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1/9/17 8:10pm Double Coverage with T-Bob & Kristian

Jan 10, 2017|

The Giants lost to the Packers in the wild card round, Odell Beckham Jr punches a hole in the wall outside the locker room. Big deal or not?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Double file off and running in this Monday to get banks around. Oh Rebecca double covered and what's this Monday Stovall market hello Monday to come back way. The national championship Monday with the Johnny Jones league big time. Yes so here's the deal. All through that kind of just free wheel tonight you know to be checking in Allegheny give you some updates on lesson of the things that are going on we had a game on here in studio but we don't have the sound up. He needed to save the good turnout Esteban will keep you company is well and talk about the gay we'll talk about the NFL playoffs from this past weekend. OBJ I'm sure we'll talk about him as well and other pelicans are in action as well. As one does on this sports talk Monday's talk. Jane you know. And then on round on Monday. Six months it's it's been it's been a hot minute luckily we were blessed with an incredibly. Boring slate of NFL games talk ravaged region. Not a single one live and up to the hype and I hope that Oklahoma team really I mean I guess the Packers giants zone really hopeful for. For home teams for a double digit victories for those home to eat sweets. Via I was that yeah. And then this weekend's matches don't look at it we Houston's and you know violated in in doing so I actually stopped watching the NFL this region. In protest because. It has become and tell them I'm sure that you know about this. But it has become readily apparent that the NFL does not want my Detroit Lions to win. Every year in the playoffs lines it is a battle against the ref for reads. Peter face math problem or what have you my lions. Who would have been Super Bowl champs. Ended up not winning so you had a car stopped I have produced some logic is Roger Goodell. Hates Detroit right an age where. Pres like Donald Trump strategy that they're writers bring him to trip back and bring the auto industry back Roger Goodell I have to get out why yet I need to establish motive. He obviously wants to keep Detroit as a gay geocities so. IE I don't dislike you Roger Goodell I believe in American manufacturing. And so that's why don't watch any playoff games as we can. Alabama over Clemson in the national team it's a game seven enough and India second quarter disarm Watson and at tiger's driving now are as a football but the thirty yard line to keep you up to date on most half court it was first course gore. Seven off OK on the we're on Syria m.s to fairway damage here in eclipse in here now Clinton and now no idea that she and I did dollar. Now I don't takes in fact I don't think it is the it is right to begin with and the anybody has any easier squares because I put the numbers. On the zero columns so slow this. So nobody wins his first round took care that we're gonna over were region. Roll dice to one out of three chance the other Jews have do you fiber present to reduce fiber beside Timmy you objected to birdies though the on the legs. I don't think I've never ever dream up well and you definitely do remember yeah for sure that's what's annoying tonight it's all about cotton wool felt good for the FaceBook. Corporate overlord to be pleased and will. I don't know some idiot to click on good. Rude don't sport Chu warned don't lose. Phone lines are open a 260187. XX 870 eights have agreed to to win. Tonight's national champs of game Alabama crimson of course she got a little bit and it stark Zelda was on top right now seven nothing early. 26 OH seventy call sent at the and that number Texas and eight semi semi. Also on Twitter at T about the NFL playoffs. Starred. Start right now I guess O'Dell Beckham junior. Right after the lost 3013 attackers blew the doors off the New York Giants going back a week ago he in the so it was offensive teammates flight down to Miami for their off day in. T about this is not the reason why they lost they went down in Miami it's been a time on the dot about a week to see the headline. Daily. I assume. If. Few good headlines their specific one that you. Enjoyed more in the rest ye and I'll. I'll show I'll I'll review it a little bit but it is the New York Daily News had it going on with. But this was it was abandoned ship you know I plan upon a guy on the on the on a cruise ship but at what's the point two O'Dell about the junior. Yet three drops are to. Actual drops another ball they may or may not evidently to one was for a touchdown sterling Shepperd had. A drop Indian zone as well. And they wanted to point to all you should have been down there on the off station we can't straighten with it's ultimately not why he had those drops however. When you gonna put just about they'll like that. People are gonna make it about that so OBJ. Whenever whatever grief comes your way it's kind deserve because you put yourself out there. It from a instead are in front of your first playoff game as a pro. You know that that's not the reason why you drop those passes however people are going to talk about it. Yeah I think it's all said in fact it's so well said that I'm kind of struggling to you add this conversation because that is. Pretty much to see at least it's a sing Lee sums up my thought is well wasn't the reason. You have to realize that. Really be if you're not going to do that thought about taking on game day it's about. Or at least if I was put myself in the player's shoes you'd be about not wanting my teammates. My coaches to have to answer annoying questions quite often judge really dumb. But like. That there is some. There is something to you you don't want to be. It's kind of grade reader constantly having to answer questions about one of your teammates antics. And you don't wanna be that guy and doubt whatever of do a bad team still wasn't over command of users really good form. You've just as though one of the reasons that they lost I do think that people are just leaning into the so much harder though because. For whatever reason they going into the game. The stakes were already there it was if you lose this is going to be it is this is what Diebler get it right that people are doing and you're seeing. People tweeting pictures of angry mobs as soon as the game in its name you know reporters here ready to go to O'Dell's locker rooms so. Yeah had been it's really big deal in the end I think you'd you know what they've really lost. Because they were him into the green bay Packers and who just held areas like nobody's business Aaron Rodgers has now. They're in this. Seven game winning junior and he knows about eight games the last eight games here Roger's case. Let's in this completing 69% of his passes 2300 yards. 22 touchdowns have any pitching. 22. Regis and I mean that's why they loss and it wasn't because Nadal he could play better could be closer yes. By the levee that you are being remained remain as such I would have raised some idea realized you know there lot of motivation you wanna begin June 3 time. He had gone into this game he had just as many wins in the playoffs at Lambeau as Aaron Rodgers. That's what's crazy about it. That is yeah I had no idea Aaron rocker that weird stat. Did to dig up you would have never guess currency resilience of perception of Aaron Rodgers excuses most of the success obviously has been on the road and play doubles is The Who I guess zero they won the road war critics there were sixty they went into swords kind of getting I'm getting echoes of that last Atlantic game with a guy like it is land this week and a Seattle. And and Green Bay is Dallas house so I'd say like Atlanta angry bidding to win those games. Mean them much like that a year which creamy ones who boy you're going to have a higher seeded Elkins team. Maybe hosting a red hot Packers team and in that game although the cubs thirteen 3-D redeemed beatle years. It was I think that was a year 820 tent yeah I just want it then yeah they would have been out edge of that year mean Aaron Rodgers. He was just and stop we gotta talk to editor on Friday and so some similarities. Started appeared dating in real said that we are seeing. Similarities of the giants some of their old teams and. I was one of those going L governor defense. Yeah Ronald for thirty points. It did alleges he had dosage suspended for drug tester as the video Justin Bieber they were smoking will need. I mean it was we eat man and he's gonna send him failed drug test for picture Holmes Melissa ga tech it is now. And if he pact is yet he passed his. Street drug test them out of the game hasn't again in the mix in affiliate. Rights owed about engine afterwards he catches some some flak and post game press Tom is he answered the questions. For the most part a few of about that yacht trip. But then. After the game or after the post game press conference he punched a hole in the wall the other giants locker room. It's that in and that's immaturity why can't there is down because I have. I was no my my freshman year I think god they had such a handy roommate Mike and Andrew Crutchfield chatted to crouched. First year calls have probably had 045 holes mile wall. Said adding yeah it's still controlled anger obviously drinking at that age plays a role really industry leaders. Drama between where every Wednesday situation. Crutch and it's do you patch mullah look perfect city and it's as if rotary and all of a fine. So I can't cast stones but I did but did you kind of feel. I can speak to because I went ahead to lower and you kind of become the master of my emotions more in the master of my anger more and not. Figured out in such a destruct way and I still fail that is still did fail mean I would go on Tuesday. My senior year during camp win. Just a Ross an investor and she's Smart starting guards he went down. During a tackle appeared that I mean feel like we should have been doing full tackle. I apology to hold LSU so. It happens bridge really bad look what it's on the road when you got the vote picture where you're already under such a microscope today and do that it just. It is going to exacerbate the situation the league does even care. Yeah capture yeah yeah. By the way the headline in the York daily news this morning yachts all folks ad giants sync your O'Dell stinks and blow out. Abandoned ship as the sub headline. With the big picture. Ship wrecked captioned when modalities. His his teammates is my receivers office teammate and realized there was some. The league of women in the back. Yeah. Ides of insurer posted its may be my. Maybe my per usual mix of internally. What I did is I don't care. I mean does he care about what the general public in the media thinks I know he cares about losing their whole walls he's got that. And I know that he I think. Where he'll want to what I hate to speak for another man outside looking in where you may gonna grow this is really just for your teammates. Her coaches the organization. So you know did you get a bit bit of a he's getting better better to. Understand the spotlight here on yet understand what you did the press she ultimately put on your teammate. It it is arguably ever smoked weed you know that's what they were doing. And the point yet approved yet approved this just say I'm smokers which usually yes. It is it is it a cigar worth the dollar worth it to back whose base is there absolutely. But that's so you know I did that India. Until there are 10340. Announcing team on those elements but. The hotel I was take you know all the way it was a photograph was taken all of them on the yeah out without shirts the Olympic gang member thugs. If I was you in New York Giants how to get rid of them all just they ought to not appeal he's triggered. Easel since it. While you radio I'm glad I don't work for you. Double coverage here from O'Dell that engine on his or perform with a 38 at thirteen loss. In the wild card round yesterday at Lambeau Field double coverage to about a Christian here on WW. The Green Bay Packers 3813. In the NFC wild card round in Lambeau Field yesterday in O'Dell that the engine had two drops one in particular on the first drive and another one later on in the end zone. Another ball I was kind of enables low high get a hands on it but I was. Texas we've seen no doubt that can do to make routine so it's lap I would tend to lean to give him three drops on the afternoon but. A week ago he is team based down in Miami. The picture photo shirtless on on EI. And we're to doesn't leverage honestly I NC the dollar and it just to be writer Damon EC Justin Bieber in these pictures. Now I didn't vote. Are. I could Childress beavers outlook until just means that no interest in that. Lately Kato you loved the ladies mourn anymore you haven't no interest than. And so it just the deeper I don't like just in the come on you know you're lying to your team. I'm not I have you know I have no listen up. To one. I would tallies now he just didn't beat out of any better go on his boat and sit out each you would say well okay well people like that outset. Now but I mean like I wouldn't I guess not what I took it as I want to feel I don't know hey Natalie. You know but if he's if I also got an invite from Justin Bieber be Christian Garrett that did not. Go. It means yeah okay exactly. So don't. Exceeded them like a little like ode to like if I got the invite you would do stuff to get on that. Don't know why not only would I really I'm being honest like I'm crazy. Well we now on I wanna tell mayor and hello of course respecting the marriage think you. But it wasn't went on that that mean you you wouldn't BO ST 22 year to you bounce me stoke don't have the time T shirt off the truck. Yeah. Like I could caiso. If you're addicted airway and you don't like you right you don't go to a junkies get just try to Cilic severe humor it's in rural boundaries are now that you can't pastor Brady now you see that. If yes Don and plus what he really. When it once did I guess you are begging your point if I'm not in it for the bikini clad women and it's sexy deeds walker ran speeches. It and what am I doing there in the first I don't really just I don't think I want every New Haven GB I don't think it is wanna hang out of administering this. But if I do stuff to get on the boat party if I was seeing a lot of stuff I would do dirty stuff like to get on the boat party like. I don't know I'd watch rocky horror picture show. Also counts amongst those. I'd. Oh about thirty seconds away from our CBS news say fourteen enough and Alabama on topic Clinton nicks save and in the Crimson Tide going for. Nanny number six. Under Nixon not he's going for six with this this'll make four for Alabama AG and put up there with with Bear Bryant. And can he fit that entire picked him. So would you really. Just and he were so yeah give the other party did the the book is it we can't yes yes. Nowak. Is no way that the question posed. Hillary we know they announced some details yet it would be. You get invited a game so. What you must do you have to. The words such as me coming up a bit aggressive as in years its rules Leo okay. Obvious too late just to be as fourteen minutes but then. He invites you to the boat party for the entire week in and it never comes up again nobody it's a boy babies and but he treats you like you're one of his boys what you might find my old self aware and Ehrlich told Bob but beyond anything like that like yours boys. Like he said smoking swisher Swedes total tobacco. Women ever would you do do two minutes two nights are we. You know him now I would be like a acting at the trash in my daily al-Qaeda that we controversial I have I have a disdain for feeling I have a I really just do not like feet in general so that's part of the I don't. Eaters a mile down the government place where I would actually like to do this. I just think if year measured on a scale of is it worth it and I think it's pretty regularly. For a single male probably either sexual persuasion is. I'm sure when we get and you get payments and a view that the parties get a Little League answers which analyst who's on. The normal. You would to this yesterday that you goodness enter ally Tim Tim's. Ten games have been upset. I think yeah we will what do you this weekend. We'll articulate. All that effort that it's. Honor him love of all of his number one player he has he has Conner could Jersey. And sports league in the raiders just did not get it done it would have been hard for comical to look worse honestly. And died and it's at and T and T and alcohol and the video poker gods even betrayed him this year because they think it's that your energy not a lot you are sad they're gonna see and you just keep me one. Our highlights on the weekend is usually after we get back together we reconvene on a show. Is getting an update as to how attendees we can win and we usually get one or two updates throughout the weekend attack zip and I got talent. Over the weekend house like he's not hobbies are having to do Mahmud on Monday it was way technical meanings populace that's true. As true. Look. To me about this beeps conversation Melamine bottom line as you would do it Tim you would. Know your number. No chance for the weekend to what are you Rex Ryan I mean she'll let Denny loves him feet. Anything I thought Rex Ryan misplayed that situation blighted Rex right. By because when people and asked him that he got all nervous in my you know he got all defensive and combative. That encourages trolls he should've. Met it head on yes I'm an adult and I like the now for me personally do not. I have some of the Nazis feet in the entire world. But now I thought about that. I imagine Justin Bieber keeps me well. Pictured. Foot I imagine I mean how clean is at foot that's a pretty clean is there's no such thing as a clean for the dead is okay but that's the closest yours again. It's the closest you have like this is he's unanimity it would matter he probably has a pedicure ist on the squad. That's true. And the only shot you could be on the ot getting petty cheers and governor owes you one wall. AMP it is linked those two minutes. No are they wouldn't do it stand fast by it was a place where man exhibited seventieth CEO we are hoping Texas. What score. Fourteen us the second quarter. It is ziglar now but it is right here in because that time it's 141000. You would be our winner he. Around him Jimmie you meet him and by Bob Dylan some Burpee selling good him. Never Delaware beat them they're painful bro they are painful. It. Yet we should reach each those monsters juices and they do. I cancer opulent. Vietnamese. Yeah. 5042601878. X 8787 double coverage that has that beard field. It actually feels really good which again puts a little Butte ointment still on total. I talked to guy comes three unions oyster bay Cuba. Here for a finally Ella talking about the come up and held week yet you know we. In season panels that's pretty cool and some panel produced I look back double coverage of the game now fourteen to seven. This on Watson in the Clemson Tigers just puts that in. Neitzel short scramble inside the ten yard line. 87 yard drive it would have been I IE would it be if there's any stat heads out there and try to get a hold of this I would be fascinated to see the how many he how many times albums you've just given up yet drive in dialogue is gonna mean the season because he cannot be many. The volume and have a handful of touchdowns on the entire years so well. Good on clouds and I still got to see a little more but may be big turnover. You're kind did he do I guess I guess Zain is about 100% convinced. That it the game just. Systems. Under six minutes remaining in the ball game garden in the first half at least in Alvin I was on top fourth I seven. Earlier techsters in the games that's a text or correct any five national championships this would be for an -- even an Alabama won with Ella she obviously. What does he averaging one every two years at this point is that exists that one half of the Nazi and yet Brian that's I would love or what degree and yet the it's going to be if they win six and well so he's when him and it figures it clipped. I would love cute take out the NFL years Dixie and just it is time files you in the year. And see. Habits that even increases him when he rejected it and thank you wonder though could this be LSU. Does. If he was still there one feed it to Miami. And see what yeah I mean yes it's probably would be you know if he had chosen to lead prism like Alabama looked. Do you realize that relationship is as good as it was news. Mean there have been when he return on the program note it was I was you may be the key man they were bigger than saving but the relationship was not com. Oh. As a corporate. And forget about. Of these troubled they. Each it was a great win win it's even laugh like a lot of people were not. To do is pleased as he did accurately voters good good and on the news at the time the legend. That he was so I think as you play were those indices but it's also one of those things where. Part of the reason albums of successful Christian is because of the tradition in the packet in in that state and is it. Tore all the resources ago. The play with you know they more employees people more money into the program and and it makes its it's great investment because the college itself. As increased immensely academically. Two of the ten fastest growing in the entire country but but I do believe that. It takes a very unique set up to reached heights that they have albums perfectly suited to provide him. Went dead set up by yeah its auto she did subscribe Hayworth had no air now Perot. Time is not. His time is done until he says done. Rule. You pointed out. Simpler and under the break that every recruit now every recruit Hussein and a couple top recruit I'm coming Alabama because only natural that title act. Out embeds it is bad their success is causing them to. It's like increasing their rate exponentially right because. The more changes you win in the better players can become more convinced the only they're going to win one is by going now them a lot of LSU players treated at a out. The hard way. They chose those who the over in a fight back against died in the got smashed every single deal that ended up getting their goals. And that of your younger guys who believes in haven't yours go to Alberto twilight coach oh every other coach. In the SEC west in almost his entire countries all of their their old is playing catch him in to help them climb. To make but ten how many points in Pittsburgh scored inscription. 42. Months immigrant who did not and a guy. Usually not what no idea it's 43 right so how many points Alabama have right now. Fourteen OK so Matt Canada is obviously in the best coach in the NCAA. Meaning that Ella she's offered to score 42 against them next yeah thanks Matt seat at the hosts of comic con salesman was well. Okay. Q are you all watch this game but it jarring trends you don't get that. You have devoted Baja and I had just by amid just right now where does that brings out yeah I gag here I get a ease formulate ramble on for humanity you're watching game. Him on my computer screens no column that was awesome you know me I mean you should buck fan. My dog's name to Barca. At when is your bucket years here for Halloween. Two dollars Sox truckers governments to rock mugs that's agreement needs his drink you know possible. It's like two dollars now the powers that what what are yes so some huge drug that huge Star Wars guy. I mean I never thought my while jeeves or avenues region would happen to me and then I got two games the panels with vote. Peter Mayhew and Jonas sort Tomo who is the new chew bock an episode seven and eight word as you call on the new Baraka. And out is a mixture of Peter in him in seven but he is take your role more Morton and going to the future enemy is. Legs artist and yet he had Vietnamese Jain yet he's actually John BA rides around in chair it moves time he can still walk. Normally amateur over the years ago you could get our time really he's just he's just so big and are fighting illegal but but but he's incredibly kind incredibly intelligent but. The coolest part was I got to host. Carrie Fisher. Memorial which in of itself was really intelligence read some new Grubbs is too big. Carrie Fisher produce layer affair and I tell with a fan that's who there was absence Davidge so many people. Talking about now. Maybe that by bowlers are they have some sort of other. Mental. Issue that they are dealing with and have cared if she truly was a champion Jews able to show weakness in public to courage and that this story you have periods of protection but the White House part of that is. Where are you ready do it they were talking about oh we're gonna repeater on stage integrate I think we talk about his other guy named Peter Vega village of accounts I had no idea. Bacteria and ready all the said Peter Mayhew comes around the corner and like my yeah my jaw. It's a floor on the media and I'm trying to be giddy because kind of a somber. Type of moment by bit you know I ended up kind of brief period names it was it was it was amazing video gaming me hearing him really first hand stories Jimenez. Wonderful wife and you Mayhew was. Amazing and being dude you need to talk to Jonas about episodes seven and set. And what it was like two or prepares for what's it like to be directed by JJ Abrams what's it like he's he broke a huge Star Wars sand. And here this guy is he he's from Finland sixth and made me feel timing. Played basketball at Penn State. Time academic all Big Ten the little European pro bass well after that. And I think he was out selling insurance. And he had gone to film school when he's have been seeing rain only got the call to hate on trial try to be each bucket. Next you know twenty years old this huge cast as to what he said yeah and he's huge store hours. And it's I'm gonna talk about being on the actual millennium falcon falcons yes I should say and it was yesterday so. As someone who is a giant U bucket guy I got to hang out with. The only Q people to ever legitimately where that you bachus suits in Star Wars movies this weekend C. At the where notre hijacked do I do hang out with the only. Legitimately a that I know and like happen it is OK I know I got I'm I'm more just kind of. Really be at all for myself whose it is a lot of fun told story about. JJ Abrams wanted to make like a video for his best friends kids per day so they're in the falcons like Jerry let's get out here than. He reaches up and he pulled some everyone's Posey ripped it right off. Then fix that is is all these great little anecdotal. Things that if your movie nerdy new opinion about sets in productions and what goes on behind the scenes it was it's fast it's just an eight mile an appearance in the next hour. Now now unfortunately. To also posted general Barry boss. To. If he's a bit of a cold guy he's done a ton of stuff but it's he's best known for like rocky horror picture show. It so those kind of an odd experience hosting a panel for guys they you've never seen maintenance work who yet elegant blond man went in 96. It'd be the next. And their now five and thirteen away. David if you're into before and here hey look like. Is they listen a girl you know and that's all happened so I guess yes you could say that they are now role technically undefeated. Cents. Thirty minutes. Is that. That feels that this is where it is where'd all changes. It's using its practices did take flight into the matter that reset dissolve in the mail Austrians in roads really. Now believe. Believe unless it's hockey W militants. You're Dem friends. I'm ignoring us. It's getting pretty smug in dollars as I I do love though. I love the tiger cubs scored discuss financial stress. Whenever we're away whenever like it damage as a get a first down there ready to fire whoever it you'd. Give him more shocked GGQ. So yeah I'm I guess in the tournament but things are gonna win. And then we rated text earlier that you love one at UBS is even he can't bring results of evil empire. If you want to I think somebody uses at Miami read an article but I agree with the headline which is if you wanted your VSZ I don't figure actually one Alabama win. Because the more powerful. Alabama you do it almost feels like they're about to reach a bit of TV scale seed Nick Collison belong bounces a hole high it exactly right but it's especially effective in the FCC where. You have coaches now wanting to like even ignored in there. For places like the Big Ten get stronger help ACC man they've. They don't you think. Of the coaching staff vote for for Alabama I mean Kirby Smart win. You know got to hedge. Lane Kiffin if you wanna get rehabilitated or just get an opportunity and coach. Go home and fewer shots play the NFL players national images I nobody has to recruit and it's all mean now the right now Alice you guys get paid right. Q has the NFL. Byline but they don't yet it on the Jimmy to be well think about that Christian we live in this business. Radio how does how to all the bills get paid. Commercials advertising right mentions. Having your product mentioned on the air. What happens when your product is your school. What happens when on a week in and week out basis you are constantly being mentioned and talked about 24/7 on national programs viewed sport sinner. BA game boy you know around these championship games and every station starts talking about it. And so that's why you have reached as Alabama you think the kid in. Idaho is hurting you again one guy do you mind twenty years that you and out of Idaho has always heard about him he's always watched Alabama seeing reason why he could cosic. Exercise good Ellison because for a time though she was. Not they weren't they were not that but they organs in nice advertising. Of their own. Yeah that's what fascinates me as you think about how much money people paid for commercial and one of these games. And he ended the about being in this school in this game and what kind of interest to generate and let's let's look how much it helps academically on the other side I mean. People students. Love going to games watched him win the whole campus is happier. Everybody's happy takes him arguments pride in it I've seen yet this is an empire that. Much like the Romans still seems to be on the assent a bit but. Rome to fail eventually and they were brought down. By the barbarians and I don't know if you've looked over bad urged by you there may be a barbarian king and rise. Coach Joseph any Canadian mounties. You know. I think it when Nick Saban decides that LSU or any elect's team is gonna dethrone them is when it's gonna happen until then. The blue balloons he smokers are always welcome. That attack sounds like I was awards. Once he won't be we'll do one of equal thugs. Double coverage rolls on and next hour you can jump of the conversation at 504260187. Text 8787 at the giants lost the Packers in the wild card. Round no doubt Beckham junior puts a hole in the wall outside a locked room big dealer not also give us your thoughts on the first half of the matchup between Clemson and Alabama anyway tiger what game is is it happened. To be about 25 saying it's the way I look at them score fourteen to seven. It's square for a boring and fiber praise for human in me my idea.

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