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1-11-17 Scoot 2pm- Obama's farewell & Trump's press conference

Jan 11, 2017|

Your reaction to President Obama’s Farewell Address to the nation last night from Chicago and your reaction to President-elect Trump's news conference.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Have we got some more highlights from president elect Donald Trump's press conference this morning her life here and Everton zero. Also we've got to an interesting highlight something that really stood out in my mind last night about president Obama's farewell address to the nation. And this is something that I would hope that everybody agrees with bush of course you know that's not going to be the case. I don't company's press conference appeared to be very measured. Very. Very not well he I mean I guess the argument can be made that he's not presidential but he certainly was more presidential. A in this press conference then I've ever seen him there was one interesting exchange for the CNN reporter. And because again and this one of the stations that to have broke the news about a report that is out. Indicating that the Russians have compromising information about Donald Trump he refused to take these CNN reporter Jim Acosta is a question and basically said. Your fake news. But Donald Trump said a lot in the press conference if you did not vote for Donald Trump. Has Donald trumps anything in the press conference has he done anything since being elected. They give you hope. Because not only did it some people not support Al trump but they fear for the future. But what's interesting is that eight years ago there were people who were fearing for the future when Barack Obama became president. So for those of you who fear for the future now. There were people who fear for the future then. And it's almost like people forget that this is a process. That takes place. Every four years or every eight years depending. And it is something that we just go through don't drop his press conference talked about two. Isolating himself completely and also lawyer represented trump talked about how he would be totally removed from. The the business of Donald Trump did his sons Eric and Don will all run the company. And if there are any developments in I don't trouble learn about it for television. Not from being a consultant now again I guess you can choose whether or not. You wanna believe that because. People say things that they don't always back up. Here's part of what Donald Trump had to say this was an interesting thing in this press conference on about. The exchange with the efficacy and reporter about fake news and it's all about the story. That Russia. Has some compromising information about Donald Trump. Humans okay give it. John I don't know what that is it's a truck cut seven obviously that's that's not what we bought. There will have to find that generated that was obviously foods over the warning about the beginning of the on the press conference. If you are George for the comic this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Every code 504260187. Or text numbers 87870. From home Tom welcome to the show. Yes what I wanna know. There's water. The Democrats. Are sore losers. When bush got elected. They would sour grapes. If their candidate doesn't get elected. That sour grapes. Are you telling me that you don't think the Republicans were poor losers when Barack Obama became president. Well. It was quoted an all OK I didn't vote for him but I don't play I hate them and and I never get paid them. He won fair and square. Exactly where our system. But they weren't they were Republicans who were so upset that they were gonna do whatever they could to make sure that he didn't have a pleasant time as president. Well is that being a sore loser. The other. The lab. During that election. That prior. Work by 100% they would not there at all. They attack that man every chance they got and back to Hillary and they come right out in time magazine said that they would that way. So. Why did get to be sort those. I've never heard anybody say I hate Barack Obama. I. Tom. I appreciate the call on. I guess you're not listening. Listen I know I mean I guess you're not listening to what people were simply because. Believe me they were countless people who said they hate Barack Obama. I didn't hear anybody say they may and it probably did. But I'd never heard that. I heard a lot of terror on the radio in new a lot of text messages so refuted here to you know outlook to a bigger in your world but. Yeah this than there are there's there's hate on both sides Tom and you know this is an interesting. On this is an interesting exercise in in who we are as a country I mean I agree with you the person who wins wins and and get over it. And we are about the popular vote the Electoral College is the game they play and Hillary agreed in the Democrats agreed to play that game of the Electoral College that's the game they were playing. They lost that game. They lost that game in part because she was eight terrible terrible candidate with essentially. No campaign message of this then it's my turn. Yeah and that. Door I I agree with you totally Tom I appreciate the call if you wanna join us with your comment numbers 26 sell when it's happening. Very code 5042601878. Text numbers 87870. Pretty here's a Donald Trump with the exchange with the Tennessean reporter this is again. About Donald Trump the talking about. What is considered now by the covers and the upcoming drug administration to be. Fake news about the Russians having compromising information doctoral. Since you are attacking our news organization that can you give us a chance. You're you're attacking our news organization that. You give us a chance to ask questions certainly sir. Can you state he missed present like I think he's been categorically. The president elect can you give us a question you're attacking us can you give us a question during mostly as a unit of abortion. And you can you can you sticking you stakeout viewers think it is sir guy can you state categorically that nobody. Well Mr. President elect Scott ivory. And that was exchanged with a CNN's Jim Acosta and CNN has right after that CNN has put out a statement. And the statement is so basically that McVeigh did not. They did not. Reports the reports. C and I'm and I'm not and I'm saying is only because this is a case of not saying this to defend CNN. But CNN said that they they did not they reported that there was a report. Buzz feed. Donald Trump linked to by Steve and CNN together. By Steve voice the there is a new servers that published the 35 page document. They've that was released and they publish that. At times he was very very crude and had to personally damaging information. On about Donald Trump. But you know I heard earlier today that I believe is seen as my colleague Mike Cohen is at a top attorney for Donald Trump's businesses. And they they they tracked a guy I'm Mike Cohen going to Prague. Talking about this meeting with the Russians. And apparently it was some other. Michael Cohen so. You know. Look. The media is there to get attention. We know if it. The media's biased we know effect. Sometimes the media spice to the right. Sometimes to spice to the left overall the media is more left leaning then then rightly. But again I say if the media is so powerful. If if you're so afraid of the left leaning media. And how did trump win. He won the election. So no matter how much you feared this liberal media. No matter how much you fear right wing radio or fright wing television networks. Do they really control elections I've I don't think so. If you have us a reaction to Donald Trump's a press conference or also on president Obama's farewell address lesson from Chicago and I've got a great highlights from that or he. President Obama last night addressed. A group in America. And I think he really forgot about it when he talked about so many many things. During the campaign. He left this particular group out. And he addressed this group last night and this really stuck out in my mind. So we're gonna have that highlight for you coming out but again we've got to highlights and reaction to trust press conference and Obama's farewell address last night. I'm scoot under review I'll. In January of 1992. There was no doubts the grunge movement was dominant. Throughout America. It was on Tuesday January 11 1992 Nirvana appeared on Saturday Night Live and NBC and performed two songs including this when smells like teen spirit. Also this is the day the groups nevermind a problem with smells like teen spirit on it. It number one on the US album chart. Rex Tillerson guy from Exxon is present like Donald Trump's choice for secretary of state. And he's telling senators that he would work closely with congress on any new Russia sanctions. I know there are lot of questions about him and they're there are always questions about anybody who is nominated for a cabinet position and I guess there's been a few over the I course of time that have not been that controversial but. Bricks to listen Anderson controversy there and they were there was there was controversy about some of the people very sent President Obama. A selected for a cabinet positions so this is not that unusual. And if you don't like Rex Tillerson you know you should really consider the other person that Donald Trump Pacific you must selecting for secretary of state and that is Dennis Rodman. A before I get back to your calls here's some here's part of president Obama's farewell address last night. That really stood out in my mind. For blacks and other minority groups that means time off only the very real struggles for justice. To the challenge is that a lot of people in this country thanks. Not only the refugee for the immigrant or the rule the world or the transgender Americans but also the middle aged white guy. Boom from the outside. May seem like he's got advantages but. Has seen his world abandoned by economic and cultural and technological change. We have to pay attention. And listen. When white Americans it means acknowledging bad. The effects of slavery and Jim broad and suddenly vanish in the sixties. Voice discontent there not just engaging in reverse racism or. Practicing political correctness. When they wait peaceful protest and the man in special treatment but he won't treatment that are bound. And I was president mama less I would really stood out in my mind it is something we've talked about on the show and that is. The idea that win when it was a tragedy. When it was a shooting. Involving. A young black male. I always felt like Donald on congress felt like Barack Obama as president waste. Was not speaking to. To me. I certainly didn't support. The shootings. Summer justified some or not. But I think throughout his his his tenure. Barack Obama to did not do enough to address the middle aged white guy who from the outside seems like he's got all the advantages. And this is part of the honest conversation about race that we don't have. Just because somebody's white look I understand. The difference between being white and black as much as I can't. But don't all and automatically assume that just because your white. Doors open up for. And I realize that the argument can be well dorsal clothes. While that's not always true. And I think one thing that I always wanted people to understand is just because I'm white doesn't mean that I was able to do everything I wanted to do. I had opportunities they went to somebody else. I had people not even consider before. Shows on the air. So it's it's not always what you think in the same way that white America needs to understand discrimination against blacks. Black America also needs to understand that. Just because your white does it mean that you have had every advantage it is to be that your world hasn't fallen apart or does it mean that you have not been the victim of maybe not discrimination personally. But you have been the victim of a changing economy. We're talking about Donald Trump but the president elect's press conference this morning and also Barack Obama's farewell address last night if you could comment are numbers 260187. Every coach 5042601. A seventy. At a Texas a 7070. At this point two do you think the intelligence report about information on trump is real. Or do you think it's fake news. That's our project opinion poll. On a fake news out there here's an update our poll is getting closer a 41% say it's real. And 59%. Say it's fake news give your opinion by going to W if you want to account Renee welcome to our show. Good afternoon are you doing there have been some reports of wanna make them cry and not particularly on anything. The tours and made it. Bought about the is it that the state news there. Reports about whether Russia had any. In. Back mailed its relational and we that we don't know. And oftentimes. You come out before. It validated. Where it'd be. Democratic or Republican opponent credit purported. Republican. It away you. And certainly it is to some degree oftentimes irresponsible book problems states so. Be the first to report. Yeah our audience that isn't a driving force in India in the industry and in a bit after that the threshold for verification has it reached a very very low point. Soviet. What'd dismissive. To do that from your intelligence. And it again and intelligent and saying that there. What saying. You're following the other to be told what being at and at the very. That they think that this may indicate. Chipped it dismissed it as a lot signaled a new rules to me that that that that there. I cholera is not his doctor about. It worse if it does turn out to be on a substance Dan you know will certainly say that it was not to it was not fake news. What trump should've firmly focused on his. This is the story's been around this information spin out there since the somber. And it was just now that CNN and thus he decided to reveal information about it and it was yesterday afternoon. I'm gonna have to get to CBS news update here in just a moment and I appreciate your call and I'm glad you brought this up. But I gotta figure yesterday afternoon went right to my office and I see you know on in the office. And CNN boys going on with the breaking news about. This information that. Appears to have compromising personal and financial information on Donald Trump. And if there was a communication between the truck campaign and Russia. CNN decided to break this news story even though this has been out there for awhile even though it hasn't been Verifone. Now bush the went a step further they actually. Published the 35 page document. As CNN sent out a statement saying hey we didn't do that we did to bring up the story the question is should the story had even been brought up at this point. I'm still we've got to CBS news update file a buyer deputy U elders for donning Santa we'll be right back. One of the top hits in the country right down the years from now we'll be talking about how on this day January the eleventh in 2017. Don't wanna know by Maroon 5 featuring Kendrick of a car there I Kendrick Lamar. Where's a big hits on the short skirt in the afternoon leaving quick update on a pretty general opinion poll. At this point based on what you know do you think the intelligence report about information on track is real or fake news. 42% say real 50% say fake news give us your opinion into VW belt can't call a moment ago said well it might be real. Well in this country you're innocent until proven guilty. So. If it's not true. Then doesn't somebody have to prove it's true. Before. You can criticize Donald Trump I'd look again I am just. Trying to be objective and and it's not that it's not that he's always the objective. I here's part of what Donald Trump said during his senate press conference today he had bits that Russia did the hacking. I think it was Russia but I think we also get hacked by other. Countries and other people. And I can say that you know when when we lost 22 million. Names and everything else that was hacked recently. That in make a big deal out of that that was something that was extraordinary that was probably China. We had we have much hacking going on. Our highlights and reaction to president elect her trumps press conference this morning and Barack Obama the president's farewell address last night. Laying here and every interview on good afternoon. Kate Kate you reckon it true toward them on the Tutu is broken thank you. It's are afraid to throw quakes. Isn't at all like it. Got a really great I think there acceptance kind of bring sorority or some levels serenity. You know acceptance. You know the president I think that form. But it's kind of pitcher at all and a lot of what people are saying I think we're like you will be happier dislike it to a guy. You know. I and I I I agree and I'm sure there's a psychological term for that it it doesn't mean you give up what you believe it doesn't mean you give up puts it your heart and mind. It means that you accept the reality because if you fight. If you can protest EU can object to. But if you go through this internal bitter battle with reality whether it's her personal life your business life for you judging a president elect and when you're gonna be a miserable human being for for you. Can hurt terribly terribly in any added a lot of pitcher Collin I just think that's like that's so we got so you have that we can. And I'm I'm on you know on board and to try to be an American died. It it to be itching ears than the other question I ask Tom. You've been doing a long time at this day and in other elections have you seen that much pitcher at all. No. No I Ganassi and I've never seen it like this before not even close. And I've never I've never seen. Listeners I've never seen. Citizens I've never seen people in this country. Act the way they act today I've never seen the country so divided in fact. Our President Obama talked about that last night Anderson farewell speech to return to play that here. Dallas was still part of that here thanks for the call lane. I've called the confirmation by us. And I I read in a book that this is what it's called we've talked about it but he does have a name is called confirmation bias. And it's it's the the idea of of people. Finding. The media with the information that they want to hit it confirms that they go out of their way to find what confirms what they already believed. They don't really wanna know the truth they'll tell you they wanna know the truth. Anyway the president addressed this last night in Chicago. Courtroom. It's become safer to retreat into our own bubbles. Weather and our neighborhoods. Or on college campuses. Or places of worship. Or especially our social media feeds. Surrounded by people who look like us and share the same political outlook and never challenge our assumptions. Verizon naked partisanship. Increasing economic and regional strata education. The splendor of our media into action at all for every taste. All of us. Makes this great sorting seem natural. Even inevitable. And increasingly we've become so secure in our bubbles. That we start accepting only information whether it's true or not that fits our opinions. Instead of basing our opinions. On the evidence that I thought that. We talk about that a lot it is so true although many don't wanna leave it at our numbers 260187. You've got a comment text numbers 87870. Here's a text CNN called it to breaking news last night yeah it was not only breaking news in the FTC and as it has a tendency to make a breaking news. Last all day and all night. And that kind of takes the urgency away from what the term breaking news really should be. I'm screwed in the afternoon clincher what this'll be right back on Debbie ago. Damn Yankees guitarist Ted Nugent at a concert in Cincinnati on this date January the eleventh 1993. Shot a flaming arrow into the crowd which was a violation of Cincinnati's her. Not to mention it was a damn Errol are so he was arrested and forced to pay a fine at that same concert singer Jesse James to free of the band jackal which opened up for. For a tradition and I Damn Yankees side he was arrested for moving the audience in Cincinnati. So times have changed since 1990s I don't know if anybody were be arrested for actually moaning the audience for New Orleans Larry here and every W well good afternoon. Local hiring Eddie it's. In the ring around that reunion reported. One. In outlaw it. Intelligent. Briefly and it took President Obama and as one is 100. Oh in big. Dad being put didn't. And you know to inform me. That direction would have an important issue you know when he I think can be used as blackmail. And make it true speed it's being bitten we know we. No. He don't. We. Call this support in BP is. So let deputy whip up but it was some it was the wrong. Yeah I think is Davis I think it's Michael and I got could be properties in the last famous last name and it was a different. It was. A debate should it. Concerns that report proceed with the land that is why did. It it got no you finished. OK so you. Point. Being. What he did. To. It's cold as before you. The streets but you know. It would. Be if you. And bow to me and token. It's it's it was in. She. And security. I've been here's this is my understanding iron maybe I'm wrong but here's my understanding the story is not been verified. And this has been out there for awhile NBC and and other networks have been sitting on this information trying to verify they haven't been able to verify it. CNN decided to go with the news that. This is out there but it hasn't been verified. That's why CNN's being criticized at CNN was different from buzz feed which did. Publish all document. Steady as against the annual report. In the wall of the challenges that we Sri. It depends you know. Got beat McCain as. Being built and gave up operations and get. Well I was watching I was watching CNN yesterday afternoon when they broke their son just got in my office after the show cause it to deuce at 4 o'clock our time. And I know I I got the impression that they were presenting this as a story that only they had and and I did get the impression from CNN Jake Tapper in in particular. Then right if they were they were linking they were linking Donald Trump to. To the to the Russians in the way that they present the story that's the impression of mica. About it and yeah yeah we don't. Think he didn't. And you. Get didn't need to Asia. Forum they'll let me read candidacy. Indeed he. Is here please. And this. Is true that you want to. Oprah all by. I'm so. And I'll be particularly. If you think when you. David. In the east what execute the short because that's when. Do you look nationals are all old Soviet sport to me is that it. But if I. Get the crime. So that tool to deport every. Word in. Craig. You. Read. It. Into. The fighting. Fighting against bigotry. That what is. Have you had apparently. Equally. To people who are. You currently. Don't. You as opposed. I'm gonna have to get to Brad Anderson we can do it couldn't do it in this come. The one yeah this income of people incur do we agree that would do it. In Alice in Chains. How how important is. It to be. We are all important. In. It we thinks some. There are. No. It's great don't get their other you know probably. With them or did need. Present and there and put it. I I agree with that I got to move on Larry I'm sorry I appreciate the call but at some point and you you at a rapid Oscars have got to get to these breaks. That sort of enemies it's really nice the story I do know where life originated and yes in our life originated apparently in Africa. I'm scooter in the afternoon and we'll be back into the if you don't. It was on this day in 1964. Is that tells Billboard Magazine came out with their first album country charge and in this first chart ring of fire. Mr. Johnny Cash number one. I'm still in the afternoon or anywhere close to my top of the hour news so if you're on hold stay with a straight right back with a marker calls. Donald Trump said no doubt thought yet don't tops at the press conference today of treatment trop and somebody people Donald Trump said at the press conference today that Russia did the hacking. He also said that if Vladimir Putin likes trump. That's an asset not a liability. Do you agree was that. Is it good if the leader of Russia. Likes the president of the United States. Is this going to be good or bad for America we get Donald Trump saying that a few more highlights from the press conference and also. Another highlight from opera Obama's presidential farewell address. Last night ten to the nation from Chicago if you would join us here's our number 2601870. Text numbers except creativity on stewed in the afternoon. And we'll be right back after the news to continue on WWL.