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1/9/17 10:10pm Double Coverage with T-Bob & Kristian

Jan 10, 2017|

Which AFC team remaining has the best chance to knock off the New England Patriots?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Two out wanna go look at it this Monday night edition of double coverage to about Timmy Christian in Alan you in more hours ago here. Both of us are cut all three of us are coming a while on the show them lie Omnia on the national champs have game between yet another instance lasts eaten at the game did you see that hit that disturbed pots and just took on a scramble. Third long yellow came within a yard or converting it got helicoptered. They tend said he did it at 540. Landed a bit awkwardly so this is well downturn hawks and to me or to 900 yours and who boasts all the Iowa will say this bill awkwardly and maybe you lose British style points there are good. I'm just excited like we talked that it can he gain in momentum shift the I like the devil on and there you don't want to go over for the wanna give all the momentum back to Alabama. I still think there are. Still concerns over the Alabama offense. Is that how many more points they can put up consider him. It yeah everything we talk whether it's working against him in the and you got to figure I guess to a question is. How many more times can clinch Sinn Fein the in and they do seem to be one of the few being because Shawn Watson that. Can't generate some sort of consistent success but walks it's great game but funnel. Alabama just a burden. -- first downstream drive together both Scarborough was down right now on the feel that the on the turf at Raymond James Stadium and it looked at it is neat. On if you look at it cramps here four. Those horrible scar borrow. Robert on the cause it was element awkward. No robe and lost it. Yeah Robert was. Robber Ricardo Bob you there Bobby Jones Sally he has. Know Robert you eat and eat so much airtime tonight and then work. Basically giving away air time. He is a short hook. Story about it can be shivers and am. Think he wants to go see recently analyzed is really good national exit game look out of my job I'll be honest the all right now than I'd read mobile home this is safe space it's okay you on issues that were. You wanna do a little like June air play Yorkshire in there beautiful place a well. You know it even better let's talk about the expansion accountable when there's that thought right now it fits what should happen to these immediately at this reaction says. Shakes his head and eight W Mona glory you're not for either now I'm not afford a not for we've gotten it to best match of the last two years we've got the best matchup we possibly can. I mean look I understand the controversy. Over the Steve Pate I argued. That hostage maybe I mean we don't know how much better urgency ordinances it's kind of whatever. Op. But what my issue is if you think the water's muddy now. As did you get him as a force team. What happens you have eighteens. And you have like 45 teams that have incredibly similar Reza Mays had the same records. Maybe some have come in towards other delegate begin I I like that it's somewhat subjective. Really do because I think it allows you to get. So the best matches but I worry that going to eight teams invites. Too much. Subjectivity I don't know intimate. So I yeah I had an idea of things and cultural twelve cents. I'm not for a team does not fort tends not for what you say 504260 white semi do you would you like to see that. College football playoff format expanded to maybe eight teams from four now. And I thought that when he originally with a playoff format that it was only a matter of time before Tuesday. I'm not so sure I think the more more they get good games like they've gotten here. In the last couple of that time and you'll it's this one is yet thus far but the last two are one in three quarters. Call it. Have been really good so I think that that's stakes to claim that hey. The current format which we have is the right format to ultimately use. I'd Seattle like either by a larger than it is. Adding it's a more satisfying champion at the end of the year. I don't think that any changes anything. I really don't except for making it more traditional late at least a fourteen playoff kind preserves a bit of the old school feel of college football yeah go to a team's. He just started feel more more likely NFL. And then it started collectibles with two evils and some teams give him that you know are probably not play a close eye on our planet you me. Bulls argument you have the semifinals of that rule would you duels always than you should have a team to new kind of you my dear do you get a better game city files embedded value. I don't see that way I think and then and let's say you have to get three loss team it's the intimidates you a seats and now. And they win well that is satisfactory champion against the they wanna play a saint man I'm really struggling this conversation because they're the it's really down. And I think it's very obvious to stick to the four teams. Robert on the cell phone is back with a those one on Robert you're on WW. Hey guys on. The get go he would demand to own. And which. Gonna say it one but they have an update you guys like my tree Riggio or Adobe go BO and I'll I'll only chemistry and not a particularly. Union. You have the best face. Anybody. Robert. Thank you. You know more times like you get on records like in play for the boss Afghanistan. You know. Each other. What area could I wouldn't trade secret. This year and follow the larger cargo. Yeah first off before he addressed is the key cup hot comment Clinton fans are stunned right now I just a long touchdown pass from Jalen hurts. They're on top now 24 to fourteen. So compromise. Held him OJ hours starting to struggle can schooler media OJ Howard the tide in four Alabama along touchdown. Reception four play 79 yards in Alabama is waiting extra point they're gonna go up 24. To 141223. Remaining at their core rights or Robert talking hockey guy high alum. He might have two or three moments in the game word got Werner are match is the only governor slams off hey yeah that total was but you better you better slam exactly you better do you better get after army capitalize on every. One of those two opportunities that you're going to get. To put them behind eight ball a little bit. But go back there Roberts call in question about key guy hop he was busted coverage while he was wide open about ten yards. They're setting up Alnylam is at play action. Did see an NC apartment I mean he is an that was a Boston covered by Clinton clearly but. I'm going back to keep John how what do you that in fact yes without a doubt he would've had an impact honesty. He saw his impact in particular stripping football's in his rookie season now when I wonder about two dobbins you could speak to this Morse of the meat. We have an and an ACL injury is is his third one going back to his college days. How much are you concerned about his ability to fully come back. A bomb now 847 of foreign tech side right on glad you're with us we'll keep updated new ads go a long. Because weird because you don't know what to expect for two reasons the big one like you said it's the injuries. How'd he come back from three CLs what I like about Keith is his mental discipline. Through his martial arts I believe that he is very well suited to handle that kind of adversity and to physically. Coming back for a one of the other questions that I would have Christian is. Got registered recurrence is. What ordered him ul. What is his role and did as Allen's defense yet okay is he was very productive under Rob Ryan a victory gained him like four sacks four forced fumbles. It was a really impressive numbers I don't know if he had a rookie wall which inning almost always plays always has an impact on him and Thomas. Pushing the review this year not funny might it would get a said as much himself but they did he push you push right there. Yes I don't know lucky guy that law last year or if when Allen came in these didn't quite know how to use him but. Is usage rate his success his stats. Like disappeared is reps disappeared. Under Dennis downs I love key guy hop from potential standpoint a little window which you got to see him. I loved his also love the way he made plays he's one of the few bright spots of the defense last season and I hope that he's gonna be really good again but. Because of those two question marks I don't think it's having you can depend on master. Yeah and look on Keith. First off I think that the reason why he. Waned in this production down the down the stretch there was like you Robinson rook you all but. If memory serves me correct you as little banged up and may be. There's an eagle we didn't know about yet we know about the severity undercover yeah we did know about the severity of that ankle injury so if you're looking at you know the reason why he. He now have as much production or as much involvement in the in the defense when Dennis Allen took over for fired Rob Ryan. That might be or a reason why look I think we're both big fans of key job right in terms of we want this guy to succeed because alum. Do you feel like everything about a matches as a player but as a human being as. Personalities. Beautiful there great bodies. Out of control laws those. Odds would you like like the quiet man a policy that that was. Used to you literally said you liked everything about him let's true zones like that applies to Macs in your pies you're seeing me Texans I. Everything about me. You know. Do we wanna go with us now I know actually we had earlier news I like here. The lower ball like I'm impressed by the lower body that's you've got the gets a lower body attractive of the elect of the eagle Beattie cat okay I am bullish in that booty he always talked about com also mean it sounds like you're talking about regionals I don't know lower body. Which now I would set below the belt class this out of him more specific and said. Below the belt. Okay below the belt a game or body tigers a cat's very different lives booty Clooney is Maximus. Of the upper body those kind of Alice. What. Your ideas to a couple of oh look the upper body. It's wintertime obviously isn't going to work it's wintertime I don't see are tired I am right now. It's do that worked out too much of last week and a loss Cellini are really cold. And because I lost that tiny bit of weight now matter to work away partners stay warm and nobody's using up all of the energies trying to stay more. It ain't your story mental and RV one. It's not a lie if you believe you know guess what I density is what you had in the public does again and yet again yeah right now probably. Boyle makes you bought from the store or people in the bag. Yet but let's so one night that's the only not I don't like one day I love boiled eggs. Thought 39 boiled eggs groups via their cage free range for evo three ball they said it's fine. That's fine details of free book. How long's it been that they're boiled or I don't know if they have. Sealed date on. An idea is not going to use it. But I don't feeling exit some users. Actually four days now succeed him. It's perfectly fine I'm as you tell we're going unit will make it another legal or not. This is hall show prep what did you don't it's. That Kansas city Kansas City Chiefs are 26 in the NFL in rush defense and they give up four point four yards per cared. Whoa we knew we you alarm bells because they'll be playing the Pittsburgh Steelers and let him go. In the last seven games has addressed 1000. Yards and it is all about and cared there inside the ten yard line. That your. 24 to fourteen and national champions. Clinton and drive it a little bit. It is a game I wanna be watch this dish and Andrew Watson these. 20 posted. Double coverage of WWL has done on the book mr. Leon. He's. A touchdown pass to 44 play. That's why we. Wall on the with the extra point Clemson. Down by three ally on national James again. By the way we've got to mention the double coverage Burpee square game that we are playing tonight yeah. I ones and Korean in the first quarter is. We ask of the chart but I want second quarter since the thing as you stated that he was in the lead for the majority. Of the said that third quarter Kim Zimmer and snuck it in the end thinks OJ Howard he digs down. So now the count is I have fiber please Tim has fiber please Qaeda you got to ask you you're stared fifteen in the face. Fifteen and your team. Hundred we've got Alley at it's and a and it that later. I think he should get 51 grew up the first bracket the first like that's what they usually get ten Fernando anything. Yeah see I trusted. To do that you're the one it was your brainchild now. Now now now not all for naught though men at the edit that we've exhausted the topic yeah probably more beer oil. Now so me now good Donnie and I tell us about the college football playoff formats and expand from 48 team what's up Donnie. They guy's story on the I'm in the middle of nowhere driver brought by then. And Tripoli or pretty well. 08. Away is objectivity because. Any team you reward. You make the conference game means something so the five conference champions are automatically and you do to get one automatic birth to a group of five this year that would then western Michigan. Most years they're going to be these eight seed that your kind of warning the one seed forgetting the one seed but I got a built there. And then you have to wild card in the committee's. Full function. Or sold to function would be to think too wild card games. And the C detained and one rule for beating the came to widget that. If you win your conference and somebody else for copper also get the wild card. You'd still be seeded higher than and so Penn State would have been seeded higher than as statement here. He can do you want and I. We can we take into account for Matt. So I think so they get technical wildcard. Would deny that runner up. Well the only thing is your two wild cards is your two wild cards as you would have been. Wash do you do you think we'll that your putter but that you're an 81 or. I want to you know it would be an Ohio State Michigan where did you hire extra. Now all. I follow what I'm telling you is that arbitrary two teams per conference rule. Is now putting the eighth highest ranked teams. In the playoffs. Now it's rewarding. It's great it's making the regular season actually means something so that you don't have preaching from the bank club played each other for nothing during the regular season. I think right now the regular season means something because you get into that final four played ID I don't know. The reference our last caller I looked at how the final standings. Top 25 top eight if we're expanding from forty. Accountable playoffs. Look like this get top fourteen ban on claims in out state Washington right. And stay within 5112. Miscue and attended two of its six Oklahoma would be in the top eight that attitude than Wisconsin at 103. USC was at three loss team. The rules he laid out it would have been years title winners or would have been Alabama Clemson Penn State. Washington and and Oklahoma there's an in your five are five guys tea you're six would be western Michigan. And then you because of the rules that he put into place as the high it would be Ohio State. And then the next wild card would have been at Wisconsin attainment three but the question is how do you Parse between Wisconsin and Southern California team are rotated three. But I Colorado team there was 93. What about a Michigan team that was 10-Q and right dead about the media this June 2 teams in the same conference like I just. IE I I think the same mission that you haven't taking the fourteen you're going to have a pig has too wild card spots. And really you're just like the NFL at that point you're just very much becoming it'll play announcement you point veterinary care dog what do. This follows the heavy generator side end it's going to be by revenues if they can sell minutes to the networks and they can sell to the fans. It contains are clamoring for this at their truly clamored for. That's all that was the impetus of that before we got now is the fist at call for. I will say this though as far as a team playoff. Eight teams play of ideas go. His was very simpler easier understand and does make. The most there used in most attractive one that I've heard thus far as far as he automatic bid tell identity because I like honoring. Congress Jim Richards I was in civil intensity got in over. Or when did they did not give him over how's it. Alabama couldn't get off the field convert a third and eleven excuse me couldn't convert and get a Clinton got off the field but on the ball weigh twelve twin nine remaining. The pin cleanse it pretty deep in their own territory. That down there were Alabama Zelaya or for party. We're three hours and where would still yeah in the fourth quarter CES we bought this game was going to be over. In this is on us because it ever measured progress along college games are managed we both games going to be over Jones is no way. Now he stood at twelve and half minutes in this ball game but man. The tide is really start to turn if you will against held. Nice excellent job I love how whenever reverence and how we shortly college game like. Oh well we should result Cox on first outlets that are committed to Ellis and others to do either way people adore and all of these like ideas out there. When it's it's so obvious it's I mean it's a commercials that try to squeeze in more and more advertise it why is it long. Because you have commercials you do one play that you have more commercials neglected to commercial that to kick off to had a lot upon yet so yeah it's it's mean it's one of those things where it's like if you really want it short and you know how to. It is you gonna hurt your pocketbook. Say similar way when they're saying how we shored college football games. The real question there asking is how we shortened college football broadcaster Al costing ourselves money. Maybe driver of prices causes less time available and I accurate hearing Mike Leach says he's one of the few those dislike. You crack down on the commercials to. My cleats is always coming at two from a common sense approach that's the scenario. For sure is that is that lawyer and I'm he's got some great have you ever heard him. Me like he's. Takes all up on takes on just like everything it's happened outside of football look he's a fascinating individual. Yet they estimate of media interviews born like the eighteen hundreds and he says a prominent dissident football. As possible so posture. I'd I'd love this I'd love the cover Mike Leach heard though that he's the real deal with the media but then again. On account he was in the media when he was in coach informant that was he had an X Emery leadership and I was four seniors there for SEC media today. I got to do an interview. On makes him with Michael while they were like curse in their own internal what was it what was it like Aziz he's highly tell the very cool you can deeds. One of those guys use insulin like you see why he's good counsel book she's a Washington State right yeah I was Hugo Cribbs USS cubes. Remember this is a program Washington State. Two years ago. And more players arrested lake over the past half decade and they had wins. And now they gave me back to basketball games he played in the they played for the chance to go to the pac twelve championship the final game a year against Washington. What's crazy is as good as they've done they've started each last year's by losing to a gaseous hot and ages and him being out. Exudes over the weekend what to think and this I kind of ran it on it yesterday on its sports but so. Virginia Tech and will both find 25000 dollars for their role in taking game plan information. From wake fortunately for scandal right and the name of the guy the radio announcer whatever color and a lot of skewed it's it's really irrelevant ultimately give Wii game plan. Animation and all they were do you always. She gear content provider wanna do is Tia. But I have I got you cholera and what you did that we keep it will grow into it. Piece of that's like Matt Ryan with slice and dice. And yeah gives maybe the sideline reporter slash Beckham color or play by play guy. Christian Garrick. May be having to give the plans the falcons. Now this is going to be all over saint report come watch that we all over. Tired droppings or should have thought about 425000. Dollar fine though for a little in Virginia Tech it's an end in. It's you don't play and in this. The commissioner what were they in the AC syllables what conference. ACC but the race is it felt like it was it was justifiable that was. That was a that was sufficient punishment and I'm looking hating on a toll is 25000 dollar fine for team. Well is that they're self imposed penalties though because that they've still way enemies and suitably and command and that's what you do you. To try to deal like look mom I stay to myself you don't need you anymore. And now Nancy neighbors in yet. Our easy outlet can't do that can't. Can't you know as race to upload users can do that today in on today's world. 44211 Alabama on up you're one of the ones all over AP after India endurance Christians yeah they went too far. Way too far anyway that we saw the last of AP partly vikings uniform could it on TV so I. So the vikings and I heard that they're just freezing in the franchise's leading the doors open. Everything's gonna freeze in ice and then no rise as a white walkers. It's 41 Alabama with the football over clones are right now in 1950. Remaining in the national championship game welcome back double coverage. David on a cellphone what's going on and you're on W that well David. If ball as odd that. It. Nice nice and whoa that was the main event tonight. What was that was made that was big draw. We're Alexander. Boat it was not. Wal-Mart. Are generally an all Jericho. Laws and it came out and drop well. Ha ha ha well there yet that's held by guy that's of these better. Yeah I made it out all right and it may not reflect not minutes I'll I'll I'll get back wallet Shia. Able late or. No way. And all. He has to arcade 2000. There was in bill Goldberg was undefeated. And Kevin Asch. Go active and subject. To beat him. And eases Albert uses for its next week. Georgia Monday night was in my future. Goal of getting jumped to trade. IEW. Oh cabinet excuse that he gives bill total so in. And fixing the jets intolerable. What lefty. It goes off the situation. Kevin Allen's. Lot of people tell me look like him. Emma. Alleged pictures of him and his success made. Him. His success makes them. See you know this is why I think comic about a yard into why. This game is at attempt to gain it's good that has gone for three hours and 46 minutes. The got it does. And I haven't laughed so the more portals breaks they take the better chance I have in home and watch the last couple of minutes. Which I women do but this looks like you're going to be it's going to be another really good finish and the national champs you gain. Shawn Watson and Clinton just taken over the football about the twenty. Four yard line yes they're a commercial break again but. An opportunity man for Dashon I was little time there now look I just wanna see this out I want to see the in his game he looked to be honest I'm like I said I'm totally distracted. I would much rather nothing that you were talking about oh listen I'd much rather be home watching this game. The Houston Texans travel to New England this week it did take on all. Today. And let he down this weekend marks the fourteenth appearance for the Bill Belichick Tom Brady era and every. First playoff game during those fourteen years has been in home wow what consistent dominant. The only other time that a match that was this lopsided going into the divisional round with the patriots. Was back in 2011. Against the Tim Tebow led Denver Broncos. Who were nine and eight of course. That game ended 45 to do in. Earlier this year however Jacoby are set in the New England Patriots squared off against Texans. To go ahead of them. 2427. Enough. Yes and some terrific in this game the N double to score but mostly interest it mentioning about the game that brought Oslo wears the same out of playoff wins it's matchup Matt Ryan right now and he could have to Lebanon today Matt Ryan Evans was the field. Is that an industry the Oscars Syria and I'm not so sure that is a that is a super. That they vary Rommel statistic I am very proud of you that ligature rude yet light five in every goal like UK I know everybody and is feeling good right now. How we cut it down excellent job for an by the way. I'm not so sure that Atlanta's gonna beat Seattle. Yeah. I am I I'm not I am in the Seattle backers during an argument. The Earl Thomas hurt. Those bets that as far as you go to who else is there does matter. Gerald bombs in our neighbors are oral or Earl Thomas is the in Kansas Selma boy dangerous short. Yet now exit visas on him kill him or he's not hurt him. These guys killed. Danger on the cool guitar picks but that Houston. The real game there could be another boring match a bit. This weekend me like that one will draw no interest because. That's going to be that's going to be a bloodbath like to. My goodness and Alia like I would be strips of surprise that they hang fifty on news tonight though Houston's got the best defense and national that they JJ watt in your neck. He's not really that yen on. They're up by their fair by sixteen points. God in a playoff game a divisional round playoff team this goes to show you how bad rock Kosovo was and we had what he would want to touchdown pass but. There were two interceptions that. He means to balls he threw right to Oakland they couldn't catch the ball. He's go to him you do that gets a Bill Belichick coached defense you're gonna pay for that. I mean and whatever like he said Covert centenary. Two points. It in Alabama just over the football. But the third their own thirty yard line seven point five and counting them ball in their 24 when he won welcome back to the final segment here on. Double coverage in Q Bob and this is kind of this has Alabama victory written cum all over to his. In the past. Sit low in the pac. And that have been able to consult these kind of games are way. Out so fast for an. Wow but since then on screens 43 aren't Russians that nap fro them not so. Here. Tuners Kagan Angolan you know wrong. Not a fan he would not have that again is Elliott that you hear that watch and not so. Currently courses. Stop me if you've heard this before Alabama's a third and long again tonight and they'll come convert to medium. He's aligned though. Cooler for our sources right. Yet this is an inning in a college post season that has been fielded debate over the Lincoln games this is a crowning achievement on how to dragon game now where it's been interesting Christian is. Are you inherently guillotine in the tickets for your Toro here Renault audience the arena the NC to midnight they're putting him or any of the of these players that's trees. Does one team gets the advantage. If you're a high tempo offense. And you're trying to do tire of the deacons are you not been hurt by the defense getting. 37 different. TV timeouts. Media. Yeah there is discipline for Paul I don't think there's any. Man joke he talked about how did your beard too early developer pat possessions but it does give it does give some sides image. That possession for Alabama lasted 45 seconds you might have to walk possessions for each team before this game's over with. Just under seven men boys she means a more commercial breaks because it'll go pot the library. Act. Oh to the ball touch him. It took us some lucky breaks on on what lucky bounces on Ponce and his ball in the Vincent short on that have rolled the other way in favor of the point team via toy fortunately one. The storm and dabble is out there he's upset with something. So upset with the officials toy for 21 though. This live stream this live feed of the game demos out there. He's upset what's gotten you know there is enough interfere with that I might be would Davos on the screen for right I mean you got to be able to catch and he got his way. It's exactly Woody's. With the keys so obviously it while the court plays is that the clubs of player have to force contact police as a physical as a player backed off that he's got a. Yeah oblique Utley human animal vote anyway 633 left to go in the fourth quarter national change your game. To Shawn Watson and company have the football down by three to Alabama. And men you just let people for Clemson as a good could first downs in April for Clinton just because you want to dynasty cup rally. Rolling around urged the empire. And rallied. It worked at the World Series did that yeah orchids that me and means it rallied aids in the studio and the cubs in the World Series. Want a few more commercial breaks the site and get home was game's over with let's seek. It to Shawn Watson's NFL you know draft stock's gonna take a New York rise and if he beats Alabama. A long way at least only player I think in NFL peace are in college football history at play for two national titles and had two top three Heisman Trophy finished. And it's that is that is pretty incredible man. Yeah I I like I. Think Michelle logs in Revere yet. Sugar. I. We lose some what if he goes eleventh be so all those things. With the world that's Schuettler in the future. And feel that I out yeah all right boys as he has the made tomorrow. President Barack Obama and his final address to the country will hear that line at 8 o'clock PEO. Of that. As it 41 now. Tim Zimmer and master control thing too much for your help team Bob and thanks for helping us get through the last three hours to watch his scheme super found out what a great. -- music great job now give me timber please. And tomorrow five law it tomorrow idea.

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