now to. The national best practices and advocates say that. I'm bitten mono and that. Certainly is creative than normal world. Administrative birds or oil column because we're doing things that directly and national practice. Certainly people don't know that hurting the crime what this thing. It is or is it possible to fight crime in the ocean way that it absolutely we. In that acted speak to that and number will be able to speak to that that you can fight crime in constitutionally. Protect the rights of people and probably the right of people. How all are welcome and at that it is becoming an. Where we need to go in and built. On strategy. So that we give him in the magic act in ways that we know works to expect discredited having committed. And on their own where they should be they do. I wanna follow up on a few points in May but let me start with where you ended and that is on this task force that. The attorney general Jeff Landry has sent into New Orleans to apparently help fight crime. Let me ask you this did you know. That this task force is being deployed in the first place if not how did you learn about it and what. Good if any is this test for is doing. I I didn't know that the task force was created. I was informed that apple was coming to New Orleans but not act. In what regard will be helped all of informed. And attorney general and the speak now earlier in December. But he he told me that he listening is that it was in the back into that they've already here. Over the past they were working in support investigative capacity. So I knew that members of the attorney general's investigative team existed. To help with investigations. But it is very proactive know that from being ahead come on very recently. Okay so in addition to investigators helping follow up on crimes you're saying now he has. For an all for all intent and purpose officers. That are in the end New Orleans responding. To crimes or will what are they doing. Home they responding to calls that the issue on the radio and video actively proactively is speaking. People who committed violations in the very proactive way about it the concerned because it all means we only current both stopped. With uniformed personnel and in more. Oh let me just all the while market camera than them. Which the citizenship mandated callable is what I think and as we the citizens are mandated and by the way option on the rating that the six walk her. So nobody in these officers down these officers that the attorney general isn't news there working overtly undercover. Out of uniform without cameras and they're just going out and stopping people and and patrolling areas and looking for criminals. I would say. The answer is both yes and we don't know. Talking with the police chief for the city of New Orleans Michael Harrison. On the task force fed the attorney general Jeff Landry has deployed into us you know how many people are promised passports. I don't know the exact number I have met with. The leader of the unit on who I have a regular respectful. Tom and so we capped call. Over the past tomorrow. That could happen and how do we respond to them if and when it happened. But it is of great concern. That they are productive and proactive war in plain call more enough more. And I let down by a political. And it is beautiful black hole and quite frankly are in the jurisdiction perhaps that did not work and that is unfamiliar to them. And look we put on one of the most of training academies in the country giving now to. Who best training and so there are variations in training. Across the state from jurisdiction to jurisdiction likewise variations. In how. People remember who was not a member of the appointment. What you mean there agency's policies. And how they conduct policing here in the war police department and in the. We're talking with the police chief of the city nor ons Michael Harrison when we come back I wanna get some more information. On the progress. Chief that you said has been made in the fight against crime and where we had in that evolution how much more progress do you need to make. And I asked if flat out is New Orleans a safe city. Attorney general so it's more dangerous than Chicago. And those are fight ports those are some serious allegations. We'll see with the chief thinks about that coming up after this and the struggles to trying get enough police officers. To carry out the reforms. And to do the jobs that this police department now wants to do all that's coming up after this with the chief of police on WW. Talking with the chief of police for the city of New Orleans and she Paris and your own strengths 300 years old next year and I think it's safe to say that crime has been a major concern or a major problem for all in nearly all of not all that three centuries ago turning that around is it's ask. Of mammoth proportions. That having been sent. In your estimation right now is a war ones a safe city. There is adequate in humans yet the longer the city. I would say that anybody who is in the light of the draw a tree. Oh which is the light of crimes which is the life of pollen and all that are competing over the market. It is the person who was in the high rip off for having something bad happened to them. Anybody who are looking to be in that business and a lot of work on who's you know in light of crime. You are putting yourself in position hybrid. The people to do onto you well and so in that right now so people aren't accurate however. All of the that the city of the long it is and I heard this before but the comparison. It is really on. Unfair to pick compared long to a city like Chicago. Because all the hold them want to make only look at one bull won the there're so many different dynamic that maker so different and it's really. Did not appear practically compares. You cannot actually answer the question is New Orleans more dangerous than Chicago. If you want to talk about. Multiple variables in there and have to come to discuss these terrible why it applies it in you to do that criminal tactically theoretically but. I'll let we have time to talk about all of that. With with a criminologist policy it's too difficult to pay. Sure. I'm not sure why it's a good question to be honest with you I don't know why it's out there because I don't know that you have to compare one city to another it's kind of comparing one year kids to the other and trying to say which ones smarter which ones prettier with whatever the fact maybe. I'm not sure why it matters by. People like rankings and they like to know where the most dangerous in these dangerous are OK so that having incentives and I'll tell you this I have now for. When he years. Read the major offense logs the police report and followed crime in this city and I have told people many many many times. That if you're not selling drugs or buying drugs in New Orleans you dramatically. Exponentially reduce your risk of being the victim of a crime in the city that. By and far so much to the crime is directly related as you said the drug trade if you don't go looking for drugs you know go looking to sell drugs you make yourself a whole lot safer here so I think that's a very good point you talked. I the outbreak epic people who support and a point that mark when exactly. Yeah and ended and in so many times and it may not be told and every story but. Drugs tend to play a role in so many of the crimes in this city that even sometimes it's not reported because there's not proof. That a lot of the victims were worse seeking drugs at the time they became the victim of a crime. That having been said you talked about the great progress made in reforming the department. And employing best practices. How far along do you feel that plan is at this point 255075%. And at what point will it be where you think New Orleans is significantly. Safer and better off than it was before these reforms began. It are on assignment in in time that he is and number one can say is that we have moved. From the conversation with the content remark that just ended the unity from using words like. Progress and improvement we've moved to complications to Disco exit strategy. And how do we now get out of the consent decree we've made the point where we're talking about comply it would comply it is. All we only unit went to Spain and now can we hold on to get out of the consent decree. And what they're like look like publicity in the pleased that old consent decree. That we maintain the practically when that girl because it's been in right now. Told that what are we on map will be meeting with the judge and monitor later this week. On this thing. So we can't put a number ought to be you'd think great progress is the best way to explain it. Great progress has been made it happen we're well past the halfway point off and now we're on that outline looking at. Are becoming compliant all of these areas maintaining that compliance. Training everybody who view given the current Google what calming. And now creating an exit strategy with. What promises that it that it would that we will maintain. These best practices pulled consent decree and and probably do think that what we outlook. Well at the halfway point which certainly in conversations. About how we get to the end. And we now have two minutes laughs I'll be brief but you talked you said you believe the New Orleans now is a safe city. But I would argue I don't think that people. The old say for New Orleans so how do you bridge that gap if New Orleans is indeed as you assert a safe city how do you make the people of New Orleans feels. It is it is. Very difficult. To educate people on the different between actual safety and proceed. Because that's what we talk about the crime protections of our. And so we do out there to make sure that we all week communicating. What we do own recording. Preventing crime that measures we take to prevent crime on its gravity response time. And in doing. You know we working people how they connect it all the different crime. Until we have a rule book report of them. Yeah of the relationship we have. Social problem blow all the appointment we always work with Pete a weaker thankfully the B India university police. Product security or leaflet wart on the lead they always are. With all of these people certainly to roll out. Partnership internally impact on it to make the citizens and to make them feel. Chief I appreciate your time I'm gonna let you get back to the business of trying to keep new world on the same city and and and making people feel safe. As well you know you're always welcome here on WWL. To share your thoughts and anything you wanna leave us with before we move on and get the attorney general Ahmad. I just appreciate you giving them an opportunity to come and talk about the progress we've made certainly we've never run from challenges we we know that we have that we take more we take them at all. And in glad to report on everything that we're doing here in the police also want you thank you had been. Happy new year to you too chief Michael Harrison of the New Orleans Police Department thank you so much coming up next half hour we're gonna have attorney general Jeff Landry. Join us here on WWL. I am guessing. Based on everything he said do list before and everything I've seen that he's been saying. That he will not agree with the chief's assessment that New Orleans is a safe city. Do you believe the New Orleans is safe the chief says it is in central more than half way. Along. In the implementation. Of making New Orleans. The police department the justice system. And the city better than ever before that's coming up after the news on WW well. And we're waiting to hear from the attorney general for the state of Louisiana Jeff Landry who is sent a task force. Into New Orleans to fight. Crime. He just heard the police chiefs say this past fourth while he knows it's here. He doesn't know how many members of the task force there are he doesn't know where they aren't a daily basis or what they're doing. He says unlike the uniform the world once police. They are operating under cover. And without body cameras without vehicular cameras and without the same transparency that his office is operating. He believes that this is dangerous. He believes he said. That this is a conflict that doesn't need. To exist do you think it is correct for the attorney general for the state of Louisiana. To have a Covert task force operating independently of the state police. Of the federal police and of the local police. Trying to solve the crime problem in new warm when we get a monoline will ask him about that also ask him about the police chiefs assertion that New Orleans is a safe city. And that this city. Is more than half way through with the reforms that will lead to dramatic improvements we'll talk with attorney general Jeff Landry coming up. After this on WW well AM FM and dot count. We're joined now by attorney general for the state of Louisiana Jeff Landry thank you so much for joining us sir. And happy new unity of the we just talked with the NO PD chief and he says New Orleans is a safe city especially if you are not thrusting yourself into danger. By buying or selling drugs do you agree with his analysis that overall New Orleans is safe. No I mean look at this statistics. Not one don't live in. If you look at the primary in New Orleans you compare it to other cities. A cross country compared the cities are comparable in size. You would not fine in fact which you climb is that. You organs when you stack up its crime statistics that twice they missed at Chicago I mean I mean at the tactics are not open. They just I. Or the mayor have an odd well listeners out there up for the public as a whole and I think it is when it many neighborhoods in New Orleans. And you back in the East Coast they thought that you'd find the answer would be you know. And so you know I think there is absolutely problems as an epidemic. And that is sweeping New Orleans is it considered pretty works detonated it was six months ago it in Indonesia it's on the Betty Ross. I'd so. You don't feel that the reforms made since Katrina and accelerated really in the last four years are bearing fruit that they're not working. What may not I mean it's it's not a matter opted let's look at the let's just look at the facts and he would army you know. Professor of separate but the statistics shift the other. All on crime in in cracked it. And again if you look at those grabs if you look at those numbers the numbers tell a different story. What is it that is making New Orleans so dangerous and so unsafe right. There. It is it is a multi dimensional. Approach to solving the problem is not going to be some shall bullet that's gonna go out there and exit I believe that the federal consent decree. And is an inning multitude of ways and Sri the police department simply places. You know some virtual it causes us said last week all. And and and and basically policy. He's. It not April lack it is not supported pro active law enforcement approach we recognize that. I have had discussions with cheap before I we have in fighters in there. Got press conference back in July. You have met with Detroit police. Superintendent in knows that a working inside door and multiple times over the last six months. We want to be part of that report we want to greet some odd years to the table. That we were holed that it would he'd. But we would win they shutting you out within not listening to where they now willing to cooperate with. Because we're like. Because with the chief says is that the task force you've deployed is operating Covert late. In the city without cooperating with any state local federal agencies you're working independently which he says is dangerous without the kind of mandates the public has demanded including mark cars. Vehicular camera's body cameras and other measures to answer that police are operating in a constitutional matter and it transparent manner. Did they not let you cooperated is that one. I mean I'm not exit that is completely. This engine. A discussion would be seen. This week to reach back out in the end because it's simply not true it every we operated in the city we have spoken to in the equally. If we waited and we talked that it should commander knows the history we work hand in hand and with general PD officers. On the ground and in those districts. When we need to rest of of the court Jack has backed around the outburst it was done. We have the aid of the law apartment so again I think which are fine. Is is unfortunately. Is that politics. Like the fact that I've highlighted. The problem that's out there and I don't know what else won it as today but everyone in New Orleans style. And so because we're getting away. But we ultimately won the support I. I. Just like a lot of and more importantly usage of honesty in the report as war. It recognizes have to be eighteen effort it didn't take multi dimensional approach outspoken he wanted to. It is you'll recognize this problem in the district on Canada Earl it is true when it comes to try and why can't into water that I have been in discussions. In July picture. They understand the problems is it seems to be this approach it in opening yeah you know can only work. In certain way these because of the consent decree. Consent decree which is problem. You were talking with a attorney general Jeff Landry and I'll be honest with him a little confused now I feel like someone's line. Because because. Well the chiefs the chiefs says he doesn't know how many officers you've sent here he says he doesn't know what they're doing he says you did tell them they were tell him they were coming and he says initially he just told us. You were aiding in investigative. Efforts that you were hoping the New Orleans Police Department investigate crimes that you're monitoring police radio showing up on scenes and assisting at the scene. In investigating crimes but now he says it appears you have an unknown number of officers working co Birtley. Patrolling the city. And actively engaging with criminals and he thinks that's dangerous you say that's not have what is it. Actually I mean doesn't put up many years under multiple attorney general's. The deck the Department of Justice could investigate. How could have indeed been in and around the city you ought depending now what number that wants couldn't tell you. It is and and got do you have pro active patrols out there. On an undercover and uniformed officers with no cameras and fronting criminals without an openly now. We were we have treatment again explain it any time that we run. Any type of operation inside the city limit. It an undercover man we had first informal contact in an open. So like I mean records shall to the contrary. That you meaning apple. We made that accord Jack. Okay it that. Back in the beginning of the it'll be put out in a pressure. That they were. I can sort of put on right hey this thing Alex they preferably add an attitude we're not even mention of and we. Should be on the Asian. About me or. Comic Asian all in New York. Mr. both using each other playing politics and now I'm your balls don't know how colony diametrically opposed information about the stats where's. So leaves me confused and Ellen somebody tell the truth. Well I don't know what that they'll all Rondo is Asia law we have in trip. Okay about it's helped keep. You wanna say it is integral. To provide solutions to problems that it. Okay what ever happened. I can't control would be chief take control with. I'll tell you when we consistently. Every time we go into the city in the week a week company meeting that they mean you know. You know and now I missed and I am getting and limited. Minutes left or is there. And so I just wanna ask you this what has to be done in your estimation now since users say they were on does not say. What are you done to make New Orleans safe place. I think is very important. That. You. Just like every one on them make a determination as to what you'd think to. All Delhi you'd is that they upon it. Okay it's so what he indicated we believe that the answer is that ticket multi dimensional approach. That has been mentioned that a man all of them hair. Multiple complications are out there. Operable. We haven't been invited we've always invited him and the chief every time we tried to use on the electorate in the. They won't participate. OK we like that it doesn't that we'd like to participate would it take it multi dimensional approach we look at all report. The prosecutorial side look at the court at the look at the infrastructure. That scored on in a row where those crimes the L there are. It in multitude of I'd be yours and opportunities. I get it right. The question is an odd. We're gonna have the leadership in the city that did that. We're talking with the attorney general for the state of Louisiana Jeff Landry and I think there's no doubt and I don't think tank and argue with this the fact that right now we have. The state. In under your control on the city under the mayor and the police chief control. There's not a coming together of the mine's there's not a working together with a common goal. That's unfortunate I mean I think if he. I think that at this state police on the age. Ought apartment. Many on line and equipment working in an apartment. Candidate there. Politics being played in the all I'm trying to say is that. Quick the politics. And that's work toward a common goal which is to keep the resident. Yeah and I don't think anyone can argue with that we all want New Orleans to be safe I guess the question is how to we do that attorney general Jeff Landry we appreciate your time. And I know will be talking you again very soon about this emigrate dead. Thank you. I am frankly. Angry right now. After what we just heard from the new Orleans police chief and the Louisiana attorney general over the past. Instead of working together. On the vitally important common goal of protecting people doing. Everything possible connection New Orleans is safe. There is obvious budding of and it's just some simple fact that. I want to know what is this task force that the attorney general sent to New Orleans doing. The chief says. It's working co overtly. Nodding conjunction with any other state local or federal agencies that while he knows it's here he doesn't know what they're doing they're operating in a vacuum without cameras. And he doesn't know what it's all about while the age he says that's absolutely not true and that they're working together. With piano Beattie. Every time they come into the city. If they can't even agree on that much. Where does that leave. Our safety should not be a political issue in with you if this is like new Garland says about republic pants vs demo don'ts. They got to get past that everyone needs to get in a room and figure it out. Because all the effort should be to the common goals safety. Have a great.