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1-10 4pm Bobby & Deke: on Clemson's national championship

Jan 10, 2017|

Bobby & Deke recap Clemson's college football championship win over Alabama.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports talk. He's a KG can name Bobby Hebert I am Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program. We would take a look back at last night's national championship game in an instant classic. As the Clemson Tigers. Came up big late very late in the contest to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide mandatory six game win streak and winning their scoot. Second national championship the first since 1981 when the in Danny forward. There at the Tigers to the national title tie with the BYU that your will go to. Mania Robinson who that was the Tigers for the green doing news Clemson getting set to do some celebrating this week in interest in soccer and on over the gonna have a big parade and celebrate. In Tiger Stadium would talk to him about that and also the future of Clinton football. Mark Burnett Alabama beat writer for SEC country dot com Buick has to give us the day after. Alabama fail. And again the for the second time I guess you'd say Bobby. And we're the last six seasons eighteen it'd be a national championship contest well. It's actually been three times and since 2004 when Oklahoma winning to play LA issue me thought that Oklahoma's defense and they want every. Post season or there was across the board and it seems to be among the best out. 2011 LSU tigris he would talk about not only being undefeated. But what they did the teams they beat in a nonconference schedule to start the season. Being gone through the big battle of Alabama and facing Alabama again they won't host teams on the brink if they win they can be in the conversation. And yet again last night was the same situation. And I don't know if any team ever got out to a good start like Alabama did in Dan faltered. A fourteen to zero in complete control but Bobby it was Clinton in this contests and took a little while. But maybe win at the first part. When they were hanging on hanging on and just stay within a couple of scores that's when they're wearing down kind of was taking place and we'll get more to those numbers and little light on some things that ball going in the Clinton's favor from the beginning of the game to the end it. Well you know the close that it never and their programs history. How to win targets and I'm wondering team. That's along with the case but you don't do battle tested. You know at the noble history at the schedule in 2016. Clemson. Look at all the universities than Clemson Tigers had a little extra diskette to slow. And he got a delta web that a stormont and the last four quarters. All I know is. You want that chip when you shoulder. In Alabama being favored a basically by a touchdown and and you look how the defense got embarrassed last year while Alabama divas got embarrassed again. And big guy who's Dillon embarrassed in the leader is the Shawn Watson. Now the wind is this haven't Saban team. We knew that the opposing quarterback. Back to back championship games would with the on the line the pressure. The shot Watson almost had a thousand yards. And if you look at the local what what occurred when he did this game. And that kind of he can run the ball well I don't know. The he could throw and run against them because if you look at it. He had what 420 yards past and 43 yards rushing total for 63 well last last season championship game. He threw for 405. And he ran for 73. So basically almost had 500 yards in each game. Now you might say. And that was not the case last year all the weapons 'cause they did have weapons this pars attack in Alabama secondary. Mike Williams. Beat nobody NFL receiver you can see that from the get go. But you know clemson's receivers they had four receivers with more than nine yards to talk about a game plans play at spreading the ball around. You look at the hero of hunter who renfro and nobody had came hedges. 92 yards Mike Williams eight catches for 94 yards a lot of times just a jump ball he made the play join our league get. Seven catches 95 yards beyond Kane and he's a touchdown maker when he had five catches. In 94 yards so big that by spreading the ball around that was Drew Brees like. Ford ever receivers. Over ninety yards you gotta give the shot Watson lot of credit but you could throw out there. Even if you say things like that play witness. I don't know how this time watts is gonna work out our. Big I don't know Pete even be available. Would you. The number eleven pick you know the one edge rushing get on defense better right. Could you maybe heavy Kiki need needed to with the Shawn Watson was available at number lab. And you look colleague and approach would you take him is if you just Saints quarterback did you draft them in the first round on eleven he is the future. And you know I just thrown into the wolves initially. You know does it take you beyond reason maybe you address. A pass rush to the Saints are gonna be a player free agency of the edge in free agency is that it draft those questions that have to be asked and and have a look at beat Alabama scored no points to win sort but you know what they did not do. They did not convert on third down and controlled and the flow of the game the Buick 13% on third now. He loaded the pits with Kuo would have big stop they had to go right back out there Clemson red brick in 99 place to go Ecstasy that is not a desperate. Then the 99 played the one thing how I'd bitch about our. Are sick man I don't know commercials and all it comes about the game was to gamble. Right what it was almost four hours. I mean not die it it was very exciting. And that ultimate. Now the show you that Nick Saban is human. Because I think I thought he should dig in the Jim Kelly approach my with a forty guys and they played the states. The week and Edwards Kyle could you stop the tidal wave McClintock. You got to fight to go to overtime. When they cannot do that and get a touchdown. Duke so what the penalty is this the clock if it could be in Europe favor. Also tackle all the receivers get a penalty forced Clinton almost have to kick a field go to play the percentages. And the goal in overtime as I cheating but that's just strategy to try and went back to back national championship so. I mean date they ending was it was very. Intriguing wanted to best ever played but the meat I don't know the irony was the best game ever. Now it was it is an ascending in this in him but now I'm using this and 'cause look at Vince young and here in 2005 game. I'm dollar from beginning to Ian and in the right to down at bat game and had fall more like me drama offensive. Stop now. It's all how would it. Until my dad's on the offensive mind. I am back is being gentle ones that I speak Guerrero bush man Reggie Bush man Sammy was. You know Hollywood or ones that Texas on August. Yet that one but note does belong in the conversation no doubt about. Yes and Deke I tell you what. Saban was playing for a lot because if he would've won that game I'm telling you. There have been argument and you'd be hard hard to argued against it it's David could went down. As the greatest college football coach ever now he's still might be he eventually but he could did it now. Right as far as tying Bear Bryant and did you at the back to back winning championships and and players leaving it. Adding it's a lot hearted as they need to win a national championship because he can't give a limited scholarships. In players leaving early are you look like Bear Bryant winning six he did at 64657879. Saban did an eleven and twelve he could've dated fifteenth sixteen. But it didn't happen. And Eddie gad alum I was I go anywhere noted that they gonna be right there. But it's amazing. All of those Alabama defensive players annually gets wired it talks smack. One player did not cannot talk smack to. No additional Watson now he may and haven't known Deke a thousand yards right to gain so you are you kidding me Getz and exceed the deepest and you know what you say. Well there Alabama it was a backs are they good. You know whose background is indeed it's a back coach would be looking but I always a weakling. You know his background as a coach. In it you could go down as the greatest coach ever Nick Saban to deal with tobacco. So take me out of my play. They did today I showed you are ready how it plays legal Clifton did an outstanding job and a personal note as the receiver and the guys that haven't a pig play. That's how you got to coach. And I normally like how much I can look back at the quarterback you get away at defender right you know you gotta combat that now but Alabama you don't play a lot man to man. You figured that they'd pick and you play a lot man to man and he passed and obviously which was in the -- really I'm not you might be logged into the office to player nom estimated that that the first time you eat I eat you combat that guy's gonna play truly meant demand. You go over to receivers facing you knock the crap out. So I wrote about Uga having you is I mean try to take handle so you and you're in the film room when you business Ian and Andre rats named Bryant over game film in that same exact match he burned C is room if it's before the era of saint I've covered yet but I'm saying you'd you'd look in May be an end of the team. And you consider me. That was no decent call that you know you'd you know in the adamant that you definitely know because if I ever a lot of it would take again look at the first warned that receiver than an outstanding job despite the tour Gila bag put bolt is Republican back in the quarterback room and on the second one. They locked man to man so the mistake of the quarterback guarding the slot receiver you can never go over to top it Ricky goal line. You've got to fight through and be on the line of scrimmage you go around you make in the played because I pitching kids eligible and easiest totals. The Shawn Watson or McNamee in his life. And as a slot defender's fault but I coming and he jumped on you high you combat that united come up in the receivers face a UK well if could you have to have a fade route. And in but that did all the Sunday god that you get embarrass. You got to be aggressive. An odd in my nabbing Koppen enough to do that but that's how you've really got to packer receiver. And you passed that Albert he's gonna go inside you pass that Robin UEFA and outside brick and route so there's ways to stop that it's old with a Nick Saban and had to deal with the backs Randy. On on that played twice on the goal line closer knew they were doing it took advantage of it. So that they make it look no further he's a DB DB expert and that's his job to get those guys rated that the cover. All right we'll come back it would take a look Alabama and Clemson and instantly be as surprised because as Bobby tell we. Clinton has been building up and it may be an SEC careless with the exception list is national title game. And you go back you can go back to want to earmark may have beaten Georgia before he played Taylor's during the day and just to label. But that LSU game two when they vote Taj Boyd DeAndre Hopkins Sammy Watkins that group. That kind of started things the Clemson beating up on SEC teams are beating ACC team to a talk about that and we'll look at Alabama. In their bowl losses in their bowl laws had been many. And what the opposing team's offense has done you may be surprised. To me Alabama defense this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back getting your take on tenacity damaging game operated jaguar opinion poll is up for you at WWL dot com Davos when he wants. Interim coach for the Clemson Tigers spent under the national championship you expect LSU coach and overdrawn at the same type of success. As a by you being with coach K we have and I well like today quarterback at WW Rio. I mean you know about talking about how. The game was so evolving so to speak toward Clinton's way. As we talked about some key number is there Clemson ran. Nine and now it's a place to that 66 is 33 more offensive snaps nicknames in hand right in Alabama. Other numbers that you were paid to do. Alabama was penalized nine times for 82 yards and 10335. Time of possession heavily in favor of the Tigers by 34 minutes in 44 seconds compared to that. Of 2.5 sixteens now you look at those numbers you could point to look at way to those numbers go like grab Sykes or any matches this and that propelled them the most public tours. Think he used to do when you went to. You can take. Third down in the contest Clemson was able to maintain. Solid position in the cup on the ball because it was seven and eighteen on third down what Alabama was two of fifty calling today it's time of possession in and Bobby. The old coaching theory is that you know close to double digit communities close to our yards in penalties is almost given up the team another touch a touchdown well. Alabama was penalized nine passer eighteen yards and as a ride on that cost. And here's what we're democracy to Japan this one when is a Nick Saban team lost when they were close to in the turnover ratio. Right in adding I don't know as close to be bigger and only two people in Europe aren't there are a lot of turnovers contacted Jeff you want to talk to us and the rest you call is going to 8 o'clock tonight the first up. AC BS. News of the going in southern number they're getting irritate too as well any way you feel about college football right now coming into it. Your take did you like the way the broadcast where you could get it in many different forms last night audio and visual depending on Noah which you'll watching they had a good break now analyst song on both to make falling coach Mack Wayne's. Are found bobbled on one channel they had also took. The coach and analogies last night I mean it's it's also to network Covert showed everybody was talking and dabbled Sweeney. And the art. Tigers this celebration they're gonna have a big celebration on Saturday Clinton we'll talk more with talk about Alabama fans. And beat writers are next out and did you bring your dabbled Sweeney of one person doesn't like that could drivel. He's I mean I mean is it. How can you know like that both Sweeney and those who like he's good people on main and that I could good person was somewhere in that state alum and a few of the EE grew it was Floyd is so down and Saudi government geez there's somebody in summarize saint you know. Yeah now he wouldn't tell what he said no you're right dinners superdome when when gene stallings and Alabama Ibaka. Knocked down Miami that was a nasty that I need to netted him JJ he was okay team that you see his quote in Dublin and being a walk on and he goes element there that it was those little walk and basically does thousand crawl. How does crawled just to get a chance to hang he's you know he's he's an emotional guy you know broke out with an emotional coach who's just is what it is and you know sometimes it's through people. I think we'd like to see stuff not because we think it's bad course is different. Well it is still face value you don't think dabbled Sweeney treats people battered in Nick Saban. You know you know how you treat individuals and you come across and if you'd had on two immutable laws of people who work for you all manually and feed you treat me well with Saban you know when it went in these juvenile Lane Kiffin. Cologne they know he a couple of you to get over given to it ultimately lead with not. I think about I'm just answering that one thing insane thing good about him since and no big I know I know personally if I coaches I've talked to them right that they appreciate an opportunity to work could coach Saban but he couldn't wait. They want that on their resume but he couldn't wait to get the hell out of there are look at how they were treated as individual unknown the coach at the head coach is yelling at him where did I see it and it ended in the wives. Daniel why shelling at you writers you never come along kind of Saddam umbrage in and you you to that point about giving your right but you know see me through as the bombing note oh no it's not I'm not and that's just on the did you seen this guy and as recent on the sideline didn't ask you because you meet him in there again and it is down south or some way. To him too he's too streaky. Well I mean you scored no points but the bottom line anyway in Margaret are brought this Sunday not only. If you look at third down how they were horrendous at 13%. Andy to a fifteen at one time they were two for three. And they were all for twelve. Well for twelve in the last third down it it may Ozal ID. And ended the problem is that it is to the the quarterbacks Aaron I think he can run I think he did an outstanding job handling the pressure. As a true freshman he came as the football he can pass it. He was one at thirteen and Alabama was on third down at temple and it four yards which their four they put the ball seven times because they cannot convert on those type place. Our right to the phone we go let's go to Jeff in Biloxi Mississippi Jeff thank you going to be a new hero. Narrow. Part it took too much in May be. They had coached. I owed it to and so. We're on play. Or some the national media made. Sure they are not tackle the receivers. In. The penalty. And it sure. To make in part forced them are beginning to dig a little. And packet that numbers that count on like young did against that I can today. Abide by jab jab jab jab jab what you have to do. Which you have to do hell he had to shall watch is gonna try and run it and now I'm seeded Davidson man who has it contain might miss. But you have to almost tackle the receivers. And and and commitment the go go ahead. But I would. Out of it say that they were my hands out in there was nobody you know to take him out there Shawn Watson had a pretty shot walking to take that as. Whoever I can only you know whoever enacted they did do their job and that speaks David's fault as he did targeted Devin. Somebody has to pay when you ruling out. Right where I was there the way I played right hand is they try to tackle receivers there and you don't want did down the shot. Yeah. Knowing I went out David's fault the defense and I haven't contain couldn't get c'mon everybody got a responsibility night got to do it easier said than done but did you have a responsibility to take that approach. Now we have and that situation. And that that could all. Drew Brees when we play the party niners and the job he's not going anywhere. And you know but now another show Watson in hell look at where he's got to dig at the house and try to go to India. They also expecting toward the beginning I don't get frustrated with Colin. But you can see as the Shawn Watson's settled down. They started gripping news hour opened up the sleeper and then concede a young man. Do against a defense like Alabama and I was shop. I was shot and it doesn't I was shocked even though let me take this as the big key key point where he talked about. I'll shot did the shot and watch it kicked Alabama's past two games that are wrote oh you know I know you I was gonna say because there's book to be that Alabama's grade is defense in history right okay could sit around what they did up to his game. The reason why save that. Chris last year at throwing again that that he's gonna have pulls the 500 yards of total raw but they gonna read it Manning gonna happen again. But. You know what he had X-Factor oddity in the of this consideration. To key players didn't play last year and played this year. If you look at cliff development the huge weapon. In six foot 32 or 245 pound Mike Williams he midge virtually all of last season at the neck injury Brian he had this year you noting had. Almost 1000 major receiving yards to technology goes and does the the on Kane he had nine touchdowns catches heatedly last year Q is he was suspended a breaking team rules all of a sudden. They played this game right below the odd Kenny and Mike Williams. So you'd think like Cologne he's maturing he's a better quarterback so shame on me for not realizing that. This John Webb and O Watson. Would have more weapons and airport that's why you see they had four receivers over ninety yard Deion came. A guide it will last year five catches 94 yards in Santo appears to remove ma Mike Mike Williams eight catches 94 yards. In the great Wendell potter went pro Pinkett his 92 New York. No spread the ball around but at the top quarterbacks no matter what that the that if you're doing. No matter what the defense does there's an answer tonight got an order goal at the ball spread the well the wrong that let. The show Watson did get that Alabama defense. Vanderveer for John John good evening thank you for calling WW well. They can happen. Dipped to what you just. Alabama we don't have places in that game just what happened but it. My question. Do you seen the play. Problem where. Twelve plans album we're running on the field and if tissue visual that was. Gone like clips and across Alabama he saw he can't twelve any motion that one again but he looked at me off the field. I don't remember what an Ohio and it wasn't in downtown go back and what I. Remember I don't remember what you see technical and Pete Carroll in any count twelve. Into the video a couple of videos on each count twelve of these weight of one. And the guy went off the field on certain eloquent he shot. Alabama and I get a penalty that week. Knows not me. Yeah I'd I don't recall an apt you had that is you know I don't lie protected on it but SI is kind of a moot point to in the. Obviously you know him and get him on May get it I don't worry about saying is you guys that it wasn't just me. Get a different feel. And Alabama's plan thinking in there and it's not an SEC crew like I do. You mean like I how the calls go their way our. About OK that indicates that wide ball by when they called the big plays because to me. And and I can break it down it was good to a seminar and shall the fans because I was part of the original people in house and been with a run and shoot. And Miles Davis in June jolt and all that were receivers and assume Andrei rising Pritchard. Nobody its way before meet the guy I liked Alou and Neil Lomax at all and I'd first and then doing socially mean if you weren't. Hell it worked and it was legal. Did a good thing is because she'd tell the officials and he showed which admitted to an academic now wherever the wide receiver coach at Clemson. Yeah coach Saban and DBs the I don't know who he is but how he coached those receivers they knew would help they would do it right. And I mighty big goal and cultural and and and and go with and Arnie that I don't know what a great coach Greg McRae. And showed it like it's actually it basically is clintons would do was Clinton would they would do in. And officials cannot called as if you can train your receivers to do it the proper way when you know for assured of playing man to man. People who keep bode well the course is suitable has not been kind to Alabama they have a loss and then building what the unless there are three times. But if you look at the full bowl losses on the coach Saban and Utah on a Sugar Bowl. Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl Oklahoman issued a bow and Clemson last night Alabama gives up an average of those games. Fuller in 57 yards in the fold for bowl losses that's about what a hundred some awesome as today average to get it to give up with 270. Well above that the bottom line is if you look at Alabama and they almost lose in the in a shoot out with very seldom happens already do lose. Global global what's the did that thing that. Happens in every game. Lead is John immense LUC log went are you looking Kelly would Ole miss last night quarterback nick in the glowing and you've got about the pass that probably got caddie would you gain on a run over Alabama we got about the pass the football. Well but one of the only times and if history is that a few times before but not mean he. All four matchups all remixes from previous games this season would be the same results or different results. We'll talk about all that to in the 7 o'clock album recap of the national title game. Right here on WW. And welcome back out to the phone to go just a simple way wade thank you for calling WW yeah. That you care about Canada in the afternoon both you know yeah since they laid. I'm not a big stated and normal Alabama fans you got six seconds left on the clock. Wanted to call from the outline your defense up and hold everybody at the La. They can only be about touched. Right where weight and you feel like what you gonna keep those time outs in your back pocket. Mean I really don't you idealism. Alomar. Is equally got to communicate we did defenders and say c'mon it's Alan. Right there on the clock you don't let that man back a page out of nowhere in the Patriot you don't let that man I'll optimize the scrimmage. No way. Know you come out aggressive you put him in the mile the largest government and we have the know that and hit it way you know it's crazy. Saint it'd be the tobacco today it's amazing. How they were not well coached at the close up they gain weight thank you so much for the column all right time Baghran gave me the code word in the nation why 1000 dollar. And as contest. Right here on WWL.