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1-9 5pm Bobby & Mike: on the NFL playoffs

Jan 9, 2017|

Bobby & Mike engage in NFL talk, including the playoffs and the rookie season of Saints receiver Michael Thomas, with the NFL Network's Charley Casserly.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back here on the second guess show like that to you Bobby you've been alive from the so blows up the casino. Beach side right here at Hank got pounded Mississippi. Bobby. And a lot of things coming out of Jacksonville in reports and we talked about it before they call well the general manager. He had his contract extended two years but Bobby you're old buddy Doug Rome is now going to be the permanent head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Well I I think the owner I trust him because he's had past experience you know head coach at the Buffalo Bills that. And I guess the likely get the close out the season with the Jaguars so a great opportunity for him. You know you kind of rolled the dice and economists though so to speak and you have a head job and it's only one of 32 in the whole world when you look at the National Football League let the Buffalo Bills. The speculation was that he thought maybe either Atlanta or the Jets gap and that and when you look at it and obviously we all know it didn't work out. With him and Atlanta. And and all the sudden. You know we still active role actually ended up with the coordinator with the Jacksonville with. You know the good thing had to be a great opportunity. Got to some element to be had little chat room that Jaguars might be one or rumbles underachieving teams. What I've witnessed when you look at their play and what they've been able to do with. I think you know. Good mayhem. But went out and I'll look at. You know with the Falcons did harm. In Dan Quinn business interest in. Because they've been winning with their offense. And Dan Quinn with the Seattle Theo Davis to coordinate. So would be all the sun might Sean being the head coach. And it in the office to social what you kick him but with the defense well that's worked day Quinn with the Falcons. The defense is still so. Very opportunistic but. They were winning with their offense they got MVP candidate I think you win that and Matt Ryan Julio Jones who would you look it. Seattle's offense and how almond tree with a night game. Is that they either try and run the ball simply because. The Iran. A 161 yards and a point sixes to six win over Detroit. But. You know what that has not been the case where Seattle's been able to run the football but the good bad whatever department lately it fanatic gets the lines but. When I look at Danny Quinn. And I thought this is news that Michael Bennett you know very outspoken argument to player for us Seattle. He said but I think coach Quinn. When he was here in Seattle. It's a hard nosed tough coach. Now that his team embodies him out there and that he said it's almost like mirror images they playing himself knows you know so you look at what date do defensively how he's trying to stop an opponent. Now that's easier said than done it doesn't matter of players but what Atlanta are trying to do Pete definitely is the same thing. With the Seahawks are doing defensively. Now they don't. You see the three additions. Pick Beasley of run. Fifteen halves sacks led the NFL people Jones outside linebackers B yeah it can only you'll. Play that safety position and they want him to be their version of can't chancellor. Can't chancellor of Mike. About the you know Bobby. Bobby Wagner Bobby Wagner. Wagner is that the it's unbelievable players at the they all could run. It's really kind of look up about it to structured look at Seattle. Atlanta to put up four point favored. To the obvious that it I think. Not have an Earl Thomas has had that makes a big difference that when the Saints played. You have to nail it it and cam or Michael Bennett and so that doesn't make it different. I look at the first island to play one another. And I think that Falcons got job you medical Lehman Matt Bryant wait threw three touchdowns. Julio jolt at 78 and 39 yards. With inning call that one penalty on the fourth down late in our room when he grabbed illegals are still. I can't see it very intriguing gain now that that's definitely gives Seattle days and within a minute and a half. That's a different story. We're gonna go to lose in the blossoms the year in the huddle with Bobby might. Take. It and we had early in his mind it. I just want to. To present them out there I'm this past weekend march 12 Pearson and you know the great that he'd be. And I don't want to take it to him much time because I don't know there's nobody these stories that go on the week. Yeah. That's which who have. But at this point that there is probably the funniest thing I heard good things and then and I am hoping you might throw one thing out there deepening your minds. The funniest thing I'll remember if somebody calls in the back shadow one night in this was back when the Saints were pretty consistently awful. It's nobody that thought this thing it's only three players away from the Super Bowl but that is Bob and his son in the hole again. And. That I actually got him. Bands for all lie eighth plus years. From the Saints plain. And John becomes comments there buddy asks him what what it's been years you know. Oh man polite he said you know that's pretty definitive. And he told well this occasion just like Lazarus. Woo I'm not gonna pick that chance so you ban polite plus the pin. It's. I don't know how one of the funniest that you remember back that. We actually that you wallets magazine actually commission. A peaceful but to do on some people's. Wallets. Bloody decides you know him and I apple gonna do to peace. And so we actually did this piece while my wife was undergoing back surgery in the hospital. And so that goes to yeah not a buddy you felt the bump that sort of thing but. During the the talk. One of the things he brought up to me was that in Super Bowl for. He really thought that if bell was still a bit of both look bleak. Thought that would name it and it Jets that done. Was a little bit of a fluke and it doesn't happen in sports that sometimes you you'll end up the side of the ball. And he was ready to battle on the Vikings. When the Vikings play the Chiefs in New Orleans and note Tulane stadium. But the Vikings had a one about an anemic Jerry quad so was the backup quarterback but he you know one. And bloody hacking that's the people with ABC. A couple local television show with the starting quarterback but the signs. It ended up being Glaus though and Billy he'll benevolent in what did it. But what are the things that happen as well also got off the plane when he will come in you while Owens. You know he set an awful things about how you know listen we prepared we're confident we can beat the Chiefs we know we have the honor the NFL at stake. Once the cameras went off and Gary was as buddy would say he was a bit of a square. Out of a straight out of not been out of the ordinary yaks but is it true. That we are nine and a half point favorites over the Vikings over the tees but it's that that's correct. He said buddy I'm telling the every bit as good as us. And we are and put a fight of our lives. We'll the statute of limitations has passed but he went raised his bookie in place that the biggest bet. Up to that point yet have a police that 7500. Dollars. On the sheets any got denied and a half. Yeah actually paid off his first house with a bat it was a no split that the Chiefs ended up winning outright. Any set of the of all people he could have chosen. The guy that gave him the biggest. Was the backup quarterback and Dolphins led at never spoke to him one time but gambling and if you're around him aboard and about ten seconds. Understand but he always had a little bit of a point don't own one thing or another. And he told that story over and over and over and it got to holly every time he did it somewhere. That we paid off his first house with that 7500 dollar bet on the tees and that was that Woody was originally gonna do. It was Gary particular to Saints gave up a Mitt gave give up but Derrick while also. But it really paid off for him. All right thanks so much and see appreciated. Well with the psyche gets right up it is break on the beats them. We're back here on the second guess show like that big a Bobby Hebert live from the so hopeless look a casino. Right here beside it Hank got compounding Mississippi. Probably one of things that comes in the playoff time is always think that though when it gets down to it. A big part of playoff wins always. And not know you play the position but I think you'd agree that the team with a better quarterback. Seemingly always. Makes that move and that's why it's interesting as we get late into the season. You got Matt Ryan still alive. That press got it was not a great season. Aaron Rodgers. Russell Wilson all from the NFC. Still breathing and sort of speak. In the hunt. To get to the championship from the NFC and in the AFC certainly. Oh win double penalty of law and anybody lose it you're never gonna live long enough to see a quarterback hit coached nomination. Yet the more simple Bulls the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick that quarterback position and how they play and how they handle big game pressure. You can see it this week and what I think is always the best round in the best ceiling of play come playoff time when you get down to these divisional games. Well I would look at it until proven differently. That look at their track record how could you go against the likes of ever arises and Tom rate. Sort of Packers Iraq and how Heidi is that being here rise a look at Tom Brady. I don't know I don't wanna bet against them. I look at he's been there before Russell Wilson. But not on the level of a Tom Brady here Rochus and that's never been there yet now no one has been at that level both in rob expert yep. Now that it will be interested to see what happens that Kansas City. Because I think bedrock rather Murton picked him because you look at receiver running back that that three headed monster. Lately I've been hell. You mean by couple. We Antonio brown and Ito about is nobody better. Maybe the best receivers the best all purpose back in the game and look beyond bill Antonio. So that's all the best or who won't call me small that's why I hate how big men there because of everyone's healthy. And his ankle he'll be all right. But I have them up there with Tom Brady an air rocket. Now. Now they have to do it. And I put Matt Ryan in the same voters Alex Smith. And you know they do it and that's how you like that to median PP this year he was all wrote. You know he was an oval at quarterback in the NFL. Let you look at it in theory NFC Dallas metro line. I mean the bottom line he was all over Tom Brady whoever. And you look at events quarterback rating all that stuff but you gotta still do something. And it's amazing in Atlanta to show you how things change they were ready to run him out of town a year ago yes at the beginning it is season. And it the always. You know that the top dog. You to a degree the Murkowski is still Michael Bay. Chris Chandler took without noticeable let Michael make. Is still the man so Matt Bryant truly have to do something in the super bull are to play in the playoffs to get this Kubel may be when it. Cruelly be accepted I think that's where Matt Ryan that right now what his career. We'll have more snagging guessed right after this CBS news update right here on the big 87. But back here on the second guess she'll like it to you Bobby ate me alive from the still was not the casino. Beat side right here at Hancock county Mississippi couple talked a lot about some of the players. That late in the game that they're when he had great season but I think the one guy who will be meeting huge joke this year. Young man. And ugly with the touchdown but he's a really annually idiom because of Katrina went there and Landon Collins was not unbelievable season put the Giants. You talk about a guy that's not all not being good. He's been a dominant football player for that defense Atlantic Collins been terrific this year and there was question marks like a lot around one. Was how well to get over it yet he's made a lot of improvements and covered sport the game. Well here because his rookie year Drew Brees Burton. And Galveston this year he played awful lot like van every was dominant at all pro level when they play the Giants. But Mike he is part of that hail Mary debacle yet when apples a lot of ability he's just died. Bob bottom line is that he's one of the best safeties. But you ill tell you there's room for improvement but. He was a guy that you'd like to key moment Allen shoots that are going in now that I've. That memorable deal with him and his moll. Thomas squared off on the air that she wanted to in the go to LSU and he decides to go to Alabama. And it ended up nimble of Alabama you know. Not only is he broke Bullock he's an all pro. It was off the no hitter while high Hough Clinton Dixon out of mammoth guy. Dan McCarty. With the Patriots it. Might all I know is you give Drew Brees time he can exploit. Landing Collins. That's what Aaron Rodgers did late you know early but he but he did late in that football game. But I think it is I'm interested in how the rookies respond here with that press got regularly at first on the bit in his will not wasted. Now seeks did it before a national championship runs never at the professional level. That's been a really with that terrific football player Mississippi State. But this their first time to walk that out and you've been in that spot before the first not ever played in a playoff. Type atmosphere. And it's totally different from regular season. Yeah because it is a different season you've got to turn up at night you know you've got. Pre season when you're competing for a job and you got a regular season got the playoffs. And in all the night that obviously it's doable the championship. And you turn up and always try to take that approach. That act like you've been there done that if you could do it brags to beat unity gain and if you play in the championship game dollars fortunate. The played high school championship game it is pressure for us 1617. Year old. And then as a rookie with the mission of Panthers and it it was still a championship setting tucked right that make. The game and not to be. Now the bottom line is not a club there at Duke before water's not easier said than done and Matt Ryan played the NFC championship game they lost the but he's waited that in this championship and I'm telling you the greatest seasons and Matt Ryan has had you ought to be accepted. It till oddly she got to take care of business at home come Saturday afternoon at 330 in the field. And then possibly win an NFC championship to go. There's duel with the bout that I've been. Could have Ruble. Will wait Chris Chandler. At the end they a lot John Elway and the Broncos so you know you only have to win it all too. That get accepted. As the top quarterback as far as though winning everything. Will be back with more slugging gas and barber. General manager at the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans now in the NFL network Charley casserly. Right up to his break here on the big 87. We're back here on the second guess Joseph Mike okay Bobby gave their lives from this opens up a casino. Beat sided Hank got counting Mississippi on the line with us now from the NFL network in the apartment general manager of the Washington Redskins. And also the Houston Texans Charley casserly Charley thanks so much for joining us tonight. Are it's an honor Libya Bibby would. Charlie up before we get it to some of the football questions you're promoting this yields hop that you pull formal award. They're not out of five names edible weeds Hannah. Two over really stick out one of its Michael Thomas who had a great season but this night. And the other ones meant so aware of former elephant running back who who really did a great job of filling in put Jamal tells the season looking at. The actual team VP award just so people were talking about you recognize the players whose on field performance most exceed the guys on their contract. And I got five nominees in that Jay Guy from the Dolphins are Miami expense aware from Kansas City to a Williams and saint eagle was previous Marie. From Oakland and Micheal Thomas as you mentioned from the wallets. Fans can vote is valuable on line as many times you like it busy dot com slash TVP that's the field dot com slash PPP. From now until January 16 once again. Are you mentioned Spencer where you mentioned Michael Thomas the other names and page guide Miami to roe Williams and Diego put Patriots Murray. From Oakland. Bobby Jenks now with gasoline are rare that you waved back Redskins then. You know even Florida maybe it charges and you look at that Texans at all you background. When you look at what the Redskins do when they're at right now if you are running. The Redskins as the general manager era what is your take occurred cousins no we focused on the playoffs but you look the Redskins are right there on the coast being relevant. But what is your take as far as Kirk cousins and supply and demand with the quarterback position where he's that. You know Bobby up I'll I think he's got to pay it. And you know pay him more than probably work. But if you let him build the market there's no guarantee comes back. And there's a number of teams out there that he's he's an upgrade at quarterback in Italy one. Black ensemble I swelling in eighteen have they any better but I as well. And you know we can say Los while I was not worth it whatever problems sixteen plus millions I remember. So you can let them both free agency taking chances and if you Michael excellence but it might also push toward it you don't have. Did you start. Now Charlie look at at. Player that obviously achieved a lot that went damages I'll look at the likes of Aaron Rodgers Tom Brady Big Ben Roethlisberger that you look at Russell Wilson. And know what's intriguing. To me is Roger's been getting hot at the right time to be asset that is really a great achievement what he's done. As of late when you look at their winning streak nineteen touchdown passes and zero interceptions. During dead unbeaten run. But they kind of banged up on it didn't to act Dallas that at face the Cowboys it. Give me air Roger talked about a quarterback that can extend plays and a pocket. It's been added that he might be as good as as it gets maybe in the history of the NFL. Well he he's playing that way you know bodies in and throw out this year but going back I mean to me he was. The best quarterback in the league you can't just count Brady as Brady goes with the sometimes not as many players and millions and been in so please no one's okay. In one sense but. You know Rogers if you put him in the way would they went as many championships on the line. Okay so you have to say that. Our early in the year analyzes was not a lot side of what it was okay. But he was not an hour ride is what I mean by that I think guys that he was jumping in the pocket wasn't follow through on his reasons missed some throws. He was off balance thrown a proposal now to watch. But he has a way to compensate with his supple body to make the ball is to complete he wasn't doing those things. And you know Osama he's he's got himself back. Where incidents have a stretch to negate the whole it was a stretch now. Excellent football so he's kind of got himself back we're. We've seen him in the past that maybe is better he's currently on the I don't know about that. I've seen play great before. Now you know Charlie look at at the NFC south top to bottom and at those Saints fans that over competing against. If you look at they NFC south team with Winston you guys can you been Matt Ryan is probably. Going to be damp people here in the conversation is all pro quarterback. Then he got Drew Brees and work through reason than to think uniform. Just explain that are the Saints fan and I think you Google honestly you might not I don't know but the first time I present this to you. But to me that sometimes you appreciate what you have filly wouldn't be there that being Drew Brees that if things. Not enough. Three years. A hall of fame quarterback and many of them are his numbers are beyond belief okay. He has never thrown to all they've receiver on right on that the date and probably won't. So we haven't had that one guy carried him. Whereas I. You know quite pull it off the quarterbacks have had that. You know I'm not issue a final there's no hall of fame running back tees and the ball Tuesday. So it'll I mean that's what he's worked around. And you know what he's had some kind of the defense in the running game and obviously one more. Soul. He can go anywhere in the same thing. That you've been with a better team would want which gave me Jews but people want the Saints are Super Bowl and charted. Sullivan's guidance guy's career you know you don't replace him the deciding if you try to get somebody okay which you are. Listen the only one of the things in tonight's championship game is. And I'll I'll look at at Alabama defense and and haven't covered them you know for the last couple years this is the best you can topsy. I'm Nick Saban have. Mean you can say that the college college football versions of what we saw what the 85 Bears. Just dominating on the defensive side of football eleven touchdowns. Scored on defense. You're assessment up the Alabama defense and also I know you people a lot with the college game your thoughts on there's Shawn Watson. From a quarterback. Who has really been really terrific player at the college level and how do you translate to the NFL. Yeah I I don't see as much college football it's about to start work on a college these guys that awful awful. About an hour at the college game down vote on the drip comes I have watched Watson and I know Alabama has a lot higher rated players on the matches. The goal through grades you but. You know losses is kind of a little. Easily won those adjustment guys in the NFL clearly has athletic ability clearly has running abilities go on strike. But it didn't want to simplistic system. It's a one Reid's system and in the guy does throw more distractions that you like to be in the one Reid's system and he does force the ball also so when umps put them it to the NFL outlook anatomy it's different being and we played in college. And I think is definitely. That's some questions about his ability to translating into the pro game. Going back this year RG three was an outstanding. Quarterback. So with it to me it's what we see with him that doesn't mean people I should enjoy tonight and you look at Danica great college player. Now Charlie when you look at we Cubs about it the take that next step. I mean to me. I look at them Mack Matt Ryan. In Atlanta how Atlanta fan base our play in Atlanta with the Falcons and how they appreciate Michael bait. Look at Matt Ryan that they're ready to run him out of town before this season. But this season he's had looked over Julio Jones and and what they've been able to do obviously divide the preview we Coleman. But I look at him I think is very Silva similar to Alex Witt until they actually wisdom that they're probably not gonna get the respect it deserves. Well there's some from yes absolutely. Are and that line has been a good quarterback is an exceptional year. And and I think the running and getting down it would Livan and society right now it in and most of us in the you have to fight that. As we don't. Okay those of us who you know I believe we know that. We builders up substantially you know people did better time. And you know just because you know you don't have to fire somebody every year. Okay that that's that's not like the fourth of July that it comes every year he umpire but if you. Book Charlie I can't tell everybody about. The PPP nominees again here tonight that's where corralled Williams the biggest Murray and slates. Wide receiver Michael Thomas how they can blow and basically you're saying that he passes and people to say they want to. Absolutely as you'll stop the ballot box things worked out OK it's nobody I am boats you can just keep both so. Fans can vote online. You can and so it is a vote on line as many times as they'd like at this field dot com. Slash GDP once again busy note dot com slash PPP is you know dot com slash GDP from now until January 16. Charlie thanks so much but jawed and us tonight we really enjoy what you do with the NFL network. They graduated Bobby rate connecting here now. Right here for the telecast league with the NFL network in again. You can vote on line it hits you'll dot com slash PPP. Michael Thomas Saints wide receiver is in that group a lot over the second guessed right up that is break on seven.