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1-9-17 Scoot 1pm-Political hypocrites

Jan 9, 2017|

Which party is the most hypocritical...Democrats....Republicans or Libertarians?

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He here we are under rather. Manic Monday. But any my god look at the weather it is absolutely. Beautiful and it's gonna get even nicer as the week goes on. I think thirsty we get really close to eighty degrees unbelievable when you think about how frigid cold it was over the weekend so you know it doesn't last for long. Appreciate it Wallace here when he gets cold because it's gonna warm up against sue but really some very very comfortable Monday afternoon I'm scoot in the afternoon glide your witness. We give you a chance this hour to win the odd thousand dollars in cash. It's our nationwide free money contest. I'm gonna give out a Covert to those few who were new to the show. We give out a code word right before the top of the hour news to a caucus after all this week it happens throughout the day on every if you'll be your next chance to win is coming up. Right before the top the or news at two. I give out the code word and you text the code word 27288. Point. That's seven to eighty point. And you could be the winner of the thousand dollars it's a DC giveaway one text away and we will show you the money. The free money solicit for the next code word right before the top of the hour news. At 2 o'clock coming up right yourself you don't have to go anywhere to register. You don't have to be a lottery organic or you have to do is do what you're doing right now listened to the radio. We've got a lot to talk about this afternoon I'm new red light cameras speeding cameras going into effect in New Orleans. If you've got a ticket for one of those and do you think this is more about. About safety. Or is it more about generating revenue for the city we'll talk about that's a little bit later this afternoon also actress Meryl Streep. Criticized president elect Donald Trump in her acceptance speech last night the Golden Globe awards. We've got her speech will play it for you in the next hour. And Donald Trump was very quick to fire back at her. Saying among other things that. Basically she's terrible actress. Is is is nobody really used to do me is it is that a good thing and we simply was thinking as is good it's good that he's firing right back. Other people would say you know I mean my god the bigger than that. I mean it doesn't matter who you are or where you bar. People are gonna say ugly things about you. And if you don't want a sweeping set of values and don't run for president. Because that's part of what's gonna happen. And issued no. I'm not everybody voted for Donald Trump. And there are a lot of people watching Donald Trump so he is not a she'll win. Four years from now. He's gonna have to do a lot of things right like every president. To be reelected. But there were a lot of people who did not vote for him and they were a lot of people who didn't go to the polls or even vote so there are a lot of people in America who do not like Donald Trump. And he's gonna have to again do you many of the right things. To get reelected in four years but I mean at some point he just kind of let some things go I mean it this is kind of like trash talking. And there are those who like trash talking football. There are those who don't like trash talking. Because they think it's cheapen not apparently I'm not really. Big daddy important had a significant fire back at it it somebody who says something negative budget but anyway we'll talk about that just a little bit later on. First up on our show this afternoon there is some breaking news Orlando police officer has been gunned down while she was on duty. Our lead a police have announced an officer was killed it is official now. The the Twitter account this morning said the shooting happened near a Wal-Mart store in Orlando earlier this morning. The tweet read if one of our own which taken in the light of duty there are no words. And there was a host of the officer's body being taken out of the hospital wearing waiting for a fan in a flight comfort stretcher. The suspect. Is. Mark Heath. Lloyd. And the last I heard it was he's been caught. The last I heard he still on the loose in fact tragically. Another Orlando police officer was killed in a motorcycle accident pursuing. The suspect. Was I say as far as I know we still on the loose having it there could be breaking news at any time the tape that caught the guy. The police chief says that we will find this guy and he called in the dirt bags that we will get the start I can bring in the justice. And somebody knows where he is. I hearsay chief John Maine on the Orlando police chief at a press conference earlier today. I regret to inform our communities that Warner are here is and lose the shot killed in the line duty. You know this is another sad story Mary you know we don't know all the details but apparently this guy was in the Wal-Mart. And the police officer had been shopping there and she was putting banks in her hurt at the truck for car. And somebody said something to her about a guy inside the guy comes running out. On he doesn't stop I think she shouts out stop he does it stopped and time he shoots her. He fired off according to this witness about twelve shots three of them hitting the officer is more what to police chief had to say. We have a lot police resources. Trying to catch the suspect. Local state and federal authorities. Are all working together diligently. To bring him to justice and he will be brought to justice in this is just a reminder of what police officers. Deal with on a regular basis and I think sometimes that gets lost of their. There are bad cops we we know that there are bad people in in every walk of life. They're more good than bad if there weren't there would be even more tragedy our streets. The good news is there's more good than bad and it it's just it's. It's tragic when this happens and again it's a reminder of how. People. Ten to treat now some people tend to treat our police officers if you wanna join us with a comic this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Very code 5042601878. Text embers a 77 he also this hour let's talk about senate majority leader Mitch McConnell. He's meeting with president elect Donald Trump today effectively meeting has already taken place but this was scheduled for today. The senate begins confirmation hearings on some of Trump's cabinet nominees. Tomorrow. Democrats have taken issue with the hearings schedule. Because they say it's happening too quickly. And it all the paperwork is not done. So we can't do the proper background checks on some of the nominees. The government ethics office says it has not received even. Draft financial disclosure reports for some of the nominees set to appear before congress this week. Many of the wealthy businessman. On The Who have never held office before our. Among those that they're waiting for these draft financial disclosure reports from. Now Mitch McConnell is saying the Democrats are playing politics. Because there are trying to slow down the process. The Democrats and the government ethics office. Are saying wait a minute we're not trying to slow anything down we just need you guys to get the paperwork done. Back in 2009. This would have been playing president Obama was being inaugurated. And when he was making his. Cabinet picks. Back in 2009 Mitch McConnell demanded that cabinet contenders. Complete all the paperwork before the lyrics. Now Mitch McConnell apparently is not for that. Does the political hypocrisy in this country drive you insane. An aid for its mean knots. I don't see how people can. I don't see how they can talk to us I don't see how politicians can actually talk to us with a straight face when they say one thing. And don't rectify that they never reconcile that they've that they've changed their opinion on something. And explain it better. Mitch McConnell is complaining that all the paperwork is not that all the pick fortunate done but that the congress is slowing things on the Democrats start to slow the process down. And McConnell demanded that the same thing that did Democrats are demanding now he demanded that act in 2009. Here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour which political party is more hypocritical. Democrats. Republicans. Libertarians. Get issue for you by going to our web site WW dot com I mean the that the hypocrisy that you see in the news almost every single day. Is maddening to me. There's a bomb he was much is it bothers me and which party do you think is the most hypocritical and if you if you have a an opinion. Why do you think that party's more hypocritical. Our numbers 2601870. Erika at 5042601870. Tech states have VA Stephanie. I execute and we'll be back in trivial. Happy birthday today to Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band fifty years old today I'm scrutiny afternoon here's a quick update on our parties are bought a new poll. Which political party is more hypocritical. 45% say the Democrats. 53% say Republicans. 3% say libertarians. Leadership team by going to our web site WWL dot com here's a textile scoot. Both are hypocritical depends on who's in office. And the text says where's the both option. Well the question is which party is more hypocritical. And since both parties are hypocritical. Obviously if we had both up there that would be the most popular choice. But I like to with our attorney general opinion poll I like to challenge you to pick one over the other and sometimes when you have both it's just too easy to just put down both. So which political party do you think is more hypocritical Republicans Democrats. Libertarians right now Republicans leave 53%. It was your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com afforded to like your calls. Here's son Mitch McConnell dishes after the meeting he had a meeting with Donald Trump earlier today and said that the meeting was good it was about confirming the cabinet members. The president elect and I had a good meeting about the senate agenda which of course includes. Confirming a cabinet appointments. Getting. Further down the road toward repealing and replacing obamacare. I've been here's what bothers me about Mitch McConnell. Now I look at your trust supporter this is not gonna body. Activity that's disturbing because what we should be bothered with the is just the blatant hypocrisy. In 2009 Mitch McConnell demanded that cabinet contenders. Complete. Paperwork. Before their hearings. Like financial disclosure reports. This was when Barack Obama was first being inaugurated. And when Obama was selecting his. His cabinet members. So what 2009 Mitch McConnell demanded that the paperwork be completed. Now Mitch McConnell is saying that the the Democrats are trying to delay things because they're demanding that the paperwork like draft like got a draft financial disclosures. That he's demanding that they -- be completed by the time the hearings start. So they're slowing down the process. I mean which isn't. You know one thing I love to do when they show and we do almost every day. Is or nothing hypocrisy. And the saddest thing about all of this is that. The apart when she is never recognized by those who were actually at a critical. I don't see it. It yet it dislikes or blatant I mean. Are we a nation of stupid people. I mean how can we don't recognize us. It's both sides. Right now we're talking about Mitch McConnell but don't call the show and say we you never say that about the Democrats because I do. But in this case we're talking about Mitch McConnell. An even if you're a Republican isn't this. Political hypocrisy. If you would like to join us on numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601870. At a Texas 877. From the north short. On your WWL. Shoot. A and at. Its individual that individual. You. More. Good vision and balm. Legislature. But that. All our. Long ago. Koppel at. The end but she. Would option. Witten. Or. They. Yeah. It. Stop by. Mail so. And there and at the I. The pop it. Out. The cut him off the. John I've I I've pointed that out the F today it it's like there's more focus on the Democrats blaming the Russians bent on blaming themselves for four on unfairly. Making it appears if they wanted to make sure that Hillary Clinton got the nomination. But let's also remember that the Republicans were guilty of working against Donald Trump I mean they wanted anybody but as a party they wanted anybody but trump to be the nominee. All. In. All. But. Are. Well. It. Bill. What. What. It is job. Call. A spy. I. John I respect the fact that you admit that at one point you were not for trump which you are now and that's the only thing that that I asked that's the only thing that really diffuse is the Epoch receipt. If Mitch McConnell would say okay look back in 2009. This is why did this. And this is why I feel this way today but you don't you don't hear that and and you didn't even hear that from Hillary Clinton with a whole email server scandal. She was a contrite enough she didn't say will look that's the way I was then this is what I've learned and this is why I feel this way today why would never happened so. You know again that the political pot hypocrisy at play it's it's it's a that we deal with daily an issue and I love doing it because I don't think it's enough of this on the air in the media. From the rose junior on Devi of of June I'm gonna ask you to hang on because not got to get to CBS news update here and then we'll get it right back to your comments if you would join us. 2601870. Taxi 7870. Astute special CBS news update followed by Debbie WL dues and we will be right back of their show. Went out of fuel. I'm stewed in the afternoon. Graduate this year to song is not necessarily about me. Here's an update on attorney general opinion poll. Which political party is more hypocritical 59%. Now say the Democrats so and now a new majority says the Democrats. 41% say Republicans and 1% say libertarians. Yeah I don't even think the libertarians aren't competition here. I gonna take just a moment ago that says may be able to to the point where. I'm gonna continue the way it is and a libertarian president will be present facts here's the here's the attacks. Politics one on one. Deny everything. Admit nothing and hopefully the Republicans and Democrats stick to this philosophy when they will have a libertarian president. If it's true. They. Started unity thing they deny everything and yet. It's not that they think we're dumb enough. The truth is we are dumb enough to accept it. We accept it election after election after election and we never as a as a voting public. Collectively we don't hold them accountable. If you gonna join us for the comment on numbers 260. When it's happening. Every coach 504260. When he semi tech state 77 you are remind you that. Coming up right before the top of the hour news at 2 o'clock committee give out a code words and you got a chance to win a thousand dollars in our nationwide. Free money contest you have to do is continue to listen. From the rose by Jude thanks for hanging on welcome to the show. Yeah okay Buddha. 01. Troll opened Democrat bull. Oh I didn't know which portage did the year round it'll didn't care. A lot during all that they'll do you could be bigger tail off and now you recent global warming and it or use when it comes up. I think you do know what they do then they start to pay attention it then they then they start to hug you and they make it seem like they're really do care right before the election and everybody forgets about the rest of the the term. It. What president he'd go well. But not literate but life in a quick Ford. What are. It awarded ball. Up and so called great white hope it's gonna be here. What. People building casinos and he could get there are real people need to do it could be David duke. So you think he should step do you think he should divorce yourself from the business ties. These and make. It in its first eight. He got to do what you gonna do 200 point. Saying it would think. Oh lead on him. Q you're right about that I I've I appreciate the call you know a truck is gonna have to perform. Because there. Are a lot of people as you know the popular vote went to Hillary. So there are a lot of people who did not vote for Donald Trump. A lot of people who did not vote. And among those who voted. More individuals voted for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. So he's gonna have to perform. And there's no guarantee of a free election so let's see what need to be caught I'm willing to give him a chance. And I think he since he was legally elected president this is the way the system works and I think everybody needs to give. Donald Trump a chance. But yet it's gonna be there would be the responsibility of the media. And talk show hosts and you as voters. To hold him accountable. From the nor sure Judy welcome. Back to that other politics Karl. You know I buy it now exactly what true. Seal. You know all right so actually hacked into your aura that apps act that group and but I according to call that we should thank who are. Well yeah I mean that they're there there are those who make their arguments unity event Maine thank god they revealed the truth to us. That you or I wanted out. Oh. Love it the truth is what was written in the emails and and they obviously the Democrats we're not going to release that information now is they're equally. I negative information on the Republican side that was not police because. Because ultimately. Russia thought they were going to have a better friend in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton I think this is strong possibility if that. I I think there I think there's a lot more to their story then and you know. And you know or or a bit of Black Sea and you know to me. Questioning our own intelligent. At him and they bring up our country and never get our brand. Unheard of and it it just. Astronomically. Wrong to me I. It even unpatriotic. I don't. I'm very much in favor of the US capping a good working relationship with Russia because if we have a good relationship with Russia were less likely to get into war with Russia so I think that. That part of it is is a very positive thing not a negative thing. The hack into our computer system. There is something wrong with this picture. Of a country at done. That we L. So there there and you're. Out ration not a normal situation of course what we thought the country of course we. But it is not an expert on the block that I like it the. But if it is it is it is true that the Democrats it in my opinion maybe it's not true but in my opinion to Democrats should have done had a better job of focusing on the negative stuff that was revealed as not just playing the Russian acting because. What was revealed damaged Hillary during the campaign. We feel that let you talk about her male. No what was revealed was that the Chilean sea and there are. On the DNC under Debbie Wasserman Schultz was who was doing things two to favor Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. And it was almost as CF. Does that fit in two villas. This non story line for campaign that it's my turn to be president I've I've done this I've done that. It's my turn I'm entitled to this and that did not that did not go over with the American people and the emails that were. Released from the DNC did reinforce that. But I thought the match up. But I also think that was pretty epic what you release their tax information like every other president it. There's something that you a lot. Judy I pre collar. Part thanks for being with us if you when I join our conversation this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach final four to 60187. He text 87070. I'm gonna sit text here yet in China and in Korea practice. Miner China did not believe that Korea did as well. All right our pop culture calendar on this date January the ninth 2014. Rolling Stone magazine published a reader's poll on the top ten greatest double LPs of all time. The river by Bruce Springsteen. Was number four. Will play number one the number one double album of all time according to readers of Rolling Stone coming out of this break. But it right tackle and a bit of Euro. On this day 2014 Rolling Stone magazine published the reader's list of the top greatest double albums of all time beatles' white album was number one. The wall Pink Floyd number two with. Exile on main street star who's number three. The river Springsteen before and zeppelin is physical graffiti. Was number five. Here's a quick update on our party general opinion poll which political party is more hypocritical 65%. Say the Democrats 34% Republicans 1% say. Libertarians to assure opinion it's a VW don't talk cop. I'm from Hammond Derek welcome to the show. Today major blunder everybody in yet. Act like buster now aren't. Enemy I'll be on guard in the Euro chart. And we do we do order science and space. Space exploration Wear them and our council make sure there. Like. I believe there's political talk they want their thing ordered there's match. But here's our actions speak I don't trust my. And it throw it Egypt air and interest and not in this corruption in his government changes. We're in trouble where. This news outlets. Are now so Archie just. Cookie. You know you can also co op alt. This government is so corolla it's it's unbelievable. It is enormous force. And are you confident Gary did Donald Trump can change them. Denmark are up. Sorry and that he can. But it's Ito just being knocked and on now approaching each. Not and it will be living will be like the structure to beat and it. They're like he has couldn't knock out archery beach not. People so people reward. Not with shell you write an active and make a summary. You know when the lights victory for health care. You know not about you'll meet taking care less. He only are the only time they pretend to care is right before the election but you're absolutely right there. It's our dictate disgust me I can't I can't stand the Arctic gear and listen to these people when they talked because. It's been like on jamaat EV do you go to Tuesday. Probably not what you know what you know you know. Shame shame on anybody who. Is is. Liberal and some and supports him believes all the Democrats and shame on anybody whose conservative and supports and police all the Republicans. You know like they're greedy it's are accurate to about you know like. You don't think we don't China. Hacked into these other countries since then surely you. It should just sit here and there and I'll go come out. That people. Where are Russia has Russia has done some things and we've we'd have to remember that they still have the Vista nukes and appreciate the call. A from the Cold War bites. Russia has done some things that indicate that they're not our friend but I honestly believe that that had a lot to do. With the relationship. Barack Obama with Vladimir Putin with Democrats are with Russia and I mean to be honest with you just like before Ronald Reagan became president. There seems to be a lack of fear in the United States. And there's there's there's that there's a good aspect of fear when it comes to maintaining peace. We'll be right back on revenue of derail. You know it's appropriate that we played a song today in January 9 because you've heard in our news we've got the story on our website at WW dot com. The today is the the day that people tend to start having affairs. After the holidays attendant and and you know one of the aborted the messages from. A psychologist wise have a date night. But seed Dayton I mean having a date with your spouse not somebody else and I guess a lot of people get that they're kinda confused. A from New Orleans James I've got time for fast comment because I'm about to give away a thousand dollars. Well. Obama. Well it well. Or. Which children and so. It's action. But there aren't any. But I just I threw that in to show the contrast that there would be because it's really between the Republicans and Democrats. And so are at the bank that it. Republicans and some. Built in doesn't matter. Apart. On. That Russia and ha. This. And will. Sit and Bob are wrong. Don't party also expect. Or. Shall not an option routes ships you'll. And well. Well as the country vote. Although the country itself the principal. Crimea OK it was not James a lot of time I'd really appreciate the comments every says Don I'm gonna give some money away. A Merrill Streep criticizes president elect drop we've got that coming up next it's time for the 1000 dollar nationwide free money contest. The code word this hour is fools. Text half OLD. 272881. That's 72881. As score a thousand bucks is an easy give only one text away from the show me the money was it for the next code word right before the top of the hour news at 5 PM and good luck for Smart radio Entercom and all of us here at WW well. We never charge for text an individual plan text and data rates in May apply please don't Texan drive. We've got Merrill streets speech last night where she criticizes trump. Coming up in the next hour we'll talk about it.