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1/9/17 9:10pm Double Coverage with T-Bob & Kristian

Jan 10, 2017|

Who's going to win that national championship? Alabama or Clemson?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Also and running and our student. Double coverage Tim Zeller. And master control rot in the LSU polls and we'll differ look for. Tens. To. 1643. Winners and no 164. Here where on July season. Camps are too. Quick turnaround the knife or Clemson. T about a Christian reality here on a double coverage whoa look at the sued the Desmond Howard is rocket today. We're gonna halftime here fourteen to seven Alabama leads Clinton with that is a bulls CT TW this lunacy. Would that. Not only the B tilt the screen. Are you saw I forgot you the fashion police and you and everything oh. He's you we when he comes his suits your little more flashy. Suit I don't think disease armada. But you would be very into the kind of odd blue collar and the in the vertical stripes I am not and enter your pin number stripes and yet is a five foot seven Sony to look taller leaner and didn't that's that's our real words why avoid horizontal stripes. What comes seeds for me though I I do in this might be important but I do like Tuesday. National solid color clean green card kind of what. But like one of those ones and I I don't own one because what I like does it really has 2000 one that they don't look like. You know they're out they're not crazy in their style and Al players ultimately Craig Sager bud you can discount Ellington. All of them all the all those guys have custom made suits were all the rest is where Jeff adamant warehouse was set up. It's my favorite. To write you know Mike you don't know what's the volume will hear a commercial from the amount I love words it's so awesome warehouse. I'll buy you call call right now stop saying that Steve Allen given. Anyway I'm muscles it's. Hot water potentially. National tinge of game where at halftime your thoughts on the first half final four to six or seven XX 8787. Point. I just got different text from for to show glee in the lord. And he says Desmond Howard's jacket is she area. If you see if you watch in his I think he's married his wife. Does sewing for how important that opens you guys yeah Ali yes the UN. Argument let's see I knew and who and who Blaine had some takes out now you kind of your little dual against Uga girls on yet we are your your little your little capital like this is displayed like that's Albion caballero. Well flashy lulls wagging see how would lash outs go out and it was going to be confident. Well as some would say you might have too much salts. Perhaps. Again yes confidence is one thing peacock team is another I've area quite cool confidence peacock and about strategy. Even though of waiting to go revered peacock yet ago. We haven't you don't know peacock it is weird having ridiculous. Obviously as a conversations are also that you stand out and help whatever play less to attract. To remember. Like it Westbrook I would say that Westbrook has pulled to peacock in news going to be games after. So and we haven't gotten to see every down on the national teams are game in the first half but I've fourteen says he'd have. She's fourteen to seven king clubs and pull this off well the most important news because it's fourteen to seven that means you'd Tim now officially owe me five for peace peace because I'm one. Quarter one of our squares game or one. We'll court to review role for the first court activities. I didn't I hate sighs don't realize that your. Katrina Rex made these at the fiber ports. Now knows it helped me. And it is having unity at this corners together. So you and said earlier really scared him. No I believe my my words or I'm down for whatever you wanna do well that's I guess it shows that bottom line beam that no more roll them. I Leo. T fiber he's at peace we're doing this at the into the into the game job and the leaders in and we all do our grand total birdies on. Him. Want to also. Tim you should probably surgery you know quicker back payers in your throat. Just days after DJ shark which on the first senior year. While yeah yeah and I think he's gonna Wear number seven there is ice. Oh houses today can hurt the charges rumors that well it's a a bit odd. To me personally. It's it's it's it's huge amount I say he's gonna be the decided. C it's funny about al-Qaeda grouse talking to a couple of folks in the NFL the other day when they say. They're saying that Heath he feels like he can go to the league. And even Novi. Fifth or sixth seventh round. Maybe even on drafted when he get to the fifth sixth or seventh round it's a crapshoot at me like. If you don't know you can end up undrafted but they feel like and he feels confident that he can transition to the NFL rather quickly regardless of where he goes a lot of talent evaluated feel the same way because he played at John Curtis high school where they under utilized in the past. And passing game same thing with where they'll shoot it feel like there's some untapped. Talent. There any any finish stronger and we see this and players before treat terrorist told. Wild look we don't know you've registered betray Turner's told to stay in school. He said now I'm a run for nine and how many do drafted him play really well and he's done exactly that. But good for every story like that there are guys who have left there like Chris folk who have to be neutral locked at a certain time in the maybe didn't end up. Making that set I think I would. Air on the side of du pre probably. Doing pretty well easy gentlemen she's kept it. Natural talents it's got to be teased LSU fans of the ads is well well you know analyze where I'm talking like he's gone we do not know. But that was a very strong finish that he had who has last year and the deathly muddied the waters a bit more and he has seen a well managed go. He as the NFL body type I mean these big long six foot three kind of receiver and a big knock on gone. And this year what we saw play out he Remy did it towards the end of the year though which was. His on his inability to go up and if Pfeiffer contested contestant football's but he he got better as bad as the year went on I think that was a skill yet. Ultimately learn because he'd never do a lot high school would have to do early on his college. 1535. Says either a Molder are not cool enough what the hell is a Berkeley. A Burpee well think of it as a push up and squat count a combined. Yeah I'd I would Xavier played. For all of football players he meddling in a down yeah or grass real it's kind of in the same page starts standing. Kevin jump back into playing position and you jump back up standing up in the air. Yeah see we had to do home in the Marines is that was. You reached rock bottom if if you drill instructor made you do Berkeley. And a half they were called herpes all think Emery split. If you were getting punished with a Burpee that you really screwed something up. You really aggravated that that the drill instructor your squad leader or what have you me too it makes you duper piece it was it was usually pretty egregious violation where. He is not too happy. There. One is pretty appointment next time he says. Heck I can even deeper and the privacy. That. Impressive. It levee will with a movie. Yeah it was I now pronounce you chuck and Larry. Oh it was grown ups has grown ups where what's his name to please list. Excellent Adamson. Oh yes two great ones Kevin James. That was kind of not. Little jerky sarcastic there because. Why are there is actually pretty good and accelerates and goes yeah I thought you know assailant and try to be equal guy yes I like him. After you do you lie he Leon I have tried to give is Netflix ones they watch and the idea anything not one we David Spade that. But my god ridiculous six or never one as those kind of a play on painfully. He is one of the worst senators two minutes till the four case that looks for sweet. T not a Christian arena here was pixels double coverage to explain it's the Tim you and relief pixels or and execute like honey you know pixels. Exactly is that like which is that you grain on the on the camera's right and our event on the video and 64 megapixels and it looked like a hundred. I believe that lead your pixel count that that's good news referred your resolution right now not when there's only two at 720. Obviously to an eighty's bit sharper now and into the four K. Land all the four case streams weird still don't really understand it it's not for game it is a water. Tony for he 22 says peacock he says guys on T -- time knows he has to look his best sees as a blend in with the crowd him don't misunderstand. Com. If you if you're on TVO do do you weigh in in its not. I think it's in the vein of peacock and true. See I think it's about. It's about establishing your style right staying true to your style it. If your style is to be bland and boring where yeah traditional suits and stay when it that your fewer Iraq that the bolts stuff. I'll tell you to you know you kind of creative pitch there when you said that but you're not wrong he had beat yourself as a wise man once a you do you. On the do me. I look back double coverage. He not a Christian gene in a row what's going on genius. And he couldn't. And energy June. I'm don't. Know nice that the. I I would love to hear it on. New. And this is the one that in. Help me yeah right elbow is used visual. It. I'm mad at. My teacher. Yeah. He can't wait yeah. I used for. Do well. You know tonight's kind of slowed by NASA championship every do you want to. The national championship it LSU and that. Unfortunately not that should be the rats in the NCAA like it's conspiracy and analyze it it all right US. EC's offices remember him that'll be deal by yet Noah Feldman. Job but it you know again I had not what you want but yeah. Alison. There's also Monday. He goes to Eugene gets deposited by Jeanne. We've got to saints are now I feel Longo and his policies got a couple coaches fired. I feel. Joseph big five. You dessert. Organic. But he is certainly. Words of a gene that as Jeanne point out six at eight seasons it is to world god. I wanted to. It. I think so yet I'll by firing of those coaches. It's clear indication. So to. Not that. Bad at it she. Yeah. Tutsis. And that gee you know what I think jealous we need. Here that got by 27 team. A lot of anger out there and yeah US Louise I agree Louisiana first USC said yeah. And Ellis shoot scenes there. I. Hear your number one in our. You know she have a good night I. I didn't that. Actually not in not you can't beat by. Outrage EO. ICG they've been. Gamer and one of the best Alabama fourteen Clemson seven halftime the tide and a 143 yards rushing to Clinton's fifty. Izod major Bowes Scarborough and tenth grade and he's more vascular and I could ever match that I never did. They all look disabling if you put number two Long Island knows it was their inner ear post aren't. The working. Illegals that you. In the originated there and Google's that you did freeing it to him you see him walking around into a room and silent. I don't know I don't know it looked like yen little pains as a non non non M I'm not your line by. Balancing the weak yen over the weekend a band. And one guy has really crazy here. But I didn't see him so he notes that. I guess so he has. He's now down on the back that has failed. National global. Marketing. Marking the most successfully. He didn't fail they're here. Didn't know average eyes it's average out over a dormant there out of their odd reason that's all right now marking the most successful Alabama wanna back to come out alas. Half decade while ago he said the most success in the unit is that your card tables so far. Had success lead to beat me LDL let's talk about Eddie lacy might be up there had a good couple years and he's crazy fell off the map a little bit that yeah yeah. And he would Trent Richardson he's like anti U. And I think like all of ideally see all the way they use laws used answered Q Eddie lacy and I was but I might want to hit him. Opponent I want to decide sidetracked into a New Year's H on the last half. Decade ahead this today in the nineties that way pre hire her being a little kid and harmful and watch judge on how can dominate I mean think about it too Robertson. Derrick Henry we don't know yet. Personally but I mean there can be denied even play him at times as your accident on in the morning or it was a guy you well it pretty well what was their can restore Russian ours here tend to Angelina but. They take solace in that. Piece of foreign ninety archer chosen. You forum your. Trademark image in type 297. On the way. Doug grown. Jackson like coach are making cheap patiently like Jack marsh dot com. Also Tom Coughlin as the executive vice president. I think it's a bit in. Arresting a higher in house considering you've been like when it was just grab these at 1444. So along those lines of the last four years. I've no idea but but I don't love I mean I don't love the jaguars because of the team. Love the jaguars because of the actual football that's played for the pool I love it for the stadium I love it for. Shot content I think though that. He was ahead of the gimmick game permitted their putting the cabana pools and and I think that he's lost a bit of momentum I think that Arthur Blank in Atlanta is coming out with this. Crazy stadium the screens gonna wrap all around and be like ungodly big you got. Minnesota building future cities where you apparently never have to go outside or something to be in this you will also wall maybe a few years ago. Shot comes to bad as were awesome cutting edge had to sign it. A bit old now so what's next step I've I've proposed live go editorial games bring him back. People of this Belgium may be good to jousting I'd be dampers and pull metal jousting. All of the dolphins to bring back flipper. Mean is that real that would just wasn't part of our database in terror. Not I'm pretty sure those real but I am words can we take every at every time we elected him and I'm asking a question he keeps raising his hand we just. Our our our industry's habit office what we think Tim will know won't Knight yeah area off easily Johnny on the spot but today's been like it's. We want you gone got a that got a day Donnie Jones lead in into the mass. Turnover and Alabama has football. Inside. Clinton's forty yard line are you on top fourteen to seven the national championship game Nick Saban and company. The gonna add to their lead Bryant in Metairie you're on W two I Bryant. A good evening. Say that and they brought up the date of this and coaches the last call you whatever you want. Felt like it was your year to you know worry you know that. I mean look angered me how many how many come back they're here because you're an inkling. Life. Other special day be improved greet the ball 4045. Maybe want a quite big game if it is. An edited by it absolutely not. And though the rule created McConnell murdered that'll. Return to me it's like they do what we are now I'm a cart when it in the light blocking some. They haven't had a kick off returns for touchdowns this court evil we did in 2009. Walt. Will and that is because guys they'd won people get sick of kick off deterrent. Don't want to cause of the rule change they're just trying to show that out and out except I think I believe it's about taking Greg if I'm wrong but I believe Darren Sproles the last player to return a punt for touchdown. Mortgage Mervyn literature and some years ago all aunts are your right he did he that he did you know against Carolina and I martyrs were recant plastic he fumbled at some point looked at but it's a good point O'Brien's marina. Is it strange is gonna sound you talk about offseason priorities like that contract out to trap they have to find somebody go back in thinking give him some return ability they're done obviously remarks Murphy Tommy Lee Lewis. That's not the answer. He still he puts the ball it's are we did fine finale again any time any seat that he didn't have enough dynamic. Ability to handle all these means it but that's a priority for them believe it's pretty high together get some sort of Jews and return game. Yeah I mean I guess in Dillon Brian what do you think maybe outside their return game what are you feel like this. Saints team is in the. Well you know globally and then then Alan I mean look you did pretty good quality the entry Robert wondered. Eddie earned a right to bring in your own like combat coach. Dennis now. Why don't you did check off for I mean he'll probably gonna let him well I think Sean Payton is we I don't think I know Sean dateline the final say there. But but but Dennis Allen it's going to be in charge and trust today. Hate bringing your bring in the guy you feel like our a couple of guys do you feel like you to work with and also the EU EU like as as coach Sean pains as an all time their teachers right. He was the ideal teach first that's been up a priority of the coaches in the past under Sean Payton. Flooding what they eat is that you know that that one play yet that helped buoy on defense Blake gonna help out in Jordan now like. I look at that on and bury it means you know walk without power or the great cop with a lot Gilbert now. And we are numerous calls about Anthony did I mean that's kind of the ammunition that was the final shells loaded into the gun that finished of its time. In New Orleans and I got a question real bring Brian break in here. Why is New Orleans called Crescent City because the way it's laid out it's the crest of the river down. Is that right Brian. You got I'll liken them. Like it was a moon bella. That Soledad yeah dale on the river cat and the little the river. You know I think it's right on here yeah about a reads here right outside the ready to let all the Crescent City connection to his right. There by where the crescent. Forms bar in the city. I'm cool cool cool. I think a if you're not right oh good job selling those you're confident that's a NN I guess I'm sure that the Tex and others well. Let us know if you know art I'm just wondering because of young them trying to. So this we can have bought a really sweet. Handmade leather bound journal and I decided that I'm going to. Catalog all mine. Orange tail of our Lord of the Rings. Card game adventures and I think goes as the Brokaw missed the pollster for the crescent. Sony along those lines you itself had some had some games this weekend yet Emma buddies steal that we got down. No you're never invited because you don't wanna be by did you notice them that's not true that he has on you know you don't you don't. I've gone through a lot of changes personally the last six months at mr. height so maybe I've taken more of a liking to. A deal with rounds of these are games maybe I wanna be invited maybe I'm willing to try it and you just you're too cool for school you'd Seth if you and wanna invite. If you are sincere that what you were not. There are other games that week in Denver toes in the water. And mainly become about monopoly to replace monopolies. That's why don't you invite monopolies are in this game. Now it's now with the terrible game and if if you urgently monopoly like that correct you can look at double line the absolute most try hard. Correct way to play monopoly it is the most depressingly. Like. Realistic capitalistic slow Lee squeezing your enemies drive. You amass more more in the idea and this just like tedious. Slow pace slug fest I guess you've won. What if you really one. Making it all the riches the world but he doesn't have love. What is. You see you to know something about what I wanna know is the fellows of the crescent I'm trying to come up here. With a coat of arms and I'm thinking like if swampy lake Spanish moss Sri canvass the background. Really like like poetry. Has the move which. Would be in. Earnest in New Orleans as a suggestion for your Crescent City nickname that Ernest. OK. Or call the city is because it should report content. Ball. And then encourage them to get caught in your touch and that's why you're. Ice figure earnest yet it all makes and sells I guess of always wondered edges and never. Actually stopped and thought about it. What got to look earnest Odyssey and he did talk as much or as little as you won tonight BR yeah real quick hook tonight we go there where we're joke would you guys. I would go to school for on the away team. Playing sixty. And that is that all in all 28 or. And oh actors. There Irish Portuguese and people. Given. It. And exit. Which speak it should be sex. He's the when. The pressure. I. Check. It usually like. On. And yeah right. Like the pressure on court. We can. Because you know. School. You're caught. It. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I mean look we would talk about this and it's been it's been at the fore fathers but every conversation. They have an answer yeah I mean for the last couple years they've tried to address it. They've been cash strapped haven't always been able to get the guys they wanted by the way though I did FaceBook chat last week and they're like who the freeagent incidents that are gonna build and here's the thing. The really good ones typically don't hit the mark. You know wondered I don't know I don't address that is the pre aids died and I think it needs suggested draft. In the issue is you wanna reach rightly where you're taking and that would do last couple of years you have many guys that you gotta hide them agreed on. Just by a statement that. I. National championship update between Clemson and Alabama seventeen a seven attacking the fuel few moments ago. And that Clinton's drive and into Alabama territory 909 remaining in the third quarter and Alan double coverage to about a crushing on W well enough and got them. That's our own our Alabama's forty yard line to Shawn Watson lines of unity shot gonna come quick exit they didn't go forward. Todd Davos we have got to look early hell's gonna second guess talent. And dying now fourteen remaining in the in the third quarter to go for that point. And you is Laura Leone they they made the right decision ultimately the Clinton tigers cited a quick kick quick kick it with the Shawn Watson or down. Seventeen to seven so that when a field goal battle in the field position battle should say. A Smart move four. Clemson in Davos when you don't lump Poland for this one. You'd meet this aside the fact that it's out and you root against Alabama but I'm pulled for clubs just is that he La vina all the big. Demo guy you roll your eyes on the Wright say that put. The woman and we should pull for dad vote tonight. It's Nick Saban. Right. You know under him you demo you dabbing. Yeah it was a now I guess your ID and kind of caught. Between two evils because I don't really like Davos where you have much of an Wallace of the he says in public. As ridiculous and his view a lot of times of the com. Player coach relationship that our time relation there and in how much power judge should have don't yet guys within. Guys I was really going to infinite. When guys do is give my ball game I'd I'd I'd I'd cut animal you know the point is that he's comfortable anymore. And it came off the team in the first place and secondly. That seems really dumb coming from a coach Wayne you gay huge bonuses to make these games. The administrators keep huge bonuses to me these games everybody and she loses except for. The players so while I'm not dab of him but. To your pointed out lesser of two evils so like that who it is culpable appeals for quite frankly. User. Hostile semifinals were not exciting. Championship game is up there particularly exciting I guess and holding out hope late week. Is it wasn't it pretty and exciting the majority of last year and get a trillion potentially in the fourth quarter. Look because the nature of the show I was challenged by fellow. Tribe member to call out Jim strictly countries listen right now. So Jim and I bet on the shocked at new Yorker. Our. Don't analyses felt like that at all I try to. But he and I've dead Jim and I did for the Sugar Bowl hope I took Oklahoma. He took Auburn is Auburn Tigers. And we've birdies on line at first original is going to be thirty per piece in in the day of the game Jim walks into the gym and says. He walks in the union. To marxism. Anyway so. The third time China we got to adverse judgment have asked. As you did yours did so he lost in the league. Two it's in the days of the gaming goes. Hey and so confident I'll give you sixty pass and you said you know I knew you went to Auburn Jersey has made a bet you doubled down at if you build out it was already bad yet. And he's got the pale he's yet to pay him those little bit about a week so I told him that nails and was again don't. And so look who now. Now he says now started eight. Merits of this he wouldn't. He was battle a bit of chest colds David as day. But. At the saint Thomas and I look at suburbia Dana super today interest and so he's up to about seven labor peace in the house challenge to put on blast just did. Jim Coleman Berkeley's I'm like a newspaper guy on correctly and move him flight. Oh wow well. Two dollars what's that movie really. Easy to cast and when I'm not. Wait but wait Spielberg is let's check it squares game in the course of the seventeen cents. So ends right now stands right now. KG you'd be taking you. Three units and you have some birdies we've tied up him a video of this and this is its fifth that this. And there and hammered and scattered timber trees in the face outlets OpenId think Tim actually fulfills elements like he will be squelch on his debt. An hour. Make a film content re gonna put on the FaceBook him and Brazil means that ultimately giving thumbs up and like Nixon. Also watched a lot of black Mir yesterday some pretty down on the future of humanity and especially yes. Social media and they countered which by the way if anybody's knowledge like me you're. It's best you third season. Yet which puts paid abuse is made last year. Oh. Is sued him assuming you've been depressed. See I'm I'm not how reset in the offseason yet were right go on he's been watching Netflix. Anyways every once those things when I headed that direction adding usually it happens. App post Super Bowl in between Super Bowl would say the first week of free agency where I really just dive. Deep into the Netflix. And all of them you know isn't planning on and they and one mile once it's like. He died we do edit and it was it was a lot of fun like here's great. And as an episode that I think more clearly than anything I said which they always tried to say shows. Why you can't be your way of Casey Kohler we talk about like the government like modern your emails Mira Vista. They had they excellent episode deals that why you have to be here. Of that sort of logic in giving too with our tree in the sort of back doors as well. Is that doors is exploits they can potentially be harness. And you lightly potentially did you did you ever me baggage it just infielder Dolan. Now put up of the Shawn Watson in the Clemson Tigers just a couple of Beisel scoring drive on 26 yard pass from Watson hunter renfro over the middle 1714. With the action point. Clinton down by just three points and making it into staying open and the national championship game. And that means that now yours to and I'll write it super please call around. What exactly that in the thirties now it's estimate fooled by four minutes left doubling in the you know in the third quarter aren't aren't that I in my seat actually giving him all the worst colors. That's that's okay. It was what is he up to ten birdies now easel. Well you know if he loses it where if you lose here here then mean you have five users to see. I'd like that expertise that strategy from tableau with the field one with field field position battle. Got an onshore field that's what you need to do against Alabama. That's pointed racism blow wrote that it's now. Stock that yes yes. We in the field I agree. Got to play along reject its chick is checked it sent me an album out abolished and Micah she history and your. Cheeks turn. Along well and be now's turnovers hey look what some others lead. What if I told you could control the line of scrimmage. They haven't. They could still win this game now control line of scrimmage especially if they get a turnover or two. I mean again like last year that he is Clemson losing jurors June jail right now at least an awful on a one for sure. I don't want to shame on him but before that last touchdown pass. Watson had just 57 yards passing use five of nine came on third down it's crazy. It's better now. Via went for and it of the 25 yards look. I'm excited it's game board game at Olympia and now maybe it's all things are easy. Street. We'll see you might have been. The basis. A lesson I internal don't poke the Baird just yet. Robert Ehrlich calls where you lead off next hour double coverage rules on here and a.

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