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1-9-17 Scoot 3pm-New traffic cameras for safety or profit?

Jan 9, 2017|

New traffic cameras will be watching the streets of New Orleans as of today. The new cameras are designed to catch speeders, especially in school zones. But the cameras will generate much-needed revenue for the city. Do you think the new traffic cameras are more about safety or more about the money? Have you ever gotten caught by a traffic camera?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

After a very frigid weekend it is just a beautiful day to day and it's going to be comfortable tomorrow and the rest of this week old slow. You know for this time of year I'm not crazy when he gets close to eighty degrees Specter Thursday should be 77 to eighty degrees. And it should be a relatively nice to get a slight chance of rain but to very very nice spring like weather. If you're just joining us this afternoon welcome to our show we're going to be talking about the new traffic cameras that are watching the streets of New Orleans as of today. More going into effect of an extra couple of months. And ever and caught by a traffic camera. And do you think that it traffic cameras are more about safety are more about money for the city. That's a pretty general opinion poll give your opinion by going to W bugle to account but if you are just joining us will be bring you up to date on everything that we have not talked about so far. We talked about our breaking news in Orlando police officer was gunned down while she was on duty and here's what the police chief. I John Mina had to say earlier I regret to inform our means that one of our here is in. The shot killed in the line duty. And apparently this guy a has been on the run since December 13 and as far as I know he's still on the run. Mean if there's been a report out since we've on the air I've been I've been watching and I don't think he's been their captured yet. Sadly. And Orlando motorcycle police officer was also killed. In a motorcycle accident. On the manhunt chasing the suspect. On the garden person who was killed a master sergeant temper Clayton seventeen year vet. Of the force. Married mother of two so. You know once again San do's and big big guy who they are looking for mark keep Floyd. Was won it since December 13 for killing his pregnant girlfriend. So I I guess this was nothing to. NATO's is pregnant girlfriend and and if she's as police officers Philly knowing nothing to. And I I guess in his minuses not. He apparently has been arrested twenty times and Orange County Florida since 1994. And as I say he's been on the run since. December 13 so hopefully they catch this guy via police chief for tweeted out we will catch this dirt back. We've also talked about hypocrisy. In 2009 president elect Barack Obama was nominating people to his cabinet positions and Mitch McConnell. Demanded that all cabinet contenders. Complete the paperwork before their parents. Today Mitch McConnell is criticizing Democrats for demanding the same proper paperwork be completed before. Donald Trump's. Kevin appointees. Go to their hearings. McConnell is calling the Democrats sour losers for trying to hold up the nominating process when in 2009. Mitch McConnell demanded the same thing the Democrats are demanding. Is this hypocrisy not absolutely maddening. And we used to rethink about Merrill Streep and don't try firing back in. Which he said about him and and and I mean you could argue that Merrill Streep is not respecting the president elect of the United States and then Donald Trump fires back. There is absolutely no indication what so ever. That this country's gonna be united behind Donald Trump. I hope there are more people who accept him as the president because he is going to be the president based on a fair election. But this country it was a uniter under Barack Obama and it was all his fault. I don't think this country wants to be united. We're certainly not going to be uniter under Donald Trump. And it's not all his fault it's because America does not one of the united this is really really sad the we continue to dig down. And and maintain these these boundaries. And it's really sad because in the end we all really want the same things. But you know it's a great show we had a chance to a quote Jenna Jamison. At this article for foxnews.com. Actress Jeno James that's using the term kind of loosely in my opinion. She was a defending Donald Trump after Merrill Streep went on her lengthy antitrust speech at the golden global awards. And Jenna Jamison has treated out to Merrill Streep suck it up. Butter cup. Tortured on numerous and numerous text from people saying I'm sure she knows all about that all right so some good traffic cameras are to be watching the streets of New Orleans. But the cameras are gonna generate much needed revenue what do you think do you do you think it's more about money that it is about safety. And have you ever gotten caught by a traffic camera. And there are other people's eating in your neighborhood. In particular the new cameras are and some of them are going to be mobile they're decide to catch speeders especially in school zones. And I guess some people don't pay attention and don't see the school science and and you know you can make mistakes. But if something bad happens you're going to be held accountable for that mistake that you've you've Nate. By the law and by your own countries as well. Are you posted these in traffic cameras going out. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601. A seventy every cut 50426018. Saturday tech's number is 87870. They cost millions of dollars but they're gonna bring in millions more do you really think this is about safety or do you think it's more about generating money for the city. 2601870. Text 87870. From Metairie Kenner welcome to our show. You. Appreciate it take my call your. Michael is concerned district court. Nobody. I really feel that this is that he can boast of court election which can bet now iron short of the the end. At what they would have. Gone that is done now. You know district court nobody knows. Yes this country is that. But I doubt has been great to Democrat. Democrats. Today are like I've heard several courts. Yeah OR BI guys aren't camp re born here. I don't own pocket because if you if you're southern Democrat it's not that much of a stretch to be a Republican. Recently Democrats were. Other members are these anyway. Well you know southern Democrats were. People who believe in separate them. Blacks being comes around that was one thing you know I'm you know which Q there was. There was no there was no comparison between Republican. Dirt dirt itself and it's not them. I can I'm thinking more about in modern history. Having been on the air here for along time at Indy in modern history. And even twenty years ago a southern Democrats were his serve a kind of close to being a Republican in the same way that. Being. I Democrat in Massachusetts I mean being a Republican of Massachusetts is Scott like being on. A Democrat. You know it's kind of a white Republican. And it is. But then mark would be. The Supreme Court justice. You play them and like it was yours as far as. Two days Democrats say are socialists. They are their consoles aggressive. But you align with socialist progressives and involved at all. In the field so our you know some stretched did that others. Yeah yeah others there's extremes on both sides and extreme on the right. What they call extreme. It's literally what I called Tea Party. People who believe in the constitution believe in the fair game believe. Every American it would look like green light blue that day you work hard and get a fair shot. And that's what conservative is. Now you know they call it expects extreme right wing could be Cho because the Democrats. Like to Wednesday or straight. Talk about courage to socialist. Yeah. And I really. Not in every case Anemia ET you think about the recent battle that we had over same sex marriage and there are people who believes that a few hardcore against that that year extreme right Republican and and I would agree with you can this sometimes it's hard to. Figure out exactly whose extreme. On your side. He used the word extreme. On either side. Look she defined. Like you define great aunt and so you've been on pretty well all don't know what's on the plate. It also can I guess support. Oh white separatists on the right people. Well but then you you know you don't wanted to find a white by. Or where you want to find the right by vice suffers I'm gonna have to get to break you're Kim let's go back to your original comment and that is that the Supreme Court selection is of utmost importance. Sure. That is the reason why it's because it tips to bell. The end you know that we go in Portugal less likely the last three years were up Barack Obama which was sort out where Bob Bennett. That we that we elected a black man he just beat wall. You know there's there's not a conservative. It and it's far. You know it is good as any white conserve. I'm a tennis if you talk about balance which I do think it's important. If our if if Donald Trump as a Republican president. Has a chance to nominate three Supreme Court justices or is he going to keep balance in mind or is she gonna try and stack it to the right. You know two bright which I would say would be due to constitutional. Way because we want a lot. Believe that constitutional. Date by which all people. Let's just analyzing can you have one out you talked if you or is it actually. And the way they are which are to watch. Only consist. Didn't sit there ought. Well as some of the things that that it works out but averages just apparent Serbia. Dubious record it's important that we stay conservative. The constitution. And don't go away which oxygen which. Which they believe that the constitution visible beat. Greed being. Document and by the way he did it is. But it is it that it only took awkward and they can have that and you now. Incredibly. No it's it's it's it's a living because it's interpreted to. Two. To relate to things that go on at the time things that would have never. Didn't part of the the concept of the constitution or this country in the very beginning can I enjoy a conversation Everly got to get your brave men appreciate you calling. Here's a checks two can no Louisiana's two new senators John Kennedy and bill Cassidy were both pro choice Democrats. Who supported John Kerry. For president in 2004. I'm scared of the afternoon. But also talking about speed cameras have been caught by one of those do you think it's more about safety or is it more about money will be back under a hero. How many people do you think are listening to this song in their car when they're driving. I mean there are a lot of speed racists out there and they're severe traffic cameras are going into effect in New Orleans to be watching the streets of New Orleans now. Going to affect especially to catch speeders in schools owns. Do you think these are mostly about safety are mostly about generating revenue. That's a pretty general opinion poll 15% say safety 85% save money give us your opinion. By going to WW real dot com. Here is Texas San is that the did the traffic cameras seem to be in. Nicer neighborhoods. And not moderate to poor neighborhoods. So that means it's really about the money. And I'm getting a lot of text about Republicans and Democrats and about Meryl Streep and Donald Trump and were also talking about. Trump's firing back at Merrill Streep or insulting him he insulted her. After the speech he gave them accepting an award at the goal to close last night from New Orleans. I'm good. I. Have. To do recently we. They actually. About it at all that we you know I'm in Google and well according. To. What is. Important. On. A veto on the defense. Can be. You. Would concede is that it on in green which. Immediate RB did a country. Oh. So to say. It'll all. Republic and ten to. Under. In its rapid but it hit the two and hit it out. And aid to people. Now. Oh. To. All they. Want. To. All two way that we are. We did country. We have. Been put. On what. We. About. And I want. JF JJ I think he's you you make your point I'm gonna get to a CBS news update but I do appreciate the call and outlook comment on this when we come back I'm scoots on Demi if you'll. All right 330 times Monday afternoon. You know Internet traffic coming desist not a perfect time a day. I mean if you're an atrocity you meet your on your way home that's good but it's not fond of heat trapping oh my god traffic over the weekend. Traffic heading to the east on I ten wise bumper to bumper because it was a rob a big accident and an event turned over that was from the lesion feels backed up to Orleans and then. Yesterday there were I there are several accidents on the causeway because they were diverting traffic. Two and one side of the bridge once spanned. And you know why can't everybody just be a little more careful also talking about the new traffic cameras that are going to be watching the streets of New Orleans. They're designed to catch speeders especially in school zones but they're gonna generate money do you think it's more about the safety or the money if you wanna join us for the comment our numbers 2601878. And a text numbers they said he Saturday. Before it's your calls and talk about what's. Jay was occupied two going into editor's update. There are people who. Are absolutely convinced. Dent Barack Obama is a certain type of person. And nothing. Would change their minds. There are people convinced the president Electra is a certain kind of person. And nothing to change their minds. This is where we are. It's almost as if people. Tony do want to look for a glimmer of hope. That their content. Being a member of the cult. That they relate to. And and being. Being in either party. Republican or Democrat. Or libertarian can argue. It kind of fits the definition of being an occult. But the majority of this country. Is not that aligned with one party or the other. And so there are a lot of us. Are not really on the right not really on the left we lean right or we lean left. But we're not. Defined by the radical left. Here's a tax by the cameras I just witnessed five vehicles go around the school bus with his stop signs out and lights flashing on chef highway. Certain people could care less. They run the red light at chef and Dauman daily. Eight cameras there. You know that just shows a general lack of respect for the wall. And if if people care that little about the long then who's to say that they're not doing a lot of other things as well. Terms of breaking the law blaze here and every WL. Think he's. The reason call was awful. Springfield. And I would like to briefly comment on CD yes as the only. Think the most CD because of some might be your. I would also like to say what listening to beat in the WL right now is fraught. He says he's. You felt boy he's the voice of new oral. He's got that traffic downtown LA and and you know you can't get mad at the messenger sometimes he doesn't have good news force. That's right but and one other thing but I lost to put it back to Buffalo Springfield you know late Buffalo Springfield. I would like to ask you this because I know you have some certain expertise. Here. There are certain problems. You can drop to new laws. Are you with it. And comes up it is. And let it run yet at. Exodus by Bob Marley is one of those from you can while. You can drop the needle on that and I'm not gonna skip over anything. All right much you know 23 was if any of the of first 12 or three Led Zeppelin Awad Al Obama. One time they came. Which little weird now there is close. Arc mountain is scared that they actually it was at a library. And bar and was Stuart who was like every Greek in. I only I only remember Jackie blow their their their video I please have got to get to break here by our our our. Are you OK with you OCD I mean did is it ruining your life to house in order to. That's good because everybody has like at Tennessee's butt. If he gets a point where it's it's not your life and you can you tell. You really put us is that. My neck toward me. We're allowed me. In the front yard because his house has been abandoned for ten years you hit one things was is that. When I found a shell I would throw it into apply all. Is that says meet me I think he got some of those see the you know. Well I don't I won't I won't tell you this plays are gonna get to this break thanks. Look people throw around OCD. Like it's nothing. And for those who really suffer with OCD. It's nothing like you think. And people do its own does a turnaround can blow demo CD or a person goes argued that your receipt no no no you're not you're not. You might have a little reachable but you're not a CD. Your CD if it gets to the point where you you don't continue your life over being obsessed. With certain behavior in and I'll I'll talk about this on another time. I can't drive 55 Sammy Hagar appropriate way to go into the break because a lot of people drive 55. Is school zones will be back WL. On our pop culture counter is on his day in January 9 one day after his birthday yesterday where's David Bowers birthdays sewing 971 day after his birth date David Villa performed. And his fiftieth birthday bash of Madison Square Garden New York. Guess it was there. Sonic Youth. Robert Smith of the cure. Billy coordinate Smashing Pumpkins. Foo Fighters Lou Reed and placebo. And the proceeds to the concert went to save the children's fund David Boyd Natalie talented now a very intelligent and also on a good guy tomorrow is the first anniversary of his death. So tomorrow afternoon lessen my data going music is a part of our popular music from battery AJ welcome to the show. Art. Optic cameras. Outside. Those little speed camera ticket. Challenge that went up to that your. I felt that. Do you want your officers in the city at terror. Qaeda recruits. Against me. At least that's what it's like because it seemed like there are only hearing what you're much as it was going bullet that sending up the system and the city chart. So why do you think you didn't deserve the ticket measuring. Dessert I don't think it tickets are legal in all unconstitutional. Yeah. And there's not a person. Singing if you really broke the law. But when a police officer pushed you over it's it's it it's not easy that you can convince them not to give you the ticket they've already determined that they're gonna most in most cases they determine they're gonna give you a ticket. Might have that this. Global. A chain like the opposite view. Kind of like new. A few weeks ago about if you. You know kind of nice the people. That information out a thing. A little bit because all make mistake. And sometimes on the street is not that much attention there's not traffic around. So not only post England at. Some point I'll I'll call somebody street. It will slow. And soul. And AJ but you eat you're supposed to pay attention Emmental I don't think there's such a good excuse hurt for not paying attention mean you're right people do make mistakes but. You know if if you're going over the speed limit and a child darts out in in in five view. The argument will be that if you had been going the speed limit you might have had time to stop. How hot humid in Mosul well that particular spot on on chocolate and out of nowhere and that no almanac. Carry and it and the cameras hit it about budget. City. Yeah and you know I'll bet you don't see signs. That system. That the. But AJ I'm an I'm I'm I'm having this argument with you but I understand everything that your saying but on that the the fact that you can't see the cameras it it sounds like you're justifying speed. I would greatly acute here's beat yours being the daddy. It should be caught by a police ought not caught on camera that somebody and so and all know that there's there's there's there's. Tell me that they can make money. But this has been tested in the courts. The thing is I take back what has been captured the court's statement of this at all but. Not this. And yes there are just taking the cameras and it just that this be like camera that up into the. Well we'll have to see that stands up I would think the precedent is set though with the traffic violation of his morning speech. And because if you get the delegates and on Asian. And at tellem. And try. Well is I'm sure somebody will challenge an aging. Challenge. And as that it actually got so wallet because at least. SS global appeal to appeal a tropical ushered up or you don't civil polish. It to social politician wants a criminal. Across Pawtucket. They can't get it to them. Yeah. AJ look I mean I guess it's a complicated legal matter some ways I appreciate the call I just you know again where do you see the cameras where the elect him or not. Tried to speed when it. And and and I I guess by arguing that every legal mean if there are legal then somebody should determine that there are illegal and they should be out there but. It sounds like you justifying. Not HA but anybody sells like you if you don't like the cameras into their their their wrong. It sounds like you're looking for a way to justify speeding and I don't know that there's justification for that. I was coach will be back in Nevada bureau. You know I want this to be one of the theme songs additional what why can't we be friends to me we can. Disagreement why can't we be friends. Second guess coming up next with the case you cannon and Mike utility lines from the silver slipper casino on the beach and Hancock county Mississippi. The breakdown the NFL wildcard playoff games by the way they'll Beckham junior. Catch the ball. Wow I mean he's too workers' hands alone on more than he works his mouth also a big breakdown of the championship game tonight between Alabama and Clemson. Alabama is so so good and Nick Saban is an incredible. Football coach. In constant beat them out of LSU fans slot of people in this area are hoping for an upsets will know and later tonight. I don't Travis gonna hold a press conference after president Obama's farewell speech tomorrow night so you know what we've will be what we will be talking about Wednesday afternoon. And of course we'll have a lot to talk about tomorrow afternoon got to Texas says so on. Stop lecturing people do you hypocrite you know use beat. Look I'm sure do once in awhile like to make a conscious effort not to speak early so don't try to justify it I'm scoots bloodied Orleans.