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1-11 5am Dave, Why so angry? Can't we all just be happy?

Jan 11, 2017|

WWL's Dave Cohen talks about the atmosphere of anger that surrounds our society these days, the battle shaping up between some reporters and Donald Trump and pot infused hot sauce.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm David Blake now Morris WWL first news with Dave Cullen on WWL. AMI Bremen dot com. Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the eleventh of January. 2007. Team. Hooded beat already he Yassin is hump day. Let it go out time to. You can't. Although I. Yeah yeah. You loved him until that wherever you are whatever you're doing and take this chance to go ahead and do yeah. Which here I tree out on the Serbia. It is that it. Right now Malia. And pass this morning and much area now it done and RC. But over the next three days yeah combined picked up injuries. And take them. To various offshore locations in various coastal areas. Superior room various erosion zones. In the water. Shore things up yet. That is it's a discussion and debate about how much announcement that it can't hurt. No I it's. When you watch him do it and they put the bundles and there right now it seems there's something good and apparently it was efficient and afterwards they. Well placed on the fish stuff died dance few. Got a tree and it's clean of all flock in. All flocked open no you know. Stand on and now and of tinsel in no I don't want to it's Monday evening as. Your tree. And put that out on the curbside and Jefferson Orleans a come pick it up in the now. Is it to trying slowdown. Coastal. The rouge. Nor on the third fastest growing city. From 2010 to 2000 fifteens over the last five years statistical. Gather and I think that's interesting to them through the end of that. This is not the immediate aftermath of this was not from 05 to ten assists and ten to fifteen. And it's showing that once knew and got back on its feet people say you know what let's go ya whether there returning whether there calling it home for the first time. The growth has been noted. And impressive. It's to go along way. From what the population once before Katrina washed a lot of folks are whole bunch didn't come back and a steal in nine years and removes a wealth of this state and when Houston. Atlanta. Which of the two biggest places people decided this day. Or really anywhere else across the country just adjusting to me here we are. Eleven now you know and a half years after Katrina. And we're still sang in our 100000 people. Who where we sure that's just amazing and ended. Don't talk about just it does feel. Crowded to me it's just the traffic in Rome like my god sometimes or Iran or where these people come from. And where they go one. It's I think it seems that way because it missed closed steady growth but if you remember back in it's hard to kind of put yourself back there dad is in its commute before Katrina I think. Was much worse than it is. Yeah. You're probably right guys thank the roads were far more crowded. Population as far more dense. And I I think we're still enjoying. The less crowded conditions. Than it. Came from very bad situation. And it. It looks like we're headed back that directly I was gonna say we squeeze in another fifty to a 100000. Bill will be elbow room on oil. And now we get here for the first time today. Any formal news conference. From president elected Donald throw. I'm very interested to hear how this army to beat it's so much. Down comes in our action with the media has been contentious. Has been. Add the serial. Has been less than kind. And I'm Sam both fans I don't think that the established media have been real kind MI don't think he's been real kind of established media with the way treated some of them operators in the debates or the way the moderator treated him. You look at a lot of the coverage of the president elect so I don't know what kind of Tony's gonna set. When he is faced with one on one questions. From reporter after reporter after reporter. We'll find out at 10 o'clock this morning at times this man will carry it live right here corporal WL. And I think how things go today mated to are now off when he does this if he ever does it again now or if it becomes a regular thing. He had been one who really likes. Communicating. Through the media. He is preferred to tweet. And to hold stadium rally parent and to find ways to get his message out. That really go around the media that don't have him. Facing questions from the media that don't have him in a situation where they can question his assertions his allegations it is. Presentations so I don't know how things will go today but I do know it will be interest. It's going to be very interesting I had no doubt will ball was Russian stuff going on there is going to be. A whole lot on the up problem other issues too so many issues. Normalcy when I'm afraid of is that there's so many reporters have been chomping at the bit to ask him questions that think that they have he question. That will get his ass and crack and make him. Stumble and fall out I I guess I got the killer question and writer and I'm afraid that is going to be too much. And is going to be in such a gotcha. Attempt. At this news conference that he missing never again named as crap and now another resident Ingrid forces you to do that in. On the one I'll hold another one might not know in and it is no law that says yeses meet with the meteor talked to the media. You need to do whatever I want to the going to be the president of the United States the leader of the free world. So I just hope both the media and the president elect come into this event today Wednesday. Intention. Serving the public as best they can by communicating clearly. And getting information now that is important. And they don't look in as a battle that they're going in there all suiting up for battle now and fight it out. At this news so well so thank you David. Well CU and fifteen minutes first. WWL. What do you think folks. Do you think that is news conferences to us. Will find out library here and there to be about 10 o'clock how's the weather gonna go we'll find out right after this there is some fog out there and it's impacting travel you're the causeway has got there. Southbound causeway is northbound one line and some others with a little dance once you get where you're going today viewing experience dense fog on the way widget text and it 787 in the mean now. So we can warn other people where the fog is really sick I saw very little of it. Now between my commute from my home in Metairie. To hear it and send it warms to it on present Texas and it's seven it's sentences were being conned vita caught up. Being content void across the causeway. But I've never seen it so clear there's no fog and I'm halfway across wound from a halfway it's it would happens when you get all the way. There was some fog on the nights and nearly causeway exit in Metairie noted but it wasn't dance at that time it. Hey we've been hearing all the forecasters say it's going to be foggy so I think it just wanna make sure they had those precautions in place let's see what the weather holds for us. It's going to be mostly cloudy breezy it's still very mild out there for this time of year we will see a slight cheats Fareed is well a 20% with a high around 76. Fortunate what Jefferson patchy dense fog forming especially over aerial waterways double downed 63 a both sides of lake. Heading to Thursday we'll start off of that fog don't give way to mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon still have a slight chance for in a 20% a high of 78. In more to say whether on Friday starting up foggy that mixes sunny clouds by the afternoon with the G it's rated 20% in highs in the upper seventies. From the pinpoint forecast center I'm WW LTV meteorologist Dave announced. National Weather Service is not reporting fog at the international airport where it's partly cloudy and 56 degrees but there is fog reported at the Lakefront airport and reserve visibility is down to a quarter mile Slidell some fog visibility a mile and 54 degrees. One person Texas and 87870. Says dense fog on the spillway bridge on the nightstand. Between Canner in the plot and Allen says LA 3127. Has Boggs there is some. Bald guy out there. And there are some Steve Geller in here and he's got sports Gloria and WW. Only Steve thanks Dave good morning everybody the NFL's postseason will resume this weekend with a divisional round of the playoffs succeed battle of the birds on Saturday in the NFC when number two seed Atlanta hosting number three seed at the Seattle. Who moved on from the wild card round after knocking off Detroit. How much he's felt since quarterback Matt Ryan thinking about taking hold the league's MVP trophy after he completed 70% of his passes. With 38 touchdowns and only seven interceptions this season. You know and I'm not a lot of it's obviously nice to be mentioned you know that that's special you know dinner there we got bigger things in front of us Bryant playoff record is. Mentioned often as he's just one and four in post season play that lone victory though came against the Seahawks in week twelve. The LSU men's basketball teams in College Station tonight take on Texas a and M the bayou Bengals are one into an SEC play and have been four on defense. Coach Johnny Jones says you need to see more from his players on that. And that the court did requires one more discipline liable wont to. The desire and all those guys things in the a lot of times and I do engage in name but in the paper for what you do individuals defense would. But your team. Give a lot of credit for what happens because it's difference between when it was too late and. Also on the road it'll take on South Florida the green wave are still trying to earn their first victory in conference play and lost by history. Over in the NBA James Hartings eleventh triple double of the season helped Houston pick up their ninth consecutive win he delivered forty points fifteen rebounds and tennis this. The lead the rockets past the Charlotte hornets won 21 to 114. That was a further away and then he and so efficient and you win games all those in power. It's home it's much and don't think about it she mentioned that and what's most important thing is winning. Part of became just the fourth player in NBA history with the at least forty points ten boards and assisting consecutive games the other three. Russell Westbrook Pete Maravich and Michael Jordan. Today up four on sports talk to Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia rebuke preview would Deuce McAllister plus QB if you meet with Drew Brees. After that LSU basketball at Texas CNN pregame coverage begins at seven with tip off set for 738. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sport. Size 25 they've gone Steve Geller with you on your radio with the LSU men's basketball team we're all kind of waiting to they got and SEC play Agassi. What kind of team we might have out there and so far the results have been great. Mel and I think the biggest prom I've seen with the basketball team is they come out the gate so lackadaisical. They need to pump up the energy I don't know what it is. Pregame wise to get amp up for the games but they always seemed before this whole. Where they need to dig themselves out of the entire game they're fighting back so quick start definitely key for the tigers basketball. While Jenny Jones isn't the most. Hyped excited. Kind of out of the gate kinda guide me I mean I don't personally know in my don't listen to show and here's interviews. And he just doesn't seem like he's Ferraro. Ayman I don't know maybe it's just reflect America maybe some of that team though one of the players hopefully can step up and be the G speed and energy for them because like I said. LA she desperately needs if they've been kind of under the hood that you would say recently I will let you beat the Jews again in about 25 methods here and WWL is Steve Geller I'm gave Ellen. Text messages and 87871. Vs blog on the twin span. Does this highway ninety between race and in this Allman traffic stopped as an overturned vehicle. Yeah we have that report in the traffic. At the top you know can check on that coming up in about fifteen minutes president just across the causeway barely any. Fog meteorologist Dave knows bomb. To debut mostly cloudy breezy and mild with a 20% chance for a few showers and high around 76. For tonight mostly cloudy won't watch Jefferson patchy dense fog forming a load up to 63 on both sides of the lake. Heading to third table start up was appalled that mostly cloudy with that's like G it's rated 20% again in a higher rent 78. And Friday morning we'll start off foggy especially over areas of water otherwise it mixes sunny clouds what that's like T it's very began a 20% in highs in the upper seventies. It's the early edition of WWL first news it's January it's the eleventh its 2007. Team yes it is and. It news. I'm Daryn mom and you deserve a chance. The. And no matter where you are no matter what to do it please commence with the hall yes. If it's foggy where you are in your driving please come response. A foggy home everywhere else pump your responsibly if that I'd. Fog is an interesting thing this morning. Getting some people complaining now. That they were convoy across the causeway inside no forget all foreign hate them amount happens and others says I've made all across the Gaza way miles. Eight through force lately dance. Parents lightly dance off to a fifth. That there is slightly danced with it yeah I think I mean this is not much at all and as inaccurate convoy is needed. Some announces its tick tick and buy you the food visibility. My hood. They have he can't he passed them out of the bar blues over my youth whose. I'd traffic stop on highway ninety between race and his comments that we told about an overturned vehicle. As has no fog on the spillway but I didn't get that message five minutes ago that it was bottoms. Another presence next to the respondent to spend that I you know there's no fog an awful lot that I can see all the oil that we let it sure. An apprentice forget Slidell. The day. Now it and then the residents thought in my shower. I don't really care now that's not an indictment and errors all clogged up you know I think that now clear. Fog free from Meridian, Mississippi and parlor. I 310 pretty clear when he gets it rose protect. Between president tanner politics so. There's some fog out their votes and if you don't see any please don't be disappointed in the sent a note that. There is fog elsewhere it's moving around in the conditions are ripe for fog to form yeah it is it's muggy muggy yes and those water temperatures have dropped to a point where in the warm moist air comes over them. The aid you can dance quickly above the water and then that blows and in anyway and appointed you could see some fog ego and please. We're talking about Donald Trump's first. Residential elect's news conference he had them since he won he has not had a roomful of reporters take turns asking him questions now. One person Texas and it's 78 them he says the bottom line is the media will do their jobs and hopefully he's man enough to answer the questions. And not act like to. Well I know the person says I have personally enjoyed hearing down trump at the media in their place. Another person says the media today is more interested in influencing public opinion rather than reporting the news faithfully. I am very concerned about the ad the serial. Relationship that is forming between Donald Trump and many in the media that many. Reporters feel like they've bitten slight that they've been left out that they've been. Literally standing outside of trump tower with nothing to do because no one will come out and talk to you out. So they speculate and now you know what I goers. And I think that there are many reporters to work. Really chomping at the bit today. To getting gotcha question. And try to make Donald Trump's stumble and fall look like it. And I think he is anticipating. That kind of behavior from the media that he's probably coming in ready to. And I you know get their hair on the back of his next in an up and now stands ready to fight. Right to say he doesn't do a few of those answers like no next question. I don't know what is it it's a yeah I just know the potential is there but things cannot be real fascists. Not not a very good relationship. So earlier you and I were talking. And I said delta doesn't have to hole news conferences if he doesn't like the way things go today don't league and don't be surprised if he holds few if any going forward. And I said because in that respect he can do whatever he wants to get that president it has its leader of the free world there's no law that requires him to have regular news conference no he can come out and give state my season and you don't need to do that read if that's what you eat the president will be. The politics and it's needs. You accuse Donald Trump pass all ready he can do whatever he wants and be the president. Unions say he can do what every once as the president and I giving him a pass on anything at all known I would just say that that's old news conferences if he doesn't once it. In that respect in how he chooses to communicate. To the American people whether it's through the media or not whether it's news conferences or insert tweets are answers statements or it's through whatever he wants to do in that. Regard he can do whatever he wants. People artists already in this nation right now to jump. Did Lee Kanye did to fight I think that we're seeing a reflection. It beat in that relationship in the media and out of that we're seeing between the public and everybody. You know I don't know if it's because of social media I don't know if it's because. Of the contentious situation on Capitol Hill we've had because gridlock I don't know why it is. But I do know that people just raid fight at the drop of act anymore. You know seems like it and you know I hope. At this news conference today they can keep the on demonstrators out. You know I'm getting tired of their retirement has something in. Suddenly out of you know somebody screaming and you gotta haul him out. Like they did yesterday in the in the hearing you know people dressed in kkk am feeling a plea at the sessions hearing for attorney general. And then did you hear the craziness that was going on daring president Barack Obama's farewell speech people hollering and screaming while he's trying to deliver a speech. I mean in the beginning it was like who's gonna win here as a hollering was almost get louder than the speech. So. I don't I don't know what happened to us I don't know why whirls suction them mood right. Mean it's a people wake up every morning and I went my enemy this stuff about today exactly and they also wake up every morning. I think. Looking to pick a fight and I think that that's kind of stock. And people here would anyone else says anymore you know. Half the people listening are gonna present moment Donald Trump supporter in the other ever gonna present moment Donald Trump hater and I'm neither one. I'm not cheerleading for Donald Trump nor am night trying to put him in his place or anything like that I'm just trying to look at what's going on and talk about radio that's right. So please listen. Don't prison. And let's just trying to be friendly to each other shall we. I. Talked about fifteen offers. WWL. Am FM and dot com by the way you can hear president elect Donald Trump's first news conference alive. At 10 AM right here on WWL. That's a lot of practice and went forecasts that are I don't what's gone on whether it's weather service meteorologist. C correspondent WWL TVA did. A happy home. Is arrive we're getting over the on but some people traveling on the major bridges that have homes in them are finding some while others are finding none. As I'm angry and alienated health talk on the causeway why they aren't going shots. Well there might be fog later there may have been fog earlier in the conditions are there for flogged for sure right. But they definitely are and we are start to see some fog we've got are rookies then go back and forth on the causeway and the mid point is where the fall releases and that's for the visit though it's been down made a couple 100 yards this morning so. That's or start to see some issues out there but let me give you a heads up to everyone out there today's kind of the first him litmus some fond. As move it to the next couple days we could see him more fallout expected. Across the causeway the spillway area packed with twin span to keep all that in mind. As we move forward here uses of the Canada. Did leading edge of the phone hog and each day it's gonna get a little thicker maybe. It's right yes so we're start too little bit today and then as we go on into the again the next couple days that more than onshore flow bringing up all the gulf moisture of rest. You would tell this morning I don't know if you parked outside at your house but you connect yet the moisture no windows identity and I don't. All the way of a hole commuted this morning and a had to deal with that so again we're still seeing that some of that this one execute that month there's traveling in the town and at a rate on actually. But yet visibility is have been down about a mile and a quarter slid off half mile on him to be careful about twelve million or sourced well here's the city nothing too bad with fog. But as we go to this afternoon we could see meteor shower too out there again with that added moisture please jets currencies float 20% but the height 76 but today. A record 79 it's not quite to the record. Then we morrow tomorrow immediately records again 78 degrees on Thursday Ian Friday the record to be right around eighty degree marks it will be closed at Booz. And again it's like G it's rated 20% more that morning fog. And go to the weekend more of the same it's just gonna be morning fog and afternoon nexus on the clouds temperatures in the mid to upper seventies out there. So really that's in any kind of cold weather in the next seven days. Man who knows if away we will see anymore cold weather you know we're getting close them Marty right here. And that you again snagged my cold and welcome warm that's right in a market grow it later this year in the February light. In this matter who Q8 Alaska Mata Grossman really Coleman. Courier routers hopefully this year being later at them too early to worry about that began my point is it. You know mid January oftentimes Ricans. Now steel cold but who knows. Time now we do next seven days nothing gold for the optical. And before come with you next Wednesday that its pinnacle air following up front this users in the UK this for a little while. Mr. meteorologist Dave knows mama it's not going to be instantly hot but really warm here but talk about some hot stuff authorities in Oklahoma say they've seized bottles of hot sauce. That more than pepper for yank. Deputies and Canadian count had no idea it was a Canadian count you know while Obama is Canadian regrets thinking maybe that's why. Anyway they say that this Iraq a hot sauce they seized. Was full of marijuana. Oh OK the peppers us was among pot containing products not legal for sale in the state. You know infuse marijuana infused food is kind of the place or growth in the states where marijuana sales legal. And what marijuana soup and eating cookies it would native McCracken the bush and everything. But you can't do that Oklahoma line you definitely can do not that they also found bottles of marijuana offs in Europe. A and five pounds of high grade marijuana in vacuum sealed bags. The top products were found in duffel bag inside the trunk of a car. Loaded on a car hauler authorities in the truck driver was not involved in any criminal activity in with Micah brown eating he knows it. Throughout Rollins pot infused products in the trunk of a car earnest. Testing. Its. I like not stuff I did to Lebanon Augusta now I have like four different models of different types. In the parade and depending on what I'm meeting epic the proper shots but none of them have pot in them like Italian act in this. Today. It'll come alive under the pin point forecasts and look at Steve Geller was. Lawrence thanks good morning everybody Las Vegas is giving the Texans both much of a chance this Saturday Houston is a sixteen point underdog in a divisional round matchup at New England. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knows better though than to overlook any opponent. They do some really challenging things dramatically on defense they played very sound. You know that's what the number one defense only so you know there's nothing easy about this game. The pats in Texans did meet back in week three of the regular season in Houston got shut out 27 and nothing. LSU basketball league to pick things up as they're just warning to since SEC play began the tigers will face a Texas a and M squad tonight that was predicted to finish third in the conference but the Aggies have struggled as their of 13 star of the play. Are you Bengals coach Johnny Jones goes and a and M is one of the better shooting teams in the SEC though. Probably one of the most. Productive. A post guys currently. It is great job in Tyler Davis it and room that are active there effective as well. Suitable well from the report line so they have a good balance in does size and strength in the way they've played. Well into a men's basketball team needs a win in the worst way to snap a five game losing skid green wave are at South Florida tonight and also trying to earn their first victory in American athletic conference play. The Golden State Warriors are an NBA best 33 and six after stepped curry delivered 44 points nine assists and eight rebounds in a 107 to 95 comeback win over Miami meanwhile James Horton put up forty points fifteen rebounds and tennis this. To lead Houston to there ninth consecutive victory 121 to 114 over shortly. Part of registered his eleventh triple double of the season and became the fourth player in NBA history with at least forty points ten boards and tennis this and back to back contests. Today have four on sports talk well Bobby Hebert and di bella Villa who rebuke preview with Deuce McAllister plus so QB to QB with Drew Brees. After that LSU basketball at Texas say they have starts at 7 o'clock with pregame coverage tip off is set for 730. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports. And now with some mechanism be excited about college hoops are here to Leino and high of these in the last five yes Alice view his loss to the last three and it's easy way. Someone come on new excitement in college basketball at least the UN privateers are forward in conference play and it got to thank you. You gave me something to smile. It was his on this now about we're talking about the marijuana infused Iraq dishonest that cops found in Oklahoma on earth intact instead. And they call that. Sauce I get it hotspots hot sauce chip they should bring in the make the customers even hungrier. It's the folks if you have to caught across the causeway today. I incurred duty either bring a big old bag of patients with you. War. Leave early. War. The twin span all right 55 because I'm getting so many text messages from this golf causeway commuters. Who are saying they're being convoy and there's no falloff. And it's a waste of time and their angry. Let's get right back to what we were talking about early everywhere just poised to be upset about some than these days I get it. If you are sixty miles an hour across the causeway takes a 23 minutes to cross that if you go thirty miles an hour bank conduits and to give 46 minutes. Well there's father and that they're doing what they think is best maybe it's right decision may be it's wrong but come on don't have a corn area over and have a good day.

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