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1-10 5am Dave, What's the best king cake?

Jan 10, 2017|

WWL's Dave Cohen asks listeners for their favorite flavors and places to get the best king cake. Also, what do the Saints and LSU have to do to get back in championship contention. And, What is Wrong with People!?!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David Blake who now Morris WWL. First news with Dave Collins on WW well AM I've famine dot com. Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the tenth of January 2017. It's Tuesday not mine today now reach out. Well pat yourself on the back yes. As you deserve to be congratulated for making it's Monday in arriving here at the daylight on not to Monday. Generally known as twos today how about that national championship no man I fell asleep with a about two minutes left and again c'mon. I woke up to my daughter and her boyfriend who both happen to be LSU students screaming. In joy. As the Clemson Tigers. Defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide with a 12. Left on the clock yeah I missed it. But funny I just walked in right now on the TV viewers on ESP NL and they're replaying the game and it just happened on the shows you know the winning touchdown to it was a good I actually what I did was sorry I was there are like Aaron guard's shark or the first staff fell asleep. And time. All woke for like the last five minutes of the guy you timed it perfectly are an exact wrong. Corretja could not believe that Alabama goes ahead. And I said wow that's it yeah it you don't come back on Alabama with two minutes left no way. They dead yes they did. Is this beautiful place a call to play and yeah some may say it was an illegal play either way it was not ruled that way. And the Clemson Tigers beat. Secret side the groaning. The exe and now. So I can act again I am personally I have to admit I tickled to all I did know I took a lot of joy is this past election I don't really is. Much rather see LSU tigers beat them by. I'll take any but he beat them. It was a good Alabama teams. Maybe maybe just maybe it was a mistake. For Nick Saban to. Let Lane Kiffin leave. Early term for that. Remain Alabama still scored 31 points a lot of aria bide. I'd just there seemed Nabil. Less than perfect. Communication. Line media it's what he Tuesday all we ever right there and it's the first YET Tuesday of the carnival season. And so why not why there 88 get the best king cake and got to do it and wide is the best king Kate. Is it filled if so win it why it is at a traditional king cake is its own unique twist on the king cake. Where do you get the best crew came around. And why is it media. Are there and we both agreed that we like the cream cheese yeah I just well yes I'm there I need it yet I can't judges. But I try to new place and it was a place that was passing on my way now that it looked at connecting to. And so I stopped in night got in line. And it is greens he's well nothing else just Granger honest here in our area so. Crack that thing opens today. Eyes as we went out to eat dinner last nine nights so much to dinner. That by the time I got home market now Matt really there was no more room for non sliced and talking to. Not even a little slice someone brought one up here yesterday but I don't know where it was from. That way is filled with probably mean kind of do I don't even know what was the year is useful come on man do now that I had to and I still have the real name on nine absurd and they probably do on the side. But I don't whack him describe. The one that we had the day before about and I'm not sure word came from. And I thought I hope to have come with Pavel slice and I did and I guess maybe it's been that long or whatever blood or was this particular trait it was well which I thought at all. Our good gambler might. Usually it's usually a king cake if you really volleys if there's a good thing. It really it was just like on. Was it the sugar on top or this filling inside where we are doing. Everything they did it just was overload of budget too much or too much icing too much Fella yeah. Yeah I was pretty much it but you know what it did last vote more than few men I was gonna say I've never ever. Eaten a piece kinky and gone. Too much too sweet I don't think I have either although I just went just like floored me. I have it too much or I where they get too carried away with the purple wrangled sugar. And it's thanks so much that you know it feels. You know greedy when you pick it up is so much. And on the way to a loan you Muller of what 56 mountains personalize. I thank you David spoke very texting has an 87870. With their suggestion sounds that way to get the best king cake. And what kind of king cake they liked the best I'll share some of those text messages coming up next here on WWL. We'll open up your forecast see what the weather holds for us on TV and get warmer. And warmer. Camera cold weather and there and it's a distant memory now we're enemies threatened again by the end of the week. And we'll get Steve Geller and it was towards doc what then national championships with the pelicans did. And gates are ready for some NFL playoffs what's gone on its sports and we got that for it's all straight ahead here on the early edition of WWL first news happy I got mine today. Figure out it's okay. It's day traditional from Rand as one person tag estimated 7870 for their favorite team take on this one T Tuesday and others as grand as as lemon Bill King cake and the bass. Booed danced out king cakes as another attack methods take away doughnuts and hootie has the best cream cheese filled another attack says. A traditional from Barry town and on to tell us says this method. I've had them from everywhere but these guys take the cake. Really I'm Margaret text messages after your forecast. You know warmer temperatures arrive today with mostly cloudy skies and it stays breezy with a high around 73. For tonight mostly cloudy and mild with some patchy dense fog developing especially over waterways with a low down to 62. Heading into Wednesday that morning fog it would have more clout by the afternoon it's these breezy and mild but we do the 20% chance for a few showers and high of 77. And Thursday when deputies have fog as well that makes a sunny clouds by the afternoon. The 20% chance for shower and high temperatures in the upper seventies. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm WW LTV meteorologist Dave Knauss. Remember those twenties and thirties and tied sixty degrees right now to start the day in slide that now the answer right 68. 55. With clouds over the airport's southeast and at eight miles an hour another text message today it's 7870 his district donuts asking cake by far. Another says booed and stuff king Kate ivy to actually tell me where to get it and watch it is double we will Tommy the boot and stuff can't keep that on the way again. Now the president's pastry palace in Kenner traditional can't go wrong ran dazzle is Kerry failed says another tax masses more coming up. But now I just found the king cake baby units Steve Geller a law little Billy that's what's funny is I took a bite out of parking tickets may and I didn't get the navy. Here at the station now I don't know I don't know. So what does having your to buy yourself another pink and yellow out of our house whoever gets it seem like from Iceland and we yet to pick the flavor of the next. It's cute so it's a reward to get the baby at that it's not a burden like most everybody if we go buy it and actually that's one now you're the winner you get depict quiet exports filled right now. Thanks Dave good morning everybody. Second time's the charm for clubs and who were able to pull off the upset in a rematch of last year's national championship. By beating Alabama 35 to 31 in the finals experience. Yeah. Oh yeah. To show Watson found onto renfro in the end zone for that game winning score the tigers quarterback finished with 420. Yards passing and three TDs along with the rushing score against the tides four to defense this is Clinton's first national title since 1981. Well pelicans were able to put an end to their three game losing skid by taking down the knicks won ten to 96 in Madison Square Garden. It's massive Davis Love subtly turned to face the rim and Joakim Noah. Am horrible turn right. Gone off the broken line and Davis has double figures in the first quarter Beckel courtesy of the pelicans radio network as if Eddie Davis would go along to dropped forty points in the Big Apple the polls are now back in action now until Thursday which is good news for AD. Who brings it towards the end of the game. Of the 33 of thirteen Jacksonville Jaguars have hired Doug wrote as head coach brought back Tom Coughlin to oversee football operations. The rover places goes Bradley who was part in late November after going fourteen and 43 plus seasons Coughlin was the jags first coach before leaving the lead to New York Giants to two Super Bowl titles. And soccer World Cup is expanding to 48 teams for the 20/20 six to remain. With eighty matches now instead of 64 feet before cast one billion dollars in extra income from broadcasting and sponsor deals plus ticket sales. Today apple on sports called Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia. What did you learn from the national championship and this year of college football plus what are your expectations for election next season under coach and Kosher on. I'm Steve Geller which early morning look at sports I. Tony Ford Dave Cohen Steve Geller with you on your radio how surprised were you by the outcome of that. DC yet blobby yet. College football national championship meant once I saw that Alabama had a double digit lead Alice hang in Bagram it was over and I had not given a bad. I did I was out at I stayed up but I've fell asleep with like two minutes left in the game. And miss the game winning touchdown I was shocked Clemson was able to square one he won points in the fourth quarter against Alabama's defense plus a dame went to halftime also with a ten point lead. I'm not expected at all amazing performance by the shall all walks and who is just elevated his draft stock now. And Mike go number one overall wow you UN national championship in Atlanta now absolutely is either real deal that is he a dual threat quarterback that can make it in the NFL well I think he showed now last year the national championship game while Clinton did not win he still put up amazing numbers against that defense and and his performance this year. I think that the consensus is going to be yes. And a lot of teams are gonna wanna take that chance on him and I hope that allies use coaching staff was watching this game and taking detail now it's. So the next season to play Alabama. Maybe just maybe you know have a few more answers. And below Lee show up in this is definitely seems against Alabama you need to have that dual threat and be able to spread Alabama out if you want any chance against Eddie. Your favorite king case. I'll right now I would say Gambino is our for Avery and traditional not are you got the baby yes it's your pick in the one today. And to bring in a much just to traditional nothing filled inside I found out of the constant feeling or whatever seems the audience but it just ends up being too much I wish there was let's piping into. While you have Blake complaining about king cakes that are too Richard too sweet. Just album a lesser fields Kate. And it would be finally the cream cheese and also via the the prairie creek bridge you want just a little bit I don't want it pouring out right. I'd fair enough. And at present X rated 78 detonated a doughnut hole in the plot has the best cream cheese filled by the presence does go to amber rose is bakery in Baton Rouge get the Zulu king cake. With chocolate. And coconut to elect that I like the sound of that forecast. They mostly cloudy breezy and mild with a high around 7314. Though keep the clouds around it stays mild with some patchy dense fog developing at a low down to 62. Wednesday morning will be fog then mostly cloudy breezy and mild dislike G it's rated 20% by the afternoon. In high around 77. And Thursday what Jefferson fault as well but could stick around for the better part of today. A it was a mix ascetic clouds still being very mild with a 20% chance for a few showers and highs in the upper seventies. For the pinpoint forecast center on WW LTV biologist Dave. Who danced up and take from hate Dell says one text message Ralph's supermarket blueberry cream cheese filled with soft colored icing on top says another missed the early edition of WWL first news it's January it's the tenth that's 2017 it's Tuesday which means it's not mine Dan rather applies. Everybody else surviving Monday may get in here today must give a call Tuesday. But I column not Monday distressed the progress we. Are making also what TE to house those king cake orders coming now summits is Rouse is traditional king cake is the vast but they go on to text a sedate seventy eights there that you Muster re heated for twelve seconds in the micro. I'm currently at ten. Not 151212. Seconds now I don't know that it just for the size and wattage of your microwave. You are reading instructions on food and it's those seated. That if you have a 12100 watt micro way over 15100 model whop my equipment 800 watt Mike waved at the time is different dogs now revved up you ever read the instructions on food and heating it up and put it. It's just a shift does bush not dogs are frozen stuff. I try to follow what they sent him a power guy he has some back to tell you have to do it for different times based on your web my queries want it out I've gotten in the lout I mean today while those with the wanted to on the might well know adult. All I know as the same old thing I've had for so many years there Kenny remember. It's Ayman Al thanks to sedate than any it's having their favorite as mr. Romney's and home of the traditional summer houses mr. Ronnie Jonathon moment cream cheese filled the vast awesome it's. Now the president does have a big a piece of humble pie for the state about it. A that as another that it with king cake but I understand why you said that neither the president does not just doughnuts in Slidell as the masking cake what kind Gasol. A president I loved the Bavarian cream. But don't know makes it. The Bavarian cream and a lot when we went to this story yesterday Imus on nine and I can say where was that tasty yet I can't value. But he came down to cream jays cream cheese vs the varying screen idea and I let him choose nature's green trees. So I guess next time if we like the cream cheese. That would do we think it's a good king Kate will go back at the very you know I mean I'm log cream cheese like ago I can do the cream Malia. Another present Texas today it's 7870 Antawn bakery on stump ball hard in Gretna best cream cheese filled in. Lebanon. The president says. And of ours pastries in Springfield and those as coffee hand in Guerrero says those are some suggestion on keep texting a sedate 7870. With where you get the best team dinner. What T Tuesday and what kind. If you had a dog taking K right now what would you give failed list. What regular Phil Lewis and recreate season. Little strawberry got very angry your average figure into the traditionally used to. You didn't say no no not traditional for me I don't even need to know I don't either. It's got to be filled with them yet I am we got the cream cheese yes I think that's format right now having I don't need the strawberry with the keys to registry issues. And I don't know if I am a current. Mike my favorite king cake is the one that's in front. I guess you know what rivals second that motion if and it doesn't even matter but there are some bad Cain takes the view to be careful. What is wrong with people there we go on Phoenix Arizona being naked was just one part of a woman's legal troubles. Thirties say that 31 year old Lisa and Luna. Stole a deputies. Official pickup truck. While she was completely naked. The Maricopa county sheriff's officials say Lemond then led officers on a seven indeed my old Sheikh Amman according to investigators Luna told them she was high on drugs. And claims she had been sexually assaulted. He later recanted the assault Kline. But never denied being high and just stuck with the Bronx Zoo Atlanta why she went and stole the sheriff's office pickup truck. While not wearing a stitch of clothing. He was taken to jail and given a prison uniform. And yes they closed terror cover that up holding her on fifty. Thousand dollars. I'm presuming you use the officer left the keys in the ignition and dozens. Man yet I don't know if you I don't think she was hot wiring and didn't make it like that Connecticut hi in a hotline and help probably not at you may have been running I don't know it whatever it is took him seventy miles to catch up with -- stoppers. Natalie she was doing a decent job job driving a at least well enough. To allude accounts for seventy miles and she lives right there in the knee tomorrow. With people file thank you Dave we'll talk to you yet in about twenty minutes is more persons here on WWL. And that's his theme songs let's head on over QMR meteorologist Dave knows bomb on a direct from the WW LTV pinpoint forecast center. I refresh my memory yesterday morning when we get together what was the temperature. We were the upper thirties here in the city twenties and that or short OK so now it's sixty in slide now that the we were in the twenties yesterday this 60s today for a morning lows. 55 at the international airport in tanner how much warmer do we get throughout the day. Now it's going to be warm up we'll back in the seventies but hasn't kept up their. On average we should have a high of 62. Noble 44 this time that and normally that's at nor much we should be this time of year over talk it there which was close to what we had yesterday at least for the high. 73 degrees for today sixties for tonight fall he weather returns starting tomorrow morning so we need to watch out for. It's 77 on Wednesday. 79 on errors aren't near eighty on your record surprised by the end of the week 78 on Friday it was a think is where it's a lot of cloud cover the next couple days to and I don't hold heated edit right in with the foggy weather expected in the morning. If you remember back your Christmas we have this foggy conditions were some of the fault lasted. All day long gap because it was part near eighty degrees linemen in the water chemistry and hole. Yeah I'd actually the water to ever Sherri coale and Albert were back then because we did that Arctic blast starting tomorrow we have fog ready each morning through the end of the week. That's right in some places over at like the lakes in the post the fall could persist for the better part of the date to submit C fought now there's so we need to watch our for that if you do you communicate across the causeway. Again not saying he's gonna be problems but we could see some development of the next couple of. It's all right so we'll keep an eye and that warm and foggy. As we move forward does mr. meteorologist Dave no spot you know it's what to eat Tuesday rule do you have a favorite. Kind of king case. My favorite I think is it's quote the Paris de Paris OK and what is it what is in their parents kings so it's from his bills and it's your basic king cake it is the cinnamon. But instead of just the sprinkles you know the red shirt yellow purple green sprinkles report frosting on Jamie's on top. One on that. Like there's little Jimmy color genie is orderly column struggles. That they want to put on ice couldn't catch OK so the counts sprinkles the sprinkles Iowa you know very specifically your favorite yes T guy united. King K okay. You get that a pay down. As not too much of that too rich is that over the top it just right I think it says forget that sometimes it cookies don't try to put that extra frosting. I have an effect. And more brought her. I batters and mr. meteorologist Dave knows about art dealer taxing us today 7870. One person has like the crawling filled the best I think that yesterday's and brought it up here I don't know hours from it was very nervous as delicious donuts and Hammond. The doughnut king K they used doughnut dough for king cake is it light and fluffy great with the varying screen. Not a person does Navarre is in Springfield Marguerite cream cheese. Says one text message it to create entity and other birds as Bavarian blueberry. Oprah's it is red velvet chocolate do we butter Bavarian cream cheese. And it cannot rule that sets off premise of that again. Red velvet chocolate do we butter Bavarian cream cheese. Ted die force says this text messages on some it might kill you actually. I think. AU ever ever fight over a slight picking picnic is one slice laughed and you like when he did somebody else grabbed a first look at the Lego Miami go thing. It was a babies out of class so they like and don't want to cut around with them. A solid off to pass the by the rules well I am in Don and all Maryland. A man is now in trouble with the law. After a fight over grilled cheese. OK Baltimore county police say. The man was home with his wife and daughter. When he got angry because of one of them took a bite out of his sandwich. He pulled out a gun and started shooting according to authorities well. Luckily the wife and daughter got out without injury. But the man is now facing multiple charges. Might. Could it have to grill she comic Allen. John. Admit when the last part of the mad at the last of the geez I mean. I think there's other issues says yeah negative some deeper problems in this family. There are some times you know you would receive for your yours whatever your eating in some swipes at least now. Buy it but you know out of my wife my daughter one of my sons that they want a bite of my night grill with wife naked at the gulf economic and on and on 00 funds and the what. People. Now think you know about it grilled cheese eating K. They have the savory ones you know the booed in king cakes or why not use that regular Britain king cake and then put. Cheney's energy energy and and now grow that may be even may be in have been animated big prime. I mean we video those are the media to spread right I mean it's not sweeten operated at this stuff inside the suites no Omaha I think we got something. Path that they today I visited your odds as Dave knows bomb were inspiring something wonderful or awful I don't know within thirty here at WWL. Sports with Steve Geller is next in a bunch more every text. It is an 8787 you know what deed Tuesday of these. Best king Kate Barry town produce and constitute life as a masking tape says one text message today to navigate seventy de Fries there king KX. Eat fried Kane Kane. As a person says party palace king cake traditional as the best. Paid Dell's original says another tax to date 7870 here's another one for the league do Lee from cannot as an Obama they say it is. Amaze thing it but it but it is there. Navarre is in Springfield says another text message there is no comparison. Somebody else's still missing the old McCain and disease and Kate the announces Camellia city bakery in Slidell as the best green he's built Pinkett. But there's this text message to date that needs them I must have been good because Santa brought me a Christmas present while I was sleeping roll home tie aid. And if you missed it last night. The MO Los the national championship. Tells about that and everything else going on in sports he gets the baby it's Steve Geller on WW thank you gave. Good morning everybody Clemson rallied from age 44 to fourteen deficit at the end of the third quarter and upset previously undefeated Alabama. 35 to 31 to win the national championship. Junior quarterback to show all walks past for 420 yards and three touchdowns including the game winning too dark horse to hunt to renfro with just 12. Left. Tiger's head coach Davos Sweeney after the thrilling victory. Obama won't be able to stomach watching now and anytime soon that has to be one of the greatest games of all time just an absolutely incredible. Alabama was previously 96 in oh when entering the fourth quarter would have double digit lead Clemson overcame that though for the school's second national title. Anthony Davis had forty points and eighteen rebounds in the pelicans once and a 96 victory in New York over the knicks. Was bought gathered by bill that took asylum Cunningham who looks for a layup. Don't follow it with a right hand. A number 23 back called courtesy of the pelicans radio network Davis would leave the game after getting flagrantly fouled and knocked to the floor. He ended up with they just bruised hip and have some time to heal the pills next contest is Thursday against the nets. Ohio State all American Curtis Samuel is giving up the final year of eligibility to enter the NFL draft. Samuel as the Buckeyes best offensive play 126 teams wolf playing a hybrid receiver running back position the junior had 1636. Yards from scrimmage. And fifteen touchdowns. And what was once again host the biggest professional wrestling event wrestle mania 34 will graduate from the superdome on April 8 in 2018. This city hosted the event once before back in 2014. Today apple on sports talk Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia what did you learn from the national championship this year college football. What are your expectations for LSU next season under coach and closure on I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning looked at work I've could be. Reid gave currency Geller with you on your radio Steve let me ask you this we just saw the national championship wrapped popping college football the NFL playoffs. But he said the wild card round now we have the the second weekend divisional playoffs this weekend. And it got me thinking what do. The saints and our allies you have to do to even be in the conversation. For a championship let's start with the saints. What do you think has to happen for them to even be in the conversation do you think there's any way they compete. For. The post season next yet all comes for other saints it's all about the defense we've seen offense once again be a top tier. And in getting points every game Drew Brees showing no signs of slowing down at least to me the defense took a step forward this year hopefully some of the changes now with some of the assistance. And with defensive coordinator Dennis Allen really getting to a part of his own nation out with this team maybe they can take that next step next year got to get to the passer. Quarterbacks having still way too much time. Political football and it's a free agency in the draft crucial for the saints do you build that defense once again if they wanna be in the conversation. And what is Ellis you have to do to be in that number next season in that discussion of potential playoff contenders what's an. It's the complete opposite of the saints were the defense is top tier for the LSU tigers. Our Dave arraigned of their defensive coordinator who really seems to be a mastermind at things on Ecstasy even next season what they do we can do. Are taking another step forward but the offense. What is going to happen at quarterback for the tigers we further discussion. Over and over and over again on amidst this sea of any of these young rookie our freshmen quarterbacks can come in and take over the reigns as the new starter. But dumb. More that balance and showing off the passing attack. More we'll see if even al-Qaeda pre comes back wide receiver he hasn't yet announced but I have a feeling he's leaving for the NFL. But I think the tiger is commitment more to a balanced attack on offense we could see a lot more. Promised next season Brad Steve Geller the promise that you'll be back in less than fifteen minutes of more sports before you leave Dave knows I'm an eyewitness. We just had some idea for a grilled cheese king case. Where. Events please Avery gap put the keys and an and he did deep fry it. Are actually grill it. One person decorated donate as did know Dave that sounds horrific we horrible no no cheese. Now the president says on its beautiful. Grilled cheese with lump crabmeat. Inking Jake is a game change the network thrown in Crabtree got crowd take even grab it grabs me in with the GE's the odds to try to booed thinking Kate buddies on my list for this season for sure but hey you give me any kinda think Jake I'll try to Martha's booed thinking hey why stop there one I've boiled crawfish king cake a crawfish and to fake king cake. Will now we're talking and thanks the earlier someone had suggested the Zulu king cake which had chocolate and coconut and it. Now some attacks mediate 7870 on this what he Tuesday and says you need to track the Allman joint king cake. From a con house and cut off. It is our sound. So not all idea of the chocolate and the coconut almond joys got knots. Rounds down so I guess that would be the almond joy as the Coca the chocolate and then I'm all for it I will absolutely tried that. I love pink. And my only problem now is I've found king cake prices skyrocket Aaron when he indicating KK get one point eight box. Yes it on for twenty dollars. Why now have a great what T Tuesday folks look at the king K.

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