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1/10/17 9:10pm Double Coverage with T-Bob & Kristian

Jan 11, 2017|

President Barrack Obama scores a high favorably rating...57% of Americans, but fewer than half say they’re better off than they were than they were 8 years ago. Are you?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes indeed at rock and roll it simplified good Tuesday night and now it's tonight's beat Bobby Hebert crushing Derek tens ever master control on the heels of president Barack Obama's farewell address to the nation in. Our parties at our people at 7% of Americans give President Obama high favorability ratings but few have seen their better off in they were. Eight years ago are you cast your vote online at W to Google com. Calls that final four to 60187 in president Rocco Obama spoke for about fifty minutes in his hometown of Chicago for about 48000. Its audience audience of 40000 of course that means more. At home watching and that's on a number of issues called the citizenship you know. Message of inclusion for all Americans a number of messes I think the kid out of this glean from president Barack Obama's final address to the nation and look. As to about pointed out before the top of the hour is one of the streets one wheel house things for president Barack Obama's he's going to allow you in any speech. And there were some things that it was too controversial typically farewell speeches are the president's. X they're largely forgettable ties but there are some things that people are grab onto right now. That I think he some of the message. Was was pretty on point in a lot of Ortiz in the near there are things that I I've actually disagree with. As well but will dissect the speech coming up over the next two hours until a lot will also targeted to low national team's game. Action from last night Clinton taking down Alabama 3531. In their first. National title. It's for 35 years of demos we you know Tivo like them much love for adults that is not gone out. Area. Good point kind of bittersweet for you now are just talk some trash on Clinton and out of the past years at I agents on the sit here. And celebrate them I would say that today at like Darth Vader killing him right does mean you necessarily love later. But it was the lesser of two evils succeed. So overall. What was the underline that the chief message within a year grab on to from president Barack Obama's farewell speech bomb. I mean I. And I guess it's up like he said to finding cheap message because he's Ferrell speeches are going to be. Holy agreeable go agreeable they're going to be filled with a very flowery language gives a very optimistic feelings eggs that are setter. All but I did they did they were some important points made it dear and important topics brought up. Like when he asked about boast besides recognizing each other. Yeah or in that was kind of rating when when he was discussing the race relations that seemed to be worsening. Although I don't know it always know if that's the case is much ado is that we are just done. Exposed to more and this just got a new natural evolution. Of race relations but but he talked about let. White people need to recognize that. Slavery Jim Crow didn't suddenly vanish after the sixties and that when minority groups. When that protest that was just content not demanding special treatment they're trying to get equal treatment he also said. The black you'll need to recognize that this middle aged. White person it seems like maybe you know they have everything they have it all together that you have to appreciate their struggle as well they've seen and at times. A they did their entire life kind of turned upside down economically media lost her job maybe. I'd it did their morals and appears a societies moving away like. In a way it all goes back to bed very very simple simple. True that you were. Kind of taught I think when you're a little kid. Which is he should walk a mile in this person's shoes you should try to be willing to empathize tried to put yourself. Eight it in in their skin and see it from their point of view if you do that only then. Can you really understand. How you feel on an issue that's when you flesh things out and really that kind of runs treated to was probably my favorite part. Of the speech which is when he talked about us being secure and our own bubbles Al. Seemingly now more than ever. Because there's so many different places where you can go that buying people. Who agree review we fall victim to confirmation. Sweep all the dole only listening to viewpoints. They're reinforce or along with Toni Atkins estimates having seems like you just agrees us. A lot of time he showed off and you don't go to that website anymore you could channel on more and do this that. And that leads to a further division at least a further break here and also leads. It heightens ignorance. Because you're not getting a full picture of issues and topics or not. Giving a full understanding your only reinforcing what you already believe rather it's right. Or wrong donuts in the you have to agree with everything else anybody's name. But I do think that you need to be willing to give the time of day in if you find yourself and I've and I've done this Christian Norris or to reach him and I've got angry immediately. My guess is probably disagree with that I have to tell myself take you step back take a deep breath finish reading that arc. Finish watching that video tried to weigh it on its own merits and then decide whether or not. You agree with it's I would argue that you find some inherently offensive or that bugs you authors who gave you yours and all those. Liberals don't see it in their self senate seat shy at all wielding actually listen and and and and equip yourself with knowledge and you argue against it be better could that ever in the same thing goes. For liberals are amenities. These codes are currently done with a our country it's it's putt terrible it's going to dog misses it. Everybody needs to try to be willing. To understand where the other person is coming from a toad I really like that part where he talked about being. Secure an aero bubbles. And debentures one of many highlights data we could touch on. Yes look I would Almaty back on exactly your point but so that we caution our listeners. To all the time. Is use that as you just said it pointed out the president Barack Obama pointed out his speech which is the living and apple we encourage we fight we was a standards quite often. You not unite our audience they they no word I think you stand. And where I stand. I've been critical of president rock Obama in the past and that doesn't mean that I'm not willing to at least here I I was listen this beats it watch in the speech. And I I honestly shook my head in disagreement. Probably one time. And nodded my head in agreement handful. It because because it's. Like he meets a valid points and on at least work we should be at least willing to understand I out with yuck kind of agree. That that was the central focus where. I could it I can get on board the boats that by try to all look at AdAware where everybody else's struggles are. And at least try to understand without just out and out shout each other down and screaming at each of the CI completely cannot get on well with this to everybody has a different path. And different walk of life. I mean I I immediately got up likable on Twitter hitting me up. With that quote from Billy Madison you know like. What you do cities are down blow blow blow we're all now dumber for having listened to that again how could you see that. In response to. A speech in which he talked about the very quickly on coming kind of autonomous robot revolution we have to figure out a way. To deal with all the jobs that are going to be taken away by increasing. Mechanization. V talked about. Both sides agreed to discuss recognize drug he talked about. Eggs you have how do we excuse ethical lapses in our own party but ounce when the other side does the same thing like he'd talked about some. Very important issues to both parties to every one to America as a whole to every. Susie and yet there are people in this is not just a left or right issued this spans both sides. There are people who will be so immediately closed off their gonna be so idiotic so ignorant so unintelligent as to. Just outright dismiss every single point he brought up in space on the along the lines and it wouldn't newsroom is don't dumber for a new listener or you know portrait god. Have mercy shall. It's it's it's it just. He's completely deny it does it like it if if they refuted something unite it would say jokingly we use that banana this. And I mean it's. Bullet do you dare look there could be things that are really really dumb and may be yes it's appropriate so that updating you putt in the light. It did the great reporting and we need to lock down the quote it's just a greater example. Of how despite what ever. Really interesting really intriguing information and one might be presented with it they don't like the source of that information. If they don't like the one doing the presenting. Then there is no getting through and that's a little. That is a bit on believable to me and it's it's something that seems like it's getting increasingly worse I still never quite know. Because he never really know where the truth of all this attitude in Baltimore before the Internet before is so easy to express. How you feel but I'd seems like that's eating worsen retrenchment. On both sides and this is a call to fix it bad but then again you know what. I'm sure that you looked back through the history of politics. That nearly every farewell address calls for a unification calls are coming together calls rate. Working together and acting three and is Kaz. The President's Day you understand it better much easier they've been a wonder that half the country yelling at them. And there and you the other have beyond the beard their entire time in office in the farewell address this guy their one time they get to July. You know they VVVV they get to save their PC and I duties voters in this or that and they can. Maybe seasonings they wanna be able to the. Yeah and you heard his supporters says you know chance for more youthful glory years in for some I like doing he started honestly with acutely felt only a president is Nolan is listed. You know what one of the think you'll like this. One of things that disagreed with was when he basically references that they feel like YouTube clip board. The while the public office office yourself that's not. But that's not the way to sell afterward I'll shake my Agilent come on me like I get a it but it's one of those it was a sad hated might highlight which it. You know he could fuel like the way I coach that you don't go to people with only very few qualified ultimately qualified people that want to be politician that is. If you that that truly can't beat politicians is not for everybody so it like that are gonna. I pick and I yeah I mean I in and you get that light. I I would say that was more about just fighting against him and I am example number one. Of this but fighting against the what's the become apathetic nature that a lot of us approach politics and it just not caring. Now but he senator senator legs that I am I'm exit prime example number one but they that was the greater point that portion. Of the speech was I guess you could see kind of way. You re. Just just hearing again about the political system and not being so cynical as to believe there's nothing you can do. What we you know President Obama for what's his legacy FE eight years in office his farewell speech earlier tonight here on W two well commitment not 26018787. Eight's at least double covered he got a crush. I knew wouldn't take long on effects on an 8787. Tracks president Barack Obama. And we'll have an opinion about some of the policies out that he was. To simply. Rattle off some things it. Now facts team out I would just discussing this honoring now and really go against his message tonight the opposite the if you listen to it carefully economic guarded against some of the things it. Texts are ultimately just accomplished. Talk about president Barack Obama's farewell speech tonight. You could jump at 5042601878. X 878 that will discuss his legacy it was wrong but. Economic stimulus package in the affair Affordable Care Act of two to about two acts that I think are two big ones that he he was. Wanted to come in office with on the campaign trail he years ago and in. Was able to enacting it into your highlight today in his speech. The economic stimulus package in the Affordable Care Act which by the way president elect trump wants the repeal wouldn't GOP's stand out so fast they wanna have a bad way to put. Com you know which is Smart I mean can't you for forty million. Are going to put any way at all and iron into Ottawa here and yes you should have bought. I would argue as a representative. Of your constituents. And just citizens. You should have some sort of plan in place yes. But ahead as I did so that's economic stimulus package. In a gone chargers. Obviously an economic stimulus stimulus packages is one of those one of the first ones that he kind of enacted it put into it and the law and there's the Pete it an atomic you know when this is where this news these monies these waters in monies because it depends on again where. Which you read what what part your your reading list is too if it was successful Trulia not same thing with the affordable care. Yet well and. Exactly right big questions of legacy are interesting because. It's going to be incredibly subjective. Moon for some. If you had a good eight years sector businesses successful yet some good breaks. Chances are you going to be happy with the what happened. The opposite is true maybe you lost your job. Maybe the industry that you were I mean they're worried that you look at Louisiana and what is capital and to the oil business recently. Chances are you are not going to be too happy with the lassie at last year's sewage subjective in Napoli. I think it's also becomes. Jeez and coughing it also becomes confusing Christian like you said. He has bags and that I always say what is in the age of information. Everything is disinformation. And what that means is that because of the Internet anger out there and I can read one article right now. That creates or presenting you rock solid. Case as to how Obama completely turn around America save this country. It setter at setter and then I can turn around ten minutes later and read a rock solid case. About how President Obama has guide to ruin this country and and just made everything worse it's worse than. It ever was before postal cites sources both will have. India but above flood experts say and they will both be. Very convincing answer that makes questions of legacy hearts are so well when I think about legacy then. I just had to look at. I guess my own life in my own. Experience and I did for me idea I've talked about 4% really no no different. Being 27 almost twenty years. Here in a few weeks BBs are being twenty years old. For the entirety of my adult life. President Obama has been towed so I'm literacy by noticed a dated date difference but yes I I I. For me personally. A bomb. I majority and there's been things that are really do I did there are good things that are released for right I mean we've seen gay marriage legalized. We see him. Long. The mood. Yeah. The farewell address. President Barack Obama today just heard CBS news update the text here in 83 ourselves our 3642. Were likely President Obama remarked about him. Making the transfer power peaceful. And seamless like bush had done for him when he raised that Specter T Bobby got a little bit in places in the it is about ten days you're gonna see our democracy at its finest people were. You know you were starting to boo yeah that that the idea that president. Donald Trump coming office and he corrected and I think that was that was at that they'll all line at least with the message he was trying to convey tonight. Sought but doesn't portray it if for an appeal petrol like that idea a big that's important that it conveys that. He may aim in a really good point about did the cat in the deep peaceful transition of power does it mean when you look I think we take for granted now because we become so accustomed tour. And Regis grow up begin a year this is how it always has been what you look throughout history. Leadership changes create power vacuum which creed struggles trade civil wars it's tree the crumbling of societies so. The peaceful transition of power truly news. A and in the US cornerstone. I guess you do it is one of the greatest. Hits and you can champion as Sudan has worked thus far and I thought it was well said when he discussed now he's doing you're began to ensure that peaceful transit are just as. President Bush dinner yes I'd how do you say at a decent former president I've. It just his former President Bush did for him. Eight years ago and even that they're the beginning was a bit of not necessarily an olive branch. But but nobody but a better way of kind of telling the Democrats left lucky we have to respect. Both sides and this is the political process this is. How works in you may not agree that you may be unhappy but you still have to respect it at the news today. Walter on the North Shore things are calling W develops woman. Hey guys it's that it's not Aruba on board ship but anyway. Publicly when he first came in. Long ago Utica. He came. What I'm a change in the Arctic well matter who's really looking and panic change. He did bring change but it was not trying to column are currently one. But he all that that expectation on realistic he was supposed to be the one at that rate racial divide he pointed out they've speech that was an unrealistic expectations. But he's on the other side and that he created more erect racial peace by then. You night. Well every time it was a problem it like that police officer or professor opened bought. Out. Beat black side whether it was right or wrong and you know it says things. It's I mean Walter I guess. I just that you didn't that you would get me that is that is on teachers who used to lieutenant colonel in the world Christian. I turner birdied the point being he is not a president Bob he said as much I also talked to go after he got to sit down. Which. Police leadership to help the country with President Obama for a couple hours a few months back and he came away in had nothing but positive things to say about. How Obama was dealing with the situation with police in. And open to both sides of the discussion that they did if you really look at what the president has said. In regards to all of these kind of racial page be police in some communities he's really. The gap yeah well he's all right he's he's played both sides. OK all I can tell you if you really courage. There is more devices that this new in this country out Obama and work then that there were a couple. I doubt that role we talk about that prospect. Over and over. The last eight months lenient election well offer you this Walter I think the point you may be trying to make it. And I would agree with this this is fact mrs. mrs. it's been pointed out there are times where the president has slipped up and he's not the only one. The president has slipped up some of these instances where there's been group police brutality or on. Necessary force and is perceived war once the community act out against police etc. There's been times where he spoken before he's gotten the all the facts out there's one thing day. To be critical of President Obama about it it's that but the message. Has been one of trying to unite. However sometimes he spoke before some of the details that come out which have rankled and it sets of people. You eat the two different types of people those seated at the example. I have. Can't beat I like it the realists and they'd dirty war. Yeah a great nine it's on dark and we job daycare. Thank you Walter you have a great night his moment for an. There's. Hi kind of like that dirty water can it would it's pretty great endeavor that for. Look at it that's a couple of Walter at least you're willing to have a discussion in days yeah that spear with. What president Barack Obama ultimately was trying to convey to that to the. And my own IE and in in I mean you're better about his myself why I shouldn't jump in as much and and I should let. Me let people finish. They're thought even of ideas to my guy guy I shoot low Walters a little more time there to expound a bit. May be before IE. Disagree Zia a learning lesson for me as well there Walton and. A little bit of growth for everybody and look you know you're experienced you talk about to about how you've only experience for the most part your adult life you know president Barack Obama as the president. And it will be adjusting this the I think through experience and anything right. That's what she she. His experience and she Putin to where eight years Donald Trump whether it's good or bad is in the shape it is entirely different way. As well smashed on the floor for years to give an August war I'm just I'm on I get. Myself and ultimately. I just kind of whenever whatever it is it's hard to unseated incumbent Dan and I get it again. The smasher on the interstate you to a final four to 601876787. That overture W. I welcome back double coverage about a Christian. Reacted to president Barack Obama's farewell speech in the country. Youthful calls at 26018. At 8787. What you think of the speech. Some highlights and low lights that you agree with disagree with the smasher on interstate. On it's much easier on them be well. Are your book though. Joseph's. Pull up reading it Jarrett didn't beat leap forward. About the you know it was a warm up it. All about President Obama or put everybody. A lot of people can't believe it. But are there. You know. I'm Bret. You know tool that what made it but in America you know look at the audible gulp here and you know Turkoglu wanted to. Get the aisle are about the world that they have. Health care you know I'd get the ordered by the that so. But feet. You know it there at that I would paid you look at that and let people they're and a minority in the majority of white people demo white people. From egg art beat though. You know that the terminated at the black thing backbeat what it involved. You know you've got people who wait. Our opponent way. You know chart data right there on the call. You did thought about the black bit though there you know see. I'm glad that people you know law complain about. And they were brought the bit suspect that the president elect you know Egypt via a direct military. Ornament right at all. The birds or people. You know all dog section within a you know the merit the ways they're suspect that now at the end of rapid typical you know a bit people sort of book that president who rarely. I they're right the bail. People with smoke it's it's sold out you know even Eric it will execute that you know. That bought it app for that kind of you know it is on the well. The Clinton under the other bush. That's our look at that it would sit there it is. Back in a hole. Well cared they'd be there are no. That means to barricade the and so is you know applaud its credit it. You know all the propaganda into what it looked. It. Up that you. Will the other side of that those masters the other side would argue and say well there's other media outlets that nothing by it. Speak is copies so if you gonna say that there's some secret club. There's others that they care about the canary for his message is Malia at least recognize that in particular. You've got to refuted some Euro state and we sit. The exercise their right to bear arms at the rally if that's their right we can't we can't fault him for that side today if you view that the suspect let's find. But that is their right if they're not doing anything wrong. They can do. I literally could not just for the purposes of this conversation in this speech tonight he did talk about channels agency fox or CNN. He talked about he talked about channels media channels that are no longer. That can be in that once he goes both both place. I but it it's clawed back we have or right. Okay you should know and so you would know that there are people aren't so bad that you rarely you bring you are. You know another Secret Service whatever. Drug raid in Baghdad and yet but. You know you don't want that so. Yeah a camp at that rate you got so bad it's rarely that although the. It happened other president it's happened to it happened right here in New Orleans for the for the GOP bullets for the for the GOP. Party who you know the let's not get bogged down election party. Let's I get bogged down on the gun issue though because what's smasher is talking about. Is something bigger Christian and adding it's incredibly relevant right now which is that. And that feeling of seen this during my lifetime now look we don't know a hundred years ago who knows who people right in the paper of your view to doubt that era's had trashed. The talked about present 600 seder but. There has been a dangerous precedent that you saw it start will not start border I I remember. Being located seed it with George Bush and you saw Q worse under president Barack Obama and that's kind of what some very respectable. Outlets and sources of information what they how far they are willing to go as far as name calling criticizing of president Jim when you set that precedent. Precedents cut both ways in suit just like the last eight years. Not impressed Obama has been a Muslim for the next four years. Donald trumps our Russian spy. Like that's the precedent that has been set. And an NN and you don't get to have your take it needed to like you don't get to be the one. Same beings you know really negative nasty things about Otis because you disagree with him you don't need to do that and then when you have a man and all of his that you agree with you don't get to tell everyone else to shut up. It's one of the fascinating. Counterparts had noticed during this election cycle in this once again goes both ways just that this has been highlighted more with the right. Which is that they're OK with called everybody else sensitive to getting triggered over small things the Ziggy seasoning they disagree today it's a lot of sensitivity. And triggering coming and I would point to the most recent example with Meryl Streep. Donald Trump responds to Merrill's street. Because she calls him out Purcell. Think he didn't. And then he has dug a hole did say that he didn't do it it's dishonest media we saw him I saw him I'm not an idiot. I know that he did is he still got elected president. Which means that he is now this man who was most responsible as the most direct influence. On this country and as to whether or not this country will go to war would there be another war and this man is worried about responding to an actress calling him out for something he did. And baby pigs meat to be so ignorant that he can say that he didn't do it even though I saw them just going to believe. And and watch because he's pretty GAAP three secret is it like this is what I'm talking about a precedent was set out Donald Trump's own worst enemies mr. gore. How often you see his. Previous tweet brought up to refute points that he is now making. So what's masters talking has there was any precedent set I believe. For the questioning of president's in their validity and how far people were willing to go and now it looks like that's only going to get worse over these next few years. Face the focal smasher. Step away come back I want to talk about. Just one other. I guess bone I was one that got a little that was president Barack Obama's. Finally dressed to the nation as do terrorist next your double coverage that we couldn't. He just. Guess where I'm coming from Wayne's president Barack Obama's farewell address tonight. Tab at the closure of gitmo in the longer torturing enemy combatants and also pulling out of Afghanistan. Lows necessarily not really that stable at the moment we can and I don't I have an issue with that that. I think that should of kept Golan I don't like the idea that they closed gitmo. Life. We just prefer a number of reasons is because I think that those people out to harm Americans in doubt to harm Americans want to disclose it just for the sake of clothes and it. And not to mention the idea that weren't gonna take that it would render our military less powerless when it comes to it they keep that guys that are trying to kill Americans. And they were allowed aid in the. So what happens on a miss it and they're not trying to kill Americans Evans in humans. Law I mean how much dads and this goes back to talk how much are you willing to sacrifice how many rights of your enemies are you willing to sacrifice to try to protect yourself. In just recognize how dangerous road that is. That I'm not out there trying to. Plant bombs on American soil. I'm out there making plots to kill Americans. So they way you know it'll if they want to our bodies have been OK good that's my point. They grab it with a two you have nine. People are guilty man and one whose it is it is it's still worth. I would argue out of principal that it's not okay well that's garbled and you should you should open it and it's unrealistic. So then. It's like oh what Entegris doesn't matter where you should hope that those cross hairs don't somehow land on you one day. I think if you look back at history and you look at greater trains that kind of go like times looked sometimes one religious groups in power sometimes another. And that first religious group was mean to that seg one just wait until that second one takes power in see what happens. Like these are these are dangerous precedent say you said in a good look I mean I. Also he would you acknowledge that and also goes and him and if you're if you if you if the enemy doesn't fear any kind of reprisal. That this stuff is gonna happen and if they get caught. And it makes him so what likely just try to do stuff to hurt America. So my point it would be that you don't think they fear reprisal I mean there are. Drones in dire planes that you cannot see that then will blow you well. They get a lot of people who have grown up in that region. Having relatives under closer Sydney do you work load up out of nowhere did it in for Berry good reasons at times and just collateral damage. At others but but I just I. I don't know. Did know did I get a this is one of my issues we give no is that there's just too many. Questions and controversies surrounding its accuracy. And how effective it's been an actually pertaining. Some of the events that we've discussed in any goes back to like US law right in his it. Until proven guilty and that means. A guilty person walks 2% to protect the rights of an innocent dad's a necessary evil that I am willing to step. Yeah I have a hard time believing that there that's right. Until proven guilty. That's even dangers prejudiced here is don't have rights view labeled here's you have no rights are you better hope that. None of us ever get labeled terrorists. Will be. Liquidated their.

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