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Think Tank 1210am President-elect Donald Trump

Jan 11, 2017|

Let's talk about what President-elect Donald Trump had to say.  Are you concerned at all about Trump’s business interests & possible conflicts of interests?   This hours guest: Dan Raviv - CBS Correspondant

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon Dave Cohen and the think tank for Garland Robinette and we're joined now live from Washington DC by CBS news correspondent Dan review even Dan. That was a heck of a news conference we just heard from president elect Donald Trump. Were you at all surprised that his tone and his approach to this news conference was pretty much the same as we've seen him throughout the campaign and leading up to this point. Yeah pretty much does not intend to change people close to Donald Trump say. He believes that his style is what won him the election so he'll continue to comment on Twitter. They'll continue to make opening statements that are not written down covered talking off the top of his head but then he introduced a lawyer. And she spoke for about ten minutes so all the arrangements of how weak he will cut himself off from his businesses and let his son's. Eric trumpet Dunn junior row on the business even if uncle won't be involved are answered that went in just consider once. Shops that stay but otherwise were talking about Russia. Hacking horror he will build a wall and eventually Mexico will reimburse the USC. He said he was talking off the top of this had but he was ready to go full of answers. Yeah and it seems that if folks expected him to be quote more presidential. After winning the election or even after he is actually inaugurated I think the message was loud and clear that he is going to be exactly who he has banned. And those who want him to be. More formal or more presidential should not hold their breaths. Well true and 00 Ali about a different ways of primate Dave I'd say about half the country. Preferred obviously Hillary Clinton. And and want that kind of more. Elegant to eloquent. The academic minded president to clearly read a lot of books you know the Barack Obama or Bill Clinton's style and about half the country. Really like Donald Trump I'd want someone entirely different so he doesn't plan to change. But again I may quote people close to trump. Very proud of this cabinet picks he really believes the senate will confirm all of them. Some of them are also you know unusual choices like head of ExxonMobil. To be the secretary of state Rex Tillerson was testifying today I'm sure he's going to be confirmed all the disasters were solid he said he will be tough but Russia and Iran. And to the point is that Donald Trump but the top. He'll be Donald Trump's but he's gonna have a cabinet he's gonna have professionals he's gonna have the military. I I I'm beginning to think we're going to have. Fairly normal Republican administration without those before. With a very colorful than usual president at the top. Dario Dan ruby CBS news correspondent in Washington DC how is this all playing. Inside the beltway the fact that the president elect is may maintaining his outsider type of approach to interaction and communication. Well it does terrify a lot of people have a regular political jobs here in Washington DC they've been trying to figure him out and they still don't have a whole lot to go on and today was the first time since last July. But he actually did a news conference and answered a lot of questions we can see what his priorities are creating jobs putting America first. But of course there will always be distractions. Woolsey if it turns out to be some crisis with. Terrorists or with North Korea just after we takes office Friday of next week. That almost sure be something distracting. But as far as Donald Trump is concerned it's putting America first he can push the Republicans have the majority in both house and senate. To put America first to create jobs to approved building a wall. Some Republicans are worried by the way because not everything is paid for. They think that Donald Trump is not really a fiscal conservative. So we're gonna find ourselves with bigger. Deficits. Because Donald Trump believes in Morse spending on infrastructure and other programs. It's a Republicans are kind of adjusting themselves the somehow living with that. And it will be interesting and it will have to clearly be a lot of adjustment clearly described from one party or the other but going from the dramatically different personalities and approaches from one president to the next Donald Trump and his vice president elect Mike Pence smoke both made a point. A saying they respect the First Amendment that they respect responsible journalism and reporting. Yet they also seemed at the same time to be putting the media on notice that if they don't like the treatment that they get in the media where they feel that the media acts your responsibly. The not only will they not be allowed to ask questions that news conference as they may have no access at all when I think about that. They're always done so far was Donald Trump visibly refusing to. Recognized Jim Acosta CNN and demand that they ask the question and Donald Trump should know you're statements appointed CNN. CNN was. Well I guess you have to say gutsy or pool party irresponsible but anyway it went out there model him yesterday. C and then go broke this story like major news that it knew that Donald Trump Barack Obama last week were briefed that Russia has put together possible. Black nail files with information against Donald Trump so mr. trump is thing that's great news and it's totally wrong and there's no truth in it. And he's gonna start icing out CNN and that policy which of course is not really a long time you know major media organization. Does he put out what it understood to be wrong. Raw material what British source got for Russians as to what the Russians. What they claim to have on mr. trump. Missed it your hotel room and business stuff and you know scandalous things it's obvious in the White House is unbelievably lifted that bus seat. I wonder if we're gonna choose sides people that WWL. Or maybe the media something now. You know we can't run that story or we kept saying it's unverified and we were who pulling it. Donald Trump liked the way that the New York Times Campbell the story we're talking about. Yeah so that's unusual to others there will be choosing sides. You have a president. Next week with president Tom who is now he's been scanned and ran out so I think that's sound unfair to say it. But clearly clearly. Believes that reacting to Ole. Criticisms the best way to react is slapping back he's gonna continue doing that until it somehow doesn't work for him he believes that works. We're dial it D'Andrea CBS news correspondent Washington DC anything else is sit out for new from the first news conference from president elected Donald Trump. We ought to said the opportunity here here in the last intimate. Well you know most of it styles so consider whether you believe him. Whether you're glad that the way he puts things but he liked his style. It when it comes to substance will have to study that plan to separate himself from his businesses. Is that I didn't have to do this there is no conflict of interest for president but I want to do it I'm not gonna make any money while president OK let's watch. We will be watching and listening to you Dan Levy and I know you'll be helping us immensely in the coming days weeks months and four years as we cover the trump presidency. About to begin thank you Dan we appreciate your time thank you Andrew via live from Washington DC here on WWL. Up next. Open up the lines for your calls at 504260187. And your tax sedate 7870. What did you think of the president elect's news conference. And his approach and his style did you expect it to be different today than he was throughout the campaign. And you think anything will change once he's actually inaugurated we'll talk about that. After this in the thing to. We have heard the first news conference since the election from president elected Donald Trump he was Frankie was forceful he was in your face and he was very persistent in making his points and refused to take questions from media that he determined. To be irresponsible or fake news including CNN. Gerri thanks for calling here on WWL. You know you did which you might well I should be sepia guy. That well. Used the bulk rate. What make America great in order burst yeah. What are what are really may mean opt in our great country and we got a lot of things that are query go on. But sir from you know it put America her partner. Well the president alone give a couple of heated give a couple of examples of what he was talking about. He talked specifically about a border tax to keep companies from moving jobs out of America. To keep those jobs here and by that putting America first and helping to create jobs he says he's going to be the greatest job producer. Ever a gift from god I believe was the phrase that he used. And that these are going to try to get other manufacturing jobs returned to the US including pharmaceutical manufacturing which he says is mostly moved overseas. Okay well stories are talking about. Employment trying to keep. Eric oh on the low I mean I look at the employment right now losses and then and churn year. The ultimate race yet we might we had a record of unprecedented growth but we also started. And it nearly depression levels of unemployment so there were almost nowhere to go but up. But the fact that are maintained. For eight years is is phenomenal and is great news for our economy he wants to continue that trend clearly. And stand epic appeals. Feel like he's Belize not a thing where once a year ago. Topic in our statistics. Pepper with that and likeness I don't I alarm and the full appellation. Where the ball where the. Yeah well he claims to not be a politician he is by definition Alley politician. And rhetoric is part of politics and rhetoric as part of elections in you have to understand that much of what he says is indeed. Rhetoric it is indeed designed to make people like him to want him in office to support item and give him a mandate to get things done right. Right that's right I agree that. Will we appreciate the call there thank you so much Joseph thanks for calling your on WW. IE I voted for Hillary and I'm trying to get on board in India mr. Donald charm it is bill I'm just not there. Well did anything you heard today sway you on where the other did you like what the president elect had to say in his news conference. Well I I didn't. I would call good balloons church workers Twitter world to and I. You want you running at the last week from Donald Trump. Sure intelligence agencies should never be allowed. This fake news to leak into the public. One last shot at me are we living in Nazi Germany. That was our tour. Donaldson who live and what we needed B and police pay right now. Really oh yeah. Are you think we need to live in a state where if these allegations are true. And if someone video called on all month if that backs some and in the Obama administration. Leaked this unsubstantiated. Report on Russia claiming to have black male information on Donald Trump that included all sorts of salacious details including things about prostitutes. And it's strange sexual behavior. You are if in fact the Obama administration leaked this report to the media. That we are that's appropriate and correct that they should our. Isn't it Chicago look at what's in Chicago we. Are people. But what does that have to do with the Obama administration allegedly releasing documents that were unsubstantiated. On alleged Russian intelligence on Donald Trump. Because which are few and sure if you look at the Obama administration that's just extra force in Chicago while he was an opera. You can't a year bounce it around on me and you said that we need to live in a police state after I said Donald Trump asked the question are we living in Nazi Germany. Are you saying we should live at a police state like Nazi Germany. Well sometimes that they like a little bit like not Q generally that the charmed you'd change a lot. You know we appreciate the call hole. Don thanks for calling here on WW. Our. Local. Supporter that as a boy. And I bet that he didn't actually it would get an air. You get a borrower in all major networks or journalistic. Outsourced now that. Lawyer if you're at what journalists. Call it camp so you're you're there. Or. Court or court all are sure to Wear well I have. A lot not put it in the white. You know it. And you say that I think he was not that specific today I think he was not that. Crass about specific news organizations but don't you think he made his message very clear to the journalistic community that. Unsubstantiated. Reporting fake news as he put it lies or miss leading report things that he did not believe are responsible journalism. Will be. Noted by this administration. And. Glad it so. Well. That there court. Journalists. Or. Or trying to. They are. Now. Actually thought I expect. As much it would there. Out there should. We appreciate the call Don and I understand your emotion in your passion. I believe that there was not enough time at a news conference like this to go through one after the other name each news organization feels is responsible on which ones are irresponsible. But I think his message was clear. That if he doesn't like the way news organization conducts itself it will be lucky to have access and definitely. Won't be allowed to ask any questions the main reason that Donald Trump called this news conference today it was because he wanted to talk about the plans for the future of his business. People have learned a lot about my company. And now they realized my company is much bigger much more powerful than they ever thought where in many many countries and a very proud of it. And what I'm going to be doing. Is my two sons. Who are right here. Don. And Aaron. Are going to be running the company. They are going to be running it in a very professional manner than activity discuss it with me again I don't have to do this. They're not gonna discuss it with me and with that I'm going to bring up. Jerry Dylan and she's going to go these papers are just some of the many documents and I've signed. Turning over complete and total control to my sense. Are you confident that Donald Trump's approach to the presidency will not. Be a conflict of interest with what he is saying is a vast network of businesses around the globe he went on to give specific. Examples. Of deals that he's been offered in fact one just recently said it too. Billion dollar deal in the Middle East which he rejected not because he has to. He says that the president of the United States in fact is exempt from any concerns about conflict of interest in can't indeed run the business and run the country at the same time. But that he chose not to make that two billion dollar deal because he doesn't want the appearance. Of any impropriety do you think that Donald Trump is not any longer worried about his businesses and it's gotta be tough. Is this guy does make billions and billions of dollars to turn that over to his two sons and say he'll have absolutely. Nothing to do with it. For at least the next four years we'll continue the conversation Kevin T. Piper Europe next on WWL after the news. Kevin thanks for calling your on WW well. I don't have. Under our technical. Comment on the economy because I think I actually sit below and think and the unemployment or 5%. Topic is accurate and not give an example where there's almost a hundred million people. That are out of the labor force should not opted. Because they're not trying to find a job. But they've never counted Dave that's never had a a part of the cut at the unemployment rate has always been. A compilation. Of the number of people on the percentage of people who are. Actively seeking employment. Correct but if the economy so that more people Q. And stop looking for a job which is chase. That is what you've been numbers such yet and people total six about the import or import unemployment at 40%. Economy so bad album. Only six abide by eight where people break. Absolutely. And you're right but there's no way to tabulate that there's nobody around. Oh people are. All that work. How to party yeah sadly that they may be wealthy and retired even though they could work they're not. You cannot find a way and I understand your point and a valid one there are people who gave up looking for jobs they're people who are said to hell with it. I'm not gonna look anymore because I'm just beat my head against a brick wall you're right. That happens but that's happened throughout history and the only way to get. Is to tabulate those people who are claiming on employment benefits that's now we know the unemployment rate sure. It's always been and always will be actually higher than that because many people are not claiming unemployment even some people are actively searching for a job. But nonetheless that's the only way to tabulated. And throughout history there have been unemployed that aren't included in that figure. All our wages are flat out I mean if you take you know. Including elation and you'll look at it wait a flat collapsed you know. What are you get the credit the point you're trying to make is Obama did not rarely. Do what he claimed to have god that he was not really the economic savior that he's being painted or painted as himself as last night. I complain because its oil exploration in a Greg taught accurately. Most of the additional incremental oil exploration was done privately resent everything extorted them to do with the government. It land that could be explored. Does any of the current state of the economy matter though I mean president Obama's a good bye last night word he's done with it he's over he's. We're gonna have a new president in what nine days. Into our call is then I'd think well. In some Corey he says. People do you. There's potential for incremental jobs creation and economic development. And I hope felt like that a matter your political affiliation. A better job in a credible. You know secure all that and grow and struck. That's what I think people are looking for and I think she was successful. I may not be politically correct. I may not agree there lots on a variety different commercial pop. But people like you'd be or should take care of themselves have a better opportunity. And I and I think that's what people are opening. In the previous administration that they're more focused all the others both sides. They don't you have some good valid points and just not sure what you're making now we're not comparing trump to Obama we're talking about the news conference he does now. Here's what he had to say now about jobs. So there's a great spirit going on right now as spirit that many people have told me they've never seen before ever. We're gonna create jobs I said that I will be. The greatest jobs producer that god ever created and I mean that I really I'm gonna work very hard on this. We need certain amounts of other things including a little bit of luck. But I think we're gonna do a real job and I'm very proud of what we've done and we haven't even gotten there yet. President elect Donald Trump. Made jobs a big focus of the news conference that he held today that you heard here on WW well more of your calls and thoughts on the trump news conference after this on WW. That's something that Nazi Germany would have done and to do I think it's a disgrace. That information. That was false and fake and never happened got released to the public. President elect Donald Trump lashing out at his first news conference since the election at reports that CNN and others published. On alleged. Document showing unsubstantiated. Reports that Russia. Has a blackmail file. On the president elect about illicit activity inside of a hotel in Russia amongst the allegations that include prostitutes and other. Devious sexual behavior he called it fake. And said it was wrong that anyone. Ever published it I'm Dave Cohen in for Garland Robinette she thanks for calling your on WWL what did you think of the battle company's conference. I didn't hear too much for. I don't care what mr. trump. Did you do this which. Mr. girl was complaining about Howell how bear the rest. Create a novel released on on the initiated store to bought you know then. He compared to an injury and you know this is untrue that we told me lies. Upon the president elect okay. Patent noticed that when the president. Happens to be black. There was a whole lot of lies and amazing stories that we're at a bond. You don't not I'd like to know where it would be outraged when they were doing met to. President Obama. I don't know if Donald Trump was outraged by that and no one was asking help from his opinion about it at the time. Okay the trial. Problem he came to a political problem that we question the president with their life not only was born and at least not through US citizen. As good point he let he later admitted that he was born in the US and is a US citizen. Okay so apparently mr. trump doesn't know the meaning of the word hypocrisy. Your point is well taken the and we appreciate the call text messages and 87871. Person that I give trouble salad neighbor his news conference there analysis grade eight plus plus plus plus plus. Now says. How was your articulate he's a raving lunatic when talking about Donald Trump's news for someone else Texas late 78 and he says he was very very articulate. Now the presenters weren't rubble not a presence as you get to see mine it he just can't help himself always needs to put down others while blowing up his massive ego I'm constantly embarrassed by him. Piper thanks for calling your on WWL. I'm game yeah. The effect. As elect a black Hispanic. I think they were in the Republican Party supported. Barack Obama. And I want to do it without bringing out of that. Our mortgage situation. And he has been given credit. I'm not about how this show has become about comparing Obama to drop I really wish we just let it go at this point because. The fact of the matter is Barack Obama gave his farewell address last night I thought it was actually really good speech and I studied hitting good job of trying to put himself. He and his legacy properly in history and I congratulate him on a well delivered. Well thought out and written address to the American people last night but now what Donald Trump is going to be president in nine days and what good does that do for us to now continue to try and bash President Obama or put President Obama pedestal while it does look for. I am I am on this in the back and the bad part about that it took to. It would stand proud but tomorrow tomorrow can be much better that we collectively put party product in time. We need done. Economy runs on. The order of Mexico. Recently. From the from there a war. Country that thought great problem we're gonna keep increasing problem of content exit eating. Country that we have yet. And it. So wait so you're saying that. We should not bring jobs from overseas back to the US. Did in the YouTube. Either report. It opponent and then going to eat away. At the moment that that. What we have so many who. Are Asian tour being. You are do you think you'd think that Donald Trump needs to do a better job of respecting the world economy view. What are you saying you want sentenced in one sentence make your point. But once that. One important point. And that point was part of popcorn are much bigger problem is that these reporters that we talk about. Came oh court practice we're in the leg and then dictate that book and in and judicial system. You're all of a boys and but I appreciate the call back after the one person Texas and 87870. Says Donald Trump sounded like a big baby. That we unfortunately ground and noses. I am glad that Donald Trump told it like it is in his news conference these liberal reporters need to get their butts kicked once and a while I'm glad somebody's finally doing it. And also as trump speaks and says nothing. Another text message today it's seventy eights and aces tribe knocked it out of the ballpark. A loss loss loss Reginald thanks for calling here on WWL what did you think of Donald comes first news conference since the election. All month it was that very by. I'm alone in the morning about how he went about directly attacked adjournment because I've ever report that. On the origin of accusations my originally ordered Internet warm call or can't. But there's also pregnant going round and people don't usually bother to read there. Well the other major news organizations besides CNN Allstate away from this report because they could not substantiated they could not find evidence to support. That Russia actually had this alleged dossier. Of blackmail evidence on Donald Trump. Do you think he was wrong to lash out at CNN and others who did publish information without any substantiation. I'll do look at that you do you as a journalist will go went like Ian and commitment you all I think you do you return it. To substantially proclaimed that I thought that fifty journalists from other news groups say on Twitter we can't report on that look like it as a unit because he would. Yeah and that's a good point. And I think there was a lot of responsible journalism and the president elect did note that Donald Trump did command several news organizations. Most of all the New York Times. For stating at the seeds this can't be proven. How do we know this is true promise we live in a day and age where. So called news organizations. Bloggers. Web sites of all different sorts. Just wanna be the first to give out there they wanna get the substantiation. But they don't have time maybe they don't even want to substantiated they just want the clinics and got a lot of those out there on the average consumer has a lot of trouble telling the difference between the the mall but the danger is we move forward. Skewed is next to keep talking about the company's conference.