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Think Tank 1210pm New Orleans is now a concert destination

Jan 10, 2017|

New Orleans is now a concert destination and is fast becoming an entertainment/sports destination. This hours guest: Mark Romig - President & CEO of the New Orelans Tourism & Marketing Corporation Sam Joffray - Greater NO Sports Foundation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Dave Cohen in for Garland Robinette Manning a think tank and that's fantastic Tuesday afternoon here in the Crescent City so glad you're spending this hour with us as we think about. New Orleans as a growing sports and entertainment. Destination. We've just learned over the last hour confirmation of what we had thought was going to be announced and that. The WW he is bringing wrestle mania back. You New Orleans. For next year this. Whether you're wrestling fan or not. Is a huge deal for the city of New Orleans and brings in. All whole lot of visitors and a whole lot of revenue one person I know who is pumping his fist and holding his championship belt up in the air now is the president and CEO of the New Orleans tourism and marketing corporation mark roaming Kmart. They gave my ego on the mob here at the embassy to answer them they just there's been out. And when will wrestle mania be here in the present today. April 8 2018. And that is the Sunday night of course it's a five they have that now so they'll be that's happening. All that weekend and leading up to it and of course they'll be. Monday night raw met Monday night afterwards so. Is just sent a great gift to the city New Orleans and we beat out a lot of other cities do this and it just another great event that will have tried and he'll. This is more evidence. Of the fact that wrestle mania is re turning to new war. That you know. This it knows what it's doing and made them very happy that Debbie Debbie the first time they want to come back. Right it's that they left in 2014. Of course the committee here. Thinking how to get them back court we beat deducting I think strip say it surprised a lot of people we were all little. Surprised by the impact that it had not only on the fans but also a community in general. Our bid that they're giving back that he superstars did it in the pac spending that came with that. And so we wanted to be back and look what better way trust celebrate. I'll know won't as a sports and entertainment locations and have that Debbie back here for track and new year. And we put the best package together we couldn't last year they went back up to headquarters and they pitched it and here we are. You know when people I think in the past thought about major sports and entertainment events and we have des sports and entertainment because. We can have that discussion and debate whether or not the Debbie Debbie is actual sports but. That's for another day. What we know it is is it's a money maker does it fill our hotel rooms and how is the spending that it brings here compared to a national championship in college footballer Super Bowl or something like that. Yeah it's right up there with. Actually the bowl it try to there was answered that try to there with that major. Event that come in where you have a across the board families. Couple individuals coming in this case 36 nations were represented last time people from 36 nations came to New Orleans. There really is worldwide popularity. For WW. It is not only every state in the union represented but worldwide. They do 500 events a year or on the cool 500 accounts a year now that means that there are more than ten events somewhere in the world tapping each week. And it's amazing what current. Ever been the focus they've granddaddy of all departments here in the city in the war on to twenty is that a deal and the big deal hotels the restaurants. For the attractions like this do in the aquarium in the national World War II museum and city park. Because. What comes with that beat the family. That is a big deal and the damage that double the year and they take great memories away with them when they lead to I hope we come back court not a vacation. Tiger and mark roaming the president and CEO of the New Orleans tourism marketing corporation is that the Mercedes-Benz superdome where officials just announced the confirmation of what we have thought we were going to hear. Is that the WW Wii is indeed bringing wrestle mania back to New Orleans. For April 8 2018. That's when the main event is but as you mentioned five full days. Of tourism. Visitors spending of fun and of attention to the city of New Orleans. This does shine a light on New Orleans in two perhaps other areas of the country other areas of the world and do other demographics that may be for. Didn't cubs didn't consume what kind of coverage. Of the events that we have here this is a whole new market that it opens up the Natalie comes for this five days but people who will see it on television read about it on the Internet and then wanna come to New Orleans as well. I tried to date you know making it easier for people to get here you know later this year you have British air flight nonstop to London you have commodore flying nonstop ranked Germany. We have other flight like Air Canada. And Coppola who applying international. And so as we get close to 28 G and our aviation board the airport. Or bury our cute bring other flights here making the people get here which will be helpful with the international audience that that would be eat greens and so. It that is what those Berry. Good days for the city of the world once some look forward to use that help sustain and grow our job base and provide messaging about the city around the world. Mark let's talk about all the big wins because this is just one of many recently. Major events that are coming to the city of new Portland's. This year next year and into the futures and now we have April 8 when he eighteen is. Wrestle mania what are some of the other BP's that are coming to the right thing. Well you know as soon as we although we have over 130 accessible occur each year that were 36 now that pride chicken that that was that was a number well you might bikes along that was well I was out like they're like what what what took so but. So and 2018 you have a college football playoff. In the world to Sugar Bowl percent one of the two college football playoffs leading to a final game so that'll be in January 20 chain. You've got WB now twenty gene of course all. Through the year 22 new trucks and the elegance to the people of the city in the world in the state will hear more more about these events that get into that. In this new year. We have on tap are the all star game later this year in an NBA all star game this coming here. Yes that's going to be again another really turning event that it only been here. What once before and now coming back and right yeah. And they were brought here because New Orleans is a welcoming city edit the city that. Knows how to treat people well and exception everyone to come here to have a good time and so the NBA saw that and they said well done Cuba. Come back to New Orleans and who also chronicle it as hospitality showed they can't. That's what I'm throwing the Mardi Gras madness. Of the sports weekend a bodyguard Lee will be that first week yet. Al looking into the future we're going to be hosting a men's final four. We're going to be hosting. Again on national college football championship ambient 20/20. You know at the saints as soon as we get an invitation to pity gamble will most likely be bidding again Super Bowl sometime. Early 20s20. Again all the underscored the fact it is truly. Built for these national championship events because it's a walk Kabul city to city that people called two very welcomed. There also to opportunities for. Food and beverage and architecture history and I just that the culture that. New loans has now sustained over the last Austrian skiers so. We were got a great track record in the past got a great track record coming our future in. It's a total current product. NBA all star game this year college football playoff the next year wrestle mania next year. The college football national championship in 20/20 men's final four and 20/20 two all the biggies but we've lost twice. Trying to get the super ball consecutively when we come back market wanna talk about that and is it that we need a new stadium to get another Super Bowl or is it that we just need to find year. To bed that somebody else who has a new stadium isn't bidding will get mark chronic thoughts on that. Right after this on WWL. Is there weren't a championship city speaking in the Super Bowl to some of the things we're talking about coming up here on WW. Wrestle mania is coming to your new all. Orleans maybe. That announcement just made moments ago at the Mercedes-Benz superdome that. April 8 when he eighteenth at WW these premier event wrestle mania will be held once again here in New Orleans with five days of festivities. And bringing in. Hundreds of millions of dollars and economic development and activity here. In New Orleans talking to us this app powers president CEO of the New Orleans tourism and marketing corporation mark roaming at the dome. And mark a lot of it there and this is about fanfare and show and pomp and circumstance and fun as an. Yes it is. It's a library a very unique way the world show law and wonderful chili or. That adhere to arm and he's got to build the corporate product pack that W spoke today at the press conference said that. They love this facility and that's one reason they came back. You know. We talking about all the big wins about the fact of wrestle mania is coming back the fact that the NBA all star game is coming back in just a few weeks. That we've landed another college football national championship in 2020 men's final four. In 20/20 two a college football playoff also coming into when he eighteen of so many big events. And major. Sports organizations and entertainment organizations bringing their product. And their fan base here to New York but the white elephant of course is always what else is out there and where Q we still have room to improve. Twice now unprecedented plea. New Orleans lost bids to host the super bull that it never happened before but now it's happened twice. Can't New Orleans land another Super Bowl without a new stadium. I'll dot my eyes no doubt no doubt in fact I I've I've just been one of those pitches and go what but the fact that there was. Stadium a brand new skating coming online the year 28 to eat column I I think it would have been our. Our game and we are just finding cities that were at the playbook that we wrote very well several years ago. These stadiums are coming up then and as you note and pretend that these dating come online and get the typical. I'll when you hear an organization like that need to be underscored back that they came back to the world because a silly such as the series 20. Coming gives all the folks pockets they would. Planning about we'd have a great facility as we all know it came back to life after Hurricane Katrina millions of dollars invested into this. Economic engine that we call the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Those folks who have experienced the state this past year but the saints' seasons saw. Wonderful technology upgrades. Sound system that video boards up. Those guys get rid of him but really I love they can turn off all the lights in the dome in the video boards are big enough and bright enough to really like the entire. But come on and come off very quickly to. The fact that we've landed all these other championships going into the early 2020s. That sense that speaks for itself I think the messaging group has a great job of managing its great state asset. In the world sport at the have a ear. And now I think we've got a great life left to this stuff. Classic stadium in it's a wonderful facility and I'll just go back to what the that the folks at today about why they came back. Is it's. Then that we have to do find a way to do it in a year that no one who has a new stadium coming online is bidding is that the only way we can get another funeral this. That's probably certainly helpful alms situation at the end but again I think we put a good story together oh got the facts. And looked well what the down. Totals stamped themselves side I think will be back in the game. We certainly are fan favorite that the owners. Know that there team members who come here to dissipate lumping in the city and as you know every time we have a good game. In New Orleans for the saints season and these teams committed. The stand to look forward to being here to support their team against. It opting to. Think we got the city best. Yang I've gotten several text messages at age 7870. People who are saying that that it doesn't matter about stadiums it doesn't matter about those issues what matters is this is New Orleans and New Orleans and of itself. Is the draw that brings people here and once organizations to come here that the future is bright. For the tour for the tourism industry here is an. I think so I think what degree in world sports foundation has gone with the Aldrich book an idiot on. I'll certainly what the saints and pelicans have done this or show and welcome the city and it and reinvesting in the city state. And the industry itself the hotels restaurants attractions. This is a good team it's that it's that she encroached everything that we do now and my senses that. Oh it itself there gonna go out forget it and that we don't get the first time book out at the second time. I think we do better than anybody and now I'm looking forward to this court to what 2018 as a gratuitous. And the many more bets on the down the line and it's great that everybody in the city get involved whether York. There as a fan or you're there and from a business standpoint of retailers. A product into a club a sense that a it's owned by all this yeah. It's funny we talk about tourism all the time in the engine that drives it and the fact that bringing all these major events brings tourism but it also brings opportunities for locals to have fun and to participate and be a part of these things locals are gonna go to many of these events they're gonna participate in the events surrounding these major events they going to be involved. It or they can get involved in terms of the economic development that it provides it may help them with their job or they can even volunteer for so many of these events and be a part of it. Yet BB NFL the NBA at all that very very. Passion about getting the local businesses and golf neighboring there. You can hear so whether it's stupid DB a program or that the retail brother empire are so warlords that they're going to be. Eighty photography for the event or set design more food and beverage. Resources. You know everyone is focused on the that the communities where they have these. Benefit in a very direct way in to what CNET over the last several years the focus on. The local as being involved we are we can all do better job but I think put up a much better job years. We know that the hotels a lot of these major event we know the host hotels they'll look for Marty we know the hotels built up for festivals how're we doing in between. These larger events in getting people com year round and to keep that engine believe throttled all the time. Well certainly the convention and it is appeared as a I'd dated date nonstop job trying to bring in association in pitched in groups. Throughout the year the new Walter as a marketing corporation recently. Announced a program where were promoting. Early week days so where lining opportunities people to commitments sailed Sunday. State Wednesday where we're asking hotels and restaurants and attractions to bundle. Special packages so that and show people that you know we get to grade you got great festivals but there'll partly as a good time Cuba to visit new laws as well. So we're doing everything that we can do to ensure that. Those peaks are not as great as they want where where you have blocked it does on weekends and cities that this week. Between what the convention business urged the tourism are doing. I think you're seeing much. More coordinated effort to get people and a hotels. Seven days a week. Congratulations. To you and everyone else involved in bringing the WW lead back to New Orleans for wrestle mania. And we look forward to talk and you as we move into Mardi Gras season about all the great stuff going on in the city always a pleasure mark remic thanks so much from the super thank today. All right coming up we'll talk to it's tourism. Officials that are responsible directly for the sports foundation here in New Orleans will get the greater New Orleans sports foundation on the line. And talk about these events how they are successfully getting so many become and the challenges that may still exist particularly when we're talking about. The Super Bowl he can Texas and 87870 or call us 26 187. We've been talking about today's big announcement at the Mercedes-Benz super downs. Same place merger Brees throws for over 5000 yards each and every year feels like that way compared to football guy so any time I had to breeze on my team on norm go into the top. Part of the announcement that the WWE. Is returning to New Orleans in 28 teams are so mania is coming to new. Maybe yeah that was the announcement and we've been celebrating that this hour because this is a more evidence of the can seeing nude full throttle forward engine that is sports and entertainment helping drive terrorism even further in this city and one of the people who is chiefly responsible along with his cohorts at a greater new world sports foundation for making these things happen. Sam Godfrey joins us on the line now hey Sam congratulations. Payne thank you Dave. Who has a good afternoon these. I yap. But I know this was about more than just an announcement that lasts and out war at the Mercedes-Benz superdome that this is actually been years in the making. And I think that it's worthwhile for us to discuss what goes into making these things happen that it's not just. Hey call the WNBC if they want to bring wrestle mania back to New Orleans that there are a lot of people who works for a long time to make this happen. Albeit with a city that helps sell itself it does not happen by itself. Your eyes and make no mistake about it to very competitive that props. Carry it live at the same kind of torn and wait. And so global file for and me I'll start in. As cities there. Equally motivated trying to attracted. In the year candidate so. In the case brought many years it's. Competitive bid process among non. Different then that's Super Bowl or file for. You know we had such a great experience with them played fourteen and the industry's current La. That we started and immediately come in announces an elite group. Should. And as soon as they're published their bid part why. Now that there were no war 28 he. Go to a competitive bid process. We kind of we're already sitting at the front tables and it was. Ego. I'm personal and that perfectly aligned with our our city's 300 anniversary celebration. So we will. We're pretty tenacious and and and relentless and now pursuing them and they and it is being paid off it was a a good. Long year. So many available partners that will it work with the convention center to the convention and visitors bureau tourism marketing corporation course superdome. In the can that are that they use. Fuel and that. And into the pool emotions as we do. That and that's one. What it was a very turn out for surgery went. Yak congratulations again and yet really more than four years in the making because I think there was a feeling the first time. That wrestle mania came here back in 2014 that it was kind of day. It's pastor Ron I don't know if that's the right way to put it but it was an opportunity for New Orleans to prove. Beyond a shadow of a doubt that we could be good host for this event and no doubt. We made that case as a city and you and everyone else you just discussed made that case over the past year. To get the WW we'd bring wrestle mania and it's five days of festivities. Back to New Orleans what are the key selling points. That allow the city to land in NBA all star game later this year college football playoff next year. West Khomeini and next year a men's final four and 20/20 two all college football national champion. And Lonnie Lonnie what what hardly. Did allow that miss any. We live with that it will run very fortunate. Over the past couple years. You know you mentioned that it that that we were count and audition at fourteen or at saint Laurent. Wrestle mania. At that point. I believe like on three straight ones prior. To that one leading up to turn forbid. They're evaluating its first. Deciding a little something on the did it on. And then networking and of course quote that process so those three or four years. Leading up to us that being awarded fourteen. I was coming back to New Orleans and say hey guys I. This is this is the real deal with that had grown say that only and there was no doubt. Court. By. Two tear to your point. You know some of the messages that work constantly. Putting on the event owners that they go figure for. New Orleans has the absolute perfect compact footprint in the major special events. We're setup will look to point out also tolerant or. Innocence. The major venues superdome there in as little convention center. All the hotels all the restaurants. And you've got this incredible backdrop of current quarter that allows these major and about hectic Dolan and create a special. On stand activation area because they know that the recorders or bit. Delegate plot and activating cents. And if you look at the these you know these enthusiastic nature that you especially a lot like which is so calm on the weekend. Day in Greece a city like New Orleans that opens its arms such a lot out there and nobody in the U. Yet every day and have fun and be yourself. And you know so. The national assets that we had when these kids. I wanna sit in the job very easy. Am. But that approximately in the student culture. They're enemies you'll very. Certainly make their job easier however the events are getting more and more competitive to win the so other than the other on that or our rates. Would sure what you value available on the. There's so many events unfortunately that you know sometimes Republicans that we it's because. We don't drown mode in city or street bench and it is only some days valuable. And fair territory and it doesn't like that we get these critical weeks alone in the that are. The production. Once upon the particular very difficult because we're such high demand city. We're talking I am Jaafari at the greater New Orleans sports foundation in my pushed the pause button right there when we come back we'll continue this conversation and I'll also ask you about the prospects for. Another super ball because it seems like that's the only major event. That isn't on the list that we posted before. And what events that would we like to host that we've never hosted before and talked to Sam about that coming up on WW. 1248. Good afternoon thanks for joining us the other thing thank Dave going in for Garland Robinette Sam drop freeze on the line with us in the greater new world sports foundation on the heels of the announcement that the WW Wii is bringing its five days of festivities surrounding wrestle mania. Back to New Orleans and April. Of 2018. Sam we were talking about this impressive list of events that have already signed up to come back to New Orleans. A NBA all star game coming up next month the got a Follett college football playoff next year we now wrestle mania next year. We have the college football national championship in 20/20 the men's final four and when he 22. Amazing unbelievable. When there were predictions that we kind of worn out. This great run of big events of the last several years you have proven to us that's not the case but the big kind of question mark out there remains the Super Bowl where we had in that. Cycle of bids will we bid again anytime soon and do you think and other symbols coming into worlds in the foreseeable future. Thought he had an old that's a comeback norms. That processes it is pretty neat. What will happen with the knicks it's like what sorts of global. So global committee will meet in saint. Point seven green and then we'll identify sites that they want to invite to the yet been invited bit. Pursue global and they will do that from the years. 182. Victory. Civil war to Super Bowl experience cycles will be yearlong process. As you mentioned that we got awarded. And well 422. Which would prohibit us from bidding on a global point two so of that two year its cycle. Expected. We certainly hope that would be invited to bid for 22 point three. And we at that point that take a look at it and look at our look at it Calgary your organs that. I like to what would like which other cities are invited to me and if they are building a new stadium. And you do you that you just hit the nail on the head there the war quote the straight. The determination of orbit brought strategy let your complete victory. And now a lot of a lot of those critical play play into it. And what the city capacities Lesnar seems like in the new stadium. If you look at the look of the events that we just talked about that you and often they need now. To sleep. Or so or so only. If what Romanian to conduct working in an eighteen I'll look for twelve to. Aren't like them not to the symptoms of global history well. As any end in having the event on the books play a lot into the that annual keep an annual great cheapest. Does the State of New York venue bid that meets the needs of the NFL having an end up opting. In the stadium keeps the stadium modernized and electronic and paper poster should also. And don't think that conversation happen you don't. Yeah well good and and I think that most people on we found time and time again when we have that discussion and we opened up our. Our polling to that and we look at him most people don't won New Orleans. To replace the superdome they do want super balls to come but I don't think it's the expense or the pain of losing the iconic superdome so I I think you put it very well you look at that amazing list of activities and events and things that are coming here. No New Orleans does not needing new stadium in lesson until the NFL says we won't come back until you get one in the and the decision is well do we want the and it got to bring. It and it it law would be difficult habit when there's a brownish. Oil out there. An and I cities. Has become kind of the tradition of bill in the house warming get burned in state income than do what I'm capable. Will always be between that and you know in front of a mind. But with that being said Atlanta gotten their Minneapolis have gotten theirs. What single who have gotten. So if you looked on the hood you can read at least at some point there will be especially into your pit cycle it's one of those two years can go to site. And operating. That's good news that's exciting very quickly run an odd time. What else is out there on the rise and we haven't hosted yet the same man who would be great for New Orleans to bring that event here. There is an event does looking for home right now those two genres and that's what it's keeping Ebert so he. A lot of that's amazing to be arrogant is stadiums salty I'm watching people play video games where would we call on. And that is exciting summer action sports event that sparked yet on here as yet that. And in this election and it. That we are looking at they're trying to attract new future well. Number X games it's the summer games they've played about the winter X games armour. That we are certainly have been working on Obama try and cheaply can spot a way to accommodate them. I don't Enceladus accidents and ask what about NASCAR what about World Cup soccer. At that venue the news and news. Where we got that you know particular on the menu by the Nikkei ends you know opera certain requirements and and NASCAR obviously need to attract. The dark this. Sam we got to run a run out of time but thank you congratulations on it again on a very impressive victory with. The Debbie Debbie bring him wrestle mania back in this other great list and good luck in the future. Whether you know love or hate professional wrestling you've got to love the fact that the WWE is bringing its five days of festivities surrounding wrestle mania back to New Orleans. It just again screams volumes for the fact that this city attracts the premiere events worldwide. And people want to come here. You know as much and family feud the other day and a question with something like. Where the top party cities. New Orleans was ranked number one and what that tells you was all the attention we get all of these nationally. And internationally televised events it works that people wanna come here. And tourism. Is so vital to the health of the economy in this city so congratulations. To everyone who had anything to do. With a bringing wrestle mania back and all of the other amazing events common. I'll see at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning.