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1-6-17 Scoot 1pm-Paying for 'the wall?'

Jan 9, 2017|

Trump says U.S. taxpayers will fund 'the wall' then he will get Mexico to reimburse us for it. Are you okay with that plan?

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It is a very cold and windy Friday morning it feels like January is six which it is today is the beginning of the Mardi Gras season it's epiphany. King's day. And mile walk from my apartment to the radio station today lawyers. Rather chilly. Imagine those people who have to work in this weather so if you go through your dated ages. Keep in your thoughts and prayers those people who are out there working in this site I've saw the sanitation people out early this morning. Out there working in this are collecting our trash so wanna thank him for doing that are right down. Right now crank it up this is what you can market for. We have a lot to talk about today the latest on our trumps Intel briefing on Russia we could get some news on that because he's been no meeting. I'm in New York today with Intel officials. Also received an email from a listener about yesterday show an reflects comments in text from callers that I received time yesterday. While doing a show and it was about whether or not there is sufficient coverage of the kidnapping of a white male. Who was tortured by four black so we'll talk about that stuff a little bit later. Also president elect Donald Trump is a talking about building the wall but using taxpayers' dollars to build the wall and then Mexico is going to reimburse. The United States we'll get to that in just a moment for breaking news this afternoon. Is this a shooting that has taken place at Fort Lauderdale international airport. Authorities reports of multiple people have been killed there was a lone suspect apparently is now in custody. The lone suspect opened fire at the Fort Lauderdale airport a Broward county sheriff's office says reporting. That they have an active crime scene not an active shooter because as far as I know they have him in custody. There's an active crime scene it's under investigation terminal two at Fort Lauderdale airport former White House says spokesperson Arie Fleischer. I tweet it out he was at the airport when the shots were fired he just tweeted out everybody is running. Miami area television stations and helicopters or the year at their reporting that at least six people have been shot CNN is now reporting three people have been killed but again. Whenever there's something like this. Those numbers can change so don't be surprised if they if they if they change sometimes on an even reluctant to. Even report at this early point how many people have been killed or how many people have been shot because it always seems to change. But there are hundreds of people standing outside on the tarmac. On ambulance to serve emergency vehicles or they're. I treating the end of the injured and you know this is a nightmare I mean it going to an airport. On a Friday is a nightmare anyway. And you can just imagine what this and answer that. The situation so our thoughts and prayers with fair with everybody there. As far as I know and I could be corrected here because the information is all very very new at this point. It's my understanding that this happened and it's the the luggage claim to park. Partisan security there. And I guess this is just one of those painful reminders that. We cannot make the world 100% saying. And you can check people. Getting on a plane. But we're not Cherokee people. Getting to the airport and at some point there's not going to be checkpoint mean even if even if they started doing security at baggage check. In baggage claim. Then. Beyond that. There were it not be. Security. And so some money would go up to that point. And actively shoot people if that's what. That person wants to do. So you know again just another sad reminder I don't don't elect a cause this itself far too early to tell right now we're getting a report that officials say. A five had been killed at the Fort Lauderdale airport when suspect is in custody and they do believe that he is the only suspect in this case don't. I mean if they if there's any comment that you want to share with us if you have any thoughts or comments about this should you do wanna call the show. Our numbers 2601870. Every code 5042601878. And a text is a 77. I'm scoop like to witness saw on this actually fighting here on every WL. And we'll continue to work to follow that story president elect Donald Trump is. Talking about building a wall he promised to go to wal. And so he's gonna built but right now we're learning that Donald Trump is gonna build the wall. And because. It he just wanna wait for Mexico to pay Ford. He wants to use US taxpayers dollars to build a wall but he's going to have Mexico reimburse the US. Are you concerned that Trump's plan to build a wall and make Mexico pay fort. Do you think that does this is any any concern me are concerned about tennis. Because right now you know that the media is gonna be quick to jump on don't try for breaking a promise. And I wanna do it did during the campaign you've got the impression. That Mexico was gonna pay for the wall upfront at least that's the pressure my god maybe you got a different pressure. What is Mexico reimburses the US. Then trust not breaking a campaign promise by a having Mexico ultimately pay for the wall. As soon to expedite matters and not to delay to get it going now he wants to ask congress for a US taxpayer dollars to start building a wall. I've Kellyanne Conway was on FOX & Friends this morning she says close advisor to Donald Trump and here's what she had to say about the wall. Going back at him. That is not true he's going to go to war at that they've paid for it hasn't changed. And you know and that that's a legitimate thing to say at this point and I guess Kellyanne Conway for FOX & Friends this morning and here's our party jaguar opinion poll this hour. Are you OK with Trump's plan to build a wall using US taxpayers money and has Mexico reimburse us. 64%. Say yes 36% say no give us your opinion by going to our web site every WL Todd can't. Here's a Texas says the US will never see a dime from Mexico. This is a little bit different from the impression and I don't think I'm the only person that got this impression. This is a little different from the oppression dads and I got during the campaign. That Mexico pay for this fraud however. If Mexico ultimately reimbursed is the United States. Then trump feels the campaign promise of building a wall and having Mexico pay for are you concerned that if we use taxpayer dollars to pay for the wall. They were not going to be reimbursed or are you confident that truck is gonna make Mexico pay. If you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon our numbers 260. When he Stephanie very coach 5042601. A seventy. Tax Evers a 7870. Here's Texas says such trump like every other politician is delusional. And does not live in the same. In the same world you and I live in stay warm my friend or you're taxed more to your calls coming up. No wonder if this is going to be a wall made of brick kind of groups have just a thought it. I haven't heard too much about it except for Donald Trump wants to do. We have found that song's not about it being cold that's out in the cold by Tom Petty and heart breaker so that would be appropriate for some of our bumper music this afternoon I'm scoop glacier where there's. We're also following are some breaking news this afternoon authorities say multiple people have been killed. Last report I saw from CNN was a five people were dead in a shooting at. The Fort Lauderdale airport to lone gunman apparently is in custody we got a special CBS news update coming up at 131. And CBS two's we'll have the latest force here's a quick update on our party checkbook and you pull. Are you OK with Trump's plan to build a wall using taxpayers' money and have Mexico reimburses. A complete shift in the poll. Few minutes ago 64% said yes 36% say no now. 36% say yes there are OK with it 64% say no. They're not okay with it give issue opinion by going to our web site WW dot com log into your text here in just a moment let's go to New Orleans and Jane welcome to the show. Right there that prompted the man band that expression there's more than one way to cap. It quite apply here. I think at the name of the president of Mexico. Yet during the campaign he would not pay for the law but not no he's never gonna hate war and dollar or it goes strictly. As valuable deal is now and it probably. May. Being here pay and Mexico right to import taxes bigger export taxes that something like that. But. Though there at the academy. Building while simply insert an effort. Yeah I thought realistically Jane that there would be a creative way to make Mexico pain it was not going to feel like they're gonna scented jet down there and forced Mexico to put money on the plane that we flight back to Washington. I think it would be that that there would be some creative way to ultimately make Mexico pay for. And if he does that then he does a Phyllis campaign promise all the promise is not broken yet but. I don't think I was the only one who got the impression that. In Mexico was gonna pay for this upfront. No Mexico. During the cam Manning. Only said that but then at even after that trust still said they're gonna pay forward. And there was no mention of we use US taxpayer dollars first again he's not breaking a campaign promise yet. Well he's on his trade he's not letting the people with diplomats. Kids stay in school until their term in but he has his wife. Yankee park at in New York. And the youngest are hurt on him the term in cell you know I'm yeah man is. Got a lot in with the two edged sword isn't it bloody I don't know how to explain. I'm watching this man. And I appreciate the call every week it doesn't matter who's president we all should be watching the president. Here's a Texas as we spend billions investing in infrastructure in Third World countries so why not spend billions. Securing our border over the wall. Will create a lot of jobs. And we'll also. Benefit the economy. Of course you know the best way to benefit the economy is not for the government to. Spend money creating jobs but to encourage the private sector to create jobs. From the plus a cheery welcome to the show. Well sure. Our ought be invoked for now well. What pa or so golf has built this all. Or shut. Or open. You'll talk about all but. There are so the war. What wall where are bordering countries in Asia and I made it. You go all air okay got. Sidetracked. Or why all people problem. Saw on your. What year. B group. And new law so people are. All great people. Or why in a matter. All but this. I. Way. Now. Get out. And say okay we're border cartridge. That's out the bad. Just when you hear that's great job at all should. Our country will to what are the people come here or good I wish our work. But. Why why all. Op. Should be here. Are. So they'll all shouldn't shall break the tree. I care that should work what should do what we. Work we. Like you know doctors will. Well it. Orchard. They are. We met each other papers. What. Well. It would be 02 where we. Lost or we. Should you. In the. Well what wasn't that sort of the incentives NAFTA which not everybody was happy when. And all the site and that. What he would change. Are really. Yeah. Dealt with big money comes a lot of urgent SS I think we did that branch group chipped that thing. And it really. Work being. You. You late despite you know Oprah's life trots out today. You don't can be that. Much you're at a result there the last. Just to each bowl two where no matter which issue. Oh but also. The laws were shrank well. You know and it's almost nation building Gerri I mean in theory it in and in theory it's a good idea I don't remember specifically what it was but I do remember that Terry George W. Bush when he was president. He had planned to one of his plans once to improve the economy of Mexico so people would not be. Coming across borders today they would they would wanna stay home. And I do think you're right developing the stereotypes of either. There's a stereotype. Illegal immigrants that doesn't really fit all of the illegal immigrants that they brought this country. Exactly and acted yet. Got it before age spot some the op ED. Some you know and student. And get some awards in here from other nations like west I come like should. They are all. Somewhat artwork and in just like where we are more or spoke we have. Richard there Gerri I really appreciate the call if you're hold stay with this week at a CBS news to update coming up. There has been a shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport we're gonna get the latest from CBS news if following that certificate you'll news update with. Don names and animal will be right back with more of your comments. We're also talking about Donald Trump. Now saying that he was to use US taxpayer dollars to start building the wall just to get it started but Mexico is going to reimburses which your reaction to that. You know the number 2601870. Text 877. I'm scoot on a cold Friday afternoon and here's our CBS news update. Breaking news this afternoon is they're shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport journalists report I have is a five people killed any people a sense and hospital and apparently. A lone gunman walked up to the baggage claim area which as you know is not a security area. And started shooting it will reveal latest on this if you do a comment on that. You know the number you can include identity of the conversation today. We're also talking about Donald Trump saying that he now wants to use US taxpayers dollars to get the wall started. I was under the impression and I'm just I mean fitting that this is the impression I was under are resented the oppression that. Mexico come up with the money and they would pay for the wall. But I guess that was on realistic decoys to get it started obviously we couldn't wait for Mexico to pay for at this point Donald Trump has not broken a campaign promise. But are you OK with Trump's plan to build a wall using US taxpayers money and have Mexico reimburses. Very close poll. 51% say yes and 49% say no they're not okay with it. You can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. It is a cold afternoon we've got some appropriate music for you this afternoon also I I I found a couple of interesting versions of baby it's cold outside. By different people and we've going into this next break gonna play the diversion from Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton here's a text that says. It says. Where's this tax to says. I can guarantee. That if front shells. His stupid reporters to drink signed a processor. Here is sit at the Texas has sent haste of colder here than in Denver my gosh I'm freezing knicks missed the dry cold indeed let's move back to Denver. You know Denver was a beautiful city but I am very happy right here home indoors to Covington Matthew welcome to show. A arguments get a good. My prayers go out to what's going on in Europe for farmers to pretty. Horrible and what their deterrent factor in whatever our record it's horrible. I'll certainly he's an active terror regardless of politics Jack. In our prayers go out boat people total. What'll mean you know. Unit and an article awhile ago about environmental impact. You know. They're hurt there's there there's two year. We heard Greg go back and forth over the land how to argue that I don't Hewlett in environmental impact of principle we're cutting off food sources. Or you know whole host of vote wildlife you know now. We got a dog do you think that the majority of the people who. Our are supportive of Donald trumps most extreme things like building a wall. That they've really don't care about the environmental impact is something. Yeah I can also be topic is expected to Berlin Wall I mean it's a Chinese law mean it's like big optics. Unit work are coming here under laws. We have people coming into this country illegally mole or immigration. But did it prevent the draw people coming into the country and working illegally. And to me it's more effective Pablo to prevent these people coming you'd draw up magnate of illegal workers coming in working. And right now at negative negative it would be you know what you're immigration that illegals coming and it's such. If so serve on some level. Then you know the crop. Okay point five billion. By again there are laws prevent people to come in if we beat the Mac had to be stopped. We want to legislation the corporations that. A lab and there are illegal workers coming in here and got. Well then that's it that's that's that's true I mean there are a lot of thought a lot of conservative Republicans who actually. Create the market for illegal immigrants and yet they criticize the government for allowing illegal immigrants it when they're actually taking advantage of illegal immigrants. You know I can remember. Ronald Reagan thing you know. Tear down this wall. You know work country were freedom that we work freedom and I understand about security all the purple wall or out. It can lead you know and again you can put it up what he wallop. If you want put. Lateral yeah circumvent people they're in a certain level. Then record the question is how secure will the Wall Street Matthew I appreciate the color and then that's a concern candy if you. If you build something in human beings wanna get beyond the wanna get over it. They're gonna find a way to get over it. Should there be a wall I have ambivalent feelings about whether or not there should be a wall there should definitely be a way to secure our borders period. Whatever it takes secured the borders. And enforcing there are a lot of people who come to this country to take advantage of America. That's not fair to us it's also not fair to those who want to come to this country and legitimately be hard working contributing citizens. In America. And the ones that get the attention are the illegal immigrants that are the bad ones and there are people who believe that. Everybody who's in this country who is technically illegal is a bad person and that's not true because there are people who are technically illegal. Who are contributing to our system but. You know I know that that doesn't sound good doesn't fit the agenda of of many people who wanted to say what it's all illegal get rid of all. And Donald Trump has actually gone back on that idea that he's not going to deport. Eleven. Million illegal immigrants. So there are some things changing now that he's become president don't like it here on hold say it would issue got a comment 2601 a seventy to actually 7870. Here's our rights sorted Dolly Parton. Baby it's cold outside. And it is called outside. On our pop culture counter rivers on this stage January dissects and 1957. Elvis Presley made the last of these three appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show. He was on screen for more than forty minutes which was a long time and this was one of the songs Elvis sang in fact he saw his relied. Two minutes and ten seconds so to be on screen for Tori Amos has a long time. And I I think that this was the point where they only shot Elvis from the waist up because his pelvic rotations were considered so sexual the time. There was inappropriate for television. Oh how times have changed from Matt every Bob Welker to show. Bob. Oh. You break in a million more. We continued. Oh. They're not on it ain't saying. It. Three up now. Ian corporate right now. And to continue. Only in the meanwhile an apology which you stop. What you're. Get it. As well. Easily and you know it consumed. Okay. We're. Them into the street about what she is about well not go re. Hauling him on the seem odd. And and go out there and vote at. All. Bob there was nothing normal about the whole pain so what is it that you wanted to do to stop that. What do what do you know. What you want to do this op. And what we. It is is it would be. Okay. The opinion like you had a chance you had you had a meeting. Our job love America had little. All right Bob American had a chance to do that if the election. America had a chance to decide whether or not Donald Trump should be president. And whether you like it or not to America decided that Donald Trump would be president. Eddie he's going to be a from the North Shore Michael you're on WWL. That age group and Michael undergarments. It's nasty break up period ma'am I'm complete denial well what. Yeah yeah if you're on the North Shore you might US policy Alex well. And Portland at night at in them and that net yet it anyway I want them the world look. Should build been and George W. Bush was president. Can Katrina because it. That's when the bidders include fluctuation ma immigrants come here and work that were coming. Are they they came over here after Katrina and they found work because that one's work. Well I think I'm in this to people call you wouldn't know that the but it isn't being. Then room complete years so when I come. The employment so it took. Me. You know I mean they don't. They do. And they don't October they got no comment. They don't build it took. They don't do anything. And then when it's so cheap that people. Would come to note that really didn't because. And argued you know. What did you what did you do Michael. What what did you do. One that didn't. I would put it out. Some some people playing in home and then cut it into that corner until it went up into parts. They don't they don't mutiny regardless so. I'm. I'd be a lot like the new construction over again in the bill Williams on the Indian built. That eagle rock tour it's it's odd that you can now you wonder why you're blank look on. Its own odd Dominican. Michael tell me tell me why why they're getting the jobs. Well because you know you. Need it at older route and at that Eaton is clean cut. They were under that big and well and we just got it and people are the only job compartment. I'm a Libyan could get 72 weeks duke but all in on that October Vietnam the peace in the hole so you know. OK okay and post them and do what I did that and they didn't look at it go and exceed. Are they another cute wearing. Western union. There and they show you why money back on the Mexico so I don't the government has kept that money being sent back to Mexico and leaving the country whether it's been a few years so well. Michael are you eat and did you find a way to find work I mean first of all you don't. And keep. The people that. Client. In the league and you know what news. That can't call. It a bit. Permanent if sometimes sometimes we have to just what we do because. The market has changed Michael I really appreciate the call. If you're on hold stay with a signed scoots and we'll be right back hunt everything you'll. Now we've got more breaking news this afternoon TSA has tweeted out to their theories now. Another active shooter at Fort Lauderdale airport. We reported earlier that five people were killed tonight eight protected to the hospital after being shot and injured. This was in a baggage claim area turtles too with the Fort Lauderdale airport. And they had to or custody they had taken custody into custody of one. When shooter as they thought that this was the only shooters they are but apparently TSA says there is another shooter so. We're following this story we're gonna stay with this ought to do here on every inaugural. But we're also talking about Donald Trump and the wall and the information now that. He wants to use US taxpayers dollars to get the wall started but Mexico is going to reimburses. You OK with that idea a fundamentally Ron welcome to the show. The world do. Suit or something like moral lighter jail. Well. Somebody would argue that may be the person who was the shooter came here illegally and got a gun legally and went to the airport he shot people but other than that the walls are gonna stop something like. The shooting at Fort Lauderdale international airport. You know eleven million people here. You know actually gather them all up and put a monitor. Lou general oh a forty year old a year ago. Probably speak Spanish and get. To gorge a border and you can we just stopped. Swiss cheese sort of border. Between mentioned. Our. Mexico one man. I think our run I think I appreciate the call I think most people agree that we we should secure the border to the question is will the wall do it. I'm from New Orleans jewels you're on WWL. Every student. Or talk about the world. I don't expect that it's wrong. Government taught. Back to the B action at all. All of all the older an extra O. Spray instead. It now. Reviewed. Earlier the board it is where yeah. Practical way bet. They will lose the people. Actors to do. Edit. The thing that. That. America news. Is the currency and or quicker. And where we're sort through that. Route. Julie immigrants recruited oh yeah. Also. Remember. There is a matter there. 6000. Rates. You have to work. Period. Use. Oh no reason Abbott's in America were beta. You're I appreciate the call got to get to a to a news break but you know you bring up these is a point that America is is a melting clawed and I understand that we still don't need to welcoming illegal immigrants if you Arnold stay within sight institute and the feedback on WWL.