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Think Tank 1120am President-elect Donald Trump

Jan 11, 2017|

Let's talk about what President-elect Donald Trump had to say.  Are you concerned at all about Trump’s business interests & possible conflicts of interests?   This hours guest: Dr. Martin Johnson - LSU professor of political communication

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning Dave Conan for Garland Robinette and the think tank and man did Donald Trump does give us a lot to think about you just heard the first news conference from president elect. Donald Trump. Since he was elected to be the next president of the United States he pulled no punches he held back no words and he was very very articulate in how he feels about a number of important topics that have been in the media of late coming up we're going to review some of the highlights of the Donald Trump news conference and take your calls at 5042601870. And read them every text messages and 87870. What did you think what grade would you give Donald Trump and his first president elect a news conference. And deal like the way he's interacting with the media do you think he should hold these kinds of news conferences regularly. Haven't had one since July. Since he got the nomination he shied away from talking directly to. Reporters and taking questions from reporters you think that's the right move the wrong move. And as president of the United States do you hope that he meets with reporters on a regular basis. And interacts with them as we just heard him interact. With the reporters. Donald room. His first news conference as president alive. What do you make of it and what stood out to you Wear a talk with an expert on presidential communications coming up and get a feel for. Was this a for a typical presidential type news conference and should we expect more news conferences like this from Donald Trump. I'm Dave cone we got a lot to talk about how well listen back to some of the highlights from that news conference coming up after this in the saying tank on WW well. They've donated for Garland Robinette a think tank how about that news conference from president elect Donald Trump he talked about job. It's so there's a great spirit going on right now. As spirit that many people have told me they've never seen before ever. We're gonna create jobs I said that I will be. The greatest jobs producer that god ever created and I mean that I really I'm gonna work very hard on this. We need certain amounts of other things including a little bit of luck. But I think we're gonna do a real job and I'm very proud of what we've done and we haven't even gotten there yet. And he made it clear that if you wanna move jobs out of the US you'll pay a steep prize you wanna move your plan to Mexico or some other place. And you wanna fire all mobile workers from Michigan and Ohio and all these places that I won. For good reason. Not gonna happen that way anymore you want to move your plant and you think as an example you're gonna build that plant in Mexico. And you're gonna make your air conditioners or your car's a what do you make it and you'll get a sell through late what will be a very very strong border. Not a weak border like it is that we don't even have a border to open sieve. But you gonna sell through a very strong border not gonna happen. You're gonna pay a very large border tax. So if you wanna move to another country and if you wanna fire all of our great American workers they got you there in the first place. You can move for Michigan to Tennessee. And to North Carolina and South Carolina you can move from South Carolina back to Michigan you can do anyway got a lot of states. At play Lotta competition. So it's not like go to GM take in the competition we got a lot of places you can vote. And I don't care as long as it's within the United States the borders of the United States there will be. A major border attacks and these companies that are leaving. And getting away with murder and of our politicians had what it takes they would have done this years ago. And you have millions more workers right now. In the United States that are. 96 million. Really wanting a job and they can't get you know that story the real number that's the real number. Eking out of the border he did again clients that he will indeed build a wall between the United States and Mexico. We're going to build a wall. I could wait about a year and a half until we finish our negotiations which Mexico which will start immediately after we get to office but I don't away. Mike Pence is leading an effort. To get final approvals through various agencies and through congress for the wall to begin. I feel like waiting a year year and a half in stock build. Mexico had some form and there are many different forms will reimburse us and they will reimburse us for the cost of the law. So the president elect. Shooting down theories that he would not in fact follow through with plans to build a wall and saying the planning. Is under way he also shot down reports that he would. Get rid of Obama care. Without having a viable replacement coming up after the news we'll hear more of what. President elect Donald Trump had to say about his plans for removing and replacing obamacare will also hear some very strong words that he had about reports. That Russia has blackmail information that could be used against him when he is president of the United States to influence his decisions. He called those reports quote crap. He said there fake news and elaborated on why he believes that and offered evidence to support his allegations that these are not. Accurate reports more after the news here on WW well. Dave cone and the think tank for Garland Robinette as we react to. The first news conference since the election from now president elect Donald Trump he pulled no punches and held nothing back. When talking about. A what he called a tremendous blocks on the record of intelligence agencies if they leaked the report claiming that top intelligence officials told him. About what he called an audience's audiences are. Unsubstantiated. Report that Russia has blackmail information on him. OK first of all these meetings as you know are confidential classified. Some not allowed to talk about what went on and a meeting. And but we have many witnesses in that meeting many of them with us. And I will say again I think it's a disgrace. That information. Would be let out. I saw the information I read the information outside of that meeting it's all fake news it's phony stuff. He didn't happen. And it was gotten by opponents of ours. As you know because you reported it and so did many of the other people. It was a group of opponents are got together sick people. And they put that crap together so. I will tell you that not within the meeting but outside of the meeting. Somebody released it. It should never have been number orchard of even entered paper. But it should never been released but I read what was released. And I think it's a disgrace. I think it's an app. The president elect then went on to refuse to even take questions from news organizations including CNN that had reported what he called the unsubstantiated report. Claiming that he could be blackmailed by Russia joining us at a talk about the entire news conference in addition to just this one portion. Is doctor Marten Johnson LSU professor of political communication. Doctor Johnson thank you so much for being year wow what a news conference that was unquote. What do what do news conference indeed. Covered a lot of ground. You know interestingly enough. I think I think kind of the but the big news and so it could probably you the dealing with. Company trump organ. But you know out of them. And even bat I got a day. But good news last. A lot. Factual and currently what we made in the prep opera and more. A lot of sort of bile and under current. Throughout the new. Well you have you have made a career of studying presidential communications and how president's interact with the media with the public and how they communicate. How does this. Compare. To communication styles of other presidents and have you ever heard the president use the word crap. In a news conference before a lot of the other words we just heard Donald Trump used that perhaps we departed and news. All the little but we've talked about. You know with you and Garland number time you know the language or try and use them sort of these formal situation. Much much more worse much. Much less formal than been pretty prevalent and you know but it at the block now that I think it's very popular supporters and in a residential lot of people. It because maybe it will go to Maine to. You know two people who and and I'm talking about a lot of Republicans here. Who are looking for the day of the ultra make the turn. In to being war I think what they're looking for an eighty and a traditional problem and you know and at every turn. We you know turn. Donald Trump Donald Trump and eat things. In. In a rush. And he expressed well by linking in I don't need for the public welcomed critical. Number on them but he you know kind of equipment open and right. And you know I'm not very different from somebody like. President Obama word. War or the first president. Bush who you know can't really talk in in paragraph and you know extra. And very. The one. Yeah let let's make clear we're saying it's different we're not saying if it's good or bad we're just saying that this is different. Haven't I'll definitely that rent them to a lot of the border you know I mean there there are a lot of work you were or are tired of for lack of better description air you mentioned they wanna hear more one or. You know more shrank kind of tone from from their. Yeah you know I think people are used to hearing politicians speak in political speak they're you referred to speaking around topics Q talking about something with very delaying the descriptions large words often and very technical often legal terms when I was wearing a whole lot of that from Donald Trump you're right he doesn't get a lot of it's not till start thought. And they don't shoot off on a tangent and never finished that first thought but what you get out of them is very frank you just I just wonder. I mean this is obviously worked for him to make billions and billions of dollars in business will it work in politics. Well and act like a bigger concern not the rank so I think the bigger concern verbally. And crap I think you know come on but but it. It's not that big deal but by. Just as the lack of the line approach that it you know I mean I think when he. Popular place. Four era you you know we're gonna do the same week. We're gonna do opening day in our. Come on her web inaudible plan and an out of work and for sure and shouldn't. But I think it is an epic more policy role. Then. Frank now order. That the sort stop well. Well let's listen to what I did look listen to what he had to say when asked her about his plans on obamacare. We're going to be submitted. As soon as our secretary is approved. Almost simultaneously. Shortly thereafter. Eight planned. It'll be. Repeal. And replace. It will be essentially. Simultaneously. It will be. Various segments you understand but will most likely be on the same day you're in the same week but probably the same day could be the same hour. So we're gonna do repeal and replace very complicated stuff. And we're gonna get a health bill passed with a to get health care taking care of in this country you have deductibles that are so high. That after people go broke paying their premiums which are going through the roof. The healthcare can be used by them because it deductibles are so. And while you're right doctor Johnson there was kind of lack of specificity. And even some vagueness and wavering on exactly how will happen he did get his point across that. Thing the only thing it supports repeal or but I mean that that new. You know about. Mom and apple on I mean you know it's going to be senator countless planned unit can be one of the other and competing contenders. Out there among Republican leaders like what do what really going to be and then what really the timing. To what extent are people going to experience. Disruptions in their healthcare and you know if it at all and and it may not be at all that he's if he's out of the word we're gonna be the same hour. What does that really look like and am I think I think people. Quite a lot of replant. True so to wanna hear more specific even from the program like spill. Yeah and still shelling out the pro. Well we dug Amar doctor Martin Johnson after this we'll find out. Does he expect more news conferences like this once Donald Trump is the president of the United States is this kind of a format we should get used to war may be will he get more formal once he's actually inaugurated as the president. We'll ask him that question and take a look at our big it to be ready jaguar opinion poll coming up after this. Do you think that Donald Trump will follow through on all of his campaign promises. Many of them some of them are not of them. I don't know that I'm gonna get along. With Vladimir Putin I hope I do. But there's a good chance I won't. And if I don't you honestly believe. That Hillary would be tougher when potent than me does anybody in this room really believe that give me a break. Donald Trump given us a break. That's up from a news conference after about an hour of taking reporters' questions in a very frank and very contemptuous at times. Interaction with the media joining us to talk about it LSU professor of political communications doctor Martin Johnson. Doctor Johnson do you expect that this is who Donald Trump will be even after the inauguration is this the kind of interaction we should expect a news conferences and communications with the media. Apple I mean he demonstrated. That. You know I throughout every step of the crop there's been. Somebody out there group of people out there of of different you know different types of trucks you know Republican and sliders. Primary voters on that you know what the report would have a time and again. Gosh early like with ultra talking about. But. You know but by. What I really wanted to do it to be more presidential and a true kind of be more like it can be reachable. Politician and and or or or maybe not even that way in the speculated that he. The you know and Edgar and also talk about well you know maybe after the nomination of the Republican National Committee will raise them. You know there or maybe congressional or bulk of Wolverine and I get a lot of talk rubble. The month and you know what we've learned is that nobody agreement guy. Nobody hampering him and even not tampering. Well I mean the hours after within hours after you. Actress Merrill or people who I there are a lot of Twitter activity will respond barker. And it is an advocate. Them. It was only surprise is that it was opposite. The don't be surprised that definitely in the but bigger. During a lot from it will he have these are not will they be like like will be content out. People down from new organization but he on the outlook for the moment. And and the hysteria whipped puppy but the question that even gonna have so he's that would have been and in the the current copper world that you. Prep com. Well a much been made in the run up in the morning a couple of little the first one and quite awhile and or one. A president elect. And and you sort of you know I've I think the thing. Who accept the bit Ingraham approach that we used to beautiful. We don't know we prolonged we. Doing it because we don't like approach we Rasheed. And so that that could try out the the one of the concerns I have. That the person who's gonna completely shut up accept the and he he feel that seemed entirely justified. At denying the prep from the public access. Helmet as the leader if he would have liked the attention that you can. And a even they'd go as far as to credit those news conferences with getting him the nomination getting in the publicity needed to get the votes to win the nomination but then went on to say bye yeah within like how they were gone after that the reduced opulent. That's right. Basket an area who in the pac and crept up its work at an area. Pummeling weaker today you know the talks the opium and by struggle. Talked about their deep respect for the pro Treo pro on you know what I've been in town we have that freedom comes responsibility. And and well. Almost like he's almost least Kremlin press. Yeah and I activated the kind of backed candidate. You know intonation that you know you are. Content conductors well aware that we light. Our acted out scenario like we use and no will be here in front is set and we gotta run we're up against the clock but thank you so much for joining us and for helping us. Break down we just heard from president elect Donald Trump doctor Martin Johnson -- professor of political communication. Are coming up after the news more of your thoughts on the Donald Trump news conference his first as president elect. Did you get much high grade or low grade did you like what he said are not like the way said it. We'll listen to more of what he had to say is well here in the think tank on WW well the next president of the United States holds his first news conference as president elect. And get very feisty with reporters especially those. Who he says are printing fake news and disgraceful lies about him it's the think tank on WWL. Dave Cohen. In for Garland Robinette.