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Jan 16, 2017|

Guest Host Dave Cohen and WWLTV's political analyst, Political Editor of The Gambit try to decide on who will be the top candidates in the upcoming NOLA Mayor's Race. Guest Host Dave Cohen talks with Nghana Lewis, Associate Professor of English and African Diaspora Studies at Tulane University about If Dr. King's dream has come true.

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Dave Cohen in for Garland Robinette on this Monday afternoon and thanks for spending some time with us here in a think tank who'll be the top candidates to be the next mayor of New Orleans several people are exploring a run or already planning to be a candidate. Including councilwoman LaToya Cantrell state representative wildly day state senators JP morale and Troy Carter business entrepreneur hour and real estate developer Sidney Torres former judge Michael bag Marist. And councilman at large Jason Williams. Those are the ones we know about do any stand out as early leaders in the race. What are the key characteristic you want in the next mayor of New Orleans let's climb inside this topic here and the think tank. Right now on WWL. Helping us think about. The mayor's race that is already shaping up WW LTV political analyst and co owner and political editor of gambit Clancy give us take glancing. Glad you could join us you know a lot of people think this races fall off it's in the distance but it. It's really not now has kind of a time when the ground work has to be played in campaigning can't be too far away can it. Well no it can't. It spirits and it's too early of people I think. Absolutely in Mecca demand in terms of you know regular order and me. Of course a lot of political power broker and make up their minds or electric it will it'll order the only inside that. Not a very. Small small. Miniscule scrimmage of the population. No we don't need to remind so why we have campaigns it's to have. Give the candidate a chance to share what their rate bring in the voters a chance to chats the battle of people who aspire to lead us. Enter question them and took a good close are look at memories and skeptical look at each one. And to see which ones or perhaps several new and people reluctant that would sort or so but. You know structurally make a partners its current law job interview. But it's good but when you think about major elections. Qualifying. Is in July. Pick what way do elections in the primaries are troubled port changed so it is. What though few days shy of nine months away we're going to be shooting would have been out in the field. Two. And let someone repeat what did a year. We're talking in Atlanta give us your phone's breaking up just a bit. So we're gonna try to reestablish our connection with you because I wanna make sure we hear every word that you have to say and do that and come back in just a moment here on WWL. Nine months from now. We gotta win all the candidates for mayor down to just two. Will be looking at who the early front runners are right now in our they're too. Who you can it's there the early leaders will get that from Clancy coming up next here on WWL. I want an overview what are you want to the next mayor of new war Allen's. Do you wanna see someone carry on and continue what we've seen from mayor Mitch Landrieu or would you like to see some change is someone who is markedly different. In the current mayor in get on the line right now at 5042601878. Or Texas at 87870. We're talking with Clancy do you boast about the mayor's race and believe it or not. October 14 as the primary for the race for mayor of New Orleans that's less than nine months away the run off if needed would be November 18 Clancy how many candidates do you think are. At this point at least exploring a run if not already committed to running. Very few if any are absolutely committed to running even that they say there are. But. I would be surprised. Because Mitch Landrieu have been competition not seek re election therefore it's what many of those calling me then mayor's race that is no incumbent running. I would be shocked if we have fewer than ten candidates and that might include candidates who are not that well. I also would be surprised if we have less than four what I would call major candidates candidates who are. Very well known and fairly well financed. And it could include people who are serving presently in the legislature on the City Council. We'll who have served in the past in any public capacity including judge well who may be serving now as a judge. So anybody who is presently elected in the city of new walls or anyone who was. Serving in the recent past could potentially be mayoral candidate as well as some prominent business people. You know I'm looking at a list here that we've put together of those too heavy dude and conjecture that the Iran that we know David Lee's been reaching out to donors. That we put together and none of them are out what I would consider household names in New Orleans they are. Currently known to those people who pay attention to politics and business perhaps. But I'm gonna run through the list real quick or again LaToya Cantrell Walt was JJP morale Troy Carter's Sidney Torres Michael back narratives. Jason Williams. I don't think any of those in Gregory do you think I'm wrong are household names in the city of New Orleans at this. Actually to BitTorrent is probably the most well let them. Michael Becker ran for mayor four years ago so you gotta believe he's got some residual citywide name recognition he was to judge who grants citywide before that. Yeah William. I think they'll have name recognition but our house only brought in. They fronts citywide so I think what'll happen is Ewing says that might not be household names but I think people who have run citywide already. Could more people remember them but they don't remember of them wanted to put it tong and so again who's that guy and then when you see today given name and so yeah. It would be easier than the reestablished. The recognition that they had at one time which are right and not household names in the sense that. Somebody would you know the average voter who is not wired in the politics like you and I and others in the media people and politics are. Would say only we don't about it I think Sidney Torres might be the only one but I don't know that he's running. He's busy you know doing TV shows in Munich that just like he's he's got a Beagle. All black jet that was parked on the Lakefront airport also on the other day when I was out there he was jetting off somewhere so. To be hard to give all of that up in the NB mayor. You know I I've said several times people may at first thinking hey that would be fun. That'd be a great job to have. But so much of being in that have a position is not fun at all and I think people who may be enjoying life a whole lot often. At when they really start and break it down realize. And I might not enjoy being made. That we got a guy but particularly Oval Office is about to have a a similar awakening that. On that more than watts. I think he he probably thought thought it through and and and didn't think it was just going to be foreign policy. On a different levels of people he does a lot of people who. In this is true of that meant as potential candidates are actual candidates but also true voters people make a mistake. When they say geez so and so it was really good you know this person is a hero this person did some great things. He or she should run for office just because you're good at one thing doesn't mean you're going to be good and another thing there's a lot of winners and to the notion of staying in your lane. That doesn't mean that somebody who's of success and wanting shouldn't consider running for public office and doesn't mean it will be good. Ronald Reagan was a very successful president whether you agree with them and not. I think he was successful because he set out with the onset of goals and he accomplished that he he wanted to change certain policies and he did that. You can debate whether it was go to battery in different. But he was successful and that. He accomplished what you set out to do so he's an example somebody who was good at what think it was also good that politics and and ESP an apostle and there was not a great NBA player who went on to a brilliant career in the US senate from measures it can member's name but. Go Bradley yet. Great senator great basketball player those guys and Bradley was a Democrat race it was Republicans so it's not limited to one party or the other. But they tend to be the exception rather than the rule. At this time. Can we say if any of these people we just mentioned or anyone else who I didn't mention could be considered an early front runner or how the best chances. Of actually making it to the right. No I don't I think it all depends on. Who else runs anyone's chances. Are dependent on its first public of a campaign he or she runs but it also depends on who else runs against him or her or in competition with him where. And you know each of these people you listed there are a couple of others who could potentially run. That at all and their geographical. More. Racial or economic. And no basis of political bases where they would draw votes from him and raise money from. Did anyone have their chances would depend on if somebody else who shares their political patron. Or someone of the opposite political persuasion runs. It's it's very fluid right now and we won't really. We won't even be able to be ginger handicapped. Until the close of qualifying which will be in mid July aptitude states. 11 twelfth and thirteen to 1213 to fourteen whatever that Wednesday Thursday Friday is in the middle of July. That's when we're on the 430 what's called a qualifier also OK here's who's running and that we could do it in early handicapping but even then. You got August September Toby got to basically on ninety day campaign period when they actually would voters really start paying attention. What Tom Clancy do you boast about the coming mayor's race for the city of New Orleans one person Texas planted 8787 he says I would vote for Stacy header Sidney Torres but even mentions ASEAN which he'd be another one who could potentially run. Yes I will say that I had a conversation with council member. A little over a year ago. If she told me that she had no interest she was gonna serve out her term but. Anybody can change his or her mind I think. I think she's inclined not to run at this time. But if she sees an opening and she's encouraged to Russia certainly could also apparent Carter Peterson is in Maine but gets mentioned and council member and Nadine Ramsey. Who is not term limited. In her district CC. Jason Williams is not term limited in his. At large seats so a lot there's a lot what has fluid situation there a lot of factors that might encourage someone to run and not run. And you know windows the next six months to be a lot of jockeying for position a lot of speculation people testing the waters. I can't say enough it's very fluid. Yeah absolutely absolutely. Let let me ask you this sort of let me ask you this based on what we've seen. Now over the last six and a half almost seven years for mayor Mitch Lander. What do you think the appetite of the public is at this time do they want someone who will. Be very much like Mitt planned to carry on similarly to the way Mitch Landrieu has governed the city. Do they want someone who is different than take the city in a different direction they want someone who looks different sounds different what is what do you think the appetite for. Is more now on the city of new. That is the great and very apropos question if you look actually tell you what history tells us. I call that the rotating access pendulum theories that are up. We tend to elect mayors and governors who are unlike the two term incumbents that they follow. But you never know in what ways are going to be like at the state level we tend to go from Democrat to Republican. Sometimes male to female beyond its history tells me that's. New Orleans historically. When there's an open race going back to ship Morrison in 1946. We tend to elect Yong mayors in their thirties and forties. Doesn't mean we can't have an older mayor but history tells us that's what generally don't voters favor. Six era with an exception except that he wasn't elected the first time by the voters he was elected by the City Council because. Membership Laura and killed it was killed in the plane crash. So are. That he became an incumbent drive that point yet. But the Q it would and a charter said the when the mayor dies the council picks a successor from among their own ranks and he was an outlook counselor but they chose him. But other than that every mayor who was elected. For his first term by the voters has been in his thirties or forties but just an historical fact it doesn't mean that that's a little. It just shows that sent the propensity of our voters over time. You know really I think we see that nationally to I think we're seeing that more and more the voters after having someone in for two terms whether it's the mayor the governor the president. That change is the one kind of constant call that after eight years of one way of doing things it seems people are ready to try something else. Exactly and look at the presidential race you could not find two more opposite characters the Barack Obama and Donald Trump and yet ironically. Barack Obama is leaving which stratospheric stratospheric approval ratings and trump is coming in with the lowest approval ratings. And any modern president that he could certainly turn that around. But it's interesting that that we don't have that pendulum effect and here in new laws depend on could be black to white. It could be male to female I doubt seriously that it would be Democrat to Republican the city is overwhelmingly. Democratic it could be personality you know make slander as a very strong personality. Do we can then Dutch morial for example had a very strong personality. We elected a more easy going manner after the incident but make that we elected on more energetic strong personality like Marc Morial that got to the businessman. Ray Nagin never said no we don't want that we wanna politician who knows how to run politics. What did Mitch Landrieu. I don't know which way the pendulum can swing what axis it's gonna turn beyond gender could be on personality Kabila programs and policies. Yeah you'd pointed out that every time we see dramatic change having you know you just went out very dramatic differences between the last four or five mayors so how will this next mayor if this pattern continues to be dramatically different from its land. One last question that you didn't ask out there and asked and answered the major issues I think are going to be crying and streets. Give Mitch Landrieu credit for this video like c'mon don't like him agree retirement don't agree with them. He had he's been the first modern mayor who has really and with the City Council took a couple of deserves credit too and the voters. We have got to city on its to fiscal footing. For the first time in our lifetimes. We don't have that annual crisis in the budget that we had under every mayor in my lifetime. Base they've pretty much solved that delivered within their means is there would probably more money for recreation and more money for cops. But we don't have that from look at the state level you know witness justice huge budget deficit crisis every year. No matter who the governor there's no matter what political party he or she belongs to. Without seeing that right now the first unit structure an office in the council worked together in the voters approve some. Reforms and a few. Property taxes. And the city's been a pretty good financial field. Now the problem that happened installed is violent crime gun violence in particular. And street I think those are going to be the issues that voters and candidates talk about the most. During this campaign. And whoever they proceed will do the best job in reducing crime and fixing the streets although billions of arguments set aside to fix the streets. Whoever can continue that you think has the best shot at becoming the next mayor shall be interest. One more thing. The next mayor could well be somebody whose name we didn't even mention. Austerity and we we we got nine months and it's not right some lies at the blink of an eye politically in other ways it's an eternity politically particularly if there's avoid. In who it looks like he is getting on the ballot the toilet to go Clancy witty thing Mitch Landrieu goes from here when as he's put in the bow on his two terms as mayor. You know it's interesting for many years. People sit at the mayor's job and you'll it was a dead engine no Andrew was. The only one who went on to hold elective office after being made. He. Went to the private sector for a time they came back around for judges serve on the Court of Appeals. I don't see anything state wide open to Mitch Landrieu right now. He's you know he's a Democrat slightly left of center of some people think he's totally liberal. But for whatever reason. Louisiana State wide is a red state I know we have a democratic governor. And I like them but. He is election was more as a part of earlier this election most. As much a reflection of his own running a very good campaign and the fact that he had an opponent who was very beatable. And very vulnerable. Also volleys. Yeah. Is that having been said is there anything obvious from actually. Why not stay wide and citywide I doubt he would run for the council it's possible I think he'll go into the private sector and do something or he may go. I don't I don't see him going to leave town. But if you get some opportunity in Washington was some think tank or something that's a possibility. Or something else in the private sector I think he'd prefer to stay in new laws he's got kids who were teenagers to know probably feel anchored here. So I think he'd probably do something in the privacy act. Clancy and I appreciate it don't really gotten sharper we got to go to the news thank you for your insight and LB Doug O'Neill whole lot over the next nine to ten months about this race. 1235. On this Martin Luther King Jr. day I'm Dave Cohen in for Garland Robinette and the think tank. I wanna have at this time resume our conversation we're having earlier about race relations. Here in New Orleans and across the country and now on this Martin Luther King Jr. day. Asked the question has Dr. Martin Luther King junior's dream. Become a reality here in New Orleans and across the nation. Very. I applaud him. Wand and have animate them well maybe not be. Probably about. And but the Abercrombie and about Aaron. Have we arrived at that day where children. And adults and everybody in our society. Is judged based on who they are. Now what color they are. Every get seventy pretty jaguar opinion poll and of those of you logging on at WWL dot com 77%. Say you know. Dr. Martin Luther King junior's dream has not. Become a reality. We are still based on the color of our skin rather than the content of our character. Only 23%. Say yes navigate seventy pretty jaguar opinion poll you can log on at WW dol dot com. And cast your vote you can also call me right now it 504. 26 so 1878. And text me at 87870. And let me now. Where do you think we are in terms of race relations in this nation right now. And do you think it's a problem is it bad that we still live in a very largely self segregated society. On nearly 15%. Of all. Marriages now newlyweds. Are interracial couples. People of one or more. Races getting married. And that means more and more of the children born today. Our multi racial. Do you think that will lead to an increase. In the reality of doctor Martin Luther King's dream. Where do you think it's better if we all do stick to ourselves as so many of us do that we all only. Date people who are the same color we are we only have children with people who are the same color we are that we only spend time people. Of the same color because I challenge. To tell me when the last time you've spent time socially particularly in your own home. With someone who's not the same race. As you know. If you're white West Coast and he had a black or Hispanic. Individual. Come over your house constantly invited them over. Was last time you spent time to get a backyard barbecue a crawfish boil let you know then bring their kids and swimming your pool. And when did you go to someone else's house who wasn't of the same race as you. And if we continue this. Largely self segregation in our society. Will we ever truly become integrated society one person text me at 878 that he says racism is on both sides. I argue you're absolutely correct racism is on all sides. I think that. Most people of most races choose to hang out with people who look like them either because they feel there is racism against them. And that they don't feel comfortable with people of a different race because they feel like they're discriminated against or because they are indeed racist. And they don't like people who don't look like them or they think there's something wrong with people who don't look like them and that's why they send their kids to schools with the kids who look like them. That's why they. Encourage. Interaction. Amongst their children with other kids who look like them. And they don't go places because they say no there's too many people who look like act over there we can't go there. The bad people who look different from us or there. Another is a number of protecting my kids by keeping him away from those other kids because those are by and large. Bad kids someone else texts me at 878 Saturday says hey I think we're just one generation away. From doctor king's dream becoming a reality because I raised my kids not to seek dollar. But to judge people based on their actions. No presence as we have made some progress was raised but we have a long way to go now the president says it's hard to see people without seeing collar. When there are organizations like the NAACP. And the national black caucus and black entertainment television. We're being told to see if someone is black or one what do you think 5042601878. Jane thanks for calling your on WW. Having me on I feel light breezes and and a lot and around I teach high school and perhaps are almost thirty years and that C. At it different now I see it where. Actually I murder rate is. I have you know been really taught. I get that teacher you know I'm definitely. Don't consider my preparation I I don't think it could be in the protection that I am print on the back cat being in Tyler Perry says. I don't seek out that people it will work currently their kids to watch out you know alcohol and you know. It's been an advocate in I don't even know I don't even need a coloring. So went on a near classroom you don't make you don't make three determinations about how they're going to be cave. How they're going to perform you don't worry about yet gonna teach them differently or presume that there are more or less educated coming to you based on the color of their skin. Absolutely no absolutely not at all I'd do it now. Absolutely you know. And I don't think the kids in your school do at this point you think that largely the arms of iron or hurting our. And acting well acting that kids don't in now I acting and and that it toward the art different hit ordered teachers. My theory that the and I get the point that our enemy. I have a class who are there every four. Gone out of my outrage. You. Try and we re chair in any differently. I'm going to look at card games that aren't in me. An and I won't need it and African America and principal. Her and she is wonderful. I'm with her comment and amp amp economically and it cheek but how can reach their kids. And it. That teacher areas around African American cheese wonderful event entity get cocky and it's the bank in it in trouble or not. It's and to continue our white correct. I wanna make sure that was that is Amish or an hour and a man am I asking another yeah I was gonna ask you about your house was last time you had someone who was black or Hispanic or Asian. And neighbors on both by. Ethnic well. I sit out all my band had black bring them out all the time we didn't like. Do you think they accept it or do you think you're the rule. So you think you'd think there are others who have made the same kind of progress you have but others who have now. Jane we appreciate on a year in year being so Franken and honest and discussing this issue is not that people are nervous or uncomfortable discussing this. And I know I hope you're right and I hope a lot of the other people who say we're making progress are right that our society is moving past. Seeing everyone based on the cause this scanned and making pre determinations about people just based on the color. Announcement we got a long long way to go. Because I hear it all the time. From blacks and from whites who make openly. Obviously. Clearly. Racist comments about another race whether they think they are not. And make pre determinations about another race and I hear a lot of parents who don't want their kids hanging out with kids of different race and that's and that's not only whites vote. Let's continue the conversation after this on WW. You're in Garland Robinette think tank I'm Dave Conan for Garland. And it might end to abandon my help mom and then I think it will be evident gonna pan am Brandon Webb. People don't bring up bad. Had a bad back. I. Only three of the guns of racism in our society now. Dr. Martin Luther King hoped would happen one day this MLK junior day have we gotten there. One person text and it seventy eights and it's as you'd be hard pressed to find anyone under thirty who's actually a racist it has to be older people who hold outdated and bigoted views. And I think you're right that the younger people are less racist younger whites younger blacks younger Hispanics. But there's still is a threat of racism beat him either of because it was implanted by their parents because it was reinforced by the media or for what ever reason. I think we still see it on all sides and I heard a white guy just the other day talking about and he was in his mid twenties about how he wouldn't goes somewhere because it was too dark over there. Too dark and what he meant was there was too many black. People final four to 601878. Gregory thanks for calling your on WW. Yes good morning. Blip appreciate you having this subject as. Oh thank you for gone what went what can we. What what do you think has Dr. Martin Luther King junior's dream become a reality do we judge people now on the content of their character not the color of their skin. I believe we do but I also believe from from the black perspective. What the weather's. A Barghouti dark marquis had victory. When he died. Whose vision was skewed because this week it's seems like no one ethnic implant. While no one knew what to do oppress. Video visit there injury to their ideas and what to do. But it just seem like it didn't come to pass. But I believe that just are accused the other fielded many individuals thirtieth under. All Orton strong to beat Bridget is. That's when it's on attacks and yesterday's 77 via. Yet and I believe that because. Even my own children. Be you know. What people called mixed marriages are not find an incident since because again I believe it when I created he created animals in a created and but he created. Agree races he created a race you would rate. But wait wait wait wait wait you what do you find their EU fine mixed marriages offensive. Don't know I'm saying. Is that people can't get bigger option and I had that it basically those individual makes. It's it's a marriage as a man in the one or hybrid we've decided now. And I could be a man and a woman and a woman is there's absolutely. It made marriage regardless marriages marriages she human beings being there. You and you might be merry too it's different cultures. Which are not marrying a a different Rory spears steel human being in the same rate expected we go back quickly to the Bible and take about know which many Christian city. That stories in the Noah is why it is present in their lives. And we all came prepared so when it bespeaks we had all these races go around. So don't consider you one thing we want. You know in the churches many and I your actors. They're based in that subject big beast they let simply because I believe that could play a big point to bring this war together as we're more alike that we do. So bottom line as doctor Collins. As doctor king's dream become a reality are we getting there Iberia. I believe that as is just it's so people again torched at least some of us older vote myself. Are being one of people took a while before we actually bought into it and just you know like quick look at excuses. We are you. They went there when you don't when someone's child dying and being angry old whatever you know I think of myself if that was me. So I don't look at it in that in excess plastic color you rusty color because the as a good thing these individuals. They have different cultures. Gregory you're appreciate the call here on WWL. Back after this. In the think tanks. 42601878. Nate then thanks for calling your on WW well as Dr. Martin Luther King junior's dream become a reality. I mean it's. No other series away it ain't been much better than they wore her. At that aren't important made when he made this famous speech politics here are your musical art equipment put out. New Orleans once when or real win and lawyer in degree seeing about new world. You warned. Its yours now is racial or merely is that art as there are others. I'll see you should Marty ball may eat eat (%expletive) yeah. So you think there's even more self segregation. And racism in Atlanta than there is a New Orleans is is that we. But lately absolutely. I mean there are your facts are being UK year. And when I say New Orleans you mean the city of the world as a team in the metro area because there's no doubt that over the last generation do we had a lot of white flight out of the city of New Orleans people moving out to Metairie later moving out to saint Charles Parrish a white people moving to the North Shore. And. Well all of them may not have been motivated. This dvd or would you say it all the other things that are bringing people bought into the city is being really consider the people a common goal the common back. While not saying they want world leaving. His is my point. And there's no doubt. Yeah New Orleans as amazingly high population growth right now one of the top five population growth in US cities and it is a more diverse population and it's a more. International. Population as well we have more immigrants moving into new world and. Listen I don't know if you wrote on the green when I think we both agree that there is more integrated being. What or being a teacher that came more they had an initiative on the artery that won't see the war reverse racism. It's not exactly good ward. You think it's racist to remove two of accused. A black of reverse racism. The idea that hurt itself I mean I think we've com beyond reverse racism if you feel that or the other 44. People went yeah. A good point that regardless of their color racism is racism blacks can be raised his wife to be raised as Hispanics Asians. And anybody can be racist. But that. Day is. New Orleans. You know part of Pargo if you like. Com the differ it's been it's unique in the way and edited and yet there's been tension in the city. Just like there and all the country at different aren't. In past decades currently whatever. Boy it. It's different idol feel the same way. About it which is unfortunate because they have listed were to walk. Well we hope you spend more time here and become a permanent resident of New Orleans thanks Nathan we appreciate the call. You know I think. The consensus amongst our listeners and callers and our experts has been that we're not there yet. There were not at a point where we have moved beyond seeing people based on the color of their skin completely and judging them only on the content of their character. That having been said will we get there I don't now. I think we still have a lot. Of room. To move forward. I think more interracial marriages and injure regional birds will get us closer there but a lot of people are going to be kicking back and fighting against that. Maybe you'll get to the day that apparent no longer cares who their child dates in a cause that child. Skin is compared to their partners.