WWL>Topics>>1-10 8am Bob Mitchell, where are the worst roads you encounter daily?

1-10 8am Bob Mitchell, where are the worst roads you encounter daily?

Jan 10, 2017|

Bob in for Tommy Tucker. Where are the worst roads you encounter daily? What parts of the area have the worst roads overall?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actor Bob Mechel WW well I EMI famine dot com ten minutes after. 8 o'clock I'd know you look forward to things and I've observed from the couch but. I've been working almost a full while I was gonna say your couch time has really been cut down as you've been filling in for Tommy has been really cut out. But I have about looked at a few things because on the one league it is hang in there I know you anticipate they just say it. This is to elect a general overview. Of watching TV and watching movies okay. But here's some advice if you hear a weird noise don't gold port. If you smell something strange don't go toward a card if he sees something that's not quite right don't go toward. See the pattern here yes yes all right. Just don't go toward don't go to that's it you're going to fit. There's nothing good nothing good happened if you smell something and see something here's some invent. Don't go toward our guys that says I go to suppliers this old man like that about. Why why does that so now all my. What what does that do and then at York nothing but trouble. Louisiana needs 700 million dollars a year 700 million dollars a year to pitched the roads and bridges so that comes down to a would you rather have bad roads or pay more taxes to fix them. And it's got to bring in an old all right what's the worst road UN collar on a daily basis. That you would like to see fixed butcher of biggest frustrations with the roads that you have to drive on which looked worst road you would collar only daily bases. And what's your biggest frustration. What the road you have to drive also. I mentioned earlier today. That I was disappointed that Nick Saban and Alabama lost last month Clinton beat Amma. 3531. Obama hard core L a shoo planned well shall poll predicts Slavin. Lot of LSU fans don't agree with that like this one here in goals against the law office of the universe. Porno shoot plan to root for Alabama only time it's cosmetically alone. As of el Sheikh Jamal benefits from rate tied wet so continue to be a true L a true fan and still pull for Nick Saban let's go to. Ronald Ronald orient the morning. Now can you be a true tiger fan I consider myself a real true try government yet I still pull for Nick Saban. I don't go to Alabama. And that that I wanna date. You know about a rose the roads and bridges. Opt out but I'm away from comparable to a got them. That would adminstration. Could see that came all topic casino. Oh we can all it was because he also helped with goals bridges is going. The crowd scene that takes him in content but that it issued well but almost. Be pushing it back into a screw and a lot of Bridget. What happened he has we'd of people we've people. What day we get good intentions. But somewhat about. We forget we get into an apology to continue to do the same. You Ronald here's what I remember about the details I'm not saying it's a 100% accurate but here's what I remember about it. You are right they did say that but then somewhere down the road. What they did they took the money that they were spending on education. They weren't spending on roads they took him out of the general budget and for something else though. It date date kept their promise. Abusing the casino money for those things they just allocated less from the general but that's not to remember. Well and an aunt and we we can't these be able pollster saying people on. That simple to do and he would come and we got. It. You know. It we we got the OK. Stay. We happen if we do it can be. Made to pull. Out or. You'll be. Shall come out but it is there you just hate it wrong you do when. All right Donald thank you so much just voted to tee in the meat Dickie how are you. Ari what's the worst road you'd collar on a daily basis. Lewd yeah but that are not common in the we're yeah yeah yeah yeah election and number. And second yard Kennedy that day and when he Amman nine mulch on the contract we have back. Wasted money. Not ten about 100000 dollar contract. And the and the in my mind. We had jade art and on the outcome I'll tell apart the that we Ebola. But none of it. I guess that no more money. I don't know but you know we did you get nothing you'd you'd get nothing for nothing in okay so. If if we put up nothing if we are willing to to pay more taxes or if we can't fund the money some kind of boy than the roads are gonna continue to be bad. But it's not just 700 million when I first wrote the article was someone milk. It's 700 million for quite a few years the total products in about thirty billion dollars but they wanna spend. And this is not happened over tournament how many years that we complained about the roads in the museum now amid. How many years that we pay the contract. A circuit it. Their contract in public or street that I found out you're used to picture. The Mexicans knowledge or were they and that that had to adopt humanity bank where an art. Coming. In as many. I'm what do you do it you debut I can get that job a little wooden all right Buddy Baker. They too so very well and I'm. Let Obama at least eight grandma I'm number one oh here. Not there and hit the beat green in the championship Koppel for Alabama. Yeah I'm I'm the same one I appreciate here's the text message I'm a 45 year old polish and seasoned digital. And I pulled Alabama I had a plan that would win this year. And it would buy the bear and they would next they would win next year. And. I don't know if it's match it's. Ended up a victory of ethic he felt that nick would done. She passed the bears record and then retired beat by a way to get him off feel if your schedule. All right we will title to go to. Marty Marty power you have morning. Oh Marty what role what roads that you have to drive on a daily basis but just drop bankruptcy. But in the road and that was you said that structure. Mobilized. I've. Practice. I'm a terrible lot. To be specific. Around. Jefferson avenue area. That that they've looked over there. And out in the that you area. But Kurt could now bull lord in back in the able to Colbert street all the way down Tunisia there the ago. Are not committed terrible you kids are. You're constantly dodging you're going through them and he while now and this in our outlook a lot of places in the city. Ed. On the east it looks like they haven't touched left plural bet the people that live. I brought. With it's it's terrible I bet you that's it in about attack I can that. And lottery. Occasional this. It. If you go back. Years and like this should be an issue in 20. Get. It sure that I go to police major. So we're done about it trichet again on yet that we know pretty soon going to be back up into the wee hours. Oh. But Marty is it a trick if yes it is but if it boils down to despite everything and just one of those things of people flee over and over again. Either by calling in or texting is that we need to cut the politicians' salaries helmet that much. I am in the navy Donald Trump people might make billions but you know you'd not to be able to get them in my in my lower by a little bit. But we are going to be placed in the state one way or the other be the plane. More taxes I do not believe I don't care how much we yell and scream. I do not believe that all of a sudden they're gonna say look what we have here in the corner 700 million dollars us not to. I agree with you and they. That if that is what they're backed out of them still not good at it where he will play that would place. What do we yours is kind of a good idea but one thing like that that they do these priority. Roy Roy. Thank you so much okay great championship game last follow us forever right tool last month and it. And and we talked earlier this morning we bulls on a similar experience I watched part of the game. And then goes off. And all the sudden. Woke up about five minutes left to play it's yeah this is not a happily ya let me check on us now watch those Alabama. Takes the lead now. Clemson comes back and wins she. Secondly that was some great clock management. Mario boycotts are you do it. And we got talking earlier this morning I rooted for Nick Saban and Alabama. Mr. Blake here no want to ban me from Hillary anymore LS UT shirts and on different. I would imminent aware. But here's attachments SEC fan should naturally be a statement. He's SE CE book publisher on the map and made them world. How can you argue. To think about them all right okay. 504260187. Were talking about. The money that the state is going to need to improve the roads and bridges seventy million dollars a year. And we thought would try to make a list of roads the bridges you like deceit and proved all or repaired. What areas although the state what reasonably would way to New Orleans area you'd think need the most improvement. And what's the worst road you personally. And color on a daily basis let's go to Earl Earl thank you were calling WWL. Or what about you what's the worst wrote that you encounter on a daily basis. Well you're asking me that you name is all yes. The connection. Well I think wrote need to be prepared I was calling and actually. Talk about the fact that he you know fuel yeah yet. About raising possibly raise in the gasoline tax. The F. I'm awhile back when I was when I was in school as an economic. Professors at. He said if you need to raise money real quick quality. What pitch don't you wanna attack something that the consumer uses gonna illustrate that it should you know like I think. Taxing fuel product out to consumers that it he would not like an like that. Now we've had a couple of suggestions. Make pot legal attacks that intentional wrote that. Well that fits in now I think you can bet among the epic. By the gentleman that called only. A bomb that he was talking about a lottery yeah I think it's state can actually. Open opening new game that's dedicated. Like a flawed. Caulk like the fibers that like you caught the road pick to let you wanna call it. You know reach out its citizens in the play the game it will papers. Wrote that stuff like that and I'm good font manager you could put it into a pocket making it that morning and you get that seventy million per year. Then him and. All right girl that's that at that that's that's quite quite a thaw will have to what we'll have to think about that went. Just take drive through almost every subdivision and Algiers many are on passable. Bad roads I work on Saint Anthony evident in the corner of abundance Saint Anthony is utterly terrible bad patches and puddles. That'll fix the roads but managed to install lights neutral ground sidewalk. How does that make sense. Let's that he. Let me go to our phones right now it's an American Metairie Eric off on a daily basis there any road you drive that is just awful. Reviews and yeah. And what such a clear view. Law from Ike and airline. You have to drive that every day yeah. They are not too. Sure yeah you're right. Have not been download Tulane and Clinton on that last time that it was not in the world's greatest shape at all. Well their primitive medical term for two months they had a big quarter mainly in order rates on out but it just big border beat me. Worse than deep water horizon. Yeah. Are you gone across two lane and and he what the date mystery isn't it great or there are. Eric let me let me ask your question they are talking about one of the ways to raise the money. Increase the dazzling in fact 23. Cents. Per gallon so let's let's take a quick poll. You can either call me to think generally it's somebody touch me at age 7870. Showed that gasoline tax be raised. What do you think. Oh yeah. And where the road and beat it. Ought. And. A long time ago. They run. But we weren't wearing your work. Well if they raise it to us like this. Would you rather have bad roads there was leave the roach just the way they are dull or about prepare which rather have bad roads pay more actions to take. I ever heard he would shoot the against them. Bedroom. Andy. You're not willing to play and attack them. All right Eric we'll take a quick bulletin out at WW Opel. Should the gas tax be raised at one of the ways they are talking about deleted another way you as a tolls and I'm sure there going to be looking note for money from. Anyplace else not I think it's gonna boil down with a us. We have to have a 700 million dollars a year. And I believe that. I don't open opponent for a ball of people really don't know that that normally does not work but in my Justin pulls it. We're taking your phone calls also besides Joseph the gas tax be raised what's the worst road. The UN collar on a daily basis we have one more fraud traveled highway 3235. Galindo report we shall. All the dipped slightly and throw all the bridge it's hard to pull a trailer. And fear that it might come up almost like a quick WW WL pole at 2601 late seventy. Should the gas tax be raised. Yes or notion of the gas tax be raised let me read a couple of text messages for his bad roads. Let's see here's one airline power between Toronto. And Gramercy. The browns which service wrote in shooter and Slidell is pretty rough well drive a lot but there's always traffic on a you have to drive in the Sadr. To avoid the bombs and the whole load if you won more than gonna go to our phones. Eleven Kenner and they take care of a street but if I lived in lake view I think those people pay enough taxes. To where the street should get repaired. First let's go. To dean being ago when it comes to. Broad issued travel every day which the worst world human collar on a daily basis. Started to their. Well. Our go to get old art and hi all active element collected this is do. They walk well. So well in that. Albeit very thorough. He would not be in favor of raising the gas tax at all right. But you. Ordered. It's. Credit art art art Bobbie well now rabbit that it. Is like well. Well I've I pulled throw badly July like Nick Saban I'm I'm a tiger fan but I'm also on Nick Saban thing. Well by that. Win all of our growth. Oh. So when do you think we're gonna go to the champ ship in music culture allows us there this resort. Burned an area. Two more years. Well I hope you ride bud. All right thank you dean 260187. Were taken a quick poll. As one of the things are looking and or get money for these roads is to increase the dazzling picture of how would you like to play. Another 43 cents a gallon and of course gasoline is going up or it's all about those when gasoline was down. Quick poll at WW should the gas tax. Be raised now next hour we're also going to get into. The here we go again follow lawmakers are now taken a new look at rules about guns on planes after Friday's airport surely. Investigators say a shooting suspect traveled from Alaska the Florida with the gun that he used in a daily Wear and it shall now. They think about that whole thing we we we have to give you both sides of one side says that it's absolutely ludicrous. A suggestion. The other so. Says that we should have a bill to allow oracle permit to openly carry guns. In airports. We'll take your calls on that and we're gonna have a new break coming up on WWL until we get to the top where new let me try to jam in a couple of these. Text messages. Nazis forced the gasoline tax a low. Gasoline tax already two. Good morning. That's a all roads are bad no matter which when you trouble. In Louisiana. But we're looking for your Pacific rolled road that that you travel everyday that just you know. Just Burge beat every day you say why don't they Texas wrote. WW.

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