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1-10 5pm Bobby & Deke: on how Clemson toppled Alabama

Jan 10, 2017|

Bobby & Deke take calls on the Clemson-Bama title game and talk with Manie Robinson, who covers the Clemson Tigers for the Greenville News.

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And gaining. And welcome to our number to a sports saw at indicate he can embodying bare right there and I'm Deke Bellavia coming up this how we're gonna go to south Carolina's between Manny Robinson we speak Manny several times. Usually before the season against get a preview the ACC and Clemson. He's with the Greenville news as. Clemson, South Carolina will be Iraq in the next few days in anticipation of the Saturday's celebration that they're gonna hand in Clemson. Mark market burn it will be what does Alabama beat writer SEC country dot com McGee was. The take on a day after the tide failed to the Tigers you can always participate in the program by calling 2601870. You can Texas and 87870. And operated jaguar Pena told the WW dot com Davos Sweeney. Clinton take notes starting as an interim. The Clemson do you expect coach or draw. Taylor's shooting at the same time with a tiger Stu could cast you vote online at WWL. Doc kind. I save success the national champion there ought to be that the only would that be that's dishing four. And then Alex is gonna don't seem more more quote more programs do in a room in right right a yeah I mean. Look look you know wells NFL level who harder interim just happened Doug world mr. Jacksonville Jaguars is hired Doug world he had head coaching experience with Buffalo like Goetschl in the past I don't know would doubles. Pat severe oddly using head coach before. He was in Germany got promoted but big you know when you look at and quarterback play obviously. You touched the ball in and constantly in. He always going to be evaluated. And we got a text from 52 to three bother what do you think about the Heisman Trophy winner. I think he needs to be we look at O Watson should have been the winner the winner not. That other Lugo guy and think about it Ellis shoot him humiliated the Louisville quarterback he has they did LS u.'s. Because I interest in right now. I'd like to see Ellis shoot defense. Against the Shawn Watson yeah now to be objective. Cliff it's a whole lot better I think right now you know they played early in the season the Louisville we talked about it in the trenches but. Big I would tend to take. That. That LSU's defense. Might have better success is the Shawn Watson simply because of the matchups on the backhand and as far as plane against the pass right now than Alabama so that that would be intriguing. To see you come about and because speaking of the defense then Ellis are you pass an eight. Now they're kind of like 'cause their team you know they were all on our own about wait to see would have McCourt has seen it already done but. Because Clemson scored five touchdowns last night LSU Ferris is worth the top defense. In the NBA as allowing just sixteen touchdowns and that touchdowns per game. This season at a shade over 11 point three LSU giro just sixteen TDs in twelve games this season. And ranked fifth Nash and obviously Alabama did play a few more games and LSU. It is still the if I would look at the average guy right order I think the one point three yeah there with a one point three and in the end and that says a lot the same analogy is office going forward. If you have that kind of unbelievable production. And you're not in the final four you know Nepal fond of tiger there's damage it would you should the to be able to be in that number to make their final four I and now about producing a season LSU finished third in the nation in the morning ACC first downs allowed. Ten in the nation and third in the SEC in total defense this season salute you have a and I Houston numbers. They've begun not has not off topic is we talked about it never sour and this is from 8170. And you know elaborate on this got a number of takes in in this Texas says I'm not a band thing and but those two touchdown passes should have been Albertson an appearance. And listen. I'm Italian Holland also objective about this then film study of lodged those plays I could tell you right now. If Alabama would it did those please I would tell you that's not offensive interference. If Clemson. Elegy mom is doing now about him you know dig out right now I would be objective and argue against LSU fans. If that was executed the same way again it's LSU's defense. That is not all of it's an honor I agree with you. On Monday but as I don't agree undervalued it goes some ice be any are wanting to jump on the stand that and how can you call it. You know you've been a victim of the moment you know because all the same in all the favorites is any dispute isn't no no I'm not needed they needed the Clemson receivers use. By the end all of bags there's still that first one. As the body position music repeal vision and boldness and Scola. Looking back at the quarterback. Not block to save Randy cooks the way we run it. It's amazing coach Payton and drew an elbow or run a better people. We've run that play but we didn't do as good as Clemson. As far as actually you want to go pro defenders against them to do with Dwyane looked like they kind of know what it's I hear him I am a big cat and mouse game to try again. But that's the whole thing is in Indy it even. The second one bid to win that game he explored all the line of scrimmage. Look at it with a bag fell Mika Graham shows and through and now. You can keep going forward at the end of Alabama screwed up the slot defender. On you can never go behind you on the goal and you got undercut that. That's like got to come up agenda receiver. If they strictly man to man. So no I'm telling you that Alabama did not get rid tell. That play you might want this office have minded thinking. I just know how it's coached in how rougher Reid's view that and that that's a legal play. 260 points in the you can Texas and eats in the needs in his commitment from Mike Mike thank you for calling WW. Did you get a chance to look at the final poll is. Art to cut article I need to be at number six I did a what it's not not and yeah. Got shut out there and doing it means they now understand that. But he when you played bad luck and they were number twelve plain and one team that we put him like pinpoint. They've played improbably green and a quarter. And bill. That we took back I think 68. That we are being in. A steady. It's what I'm glad it's being able to. I don't mean it is in the beaten Notre Dame. It and then and and that thing up maybe so is that could be appointed people look to break and then you know having a house say again ranked above Penn State because I think. In state it if USC's the hottest thing out there you know outside the teams and asked attempt at which they have him at number three. There you know and you anybody wants it in state USC game and up beat USC made the plays after two wing ambit. It was insane even the door open I mean you know an icon did so in state beat Ohio State he had been it's. I still don't know why did handy all right why why why why they were and you know my arm above Mike Ellis tell indeed this that the Brayton evident a fantasy world. And now you look at OK who you'd put in a final four and I couldn't really break it down. A final four kind of goal at sixteen especially. Because you never disdain towards the latter part of season like yards and timber. Obviously Timmy you have Clemson and Alabama. Then the next three teams I'm ten I would I would like to see this how they play in. And USC finished third and Alabama's mold them denied the same policy team as compared to quarterback but Clemson Alabama. US CN Allen shoot an elite has been a homer not a about how they've finished it this season did so Clemson. Alabama. USC. LSU and in because they give Ortega fourteen. A look up Florida State finish deceit another plane and pinion and yeah so there's about six teams that all of us and way better than the percentage will Washington. You know get that opportunity. I doubt that you guys feed. Problem with them being in at number six. Likewise. Right choice you know NA NA doll couple Colorado Toronto Colorado Los LA at two games but I mean they were. You know they were basically a team that was planned for you in their conference championship night in alternate layers to. And pretty sound to Washington and in the boat in the Oklahoma State but it. I mean this is a team that you know was right there play for the pac twelve championship over the doing teams and they go from based in the time in seventeen. Ended it big as we go to break. OK I know you know when you play and he'll have you know get the players see you play him one time yeah but you know they doubt he'll would have been different it's their denial she played against Louisville. At that time proceed at a rematch at Wisconsin. Yeah. I mean I don't know maybe being. I just think you'd be a whole lot of an outcome this time Iran and it and it's really the same season. And I think honesty is good too you know if you would have seen him bad it was constantly saving fuel as Alabama can you see Nevada about it LA's UT using about a Alabama got better as the season wore on and obviously so did you missing so no you're right no doubt about it. All right this is sports talk on WW up. And welcome Mackie as cagey game Battier bare and he wrote via you know what's interesting is what gets lost a lot of times is what ifs. And had Alabama defeated Clemson last night. What would the media be saying about dabble Sweeney's days you go back and look at the plate taught in meaning you remember aunts and there what's he would whip count and randomly this night. And from the 101 mark. Left in the contest second afford the mammoth 33 to the third and three at Alabama 32. Clemson led 38. Seconds 37 seconds glance off the clock they go from 101 to 28. And you think about you know what ifs what if you don't get their pass interference call and you get the ball place at the one yard line. You do what four seconds left and meet you think about things like let's say they had a lot of to have bombing in Houston down there even before interference play. You would have at least. Four plays and it if you reduce its truck bed down the thirty so it's execute let go off the clock for seemingly no reason right to just maybe Tony. Think if you look at a clock management. This is arguably the field goal he had to go in overtime and as it looked like this he was gonna happen here. 'cause I mean you gotta wonder mean if if that laid a's basically I don't I don't necessarily know Bobby if if they were got a playoff you know data bat the ball down so we'll know the second night came off the clock. He seemingly didn't because they did have 12 man but there was no guarantee you're having any time and effort to force second. No. The good thing is you only had any shame I think that coach larva can remember back and recall this and includes treatment towards the serenity. He's taken a chance in anything heroically gonna have a quick run played in elements like an all night. But you take get a chance you know you always want the run pass options so you keep the defense off balance right that. If it's on their twelve seconds you take imaging it. That a word of his twelve seconds or more of that you still would no timeouts you still do run pass option more than one of the pollen to have time to spike it. And again another player but on the twelve seconds. They need to get a big chance that you'll you'll run out of time and nothing happens all right coming and it's gonna take and we dosing Clemson. And now Alabama to see what transpired that day at the this. Exciting national championship game in the seventh act now NFL a talks. But as mom and aren't as 7 o'clock hours it's Doug Allen gives us the pelicans they they went to the Big Apple last night in and in Davey showed out. Some poor sportsmanship on part of the Knicks. That's a given a date on AD in the sixth knocked out there as well with first up. And have WWR news after a this CBS news update with the Columbia broadcasting system. And welcome back. 26018 Sammy text this at 87870. Now coming up in the 7 o'clock now will hit on the news and notes in the National Football League will go around the league is there before. Match ups two on each side this weekend in the air sea. It is Atlanta in attaining to Seattle Seahawks. And then you have the Patriots in the Texans. The and it's a Steelers and Chiefs and the Packers and the Cowboys all rematch is from earlier this season the Texans are to get blown out. By the Patriots Atlanta allows etc. and a very controversial game came down to mainly. Drive in which him and a to me that I Julio Jones was in the fairway by Richard Sherman but. Seattle won playground bizarre here as an appearance yes and at the end of the day it really didn't effective because. Atlanta one of clinching the number two seed and they had the same record though it would have been a big deal. They play Pittsburgh dominated Kansas City earlier in the season. And you look at the other rematch Dallas win in Green Bay and I think that is the time that a lot of people said you know. Dallas and these younger not just John running back petition on quarterback can be pretty good not just because I mean they had decent record at that time they still have one loss. But to go and Green Bay and win like the idea about it. I think that it is still matters it's all pros but it doesn't matter where he had in in who you beating in the in the Gordon Green Bay and we and they won pretty Hanley. That was an oppressive maybe Cadillac and I'm hoping that Dallas is going to be. It's been a very similar though the NFL like college you know the same team that you're at the beginning program throwers in ago case in point USC finished in third in the nation right when they changed quarterbacks well. Any change quarterbacks. But he's arguably. Some be living he might be better Brett Favre and I'm Brett Favre and an error Rodgers. Nineteen touchdown passes zero interceptions. Are now unbeaten streak on Wednesday right now about them we we we do go predictions on. On Thursday. But analysts say shocked that I will be. I would be surprised in Dallas beats Green Bay. And I argued that Hillary's I don't know B I don't know I love lower deck press guy who beat wing and I mean I like him in the pack I like the Steelers. But does it just visit Disney if Dallas gets to the suit bow. Somewhere along the land Tony Romo have an impact. Estes to a few other could have been it and it's a momentum change on us and ask them Goering name but sometimes he's. Sometimes team he gets talk in might be a plate look how good the Giants played in the first hand the other day the first half against Green Bay. And they would stunned that hail Mary that was it. There is like they put in this week the cut off stopwatch and in Green Bay dominated in his second. And it was a very costly victory over green Bay's Wachovia. That's the only thing the one thing I would not be surprised if Dallas wins in. What are they like the four point favorites in my game doubtful with me now that. Because injuries. The green and he does not have law and don't think so agreed they would win that'd be even more impressive. Considering I haven't although a month ago and now we'll go around the league all NFL from seven to eight tonight. Many Robinson agreeing good news is kind enough to Jonas we talked remaining a lot of to have to start the season will preview of converts in isn't. The last several years made edits as the drizzle which we talked about Clemson in. Those early season match out whether it was with Georgia whether it was with. I guess you'd say Auburn a couple of times. They slowly did pick in the latest in decision you know all the ages a jacket that they would go well against the SEC. Wailed in other covers Big Ten as of late last night. Manny this game it will click here to ought to be a real program you got to battle them we're a national championship. Any DH maybe he won't be as clean strong return as he's going to make for outing. That anybody has ever faced I mean this Alabama team was a win away from us being considered one of the greatest. Yeah absolutely. And you need to know all the years they are Tripoli pay your giving you the Oakland today. That waiting you know there is one buyer and that they'd feel great and there. They're gonna weigh in what they've done nobody used chemical Sweeney. It kind of in the league building not not to go in. Overtime. In. It is validate them in their minds that they art. Now Manny in my and the standing and you look at they were a battle tested obviously elected can't close district is scheduled. And it was number one this past season and you look at the colleges that they face and and and I think also that if you're an Alabama fan and considering what you witness in the in the past. That we had this caller tell us that at I was pretty intriguing that you look at Nick Saban. Was 92 and oh win meeting in the fourth quarter by double digits. And I think Alabama fans are shocked Oakland's and I'll put it on a minute forward corps. There's been resolved but there are big start when you have a quarterback account and it's not a lot more than it is at. It because they're here knows you know showing no beard. What it ought to be considered a looker. And let go are you air. They can't count at the kind of bring it. No call all that. And that was the case they're right they're a bit ago you'd be in and it and it got to read it would and they beat people according elementary K now but he was. Completely property you were born at the merit of your career record called city map though they that it will be that there would be he would go. You know that that is the result but they've they've built more. Oh we get kind of injected in here in the city in predicted it in the great order their greatest scene. Possibly ever. State that Cotto with him came out. And anyway it is this week in week out and as the NFC south a look at Matt Ryan threw reasonably spread the ball on 89. In him or misuse that I thought was intriguing. And this speaks for itself if you look at the Shawn Watson basically to gain. In a combined almost a thousand yards. When you break it down would you look it. Ollie spread the wealth for. David receivers that morning and I any cards receiving. The and honor renfro obviously. Would it be and the game winning catch ten catches 92 yards but. A look at two receivers and he maybe could have been different last year. When Mike Williams and look at this season when he had. Over two over yards nine touchdowns in it does you look at the nineteen. When ninth as downs and you look at both of them. Both having over ninety yards receiving so. Boy talking about who you gonna stop as a receiver. It ain't like that he's really understand the game and dirt as a quarterback how is spreads around the B Tom Watson. Yet he's going it would never go Kart career out kind of prepare and review. Elections you know. Made it probably took her game. Kind of epic and clock the beat in predicted at the end oh. In their crap they. They had that you know at the end. And who may be should be did he take it out quicker yeah. We caliper. Oh victory over Clinton though. I mean he hit the good. Birdie. The critter right now. You have the drop off from your your you know number 12 of the group are going to be able. To let my. Are they it will be it. He really have a big game even. At any time in game live in the other thing about it the players' well being. It might we're. Or at night you are and he'll want to game. EP on the act like people back before. It would. You could spray it around in the awards. No matter. Now Manny. The Clemson fan base obviously boy whenever you national champ and how you feel good about what the alumni year old we supported the school. When you look at dabble Sweeney in different universities. You know when you're in a national championship the villas that you. Is he almost there are or what he has to do maybe the PG it is things like. And maybe you could an eight ex Prez is that a fans and it. I mean how can you know like dabble Sweeney does seem like he does a good that'll cook two boys as likable. If you don't like of some AB's all we use the. Yeah idea how to. There on the road that we do not like we're out at that exact thing. Think about oh I am and it kind of would be able to give it kind of become Yang beat empire or are they gave it constantly in the paint pain when it became a little eight year. It would be harder for them it's their bowl Booker. We fare well. Yeah he'd eatery eagle likable. The Lee trade and they'll they'll bring in the court we're. Actually be that they'll be there. In in nickel rate recruiting that you look like your ego and aren't winning. You know that they're achieving everything. It. In I don't know how I am a man out there and they make it that much arm that the perception that they're like that it opened like it. Well you know although there are Miller. You're not out of there now out of order deal network will we're recruiting when you have that kind of economy could be quite an upper part that you probably got. It probably. On base at the plate you're there. Many rounds does this again as an American backing Clinton season and the NASA team to gain the victory over Alabama's with the greens are new. Many American now Clemson really surpassed. Mean goals this year but also. Because what Clinton is on that and Florida State as of late they've kind of validated or at least that you know what it's some people look at the ACC well you know it's we. But you look at Clinton if Florida State but to me it's always been the bowl matchup to had been of this. They are 93 now the ACC finishes with Clinton winning national championship last night and when you think about the coaching change in coach beamer had a great program for years. And that coach print is what he did in his first you get him do you take to the conference championship game. Florida State Mark Richt seemingly has a lot of good recruit coming in this going to be a good class coming off a good year. With Miami. Other programs that are in the conference we seen what coach put it is did donate Duke. But the ACC. Win and asked him Jim I think you know had the best team in college football is in your conference but it's a little bit more than it. Have you seen the ACC. Really stepped up and in the course of the last couple seasons it's easier on and I think when a team plays for the Nat champs at their from a conference. And certainly wins and master championship that being Clinton last night nice year if Doris Day recent years. But you know. Warrick is there is there's a couple of teams that we can maybe say I don't know man Nick's Q oh Kobe years are now. That might be in the playoff mix that on that Clemson a Florida State from the Atlantic Coast Conference. No one that we could next year maybe a little. You would see an easy record on Equant. Things go or maybe couple. 34 years but cut that BC. He would upgrade. Their cold. The coat that they've brought it currently you can beat Margaret Cho put in Miami. Like it when they. Air they're in great need to call it repeat year even the paint they're cute epic that it is often wakes sort. It rate in the standard you look at the cart it they've torn it dated. You know. There are going to be. Standard he would be. In the seat to in demand to his partner. In eloquent and earn. 080. So that they can beat I predict he. Played a big. When you're the national championship the way. On the handle state which broke the record book beat in with the ball stronger copper. Other people proper knew it all working they. Kind of are in fighting it out accompany a blank. So that the AC BC air. Period in everything in the league think. And I area it would look a little more and others. An equal they're well we do debate. I think you know our eyes and every every car repairs. Here strong and in Iraq the cream. And definitely not the be a year is. Wanna be. Leader of course. Many around singular resonates on a Clemson Tigers in the Greenville news Manny had to be the key but we did on social media. I'm at where Manny being Manny in me in he being Manny and saint that they MA in eat being there. Many can be a big celebration a bit over this area. He would absolutely as there are. Loaded up there are the Barack days you'd be crazy. Men enjoy the man every appreciated and what talk again soon or are they care all right humanism is on the national champion Clemson Tigers many rounds and in the Greenville news. He's Bobby Hebert and they going to be an X that would tick and on the Alabama side of things says it tied again a lot of history if I'm not stacked up against Clemson. And then mainly talk about the numbers they were facing I don't know maybe if Davos when he told his team we're gonna do it or just don't pay attention to it. Because if you look at what Alabama head in their fatal going to their game last night. Who just and it's it and lower and how much bigger this victory was the Clinton mean of us may have a note this is sports talk on WW. And welcome back. Gone back to some good things going as the last night's. Contest Nick Saban had a twelve record in title games and that's college football playoffs BCS and ACC. Title games. Sixteen consecutive. Wins vs ranked opponents that has that record. Alabama was 63 NT and as a number one team in any people. And of course Clinton's big streak they had a goose in when he came to. Victories against programs that were ranked number one about it he shot all went down. They wiped out at me a long stretches history. Who won big victory last night Clemson Tigers so what about the Alabama side of things we're going to kick in in Alabama the day after. Did not having Lane Kiffin make a difference what about the third down O for twelve on that last third down 203 down conversions that time of possession. They were close to the charities all of that mark look at Alabama beat writer for ACC country dot com we were this. Nextel. And he will also attract about Las Vegas sports books they take a big loss on the Clemson Tigers victory yes they were at a tick and with our around most of the Agassi say east of Dallas Atlanta deal Orlando Ledbetter and can Atlanta on knock off Seattle basis sports talk on WW or.