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1-9 6pm Bobby & Mike: on Saints and college football

Jan 10, 2017|

Bobby & Mike talk Saints with former black and gold defender Jeff Charleston and take calls on the CFP title game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to decide against Zito Mike that they have Bobby bell from the so close look because they don't. Each side right here and Hank got around me Mississippi bout in I'll be on until seven. Clock tonight and it will throw it to the Johnny Jones show at 7 PM. Eat it every 6 o'clock argue with this on this thinking yes missed that they leave nobody from the so it was equipment. Okay thanks so much but guarded us when we know what that is always. Where we get this guy development it always advocate then did it grant here agree that the greens reader every night these Fuhrman. It at every level Brady got even better and that lupica didn't look yeah every night and recorded it we delude now that you Carter parking lot and heard all of a but you're good habits and almost like what about doing that and that. We eat the right way to grant Dave tell everybody what's happened here at the slip you have them some giveaways and and also social and entertainment here. Throughout the month of January. Which will be a good weekend here we've got good luck with all the big games on the beach freed on stage all the NFL playoffs. Get alum fats Jackson his. Fats Domino tribute latest Friday Saturday and that this study were given away at 8 o'clock A Harley-Davidson motorcycle flew. What you from Slidell make sure oh man or anywhere you out of not you know I got a little bit etc. but. The last bit went probably the coldest of South Dakota about the cold oh wow at you that RB mark right that's exactly right okay which will be a fun we can here at the beautiful. The Harley-Davidson here soft hill classic by two got a nice smooth ride if I hit it at the end of the month. And you know before we get that you know it's my experience South Dakota you know I'd love and that's why would you go to South Dakota. Defensive zone. You know you go like fans and honing in you won a burden on that and art South Dakota wanted to give him I would have there was some Georgia politician. Okay although it doesn't even if let's leave that I don't know if I could ever ask. And I should alert you know you mob but Nellie shotgun in holes hunting with him aristocrats. The goat. Today Dave what we'd like tonight Alabama Clemson though the Atlanta it was a shoot out game Clemson really. Did a great job. Really lost the game on special teams make runs back in my opinion on break and in the onside kick they caught them all off guard but. John Watson had a terrific football game. Oh against Alabama your thoughts tonight six and a half point favorite elves tell about it part of mine broke what look by it's made it pretty good in the biggest world. He knows the lines pretty good. He says that's a bit it'd be 72%. Of the people betting and this is recalls saw fit to at mcdonalds under a betting glimpses but. They heavy money people. 6535. Alabama. You know I. I don't feel really good about it but I'll go to pull the clubs not what I want I'll be able to finally get home Beisel does in you know it's good for LQ could you you. You pick that group ahead of broke the heart I'll pick if boat. I got knocked out I couldn't carry target date like maybe the eighth in the approach that you think about. Clinton's offense and what day it last year now Alabama did it to be better. But they've batted the Hughes wept when you look at Mike Williams in the return of Mike Williams six foot 3225. Pounds. You know you what he is virtually all of last season neck injury he had almost thirteen hundred receiving yards and a touchdown. Then you've literally not only him but Deion came. Who had nine touchdowns I mean this last season. Last year's game in a national championship because. He was suspended for breaking the rules so on Beckett the other little if you look that close that bandwagon. You could say well that yeah we hope that Alabama's David is better but now we have. To help this time out we got Mike Williams and Deon me. Now which will be good game you away and menace and a few areas toppled by what balloon game and you can watch that game from the yellows policies which you can the big screen come down. Come 7 o'clock here at the slip and that's right we also gonna have a radio show every Monday through the money it as a football league while both football where you're the Super Bowl Sunday. And of course we get done you just grabbed seven days a week down and listen we got out for a shot at a Bobby did not last week it will also. It was also mom all the like the pricey in here and I'll win and in doing. I do not. At the salt OK I'll go that route. Yeah asset I'm trying to journal let you leave it you know trying to eat more healthy but I can't pass of the project that. Now that you have great right to putative. Also gave. What are things you know with with the hope they'll be you know here in the area toppled by U kids they open that was something. A couple years back you weren't able to do what you with the illness last week. Also been at a who never going to be at a political winner this summer. Again be at the new to be. Food outlets in here who's going to be really exciting done that's that's who. Think about what happened and we didn't we didn't do this last week it changes happen out with a slight mechanical changes. I think getting ridicule Vick hit field Johnson's special teams coaches. Your thoughts on that because. Those guys have been here who's who bull run what eleven team that was to me I think the better team in the nineteen it is to get to the big show. But it does not to be done yet I think it's it could reenergize the Saints I think it does add a new commitment to it it. You know lately as what working out the way to go. And you gotta make a move at the because people Patriots. And get a little bit then on everything and up. You've got to got it though pop volatile and all those things that wall's game if that an excellent that balance that. Followed everybody so everybody is 02 miles written and I had to tell you well Ortiz. Is company's new term but and then you've got to see him play so Lofton. And he has really been a big time player and really put things sensible back on the map he rule. He did and it made it so exciting to how well we have to you have to go to LSU it's gonna be great for L we did I heard it's about so much to me that we're developing quarterbacks. Committed to them universe you play basketball Hubert that. I don't know but I would it would times if you leave us out and whatever it is a guy like that but thirteen year old sons and not been like. The wood and used to be. They think so much ignored us tonight doubled down and again big giveaway this is it this Sunday at 8 PM aren't Davidson motorcycle. They think so Mike your daughter's with her there with the game know what's round the super slick but. Bob what are things in the national championship game tonight the exhibit that's all we've built this team about running the football. Yet submitted a point that and I think I was a big point of friction between hill Italy Tippett what order the portable ball a lot more. One of the things I think to try to keep this on Watson all the eagle I think Alabama's top pound away at that Clemson defense. And they got not only won back to back it reach the but the running back position they think they can win that battle up front in the trenches if we saw. Put three quarters of stalemate between Ellis and Alabama. In you know fourth water seal it hurts not what is passing. But would it Ronnie. Really took control that football game. Well it the way that well look at it you know can't stop the run can you run the football what. But the bottom line is he told the temple that the pace of the game. You know that speaks for itself so. I mean I don't know what approach a sort he's in he's gonna have well with Alabama all meant the bottom line he's still got to convert. Well on third down and but I don't know I'll watch Clemson football this year. And I watched him and our defense was no great shape late afternoon and I'm like I don't know. With Ohio State at bat when they show that I Ohio State I seen him against North Carolina State hit at home. It's that a loss of North Carolina State makes the field goal. That they win that game Pitt. Scored forty some points against them now you think it's all that matters Alabama's offense but I don't know to me. Clips and it was a shoot out in the Louisville. You know. Look what happened nagging. I mean it is the shot a lot to beat them much of an X-Factor. I mean considering. And need to be yet have faith in Alabama not an easy night the minutes that lie. I'd still don't trust that these adult and a very convincing win against Ohio State. I think lives they've laid an egg obviously. But that's life I don't know I've seen clips that play importantly game. And I was not impressed even though that was impressive. With the getting it to Ohio State but I I don't trust them. What do you think this is not the best of five not the best of seven. One game you know 11 day out and then that's all that's all accounts. In this sort of spot because you know if you go in the best of seven there's no way you beat Alabama but in this spot. It's just one W got to lay on a good. You think. Might it was unbelievable. That you look at this John Watson. I mean it was unbelievable to me and Glendale Arizona in that playoff game where the championship game when he passed for four or five yards. If fours scores in any rush the 73. That's a Bulls to me that's unthinkable. To have almost 500 yard did you lose against portable deepest and Alabama and you lose the yes that I just don't think they can strike lightning in a bottle. Place yet yet to attack that. Will be back with more second guessed right up to his great year on the eats them. We're back here on the second day I feel like that the about a you've been alive from the so we'll slip a casino. Inside right here and it got pounding Mississippi Bobby today and I'll be on it you know. 7 o'clock tonight and then will throw that it Johnny Jones show LSU head basketball coach Bob. A little bit of update on the low point spread of the Kansas City Pittsburgh game. That's you reading that is the oh we can read your game yet well not anymore the Chiefs now part two point favorite over Pittsburgh in Las Vegas. Whoa it's who do it anywhere from three points Pittsburgh. The pick them. Now that sheets or two point favorite. But I have to tell me that Ben Roethlisberger has more in this and like a really severe. Sprained ankle but that. Wood on nine you said it's from a prior injury that he's played through it before. But you know I think they'd some sort of smells look a little bit more than that well that day in between you don't that. Many points. That's a lot of points when you're talking about it a point spread. Well when I looked at Edmund Howell is ankle I caught anise is that in any game right now you can question. Why is he in the game. The games well in hand needed to be fresh and not that that's a different topic but. Mike no it just takes one play and that you could feel like all arm healthy it the only place nothing bad happens though did you hurt. Don't think that'll overcome that that entry. It's also being reported that Jordy Nelson two fractured ribs. And so the point spread net gain now has go on from three to Dallas four point favorite over the Packers. Well I can tell you right now they can get Jordy Nelson in the business to be. Pretend to play now the problem with that. And now we're talking about this I've I cracked wrist programs before that that you know all the the first college player ever to Wear a flak jacket. Hebert with how you talking about Delmon explain it. Not being in bed at the flag jacket in Houston dad passed the reading would be used it all work like jacket it was like a big barrel. I'd ever forget this mark scrambled thirteen if Barrett might that bomb Cubs that game and activities and look at that me and deciding. I can learn to play with its like Jack it. You not let that blog obviously got back. On and off patty if he goes oh yes that rip protective. Could be learning that noted ballots all custom fit and all that. But I can't say what if you have broken ribs. They can give him the business if he tried to play you suited up. But if you get hit. Don't think you know middle that you don't put it appears long so a lot that's why you finished at its me. Felt like Cardenas of the athletically that's going to be tough for him to play right I think that out but that game. With two fractured rib because that does not bode well for Aaron Rodgers is what we say you go back it felt last season. I'm talking about 2015. All blood err right is that I haven't known one received regarding Nelson. That game changer right with you look at all of us anything available or not. You go number one guy so now guess what. It's a big difference between being the number one receiver and a number two guy and so now those other receivers for the Packers got to step up. Not now that would I'll look at that might to me. That would be very impressive and really an upset if they would do you agree no shortage will be the cowgirls. Cubs Sunday afternoon. If they human yet exactly and that's that. You sort of see where and had it in my you don't well look who's that guy and number 8080 is that he hurt him up. It that that that that maybe they're running back his being tied Montgomery's local that the Packers have too many injuries to meet over the Dallas. And so you can see where you know listen it's not who you play sometimes when you go and win you play out. And right now this everything is not a shade it toward the Cowboys. That they getting a lot of look from the other side it through wise to certainly am enough but picketing a Witten Cowboys is that if I had an unbelievable football season. While a lot more here on the second guess show right after this CBS new. News update. I hear on the big 87. The back here on the second guess she'll like it to you Bobby bell lap from the so we'll slip a casino. Beat side and Hancock county Mississippi. Probably one of the things. Oh win. Alabama plays glimpse of tonight if Alabama wins this game. They were beautiful birds being in the FBS history. To go fifteen Indo. No team has ever done it fifteen and oh. Does that that's why I don't know I'm not going against Alabama and you know. I'm lateral then tied the you know bam thank you know you can put that in that regard on that given Alabama's Indy races but it is what it is. If you know you've got the job to alcohol. An amount. You gotta give credit I mean I mean and that's why Nick Saban if they say it's the night. I'm telling you. The study that arguably. He is of the best coach in college football and and on the talent at the bottom of the ever other fellow old school Alabama fans. And my dad remembered not only that can never be all they are right. But Paul bear that Bears on them won't exceed. He's not simply because of the rule and how hard it is to effectively. Win as an attempt now look at all right. You want it 6465. You wanted 7879. With they'd do one at eleven it well. Now you went through that is that evidence well fifteen and sixteen. Still. I mean I'll look at it be tied with the rules that change is limited scholarships and all that that's why it. Also he never had to deal which is coming out early now I'll just think about that. Never had to deal with that remind you might have to acknowledge that NFL players that are going role and the campers here. We got a lot with the former NFL. Wallace thank you president Jeff Charleston Catholic so much for joining us tonight. Court or her career. I thought that because it's a bit of an outlook of opposite in facing a guy like that shall Watson you so many. Opted or Willie teal skirts it's a similar type quarterback in in what he can move around the pocket. How typical in that he fits in this position. But a lot of us read option blades. Is that that's so critical. And it's one stop that quarterback from making that big play. From your perspective of playing defense again. How difficult it is when you got a guy that's that good it would do for this quarterback gets on Watson. It's very difficult to keep and then it for the defense the whole. Now I know I definitely think that who our quarterback. You know it would seem planned to stop him how we constantly and keep you know. Great person to look at all but it is not blocked people well to control. You know and it options so you know it. Treats extremely threat toward. That the type of an Indian and not your typical you don't know you're you could that running back. You know and elapsed between them on the situation whenever he and it took him off not even think and not trying to read it. Adults can vote and on the game plan. But it's become the experience for a part. Now you know jab and look at the Saints in the obviously. Look at it upcoming draft. All the edge of the snake Campbell it get a guy that opposite camps arm that you complement him as far as. Not only getting sacked Vick could be an every down player obviously we all know what happened in the NFC south this past season and he at. To his billing and you gotta give credit big Beasley. Nobody it was Atlanta. But what would what is your take witnessed ain't going all over as far as the draft. Because to me is that the target. That that that against the big guys maybe they have in house. We gotta go take that next step when you look at the top beat dances. And now what they're doing as far as up and he's been disrupting opposing quarterback I could look at perfect example. Look at the Houston Texans. Davey clowning to David's running it Q why didn't play. You obliterate. The NFL know what they bring it up still it didn't break that down. How important that is considering the rule changes. That's the thing that can't find that edge rusher whether it's re the art Kraft. The company can't Jarvis aside. Yeah I mean. Finding dominant conference in Stanford. People your old one. And in the gonna come to terms on the board in Mike come on draft and for example it. You know in play in a couple weeks ago. It's human minds with the cold and he you know came out. Alabama. So you you know ward pre season then you never know whether. You try. Using undrafted guys. Created you know drastic. You know the back of the matter where they're coming home when their draft. You know and all you know he could want to defy the beat him into the peak at the line. What Bryant Young you've had a chance that he was on that staff when when you with their chipped it. What would be a bit to play here are what he'd be a more or less maybe as an assistant assistant. I would be cute use him. But it's important or in a while you can count it's so cute you know talented player. He's put in the time I would think there. It means obviously being considered. The Austria has no need to. I'm not no I'm not there there's. You know with the coach to Dockery really don't know why would be. I think it's probably the most likely to discuss this. Now. That that you played in same time it Jonathan Vilma time right yes yes he did yeah and a when you look at like Jonathan Vilma because that kind of this thing. This it's kind of a terror selfless because the quarterback at that the pits what is your take it on the buildings Dillon. A great job well with TV and then college football. But with a like a player coach. At the highest level with the quarterback can be that these it might keep transition. And it may be being a top linebackers coach. Not a personal interest for a coach him around it and definitely. He kind of year that he was hurt. This defeat now that no level playing field that was there but you know he was on the sideline with them. Different area code and player could easily. Linebackers you know. It level and knowledge game recently. Appeared in a long line not to think he. There's something he can do that it can be groomed for accurate there. Jeff well you're the some pick tonight and you've seen Alabama play and that the particulars but it also. Hit bank glimpse and you know you know it they've they've been. Out of a roller coast the team on the beat him to outside of football you're picked tonight on Alabama Clemson. They have a cookbook. Definitely Alabama. You know you gotta you gotta root for the underdog and it isn't it a little bit to answer them and you know to come back when asked about that sequence in my. Well what are the things that those that lose the pop out of reminds involved in Vegas and one of the things this celebrity and sort of sum this all money. Basically people go out. Betting on games that they go with Clemson but that the real Smart money has been on Alabama it'd been decided because the guy is where he has. It's the best coach in right now the most dangerous team in the playoffs that that you've seen so walked AFC NFC under the Patriots haven't played yet but. They still to me the team that beat if you got a hold up that important to. Yeah I like him there you'd certainly take her out in the community you know Seattle look good over the weekend. Doubt that he returned Natalie kind of unknown and prevail look good for the NF do you think you answered it if you. It's probably going to be Patriots and Steelers. You know I'd be on the Patriots tool. Well it you know yeah if you look at. Obviously. Next vacation. When you have a great season. We've still got to use them back being. Dallas cowgirls and now look at Atlanta Falcons. And what they've done it. You know that the first Oreo for the Seahawks and the Packers. Could theater. Experienced quarterback in the challenges that good a couple of well. I'll let Atlantic. You know have a great season. And I see it be noble one of Tutsis make it human in the playoffs in it and it's doable really doesn't mean. You're you're exactly Uga being there you know. You're the team they're playing on the road out some people can hold that really had much success. In the playoffs and you're gonna rookie quarterback with bill. You know that it's gonna make for an exciting weekend. Jeff thanks so much but Jordan has tonight we appreciate it we'll let you local back but that it that it wants the game start but we appreciate the night but he put. Dario are right Jeff Charleston a poverty that's a bit. With the New Orleans Saints will be back with Boris I think yes and the picture is on the line will be right with him right after the break and negate them. Back here on the second guess show we're gonna go to telephone line as we go to the teacher and the city each. In auto with Bob and Mike. I. Yeah about hey Molly Ivins showed up what you teach about working overtime. Colonial but probably they went out there I happen to them about that I went. Buyout by US open would have thought that you let reputable they were up on what would you do about that bet. Is. We knew that I could be gotten at odds that we spread them out yeah. OT. Jack you're going the lovely it's always fact you gotta go we would love to. That you can. Drago I have been their young buck although. I definitely didn't do. And it would ultimately it. Go out there yet yet I have a designated driver etiquette that it altering. Tell you with that he gents out the obvious that this on the isles. We've because I don't drink that you needed designated driver. I did know that probably now pocketbook when it. If you know there a couple of quick things. Our number one jail bird the quarterback how about local political back you know we've all he can't go that well. Might elect to double up and then over the top. He gained. But I think you don't vote but let me I'd gotten the coveted him to a somewhat very. Yeah really it's man that's ointment. Couple times and an all star game he looks awesome in. Thought he got he is like they're really the whole lives lane or whatever you we will run column. Of fight in themselves feel more you're familiar with a running back. Beijing Aaron. No. I don't like not much ice yet I can go to Alabama yes absolutely. I want Alabama you would make you. I. He is. A big thickly built running back who's got great speed you. And he's gonna be a star at Alabama he's that good and he's gonna play a tremendous amount as a freshman. We you don't about a guy who's got an extra year and he is. He'll he's a man today. On that feeling each get a mid term. They have a quick feet job I'll achieve group I know you'll be objective and I know you'd love Dixie. And I know you love like a good one and what you know that I I appreciate it and I know you do you give them credit. But to me I don't know what's gonna happen in years to come led Alabama with deny it are not. L issued overtake Alabama. That realistically they got a win in that stretch. You know as a fan you've found a football but it still without a coach Ochoa said this often that line up with a line like camp Robinson Butler broke both Alabama on those that are kind of guys you need for tropics. To go to LSU. Where you can win at the point of attack to me that's the difference we're not that it's a line Oklahoma forward. I like Nick Taylor because he he doesn't mind changing need to go out and he doesn't know at all. Our lack code in particular and analyzed it to that but not off and I find. That it's another speech means he. You remember you know on the guys right out of quadruple Arctic. Said it was in the front of the doubt what you do but he and they had a long complicated a couple of days. You don't think that Bob because our apartment not doubtful but anywhere but that's what miles. When of that happening here you'd never called him by you build up actually picked. That's miles is on the immediate Tories are getting into the head coaching job you got to see him in the media or eagle or he just yet so the only thing and he's impressed enough to get it take advantage of that but now the chip. How confident you are. Went out late camp they call plays and it is these are keynesian tonight. That do you think that coach. David rolled the dice and that is gonna come out. 711 that is because that is make guys. I'm make an exchange for a national championship game. Out talking game to get hurt popular keep it used to having I really up. But it did it get away about what you put it in the right now that he's got everybody can't do that right now. And I don't go to Atlanta. I'll but I doubt if they cannot win. It was named Alice Rolen one move that statement made that was wrong. It's that it should've bit the bullet. Voters speaking in and he hit it blow more guys like that. If you between those two guys at the B. I think in on palatable allowing hill to do that goes knicks' all about winning eagle cap but the other stuff so what they've had done. Crossed the line that he moved a couple nice added Nelson and instead it that's enough you can go going to college football team each thanks so much but I'll but it we appreciated. More second guessed right up to break going to be seven. Thank you for listening to another version of the second guess she'll likely take a Bobby Hebert. And won't throw it to the Johnny Jones nobody in that was gonna win urged all good I people booed.