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1-6-17 Scoot 2pm- We're paying for "the Wall?"

Jan 9, 2017|

We're paying for "the Wall" or is Mexico? Are you okay with taxpayers funding the wall and hoping to get reimbursed from Mexico.

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Yes there are people who describe today as being a very nasty Friday because it's cold and windy and wet and if you're to the north of the new military you might be instant sleet you might see some snowflakes. There will come a day. In July of this year. It she will be praying for a date like this so let's just enjoy it while it's here I'm scooter the afternoon glacier where the so we've got breaking news this afternoon. And that is a shooting at the loss on the Fort Lauderdale international airport. Officials now say that there are unconfirmed reports of an additional lot shooter an additional shots being fired the airport. On a gunman killed five people wounded eight were taken to the hospital. And the Broward county sheriff's office is reporting that. The active search of unconfirmed reports is continuing about additional shots being fired at the airport. US senator Bill Nelson from Florida says that some of Fort Lauderdale airport gunman was carrying a military ID with the name S to bonds Santiago. But it's not clear effect it's really who he is or if it belongs to somebody else. Before we get back to that were also talking about sir Donald Trump and the wall and the idea of using US taxpayers dollars to. Start the wall and has Mexico reimburse us a lot of people think that would never happen. But at this point now trop if he does get Mexico to reimburses. Then he's not breaking the campaign promise and he never said that. The US would not pay for this and get reimbursed. He just simply said Mexico. Would pay for the wall. And at this point even if US tax dollars are being used and I'm just I'm being legal about it. US taxpayer dollars are being used that doesn't mean he's breaking a campaign promise because Mexico could still pay for you made doubt that they will reimburse us. And so that's the discussion but also we've been waiting for news in the news has been dominated by the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport. We've been waiting to hear more about to president elect trumps a meeting with Intel leaders. It happened today in new York and Donald Trump is saying that he had a very constructive meeting and conversation with intelligence leaders. But he insists that any hacking attempts had absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election. And I if I'm not mistaken I think Ethan. The Intel community. Even the FBI said. That. The information. That they came out from WikiLeaks of Russia wherever but that information did not affect the election. And it seems like that's part of this. This conversation going on that they are there are people who. Wanna say that this delegitimize his. The other than the trump candidacy. When there seems to be no evidence of that to the information directly affected the the outcome of the election. Now you could argue that vicariously the election was affected by the information that came out from. The DNC concerning the DNC and and Hillary Clinton. Bites you there's there's no way of determining that for certain and and again it if you don't want this kind of information to her Q. Then don't send those kind of emails and the DNC did show favoritism toward Hillary Clinton however. The Republican Party to the Republican National Committee. Zain showed favoritism to everybody except Donald Trump. So in a way they have their favorite candidates. Or at least they had their one candidate that was not their favorite which was. Donald Trump if you wanna join us for the comet are numbers 2601870. Every coach 504260187. In a text is a 77. I don't wanna turn this into a conversation about illegal immigrants. It's going to be easy for that to dominate the conversation we've had that conversation before we'll have a conversation again. Orf. Thank you order and I want and really focus on the the idea that Donald Trump wants to use taxpayer dollars. And will be reimbursed by Mexico you're OK without idea. A from Baton Rouge William welcome to the show. You know astute. On court. Are in favor. A chair and Walter. I'm in paper. Vote on troll. Well proposal in Mexico. From a court of the United States. Notes shall. All the problems community. Except for. We were a dual port jail. Knowing the least experience. There are important extra. Year which that'll be the children took him back from a tree. It out here and rusher. In central owner. Were we slow it. Loan. Or for the Mexicans. Vote. Lost. It and we. These ministering. To the home alone. Vote to work. For a while yeah Ali that the girls are pregnant if you're guilty you're drew. The troops there and would it work that you. Shouldn't all the new rules. Right now we're America and hurt or those shoes. Then why not make film. Citizens. United States and we took care. Make them protections. Ultra struggle work and among them pretty. That really matter how do you how do you make Mexico part of America. I mean do you make Roger deceased person I. Maury. There were made. Oh stokes who remain whole party. Or the united state. To Mexico or more in Mexico would be the 51 state. You think Puerto Rico would be upset. Well well well well Puerto Rico on just what he's. Been a problem. Extra territorial border Puerto Rico which. You know. We pro. But student government. Goto the problem with this and I feel like normal. Because there's a great negotiator. Could talk it over with Mexico. It and then we can. Pictured the vote. On the American citizens. At this point they have to go through. The process and I understand where you appreciate the call I understand the argument that you just don't automatically make somebody from another country a US citizen. On this just the second call we've had so far this afternoon. For somebody suggesting that we somehow make Mexico part of the United States. I really don't see that happening I chase you're under VW a good afternoon. Any school you don't think. I listened he would not Tokyo Tokyo normally used to were denying you. But I'm nada. Outvoted I voted Democrat. And Donald I find myself. Waiting out front to get in all of this more deny. Did when President Obama got elected twice more sad. Because. Donald Brown took me. Needs to. Go to work and that she would do. Everybody Shane yet again demand can't soaking it can change what. Donald Trump to be in the so. Because it's it's. And you marry me or we try to explain. Would doubt a spanking would doubt from me when he made the all went down comp. It is what new model. Is one keep them and does well the country where America is real resilient country 62 year though. I've been in the field not seeing things going on them. And America is it strictly. When the B agent well racist. Though it cost rates in with a full stamp program in about America. And all that in and week in America no only comes out. So only Libyan. And steal. Our current. Diplomacy could it is tackled. People stronger in so it is and we can't dig in office so. It's it would. It's a week although it's it's. Brilliant and student. And they're conveyed to come. And basically you know I got I didn't want to go go I teach you a matter what happens that we stick together Q1. Country. I think you're right about that and stay with this because over the next four years so there will be a lot to talk about. On. It's interesting that a poll a poll came out from breast musing yesterday. And it showed that I think it was 52%. Of Democrats were actually hopeful that Donald Trump succeeds because if truck succeeds America succeeds. But as you know in politics today there are people who don't want a president from the other party to succeed because it enhances. That party. So did do they want to protect their party over protecting what's best for the American people. Today is January 6 it is the official beginning of the Mardi Gras season just had a buddy king cake from mom Marguerite skate save Dave diamond and he's showing a studio producer today's giving me the thumbs up because I brought him a piece just a moment ago man that Marguerite statement really really good. Our were coming right back if your policy would assign scoot on WW well. Now I. It's a -- initiate a winner out there this January 6 it no matter what I say somebody's gonna disagree and here's a Texas says scoot I usually agree with you but in this case not. I won't be wishing for this weather in the ungodly heat of August. LO well well there will be times in July and August when I will be wishing for this kind of weather from Harry hand Mike here on WWO good afternoon. Recruit junior meal I am this or I'm Tom what's the on the army on it it you'd get used in the restaurant. But it's written with regard to the wall in the whole terrorist thing that it breached potentially. Look at that a little bit radical. But. The deal Obama administration. From what I hear. Through some. I listened to a conservative talk constitutional attorney. Google outcome on the raid one a local radio stations here. And IT he talked about constitutional cases of and you kind of believe we got nobody cropped up at the thought it would bring Courtney national and well known and he thought he tightened the bombing ministries in court on oneself or. What one of the things he brought out now that they want that so you can probably districting. It'll be I don't know ten year old or fifteen year old law. That or he. I don't know why he can't global law that somehow that they know by admit that mean to. That. What's everybody on in the country. Ought to walk on the in terms of not that cult watch list but it's something regarding you wanna check them out you know I'll check them out. And and in about it's to protect the country. And because the bedding is not a thorough. And though it put on its let's. And about two weeks to Monaco on Obama at the ballistic destroyed it. And so apparently. To find out who beat people all content in the in the country. In some aspect. And again it's not. I don't know which talking about the illegals. So what if that is the case my point do you think the president we do that. Tell me idol and I mean might not be true. Well now why would might not but it but I I would think it that it is the field today it is. Very well now. Very high profile. A constitutional. Law firm. I'll look at national Internet and a repeat it in out here that sixty that the that the report. It takes to government that they'll want it seek out and hugely important data. If it weren't true but still look. It's worth looking into. Hello. So important it sounds like it sounds like the deuces implications middle ground is trying to do something to America Hawaii and in that lists and everybody can come in and commit crimes and until we figure with the intent I I don't know but it. Why would he. Helmet on. Him and I'd like he didn't benefit of the doubt that he can understand why. Someone would do. And secondly. You know. He's shooting the eagle shooting that well today they made it talked about earlier. Problem. I heard someone that taught children. In per pound animal and a big call it and I give him one at certain network and Al. No it. One way or something like that happen believe it happened in an area where they let security. Yeah I'll happening maggots that we don't have security baggage claim so. Yeah what what would that the idea which school did not I didn't hear that to date in the past. That. You know they could eat people who work the report. Who are in you know sympathetic to. You carry it causes could well have a weapon. You know they have. There you wouldn't even have to plant a weapon if you what I mean anybody can drive a tank and buy and drive up to an airport and get out and go to baggage claim there's no security are good. You know at the front or. Here. Like I appreciate the call you enjoy your launch. So here's an update on the shooting at Fort Lauderdale we've been talking about this or breaking news this afternoon one shooter is in custody. There are unconfirmed reports now coming in of additional shots being fired this is coming from the Broward county police. When I lived in Miami leaves in Helen deal which is just north of North Miami. And I used to forlorn at airports occasionally used. Miami's airport but it generally used to Fort Lauderdale airport. Have a lot of experience. This airport is one of the nicest airports in the country it's easy to get into easy to get out of it's easy to navigate around it's a really wonderful airport. But. We don't have security. And baggage claim. And this is not the first time something like this has happened. And I think this is just another reminder that we cannot make the world 100%. Secure. We can try to make it as safe as we can't we should. But if we had if we had security at baggage claim. Then a shooter could come up to the point before we have security at baggage claim. So the point is is that somebody who wants to do this. Is gonna do it. And I I know there's a degree of insecurity in this this idea that we we we can't stop it. We really can't we can't stop somebody who is. Determined to do this because there will be some area. It's not secure yet. And that person will go to that area. There's still a lot we don't know doctors and there may not have been additional shots sometimes we get these reports and to turn out not to be true. We don't know if this is tied to terrorism but they're not ruling out the possibility and will be deal late assistants as we get it and of course it will be a lot talked about this. On throughout the day today and over the weekend and perhaps we'll have more information on Monday. We've got a special CBS news update coming up in just about a minute from now and following that are WWL news update. It's a cold windy Friday January to sixty is the official beginning of bawdy girl that he is the good news. And also there's a report out now that that Donald Trump is describing the meeting that he had with intelligence leaders and this happened this morning. As a constructive meeting and conversation. And he insists that hacking attempts by the Russians or whoever. I'm had absolutely no impact on the election outcome and I think that's pretty much been the term. But there was so I'll a lot of a lot of curiosity as to whether or not Donald Trump would change his belief that yes the Russians stated after he had dissidents meeting. So we're still following that story Bedard getting a lot of information out about that yet if you're on hold just hang on I'll get right back to a two more of your calls I've got a lot of text coming into. I've got one text that suggestion that an electric wall. Would be the best way to keep illegals out of the country. Would be a cost be prohibitive I don't know what to talk about. I'm scooter the afternoon and we'll be back on to be a dual. Think 72 point lead actress who W. It's a cold Friday afternoon we are heading into the weekend. I hope you're not working outside on a day like today had quite a chilly walked in the wind and the rain. Coming from my apartment to the radio station today but I have the opportunity to be in nice warm studio. And hopefully you're a warm office oral warm car or warm home right now but river there are people out there working in this weather's it's tough for them. I'm screwed in the afternoon. Now we're giving you updates on the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport. When shooter in custody and against some unconfirmed reports of outer additional shooter but I don't think there had been any more reports of shots. So I wonder if that was an exaggeration don't know yet. But the reports are that five people have been killed and eight people have been injured. And it's not just another one of those basic tragedies we don't know what's behind it but obviously some kind of a madman. Is is behind this I wrote a blog for our website titled wait now we're paying for the wall and Mexico pesos back. It's an op Ed blog you can read and share with others is on our website at WW dot com says something else we're talking about this afternoon. Yeah I wonder if the promised to build walls and make Mexico pay for two would have been as effective during the campaign if it had been known to US taxpayers would pay for the wall to be built or at least the beginning of the wall to be built in Mexico. Would reimburses. Notre supporters would argue that as long as trump. Gets Mexico to pay for the reimbursing us or or whatever I mean there could be creative with Jai I never thought the truck was going to. Hold a gun to their head so to speak and forced him to give us the money to build the wall and now we saw that there would be some. If this did happen there would be some creative ways. To get Mexico to pay. The truck supporters will argue that as long as trump gets Mexico to reimburse us then he's not breaking a campaign promise and that is true. But I don't think I was the only person that got the impression that Mexico would pay for this upfront. If you would rejoice with your comments are numbers 2601870. Because 5042601870. A text is 877. I get to abort your text year just a moment from Hammond Mike here on every WL. A group. Advantage of the wall don't go all the money. Basically. You people don't realize you're seeing where security and that our to a Ulrich were in every year obligated. So basically deployed national bar too weak or are now aboard that your particular problem. There you are coming out drastically Alter Leo and art. So basically where a war there were a lot instead have. We kept artwork are. Anywhere on Cotchery chill down the board that you week. Your probable are being on are on tour bought back. Outweigh Mexico the by it could go by more or our sport are using new money. You shouldn't put the National Guard they're not at all. It's an interesting idea in my spirit you know. As so was the images that oil going up I'm gonna build this wall. That really helped us Donald Trump the campaign. Yeah. It was a good political statement or straight. Realistically. At any hurt or Mexico or a comic book action. Actually what. Gore put its way. Ever Hank. While look the other way. If you look at Mexico won their border and you can police and use Homeland Security throughout the country using an older. Because they found in the local call cop co op could bring in the military you look at the board Mexico. On United States. Bat police. That Border Patrol that is the military. And they'll probably put the military one thing to stop park a couple of off Hummer grow the lines between a couple of tanks at a rude awakening. But it truck doesn't build the wall that he's really going back on one of his be definite campaign promises. Pocket op where the political game what do I want law so taxpayers. Are meet Tom. Entry now look at tech dot ten years on the job all year so. You know all that you'll get paid or are there. Which you MasterCard. And form. Mike I appreciate the call why I'm I'm sure we do have those kinds of of resources. In a caller mentioned earlier that on this on this idea of of paying Mexico. Is is is it for staying and that none of this would be a problem if if Mexico were part of America and now Mexico is actually part of the America it's. But Mexico is not part of the United States and it was there did to suggest he wants to make Mexico. The 51. State which you know I don't see that happening. Let's secure the borders is the wall gonna do it I don't know you know maybe truffle ultimately say. Hey look I tried I tried to get funds from congress they wouldn't let me build the wall so it's not my fault. If you wanna join us with your comment to 60187. Text they simply sending. Here's another version of baby it's cold outside this is Nora Jones and Willie Nelson. Found a couple decent interest in versions of a play this afternoon. We'll be right back on WL. It was on this day in 1979 the Village People hits number one on the UK charts it was there are only number one hits in the UK. The YMCA actually sent the Village People because. Well he implied dead. The YM CU it was a place to pick up guys. I don't think that lawsuits no win anywhere but it was so I entered an imminent and then they had a song in the seven he's bradys in the navy. You know you're you know what was sail the seven seas with a bunch of guys in the navy. How did they get away when that stuff. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll are you OK with Trump's plan to build a wall using US taxpayers money and have Mexico reimburses 47%. Say. Yes they're OK with it now a slight majority 53% say no they're not okay when it. Opera amended bill this is side is is it gen Tilley. Yet gentle AG that's suitable you know I appreciate it. Yes well my thoughts Paul wall connect. I think we ought to do. But I agree would trumps the oh we will support terror on Mexican imports that straightforward. And bone. You're saying something about the fiftieth state who bully are. Yet that the first you know we party got to territory is right. Well you know completely out on that point prompting in the third territory. All apiece thought it would Guantanamo. Bay Cuba. And we ought to Cooper Communist and went into American and some. And we are tickled. And Erica the third territory the United States Merck. So you think we should go to our two warring Cuba and force the Communist government out. Yes or orient its own to submit to American. Dictatorship no that's wrong where American democracy. If it was it was that easy gee why hasn't been all. Well we might have to wait so long ago Castro's side. You know maybe news program rolls not quite the same man well. And since we opened up relationships with Cuba again and still that would slow the one true on our animal day. You know Obama should it was good short now on that is the problem reputed though one. So why not why are we go down in critical look and say we're gonna democracy. That would be real problems that might be lost. We are. Well looks like Kerio war Clinton. You think about some little ones would be involved and definitely use some common that we lost. Well we've we tried and we currently we're trying not to to get in Baltimore first year I mean I appreciate the call by night I don't think we're gonna go to Cuba and flight with Cuba and demand that there's democracy there. You know we talked earlier in this is really kind of a joke on Mexico becoming the 51 date. I have been wondering all along when somebody's going to talk about making Russia with the idea that the trop might wanna make Russia the 51 state. And what would that do to the price of vodka if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Every coach final four to 601 ace every text Amber's age 778. We're talking about the wall but we're also like talking about the shooting in an active crime scene at Fort Lauderdale international airport five dead now thirteen injured. And sent to the hospital and we'll have more on this as we give more information in. I said Diana pop culture calendar on this date January 6 and 2005 singer Lou Rawls died in Los Angeles after fighting lung and brain cancer. It was every two years old. I interviewed him four for television feature is doing in them socially seventies. When he was peering at the blue room in the Roosevelt hotel one of the most. Dignified. Gentleman. That I have ever met. In shield mrs. Here's a quick update on our party general opinion poll are you OK with Trump's plan to build a wall using US taxpayers money and have Mexico reimburses. 46% say I'm fine with that 54% say no. Adrian welcome to the show. Well. Grease two or. Immediately about the world. Are there and I heard earlier on yeah you bet you'll be fine it is but the American people people. And then I'll bet -- what would be. He would be line in Hollywood because. And I didn't say that I was. Fine with that as much as I was saying that's he wouldn't be breaking a campaign promise if truck did get to Mexico to reimburses. OK let that go out there and actually I would look down on forms mentioned a while she didn't say anything. Bonds. From America and pay for his words what that wreck. There at one PO walls in the courtroom pretty well that would have been out. There. Oh on May well Fordham oh the president. Mexico went down from what was it. Put the people. The competition with legitimate web backcourt for him and so on wall because ma. I'm going to America what a great thing. That the court but while you're at a critical. Vote in that manner. Welcome it wouldn't know it in America. A campaign. It would. And yet. Know that we all. But it was always after that the trump reinforce the idea that Mexico is gonna pay for. But the threat there is word that back. Out. There. A lot. And then. It would end up and I'm not ordered. Oh. She told about these. The you know be you know. What were. Let me just say this quote group atmosphere. Let slip out of it all. Democrat or. Now that. I. We thought Beck was you know. That would you put that were. Not. Okay. I mean I don't I don't I mean they were people who. Suggested that this one is something that affected the election but I don't think there's any evidence of I mean by Carol did through the message that came out during. Hillary's campaign I think those emails hurt her during the campaign. So it was a vicarious. Coup. You know in about 1%. We got about one individual commitment of 1% but definitely a bit that we call. I hope it goes good job but he got out ago. Adrian I appreciate the call we're getting news now that the shooter at the Fort Lauderdale airport chuck came off a flight from Canada. He had a gun. Packed in his checked bag. So we get to baggage claim. Gets his bag. Opens the bag pulls up the gun. And start shooting. At this point five people are dead and somewhere between eight and thirteen have been injured. I'm astute in the afternoon we continue to follow that story. It also wanna share with you out an email that I received from a listener about the show yesterday concerning the media coverage of the white male being tortured by four blocks. That's coming up.