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Jan 10, 2017|

President Barack Obama delivers his farewell speech at 8 o' clock Tuesday evening in Chicago.  This hours guest: Dr. Ed Chervenak - UNO Political Science Professor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the third morning Dave Conan for Garland Robinette as we are watch and then sunshine. Still the city. And warm things up. Man seventies. Part near eighty degrees by the end of the week. And no rain on the horizon and what is on the president's three great hours here and the think tank for yet this hour talking about. The farewell to president Barack Obama. He delivers his last. Address as president of the United States tonight you'll hear it live at 8 PM right here on WWL. As he prepares to move out of the White House and move on with his life. I want now is your life better now than it was eight years ago. So many times. When we have an election. The opponent to the incumbent will last if your wife is better now than it was four years ago and that's the barometer by which you're supposed to measure. A presidential charm one I want it now. Went to stop and think about is your life today. Better or worse than it was eight years ago. And should we use that as a measurement of how good a president Barack Obama has been. For you as a bad for the economy how's he been for the country has he been for the state of Louisiana. Coming up in the next hour we're gonna turn our attention to the first hearings. To approve. A nominee. War. President elect Donald from the US Senate Judiciary Committee. Begins a two day confirmation hearing for senator Jeff Sessions to be trumps attorney general is the GOP. Unified and united behind the president elect. Are starting to splinter before trump even takes office will take a closer look at that in the next hour. And then in the near our big announcement today that New Orleans. Is going to host wrestle mania. Next year. That interests mania NBA all star game college football championship. On so many major sporting events. Is New Orleans one of the top sports destinations now even though we've been turned down twice to host the Super Bowl. And do you think without a new stadium new world you'll ever get. The Super Bowl again that's all coming up Fauria here in the think tanks on WWL so glad that you could join us to think about. Everything going on also glad the doctor Ed Sherman act is here with us you know political science professor doctor had. Happy new year I'm doing well and happy new year to you I think we're in under the wire. I'm Colin two weeks into the new year the deadline to say happy new year of people that Nokia. That is our literary and I don't think any rules about. Drive that little girl yelling definitely before Marty my time again Marty are you better stuff than that but we're still good now so happy new media. And I get to talk to as we now have the presidential election all behind us and we look forward to the transition of our. The peaceful transition of power hallmarks of our system here in the united stand it's. And president Barack Obama's getting ready to say goodbye. Susan just. I am trying to recall is this typical that a president will have. A couple of weeks before the inauguration a farewell address to the nation. Well usually. They they delivered the address from the White House and and yet you know it's kind of wait for the outgoing president kind of fade away into the background and allowed the president elect kind of assume. A much more prominent role in. And our system right now. And I think it makes sense that. Someone who has served the nation whether it's for four years or eight years would want to have an opportunity to have one last kind of setting up their legacy. An opportunity to kind of leave with a message of hey look what I did. Yeah obviously you wanna a positive note you know this is what I've done. You know this is what I would have liked to have done. And you know hopefully. This is where we'd like to see the country go in the future. What do you make of the president deciding to do this not from the White House not from Washington DC but from Chicago. Where he served as a senator and spent much of his adult life prior. To becoming president of the United States. Well you know that's what it is where it all started so I think it is kinda wants to basically come full circle and you know he started his political career in Chicago and I guess he's gone and that there is well. Yet there's really not much after the presidency. In terms of political future is there I mean you know president of the United States and ever does it. I guess they could wanna be Secretary General of the you land at a peace corps and I'm never that that's his way. Silliness but. By and large this is that what did Ambien president you're done. All pretty much especially from outer president we have seen other presidents. You know one went on to become Supreme Court justice. I think John Quincy Adams actually went back in the congress after his presidency. So but today what they do is they just write books gives and gives speeches and and start foundation. And make a lot of money for themselves in Brothers and surround them and there are surrounded for the rest of their life by Secret Service. And on the go and but we have you know Ali. Trump aside being the oldest to ever become president. Brought about it was a young man when he became president and still has a lot of life better than exe we would expect. Such a long time to not really have anything to do. Well you'll find something to do. You know. I'm sure they'll be writing books. You know he wants to get involved in Europe and doing some reforms are. Aren't reapportionment. And redistricting so we'll see where that goes. So let's talk about his presidency. Eight years in office why it's. Where does his presidency how does that stack up how did he do overall as president of the United States. Well I mean you know you have to remember that he came in under very very difficult circumstances. The war in Iraq. Was not going very well. And then of course you have the economic meltdown in 2008. And you know given you know all that we have to say that he's done pretty well. When you look at. You know economic numbers objectively. You know we were at about 8% unemployment. What he assumed office. That actually went up to 10%. In November he delivered 2010 and now it's down to about four point 6%. So nearly cut in half the number of yeah people who are out of work. And yet the economics. Is so hard to argue with the fact. That whether he. Stayed out of the weighing kept it from spiraling out of control further or whether he is responsible for turning the economy around. Under his presidency the economy has been steadily growing and thriving. Yes no they're averaging you know 550000. Jobs per month which is that's pretty good clip. For her a present and I mean. I think he created more jobs in one year then and recruited during the entire Bush Administration. So he's got a pretty good record that he can point to when it comes to at least. At least you know the economy didn't don't depression. Now he also took office you mentioned while we were a nation at war. And now by and large while the conflicts are not over either Iraq or Afghanistan. Our commitment to those in the number of side troops we have involved and the money we're spending on the horse has definitely. He didn't heading in the downward direction pine march. Yeah oh. That's one of the critiques is that he's been kind of unwilling to use force to deal with some of situation the volatile situation in the Middle East. But he had increased. The use of drone in and targeting certain individuals in the Middle East so. He has been aggressive on that front but for the most part he's been kind of the anti bush hasn't really done. Very bellicose or very aggressive in in dealing with some of these threats. What have been the biggest. Failures or disappointments. And it's hard to discuss these things outside of you know outside of putting them in political context because obviously people's. Views are all skewed by a wearing there Republican or democratic colored glasses but. What would you point to if we can be as. Analytical as possible as to shortcomings or failures of the Obama presidency. I I think when one of the things that he'll probably. Be disappointed about is the inability to. Overcome a political polarization in the country and and in Washington DC. That we all our nation divided. And extreme people eyes and in our perceptions and our attitudes. And then the discourse and I think that's one of the things that you know he may look back and say well I wish I could've done more to kind of heals some of those to this. And I think since he came in on a platform of change in a promise of changing the way things were done in Washington and overcoming. That. Two party. Knock down drag out battling on Capitol Hill that prevented. Much progress that was his plan in the end been very successful on Matt we're done with doctor Ed Sherman act you know political science professor we come back. Talk about how his. Popularity. Has been. Amongst the American people and where it's stances president Barack Obama. Prepares to leave office also want folks that tax mediate 7870 callers at 5042601870. Are you better off now than you were eight years ago that's a big 870 pretty jaguar opinion bullet WWL dot com. And what does that say about the job president Barack Obama has done. We'll think about it here and the think tank after this on WW well. 1024 and the think tank here on WW Al Dave Cowan and for Garland Robinette our guest is doctor Ed Sherman act you know political science professor. And actor driven act where. Getting ready to hear from president Barack Obama to 8 o'clock tonight as he says farewell to the nation. And begins to kind of fade into the background as Donald Trump prepares to become the next president. Of the United States. And Barack Obama's approval rating has bin interesting over his term he began as president width. And amazingly high approval numbers nearly 75%. Approval when he came into office. But as is typical of his first two years as most presidents do he saw of that support. Quickly fade. Over two years but he's maintain and actually recovered some of it and leaves office with about 55%. Approval rating depending on whose poll you're you're looking at. What do you make of those numbers over the last eight years and how he leaves office with pretty good popularity. Yeah you know he was little point about 40% back about 2010. But he has recovered and I think a lot of it they just have to do with the fact that. It's been a scandal free administration. And that he's been you know he may not agree with his policies but he's been at least a competent. Executives in and leading executive branch. So the fact that near about 55% of all voters in the nation approve of the job he's done as president. I am I think Eumig get points because he's been presidential. For sure. And has not gotten in any kind of hot water in terms of controversy swirling questions about his integrity or things like that that's got to go a long way particularly in the stated. Right you know that the two things we judge present spies is peace and prosperity. And if you know the countries not at war or at least you know have troops you know stations. And foreign conflict. And the economy's doing fairly well. We give the president a fairly good grades. Never been any major terror attacks on US soil since nine elevenths. He's got to get some credit. For maintaining. That record and keeping those major terror attacks from coming here Q affect us a little. Yeah you know it's gonna take some time and you know some distance before will be able to make some actual judgments about his presidency. You know right now feelings are pretty broad country and so you know historians will all have to dig into his papers. And then we'll get a better sense of where he sits in terms of his legacy and where he fits in terms of you know. Was there he's a great president and have a presidential below efforts president. How has president Barack Obama bin for the state of Louisiana. Well. I don't think it's been really any love lost between the state of Louisiana and the Obama administration. No doubt that voters here in and pay the political leaders here for the bulk of his. Time in office did not care for him much at all and there was there was terrorism. And hatred actually I would say between the bulk of the electorate and the most of the political leaders here during most of his time in office. Yeah and I believe I think you know some of that came back oh lead in. You know. We are at an oil producing state and the Obama administration. Com wants to kind of wean the country out of oil and and move into green technology you know renewable energy. And you know that's detrimental to the interest of the state and so I think a lot of it you know was policy and I just think a lot of the ideological. But in terms of economics. You know. Poverty rate. It is down. Since he became president and in the states. House you know median household incomes up 7%. And the state compared 5% nationwide. The unemployment rate has basically stayed the January 6 point 1% when he first became president it's what six point 2% today so. Up objectively. There hasn't been that terrible for the state that's objectively people just don't perceive things as going very well economically. And I think today you're right the way the oil industry has. Been so negatively impacted in the last several years particularly since the drilling moratorium that the president instead of put into place after the Deepwater Horizon. He gets a lot of the boy Obama. From Louisiana eons for the problems in the oil industry whether it's totally deserved or not or whether there's more he could have done to prevent. The crash in the oil industry but I think you're right that's an overriding. Kind of blemish at least from Louisiana's point of view on his record that we've seen so many oil jobs dried up. And the oil industry struggle so mightily in the last several years. Yeah you know. That was when it's time was when he announced that moratorium and my students rescue line he do it again in eastern Louisiana and my response was slow you know he doesn't really care about Louisiana. His concerns Florida you know that's where all that so stay with lots of electoral votes and so they were concerned about. They're beaches being you know filed by the oil spill and so he was focused there rather Annan it. Doctor Ed Sherman act anything else you'd like to share with us as we prepare to hear from president Barack Obama saying farewell to the United States. Well I think. For most people Louisiana such as they're well it's probably figured. To get soaked. Circle. You know they'll probably glad you know there be glad to see him go and it and they're hopeful that now trump world you know. You know being more pro you know oil industry in and helped State's economy. Doctor chairman Max thank you so much we will start looking ahead and the coming days weeks and months of course to watch a trumpet administration will mean for the United States. This hour bull focus on president Barack Obama saying goodbye and what he has meant. For the country the economy and for the state of Louisiana thank you sir happy new year. Thank you hear it grow doctor Richard and act you know political science professor the next half hour wanna talk to a year ago about what we've just heard from doctor Richard and I can get your thoughts. How was president Barack Obama as a leader for the nation. For the economy. And for the state. And is your life better now than it was eight years ago. What does that tell you about his presidency. 1035. Gave going in for Garland Robinette Manning a think tank on your Tuesday morning so glad you could be with us at 8 o'clock tonight. President Barack Obama will deliver his last address as president of the United States he's returning to Chicago. To bid farewell to the people of the United States of America it's not like he's gonna disappear and never be heard from again but he is fading. Into the background for now for sure and as he watches president elected Donald Trump. Move closer to his inauguration. Are big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll is an interesting one I think. Because it's we always hear. During mid an election when a president has served his first term. The opponent always asks are you better off now than you were four years ago and sometimes the incumbent while last that is well. In trying to either get folks to vote against incumbent of the incumbent is trying to say hey for life is better now than it was when I took office don't you wanna keep me in office. So I am curious. After eight years. Are you better off now then you were when president Barack Obama took office argue in a better position now than you were eight years ago when your life. And it's been running pretty even in RV 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll but I think that more people realizing. That they want to make a political statement have now logged on and voted no 60% now saying though 40%. Say yes. I'm interested in your calls at 50426. 187 need to tell me why your life. Is better or worse than it was eight years ago and if it's because of or despite. President Barack Obama that your life is better or worse we just heard that household income. Is up 7%. In Louisiana over the last eight years compared to just a 5% increase nationwide. So Louisiana eons. On average are making more money now than they did when Barack Obama took office. Most of that is probably do the fact that the economy. Is in much better shape now than it was when he took off our economy was in shambles we are on the brink. Of a depression. When he took office. We work in an economic. Slide that was. Leading towards nothing good and had our nation real. And you can't argue with the fact that we went from 8% unemployment then. Q4 point 6% unemployment now you can say that it's not because of Barack Obama. That it was business and industry. That got us where we are now or it was congress that got us where we are now but no matter how you look at and who you creditor do you blame. Economy today. Is dramatically. So much better than it was eight years ago what does that say about the presidency of Barack Obama I don't know. And even. Doctor Ed Sherman act are you in a political science presser was with a says it's too early. To determine until historians really take a look at that and break down the numbers and look at the policies and see how history. Will view president Barack Obama. But I wanna know how is your life now. Compared to eight years ago and do you think it's because of president Barack Obama that it's better or worse despite him that it's better worse or to whom do you credit. Or blame for your life being better or worse ranked text messages and 87871. Vs I'm not better off I'll police shot and load dropped. We need strength not weakness in our president now says by far. Barack Obama was the best president ever I will truly miss. Knows that I used to work in the oil field now I have to work two jobs. Obama was the worst thing I've ever encounter. Doses I am better off. But our country is way worse off. It's on five year and debt is destroying us so I give him an app. For a failed grade Brad thanks for calling Europe a think tank on WWL I need you now compared to eight years via. Brent I do now compared to eight years via. Or am I am the better much much work and why is that and I tell you why. Hillary's. Oh I was not the leader of a country that we saw. He talks a bit. But the both the he was able to. Oh yeah at the congress to be in his way a lot. Yeah you know it is do. You call. One particular. You're more or do you. Remember what are your Greg app yet and really weird noises coming on. It. Of course credit deep water horizon no offshore drilling and that's one of the huge blemishes we talked about particularly. From the Louisiana's one view as president. Big Tom and it affects a lot of people in the country. Bottom line is so rare. President Obama and he is key man cell door in the Jeep and that started on the board for base and back side. A brow brow I ask you. Are you better now better off or worse off now than you worry years ago you have an answer that question other than wears off how wire you wears on are you making less money. I have regular last month and didn't sense. I'm in the ship you're repair business of big money because of the down in the oil industry. But at the end of thing to even in the seafood industry are getting. Right now or. All currency boat war that open to all hunter did have a big four. Now there are laws against that and there were several laws passed under president Barack Obama against the foreign seafood now whether or not they're actually. Enforcing those laws and whether their effective is another discussion totally to be had we appreciate the call Brad hey John you're on WWL. I you do one. What jumped out of the market at magnolia and in order that the. Act now we appreciate that. Dave gala here John what is how are you doing now compared to eight years ago. Well I'll tell you financially. Arm arm door and put money on everything you know. Nobody's happy anymore you don't see anybody smile whenever I'm afraid that we be so. And I think that's Barack Obama's. And I think they could basically that the government. The regulations that they put on everybody's afraid to be so. You know financially. Better off on the mall cop they're not sure I'm better off financially it. I think it's why they're required for it to be happy they don't wanna if you app it's not politically correct anymore so. Not that they money's not everything by. That's economize. I said it out of ma ma ma look at it. And I year year year or Richards that. I. Not at. I know. John I think you make an interesting point I don't know if you can blame I don't know there's a happiness index that you can. Say the president pushed up or put that in pushed either way beacon. Judge the nations happiness but I think you making very good point. And I don't know that Barack Obama's fault or not. But we live in an era now. Where everything seems more contentious. Where people seem ready did jump moment's notice to get angry about everything to be offended by something. To be pissed off about something else. And I don't know if that's because of the president I don't know of the it's because of the gridlock in Washington needs. Because really over the last eight years we social media become a real thing and it seems that. Every day and logs on the social media ready to be angry about something what you make it. We're not nearly as happy as a society I don't think as we worry years ago. But it that Barack Obama's let's continue that discussion after this WW. Tonight 8 o'clock you'll hear president Barack Obama's say. Farewell to the nation as he puts a bow on his presidency in sales into the sunset at least for the time being. It's not unusual for presidents to wrap up there time in office with an address to the nation and he will give his tonight you'll be able to hear it here. At 8 the am how do you think the president has done over the last eight years I know by and large in Louisiana he's been very unpopular. As doctorate German accent it's not farewell to the president from most would be the Indians it's good riddance. Text him. Messages are coming in at 87870. Once as I don't think people realize the impact Obama's moratorium in the gulf had. On our economy thus as I am a little better off now but the only reason is because I got a second job. To pay higher bills wonder how many elves have also had to do the same thing. A person says it's all skewed the numbers by liberals and Obama the unemployment rate is not 5%. Actually it's four point 6% according to government but his presence has no it's not it's 11%. It's a liberal propaganda. Those as a period. Of peace and security is about to and when Obama leaves office and now we will live under the fear of this country's security. As his days people are blaming everything on Obama really. As I was happy until November 8. Another person Texas sedate 7870 says Obama divided this country every step of the way. He constantly pitted one group against another in everything. A presences I have benefited directly from some Obama policies and I am better off now than twenty years ago I think Obama was a good president. Another says the bond the economy goes up and down no matter who is in opera's. I believe he continually divided the country which can explain why people. I'm not smiling so much. I think it's very difficult. To sit and look at it presidency. And determine. If someone was a good president or a bad president particularly immediately after there are there during the end of their presidency. And especially when you can't look at anything. Without party colored glasses. I think people become so accustomed to. Speaking in a manner in thinking in a manner about I was the president Democrat or Republican and then that completely determines how they feel about that. Race is also an issue I think when you have this discussion and I think. It's very hard for people who are either supporters of Barack Obama's or haters of Barack Obama's. To. Fairly look and engage how we has been as a president. I just think that's the day and age there orient right now that we look at everything things through Republican or democratic colored glasses. We can't see anything for what it really is because we want to see it. In that light. I don't know why that is how we got here or if it's ever gonna change. Yeah Louis thanks for calling on WW value better off now than you were eight years ago. So a lot of respect that will be an error yum Cha yeah. All considered the sector but Bert are sakic. Who was. Our next. To worse 000 well Jack about. But it. I am glad timeless I appreciate your colleagues say President Obama the second best president ever it's interesting folks. Based on the text messages I'm getting at 878 Saturday in the calls that I'm getting. I guess it makes sense that there is a divisive. Difference that people are coming down. Strongly on one side or the other when I just ask him how's your life now compared to eight years ago and here's something interesting a big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll 56% of you voting at WW Al dot com now say. That you are better off now than you work eight years ago on the 44%. Say you are not better off so that. Coincides at 56%. With president Obama's approval rating as it stands right now 55%. They hear the music it's time for our 1000 dollar nationwide. Free money contest the code word this hour is dime. Texted DI AMC. To this number 72881. That 72881. Score of 1000 dollars easy way one text could show you that money. Listen for the next code word before the top of the hour news at 2 PM. Good luck from Smart radio Entercom and all of us at WW well we never charge for taxed. But individual plan tax and data rates apply. Please remember don't ever text and drive.