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1-6-17 Scoot 3pm- "The Wall" who will pay?

Jan 9, 2017|

How will we get Mexico to repay us for building a wall on our southern border?

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It's Friday afternoon and we're heading into the weekend it is safe very cold and windy and wet Friday afternoon and just. You would you go across bridges. Since. Since the air flows underneath the bridge and I it's a lot more likely to ice Overton just a road that is embedded in the ground to the earth. So. Just take into consideration that every bridge you cross. My advice don't. And it's not like you're gonna see could be black ice is going to be just ice that's there but once you start to slide especially if you're doing 506070 miles an hour. At that point it's it's too late so just be extra careful driving around especially if you're on the North Shore. Or in. Northwest or I guess either in or even parts of our southern Mississippi in northern Louisiana just be really really careful because there's some winter weather out there. And I'd mention earlier that. There will be days this summer in July and August when you're gonna be praying for a day like today but I again detection slices that I hate to disagree with you but. Even when it's hot in the summer I'm still not going to be hoping for a date like this I enjoy this weather this time of year. But not everybody does we're following the breaking news this afternoon of a shooting that has been going on at Fort Lauderdale airport act actually it appears that the shooting is over. But the crime scene is still an active crime scene. Authorities say that at this point. Five people have been killed and I'm I'm getting a report now that eight people have been hospitalized there was a reporter earlier that of which thirteen. These numbers can change all the time and there's a fluid situation like this. This on this guy. Who had a military ID now we don't know if that was his military ID or if you took it from somebody else. But today US senator Bill Nelson from Florida says that the shooter at the Fort Lauderdale airport carried a military ID with the name Esteban Santiago. But we don't know if it was his or belong to somebody else he apparently had a gun in his checked back. And it's happened that baggage claim. And he simply picked up his bag opened the bag to the gun out and started shooting people. What is so discouraging about this is. How we gonna stop that. How are you gonna prevent somebody. From doing it. We don't have security at baggage claim in as I said earlier even if we set up security at baggage claim. Then there's going to be a point leading up to baggage claim when the security begins witnessed a security. As somebody who wants to do this is going to do it. I'm not suggesting that we feel hopeless but what's to speed. Realistic that we're not going to make the world 100% safe and they were going to be those who have all these ideas about what we now need to do because of the shooting. And I'm not sure those things are gonna work we've also been talking this afternoon about Donald Trump saying that. He wants to use US taxpayer dollars to get the wall started. And Mexico would reimburses. And our party general opinion poll over the last couple of hours has been an interesting. On the question is are you OK with Trump's plan to build a wall using US taxpayers money to have Mexico reimburses 47% say yes but a slight majority 53% said no. They're not okay with sent Kellyanne Conway close advisor to president elect Donald Trump was on fox inference this morning here's what she set about trying to. And her tweet that he wrote this morning don't share with Q and get your reaction it's as the dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the great wall for sake of speed. Will be paid back by Mexico later yes this is an important week because. Obviously a centerpiece of dollars from successful campaign was I'm going to build a wallet and Mexico pay for that hasn't changed. But congress is examining ways Ainsley to have the wall paid for. Through their auspices and then mr. trump is making the point is the president elect me to the point if you have Mexico for unpaid back. And very committed to what he's saying yes these huge story that this is 2006 plan that. Output fall where it a law signed by George Bush did authorize the construction of 700 miles the it's gonna cost between a few billion and fourteen billion dollars thing in the tablet war that's built so this a program they're to deed done in gold go to action within a hundred days. Just like the congress had a dust that off it was actually in our president now he's exercising the will and in making good on his commitments. I think it's me. Was engendered by that you have people in the media. The dishonesty his hometown Collison. Brian and her in prison you know making a suggestion that he's going back on the campaign promise that is not true he's going to go that one of Mexico's they pay for that hasn't changed. Yeah and if Mexico reimburses at the United States than he doesn't he doesn't have breaking a campaign promises. So the ultimate goal is that Mexico pretty sport and this is not high in defense of Donald Trump but this is. Facing this from a legal standpoint. As long as they pay for it doesn't matter whether it's a front or not. I had the impression as a voter during the campaign. That it was going to be paid for upfront by by Mexico but that's the impression that I got and I believe that back in. I guess it was October. Donald Trump said something to the effect of there's already money available to pay for wall to be built. And so we're gonna build the wall. But in Mexico's can ultimately pay for the wall so. This is so this is far from over still lot a lot of discussion to have about this if you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon our numbers 260. One a seventy. Every coach 5042601870. In a text is a 77. Of one into the conversation and emails are received from the listener yesterday about yesterday shell. Anytime it's an email that reflects comments from for people who sending text and callers yesterday to the show. About the media not giving significant coverage to the kidnapping of the white male. Who was tortured by four blacks two male and two female. The email says that only Fox News is giving the story any coverage. The text is from Jesse and Jesse says I've been listening to. 870. As some of your hosting a 15 for three or some of you are listening to the original dot com. A for quite some time now and I enjoy calling in as well as texting. But I have to be honest I was extremely disappointed yesterday and this morning when the story. In Chicago regarding the four blacks and the one white male was not getting near the media coverage it should. I just read your article which was the blog that I wrote yesterday about this on the website and thought it was good. But I have concerns and would love your opinion. Why unless I missed something is Fox News the only media outlet discussing this topic. I feel that it is not being treated as severe. As other obvious race situations. Do you agree. If five feels that if this with the other way around and the victim was black in the black community. I would be your prompting with riots and more violence would be shed the media fuels that. And it goes on but that's basically did deter the tone of this. When you say the black community obviously sought everybody in the black community. But let's be honest with this if that if the situation were turned around the reaction. In America and the reaction. In the media. Would be different. That's not fair. But it would be different. And it would be different because of the scars of our pass which we can't. Get beyond and we try I wish we could. But we can't get beyond. The scars of a slate for. And so windy it's when it's white suppressing black. That just feeds the national narrative. Quicker. Dan if it's. Black vs white black suppressing more. I I don't make up the rules we just tried to analyze him and I'm saying that it's not fair but that's the way it is. But it's Boris. Fox News the only one that's covering that's. No. This was coverage on CBS news. Chicago police detained for people who might be involved in a disturbing assault that was live streamed on FaceBook. It was on CBS here's. Part of CNN's coverage. Police say this year old white man with special needs was tortured lives on FaceBook for a full thirty minutes and here's part of NBC's coverage. The four suspects from that disturbing video will make their first court appearance behind me later today. And NPR and this coverage. In Chicago today for people were charged with hate crimes and other felonies involving the kidnapping and torture of a young man so many networks carried infect all the networks generated I heard. Many many discussions on CNN. But there is this belief if you already believe something if you believe that only Fox News does something. Then you look for reasons to support that belief rather than looking for an objective answer to your. Your question. And there are some things that Fox News focuses more on then again in networks. But the other networks. Are more balanced then many people would have you believe and indeed it's just it's as it says a statement that his. Has just come resonated with with so many people that only Fox News does this. But if you if you look objectively. And I've analyzed the media often on the show. If you look objectively not so much MSNBC. But CNN has a lot of fears they also have a real Emmons on. CNN has as many. Left leaning. Posts as Fox News has rightly hosts. But there is that is balanced if you. Open your mind didn't. And if you like but but people are not necessarily looking for an open mind are if you're Arnold stable is if you wanna join us with comet this afternoon our numbers 260. 187. Erica 0504260. 187 text numbers 8787810. Years at Texas is a confirmation bias my friend that's right people want to confirm their bias. My seeking the media that confirms what they already believe as opposed to really being interested in what is the truth. I hope I answered the email. You can also send me emails we can also communicate that way and my email address is scoots ads W if you don't count. All right it's January 6 king's day epiphany this is the beginning of the Mardi Gras season. Today at fifteen K several Christmas can keep talking around but this is the big stadium. Can take season and Monica. Article is not far away. I'm scoots and relief act on February. The vehicle down the line but that's is that it can't be a hot night since John Mellencamp. And it's a cold fighting between six. I'm Stewart in the afternoon going to win this I got its. Actually the person who sent me this or email. And the text says so Escude I appreciate you are clearing up immediate coverage question I had very possible I miss something. I ever had to quite a few more stories introduced today since I email issue. Thanks again and that is from my Jesse who said he's a thank you very much for that before to make your calls let's go back to October 22. 2060. Just last year right before the election. Donald Trump said something to the effect of building the wall and having Mexico reimburses. Which means that all of this talk about reimbursing us is not really anything that do here's what trump sent. And illegal immigration act. Fully fund the construction. Although wall. On our southern border don't worry about it remembers that Mexico's thing for the world. With a full understanding. That the country. Of Mexico. Will be reimbursing the United States for the full cost of such awards okay. We're gonna have the wall. Mexico's gonna pay for the world. All right that where is. Presidential candidate Donald Trump October 22 2016. Speaking at the Eisenhower complex in Gettysburg Pennsylvania so this is really. Not as new as some people would want you to bully. We're having on a little bit of a fun time with our party general opinion poll this hour since this is king cake day and it is Friday and we are heading into the weekend here's the question. Which king cake do you prefer traditional. Or field. 54% say traditional. And 46% say they'll now from our secure going opens in its school we always had the tradition was because there weren't any other kind. There's a view or. Who are younger and have seen the filter king cakes all Avila I love the feels wants to be honest with you buy it. We only had the traditional what's give your team like going to our web site WW dot com. And Duff from shell met Justin welcome to the show. Do long time listener. Or alcohol makes machines won't I'm on truck caught the ball actually on. You know we hear a lot about you know how that we ought Mexicans are feeling about that. One group and beleaguered Jerry woody we pick a lot of the ball would negate thinking about the wall and what you know. Well you can believe that I'm gay but that doesn't mean that I am I mean some people believe in a lot of things are true. From Hammond show here on WWL. Got thrown for a little balloon they're gonna talk about sorted out and we just we just keep the show going to. Yeah you know so earlier on trumpet in the impressions that metric. He emphasized Mexico praying for course the issue as much as they are not in our armed how little we force them. After having built the wall in one of the reasons has never been built the same reason inordinately in the legal immigrants and then expelled is because of cost a lot of money. And money's. Has been an issue until well maybe now he's president will be coast. It also said he would borrow trillions. To do the things he wants to do. It just means that that's not an issue reader so. I dislike at all. Very fluid at the art of the deal salesman says what he needs to stray. And then he needs to change the changes that. You know as much as Donald Trump was not a politician because of his resume. Donald Trump. Was a politician. And as a politician now he was a politician when he entered the race he doesn't have a resume or history of being a politician by. He's a politician and he's doing things that politicians do in one thing that we always need to remember is. They will say what they need to say to get elected Donald Trump has already changed many of the things that he said during the campaign. Indicating that he's not going to do some of those things. And I did he know that at that time and and now realizes that he can't do those things. You know who knows by the question is over the next four years how much is he gonna get done and that will determine whether he's reelected. Where. John I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your comments numbers 260187. Erica final four to 60 when he simply text numbers 87870. We've got a special CBS news updates are coming up with the breaking news this afternoon the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport we're giving you. The very latest on that. Here is Texas says Cisco do you just disproved your part without realizing it. Your playback on CBS CN NETC. Fails to mention the color of the suspects listen again. If the situation were reversed that they would say white suspects. Well may be at the point is is that all the the criticism was not about whether they mentioned race the criticism was that the kidney to comfort and that's simply factually. Not true because other networks including CNN did cover to some extent. I stood in the afternoon and we'll be back after this CBS news update. If you're outside right now yeah. Your cold as ice it is quite chilling court couldn't quite damp I said many times who ever lived in Denver where the the atmosphere he is less humid. If it were us five degrees in Denver. I didn't feel as cold as I feel when it's forty degrees here and went like this this is just. Cold that just. Penetrates whatever it is secure you're wearing. I script like to this this afternoon. Still treading on our web site actually has come up in our conversations afternoon is the blog that I wrote for. On the web site yesterday all the UN I can change racial tension in America. And it's about the torture of the young whites at the hands of four blocks in an area of Chicago. And it's really it's it's it's a challenge to Los as individuals to do a better job of announcing. The lead that is given by the media quite often when it comes to race relations in the UN are the ones who can really. I've chains race relations in this country. Also before it's your calls I just want to bring you up to date on Dylan roof it's my understanding he was a shooter in the church in Charleston, South Carolina. Dylan roof like I think it at the jury continues on Monday. Dealer groups said yesterday. It's not fair. Not fair. That he has to city court. And here. Beloved ones of the victims. The loved ones of the people he shot and killed he said it's not fair to him. To have team in the courtroom. Listening to that. This is truly sick individual. And if the death penalty. Is. Designed to be the ultimate punishment that so many people fight. So many people fight for their lives. If Dillon rule for saying he wants it done. They may be the ultimate punishment would be to not sentenced him to death I wonder if the jury would consider that. And then. You also have to wonder what is he saying that because he wants the jury to give him life because he says he went you know it could get it could get crazy if you went that deep into it. Twigs here under the WR good afternoon. What that into. Let and send you back in UB seven days I've never I never called him. Enjoy your show but Obama got the deadly strongly disagree. Where if you thought all. Black or white as opposed to what could. I have a shelf in the current quarter. Our work we're not in the black people. Very close friends and apply. Ever goes and that. I'd compliment to argue these limited amount of exposure as opposed to. The other way around. Oh and do it should I mean it's right there it's clear it's been very open. I'm not sure that you were to say. Plumbing. Clerk about good news or people in the one you know the could be mystery part about it. But I mean that image there's been. Great and if indeed that is gotten national coverage like you know orange. No I mean aren't we honoring the two lives no I I I agree it it's not fair that that's the way it is but that's that's the way it is the rigged the reaction and the media coverage of an incident like this. Would be different if it was. On the oh white for white people doing this to mentally challenged. Bewilder me and and then comment that you Borough. Does choose. Our action to do. Well. No actually. You know it's boring. At Aetna that do. But it's it's it's still part of the narrative in America. This is what inspires people some people to do what they do. In the name of of of their causes. Because of that past I'm not saying this is the right way to approach life I think you have to at some point you've got to like. You know move forward and divesting the it was like okay today's the day. On the it's it's true that that was a long time ago but debt is part of what drives people to react certain certain situations. Absolutely and I believe wholeheartedly that it makes those culture that we all are it is affordable astronaut to recognize. And I feel very very sorry that that. That that happened in almost finishing by. You know by that demand up and do you you people continue to perpetuate this madness. Based don't want open that's been. Our go to the in thing to do a little bit. Well we have choices in life to X we. Can live in the past or we can move on and there are people who will say it's easy for me to say that. But I don't know that there really is another option to to being happy I mean you you have to when something bad has happened if you live in that moment. That will define your future moments your presidency moments. Define exactly who you war absolutely I agree. Drugs I appreciate the call. Not part of Europe after she appeared kitchen and at least you're going to be warm today. Greta Van Susteren. Who left fox during a hole. Sexual harassment scandal with Roger Ailes Greta Van Susteren is going to MSNBC. That is a really good move for MSNBC. Here's another version of baby it's cold outside this is Barry Manilow and Kati costly. I'm scoots and we'll be right back into the interview room. This evening this. You sir. A. Date January 6 1975. About a thousand Led Zeppelin fans effect actually was about 2000 was up with fans. We're so excited about buying tickets they rioted. Well that didn't work out so well because they cost about 50s50000. Assembly 5000 dollars in damage to the Boston Garden. And the mayor of Boston. Canceled the what's up a concert. I think it was we scheduled for a February of 1975. Bit. You know what if you're excited about a band don't judge all right if you want to have a concert. You can have a chance starting Monday afternoon on the show and really throughout the day on Monday here in WW real. To win an instant thousand dollars in free cash is our nationwide free money contest. To get a heads up on win we're about to give out the code word the hours we give out the code word. You can get a heads up or your phone text the word cash. 2870. 870 we never charged for text and individual Playtex and generates may apply from Guerrero June welcome to the show. I. Jeanne Jeanne. I'm not see it has been YouTube. I'd like to. Do for you. Want to say yeah. That challenged. Now I'll keep you and Abbott and apple Apple's. Should at. The children that. I'm up to its liking an oracle. Okay. Children. And children but ultimately pay it. You guys it was really. There was only as a sand sand story just a thought I could. Yes I know you. Don't. Need is people. Bob and. Why would you take care of yourself and appreciate the call or. Bloody back. All right you stay warm this weekend. From Baton Rouge chant your enemy WL. Yeah. You know. Jeremy. Don't like god that he'll. Do you. Ball. What you. Spoke well. Oh. You'll know people. Should be put out an hour. Now. It'll. Yeah I only brought up the the ironic idea that if he's asking to be put to death that may be the ultimate punishment it would be to keep him alive. Read every quarter and are now broke out biblical. Are. It ritual. So all they don't play it is that they are all on the ball. You. Don't know what the actual jewelry. So all. I'm. It because you humans can be very very inventive Chara appreciate the call in humans can be very inventive and and decades if we build a wall. Undoubtedly there will be people who will try to figure out a way in May be figure out a way to to get around it. The point is is that even if this ball is built. And even if it's a great wall in a beautiful ball as don't opposite said. It's not going to stop some people from from getting it will slow the process down hopefully I don't think anybody disagrees with securing the border. They're just seems to be some debate over whether or not a wall is gonna do it. But the deed the the optics of a wall on the border. Was a simplistic visual. That really attracted the attention of a lot of people Bob Mitchell who is filling in for Tommy Tucker who had their knee replacements I just called in the show. And he said that he got to Texas was during a break. Bob Mitchell got a text from saint Tammany saying that the only reason you should be on the road in saint Tammany parish tonight is if he's an emergency. And you know don't go out sightseeing don't go cruising around to see if you see sleet or see snow. Because you don't end up in Iraq and there's really an even if you have four wheel drive there's really nothing you can do. When you're nice and there are people who feel this false sense of cigar for real trial I can do it is now that doesn't do really any good on ice. And there are a lot of suvs and trucks with four wheel drive parent body shops as a testament to that. Will be back whatever to fuel. All right Friday afternoon heading into the weekend on student coming up next it's State's all time leading rusher Deuce McAllister with Kristian garic antibody bear. For fans in the pro or be talking about the big shake up a saints training camp Joseph fit and much coaches. We're fired. Donald Trump tweeted something out when the ratings came out and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Being a host of the apprentice. Trump tweeted out while the ratings are in an Arnold Schwarzenegger got swamped or destroyed by comparison to the ratings machine. DG AT. Penalty drop. So much for being a movie star and that was season one compared to season fourteenth. Now compare him to my season one but who cares he supported Casey and Hillary. Donald Trump is the executive producer of that show. And this really surprise me but you know this is controller with. The way Donald trough. Treats people and this is that this is controlled with the way Donald Trump entries about holds grudges I mean it's like he won't let. He won't let anything go Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tweeted back essentially that he sent wishing Donald Trump the best and there's audio on this but he basically said. On that tonight he said he please study quote from Lincoln's inaugural. It inspired me every day when I was governor I hope it inspires you so with a lot of class Arnold Schwarzenegger. To your back it says hey I wish you the best but tennis studied his quote. From Lincoln and there is audio if you wanna one checked it out. Right thank you for being with us this afternoon I love spending every afternoon with you and I love this audience and will be back on Monday from one to four. When I die Ryan Newman are to review program director Todd and assist assistance program director and Joey fell into our studio producer today. It's a final date on our party general opinion poll which king cake do you prefer the traditional or the field. And 48% like the traditional 52%. Like to field. Stay warm have a nice weekend bloody New Orleans.