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1/10/17 10:10pm Double Coverage with T-Bob & Kristian

Jan 11, 2017|

National Championship recap and more on LSU Football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Coming into double coverage. For a second but really our third. His final hours here to about leader Krishna are probably the red to a peppers on Steve right now he has with the Tunisia in town two man I have went to that wrestle mania announcement earlier today. And the. The point that out as one of the kind of just many many many many awesome events coming to this city in future years can be great. It's going to be some cultural semifinals comfortable Jamie to its final fours. Maine is Karabakh. Things are looking up for the dome and history exit. Have my dad's the over there right now to announce that on certain boxes you dad's a U it to keep everything. Alia up big big took over I am to look they played back to back last year. In Jazz Fest girl it was on Saturday they were on Sunday. I didn't go to read actually covers tonight just enjoyed Pearl Jam so much that I you know I've just had filled. Short party to art. Oh yeah Clinton. Go ahead and I had heard that the net RH CP. On Sunday of Jazz Fest was left little to be desired and let's put it that way the people that win folks that. That route their but I think in all fairness the rockets and I am sure of the arts sticks in my dads and Al Aziz that there are awesome so. Not to cover it down shifting gears a little bit tonight put that comes some closure on. President Barack Obama's farewell address that we talk about small morning Tommy Tucker show along with. Garland in and also us too throughout the day tomorrow but oh look we be remiss as a as double coverages sports shows and not at least mix in a little wrestle mania a little LSU. A little national champs you gain from last night in natural start 3531. The Clinton tigers take down the Alabama Crimson Tide and I think one of the best national if she gains. Since that then they USC Texas game one with Vince Young. Squirrel a final sentences sought Davos and not samples will be good Shawn Watson. Throw to hunter went renfro. With 12 remaining for a touchdown to take the lead over Alabama. This gave had at all it lived up to the billing at the T about this is why it cements the case that you don't need to expand the playoffs because the right teams met again. It gave us an epic game. I agreement thought about it from that respectability it's a really good argument against the expanded playoffs is that the outlook for two years running now Clemson. Was the only team that represented a true threat. To Alabama and a lot of that. Is because that Clemson team as a whole. He's very good data screens and really good job recruiting and building. Eighteen that looks like an Alabama he'd register me physical standpoint. In the end I think the other part of me is just finish on Watson I mean if if he he raced a seized in full of miners to step backs right I mean that was kind of a lot of people thought about Watson. This year at times he wasn't as dominant as he was last year you obviously didn't win the highs in the Mark Jackson that. Well he erased any doubt as do the best player in the country is any good time and time again. Wrong on the big stage is what as a. Though you got it right but accorded that low heat hidden. Miss out eyes trophy Heisman Trophy missed out on him how he's excellent that that's true yet the great lie the interior linemen they know it and made it it seems. Appropriate right so they needed it the most mind blowing part to me about a show on Watson. And I guess there is robinsons of interest. It's not just what he did. Like the raw numbers it's it's not just who he did it against which is a huge piece. Of the impressive puzzle but it's win the data. He did in last year's team each game he was at his best the closer you got to crunch time to be into the game when you have to be your best and you looking Clinton's. Biggest games a season like when he struggled it was in the trap games right in NC state. A 8888. Pittsburgh but Florida State. Global. Alabama Ohio State when you needed it most in this stage was the biggest show on watch him. Goes to a different level and die it was is incredible watch him we're seeing here. Doubting whether or not. It is a Clinton would be able to have any offensive success. Last value and how they made 2414 a lot of people like all the runners over in that game myself. Included so for him to bounce back from every punch that was thrown against a team that is quite frankly. Been incredible when you talk radio interest for the delusions that lead with two minutes left they have fought so hard to gain. They go back and scored a signal of I mean it is the stuff. Of legend and in last night's college football final was a truly legendary game. 1990 snaps that Alabama team. That defense defense and added that 99 snaps they just wore out yes that's duke is out because Alabama's offense couldn't getting things going and I know. Al benefits reaped some of their their set twitters this morning last night. Well there were flowers these rookies intimate but I don't think that and you guys that's alone it is now yesterday and Alia they were and they were ready to run. Using our you know you don't make different I don't think it was the biggest difference I think the I. I think I think genuine hurt inability to really develop this year as a passer. Because he struggled to piece on your cell issue that facility scored it was because of him and his legs. Off for the most part he's not a polished passer and that's where I think the Shawn Watson separated itself and he torched the seldom if it's in two games it's Alabama. He's got over eight yard pass and an eight touchdown passes no no the college quarterback in the country that it's in that. Now gave it to that soon in directly insert key Asian if Kalin hurts. Is so bad passing the ball had an Alabama only ran eight designed runs in the second half. Happy dad dad that it. That'd at least today ordinarily are well and that's attendees was that tells you do that is the main that's the main reason why they lost his game. He's because both scoreboard I heard they inhabit down running force anymore notes and he still expect but it still you would expect Albion and have someone. At least good enough where you can run it more than eight times. It that's apps are still think that look. Oh Scarborough is the main input and factor but I think we would be fools to sit here and act like. Making an offensive coordinator changed on limited practice the week of the national championship with a freshman quarterback. When Quebec globally says he doesn't even know this guys are key Asian. I think we would be polls to act like that did not play a huge role. In creating these games Garber the biggest strategic also a big factor. And look when Alabama couldn't move the ball. If or is it what do we always say Christian how do you defeat these great defense is you Wear him down it is Kryptonite to even the best defense. That exhaustion is an erosion. Of of energy is. And 99 plays that'll do it when you have 9 am pleased that means that your offense has been wholly ineffectual. And it also look at decrease your chances scored more leisure and he goes by the attitudes that are but you know I I I agree the ultimately. Steve Sharkey was not the exact reason those Scarborough was why that momentum shifted. He was a part of the reason why they they lost 3531. Their office and ability as a whole. To convert on not on third and long but I'll go back to DeSean Jackson. A beat Sean watts general quick. Mark Jackson coming in point there but in a Sean Payton talks about this all the time and I waiting. Quarterbacks have they play. We in the air behind in the fourth quarter. You look at the Shawn Watson the last two national championship games he's played superbly in the second half. Went by and large they've been behind against Alabama in the notion of one so he come along when it here. And the notion going to this game is the guy admits to bits ski. Quarterback for you it's the he declared the other day in a lot of draft pundits had him ranked. Above Shawn Watson on their board and I know it's in January. But that's a travesty in of itself could shop lots I think just catapulted at the draft port because it is victory it's Alabama. And in particular he has some had them Golan before this game right around ET twentieth at range which is perplexing to me. And I I kind of thought about it further. Go off. When it's there were about that fifteenth fourteen rate this time a year ago in the it and go one at two overall Woolsey says that kind of New York rise forty Shawn Watson. What's the you know once he tests out Ortiz as the commonality as a broad day. But technology is the thought today what if if the saints are eleven to Shawn Watson there what do you do one on one to grab. How how how fortunate would you be. I think he played with no I think he's going to be a fantastic quarterback in the national slowly because of his leadership skills because of his ability to play a big stage a big moment. Us thinks I should all watch that I heard it here first mark to date January 10 it's happening yell. Get ready the breeze there is coming to me and Andy show on Watson will reigned supreme producer yeah I mean all of character beside. An emotional lots will be available win. The saints take Cuba. Sheer apps mean right like I did you I would have no problem witnessed. If that's the direction they would now would be intriguing though because it would be too long term. Would not be that would help you immediately in the short term portrait upsets. I valued the data would provide you insurance for the future and just like. Teams like the Packers in their first round pick and Aaron Rodgers and they still had Brett Favre eventually. That. Commitment of resources. Has to be made in view of the long term insurance that the short term which is interesting it is just at the Christian because. 2017 is a very short term goal we get to the there their job security is is in continually short term position so I had been received the year ago. Which having more water. Also Cohen back at the break along with the rest at least call out some folks that were saying oh see eclipse it just in did the diet is the Alabama. The dispenser well it doesn't mean. It's the map a couple of hundred nudity that I saw I saw I saw the emperor full that a pretty deep shaft last these dead. A Erica it's Alice Jason Dexter and Kelly in Florida you 2260187. XX 87870. Not a Christian here you know on WW. The elements of consumer data sets so Ari CP now. So well at what happened into this broke. No but not good reviews at least from. Follows our but earlier tonight Derek its outlook on it ought to be well. Today or it may keep are eager to order a a real partner basically. Do it operates about throughout somatic does it now you expect out there who. Yeah I. Do not the main network you. Weenie recruitment gave the flat out. Candidates to. It was a great joke by a hundred or understated and others. I didn't cry about it I was very. It was it was a that the defeat them by you know Wednesday that Cutler got put it and Alabama starters demand retailers seem to come back sprawl and beat them their only get that there. Points are. I missed it dear one how would you always gonna give a damn dynasty. Well let me encourage you because there's beat them like this book and here lol yeah and we and that. Yeah I this year so the question is how then do you get to the beating part of it and Christian image crude. Yeah Evian he got caught the ball is recruiting. Alabama's better than I've won now now on that that's the design and Pena with some broad stroke broad surge are obviously just like. Saban does an incredible job with the mind side of the game and preparing players. And having to deal with the anxiety of spotlights in stages. The today Alabama wins. Because they're just more talented in every other team that they play except for maybe like it just from raw physical Zimmer tells you or eclipse in. When you saw last night so yeah it feeds into belt she's going to start that combat troops going Q. Begin with the recruiting in trying to out recruit Alabama which is incredibly tall task. That the biggest differences to lie Ellis who didn't beat. Alabama earlier years because Cotto did have enough time if you believe the coach I think. Absolutely a big difference like less miles was never going to be Nixon never going to have a chance he can out coach exit and a blessing that. Dabble completely out coached in the you have to feel coach at least his level now. On the back of an air of last night that. That I heard that is one win by. Clinton has all the suddenly shifted to complete power. Away from Alabama to clintons and college football away from. It's in the that dynasty in an act that. I disagree with that may be in its truest sense of the word it probably did. But it doesn't mean that all of a sudden now that was gonna fall off the map that's what I heard from some people sought Twitter trying to try that argument on what you know it's one he got the kidney. I did they got beat. By four points in the national championship game. They. He still the best go to college football the they're still overall the most successful program in the country year in year out so this is not going to be some. All of a sudden is this opens the that the AM you know that that they're taking on water oh my gosh the ship is sinking now not at all not fine. Talk to him nothing. Don't worry nothing nothing we're we're doe doe and it. You know this is Tricia. And this is we want parties. Emperor was. I was doing. Theatrics. Everybody. Celebrate the witch is dead. The emperor has fallen. Well yes it now to your point Christian I do agree a lot of viewers insane things two years ago loss of state. And what an impact in just like the first order and Kyle ran rose in the ashes of the empire I think that someone's hurting I Alabama's. Come back to your phone calls Jason gesture and Kelly Florida David also offers CBS news of the. Yeah. I'm so I was really agreement that. The loss last night first off where does this game rank him in in the pantheon of a great national championship games over the last two decades. I go back to USC Texas who was at 2005. And believe. Well what about that 2011 medals she Alabama game. Our eyes runny noses and I was trying to I was pretty excited right. Knows not game vault I've the and it's. It was good to talk about a damn it ought. Applaud I don't know Hampshire and other games that you go back to the did you figure this one years old days that I was kind of blame myself. Jesus yet. Turkey income people are coordinator. Would have been. Why. For all our all out an album where you're at and coordinate. A fifty. Comedy is out. One. Looks like these logic what. One and then. In my opinion wing chick and what. You knew her out coached him out year. And so when. Archie he didn't that there you grew fourteen. Oh yeah. We are. Seeing more and more a little weekly. And hopefully we caught. Lying on. Carry them out the Eaton. Maybe didn't hit it on the bench in that department and try to carry them but. That is. A little while ago. Ian not be. With there. That we can walk. An indoor and Jason I think that is really good point it's not just. He singular relationship between jail and hurts and give him and Cheever he's her lack thereof that was. I mean that was a factor that's on the only to act like you said we Yuriko Jimmy team you go all the players. You know his guys struggling maybe and you put this guy in this game gives a more motivation or actually this which about it. Sees Turkey Asians coming into a blind on a limited practice week. So yet to get DeVon payroll and did a lot of good second half play calling at times Christian to me at least it almost felt like search engine. Just calling passes and hoping that Jalen her to make it happen on his own if five summit broke down. Yet if they did it did feel like that but you know here's the thing while okay may be alcohol that point that tease you perhaps a good point that. These are he's he's roll is bigger than me if you were originally a point out however. For Alabama fans be mad at these are keys in your finger here anchor is misguided it should be that your head coach because he's one who made a decision. Part ways Lane Kiffin sixties when the national championship game and they out today it's some great move as too you know eight we mutually part of waste no he didn't. This was a total power play this is where Nick Saban for once didn't trust the process he talks so much about. He talked about trust the process and in not being bigger than teen will all his ego was so big that. He couldn't allow only kitten that take a little bit of the spotlight. And some of things that he might be some embrace of his personality because he didn't want that personality that ultimately take away from the for the team and their preparation when in fact he's the one that caused at least distractions leading up to this game won't say that's crazy to think about critics it. Was fascinated me is you listen to you all the rhetoric from before the game and it was LA Gibbons child abuse acting out emailed in the semifinal game it's a joke. Nick Saban had to fire him and light job wherever you went I don't. The truth of whether he had two were not that old forever be hated Jews but it is an interesting to watch that tone change. Odd to what you're saying Christian now people okay oh we that would save to bin. Pretty dumb here and indeed in the got to be the infallibility. Or the perceived infallibility of Nick Saban has taken a major hit. With this decision going so going to cell phone and its first game itself Christian while. Yes I did media media Jason we've we re do you think that sees her keys and played a really big factor in the game. I solving the boast Garber gave her was he single biggest effect today that's just. It's football man that's that's that's how the game work she's a cruel mistress and you'll take away everything you love when you least expect it. I think Jeff Duncan had a best Weaver's night last night after the game he says have been bowl where it doesn't make any NFL will be a great professional wrestler wrestler did you see number ten linebacker. For Oakland and as a fiery passionate post game. It's between his choice that the trophy was actually Lincoln. The trophy was making out with that thing. Yeah down yet to you now on the verge of performing coddling this on the national champion juncture. Between. Old CD I ever got to I light like fake light a couple of years Jain joint. Does that put it that's what it looks like and how funny would it be to watch people lose their mind like. Its procedures and kind of like straight edge guy and you knew you were like you're added that they came after either going to be needing your past that would be a little areas and outgoing senior. Lighting up the trophy like he's doing yes justice please someone do it here all up patrolman you watchful. IE III do you read times enjoy win people get upset over really stupid things and I did I need to be funny at times and watching the people Orton. If I'd venture ventures so I guess stupid from my perspective. Elliott Florida David don't cellphone double coverage rules here on the beat him. Don't call it a sense that this means that it's not about that angels team to date down Alabama 3531. Is national championship game rematch from a year ago difficult task for months if for no reason comeback win. The national title a year after losing it. Recap of the national title game 260187. Text 8787. Kelly for what's going on your on W did well. Any commission you and you guys. An argument so go back to bring up the blink of an issue that type of deformities and that it did. Currently an extra guys about the item pile of reopening Clinton figured out via the Alabama defense they're planet just couldn't they couldn't keep up. They couldn't make it and I mean I. Well I mean he's out yet and yet Kelly that is a mean that is the I always describe what it's had a rushing game. Specifically but no matter how good a defense news. The way to beat Dayton is to erode its to Wear them out normally teams can't do that against Alabama. Because he offered to big enough where they are really controlling the ball on. That's not the ball as well in the LS UK's. If it kills you had a better. Offense it was more able to stay on the field and force. Alabama to be on the field for longer like LSU defense played well enough. To give the offered the opportunity to Wear him down the offense could capitalist what you saw yesterday was a Clemson defense enough. Clemson's defense played well enough. You gave there offense the opportunity to capitalize indeed Shawn Watson and that clemson's offense they they did it man and and I don't care how good your nine B nine plays against Shawn Watson and especially. And yet you're gonna stroke stop him. I think it does it. The order that is that goes defense wins championships and to just proved that you can verdict but don't division to my mom my sisters in law under. This sort of Kelly and they love you must similarly brand Hillary can. Our congress as an opportunity. And. I love injured as well. I'm just him when it changes it atlases and adds I just Kelly just kitty manages kitty in Iraq. The man ageless in Florida for real let users. Dean on a cell phone you're on the vehicle with them. They're guys to vote on parishioners Geisel was. They're around us. Great debt left by person who. Rule of told. A lot with a there are certain where are well aware of where you know. But I shouldn't embark on their moment it's voted out collection renew it. I would agree or whatever it was one of the guys being I was one of the guys you all digital routes over man so. Yeah I got a bit of less. That the they're a great team you go season. Veteran quarter blown back. And if so much of it though drug problem in the ended William quote. It is too well well people in the book and on the field. And went a little old testament book. Local local twist around. Actual world David a Christian got a further your point that Albion is not going anywhere let's just remember. Debt for like their third fourth road they lost woods India Heisman running back and they quarterback and really. Did not miss a beat me and they had each room freshman quarterback and they were favored to win the national championship back it's going to be that. He's in the back easily much better team last year we you're wanted to pass okay that's that's the hardest thing as what militia and things have experience for the better part of eight years as a quarterback accused seemingly development aquae as a pastor he's going to develop. In what he does he's going to be the guys that we're talking about in the same vein of dish on watts C I would org. You that hurts almost doesn't even have to give like yes he once you wanted to develop get better but he doesn't even have to become you don't have to become a passer. To show on Watson's level to win it reaches out OK you can get started out I'm not court secured doubt. Jalen Hurd is. Also like David pointed out. It hurts me and if Shawn Watson had it done incredible. Like cal was incredible feat that he gave that final drive. We would be talking about a true freshman Jalen hurt with a championship on the line marching his team down the field in any did you come up with the score. A single handedly when they needed knows. Exactly that great. Don't October about it as it is to get to him what it is about. Come all cordial as. I don't know I America's dogs and well look. Your targets and don't look shall do you have though. And upgraded. David kind of had everything they use it and thank you very humble by the as a statements look LSU benefit though from Clemson beat Alabama they finished thirteenth one pole eight and the other so. Not that up at thirteen it's are about to into the finish eight and thirteen Cuba hey. Well what about this Christian did you go outside adult learn. Pretty amazed pretty credible outside today it was not. What else happened today they announced that ressam is your back to New Orleans it's pretty awesome it's regrettable right. OK well some might say. That Alabama losing last night in the in us having the best day of weather that I experience seemingly in years today some might say that's coincidence right. Do you know the ancient roots. They would say it's a good film. They would say it's important. Things to come sits right Christian IE IE IE. I was looking over chickens. Knuckle bones in guilt feces and I've read all the fortunes in the teens. And times are changing my friend good omens or the error barbarian king show rise from the swamp. And establish his power and dominance over the nation as a lower. Of those wrong is set to begin shall we read all EU would Alps and out Egypt. Take it out at your own risk. It threw it right we're on her. Come up with sit down and hey just commit tool. I was laid outside wherever at all about what I was laying outside the Seagram today after. They wrestle mania announcer and it was so nice a family out yet lay straight out laid out superdome outside. I just kind of taken aback by at all at the weather was so nice sincerity in yet so it's basically. How she's doing championship in two weeks before. 20/20 four yep. Gavin my reading was in herb coached him eight years. EDO drugs and it appears law trades at a sports properties dictates that rule went into a victory for. It Sweeney had a lot of success long ways we're gonna have that it. Aren't. It works like that it eight years it's been over decades it's still a few. Well almost. Here's. The deal is that double covered wraps up next here that we. Back that we collide this photo what it really ain't gonna sign autographs at suitable use. IE eight's. So now you can actually paid for I mean they go get a diamond dollar. I didn't yeah they did tell you that the ship that stations funny nurtured Tootsie Roll. It and yeah idiots are used were charged by your man. Yeah yes it may read demands on the show. God I really thought it she. Who I mean yes I like for ratings absolutely. For anything like actual value or the about football though bullet just leap year. Hey we got jobs at health and let's not they'd yes I would absolutely. Wanna talk to. He pricey silence who sign autograph that that's who will open yeah I mean he's that is if they got that image announcing that on the press release of him. Do it is his money sign that it detects in in the consulate flat news. Play college football but yeah he'll be there live public appearance and also signing autographs Thursday February 2. Tim says last time earns two less hammonds elves at the cerebral he was my QB Matt and sixteen in his church ten. Fur like I'm tired a year yet they did their he's you one of those. Fantasy draft Matt leagues where you get to draft till they're pleased senator but Tim's cornerback was indeed. John. Wild card weekend in the books now it's onto the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and a that is at a pregame and Jordy Nelson pollen in the playoffs. On Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys and then slash. I don't know who I am fighting very hard to exactly know how much it changes are not because one and there is ample evidence out there. It Aaron Rodgers is the four worst quarterback about to Nelson and studies bat like he still really good he's different. But yet he's just not he's not the incredible transcendent. Type of Rogers that we've been seen at least. I guess the beat the number seed but we're also dealing with a guy that is on such an unbelievable heater right now. 22 touchdowns no picks in what the last eight games I games and having games IE. None. I don't know. I don't know I I I had Green Bay penciled in as a for sure victory at Jordy Nelson was healthy. This. I'm going to have to sit here in the what sort of what you want to update. These corporate appointments with a two point. Who I think a better defense. Yeah it looked yeah. There there there is that there's also the deal of those day green Bay's Steven did a really good job. Stopping the giants' offense and would not. Yes exactly again not as mused out and especially that often blind and it Dallas can run the ball especially. Controlled the clock comments real cliche stuff it's cliche for reasons true. That's the it's about it when you're dealing with a player like Rogers the best. Defense is a ball control offense is keeping the ball out of his and in Dallas does seem. Suited to that took. It deserves a big wrench into. And I view this game. No show to oil should basketball or taken on Texas native tool steel on Thursday one thing all you enjoy the art to part in the show tonight after the farewell speech from the president Barack Obama. Had a good first hour some pretty good stuff is of course if you missed is. Beat its online react W development Tom Tom to be done about it Bob Mitchell we fill in the economic development Albany tomorrow. Didn't think much very healthy about as always meant it was fun it was it lightning. Do you think it's a profile about Kato an excellent work my friend. Tim has always on the glass you are the man rock and under armour today.

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