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1-9 4pm Bobby & Mike: on Bama-Clemson

Jan 9, 2017|

Bobby & Mike analyze the college football championship matchup between Alabama and Clemson.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome home another addition the second guess you know like that that you Bobby gave their lives from this hopeless look for casino. Beats right here at Hancock county Mississippi come home my business will be here until 7 o'clock the night there will throw it to. That Johnny Jones show at 7 PM. Lot to talk about that I want out. Former Washington Redskins in Houston Texans GM Charley. Vasily will be you'll witness that 540. And it's 635 former Saints the president Jeff Charleston. Bob well what do music came out today PK chulk. Wickets and coming out early but he NFL draft but decided to return to LSU. Bordeaux the season I think it's a Smart decision on his sport. It's a heavily Lleyton junior crop already a wide outs and the game needs a little bit more on the resonate. Of all it took me if you got to know one draft pick you have to check people at the door. You gotta get it by sound advised. You know you way to pros and cons but you get injured or not. But but to me if you not a slam dunk number one draft pick. You gotta consider coming back I don't care what team you're on offense defense whatever I mean that's where you Iraq if you try to Christian values. It you have to all of a sudden produce at a high level. To Vietnam like draft day so to me that that and talk of me what Woody did in the bowl game last year's. Orton reversal one play in the bowl game two years ago and glad you just started to play in any Coco line. And everybody wants to NFL what you wanna maximize the potential earning potential. That's like come back kick ass next year and he. Q do you could be rewarded. In the playoffs. It was the biggest lopsided margin of victory you got to go back in 1982. Then the margin of victories between the the teams were anymore to do what you saw over the weekend. None of the games. Really if you wanna look at it you know it's pretty much walked across. Well yeah it was not if it's meaningless all went down does not I think. Come this week out always said this the best week of football watching you will see because of what's at stake in the teams that are there. And walk out and that's helpful question but I'll see you run up that my opinion. And Tom Brady hasn't played yet he'll Elliott hasn't played yet Matt Ryan hasn't played yet the most dangerous bat. In playoffs today. Aaron Rodgers in those weather conditions get off to a rough start against that Giants defense how. He played about as well if you could ask what about the. Let others judge Davis were given up eighteen points a game and he put up thirty now like he's been hail Mary it was so what it is luck that you do it three times it's borderline. Yet the trajectory of the football and how they practice that. It's an idea what to think Eli apple yet on you of one I mean you could see why did you with a back now why would he would that you played appalled. And he had no clue to all of commit the cup if that without that you on that got while what you need them I mean this that was unbelievable. To me. How that occurred not acting was in Houston. Took the Packers took all of that giant in the second half yeah when he cleared it but they initially that was an exciting game now. When I'll look at and why outwit the courage for the Packers to overtake the cowgirls I am not because they've beat out there injured. And it does make it different though who's been there who's playing but I'll look at that what the Cowboys are four point favorite. You know I'll one goal it's Aaron Rodgers with their Rockford that packed press Scott but still when I look at. They increase that the Packers have sustained wedding going. Mean nine and the Cowboys don't. I would not go inside Dallas but especially Jordy Nelson that game to beat me to fourteen should be entertaining. Seahawks at Atlanta. Outlets are four point favored. The Steelers at the Chiefs. Ben Roethlisberger he always tells you bodies and we weren't walking boot. That would be innocent but the gain that. I mean I don't know it is that the biggest point spread ever when you look at the Texans at the Patriots. What sixteen point favorite that they've that win my third. I mean even go to tech does happen Mobil one defense you have to look at also have Brock ops while playing pulling out and I think both interest in. New England is wanted to biggest betting favorites in playoff games and here's why. Bill Belichick's Patriots have outscored. His protege chooses to report as you bill O'Brien Texans. Bock combined when they played head to head. 54 to six. In the past two games. So let's go quietly and on the road why would you can't did Davey clown me. And Phil Bryant whoever's playing but it Texas any benefited him out. Consider it worth what's occurred in the past. Bob it's been it was twelve years Saturday but he he passed away. One of the things he used to always tell me about bella jacket and practices I'll let you know but even twelve years ago. In the U was about the Patriots. Yeah you bet far more you don't bit. Because you can appeal losing site that 5046. Mark. Now if you if you think you gonna play against them and cash and they've happened many times notable are extreme. Game and I'll the night Coke and the Patriots I don't. I'm okay ever at the keys are to Steelers I think they all healthy Ben Roethlisberger in those weapons we have. Like defeated Steelers. Again it's you know the Patriots. But when you look at it guess what the Steelers and achieve that at Kansas City TV game. It's an evening game when you look at it because it. You know it actually started out Steelers favorite. But once they found out Roethlisberger is injury. Yeah you drop the pick of the pick them anyway you look at a couple of deep volley all hands on deck. You got it colonial rounds lately on bell. Along with Ben Roethlisberger they've all played. Would you look at the secondary markets views. Eric Berry those guys and not just. Global as they all pro. We talk about the gonna get the best that a bad thigh you know to me is going to be key. Alex and it. If Alex make it happen kind of game he had against the Saints in their 2012 playoff and now they win again and yeah I. That's that I think but now with the tree in that kind of X-Factor. Look the Steelers deep into special teams candidate corral. The rookie speedster a Tyrone hill. He he he he's fast. That he looks like a different level the professional players. People think they have been able and that guy and he still scores you don't look like Alabama. You looks like a directional school it's like a young Devin Hester Knox and Devin has the you know. The day he's not the same player but it still is it got it feels to you and why the world we can put the ball to him. But think about it is not Pelham up on I don't care what you do. Wanted out of balance hang it up and thirty yards fair adults on that tonight. Do not let him make that catch in the let him make a play on the ball but it bombing if you read I somehow figure out a way to get him in the game as an offensive Blair. Eight hit blaze. You know during the game and let him have a couple notches in space. And see what we can do with the football. Now what's intriguing is that every divisional. Round game. Is gonna be a rematch for the regular season. That's the first time that it's happened in six years so they've already played each other to show you it didn't matter not. And it felt different than baseball basketball you play a few beat the best team's gonna win and this year Portland game you never know what's gonna happen. The Dolphins kicked his views behind. Previously. There that think about that now what happened this game like two different teams. So the pavilion at one another so that's something I'll look at now you look at it also. Each game is gonna be toward starting quarterback. Who has won this Kubel Aaron Rodgers Russell Wilson Tom Brady Ben Roethlisberger so far bad it I'm like well. I'm not going against those guys. Similar because the very spirit and their swagger when you when you if you follow football and you read those names. People familiar with those things in his heart Brett Bogut those guys out. Well at Seattle the the most surprising job running the football which we had seen all season long. There offensive line played really well. It goes to show you Detroit picked a couple of Stew out of the slates upfront. And yet they won't may have handled by it I average at best the Seattle team. Out like a Micah correctly pummeled. It Maxwell play in the know okay. You know I had set and the bat right there maxim nightly news the lines at bats while the sun. In that we couldn't get up dirty wanna we couldn't run a little not the yes. I hit it. He is getting up today would you can still play well a lot more yeah on this thinking gosh you know. Right after this break you on that negates opening. Welcome back to the second guess she'll Mike to you about me that I from the so we'll slip a casino. Each side right here at Hancock county Mississippi are definitely out are ready jaguar opinion poll. Is Packers quarterback Aaron rod it is the most dangerous player left. In the NFL playoffs you can give us a call at Bible for. 601878. When you cast your vote now at seven Libya got out of us that receivable forward with it I think right now. With no Brady hasn't played yet and he hasn't played yet those guys. But man we use all yesterday. It evened out that Jordy Nelson went down. To play that sort of gains against a defense that it did really good that we saw. With that John Stevens did against Drew Brees. And company hit Aaron Rodgers just absolutely ripped a point not Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie went down. And he did pick. All on its replacement but you know what that's what the NFL. When you look quarterback if you saw a weak link in the chain you go on after him that's exactly they're raucous bell that like blood in the water and he went after that's not an appeal. Well that touchdown pass it and or and they'll. Nobody's been neatly at the error rod to you all realize and I think he's Michael's been. And Iraqis to run best and oppositional quarterback in the league Alex made it runs. Now Russell Wilson Russell Wilson. As far as fitting place in the pocket if you look at Aaron Rodgers that lightly used the 9 o'clock and hear ya gotta get the ball he thinks that but going back. It was like riding an 82. When all of this night he makes a play the one thing you can't do we get to the plate but he keep Blake. He keep lit bit the ball and I call it pinning it that in on that level he's like a version of Warren Moon. I'll look a warrant or how he could throw. And just like that matter adversity distance holly get through what bought they ever Rochus is on that level now when you look at it. This speaks for itself that it Drew Brees to do better going forward. As greatest reason. You know a top rated arises that's over him. Over Drew Brees you know because many instances. You can not appropriate stuck through all its gonna take chances whatever. But you look at air Iraq has hit nineteen touchdown passes. And zero interceptions during their unbeaten run. Number repeat edit it would have them like seven games games. Seven games you'd be right now you throw it ninety yards down near interception. Now that's remarkable no doubt about it this league it. Unbelievable is committed to see what Jordy Nelson added of broken rib or. A or to a little bit about this. If you look at that shot I don't know what kind of a degenerative. Look at slow motion. Jordy Nelson that hit the hook. The museum ball I was like oh all of a sudden I'm like recollect it reports black Jack you know like when I had broken ribs. Will Wear UK the you can't learn a bathroom bar. Like eat get an ice that thing I'm like oh starting now I don't know what he had to protect them but it appears that team in my practice about the play against Dallas. It that this significant injury. The other hit to me that was old school. Button was but you bring a little more knowledge quarterbacks at that well and he refused all and in that Dallas. Something when you. We know what it was the snap but it neck. That's that that's the most of you know what shot you the next snap back in that direction you know I. Read and it's like you know back that are correct in and now when that happens. Can you recovery you know nobody is football collide. You know whether we dated are not we like those kind of hits like whoa yeah you buddy you watch an evil you see it and hit. I think he got that not that you know what I'll. Will be back with more second guessed right at this you'd break. Chris Miller. But back here on the second guess show Mike and the amount he gave their lives from the sale or slip a casino. Beat side right here and Hancock county Mississippi. In an interesting little twists here and that's I grew up on the buy yeah. And Aggies made it pretty good does setting the odds opt out in Vegas and he's done a pretty good job and eats at me is next. That as of mid morning. 72%. Of all would call soft money which is 250. Dollars or less. Tonight has been on Clemson. With the Yankees you getting six and a half. But as of mid morning the Wales the people that put actually more than just a few dollars on a game. It's bullet. It's 6535. Alabama. Soto betting public. Is saying we think glimpse little covered as six and a half. The guys who met a lot of money each week. They're saying Alabama covers and that six and a half so it's those things Howell. That the fans. So to speak that bet you know smaller amounts of money their dealers may give it to six and a half. We saw what happened last year we think. Glimpse thinking keep it close but guys were real calling. They pick Alabama in that winning this game and covering the six and a half. Well all I can say is this not is what it is. There's Alabama team is better this year and better lives this year. Okay and now look at that that I look at and ultimately all you look at you know that the show on him Woody did the highs the winner. You look at what do you Lou Lou Whitney rushed 73 yards whose no holds by average that you are talking about. Passing and running against. Permissible at the bit but. I look at where Alabama team it is that I that you one thing. And flipped it to trouble if the cars. Alabama has fifteen on all that that touchdown to eleven at the bit for expansion teams. To me that's debated it for two winning Alou. Yeah that's how they won it last year special teams continue on break yet and also the onside kick. So if you see anything occurring in the game pick sixes movements gore are returned. I don't know how close can overcome that. They might say well you know we're not that you're good at his game I don't know what the odds are they've always done it and all week. You scored fifty non offensive touchdowns so why they why would they would agree that happen again tonight what it would Alabama wants the ball gets to those people that means. Like an offensive player and pick it off the school ought not to just make them like they've taken off the score with it announce that this before actually wrote a column two weeks ago about it. Alabama the men's college football lies. Is college football's version which he saw with the 1985 Chicago Bears. A B it's as good if you won't see you only have a long time before you see it you Vince better than what Alabama's got today well. Like you speak of that defense the lead the nation in total defense scoring defense rushing defense. Couple were just getting eleven and a half points to gain to have a party for Torre artistic too rushing. Some it is the same song and dance but I think even at a higher level. This season what Alabama's been able to do now. Would elegy Fayetteville the acceptance. It would you acknowledge. That it Nick Saban wins this game. The greatest the greatest ever because he higher highs Bear Bryant now the reason why I say that you look at six that's a championship. Now to me the key is. Is that when Bear Bryant was coaching. You have third string a few that are limited scholarships. That you can keep from point to other schools that's not the case is being me. A look at Nick Saban title games. This that this is interesting. When you look at does he have a teammate to play out of everything and Ellen Hume. Or Alabama. You look the BC SS EC. East 1201. He's probably one now you look at consecutive a battle wins berth is ranked opponents the record is that sixteen. Not now now see you look at Alabama's record. As a noble a team. Is sixty degree at Dan. Closes victories in and a program history get to double team the role it never once thought I might I'm like I'm Michael and you tell us. See why people would a lot of buddy of bedding Alabama the night on the actually it's Alabama they'll prove it differently right now I agree with you it just think about this who can. Els roll out. In one draft class. You could potentially see Alabama have 41 round picks when you consider it Jimy Williams. Who's from Baton Rouge who went to Alabama Jonathan Allen. Ruben Foster at middle linebacker Bobby Humphrey. Who's a Red Shirts out the more and I think he gave me the first quarterback to come all the board. And Ryan Anderson also really good football we have me slip at that early second. But for potential first round picks in one class well. Like him to do one better to show you how Alabama and the rich get richer. Alabama is David Aaron did it that it 2011. Our meraz all excited he bobbled property greatest season analogy here through 2011. But didn't do in national championship game they got embarrassed. In that 2011 unit they had sixteen bit shall first round draft pick. So yeah I think you know rich get rich feel like is this that they may have originally six but it one class you'll have more. Yet he ever gonna not like they already had six to 2011. So that was already achieved. What you showed the rich get richer. It still Alabama. Falls off the mound lower arm. Our fault all the horse that. A ride it to me to go it's Alabama you greatly if he'll prove it differently now. They expect there's going to be about it's Dillon hurts to me. How well he can play and not mess up the game but we haven't completely you gotta give Dillon hurt to break. He says they'll be QB change all the the coordinators. All of that the start you know the pressure is on Steve suck you eat it okay what plays he's gonna call. To help the Alabama offense could fit it relates dip a bit and you've never seen him on the sidelines nick we don't know we did that Dolan saying. That that they can add. And they Q futility because then they tell you. They're able attacked immediate bullet that. Nick Saban. If they're office does not do anything may be you put the wrong button not Mattingly given hang hang around to national championship. You don't you don't want to make it the right call very similar. To all of us under pressure. What do both dealt vacuum in the giant group when they all hang out in Miami they keep casting Green Bay nobody says nothing. All of a study dropped a few passes he doesn't do anything out to graduate of Miami. And I'll. You led only wanted their picture all those up principally as soon people at some goggles bought enough they'll pick no I'm not going. But we limited and not have a different generation. Of athletes the native you've got money. Well I'll be white but that that the much a bowl utilizing that Tony romo's OK actually black we've just it's at that. Is he with the next exactly. When this season's over when this season's over. Think about this game going on in Mexico Miami do whatever you want. Now the Giants can go hang out South Beach and do whatever nobody care. That's like got to beat goalie pulled with them football because of all of a sudden you don't succeed because backed up by. During the season that breast got it was a big and it Jays he was invited backstage. Work on certain declined to. He said no no my job is to play quarterback I'll go to concerts and everything else after the season got to do that. Will be back with more second guessed right up to his break on the big 87. We're back here on the second guess show. After spending all that cash over the holidays hot you'll like the wind re money we're talking 1000 dollars that Libya wants to put 1000 dollars. Of books in your wallet and winning only takes one picks in our nationwide. Read what I can't yes. Every weekday you can get a heads up every time I amuse you or cold word is given. Just to point out that club now my next thing cash. 287878. With free money 1000 dollars from Smart radio. In Nam and evidently Al we never charged with next but individual plan picks and data rates may. Apply back with more second yes. But Michigan up here are our number one of the sagging Gant show. Mike if they get Bobby Hebert now Bob goes to show you how. Coaches in general managers a look at a little bit different. The Jaguars announced today that they have extended the contract of their general manager David Caldwell put two seasons. Season but the season the what does what does David Paul well done they get a two year extension with the Jaguars. While he might hang out with the all all of exactly or yet their relationship with that that's what it goes by all of the trust factor. While like Gregg Williams. Landing on his feet with the Cleveland Browns and you'll have a lot of young players they gotta put on a draft choices do you know look greatly as you look at the Rams you know what's impressive though. Even though the Rams had horrendous type season. With the fifth overall what does it it was still praying that either eight or nine of the top did they went top pick your number nine that don't. The one game that knocked them from the top spot with the plate that's lights right now and they got at least looked in that game but. Put it to you this way he's gonna miss not happen Aaron O'Donnell and though Robert Glenn and Michael Rocco being got that night but now with the brown little. Double in the NL entry in the middle name with the round they've always been okay ability to instantly with their well we've struggled with the help of quarterback. You don't know what they've done offensively because that award of best. Quarterbacks in NFL and Joseph game. If he's back and Asia might get beat back. If he's back because I got a feeling that gave me a little too late in the offseason I know come. Trade deadline this late twelve of bowl with the Browns about possibly acquiring you'll pay. Well it always been a dominant player. The brown and you know in my Joseph weighed in their tackle luck to do homeless that this team isn't winning. But Darryl planning. You know it you're looking like get like a player. And you see well that's a real professional because led the team is winning are not. That they're playing at a high level and it's always respected Jolene Joseph Thomas and that record. The other thing too is they haven't 21 round picks this year one of the guys and it paid a lot of attention to. Yeah announced that they officially he's coming out early that's Mitch Drabinsky. The quarterback from the North Carolina and I think they've shown Watson will be a top five pick. I think Mitch is going to be a while court gear but he had a terrific season that North Carolina. And dealt with 21 round picks I think the the Browns may be I end up level you can all the schools and forward Ortiz three. I mean you could see he's just not accurate up in the pocket the throat of football be what he thinks that he's a top Echelon quarterback in this league it's obvious he's not. Well you know it's you know it would be hard pressed that the State's what you look at. The competition in college playoffs are months that next season. Look at your quarterback's ability which you have an NFC south. I mean Mo might not matter. Ryan Davis wins than Drew Brees. Man can you name him Duke and Carolina that little girls got it going anywhere. Well I mean if you look top to bottom NFC south. Might have the best quarterbacks in the league.