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1-10 9am Bob Mitchell, should gun owners be able to carry in airports?

Jan 10, 2017|

Bob in for Tommy. Should gun owners with permits be able to carry their firearms in airports? Do gun-free zones work? Bob takes your calls and talks to listeners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now it's Bob Mitchell WW LA MI famine dot com in just a minute we're going to get into a subject pollution or should I don't rollers with permits be allowed to carry firearms and airport every time. A shooting happens everybody wants to change laws we'll talk a little bit about that. Dave I know you. And the WWL news department you always report the top news I'll absolutely the front page news Dallas or returner strive for and I found the story buried on the back page on this is one that I probably missed it I don't think it made the cut all right cast a man in Baltimore opened fire and his home. After someone took a bite out of his old cheese. And a our fifa. An hourlong standoff Arco laws really Smart team whole nine yards and he barricaded himself inside a south apparently. The mandate they grilled cheese sandwich and either his wife. Or his daughter were not exactly sure who but somebody's organized by Donna Rice took a bite all of assemblage. And he said that's that's just not right start firing shots of people yelled that's run I get my gun out but the humor us with my grilled cheese and now. I don't have the matchup but I'm going to guess here. Alcohol. May be in all of rarely do you test our house about some drugs to you may be both a she everybody's lives and right should be done older. With permits be allowed to carry their firearms and airports well. You know every time there. Is the shooting someone wants to re adjust the gun laws than. But what we call for a leak here we go again fly yes it is yes lawmakers have taken a new look at the rules about guns on planes. After Friday's airport shooting. Investigators are shooting suspect Sunday as put on Sunday or traveled from Alaska to Florida with a gun use it is definitely ramped it. Of firearm was in his trek laudatory. Here's a here's where the new. Proposals Stan. Republican Florida Straits senator Gregg do Dick introduced a bill to allow or would permits to openly carry guns. In areas like the plays were prod the shooting occurred. He should just. Dump of 452. Attack. Could have ended even sooner if other passengers. Were armed. I just don't know if I agree with. We talked a little about the show yesterday. So the shooter. Pulls over Don. No warning start shooting at people. Someone else sees the shooter of those that the shooter I'll pull my gun and start shoot and then someone else pulls a gun and says. I don't know which ones Schroeder I'll just shoot a both of now Republican Debbie Wasserman Schultz she says that as it ludicrous suggestion. And someone with a gun in the baggage claim area opened far in the mist of hundreds of people. She thinks life all of loss of life would be worse. Now last year of the TSA reported confiscating. More than 3300 far arms from carry on bag but the agency allows guns in checked luggage. They have to be unloaded and locked and a hard flied container and owners have to declare them at the ticket dollar so. Whose side are you long. Grand or Debbie gnaw on dole a lot of you have guns and no love you have permits to carry guns in a situation like this. What had been wives of other people have guns no. Should we. Should sure we have any gun free zones and I'll do don't result accomplish anything. The argument pairs of people have guns can go to a gun free zone and though there's no guns that are so would getting rid of gun result make them safer. Or more dangerous. I I'm all for going droids but odd just do not receive the the philosophy. In a situation like this. All of this this young Dodgers pulled his gun out start shooting. No warning no indication. And if you had your gun and you saw him shooting. And you hold your dog. You know would know who the shooter is because you will be able to eyeball person. But what about the other people what about the other people that had gone to their bed and they really wanna help. And they may pull their don't know how to they know. Which person is the original sugar are I think what happens when you when you make that assumption. You're assuming. But everyone saw the original shooting lapidus saw an enemy of the video people. Had no clue what was going all day to start running and tried to get behind anything that could possibly get behind for protection. It it was panic. And if you had two or three people standing there with two hole which you know who the shooter was would not cause more problems. Wouldn't you if you haven't done no year old in ago. Someone else pulls a gun in this thing you holding. Ot I think in a situation like that it could be a shoot node to gun free zone to accomplish anything. My thought on that is no not related. I just don't know if we all law every one in situations like this in areas like this it would allow everyone to carried on now. The U you can take the other shuttle this argument that sells well people alone. If they know you have guns that they will try. As I said yesterday I'd really believable person wants to do evil little personals to shoot open plays so personal was to take a and and Poland not a Porsche wants to do an economic evil at all that they wanna go on morally rampages. They will figure all the way to do all right so both sides Europe. Greg so as. Let's let him open carry permits the open carry in places like airports. Debbie says it is it ludicrous suggestion that we're talking about Republican forest late senator grudge derby. And were Republican or Democrat. Debbie Wasserman Schultz she says that is crazy more people will get injured who. Do you agree with and do you think. Gun for results accomplish anything at all and comment right now. At 260 whites seventy text me at 87870. We have a bunch of lines are open to control. And if you have but a concealed weapon that you carry a concealed weapon. In the do you want to walk around with a gun in the airport and I was like that you love that scene in the movie Jerry Maguire. Where is jumps up and Dallas and show me the Monday when you can win 1000 dollars and our freedom and account for you and WWL. Easy to play and win listen to the Cold War weekday flight for the top Leo or news at 7 AM. Lovely M 2 PM and flog him then text that word to 72881. That's 72881. Every weekday four lucky listeners nationwide win 1000. Dollars don't forget to listen. Weekdays right before 7-Eleven two and five take home three money 1000 dolls from mark radio intercom. And we never change for text but individual play and text and down or rates to apply please don't text and drive let's go to it's gonna Ted. Ted thank you for calling WWL. Now or are you in favor of the policy that says you should not open to hear from you should not. Have bomb concealed weapon in airports or it's OK to have one. I WPP that you should be cared. I personally have Warren and I have went quite apart from Tom I'm retired marine. I moved back here three years ago and how were the very first thing I'd bit. That being paired talk about the open care forum are saying or what happens a lot of people see. Civilians carrying open carry it may never be an age where you never know what people are gonna do. Tom when they see an open carry copper somebody it's it's OK with them and the mine because they keep him in uniform. Com the thing that. Floor absolutely horrible but there's about. 400 an argument for our upper talk with people with recently that said that they can't believe that we are allowed to her. To go weapons and art checked baggage and growth imported Libya might expect you to point B. But that the couple org to that is. I'm principally in the airports and in this country probably promptly stopped going in the that it's going to meet some so that an argument to me has absolutely. No no merit whatsoever as anyone can go on any time. Answer you get it. An answer this question for me if you can write. It was one of the arguments was the fact that if people were able to people who had permits. To carry guns that. He's the the views of the slates and it is right to be says. That it boredom. The attack probably wouldn't last that long but what what I worry about the fact that if you pull a dollop of one dollar shoot outs of this a couple of times. He's the crazy god and you pull Joerg on. And you start shooting him and some well older and on at the exact same time Hadi prevent a shoot. Right there and India and I was on the the the our conversation at some people went when you. There's been a weapon too dependent so you need to make make that known as well. You start yacht the person could drop the weapons stop what they're doing so that way if you record verbalize them. People realize that that you're not part of decay ought to try it in the but that instead of logo a lot of people. That. The problem I have with the people that actually Adam and yet I have one. Is that a lot of people go to class. Go and gates are far it would have a weapon or there'd be used in. And then they go home and the either read the weapon on board and secretary welcome and it never should again until. Five years later when after redo it again. I think that's a lot and I and I really truly mean if you gonna carry a weapon you need to be. So permit you what the weapon that it's like. And offering Turkey. You need to know exactly how to use and manipulate the weapons at all times and do it safely. OK if we are let's go back to those the discussion we were having where you should you you know you start yelling and drop the weapon. All right now let's say I am. 4050 feet from you I must mind my own business for instance at the term I'm I'm getting my luggage and I hear I hear a gunshot and I hear somebody yelling and I turn around. And I see the both of you holding the gun I don't think I'm going to know right away who's the good guy who's the bad guys. Well and in this situation obviously you'd walk around shooting pretty discreet random people so. That it I'll probably look up on the video. On TV sure but saw it into being a video. We pulled out and start to shoot. Everyone that you look at her in the background not a good aqueduct when it's in the order on route. It was a good sports report sect or will people actually starter realize we all ought to try to take. So. And that was very fluid dynamic situation where it where it's happening and it's easy to sit back and analogue botnets positional it's usually pretty good shot that. Multiple probable one in your life and trust me it it's a little that little different. Didn't you watch a movie watching TV I mean every every single scenario is there for I don't mean I don't care what when anyone says it it. It's all right Chad thank you so much you wanna move on to Earl. Earl. Whose side are you on here should go a little permits be allowed to carry firearms and airports. Believe should know not in the or maybe not can't be all you don't cure every. Top rebel. At that we follow our art. You know. Florida. Now. Are shall while we are right up at all like well. Or ought object male beer or hot or they quit that would be about it. The current church it straight league and they'll all we. Now Florida and that what they're talking about ears open carry. Yeah I. Gary are. All our main argument while it should be for re election she got booed off page and let a little too little. She's a total would let nightly. The election she. On the boat when Parker group. In the super delegate she got she got booed off the spay by girl party. And resigned. And that's blogs to separate the old who got caught giving the top questions and debate. To Hillary I mean you've got to totally. And whack jobs. While shall see it that walk off the stage and push rates six months ago are you get there. I am talked to talk. About that. While it was in the nation that's what it can topic talk about the Russian ships part of it. Which would say about the gone back regards. About you know who and okay what do bad guys actually everybody issue there abuse problem but he should. Think I actually feel safer. The policies somebody will open carry because then I know that that person I assume that that person has little more experience using that gun. Right now when I don't. Personally. I don't like about open carry for march now is that the situations like that where some cycle walks and straight walk around court. And he's gonna shoot people. Well I haven't had opened every pitch shot perch. Young pilgrims he had gone on. He's not gonna target back to you instruction in the other way. Well senate to do beg him to record. On weapons. It's a senators to be his his bill will allow all those with permits the opening carry dozens. Well. I don't know load check out at all it you know they Asia years ago when I was really could open carry out arm. Where do you think old what do you think I'll remember don't borrow it and mark garment adored like you what are. Where do you think all of this is going through because every time there's a shooting. When you have the same debate over who should carry who should not carry. True. Good I'll tell you where you know and we got 22000. Laws against. Monologue on both male. Domain law. Not supposed to shoot anybody killing somebody bird. As a that was stop them. No. All right thank you so much. Our troops and 01 late seventy text via 87870. If you see some long with a all open carry in ago. No he's walking around with a rifle. General would go on strapped to a waste. Doesn't. To make you feel safe. Those that make you feel on easy you can call me at 2601 late seventy should gun owners with permits. Be permitted to carry fire arms and airports and of course the floor of the portable entrusting. The law where it's going to be open carry out traveled with weaponry attachments which you travel with weapons as in the social. While airlines manage the question weapons should be shipped separate. Return outside their terminals that says it's like protecting an oil term once the person to Russia efforts to do damage. It's difficult to stop them on this particular issue in the military. And the job. At the but dropped the ball well this was one of these subjects that we over and all were a talk about it I like quite frankly don't know if there as a solution. That's something and and gut tells me and burial like this in in the term goal in school if everybody. Handguns. And one person shoots animals like the situation and in a move with the hollowed you know wanted gets started it if to a repeat do to a three people pulled guns. Oddly you know who the bad news and and you must of people think in the to a three bad guys and it got everyone's shooting. That's that's I'd like to have someone explain that to me. David if you see someone walking on the street was an opening cardinal ball were strapped to their ways are. Right global their shoulder do you feel an easy or slave. I'd be very uneasy. I'm totally opposite. Thriller writer I just because I feel you have the clutch but don't walk down the street in fact he'd have done. You could be a not caves there could be somebody that's. You know just during their run rightful Y Los saying I don't know you know I've got my gun I'm Matt Dillon you know I doubt anyone ever question Matt Dillon we don't want dollars and don't know and were darn close to Matt Dillon days it seems like John Lane no idea. Is it getting to the point that we're gonna carry guns everywhere should there be no gun result. Room like the wild west about an AK 47 strapped over the shoulder. That's gonna make me a little nervous that would make mean they're okay that would make pentagon your all right we're not right OK I'm with you on that. But not not a AK okay I'm running the other way I'm getting behind the trash cans or something like doing something doing something all right let's go to. David David thank you for calling WWL. Yeah that they would then take care of the Judeo fortunately you pick and feel current. BA and no lose their right mind and you know what I mean. Are we getting that way every place I mean well let me ask you this question if you could limit where you carry guns. What would you list but he okay no airports. She'll have one of the report cloture votes you know every little stunned to hear that guy who. On orbit on a plane attack it in you view it as a case. Up you know in the video out do. One proposal. Would. Rent a caller. What about schools can carry guns in schools now we'll what about hospitals. Hillary Clinton Audubon banks. May well see we didn't we scratch on every place. Yeah. So you don't believe me you don't. Mind and you don't believe people should carry guns anywhere. Well oh look who's going on right now. One was at I'm asking because at that committee it's getting to the point every time there is a shooting. We look at where look at all of Oregon law ultimately come out all the bolts on some people's slate we need more guns on the street because if more people are carrying guns. The people who. Think about doing damage to a gun are going to think twice 'cause they know what all these people carry guns and and I don't. And so probably telling people about their right mind they'll share. They don't care. You don't believe that everybody. Is not their right mind because they carry dongle. I'm not saying that you don't know who. Who reminds you can't clever by picture regarded going to be America area. So you've but definitely no guns and airports for you. Well all right David thank you so much. All right Louisiana's an open carry state it's legal I'm retired federal agent. And and our instructor I teach my students to not openly carry it makes to a target by the way it is now legal to carry in a church. And employees of the school and get additional training let's go to. But oh how how well how are you. It. I'm by blow up. Do you think we should just get rid of all of its own a gun free zones. I think country built thirty point. Especially for people working you'll carry. Where he'll Jerry you'll hear they're getting right now anyway. One about tub. Would you be able to open carry in an airport. I. There. Are a step need to look we're a pretty up like. And walked off and easy to do account and got it. Think I still can't wrap my brain around. In in in these areas like the airport so the bad guy pulls the dawn. And a half a dozen other people might have guns if everybody pulls their guns out hotter you know who the bad diets. That's the thing that I worry about the most. All. Well. And now aren't. You would pay all. Oh opening a scenario. Absolutely to. Oh but they're not what he how. Not like I don't think it. And do we really. And ultimately. I. Ought to. Be in. The Olympic. Here. Here like one. Or two. People. Here. That's that's a good point ball appreciated so muscles go to band in memory Ben how are you today. Well. I guess like the trade mag but Joseph McKnight in both would be alive today no one knows all callers. And a wet and and people could do things that didn't ordinarily do. So are you say it take people's guns away. And I'm not for gun control of that which I think you have like begun to trek. Particularly well protective and yields. A lot we tried. 18100 to remember everybody in the thing. You don't believe people could character runs in their car. You don't think people should bring guns into their automobiles. You know I do. No I don't. All right make of Tommy at home atomic thank you for calling WWL. What about atomic note data carrier gonna your car. Yeah I am well. I don't know open air you know top probably not what the should be carried on in court. My problem is. People. We always come up with was. Solutions out there are okay now we know and mental problems. On ma ma ma. Are you. Somebody in the form or. Those when people walking around. I won't get it way in a couple of people want. Is people see. Want homeless. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah well and. Order to prevent that would have to be a law that you can't ship your gun in your luggage and you can't check a weapon and in your personal blog just real you can well. Well on that Newton that you know. Not my problem. Won't want to somebody. Both of these intellectual. Both dual. People won't. One who is able qualifier. Yeah. Kabul you know I won't that is about now people want people out there pop it and this is in all while it is normal and it ought. Is that it. Did you a news. There's more and more even though. But this is what am I I have been people as well. It is. While mired them well you know it's. Hard but it. It. My. Why aren't people there. I don't. I'm their parent are experimental remedy. What I'll I'll. Gladly early. You know I didn't. On dog is it yeah. All right on the 957. Straight to John in man to build jogged out about a minute forty in the territory on threes are. It is important countries don't need it it makes no sense these people are criminals and then increase due in part. An outward about in the law at all if they haven't the country's only should have a and it ought to be police to protect everybody on the they're available there there at risk of everything because if you can shoot about it wanna go there. It'll that would make sense to Fiat and an armed guard and that don't results and and are we getting in the point that we need an armed guard everywhere. Well I I you know. I think where where children are like schools I think we're. There people there that are vulnerable are those which I think so you know at that point. Until we have a better solution. Potentially carry myself I don't carry everywhere where they'll attributes that stupid I mean I. Times were good work late at night in I carry it then to protect myself but you know it's kittens but I think we have. And we don't you just leave it open season those poor people in that area. And isn't isn't getting to the point that end and and our country beautifully we keep. Having problem after problem I don't think there were any slaves sold to anymore. Now I see you you would go to a place I'd look where actors are I'd look at people that ran the cars around. It's crazy I hate to be paid to be that way I don't I don't trust at this point anybody anymore. Mean you go to upon circuit go to church I go to our Moody's. Stores like those two other places I'm looking work and it's our look at where I can. We don't want to it's crazy I don't I'm not I don't consider paranoid but I just. Look at what happens if there's listeners develop to where I need to go where I need to be. You know and if you own a business like to move with the other beat you better have ball a guard their because. Somebody has to protect the people something gets out of hand. John I appreciate your phony in this morning. Aren't I appreciate you are right to that at a higher president Barack Obama's farewell address your and a double deal that tomorrow morning at ten we will bring you Donald Trump's first press conference as president elect the pact to morrow morning. We're gonna let you. Pass a hypothetical question. The president electoral.

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